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Seward weekly gateway. (Seward, Alaska) 1905-1914, December 16, 1905, Image 2

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KliH'tril ;i' Si v.ttid iit;vttAuu'ilst '-tth.
t'tiii it tli- i.«f.tni:to*‘ at Si-wunt. Alaska. «m
d.r’thi-.V otf.-r »--ot Mttu-I.s. U»W.
One Year tli Y ti.it .. > - S3 00
Six Months ... Si.50
Kiivti'fnotl t AlYY.Tth HuilditiK. Puluth.
Mu.:, - ; »’ ^ ' !"'
^ATl'KDAV. l»Ki KMHI.K !•>.
No\I iv rarely In eii able to
devise a plot equal in uniqueness to the
career .d Senator John II. Mitchell j
of Oregon. who was Immii John M. j
Iiipple in 1‘- nnsvlvania. and at the age
of I1"* Uvurn- i'iie of the real nu‘iidH‘i>
of the class, largeh imaginary, who
have chang* o their names on the way
west ward.
Mitched . . s, rted a wife and two
children, am came west with a school
teacher w th whom he lived several
vears hut i,.ver married, letter he
married a iot woman witltou >ein
divorced from 1 is first wife, and to.
fiiaiiv v nil's was a bigamist. In t he
mean time m *‘Ose politically until j
after holding s^< r otliees he was
elected Trite state-* senator in Is7’>
In l"7s i i : .. y W. Set>t t of the
Oregonian, whose enmity Mitchell had ;
ineurreu. vsvou’Pul th*' sectet histoiy
of th- senatoi sand life puhlishetl the
facts with multiplicity of detail. 1 he !
disclosut.' »dd not shake Mitel,ell’s
hold up*m the le otthlican party of
Oregon, although he tcmjMrarily lost
his -eat i- S nate because the
legislature w is It- nuvratic w lien his
first term - xpired. Six ji-iis later,
Mitchell was again -A-etni senator.!,
and i-c-cl-ct-v, a third iam six years
after lV'7 his ! dumb. can
enemies, w ho were a minority of the
oart \. acct shetl his defeat by re
fusing t< a mu th- legislature to U*
organic- l >. this they were aided by
tj(.< itt llle. e-., who were willing to
k- ei> any i- -bocaii on: --t th-- Senate,
although u tr rority would have aided j
the election « Mitch*’I n preference
*«. UtV "Ot iva ••
Then e; n «>■ < of the most remark
able per* f Mitch- II scareer. \\ t n
he went - • ot tie* Senate in lvJ7 he
was In k uncial'y and po!ittcullv.
It is s ih t -it h- v as obliged for a
Mine to --at ' via Up Cl. (*-hi .ses. 1 In
next year ? "eh- *s fotTits wets*beaten
in I*.it-’ l.t Kepui>; seai. va ;»• .ses.
Th* y bolt..!. i !.;,--d w '.th the l> nioerats.
ami w.-»v b- ’••n at tin- polls. Mit
chcli’s poi • and personal etu-iny.
Jos. ph S‘-i: i , was <-ieetctl 1 nited
States sen. '
Mitchell ».••■tiled |*olitieu!ly deavl. In
the next two ears he secured the si
lence ut the-v y \V. Scott. Upon what
♦. tins nob y knows except that it is
well und- -o*i that part of tin-com
pact was me -eh were to go to th
Si nate. i cm i wa« • ct- .
The Ore-.-it, .e, spoke complaisantly of
th*- event. although it had denounced
Mitchell fo: -ii--re than tw nty y-afsas
the emlmdii • it of human depravity.
Two \- n- s t '-I. Si -r was a can
didate fot tie Senate but tailed of
No aft- 'n ■; vvas ever mad* to prose,
cut*' Mitch* ! for bigamy, although
wife deser? ion, was con pie-1 with child
desertion, and he was three times
elect*.d senator after til*- fact became
notorious. V-,t when an old man he
was prosec t» and eonvicted *»f the
petty ofYetise of accepting a fee for his
servic s in i»-half of a client l-fore the
general .r ■ • t-. an act which was
not even considered an offense until
Congress a few years ago made it a
misdetn- am >r
t-reeian mythology relates that
Thetis *11;•:"-ii Ael-ilb s in th*- river
Styx w|. -i ne was, an infant, to rentier,
him immortai. but she held him by the
heel, ant* aft**r lighting miiiJiuerahle
battles h. was Killed by a chance arrow
which a -go-iti**** directed t*> h's heel.
