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By Cable to The Dally Gateway.
Envoys Coming to Washington
Puerto Cortez. June 17 Envoys of
both Nicaragua and Salvador are
hurrying to Washington to lay their
troubles l>cfore President Roosevelt.
Warfare has ceased for the present.
Dry Sunday at Portland
Portland, June 17—Every saloon in
Multnomah county was closed all day
yesterdav, the tirst dry Sunday ever
known in the history of the county.
There was no disorder.
Fishery Inspector Coming
Seattee. June 17—Millard C. Marsh,
federal inspector of Alaska fisheries.
Is here ts go north on an inspection
tour of the fisheries and "canneries of
the Alaska coast.
Priest Roasts Club Women
St. Louis, June 17—At the com
mencement exercises of a Catholic
school last night Father James Con
way in an address roasted club women
for their devotion to social affairs. He
said that the homes of club women are
May Ask Aoki to Resign
Tokio, June 17 -It is rumored here
that Ambassador Aoki. Japanese
diplomatic representative at Washing
ten. may be asked to resign because it
is not believed that he is handling the
California difficulty skilfully. If Aoki
is recalled Baron Kaneko will probably
be his successor.
New Japanese-French Treaty
Paris, June IT—A new treaty be
tween France aud Japan was signed to
day. It is believed that Japan has ask
ed for a big loan from French bankers.
Steamer Santa Clara Sails
Seattle, June IT — Steamer Santa
Clara sailed at noon today with a heavy
cargo and laborers for Kata! la.
Cable Office to be Open Evenings
Seattle, June IS—The cable office in
this city will be kept open until 11
o’clock at night during the summer
Murder Bailable in Montana
Helena. Mout., June IS — The
supreme court of Montana decided
today that murder is a bailable offense
under the statute of Montana.
Poor Girl Harries a Schwab
Cleveland, June 18—Edith McGorra,
a poor girl, married Edward Schwab, a
brother of the steel magnate, today.
She refused a wedding gift of 82,000,
000, saying she wanted to remain poor.
The money was offered by Charles M.
Getting Divorce Statistics
Seattle, June 18—A special agent of
President Roosevelt is here getting
information concerning divorces in
King county.
Trying to Control Convention
Denver, June 18—In the Trans
Mississippi congress and Roosevelt
public lands conventions today two
factions are trying to get control. The
struggle is over the Roosevelt idea of
government possession of coal and oil
lands on the public domain.
To Hold Military Maneuvers
Washington, D. C., June IS—Gigan
tic military and naval maneuvers are
planned to be held this summer #n the
Atlantic coast. Warships will attack
coast fortresses, and the troops, militia
and torpedo boats will defend. The
plans are the most elaborate on record.
To Cut Dow n Chinese Indemnity
Washington, D.C., June 19—Tt is an
nounced that President Roosevelt in his
next annual message will recommend
cutting the indemnity due from China
on account of damages in the Boxer
rebellion from $25,000,000 to$ll.000,000.
China is much pleased at the report.
Fairbanks flay Come to Alaska
Seattle. June 19—It is again reported
that Vice President ’Fairbanks may go
to Alaska this summer. He will be in
Seattle July 12 to attend the conven
tion of the Society of Christian Endeav
Lpdegraff Coming North
Seattle, June 19- Harlan UjxiegrafT,
head of the Alaska bureau of education,
is in Seattle on his way north.
Mizner Wins 100 to 1 Shot
New York. June 20—Wilson Mizner
won a $1,000 bet on a 100 to 1 shot and
with the proceeds bought the Rand
hotel today.
Santa Barbara Disabled
San Francisco, June 20—Steamer
Santa Barbara, loaded with passengers
and freight for Seattle, is adrift with
a broken tail shaft. Tugs have been
sent to her assistance.
To Launch Steamer Seward
Seattle, June 20-The new steamer
Seward, built for the Northwestern
Steamship Company, will be launched
about the of next week. The vessel
will go on the Nome.
Complain of Hamburg Line
Washington, D. C., June 20-The
announcement is made that the feder
al government will investigate the
Hamburg-American steamship line
having evidence that its management
dictated unfair rates to American ship
pers. A dispatch from Hamburg states
that the steamship officials there deny
the charge and say they will plead not
guilty in the investigation.
Cleveland Recovers From Illness
Princeton, N. J., June 20—A malig
nant internal growth very nearly caus
ed the death of Ex-President Cleveland
recently. Is is announced now that the
malady has passed the critical point.
