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Wood) Orders District Attorneys
to Indict All Involved in .
Rebate Jobs
By Cable to TEie Daily Gateway.
Washington, D. Pec. 14 At* j
torney-tleneral Moody unlay issued a ^
circular letter to all 1’. S. district
attorneys directing them to secure the j
indictment under tho Klkins anti-rebate
net of all railroad otllcials involved in
the tfrantiiitr of rebates since the act
was passed.
It is admitted to he the intention of
the department of justice to imprison
all railroad oillcials who may be con
victed oi responsibility for the allow-,
ance of r* hates, and the campaign of
prosecution* is to be continued until
violationsof the law become too danger
ous t<* be prncticed.
Senator Piles Seeks to Arrange
formal Presentation of
the Memorial
By CaMe to Tbe Daily Gatoway.
Washing'on. 1>. ♦ Dec. 14 Senator
Piles of Washington will see Pre sident
lhx's. velt today anilask him to receive
the Alaska delegates and all Alaskans
in the capital n a body. Secretary
Hitchcock ha> uyreed to accompany
them and present the memorial adopted
by th • recent Alaska convention in
Senatoi \nkeay will within a few*
days pres* nt the credentials ot the
Alaska deleyate* in the Senate, ami
i onyressiuan < "eshman in ’he House.
It is not expected that they will be
seated m the House and the presen
tation of their credentials in both
branches ot t’onyress is intended by the
Washinyton numbers to yivc them a
representative stnridiny at the capital. |
Wants Neighboring Republics to
Furnish Troops to Fight
Against France
By Cable to The Daily Gateway.
Bogota, Colombia. Dec. 11 Presi
dent Ca>Mi> of Venezuela appeals to
neighboring Spauish-Atneriean tvpule
lies to aid him in resisting the demands
of France. A request was received
here today asking troops to fight
against the European power. The
same requt st has been sent to Ecuador.
Peru and Brazil.
The Colombian government is anx
ious to return a favorable response,
but will wait until it can be learned
what the other republics will do.
Petroleum Output Grows
According to a report issued by the
geological survey, the output of crude
petroleum in (lie United Stab's in 1904
was Il7,ttrt3.42l barrels. The total val
ue of the petroleum marketed in the
country in 1**04 was sl<d,170.;jt»b. The
gain over the producution of 1903 was
1B.H02.0H4 barrels in quantity and *•».
47b,41<> in value.
Far the first time in the history of
the petroleum industry the quantity of
oil produced w>'st of the Mississippi
was greater than that produced east of
that river. New pools wore discovered
during 1***4 in Texas. California, Kan
sas. Indian territory and »>klahoraa.
The increased demand for petroleum
in this country i' attributed to the use
of that article in automobiles.
Mrs. H> brant 4rri>es
Mis. H. I*. Wybrant and Miss Wy
brant. wife and daughter of Deputy
Marshal Wy brant, arrived in Seward
on the Portland and will reside here
with bim hereafter.
Dr. D. H. SI vein sailed on the
Oregon. He lias business on the out
side which may compel him to go to
X *w York, ami he will be al»sent at
least six weeks.
The total freight carried from Seattle
to Seward in the ten months ending
October .‘>1 was tons. During
the same period 1W0 passengers were
carried to Seward.
Conductor Jack Connelly has re
signed his place on the railroad and
with his family sailed on the Santa
Clara for the outside.
Meet American .Verchaiits at
Hongkong and Outline Means
of Stopping Boycott.
By Cable to Tlio Daiiw Gateway
Hongkong. IHv. II At a i; 1 • ■11't ‘'
Chinese guilds ami \metcan mer
chants here today th - lormer presented
demands which tn*\\ asserted il com
plied with would end the boyeott of
American goods.
The principal demand is tor a new
definition of the term laborer, as ap
plied to Chinese immigration. The
guilds demand that legislation by the
Cnited States a fleeting Chinese immi
gration must have the approval ot the
Chines** government. Ihe\ also ask
that America! eonstils in China l>e al
lowed to issue e< rtilie. tes to » bin -e
entitling them to admission into the
I’nited States, upon mental examina
lionprior to dopartme from t hinese
ports. hy a hoard to he composed one
half of Chim
Six minor pern sions sire suggested,
all intended to make i; possible for
i ‘hinese merchants ami st udenls to en
ter the I'uited St a» s v it bout inter
ference on the aileded /round that they
are coolie lah mors.
