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Secure a Permanent Home
By M. T. NEWHOUSE, Kirkland High Sohool.
Attempts are being made to secure
a permanent home for the King
County Pair. Judging from the in
terest that agricultural fairs have
everywhere aroused this last year we
.may sately assume that few people
'today question the need for under
takings of this kind. For the uniu
itiated it is a period of wonder and
amazement, for many a time of frolic
and agaiu to not a few unfailing
medium of obtaining slpendid in
formation. This last feature is going
to be emphasized more and more as
time goes on. Science by collecting
information and arrangiug it syste
matically has made possible the giving
and obtainiug of information at such
a time. In this age of travel, due in
a large measure tc our increased
transportation facilities, man is no
longer chained to his father's district.
The time was not so many years ago,
and some ex'ent is yet, when few
sons ventured forth to other sections
and lauds, there to establish a home.
True, thousands have come to our
shores as immigrants, yet they were,
after all, comparatively few. Where
one left, hundreds chose to remain
and eke out a living in a badly over
crowded country or district. The
abandoned orchards and farms of
New England are today dying testi
monials of mistakes made by those
same immigrants and their children,
who came, did not know, and had no
way of finding out. But conditions
are changing. Except for traditions
and flag, the world is rapidly becom
ing one as distance is eliminated.
Thousands are coming to our wonder
ful Puget Sound and hundreds of
thousands are to follow. Our beauti
ful climate, fertile soils and cheap
transportation will draw them here
just as sure as other sections are
overcrowded or the climate is unde
sirable. A large majority will go out
upon the farm lands and become
permanent residents. Incoming here
they find not orchards alteady plant
ed, homes ideal in every respect, not
even the condition of market, soil and
climate similar to those left behind
and to which they had become ac
customed, but lands just cleared or
yet to be freed of stumps, orchards to
be set out, homes to build, strange
conditions to become familiar with.
It is these people that we mu,st reach
through the county fair in order to
give them the experience of others.
If these experiences are good it is for
them to follow, if not, we owe it to
them that these mistakes be uot re
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The JR>ancJw
Through the county fair we must
give them this information or the
alternative of refusing them admit
tance. This last step we cannot even
seriously consider. Acoording to the
11)10 census only 11 per cent of all
land in King county is in farms.
Such figures are almost incredible,
yet they become absolutely astonish
ing when the same authority places
the value of farm land at $1i25 and
over per acre. Only three counties
iv the state can claim this distinc
tion, i. c., Cbelan, Yakima and King.
Is it any wonder that thousands of
dollars worth of produce is shipped
in from other sections to supply the
demand and feed the people of Seat
tie? Does it not seem that the agri
cultural interests of this county have
been somewhat neglected? Does it
not seem worth while to support every
attempt that is being made today to
advance these interests?
For any fair to be ultimately suc
cessful it must have this educational
feature as its foundation. Races,
blue ribbons or silver cups must be
come minor considerations.
At the King County Pair of a few
weeks ago tne educational features
were made the most of. Yet so long
as the association is deprived of a
permanent home it can never be de
veloped to its greatest extent. There
always will be doubt and uncertainty.
The grounds another year may not be
available at the time wanted, or the
lease may be so high as to be beyond
reach. An undertaking; beneficial in
its very conception, carried on for
the good of everybody should never
be allowed to suffer financially. Nor
should we allow unworthy features to
enter the gates, partly to cover ex
penses, but in reality preverting the
purpose of the institution. Which
ever way we view the proposed bond
issue it cannot be but for the good of
all. The benefit may be slight, some
times very indirect, but very real
Let us support this most commend
able proposal at the next election
and help place King county in the
very front rank of agricultural ad
Experts in all lines of the apple
business will be active in the con
ference in Spokane during the Fifth
National Apple Show, November 11th
to 17th to assist in solving the prob-
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lems of the industry^
Two days conference will be devoted
to orchard problems, including choice
of site, preparation and planting,
choice of varieties, cultivation of
orchard, pruning, spraying and har
vesting. Wednesday's conference
will be on storage; Thursday's on by
products; Friday's on marketing and
distribution; Saturday morning will
be given to financing, and Saturday
afternoon to "what to grow between
the rows.''
In the storage conference, the dis
cussion will be on the question
whether it shall be storage on the
farm, at the initial shipping point,
at an intermediate point, such as
Spokane or in the east; also whether
it should be "cooler" or "cold"
storage. The matter of ownership of
storage plants—whether by growers,
commission men or under a leasing
system- also will be given attention.
The marketing feature will be given
great prominence in the conferences.
Heads of growers' unions, transporta
tion officials and bankers will discuss
this question in all its phases. One
expert of national prominence will
discuss the subject of the effect of
the Panama canal on the fruit in
dustry in the Pacific Northwest.
The daily conferences will be open
ed with an hour and a half program
of talks, after which general discus
sion will be engaged in by all.
Mr. Sampson has visited many of
the apple districts in the Northwest
during the last two weeks and has
found a hearty response to the con
ference plan, not only on the part of
the growers, but the railway traffic
managers as well.
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