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Put Socialists Under Arrest
Seattle, Nov. '> Fifteen socialist)
speakers were arrested last uijilii "lien j
*hey tried to hold a meeting in Pioneer
place. All were taken to jail. The
entire force of city detectives and sev
eral patrolmen had been ordered to
>h< seen*' to prevent the street mcet
in*. An an*ry crowd attacked the
oflicers and a cent ral thfht started but
Pn oflleers mhiii clubbed their assail
ants back.
Policeman Phi n ick claims he ">'s
badly injured by a kick in the ba. ;
and lit' caused the arrest of .Joh,
North, accusii.* h in ot administerin'.:
tin kick. No our h,.> been found win.
saw Philbrtc \ k eked.
Taft Speaks In Idaho
Pocatello. Idaho. Nov. :> Secretary
Taft spoke here last ni*ht. He saui he
had Wen -etit by the president, not as
president but as a citizen and lover of
justice to "peak in behalf of Gov. Got d
jn*. who iu the Moyer anti Haywood
cases had only followed the law. He
».iiti the men arc not to be railroaded
fco conviction tint to be *iven a fait
trial. lie sad the defeat of Gov.
Goodin* w u M paralyze efforts to en-.
force the law.
Thompson Asks Change of ' enuc
Seal tie, Nov. 3 An application for;
% change o' v i the case ot < lies
ter Thom, ■'on. the murderer of Judgi
pot ior court tins morning. The mo-1
the |»n i t ve ticasnst the defendant in
king co,.my.
Steamer I’cnnsy ivania Sails
Seattle, Nov . tret- I’e'.t.sy !
* <
Seward and A ante, with a ‘
freight cat go and a smalt passenger |
list. The 1 >era "til *ail November v
to resume her regular run to Dutch j
Harbor. The Pennsylvania carries j
225 tons of steel rails for the A laska j
Gas kills Three In Cascade Tunnel
Everett, Wash., Nov. 3 Three sec
lion men were overcome by gas iu the j
Cascade tunnel on the Great Northern
ibis morning and were found dead by
» train. They were lying close to the
track in the middle of the tunnel.
Both Parties Claim the Earth
Washington, D. C., Nov. 5—The
republican congressional committee 1
elaims that the party is positively '
assured of 58 majority in the next 1
national house. The democratic com- ^
niitee claims to be sure of 28 majority, 1
a gain of 88 members over the demo- 1
dratic strength in the present house.
Washington Republican Claim
Seattle, Nov. 5—Chairman Ellis de
Bruler of the republican state commit
tee claims the entire republican state '
and congressional ticket will carry :
Washington by at least 20.000 :
Taft Talks for Gooding
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 5—Secretary Taft
<n a speech here Saturday night urged (
Idaho voters to re-elect Gov. Gooding .
and a republican legislature. He said (
if they did not do so the failure would ,
be heralded all over the country as a
repudiation of law and order by the
people of the state.
A Wise Opinion
New York. Nov. 5 Habbi Wise in
bi* Sunday address at the Jewish tern* ]
pie said that President Koosevelt is |
the saving asset of the republican j
party. He -. d the president does |
what he believes i» right and is a .
•corner of cot sequences.
Tobacco Trust Tlnkcs Laws
Boston, Nov. 5—District Attorney t
Morast, denmevatie and indedenifenct
leag ue cane ia for governor of Mass
achusetts. wrote today to District At* j
lorn* y Jerome of New York that
( silier's r.-itly ha* original docu
ments which | rove that the tobacco ,
trust cot.tr s legislation. He asks
that the pap' > be secured from
Collier's beeau-o he believes they im
plicate the Massachusetts legislature.
.May or Weaver III
Philadelphia. Nov. 5--All preachers
it» the city delivered special prayers
yesterday for tin- recovery of Mayor
Weaver and his restoration to the re-.
form party. 'The mayor is seriously j
ill from nervous collapse.
Shoots Woman and Himself
Seattle, Nov. ”> James Brady shot ,
Mrs. Flora Shannon yesterday in the j
woman’s home on Denny way because i
jibe told him she was engaged to marry
another man. Brady then shot him
self through the mouth but both he
and the woman will live.