Santa Clara Beats the Oregon to
Seward and Both Bring
Main Passengers.
The steamer Santa Clara :!nallv beat
the Oregon ini So ward although tin
big lwjat reached \ aid* . -ovei u! hour
earlier and let: that part \\\< ive bout ''
ahead. The Sane < a; a . <‘oked 1:*'
night at lu!4.*>. and tin < >reip>n t ied up
at ,*» this morning. After 1 a ii;g Val
dez ''lie went to ilamar. where -he
staid some hours, ami tin u wont to l.a
touehe after the S;t' !a I ia ra iia*i left.
Tin* Santa * bo:. 1 • tot - of
rails for the Ai -sa t a :ra’. T • e Ore
gon' brought t«- - <u rail-. :•> '••• * d as
other railroad -applies. 1 !>.ad a
large cargo of general merer un i-e !< r
local bu-ine— *: u- -. !' t b egun |
brought tuentt—* \* i : ■-t c -- pas
setigers and lOo . ” San; i
Clara brought : . . r ■ class ami
two steerage.
Llit* steerage - - e • •:«!** ■ -
ers foe t lit* A la* a . ’ ! .»_•
Mine reaching ov.t ,g '‘•r** to :*•:
] from the counter of traid - i treas
urer’s office ke| tilt et - • ls\ lo
hours ticketing 11. < n « n the
The Santa » at.-ged to d *
charge her city cargo during ill* night,
so that she \VU* Wh- t<> t, -hi j,, the
railroad dock when t he Ore .ftin came
Jin. In the precept condition of the
viaduct between the two wharves it is
: impossible to e;u-,-\ fee ght across ; .
so that it i* nect—>.ry to o schaege ail
city freight at Wharf 1. and till rail
road freight at tie upper wharf. The
Oregon cannot move along until the
Santa Clara is out of the way .
The Santa Cinru may bt n 1 * 1»• to sail
in*fore morning.b t it isdouhtful, asshe
can hardly discharge th* *;,•.•! -be car
ries before that time. The Or. gon is
not likely to sail before tomorrow
evening. Both vessels report rough
weather. The Santa Clara came
through on the inside passage in ten
days, and theCu gun on tin outside in
six days.
Steamship Oregon sailed this morn
ing for Seattle at 7 o'clock. .dt» r re
maining in port three day*. She had
a large cargo to discharge and lost
many hours time waiting for the Santa
Clara to got away from the railroad
dock, where all ra -oad cargo had to U
unloaded liecaus of tm- liamag* to the
viaduct between the two wharves.
The Oregon took a large number of
cabin {Xissengers, nearly ail «>t whom
are going out on business or to visit
relatives in count cities during llu* holi
day'. The lisi included K. G. Ualeand
Mrs. fp‘b\ Martin Welch and Mrs.
Welch. Mrs. G. K. Winter. W. A. Mc
Neiley, Dr. Sleera, Then. Allen. W. G.
•lack, T. Kenstumaeher, F. 1’. Skeen.
John Lee liner. M. S. Midfield, J. C.
Williams. George \. Kyle, Nelson]
Hich. Al. Dickinson, Harry Kennedy.
H. W. Sumner.
The Santa Clara Sailed Wednesday
afternoon with only a small number J
of passengers, as she will not reach
Seattle as soon as the Oregon. Gov.
Brady was among the number. Also
C. W. Purington aid Mrs. Purington. !
It is estimated by Seattle steamship
men that 45,000 tons of general mer
chandise were carried to Nome last
Trust Bars l amous Actress Prom
Texas Theatres and She Will
Play Under Canvas
By CaWe to Tlio Daily Gateway.
.\Yw York. Per. I*» TTn* theatrical ;
trust ha> sticcct drd in closing the doors
of all lari " tin atei-s in Texas to Sarah
Reinhardt. The manager of the
lamous actress will amana-e to have
her |>la\ in a l>i'_; tent. It will lie pro
vttleil with dr" sinrooms, expensive!
>Ci‘tier\ and all equipments of a lirst
class theater, so const ructed that they
can quickly *>. sot up ami taken down.
