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One of the Big Attractions at Seattle
July 17-22—Reduced Rates on
All Railroads.
(By Gleim Curtiss)
Glenn Curtiss, the famous Bird
man and inventor of flying maonines,
writes his own description of his
wonderful hydro-aeroplane, which
travels by air, land or sea, and which
is to be a feature each day of the
Golden Potlatch in Seattle, July 17
to 22. Mr. Curtiss writes as follows:
The hydro-aeroplane is the newest
and most sensational thing in avia
tion. I developed it from the Stand
ard Curtiss Aeroplane at San Diego,
California during the past winter,
The Famous Ctirtiss Triad, Which Travels by Air, Sea and Land,
To Be Demonstrated Daily at Seattle's Golden Potlatch.
aud it is Heralded by the experts in
aerial navigation as the greatest ad
vancement since men first learned to
This new wonder of the air is pop
ularily called "The Triad," meaning
the union of three. it takes this
name from the fact that it represents
the conquest of the three elements, —
air, water and earth.
The Triad'can fly sixty miles an
hour, skim the water like a racing
motor boat at fifty miles an hour, aud
run over the earth at thirty-five miles
an hour. It can arise from the earth
and alight upon the water; start from
the water and come down upon the
land, or be used exclusively on either
land or water.
A flight of the Triad from the water
is far more spectacular than a flight
by the ordinary aeroplane. To see it
skim the water like a swooping gull
and then rise into the air, circle aud
soar to great heights, and finally to
drop gracefully down upon the water
again furnishes a thrill and inspires
a wonder that does not come with any
other sport on earth.
The hydro-aeroplane is safer than
the ordinary aeroplane. For this
reason it is bound to become the most
popular of all aerial oraft. The be
ginner can take it out on his neighbor
ing lake f or river, or even the great
bay and skim it over the water until
he is sure of himself, and sure he can
control it in the air. lie can fly it
six feet above the water for any dis
tance with the feeling that even if
The JR;ancH->)
something should happen to cause a
fall, he would not be dashed to pieces.
The worst he would get is a cold bath.
The Triad is destined to be the
greatest factor in the development of
aviation. It makes Jong cross-country
or cross-sea nights possible. If a
cross-country flight is too dangerous
to attempt because of the rough
character of the land, the hydro-aero
plane can follow a river course with
perfect safety, or if there is no water
course and the country is level, it
can take the land course with equal
; In short, it matters little whether
an aerial course taks one over land or
water, the hydro-aeroplane is the
safest machine for flight. With the
Triad the Great Lakes offer no im
passable obstacle to a long flight, and
it is within the vision of him who
watches the trend of things, that an
over-sea flight is not far in the future.
Flies and Live Stock.
Where do the pestering flies come
from? Did you ever think of that,
Mr. Farmer? They hatch their eggs
in manure. Those wriggling worms
you see in the gutter of the unclean
cowbarn or horse stable will soon be
come flies—millions of them to pester
stock and increase the feed bills.
Keep the stables clean, sprinkle air
slacked lime or some prepared disin
fectant over the gutters and floors and
scatter some on the manure you last
threw out on the pile.
Of course, those who take the man
ure out daily to the field, as all should
do, will not have so many flies, but
there will be enough at that. Darken
the stables, acreeu the doors and
wiudows and even then the fly will be
waiting on the outside to get in his
work on the livestock as soon as they
are in the open.
The way out Is to use, in addition
to all the precaution you can take, a
good "fly killer" such as is offered
on the market with a guarantee and a
record back of it. The coat is small
Potlatch Program
Seattle ««» July 17-22
A tentative program, showing what Seattle's first Golden Pot
latch will be, has been issued by the Carnival Association. The de
tailed program of the airship contests and exhibitions and musical
concerts which will be a big feature of the festival, will be announc
ed later. The program issued follows:
Home-coming day; reunion of former Seattleites; reception and
open house by all clubs and social organizations. Automobile Day—
Gathering of Auto Clubs of Northwest by run to Seattle. HiJl climb
ing and other contests arranged by Auto Dealer's Association. Re
ception by Seattle Auto Club.