Gas Leak Results Fatally
Seattle, Nov. 5— Father Clark of
Sacred Heart Catholic church was
found unconscious in his room from in
halation of gas which leaked from a
heating pipe, and he is dying in Provi
dence hospital. The fatality was acci
President Gets One Turkey
Washington, D. C., Nov. 5—Presi
dent Koosevelt returned yesterday
from a hunt on his Pine Knot estate,
with one wild turkey.
Massachusetts Classed Doubtful
Boston. Nov. ti -Tijo contest between
Gov. Guild, republican, and John B.
Moran, democrat, is regarded as close
and the result doubtful. Both sides
claim the elect ion.
Pennsylvania Seems Doubtful
Philadelphia, Nov. t» Both party
•ommittees claim the state and the
>sue seems doubtful between Kdwin
stuart, republican, and Lewis Kiuerv,
Lincoln republican, who has the demo*
crat ie indorsement. Kuiery will draw
i large republican vote hut there is
nothing on which to base an estimate
>t the extent of the republican de
fect ion.
Not Many Went Home to Vote
Washington, l>. C., Nov. 6—Fewer
{department officials and clerks went
| home to vote than ever before, except
the New York contingent, who all
went. The president and cabinet
i worked until midnight upon adminis
tration business bearing ui»on annual
; reports.
Du Bose to Defend Bodflsh
Seattle. Nov. i>. Judge Dudley Du
Dose of Nome announces that he will
defend Gapt. Rod fish, the whaling cap
tain who is charged with causing the
death of a sailor on his ship by ill-;
Usage. Tin* defense will be that thej
sailor uied from other causes.
Van \\ ill Sue Northwestern
J urea 11, Nov. t> Marry A. Van ur-1
rived her** yesterday afternoon on thej
>tiau<r Gtrwin. lie will sue the.
No liiwestern Steamship C ompany for j
-.go.i a nay for each day lost until hisj
baggage arrives with the moving' pie-1
turcs which he is booked to show here j
tonight. They are still at Valdez, j
where they were sent by mistake fyom i
Wants Republican Congress
Cincinnati, Nov. — Congressman
Longworth, the president's son-in-law,
received a message today from the
president telling him to publish what
Secretary Root recently said in a let
ter to Congressman Watson of Iudiana
us indicating the president’s desire
for a republican cougress.
Blue Ticket for Colored Troops
Washington, D. C., Nov. 7—Presi
dent Roosevelt issued an order today
dismissing in disgraee every man of*
companies C and D of the Twenty-fifth
(colored) infantry because they refused
to disclose the names of the men guilty
of murder in the recent riots at
Brownsville, Texas. This executive
action is unprecedented.
Dr. Cook in Seattle
Seattle, Nov. 8 — Dr. Frederic A. ,
Cook, who climbed Mt. McKinley,
arrived from Seward on the Saratoga
and is being extensively featured in
the local papers. He states that he
charted 2000 square miles previously
unexplored, lying south and west of j,
Mt. McKinley, and discovered two dis
tinct peaks not shown on any map. He !
also speaks favorably of the mining j,
development and prospects of the re
To Appoint Moody at Once
Washington, D. C., Nov. 8 - Presi
dent Roosevelt announced today that
he will appoint Attorney - General
Moody immediately to the supreme
bench to succeed Justice Brown, re 1
tired. The appointment will be ef
fectivo at once though Moody cannot
1m* confirmed until next month by the
Steamers Reach Seattle
Seattle. Nov. 8— Steamers Saratoga
and Portland arrived from Seward and
Valdez Yesterday afternoon.
Banquet to Ciov. Hoggatt
s* ; * le. Nov. exposition officials
gave a banquet to Gov. Hoggatt of
Alaska last night in the Rainier
Grand hotel, The governor made a
snoeeh in winch he pledged himself to
gi\« every possible support to the pro
ject. Gov. Mead of Washington also
spoke and promised to recommend a
large appropriation by the Washington ;
legislature in aid of the exposition, in
his annual message to the next session
of that body.
Secret Service Agent Murdered
Albuquerque, N. M., Nov. H—The
body ol r. A. Caldwell, a government
secret -ervice agent, was found this
morning beside the Santa Fe railroad
track, twenty miles from tins city, i
with the skull crushed and one arm
broken, as if by a heavy bludgeon.
The affair is a mystery.
Crow Creek Men Co Out
Andrew Nisbet, superintendent of
the Crow Creek Placer Mining Com
pany. K. Schliefer and C. Hobert, also
of the staff, and eight miners who have
been in the employ of the company
this season, went out on the steamer
Northwestern, to return to California
for the winter.