Se war r " are a -llhp< »l*t Irt
an official octet* of tIn* -ecretarv of the
trea-ury. which v.iil enable foreign
anti done-tie \.•—«•!- to eh ar here and
avoid tie • cecity of iroinuto a neiifh-i
fairing ••• i t to n-iv c an official account
of thein-e It already ha- a dep
uty in-pec* of customs.
The new arrangement will permit
steamets fnoa: Seattle, whose prinei*
pal cat l; - for Seward to came here
direct. They can al> » return direct if
^heir owner- -o wi-1*. |Tii“ rule how
ever will for ves-el- to ct-me direct
either to S> ward or \ able/, amt return
by way of tin- other port. This will
-avelniti turn am: -lane**. A- Sew
ard receiver l.v far the lar**v-t -hare
Of both freight ami pa—etc,fer- cominjf
thi- way the out-ide steamer- will un
doubtedly m arly alwjiy- clear for thi
port ir-t.
Tin creation of a -ubport at this
place i- !ar. **iy due to ti-e effort- of
1'ollec‘or Clarence L. Hobart of the
custom-district of Alaska* who prom
ised when here la-T fall to ptv— the
subject u|»on Secretary Shaw. lb* is
yow in V. a-..;:, t at.u * a- kept his
Dick Hyan and ( apt. Humphrey.
two of tlu* numerous "delegates elect
I od In the Seattle convent inti to "repre
> •nt“ tlie district in (Nmyress. are re
ported to disagree as to the best nieth
o«l of',rettin>r a pull at the composite
Congressional ear.
(’apt. Humphrey says it would he
! useless to ask lloor privileges, as the
i delegates liave no credentials upon
which to base such a claim under any
; precedent which can be found in par
! liamentury history. Mr. Hyatt says
"Nothing else will do" but lloor priv
i ilexes. Doubt 11—s tiinul persons are
! already shuddering to tliiuk of what
, action Mr. Hyan may possibly taj<e it
I his ultimatum is turned (lown.
To some pet sons up dose to th*' Arc
tic circle it would apjH'ar that t apt.
Humphrey is ri»rht. I'he "delegates
elected by the Seattle convention have
exacth as much standim? in \\ asltinjj
tonasthey woultl have there as pri
vate citizens. I o preset.tat ive \las
kaiis have yfone there before and done
some ipMKl by talk ini; up Alaska in
ter* sts. * Min es will ”o then- this
winter for tin sain*1 p.irtiose. and they
will accomplish just a> much as the
"ileli’iTat*‘s." A man’s intlu* nee as a
Washington lobby ist depends on his
own personality.
Th* convention memorial was di”'
nitled anti logical, amt properly backed
up at the capital should cany mm h
weight, but the ••ileleirate** election
was a clear cast of much ado about
noth in yr.
The l*-l. with the cheerful optimism
ot ;t man whose salary i- going on. 'ays
the shut-down of the Sound shingle
mills i> a good thin. 1" cause it enables
tiie mill owner' to make repairs anti
the railroads to catch up on transpor
tation. It til'*1 gives the mill hand'
plenty o' time to mow their iawns. hoe
their potatoes and spend their surplus
The Pougias Island News makes
mein hoi the iav*t that one of tile
directors of the Seattle-Yukon exposit
ion is rM et >-e*■!. It might have
gone further and mentioned that his
name - \\ ' i 1 St« • I. a.11 >ug li h • is an
honest man ami do* -n't have to steal
because he rnuis an Alaska newspaper.
If i>iek Uyun it tends to butt ini >;
Congre— by f >ree lie can find a prece
dent set by *’Uuck" Kilgore of Texas,
who once kicked down a door to get
out ot tli* Moils** in order to bust a
quorum. May n* the door has never
been lived aud he can .et in through
the hole.
