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Trouble in Consular Courts at
Shanghai Requires Warships
to Restore Order
By Cable to Tbo Dally Oat •">>
Shanghai. I>«v It* I’ve > *
locality occupied hy tin
sular courts ivsuited in »
twenty t Junes, re Kid
injured. he tieriuan t a-.> "-1"
struck h\ a stot e anti ha,.>\ :niii. .uhI
the American consul was ;u-o "•
Twt> foreigoers were kiiletL
The t'Jiini'se stor, > ii di< vsv'ituty
wore closed hut many shops weie i,,ot
ed nevertheless hy the r A:i'
ntvessary to laid in inn, s A
ships in the hr.rU-r to re-tm- order
and martial law uasdccla. ■
The exact origin of the tr n'*V has
not lteen ascertain*,;, hut
t,f tin* feeling among tl • ' **
agaitst foreigners.
Shanghai. I*<c. 2'* A or
this city hav* *»ei*n ore r- i ; ■ :
into tile for, :U cons dates
■ d - ■ ■ ; ’.
population is large cBOHg** a; l -
at ed as tt) he a:*;,- to often , ■ , 1 ,
■ . - • - ’
liit, latter at!, not a g, e, . ai u>vu< :
up. t; foreigners.
Marines have pern lan
erica n. (let man and l*r:' .-a ar*iut»s
in the harh *»• ami the, a,-- j» t,
:1 ... r,*»'ts. A .Inpam s. vr • r La>
.irtlereo to this porl <; ■"
©r. * way.
’ Liv‘ 1 'ss c.asses . :.
■! foreign sen!»*inoni. i
iie\ed that ’ 1 u* lore;gn >■
ahh» to v iUlstaml any j
mie.i' . s, • : ,ails, *.ov*
foreign* *’s arc k* ,-.»ing c
settlement, while the •
strongly guarded.
p, kin. l>* e. 21. Tie iui»r«
a get* oroniisi dt toeay p. !*•'* *r
>n Amt*: '" o.s.
Big Plant on Cleary Creek VV M B*
Used in Placer M «.i. r.
Chary City and a ]»:•.:•• 1
creek in the Tanana are 1 • i 1*
electricity, and mining • ;• mr s
the cheek may he read er he .
conducted by power fun sl.**d >y ’!
Tanana Fleetrie C* i-etuy
ject i> an exnerim. h ’ '
will revolutionize placer mum : •
far north.
The power furnished hy * he •'
plant of tie Tanana 1" ctrie *duo-a: .
can be *1 riven forty* i. '. It *
posed to use the now. ,»i 1 >t • *
for thawing out frost Tern •
gravel. This will re . • th« <
winter mining in tie* . • '
fraction of the cost e, ;
method of piling the _* •<*.
to he washed out it. t - -
This project s the i.
Spring, a Fa:that;-*s
city attorn* y. wb*> 1 '
North since ' *• h )< *
Spriti g w*'Ut to S*-af
raise iHOtn y for ;t si:.;;;. ‘ p e •
When lu* laid bis pi ; • f - ‘'•■at’!.
capitalists, .!. hi * hiih , . :.d otir :*'
were so impressed i»y t *t .? 'ey f it" -
ished >lo>.oi*.» fur th* i . which
was four tin. *s tie* an.
asked for.
The Tanana l-.l-ctrk* Company ‘was
organised in July and hy t* jr -pi ').«
necessary machinery was "id.- -*i
imnieeii.it'*iy. flw heavier
were rushed to Seattle i t time to ; u n
midsummer Nome boats, which enaol*■*<
the freight to he taken up the Yukon, i
Some of the lighter* tnachit **ry w. s
taken later bv Mr. Spring over
White Pass route.
Wit hin a Uttle more than four mouths
from the day tin* company v > ucorp
orate* 1 its plant was m »»p«*r. ' on. h'
managers plan to extend t* r
lighting and power sy stem all through
the Tanan v > ,.
Public Koom of MeNciley Doubled
in iSize
The McXeihy h >». ” o *e ■ • has I• i
doubled in si/** h\ * ; ; of ' ■ « par
tiiion l»etween the « lit olfir* find tin*
parlor, which ath -the -'!•;»«•** ec i>i.
, by the latter to the e : • . which wa
rn uch crannied. A r
bi en furnished- i a ie-1 j.-m-i »e.
Back uf the oitice on the >outh side*
of the hall a roo.u will h - e^uipp-d for
h bar. Carpenters are now at work
and the tlx: :e- will b • ins! a lie ! early
m*\t week.