Jarry Odale and Mrs. Odale went on
the train this week to take up their
residence at Girdwood.
Great Crowds Greet Hearst
New York, Nov. .'1—W. R. Hearst
attempted to mako twelve speeches in
this city last night hut his voice gave
out bofor he ended the llfth. He was
greeted by large crowds and given tre
mendous cheering by all of them. At
two meetings before his arrival resolu
tions were unanimously passed con
demning President Roosevelt for per
mitting Secretary Root to make the
speech he did claiming to utter the
! president’s views. The resolutions
“We deem it due to American citt
; zenship that we resent the flagrant at
! tempt at federal dictation to* the elec
| to rate of the state and that we should
make known to our servant at Wash
ington our views of his interference.*
In all his speeches Hearst coupled
! Root and Croker as corporation repre
sentatives. He said Root had defend
ed the Tweed ring and the Jake
Sharpe traction bribery cases; that it
had been charged in affidavits by four
men that Root had given them money
to secure their votes; that Hoot, had
been attorney for the traction, whisky,
tobacco, steel, gas, watch and insur
j ance trusts.
| “It is fitting,” said Hearst, “that
Root should indorse Hughes, tin?
attorney for the lighting, shipbuilding,
Boston franchise grab and sugar trust.
It is fitting that Croker should side
with McCarren against me when I
1 drove Croker* s ice trust may or out of
i office. It was fitting that Root, the
I corporation lawyer of Thomas F.
| Ryan, who indorsed McClellan, the
.political puppet of Ryan, should have
! indorsed the theft of the mayoralty
| from tne by McClellan.”
Tammany Hail Booms Hears!
New York, Nov. -rummany hall
It eld a pre-election meeting Iasi night
which was addressed by llourke t'oek
rao. In bis speech Cockran said that
the Hoarsl movement was inspired by
God himself and would therefore
prove irresistible. Hearst refused to
leave his home all day yesterday.
Hearst and Hughes will each make
fifteen speeches today and this even
ing. _
End Campaign With Big Talk
New York, Nov. 6 — In his final
speech last night Hearst said that
within an hour after his inauguration
as governor he will remove every pub
lic official the governor has power to
remove who may be shown to have
been guilty of dereliction in official
In his last speech Hughes said the
question was Hearst versus the Ameri
can flag and he could not doubt the re
sult as the flag had never yet gone
down in disgrace.
Both parties maintain their previous
claims of a large majority in the state.
West Virginia Officials Clash
Huntington, W. Va., Nov. 6—Demo
cratic policemen and republican deputy
sheriffs at Williamson clashed today in
an election quarrel. The democratic
officers arrested a deputy U. S. mar
shal and fifteen deputy marshals are
now on their way to Williamson to
arrest the mayor, chief of police and
other city officials. More trouble is
expected before night as both sides are
in a lighting mood.
Gov. Dawson ordered three compa
nies of the national guard to go to the
scene and they are on the way but Will
not reach Williamson as soon as the
posse of deputy marshals.
Prostrated by Campaign Work
Brno, Nev., Nov. <1 Gov. .John
Sparks, democratic nominee for re
election, collapsed here last night and
it is feared that he will he prostrated
with pneumonia. lie had contracted a
bad cold through exposure during the j
campaign. It B believed that he is]
certain of re-election, hut his illness is;
regarded as dangerous.
Aside from the governorship the re-1
publican ticket is expected to win, in
cluding George Bartlett for congress.
Ruef Fight of Little Avail
San Francisco, Nov. (i—It is believed
that the light on Abe Ruef in this city
started too late to accomplish the
election of John M. Langdon. the in
dependent candidate for governor. If
the expose had proceeded farther it
might have effected a political revolu
tion. As it is both old parties confi
dently claim the election.
The odds appear to be in favor of
Congressman Gillette, the republican
nominee, on account of the large re
publican majority in the state. The
democrats however, are confident that
as Bell, their nominee, has the labor
support he will be elected. They also
claim that Langdon will draw more
from Gillette than from Bell.
Before the Ruef expose began the
latter secured the indorsement from
both parties of two of his favorite
superior court judges, Conlin and Mo
gan. The bar association nominated
Graham and Coffey against them. It
is impossible to forecast the outcome
of the judicial fight.