Senator I’d**- *.; Washington ha
11• trace Met.lure, formerly managing
editor of th* Post-lntelligoncer and one
of the ahh-st newspaper men in the
Northwest, as hi- private secretary.
Me*'lure's new job is onerous but it
will be a vacation compared with his
**hl one.
The Wrauyel Sentinel In pes for the
addition ol scvi ral hundred souls to
the population ", the town next year.
Most Alaska towns are lookitiy for
immigrants with money and don't seem
to rare whether they have souls or not
it they are no' too iiyht with the coin.
The Douyl.is P ane News yrow> en
vious because the Doukhobors want to
come to Seward ami work on the rail
road. It intimates that the Doukhobors.
who wear no clothes, have been at
tracted by tin* widely advertised semi
tropical climate of Kenui peninsula.
Kiiylislmien always want o address
the prime minister ns “Me I.ml. but
Sir fbnry Campbell I’.annerman will
not lose any ylory by yoiny into liis
tor\ with iMudstone and the younyer
Pitt as a premier who was too i>iy for
a title of artilieial nobility.
It was always umh-onod that Japan's
riyiiteous indiynation over Kussiau en
croacbments in china was due to Jap
an'' desire to yuhble up every thiny
11erse 1 f. and she has iptiekly demon
strated it by the rape of Korea.
—r—mmmmi M '■■■
The Connecticut people who yot mad
because a preacher told them that
yrafters are yoiny to hell are too thin
skinned to take any elutnces and had
better reform immediately. Hell is
hotter than a verbal roast.
Tammany Chief Murphy has <rone to
Canada because he 'ikes a pleasant
winter resort, and ill-natured persons
insinuate that he is stayinjf there to
avoid arrest for election frauds.
Mi*. FitzjfCrald ha-been elected may
or of Most on. A man with that name
ouiftit to carry Boston a- easily as
Dublin unless he ran ajrainst O’Brien
or Flaherty.
Itiehard Mansfield "canned" his
h ading man. Fuller Mcnish. because
the IHmver dramitic critics said Men
tsh was a> jfood a- the jfrent and only
The Canadians who frescoed Sarah
Bernhardt with superannuated ejfjrs
failed io prove thereby that her criti
cism- of their style we \ ih-iounuod.
Oregon Senator Passes Away of
Impaired Vitality While
Appeal is Pending
3y Cable to The Daily Gateway.
I ’orthmd. < >re. l>cc. 1* Senator John
II. Mitchell of Oregon died this monn
injr in this city, from loss of blood re
sultin',' from hemorrhages caused b\
the extraction of four teeth. The Sen
ator's constitution was nmcli impaired
and he was unable to stand the drain
upon bis vitality caused h\ the loss ot
blood, lie was ”0 years of age.
Senator Mitchell had lonjf In ell the I
most notable ti^uiv in Oregon polities.
Hr was four times elected t utted
States senator, the first time in l*7d. j
He lost his seat in 1*7!* because the
legislature of < treifon at that time was
Democratic. but was re-elected in 1**0
and lST»1. In 1*!»7 the anti-Mitchell
Kepublicaus of the legislature refused
to allow the house ot representatives
to be organized, knowing that Mitchell
could obtain enouf'h Democratic votes
to elect him. In I'.MU however, Mitch
ell was elected senator a fourth time,
on the last nijjht of the legislative ses
sion. His term would have expired in
March. ID«>7.
Com h tod of Misdemeanor
Last June Senator Mitchell was con
victed in the L. S. district court ot ac
cepting fees for the einplox inetit ol his
senatorial influence to push the ^rant
in^r of land patents throttyh the -cti-i
i-ral land oilier. The evitlei ee to con
vict him was obtained cb;ell\ from
confessions b\ bis law partner and his
private secretary. His iiealth d'-ci'ned
from that time forward. lie hail ap
pealed from the judgment of convict ion.
and on! v a few <a\s a<ro paid >sbo in;
fees to perfect t he appeal.