The addition to tVie hotel has K»en
fully furnished and twenty*! 1 fee rooms
have teen added 'o .t c.. cit .
iiumpiire; Proposes I » * ns: ; i
KeldiiKaii and YVrangel and
Department f avors it
By CabV to Tiio Daily Gateway.
Wasii , ..inn. i*. t .. t on
>_r: nssjti i Mini .•ivrov of * • ; ■ ’ * * pf *' lit
>|1 !i'*n I i 1 of a V*.:*;; provtuuijf
' <i- i a' appropri to cxtoiv.'
h< Mask a able Him- to 1 .v:
Tin a-;? 0 partnient • t in favor of
tht* cabin xjcusiou ami no doubt i> « n
tel tabu'd : n. . tin* appropriation will
Iw ii.: '. In tint CU" the eab.o wi!
iic bid t tb towns in question carlv
Cr*v»d Went in Lust Fall and
Nobody Came (>ut. Wliicli
i ooks Promising
the • .. !• iiisvo.i j« - on the upper
V, i > i\. • i- expert 1 In <*. <•
'Ht ruing. *ii{k.ytrtetv'iet»t of the Khm*
• • .• i)\\ «V . oj
a. \ \ Mr. Hei , u ha* a '!<•*••
a poMtieu there to
a, •• ,t. -lor. 11 • i> i »'• Ws
. i i •. : Y> m*> ne of t’ • ke.
th‘ tt * !V. Not a i* V toe!i went i It
w-ii h insttiiiriei.t outtits. hut the., are
All fie it* arts brought ou’ last fall
;i. • i ' 15.;» t! ‘ tllt'li who h;el VV rketi
e’.' ’ - ha - lak* n out *t' *itt I\i from Mo
to *20 8 < ajs, a: <1 wvefwl fat jnsk * car*
which * !.*■' -Ye>: hy all ti < o' >OUi
h* iso ha e tire:. ; i there
*o lie v■ r> rich.
NO SI'LAMLU liilS With
After Christmas Seven Bouts Will
Come In Fifteen Days
y, ward will be shy on steamers until
at'n-r < heist!na- and then they will
Ana should • •■aeh port anytime after
fhe 2'»th. according to tin weather she
.•ncount« : ». the < trace Itolhu- should
come al*out the same time and the
i >1*11 ha a i; 111 * ■ later. The Or* non
a:.d Portland will arrive voon after
J. n arv 1. and the hark Nicholas
Tiayer. chart* ml to bring a lumber
e>rg.». t»- tin*- dni'ist any tiun*
';*•: N \v \ ear’s Day.
Detwr.-n the Santa Ana and Santa
Clara, lift- -n nay** apart, tin* other
three regular n-iitni-is and two extra
b »ats will arrive; making seven within
a half month. This doe* not include
tin- Dora, running to tile westward.
Northern Bowling Alley Opcis
The Northern howling alley was
* . ! las: nigif with a large crowd ip.
. i.-lui-iiiv-f. Aside? from a little |>.re
tie-• tit ti-.-si bow ling done on the alleys
u s the match game in tween the ( y*
Admr-s aril tin tuv'incib’es, live men on
each t> a in. The Cyclones won by a
t< la! score t>f Js«*2, to DJn hy tiie !n
vincibles. .1. D. Sheldon won the
b x of Monopule cigars ottered by
yir. Whlttemore 'or the highest in
dividual score of the evening.
liigltt'-en men have l> eti kiilei; in foot
hall games t his fall. S«hue people say
that a man who plays football ought
to be killed.
:;i?kij'r.s )\ .si; 11;«jot iifi*.*jiis #81 $en in All Indiisirirs and:
(,i)i nji' rrcr!a’inaiia» With Repudiate h of Officio. Atithoiity
Which Brings lipon AS! Who Oliry .heir Behests
Liaoi:ily to Arrest for Treason I
By Ca’iie to n"c Bally Or.tov.-ay.
s*. : oi; Doc. -*'• The I 'uum
of r liuihi. ill* Ti»***ai iatoit oryaai/a*
• j.. h... ri i y. t *dn> ordered u een
. i-hI erik n all frad( . and in the
pr h-1:o’.i. ‘ am announced delianm ot ! he
• ,v, rnncTt. Tie » utility to the sfOV
, i'niii. : 1 I- not only directed ‘ural* d
• 1 :in aristocracy, hut in
oh. a-. \V ts-arul ai! others in a'tith
Ylie terms it. which the striku is
order d n r. -rs t \ t. ry man * hey in:;
t*; • - ■. :<•; !'. '"i i i ■.11' -1 lor t -eason.