Taft to go to Philippines
Seattle. June 20 Secretary Taft will
sail for the Philippines on the next
voyage of the steamship Minnesota,
leaving this city the first week in
Plot to Assassinate Qov. Deneen
Chicago, June 20— A plot by an ex
'convict to assassinate Gov. Deneen was
| discovered during his visit to this city
today. Police officers now surround
the executive wherever he goes.
Plot to Kill Italian King
Home, June 20—Details of a plot to
assassinate King Victor Emmanuel
are becoming known. Many at rests
have been made aud the net of proof
is tightening around the instigatoi-9 of
the conspiracy.
Costly Incendiary Fire
San Francisco, June 21—An incend
iary tin* on Vanness avenue, near
Sacramento street, last night destroy
ed $200,000 worth of property. Three
big dry goods houses were burned with
their contents. This is the third in
cendiary tire in the business district
within the last few days.
Bandit Robs Two Stages
Wamona, C al., June 21 A lone ban
dit held up two stages near this town
last night and robbed all of the six
teen passengers. He escaped and no
trace of him has been found by the
posse organized for pursuit.
Try to Wreck Two Trains
Fresno, C'al., June 21—Two attempts
to wreck Southern Pacific passenger
trains near this city this morning by
means of obstacles placed on the track
were discovered just before the trains
were due. Both carried heavy passen
ger loads.
Santa Barbara Towed In
San Francisco, June 21 — Steamer
Sauta Barbara was towed in safely this
| morning. She was disabled at sea
with a broken tail shaft.
Baron Kaneko Called Radical
Washington, P. C., June 18—Baron
Kaneko, who will succeed Aoki as
Japanese ambassador to the United
States, is believed to be too radical for
the present strained situation. It is
thought that he may cause friction
between the two governments over tbe
Pacific coast troubles.
It is stated that the real reason why
Aoki will be asked to resign is be
cause he married a German woman.
Aoki Will Not be Recalled
Washington, D. C., June 21—It is an
nounced that Count Aoki, the Japanese
ambassador, will not be recalled. It
is stated that he is entirely satisfact
ory to the Japanese government,
which never considered his recall.
To Build Two Dreadnaughts
Washington. D. C., June 21 — The
navy department decided today to con
stuet two big battleships of the British
Dreadnaught type. One will cost $4,
000.000 and the other $4,500,000.
Taft Too Fat for Hard Trips
Kansas City, June 21—Secretary Taft
will return to Washington from this
city. He says he is too fat for the
strenuous work entailed by traveling
and frequently speaking in hot weath
To Indict For Coal Frauds
Denver, June 22—The grand jury in
the U. S. district court is expected to
return sixty indictments tonight against
| Colorado millionaires and officials of
one railroad on account of alleged
| land frauds.
Prince Fushimi In Victoria
Vancouver, B. C., June 22 — Prince
Fushimi, heir to the Japanese throne,
arrived here this morning on his way
home from a tour of the world. He
will sail from Victoria next Tuesday
for Yokohama on the British cruiser
Joe Endle Dead
Seattle, June 22—It was reported
here today from Skagway that Big
Joe Endle, one of the best known
sporting men of Alaska dropped dead
in Skagway this morning. He was on
route to Fairbanks.
Mrs. Dan Hanna Gets Divorce
Cleveland, June 22 — Dan Hanna’s
wife was granted a divorce from him
today on the ground of cruelty and
nigligence. Hanna is a son of the late
Senator Mark Hanna.
The Cobalt mining district of Ontario
produced $3,ol3,089 silver and $30,319
cobalt last vear._
Have you aeeu tue beautiful glass
ware Brown & Hawkins received on a
recent boat? New patterns—dainty
and attractive. Nothing finer on the
market. *
Place of Meeting Kept Quiet For
Fear Anarchists May Dyna
mite Building.
By CabU to Tba Dally Gateway.
The Hague, .Tune 20—Secret sessions
of the peace conference are being held
because of fear that the members may
be blown up by dynamite if the place
of its session becomes known. It is be
lieved that a large number of anarch
ists ara in the city.
Peace Delegates Deplore
The Hague, June 17-Delegates to
the peace conference from all nations
deplore the action of the czar in dis
solving the Russian dourna. Extra
precautions have been ordered to pro
tect the Russian delegates, as it is
feared that Russian unarchists are in
the city. _
The presence of Bishop I). II. Moore,
D. D., LL, D., in the town affords all
an unusual opportunity to meet und
hear a speaker of international reputa
tion. Ho spent several years in the
Orient; and because of extensive travel
is in the closet touch with the world
wide church work.
He will conduct Communion Services
in the local Methodist Church at 11
o’clock tomorrow morning. This will
(to followed by Sunday School under
the direction of Mrs. L. H. Pedersen,
the superintendent. At 8 o'clock in
evening Bishop Moore will preach.
