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By Hattie Haines Churchill
Questions will be cheerfully answer
ed by mail if postage is sent. Write
to the manager of this department and
tell what you would like best to ap
pear in these columns. We want the
housewives to look forward with pleas
ure to reading this part of The Kanch.
Mrs. 1. B.—The Trumpet vine is,
according to my own likes, one of
the very best vines to be had. They
grow for years becoming more beauti
ful each succeeding one. The vine
is woody and has thorns which grow
right into any wood they touch, so
the vine is never in any danger of
breaking loose or falling down.
It takes quite a while for the vine
to get established and does not leaf
out until late in the spring. After
ward it grows fast and the leaves
make a dense shade. The flowers,
which come in mid-summer, are
trumpet-shaped and scarlet and gold
in color. The leaves are light green,
Two year vines sell at HO cents.
Another climber, not well known,
is cleastrus scandens or bittersweet.
This grows wild in Wisconsin and
other middle states. The vine is
rapid growing, slender and graceful,
the foliage very glossy. The small
flowers are quickly followed by large
clusters of orange crimson fruit,
which remain on the vine all winter
and are most beautiful winter house
decorations. Same price as above.
Maud C—in regard to the home
growing of chrysanthemums will say
DAISY FLY KILLER £uraet8 B|»nd I kliTs
-rfTiiniLiPl a^'^*i**t Neat, clean,
over i will not soil or
Kc/^t^v^P^^^^rYT'Sffl'A^M^ll i n Jure anything*
W^lvZj^^tS\-l^Jr^S^^^^T^3l Guaranteed etTective.
lfc^^l^y^f^Z7^3ra^^&r^iij[Spjl ft I Soltl by dealers, or
ffffjfcyKi^i^ 6 sent by express pre*
HAROLD SOMEKS. 150 DeKalb Are., Brooklyn, N. 7.
"^ Greatest Of Its Kind — The Alr-O-Llte
//M(\ "^ Wonderful Gasoline Lamp
The Safety Lamp Co.,
t Greatest Of Its Kind — The Alr-O-Llte
A Wonderful Gasoline Lamp
The Safety Lamp Co.,
„ fl 108 S.Howard St. Spokane,Wash.
j^\ 300 candle power, 3 hours every
M^\ night, 30 cents a month.
vEE!? Good Representatives Wanted.
For Farmers, Gardeners and
In Bulk, or in Packets, Postpaid
by Mail.
It tells you how to keep the Mag
gots away from your Radishes, Cab
bages, or other Vegetables. Your
address on a postal card brings it to
you FREE.
Send for it TODAY.
La Conner, Skagit Co., Wash.
that I tliuk oue would better select
the choice early sorts in order to have
them iv bloom at Thanksgiving time.
', I do not understand the so called
scientific culture of them. I only
| know how I have met with success.
j Cuttings have not done well fur me.
j One better get the . shoots on their
S own roots which come up early iv the
i spring around the old stock. Put
; them in pots and shift to larger as
(needed, the last one giving pleDty of
i root room. 1 alwnys have the soil
I very rich in the last pot and water
j with liquid manure to encourage
growth. One must use judgment and
i give just what the plant is able to
'stand. The pinching out process
' should begin when the plant is six
| Inches tail. Pinch out the top so
branches will start, then pinch out
all branches but four or six. Cun-
J tinue this until the plant is shapely,
! keeping in mind that these laterals
j will bear the buds. If large blooms
i are wanted, disbud leaving only one
■on each one. One should be careful
j not to nip off branches too late in the
season. If one is not particular as
| to size, but wants lots of blossoms,
!do not remove buds. One thing is
j necessary, and that is the plant
I should be given plenty of water and
! not allowed to dry out.
I have also set plants in the open
! ground and treated the same way.
j Two weeks before taking up I cut
around with the spade just as if I
were going to put them into boxes.
The end of the roots will heal.