• tuo,fluent :s less of a soeia* and .
•.d'.s’rial action'than political. 1 he
nv'i , -mi w ith he order t*> strike is
.simp* i cr for !'• VoHitn n.
|i is he!i*we:i hy foreigners herclhaf
!{i .sia i» .m th. eve of a linul .stru«jrlo
r. the present a'- v-rument and
t}.. p, aid '. \ republic is openly udvto*
eaie.; hy th popular leaders and the
Soei; lies ar • easily nr/in.r that :t ne
^ .i•,:•, - ie in form, i lie eon -ervai iv«*
. an<i '•>>* ad eiaic. r* think that
. Th • <• ! . e- ■ poet. >Ut m spile
„f t. • at. out break > daily
■ uu oil f lie* i' J> »vLti»*>:■ t intfrf -r
•nee. ■ h >•. '.vo. . .til* ■>;i
a i\ ! ■ ;s . tl!>- . ft; 11
.-vK- ■ . o. .lav i..i to*.ay of di*»*
ji*iii ...• So the tr.b s,-evict*.
U in I atrt:** of League's appeuloe io
(■ ''it ii'io.' ;• no-nt for th 0*1 h*
; | v. rr.ti fa,i"uo m loan d in
far it- *>>*
,1, j .T.»t. b >: rif nor*' :
i. ; i . . ii-. ,ir\ -*• '• m- nt anion- »11,1
j. a.. ••{>•• • ■ upon Witte for
;m.\ ; -mi Ht iooa«- colic i'nin ’ the
>,Tr-.’!!*■! >. Sine.- tin* revolution <■
, t . ; j :!t . .. r a*- .• • .t ;■ pur;. . in
, {, . the •_ >. !;.• dujie.s,:, has fUrilt'ii
>nH • ;"v‘.
Ti V.idors of tho -rail’ wid • uplo-. ?
Iiiiy >•. nt 1 to. Af; •lutfiu I i.at; o\>
: t . i ^eu- ra. ,'tr..\o should no do*
, ; tin ;, will' run trains on the Si*,
ooriuti 11»i•"* ro',-at ‘lies', of piiieials. to
: , ,,,, 0' »i . e. ,\ to .. .ht for intlo
M ; ionco.
'i i- /• .'.eminent today ot di-red w* ar
shins of tin- Haltic loot to shell Kira
i ,. S.S iiie in-.i) penis who have
or ri’d <■! a revo! it binary governm- ni ;
d; i|,,‘ province of Livonia, laydown
their arms.
y,r , >w. Her. I* Kostof -renadiers i
mut-ink'd ye.-t witty me uitder the j
leade.shtpof ‘‘rivaie .Sen bar* n seized |
111.• u rt. Machine nuns were ttaincdj
upon !.e ! -i t <\ loyal it'Ouju and at’ 1
a short period of tiring the nmtine rs J
lest I lit ir nerve. Part of them rc-.
I'irr.ed to duty and finally die remain-1
der sunvndertfd their lead rs to the
leva! tioojis and went hack to tiieir
(iv n e > unai. is.
<t. ide,' I -blirg, I >ef. \" It lltlS been 1
decided to oh,arm use Manchurian
army before bringing the soldiers:
ljo; « . 'i’ln* mutinous smrit is strong
anion■_ them ami it is feared thilt i* t ne .
vv, ;a to join tile revolut ionist> at home
w idle armed tin- fiver-throw of the gov
ernin'* - .t woftld bt inevitable, i icy
xvjiil,, brought back in small detach-,,
men.-, unarmed, and dbpt r- d totimirj
’Hi, f, i-. o! did,..-’ penile-;
ales ait cla-es. The government
prod-; to he k’iitili*- “Pe-d
Itevoi : ’' ll." w Idle ' re pope, lac.* is t r
,... ■:,, ,tdo. tear of a s.ew "White Ter-1
.-landing ha v- . nn* ini hnui. f tout.
»}« rernitu ionist- t.-r«-*it«*n to debt <•:* (
;,jo.v for h it's If any of their number ;
is put to oeath.