Iiornlianit wdl appear in all the lurtfo
oilics ot Texas.
Si veral small the,'iters were open to
Rornharoi hut all were unsuitable and
lucked -utiiciont seat incapacity, while
the tent project will yive ample!
facilities for tini-hed productions, and
is expected to prove a ttvtii"m!otts
drawing raid n udd.it ion to the re
putation ot t he act rc».
py Cr-’jlo tc Tlie Daily Gateway.
YounyMown. < >1;io. Dm-. II LouAe *
li t tikiII. a i 'it i dmrtr heiress, (laugh
ter of \V Iliam Shiifnall. a steel
iia • • of that city, eloped ye-ter
da\ with William Meider, P's-.earpen
ter in or " ol hitliiTs -teel mills.
The\ came to this e'ty and were ar
r.'tisi as t!le\ .v • r< * ;; t» m:T to he mar
ried. Pile dr! A ltd h* r ottered her
s 1 e;itin11 jf would ;fi\e up her car
penter lover, ie.it she r efus'd. As she
is of the weddinff could not he
prevented tiiu’ the pair were wedded.
Tile \( UUlf COUpie are 'till ill tlli ■
eit\ and ill-- disgruntled parent went
home tod it without savin;-; whether lu
would foreivi t In in or not.
Santa \na: sails from Seattle. hWli.
Ilertha: '.ails !cmi Seattle. 1 **th.
Portland: sailed from Seward, llth.
Santa » uina; sailed for Seattle from
Seward, l lth.
Or, _.in: sailed from Seward loth.
Coal * *pert in $; ard
.1. \Y. Wa ! .'..r, pres^i ii r a \\n
uieeie ef coa! operators at Clinton.
Indiana. A ;n the city, stay’.ijr tit the j
( au house. lie was sent here to
invc,tia.atc tie1 coat iields of Southern 1
\ ;i ■ Is:i, tn.d will remain several
Move t’iumbii'.Q Shop
!<j• «\ Npeneer have moved their
■ ;iiimi*►*11si•.»(» into the basement of
tin* < Vh.-nan hot I. They have recent
l\ add.nl largely to their stock and
new hav. kt:e hue of plumbing
•i|ulp'it. lit and be vices. As soon as
blc limy < xpec to have a buile
! ing on tin street m\< !. whirl) will m -
! able them to make a display of their
i goods.
A. I>. Norii . the man who was in
n d in th< i ynaioite exph ston which
killed Floyd Huddle in camp 17 last
w.-ck, was brought down lids week to
the city hospital. Hi-' most serious in
jur; is a severe eorkti-i n of bis right
ear. but Dr. Burn- thinks his nearing
will he saved.
Fred Bryant and six :m n went out to
Cooper ere. k the first of the week to
begin work on the ditch to divert the
surplus waters of < 'onper lake, which
interfere with mining operations on
the creek. The work i! to he done for
tlm Kenai Mining Company, which
will begin hydraulic operations in the
A. 1. Arams, well known to old Se
attleites in town came up on the
Santa Ciura to grow up with Seward.
Mr. Adams was for a long time secre
tary of the Seattle Athletic Club. He
will keep hooks for Brown A: Hawkins,
Nelson Rich, of Rich A: Harris, con
tractors on tlte railroad tunnels on j
mile 52, came up on the Santa Clara,
and returned on the Oregon.
F. O. Hale, president of the Rank of j
Seward, and Airs. Hale sailed on the
Oregon for the states, to be gone until j
after the holidays.
A billiard and a pool table, to be
placed in K. L. Whittemore's bowling
alley room, arrived on the Portland.
A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs.
George Mead Sunday morning, the
tirst infant in the family.
K. M. Hoyle came from Valdez onthe J
Santa Clara to go into the Owl drug
store and news stand.
Work has 1 een resumed on the Hale
building on Fourth avenue.
Special Agent Ctiurciiill’s Findings
Known To Be Unfavorable
to the governor.
By Cable to Thr> THiily Gateway.
Washington, l>. Dec. 12 There
port of Special .Vent Churchill on the
char e> against (lov. Brady of Alaska
is expected to l>e made public within a
fewilavs. It is known to be unfavor
able to I’rady. hut wbetlier it recom
He'iids liis removal cannot be learned, j
It is hoped In tlie governor's enemies
that tii report will lead to bis removal j
or resignation.