These cuts represent the H.
S. & M., Steinblock, and Ad
ler & Son’s
They are made from actual
photographs and represent
the goods just as they will
look on you. They are as
good as the best and better
than the rest. We would
consider it a favor if you
would call around and try
one on. They are distinctly
not of the hand-me-down
: i
(Copyright 1906 by
Hart Schaffner & Marx
PgHgffgllllBIII BlfTTWIl IMBI'll ■!
Rooms 2. 3 and 4
Over Brown & Hawkins’ store
Fourth Avenue, - Seward, Aka.
Shawhan Bid, Washington St.
Next to Bank of Seward
Surveyor for the District of Alaska, I
Add res* Seldovia, Cook Inlet, Alaska, j
or caro Mail Agent, Steamer Dora ^
.. ' ■ - -;
Civil Engineer
U. S. Deputy Laivl and
Mineral Surveyor
Coleman House Seward
Meets every Saturday evening at 8:30 I
in Brotherhood rooms in Commerce |
G. Nokdykk .1. J. McManus,
Arctic Recorder. Arctic Chief
Seward Water & Power
Company j
JOHN. A. NELSON. Manager j
Office—Third and Washington streets j
Notice to Co-Owners.
To E. 13. Rogers, and to all persons having any
interest in the placer claims hereinafter
described, under said E. U. Rogers, and to
ail whom il may concern:
You and each of you are hereby notified that
the undersigned. Martha Smith, and G. D.
Hitchcock, co-owners with E. B. Rogers in ten
certain placer claims called the Fred Smith
Group, situated on Lynx creek all lying con
tiguous to each other, in Kenal precinct.
Alaska, have during the year 1SHU expended
the sum of one thousand dollars in work and
labor in the development and improvement of
said placer claims; and also during the year
1905 expended the sum of one thousand dollars
la work and labor in the development and im
provement of said placer claims.
That of your proportion of said expenditure,
towit. the sum of one thousand dollars for said
years 1904 and 1905. there remains unpaid the
sum of nine hundred dollars.
And you and each of you are hereby further
notified that if within ninety days after this
notice by publication, you fail to contribute
the remainder of your proportion, towit. the
sum of nine hundred dollars, being one-half
of the whole amount so expended, less one
hundred dollar paid by you. your in
terest in above described ten claims will be
come the property of the undersigned co-own
ers. under section twenty-three hundred and
twenty-four of the Revised Statutes of the
United States.
Dated Kenai precinct. Alaska. September 1st,
Co-owners as aforesaid.
Address; Room 513 Mutual Life Building,
Seattle. Washington.
Date of first publication September 1st. 1906.
Date of last publication Decemebr 1st. 1906.
Hardware Store
Guns, Ammunition, Mechanics’ Tools, Cutlery.
Miner’s Conveying Hose and Tents
jPJ| ML Fourth Ave.. Seward. Alaska
Prompt attention given mail orders
The Washington Trust Co,
Corner First Avenue and Madison street, Seattle, Wash.
Invites Business by Maii or Express.
Pays Interest on all Accounts
Northwestern Steamship Company
Seattle - Seward Route - Outside Passage
PFMMSYt V A MI A Sails froni Seattle Nov. I: returning'.
O Lr. r£l>i>IO I Li V sails fromSeward Nov. b
Q * CAD ATnn A Sails from Seattle Nov. 8: returning sails
DAnHl UVjM from Seward Nov. 18
Str. NORTHWESTERN r"u,n""‘!
Str Sails fromSeward 8th if each month for Unalaska. Dutch Harbor,
ou> i/utvv and way ports. Return! mrleaves Seward about 28th of each mouth.
For transportation, berth reservations, freight rates etc. T7 T OnTTr FQ
cull on Atrent. Seward. Alaska. *-'• ^ * ILiLiO
J. F. TROWBRIDGE, Gen*l Mgr. E. G. McMICKEN. G. P. ano T. Agt.
Carrying (J. S. Mail—Alaska-Pacific Express
To Seattle and Juneau
Stmrs Portland and Bertha
Sailings from Seward 8th and 23rd of each month.
Sailings from Seattle 10th and 25th of each month.
Sailing Dates Subject to Change Without Notice
for further Information Apply to
94 Yesler, Seattle. Agents»Sewa rd.

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