It • ... .-a that Witt, i- in coe
vts-.it > . »it a>• i--ination, and a
sm..v t ire -j'-. guards feh Hi
.) !•:. ■ pi’ lee for the 1'.: h r km of lie :
a: !• Ra- sian Covcraraent
S.. ;-.v>burjrt i>«***. l'> The vo: k
!;■; li's foil R*il lll’itl .1 st >'l'f t f 1"H
a,.- .. atul issasci a pine: mat ion
v ; p . .lifts tin fall of tin* imperial !
it i > that the ^ov- '
, j.iiuijit it- e >ur> • has iirovt.a d j
k • , (i eivil war mi l *0 prole?• j
and <• melriilcs with ;.n ippea-1 to
;, ; -in, :,i, .,'ii au, non people in i
t hf .11. >t iaf. • 1 .
St. IVfrrshlM"/. Ike. L*I. Thirty
; J;.. ,v.f -l*In r> art> im- j
js a town- of Lithuania by a I
. , , i ;t v11:lumif a-' hundreds of
• m, ■. -. Won; .no children an' i
.).; i1 > : ■ i tin r. i > ul.;iiiar. ratiKs I
i a ; t;. ■ i. .1 i lit* Uussian j
, mi; .. Mil'.. Lot'll impi'—oufd. Kill*
J eont mU.es u» arm.
in :V.'by fV< ;•*.*hir.v is quiet but
a n'litlift with the inkers is hourly j
ex;> ■ d.
Lithuania is the I miner nanv <«f aj
oiks ink pemifiit fount y 1 yinp' in -1
, u ■' i‘sr:,„i anil Tima. It was
:jti\ ly m.itfd v. itl'oia.ui and pawn |
with tin munition of i hat fount ry!
under l\u'•'.an rnlf. Ir is now ti;vided j
into hf Mii’fo Uussian provinces of ]
Wilna. 1*. fiino and Minsk, hut tlu*
inhaiiiiaids Met* till known :m Lithu
anians amt retain distinf'uisJnn^'
nat ior.al eh uraeteristies.
iiy Cable to TIic Daily Gateway.
Lu> A-.i.n lC', IVo. 1M. It is believed
that Waiter Scott., the famous Death
Valiev trohi minor, Intsbe.n murder-ti.
}|. h ft his iniu*j December 1 riding a
, male and earr.v lay WOon wortlh ol yokl
i (iu-i. A vvi e ; la: ■ r h mule returned
i-id.-rless to t i* ■ ib. xvith a bullet hole
the * : i.V and ':•< saddle blanket
rov • !•« • wit h 1>1 nod.
Sent! ! b .dual kept the local ion
. t mine a s eret, and only one man
•V.;:- Mplnvmd b.V llilll. WltCU the
; mute returned to the mine the man
e i ee out with the story. Scott was
al .vays ; articular to see that no one
(n'iowed Iiim when he went to the
mine and several times drove hack by
; (i;snlay of -tire arms men who at
tempted to follow him.
In any ease *he secret of the won-,
(K tul mine is ttow probably out.
j Scott himself always said simply that
: there was enouyh for him. hut after
snerdiny evvral months at the mi fie
he would .o ti» New York and other
, eastern cities and spend money with
the utmost abandon.
fRAUSE tip
By Cable to The Bally Gateway.
Now York. Dor. 22 Kx-Gov. (klell
gave out ;• lengthy statement today, in
which ho charges bad faith upon Gov.
Hfgj ins and President Roosevelt. The
light, now on is over the sp •aker>hip of
the assembly in the next legislature.)
Miirgins and Roosevelt are in favor of
A'adsworh. At the request of the
| President Congressman Cox lias gone
| home to work for Wadsworth Odell!
is for Merritt.
Odell savs that the source of the
President and Gowrnor Higgins is I
wrecking the Republican party in j
Higgins denies this and makes counter j
charges against Odell. The light
promises to be extremely bitter. Sen
ator Platt, is also against Odell, a.1
»hough he is not friendly to Higgins.
The ('hiehagotT gold strike is still
exciting Sitka. A native named Moses
turned up in town the other day with
an account of an amazingly rich find.
A lot of wnite men have arranged to
let Moses lead them into the promised
i land.
: Cushman Introduces Rill to Give
Government Aid to Line
from Cordova Ray
Zy Ca >ln to The Daily Gateway.
Washinraon. I*. C„ Dec. IN Ifepre
i s', nlalivi* ( ashman * I Washhe/ton in
! 1t odtu* o a Oil! today into tin ijouse to
a!.i tin' const rue: ion of tin projected
railroad, telegraph and telephone lines
of the Alaska liiilro.id < onipaiiy,
which has projected a lire ‘roni t oniova
ii.ay to Kao|e City, on the Vo .on river.