The report is very lony and it is as
sinmd t hat- l lie document yoes into de
tail in dlscu-sinw the evidence rejfard
ijur (lov. Brady’s connection with the
K.o milu.s company, and tils'* the
general conduct of his office. ( hurchill
spent s« \ era I weeks in Sitka and ot her
Alaska towns la>i summer on his errand ;
of i:n *»timilion.
P. r. Cronin Sent to Jail to En
gage in His Favorite Study
!’. 1*'. Cronin was committed to jail
l,»r t w i • •;! \-live (lavs I * \ Commissioner
Ili 111!•• *th yesterday because lie claims
to i»t* a mint. reader, aiui tie court
1 ii>11 . it tliat the jail innudos would be
■j io. -objects for him to praetice on.
’l'|, - ntence was nominally for vag
rancy but in realitv was to afford a b st
oi Cronin's sanity before passing' up
on i he quest ion w hether lie ought to
go to an asy him for a while.
Cronin is a middle-aged man w ho has
been around Seward for some lime, lie
has be i: chiefly occupied in discharg
in'. Me functions incumbent upon an
as-dslant to restaurant cooks, of which
dishwashing- is the most important and
ii i• ii.■ nt> t te most onerous. These re
sponsibilities. coupled wit it the task »»t
consuming btf'e quantities ol hootch,
preyed upon Cronin's mind until lie
earned for a larger He'd oi endeavor,
lie linaliy made a selection and last
Saturday morning' walked into the
office of District Attorney Clegg,where
he began to give orders to the janitor,
who happened just then to lie the sole
occupant. He said:
••You want to get around earlier
than this. \\ e can t have you stirring
up a dust when it istimetodo business
wit n our clients."
••What have you gfot to do with it?"
inquired tiie astonish* d janitor.
"i have got a whole lot to do witii
it. and you don't want to get sassy,
responded Mr. Cronin. "I'm Mr.
Clegg's partner, and you'll get tired if
you don’t brace up."
The janitor lied in consternation as
as he thought lie saw a crazy gleam in
tho eye of Mr. Clegg's new partner.
A little later Mr. Clegg arrived and
found Cronin sitting' in the best office
chair, with his tort on the table just
like a man with a license to practice
law. Cronin nodded politely to the
now -comer and inquired:
-What can I do for you? Mr. Clegg
isn’t in but I'm bis partner and I can
tend to your business."
•*1 think I'll come back and see Mr.
Clegg personally, as l happen to be
well acquainted with him." replied the
district attorney , sizing up his visitor.
Then he went out and directed Deputy
Marshal Wyorant to gather in Cronin
as a crazy man. which was done.
At the insanity inquest yesterday
Cronin made it clear that the wheels
insid* Ins cranium needed oiling, lie
talked learnedly of mind reading and
expressed the belief that lie had the
subject Hourly mastered. Ih* will he
given a try-out in jail to see if lie can
be restored to a normal state by separ
ation from liquor, without going to an
asy him.
A smooth person railing himself /.
Dunn harvested *LV>0 from Sitka
merchants last summer upon contracts
for advertising space in a booklet to be
issued by the Pacitic < oast Steamship
Company. Since he left town they
have not heard from him or the book
let. and the Cablegram fears that the
Sitka merchants were Dunn up.
Southern Alaska papers claim to
have discovered that in locating the
international boundary, which should
Ik- ten marine leagues from the shore
line, the Canadians hoodwenked the
Americans into placing the monuments
only twenty-one miles inland.
The Alaska Perseverance Mining
Company of Juneau has begun boring &
tunnel through the mountain back of
Juneau in order to have an easy outlet
for the produce of its mine. The tunnel
will be 8000 feet long and will cost
It is unofficially announced that the
railroad from Puget Sound to the Yu
kon will not be constructed until
fresh Beef, PorU, Vea! and Mistton
Hams, Bacon and Lard Constantly on hand
Small & Glasbrenner
F. 0. HALE. President C. E. DICKERMAN. Vice-Prcs
Transacts a General Banking Business
We receive deposits, buy and sell exchnnge. foreign and domestic: buy gold
dust und bullion: make collections. All business committed t<< our can will
receive prompt and careful attention. . . .