The care r ol Senator Mitchell was
most remarkable. His real natir* was
John M. Hippie. lie was horn in
IVnnsy!vania June 22. When
v,n \ \ounir he married, and alt r a
few wars. in lsnn, in* deserted his
wifi and small chdocei! and came to
t!w Pacific coast, where lie took the
name of John 11. Mitchell, anu married
njrain without obtaining a divorce from
liis first wile.
Woinrd rid Mo. Slop liim
These fact ' Wei e Ulli al tiud more
than a ijuarter <>l a century ac. by
Harve.i \V. Scott,editor of r lie Portland
Oregonian, for mam years Mitchell''
most inveterate » m my. In spite ol it
Mitchell retained bis politic a! induence
in Ore-011. but short I \ altirv. ai d
through friends he induced his Penn
sylvania wiTe to seem a a divorce from
Twenty-live years later Pol. Scott
laid down his enmity and allowed Mit
chell to he elected senator in lbOl !
without adverse eriticistn. It tvas un
derstood in Oregon at the time that
Mitchell had agreed to secure the
election of Scott as his coih ijrue t wo
years later, and Scott received a stronjf
vote in lUOd. lie failed to secure a
majority however, and Charles W.
Kullon was chosen tin hist ni'.'lit of
the s. ssion. as Mitchell had been two
years before.
Baby Comes to Life in 'torque
With an incubator and a milk bottle
as its foster mothers, a very small
Detry baby will probably survive to
rejoice over or regret its very nar
now escape *roiu death, says the New
York World.
Twins came to hless .Mrs. ('armela
Detry. wife of Felice Detry. a laborer
of No. L'.'Jii Avenue A. The atoms of
humanity breathed taintiy for an hour
and then the lliekerimr llame of their
lives seemed to he snuffed out
'file father put the twins in a shoe
box. placed the lid on the box and
went to the morjfue and asked the
e reat city to bury his dead.
Altera while Attendant McCarthy
happened to take the lid off the shoe
1m).\. One diminutive Detry lay still
as a piece of clay, which indeed it was.
The other baby opened its mouth and
uttered a faint squeak and clutched its
tiny fist. McCarthy, who had acquired
presence of mind in the morjjfuo, ran
with both babies to Bellevue hospital.
Dr. Drury, who ra'se.s babies by
steam, instantly saw that one Detry
was alive, and hastily put it in one of
his incubators, which was promptly
heated to an agreeable and stimulating
temperature. Little Detry tell asleep
and. awaking, lieeame acquainted with
its other foster mother.
Dr. Drury thinks file baby fell into
a stupor soon after birth, and that it
was revived by the warmth in the shoe
box where there was enough air for its
puny 1 un^s.
Tin supreme court oi the l nitod
States decided lately in a Kentucky
case that the state cannot tax railroad
cars used in other states even though
they are owned by a Kentucky cor
poration. __
Seattle had better not postpone the
\lasku fair too lony or Seward may
take 1* of! her hands.
Nov. 2!* !•'. I*. Skeen el :iI to Hoorah
(Johl Minin”-« o.. Fulls creek prop
erty. $1.
j Nov. 20 F. L. Ilallaineto I’. C. Stokes,
lot 12 block 10, Seward, $7«K): K. C.
Stokes and wife to Napoleon Wells,
lot 12 block I". Seward, $1200.
Dec.fi l*\ I.. Ilallaine to Mrs. J. G.
Mtinsel), lot 22 block 1 I. Seward.
$200: F. L. Ilallaine to Hank of
Seward, lots l!) and 20. block 12,
Seward. >1: F. L. Ilallaine to !•'.
C. Hale, lots2and I block lo, $200!):
F. L. Ilallaine lo Ceiievieve llal
1 rtine. lot- |. 2. 2 and I. block 22,
Dec. s F. L. Ilallaine to Titos. Cars
ten>. lot 20 block 9. $700; .Ino. II.
Mrownlou i*t al to Jos. Wilson,
seven elaimson Canyon creek, Sun
rise distrist., $1.