The l>i!I proposes that lie- govern
ment shall aaiarani'-e the interest on
the hond*» ofA he company to i he amount
per tilth lor a t'istance of -VJo
miles. It also ..ices the company a.
iaji.i "r:;nf of four sections, or l!-'iio
acr •. per mile for the same distance.]
for which the company is to pay the,
government $l!.o(> per acre whenever j
: he lands are .sold.
?mm wav m
Agents at Aurora Select Location
Suited in Ail Respects for
Their Countrymen
IJ par's from the h-allies of rim
!"’ 1, s i i -: -'<>••• for v. ' nil • »eat io.i
|--s Ui-rn eho*en at Aurora. >n tin
oast "o sue «.f look lnl«*t, indicate
;'*. 11 riie\ ar making j.reparation* ‘or
:i large :i”!nl*er of itemigra: is ;n the
■ >i»!*i; Tim enu-rpi ; >e ! viit.jy in
con' rated under tin* laws of Alaska.
.mi. liine of i> representatives h;uv
l j, on t(s’:e o' t ■••• infinity since
• •!.».■> :■: ii tvii' !*< >*:( . t !:«'!*«• al!
Tt-.e i. ad of the company which is
known a* ’I h • Anisin tmlonization »V
1 • do •, . * * f
i iornhor/, New Turk agent of a line
of stc.uimrs running Ctw.-en r inland
New York. Tills '‘. brings IllOsI
< ; ! I* ji,*iish i mm! grot or to this
co.n.i ry. A large major!'y of these
Finnish immigrants arrive in the
I'ni'ed States wiiiiout »tny definite p’.ir
po.se except timgemral wish to better
tueir condition. Many of them go to j
work on farms or in mines. Others
se ei employment simply n.s lahorerson
great construct on works, such as rad
road building.
The purpose of the immigration pro-1
met, which has sought a icld in Alaska
is to give Finnish immigrants an op- j
portnnity to ne«|oire farms or other i
property of i>.• Iv own more easily than
they could do *<\ 1 »\ hiring out as labor-,
ers for great corporations. Ttie chief
! iiiu'.istrics of Finland are agriculture
i and fishing, and S> at hern Alaska o let’s
Finlander-. more similarity of employ
men' than any other part of tin* west
ern world, with resources tar greater
than at home.
| In tin- locality chosen for the Finnish
e finny is found a large expanse of rich
! land, practically unlimited -.alt, water
fisheries, excellent timber and immense
coal deposits. Tiie climate is milder
than that of Finland and experiments
on a small scale have demonstrated
| that all the hardy cereals anil veget
ables have a prolific growth. Along
Cook Inlet the Finnish immigrants
will find a far richer country than they
I leave.
I Local Members Hold Meeting and
Prepare to Get Together
Twelve members of the Arctic
iirot her hood, holding proxies for four
others, met Sunday afternoon and
made arrangements to organize a Sew
atid camp of the order. Four addition
a! members live in Seward or vicimtv,
so the local camp will start with a
I membership of twenty.
A committee was appointed to make
i the necessary arrangements with the
; grand council for a charter. I iii> will
have to he obtained from the office of
the grand reeorder, Godfrey ( healan-,
j ger of Skagwav. The committee is
i composed of H. H HiAreth, ( . 1. Gag*
g >; i and < 'ceil H. Clegg.
II. i\ Web rant is a deputy grand
chief and empowered to conduct the
| formalities of instituting a new camp,
so that this can be done whenever tiie
.charter is received without sending
i for an outside official. As soon as the
camp is on a working basis an effort
' will be made to add a large number of
new members and to take steps to
j equip a lodge room.
large f orce of Men Engaged on
Pock Work—'Tunnel Boring
Will Soon Begin
Traelcla yin/ on tin- railroad "a* re
sumed Thursday ar.d will prnnvd
slow!;, ui'lil * mi ol niile IT i> le;-ch» i.
1*1:• * end of the Mack hint hern on tie*
4.7th mil tor.*ev*:al seek- |no -cdifi/.
t.lit,; in-av;. rock work just beyond it
could he i;::i t • i. '1 lu- reuiairb m two
nub-swill in laid within •!<■
tliit-ty da;.s.
Tin-‘-nd of'tin track will he at the
end of mih- 17 lot tin- winter, and tin
transfi station, now at hi, wi he
move.; to 17 : so u; a* tin * act is.
lain in Lin latter point. From ;ln »•
fi-ei/ht will have to ! e .skidded. !>.. a
yood skid road i* already mane from
the transtcr station at 4.5.