Your Business is Solicited
Pianos and Safes Moved sp.e.,i.»...ti..t.ci.>TrJd.
Give us yoor orders for Coal ft Wood
i General Forwarders PHONE MAIN Seward Alaska I
\ ___________„__ -■ ■
EtDSON &. DOBSON. Proprietors
A Gentleman's Resort. Gold Dust Bought
Cor. Fifth and Washington streets Soward, Alaska
Wim>s, Litjuors and (’igu's First-class Furnished Rooms
Fourth A vo..Opposite Alaska Coni nil (’unmvsvial < o.
Restaurant in eonnec ion. WALLACE 4 LI10MP30N, Propricors 1
Free Chicken Dinner at the
Sunrise Hotel.
OID FASHIONtlt SHOOTING MATCH Conditions: 1(H) yards olV
hand' open sights, three shots string measure Siin.ou
first prize, sl'i.oo second prize. Clay pijre m shooting for
valuable prizes.
Christinas niglit. Kveryhody invitail.
The Washington Trust Co,
Corner First Avenue and Madison street, Seattle, Wash.
Invites Business by Mail or Express.
Pays Interest on till Accounts
rj____ ——
Brings Forty passengers and 150
Tons Cargo and Sails Again
Steamer Portland reached port Sat
urday evening at •"> o'clock, and sailed
southward Monday |morning. She start
ed Sunday night and went down the
bay,hut when she reached thejentrance
the evidences of a terrilie gale outside
were so plain that she came buck and
anchored in tin* stream a short di»-1
tance from the bocks.
The Portland occupied thirteen j
days on the the trip northward, and
< 'apt.Lindquist reported that he met all
kinds of weather except good weather
on the journey .
The boat was delayed a long time at
Valdez because she hud considerable
eargoto discharge there, and took on a
large quantity of lumber for Latonche.
This held her there for twenty-four
hours us tin* water was so rough that
she wits unable to land for a time. She ■
linally got rid of the lumber and sailed
for Seward Saturday forenoon, nearly |
three days after she turned tip at Fort j
Valdez people are said to he plan-:
ning to build a road over to tin* Mata-.
nuska and Knik Arm in order to share
in the trade of that region, at least
until the railroad gets through. Val-j
dez cannot be reproached with not be
ing able to recognize a good thing.
Several rich strikes are reported
from Cleary creek in the Tanana dis
The payroll of the Treadwell mine
is about $1800 a day.
Ketchikan devotes part of its winter
energies to trawling for king salmon.
Nome reports finding a mastodon
tusk containing $75 in gold dust.
Skagway has compelled the Moore
Wharf Company to dig up frlMW in
Take a bath at Gould ancl Conners.
Inlet Town Plans for Merry Time
on the Great Holiday
Sunrisi lots perfected plans to have
a genuine .Merry < 'hristtuns. The day's
program will include a shoot ing-match:
one contest to he at l»M yards, open
sight, each participant to have three
shot*. The host shot will receive a.
prize of -Jo and the second *l*». This
will he followed by ehl> pigeon shoot
ing, for prizes.
A free dinner to everybody will he
given at the Sunrise hotel, and the day
will wind up with a masquerade hall.
Mkthodist Kimscoiwl Rev. L. If.
Pedersen. pastor. Preaehing? until fur
ther notice every Sunday evening? at ti
o'clock, ; receded by -<• minute >0111?
The Gospel Mission reading? room is
open at all hours. Mission services
every Sunday evening? at S o etoek.
L. R. Sly. Missionary.
C. R. Dam has arrived in Seattle
with fifteen tons of quartz tin ore from
near Nome. The whole Damcar^o will
he tested by smelting?.
Thomas Dobson returned to Seward
on the Oregon after an extended trig
on business to the outside.
P. P. Haines, a former resident of
Seward, returned on tin* Santa t'lara.
and will remain here.
R, W. Young, of the Seward Com
mercial Company, sailed on the Port
land for Seattle.
Work will begin upon the public
school building as soon as lumber ar
Some college professors are planning
to call a foot ball congress with the
purpose of abolishing the game.
The Dora is expected any day from
the westward.

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