Dec. 9 Win. N. Xrin-trontr and John
C. St relief to ('. D. Lane, agree
ment to -ell Minnie. Dynamite
Jack and Cholulla quartz claims on
Falls creek, -OO.tHtO: I*. I’. Skeen
and Joint Leehner to C. D. Lane, j
agreement to sell the Hetty, < ol
lltnbia and half interest in Texas
quartz claims. Fall- creek. $120.-j
000: \V. (Graham to C. D. Lane,
agreement to -ell Texas quartz
claim on Fall' creek. $20,000: Hoo
rah Cold Minin”-t o. to C. D. Lane,
agreement to sell Hoorah Croup of
quartz claims, tin Captain ami the
Seattle claims. $110,000.
Location Noticf.s
Nov. l>. K. (Irillith. two placer
bench claims. t anyon **r****!<: W .
(i. Jack. I wo placet bench claims,
t an\*m creek; L. II. Lauritsen,
two Haims on ('anyon creek; .1. < k
Konp. two claims on ( 'anyon crock.
Sunrise district.
Nov. IS Win. N. Armstrong, two
claims on Kalis creek.
p.r. 1 W. Ik Poland, placer claim,
K. side Resurrection bay: .1. Ik
Cameron. 20 aero placer claim.
Resurrect ion hay: Pat Kendrick
HO acre placer claim. Resurrection
hay : Phil Williams. 2b acre placer
claim. Ib'siirrect ion bay: .John
1 Mack. 2d acre placer claim. Res
urrection bay: K.K. Yottnys. m al.
lnu acres placer ground, Cooper
creek: Chira A. Lyon, bin acres
coal land tn ar 1 butter.
pec. ti A. Krieson. 2<* acre quartz
claim on Kails creek: L. K. Shaw.
2d acre quartz claim, Ktills creek:
II. A. Intralls ,*t al. bid acres,.uartz
ground. Kails ("reek: K. L. Ral
laine. 2<> acre quartz claim. Lake
I It '.MKSTK \l> !.<>< V!'i'».N'S
Pec. 2 John Nash. .’52d acre liomestt ad
North end Resurrection hay.
Pec. 1 M. R. Holland. 22(t acre home
stead.!!. side P* ■ ur-tection bay:
1*. A. McClure. .‘•2d acre home
stead. K. side Resurrection hay.
Pi Kt»
Dec. 12 K. L. Rallaine to F.llen Roy
ers \twood. lots 21 and 22 block 22.
Seward, *ldnd.
Pec. II K. L. Malinin* to Robert Ash
land. lot 2 block 2. Seward. $7d<):
K. L. Rallaine to Mrs. Mary Rass
nuissen, lot 1 block 2. Seward, $7di);
F. L. Rallaine to .Mrs. ('. R. Cave,
lot 2d block !». Seward. $2dd; Mrs.
C. R. t'ave to Alalore Rolinir. lot
2d block d. Seward. $IOdd.
Dec. 14 Mrs. Win. Cave to John J.
Johnson, agreement to lease lot 12.
block 1»». Seward, for six months
for $122 and at end ol lease to sell
for $l.!2o.
( 'lias. Torklenhur^' and J. M. ('utn
minj;s to llenri* Brandt, lease to
lot 1. block J, Seward, for one
\ ear at $220 per month.
S, 1). I lanliaway to John Lechner:
Jesse W.ljowr.v to John Leciinei:
Mancie I'k Caldwell to F. 1’.
Skeen: Wm.N. Armstrong and Ik
(i. McMichen to John Leclincr.
Weather record for the week ending
December 10.
Max. Min.
Saturday 20 Id Clear
Sunday 24 24 Snow
Monday 28 22 Bain
Tuesday .*18 22 Snow
Wednesday 22 24 Snow
Thursday 2(* 22 Snow
Friday 25 22 Snow
Fair progress is repo: ted to the war
department on the work of rebuilding
the telegraph line between Rampart
and Fort Gibbon. although the weather
is cold.
Seattle Headquarters
All Alaskans #oinjr to Seattle on bus
iness or for other purposes are cordially
invited to have their mail addr essed to
themselves in care of the Industrial
Bureau of the Alaska Central Railway
Company. Lumber Exchange Buildinp,
Seattle, Wash., and make the Bureau
their headuarters while in that city.