TUESDAY—Merchants and Manufacturers Day.
10:00 A. M., Boat trip to Puget Sound Navy Yard.
11:00 A. M., Visit to battle ships and Navy Yard.
12:30 P. M., Reception by Bremerton Commercial Club. t
1:30 P. M., Luncheon aboard ship.
2:00 P. M., Return to Seattle.
3:00 P. M., Auto ride through Seattle Boulevard System.
6:00 P. M., Smoker and reception for men. • ;
8:00 P. M., Entertainment for Ladies.
Continuation of reception and open house by all
clubs and social organizations.
Grand opening of the Golden Potlatch and landing of the Gold
Ship bearing the gold. The Grand Historical Pageant showing in a
line of gorgeous floats the progress of Seattle and the Northwest.
This pageant is under the direction of Capt. A. H. Stoddard, who
was director of pageants at the Hudson-Fulton Celebration. Motor
boat, cutter and Indian canoe races. Grand water pageant by parade
of illuminated water craft; the boats representing every type of com
merce, war and pleasure. '. '
Parade of military and naval bodies, civic societies, naval re
serves. Flambeau pageant and moving fireworks display. Grand
Military Ball in the evening. Drill Team contest.
Pageant of the Nations. Day tire works. Picturesque ceremon
ials National floats and historical pageants. All Nations Costume
Ball in evening. Band concerts by Ellery's and other bands.
Mammoth Lantern Parade. Palmer's Flambeau Club.
SATURDAY- Women and Children's Day and Flower Day.
Parade by 5000 children. Boy Scouts. The Poney Cavalry.
Floral Auto Parade. Children's Unique Play Festival.
Carnival of the Children. Afternoon concerts by Juvenile Bands.
Carnival Night. Illumination. Costume Ball.
and the beneOts far-reaching. Noth
ing is more pitiful to see than a herd
of cows fighting flies in the pasture
from morning until night, when a few
moments' work in spraying with a
reliable fly repellant will keep the
flies off and provide comfort for the
animals. This fly question is an im
portant matter and too often lost
sight of by stockmen. Let us empha
size the importance of getting after
the flies in a sane, economical way.
Sheep Destroy Jim Hill Mustard
PULLMAN, Wash., June 21.— J.
W. Campbell, a sheepman of Willow
creek, spent last night in Pullman
with 1100 sheep which he is taking to
their summer pasture in the mountains
near Troy, Idaho. He was given per
mission to camp iv the city park last
night and the sheep did more toward
cleaning the park of weeds, grass and
other growths than the commercial
club, Fortnightly club, Women's Pro
gressive club and the citizens have
been able to do in several afternooDs
of united and hard work.
Mr. Campbell declares that sheep
are the solution of the "Jim Hill"
mustard problem. He says that the
sheep love this weed and will eat it
to the ground if put upon it when the
weed is young and tender, but if
turned into it when it is large, heavy
and tough they will eat the leaves,
seed pods, bloom and everything but
the bare, tougb stocks. He says that
he was given the contract to clear a
large piece of the right of way of the
0.-W. R. &N., in Western Whitman
county, where a section foreman had
worked for weeks with a large crew,
and that in a week there was not a
stock of "Jim Hill" mustard growing
on the right of way. He says that in
places in western Whitman, Adams
and Franklin counties this mustard
is so high and thick that a dog can
not get through it, but the sheep are
cleaning it up root and branch.
Dairy Supplies
Dairy Supplies
Dairy Supplies
Creamery Machinery
Creamery Machinery
Creamery Machinery
Shelton Machinery Co.
316 Second Aye. So. Seattle.
Dealers iv Dairy Supplies of All Kindt.

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