.lust i» ‘\ oiui mie -,>o*l 47 i* a h v
rock ohstrnetion lilt/ feet, hijii mil
If' 'O 11 1 | lui . . ; ,:i- will require -ev
er..1 moat i s to remove. Ii could :<*•
don* in Je- ■ime at greater ex: • n-e.
'out there i - no ision for ha- ■ he
cause ,ii< nt:eis cannot lie comee n il
heioi'i e;u Is i ,' ...id all that tin
constru'd ion depai t men' desire* to do
i- to have ih ii e intervening stretch***
ol track to tiie la*: tunnel on 5:! eoin*
. e i ;i* *i.o,i a* t h«> tunnel.*, o :h..t
'In- track e.u. b run throujli ti.
without del: y wnen the 'not in;." ./•
X.t bridge iV'irk I nti! Spring
11'ltm ■ iiat• i» • ■ o,.«l the hi/ f'.-ekeul
o’, till*'- 1* a . i -. < i 7-7 17 -et i'*i • v ar.d
1 ■ M» tee: id_ . i* • h construe: e. i. N<e
{id n V -wi! lie.. ill I hat lint ii Sj>: in/
e is cover ,,! ' h
*now and t i,e t-r* would he *" *li|**
j,..;s tia.i . r* would IK-4 rare to
work itni -r ci! <-.;tn*tanccs which would
entail *•• it etch iai.jer. Neither ooes
thecomniny care to iiave them take
such ri-'.s. * hi tin- 'iiier side ot he
first tunnel, on n i> . . isanotlier i i, t
in-id je upon 'licit anion will he <•••
. i, -1 t1 ■•»- !'l* I*. •
A!: 1m i'.'ti th w at her has ». ' u
somewl,:it colder * r on the line :nan
;ti Se v.’.'d. when- if iias hei n he i '.'
ih, frec/in.' jtoint < ly one week this
•winter, it h:»- c. used .it! Ic int'-t •{, ;,t >•
.. dh w g k on the /rad**, which i* now
er ; o i'ivk work. N<..il\
1.7o0 'i.cn .ti’e now cn/ajfed in bla-tin/
away i*ock o!»-t rm*t ions at various
noint* on tl■> 'in*- iiom the end of the
track to mile 7k’. -• sen miles beyond
tit. h*-ad of Turna/ain Arm.
.1. i>. t’aatei-on. > i._ineer of construc
;ion. came iti last nijlit after several
days at the front and reported jrood
pro/tvss at all tne camps, in spi’e of
,'nort days. The men are able to yet
in only about eitflit and one-half hours
now. hut lin y are paid the full rate.
!;. a ,. w week* the days will len/th n
>o they can work full time ayain
Bus> Ground Tunnel Camp
He lween the last tunnel, on mib
tin Rich vV Harris tunnel- >n mi:
■72 a large number ot men are e. gaged
in rock work. Tuey have a big camp
at fd. This work is along tlr* "loop."
Another camp is on mile 72. close to
the Il'ich a Harris *unnel camp. Some
places on lii" grade will be skipped un
til spring, because they are mestiv
dirt work. Par* of this was done,
however. !»"■ ;■ rlie irceze-un, bn
i milt* 70 a long -i retch on a sb.c iiUl
will he leit until sprit" h. cause of ihti
; frequent -now -!id<
Preparations for . nnel driving are
I going on steadily noth on the tunnel
j the rail.1 >ad const ruction company wi»l
! bore on mile 4'.* and on the five Him &
Harris tunnels on mile 72. The actual
work of boring on ail of them will be
gin shortly after the tir-t of the new
vi-ur. The railroad company will ratio
tlw* big boiler which will furnish
stea!.i for it- tmiTiel work, up the line
withiii a few days. A great deal of
f1Vsh -now has fallen this week and the
boiler will not be taken up until the
snow settles suiliciently to make the
skidding easy.
The railroad company lias a steam
compta "or at the farther end of the
tunnel, from which end most of the
boring will be done. Some hand labor
will be done at the nearer end but that
work will not be rushed, as the steam
driving from the other end can finish
tlu* task as soon as the Rich & Harris
tunnels can be completed.
Pumping Stations Installed
Pumping stations at the water tanks
on miles 10 and 117 were put in com
mission the past week. These are the
regular equipment on all railroads in
cold climates, consisting of a small tubu
lar steam boiler, run by one man, to
keep the water tanks from freezing uo

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