* Alaska Central Railway Co.
FRED WAGNER. Proprietor
A good time and right treatment for everyone
Fourth avenue ^
“Is The Water.”
OLYMPIA BREWING CO. Seattle Office 106 Jackson St.
Northwestern Steamship Company
STKA MSHI1 *S OPKRATKD: Victoria, Tacoma, Santa Clam. Santa Ana,
Kxcelsior. Dora, Oregon. Kdith, l’(*nnsylvania.
S'l’KAMF.US FOR Seattle, Kayak, Valdez, Seward, Cook Inlet. Cnulaska
Nome intermediate |>oints and San Francisco. Kxchtsive line to N. K.
Siberian port**.
f \press StRdfner “ORI OON” Sails from Seward for and Seattle Valde/.,
outside route, January *>th and every 20 duvs thereafter.
Str. SANTA CLARA Leaves Seattle 1st of each month. Same trip as Santa
Ana, connecting at Seldovia with S. S. Neptune, etc. returning leaves
Seward 12th of each month.
Steamship “SANTA ANA" Leaves Seattle Kith of each month for Juneau.
Kayak, Yakutat. Kllemar, Valdez, Seward, Seldovia connecting at S<
do via with S. S. Neptune for all Cook Inlet point** returning. h-av**s
Seward 2!Hh of each month.
S tr “DORA” Leaves Seward 27th of each month for I’nal.iska. Dutch
Harbor, and all way points, returning, leaves Seward ;d»*>ut 14th. o!
each month.
For transportrtion. berth reservations, freight rate** etc.
call on S. P, BROWN, Agt., Coleman House. Seward. Alaska.
J. F. TROWBRIDGE. Gen-l Mgr. E.G.McMICKEN. Gen-l Pass, and Ticket Agt
(JCnsral ounces*. go a first ave.. Seattle.
Sails-from Seast-le via. Juneau, loth and 2*>t,h of each month
Sails from Seward via. Juneau, Sth and 22nd of each month.
Coimectinq witb Steamers at Seldovia for all points on Cook Inlet
Passenger Service unexcelled
Lot* liapid Delivery of Freight and for Passenger Rates aud Berths
Apply to
At Brown and Hawkin’s Store.
San Francisco Office. Seattle Agency. 101 First Ave. S
210 Sansome St. O. *L IB MPHR1\A , Seat*.le Agt.
Prospector's Outfits High
est Prices Paid for Furs....
Knik P. O.Alaska
w. a. McPherson
Views for sa-le at Seward News
| Stand and ()wl I )rug Store.
! Address-, Seward P. O. Studio at
ranch, on railroad three miles north
Civil Knjfineer. and Land ami Min
ing Attorney. Address Seldovia,
Alaska, or in care of Mail \gent.
Steamer Dora.
- ---
Surveyor for the District of Alaska,
\ddrcs: Sohlovki, Cook Inlet, Alaska,
or care Mail Ajrent, Steamer Dora
Popular Prices- -New Management
Central UicaWon -—European Plan
Greatest Cale and Bar Service in the City
Wilson & White Co.. Prop. Chas Perrp. Mgr
Ten miles from Seward. The island
is two miles lonjr and one mile wide.
I will sell my squatter's claim and 423
foxes, whose skins are worth an average
of $20 each, for $2500. which is less than
one-third of the value of the skins.
Offer is made because I wish to go up
the Susitna to prospect for a year.
Alfred Lowell,
Third avenue, Seward.
FOR SALE—Best offer takes lots 25,
20, 27, block 40; lots 15, 10, block 20;
lots 12. 13, 14, block 7, Seward, Alaska.
Owner 948,22nd. Ave., Seattle, Wash. *
S. K. Cor. Fourth Ave a ml Washington St.
Over l'rown A Hawkins' store
Fourth Avenue, - Seward. Aka,
Physician and Surgeon
Office and Residence Oarstens Huild
iny. Fourth avenue.
Office Hours—2 to 4 p. in.. and when
ever not otherwise enyayed.
Abstracts of Title to minim: ami town
property furnished—Examination and
reports made on auy proi>crty.
notary pphlic

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