The plant will stand moving. Plant
carefully into pots or boxes and let
stand out doors for a little while. If
I oue is painstaking they will be re
warded with a wealth of beautiful
One of our readers has timidly giv
en us a suggestion in regard to tak
ing care of the sick. We are glad to
have anyone suggest or criticize at
any time. The former enables us to
give what is needed. The latter may
be of benefit to us. We believe with
! one of our favorite poets, that "a
; man should never be ashamed to own
i that he is in the wrong, for it is but
' saying in other words, that he is
wiser today than he was yesterdy.
Every woman is a nurse at heart,
i Her first thought at the sight of
suffering is to do something to relieve
it, but unfortunately she often
"looses her head" as the saying goes,
and does the wrong tbing because she
has no knowledge back of her desire.
We remember one instance: A child
suddenly went into convulsions. The
young mother grabbed and held it
tight in her arms, sobbing and cry
ing, the child all the while growing
more rigid and blue. Its aunt got
books out and tried to find out what
to do as they were miles from a phy
sician. Another young mother step
ped in, got a tub, Dartly tilled it with
hot water, of which, luckily, there
was plenty, took the clothing off, and
: put the little fellow in. She directed
the preparation of an enema of warm
water which she gave, with the child
lying on its left side and in a very
short time the youngster was out of
danger. This is only one of many
instances that are constantly coming
: before us, showing the necessity of
being prepared.
The helps that will often appear in
these columns will bo obtained from
I reliable sources and not, as in many
leases in various papers, be put in to
I fill space.
i Often a physician orders a compress
upon certain positions of the body of
H WI had no idea this Oil Cook Stove would bake If
|| bread and cook everything just like my steel range, ff
H But it does. And best of all my kitchen stays cool |§
S these hot days. Besides, there's no coal or wood or s
ashes to lug. Oh, I'm delighted with it."
New Perfection
It bakes, broils, roasts and toasts —perfectly. It
does all that any wood or coal stove can do^and at
less cost. It doesn't smoke; doesn't taint the food.
Clean, safe, convenient. Ask to see it at your
j| dealer's.
I USE PEARL OIL - (California)
a patient. There are right ways and
wrong ways of carrying out his or
ders, and it is a great help when it
can be dove correctly and quickly.
A compress may be either hot
or cold. It is placed over chest,
abdomen, back or any part of the
Cold compress on body with hot
water bag at back for pain, inflamma
tion or tenderness. Have the patient
lie near the edge of the bed, the body
well protected with blankets easily
lifted. Place hot water bag under
small of the back below waist line,
then apply the cold compress over j
alliicted part. Fold two towels, keep I
one in cold water all the time the I
other is on the body. Wring quite
dry so it will not drip. Always rub
the body well with the hand before ]
putting on the first one so the shock i
will be less. As the towel becomes j
warm, change to cold, always slipping
the cold one under the warm one be :
fore taking that off. Uontinne tor j
one hour. Always keep the rest of
the body warm. It is a good thing!
to give a drink of hot milk or broth
previously prepared.
Parboil two cups of rice in four
cupfuls of boiling water, one tea
spoon salt, chop oue-quurter pounds
salt pork or bacon and place in pan
to fry out fat. Fry in this fat one
half of a chopped onion and one-half
a green pepper. Put all the ingredi
ents in v double boiler, moisten with
one pint tomato juice and cook until
Boil potatoes in skins. When al
most done remove from kettle and
place in oold water. Pour oft and
remove skins, slice into baking pan,
sprinkle chopped onion and a little
chopped parsley. Lay over all, one
Off two thin slices of salt fat pork.
Put a little water in and bake to a
light brown.
Shred cabbage and put dripping
wet into kettle with one tablespoon
oil or butter. Season with salt or
cayenne pepper to taste, cover closely
and let cook in its own steam. Cut
one large onion in small cubes, fry in
one tablespoon oil or butter until
slightly brown then add cabbage and
fry both together until a tine golden
brown. .
This cookery will be found appetiz
Tacoma, Wash.
Conditions seem to indicate
that everyone wishes to econ
omize and everybody should
have our catalogue whether
they buy from us or not. A
postal with your name and
address will brintj it.
Northwest Grocery Co.
13th and Commerce Sts. Tacoma, Wn.
Oldest and Largest Mail
Order House in the State.

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