A most cordial invitation is extended
to every individual in Seward to attend
and participate in every one of tomor
row’s services.
Owing to the presence of the bishop,
the Fourth Quarterly Conference, the
last business meeting of the closing
church year, will be held intheehurch
tonight at 8:30 o’clock. Every person
in Seward who is interested in any local
church work and the moral advance
ment of the town is welcome to the
business meeting, and is invited.
While the presence of a bishop is
frequently made the occasion of rais
ing money for a debt, or building, etc.,
this is not the case at present — the
only collections will be those customary
at the regular services.
L. II. Pedersen, pastor.
Bishop Moore is one of the older
bishops of the Methodist church and
at present has supervision of the Alas
ka missions as part of his episcopal
work. His present trip is to visit the
churches of the southern coast. Inci
dentally he comes to bring Mrs.
Moore, who is an invalid,for a northern
sea voyage. His daughter and another
ladv are also in his party.
Does Not Know a Good Thing
The Gateway outfit were much pain
ed to receive the following letter from
Newhall, California, on the last boat
from a man whose name by some means
had found its way upon the subscrip
tion list:
“Your card of May 1 noted, never
subscrefe for you paper, and dont
want it. never have red one verse in
it. notified you once befor not to send
that paper to my adress. now drop
it and oblige
C I Graham”
In Kentucky
“Uncle Dick, how many toddies does
the colonel drink every day?”
“Well, yo1 see, boss, I eatsde sugar
de kunnel leaves in de glass, an’ long
erbout de middle ob de evening 1 gits
muddled an’ loses count.”
Seward has two dental parlors that
are equipped with the best and most
modern appliances that can be found
anywhere. The two operators are grad
uates in the east, of years experience,
and established reputation, guarantee
ing the very finest in workmanship
and materials. Prices are the same as
for same grade of work by reputable
men anywhere. *
The Bank of Seward
We receive deposits subject to check.
We pay interest on time deposits.
We issue money orders good any
place in the world.
We buy gold dust or bullion.
We make collections.
We guarantee a service that is
prompt, accurate and safe.
We grant to our customers every
favor consistent with conservative
We invite your business.
tOmaai act
All you have to do is to
come around] to us and
ask for] an Adler, a
Stein-Block or a Hart,
Schaffner & Marx suit.
These clothes carry val
ue and add value to the
men that carry .them.
and the “easiest thing
about it is . the cost.
...The Clothier...
two an i w eioiw* co
can***: *4 I
r ~
N E W‘
Come in and look
E. V. BOYLE. Mgr.
Tyonok, - - Alaska
A Complete Line of
Hardware. Rubber Goods.
General Camp Supplies.
Oiir aim is to carry everything
that a prospector may need.
Mrs. Watson, formerly of Hope,
will be pleased to see all of her
old friends at her Restaurant in
Girdwood, where they will re
ceive the best the market affords.
Sleeping accommodations for
guests and place for sleds and
i ‘ mJ
Water Power
John A. Nelson, - Manager
Bank of Seward Building.
Northwestern Steamship Company
Seattle - Seward Route - Outside Passage
Ctr C A NT A P T A R A Sails from Seattle June 17: returning sails
c/li* A from Seldovia June 20: from Seward June 27
Cf- Q AR ATDHA Sails from Seattle June 24: returning sails
^ L* X v/ VXM from Seldovia July 2 from Seward July 3.
Str “DOHA” Sails from Seward 18th of each month for rnalnska. Dutch Harbor,
uunrt and way ports. Keturninx leaves Seward about fllh of each month.
Steamers from Seattle with freight and passengers for Cook Inlet ports
connect with steamer at Seldovia.
For transportation, berth reservations, freight rates etc. 17 T 0'T'TrT7C
call on Agent, Seward. Alaska, A. C/ X XuLiCr
d. F. TROWBRIDGE, Genl Mgr. E. G. McMICKEN, G. F. and P. Act
\\ Carrying 1. S. Mail-Alaska-Pacific Express
To Seattle and Juneau
Stmrs Portland and Bertha
Sailings from Seward 8th and 23rd of each month.
Sailings from Seattle 10th and 25th of each month.
Sailing Dates Subject to Change Without Notice
For Further Information Apply to
94 Yesler, Seattle._ Agents-Seward._
Latouche! Latouche! Latouche!
Reynolds - Alaska Development Company
General Outfitters For
Bottom Prices; Honest Goods
Headquarters for REYNOLDS.
Launches to Knight’s Island LATOUCHE ISL.
and Sound Points. ALASKA
Hotel MsN iley
Completely renovated; new management; hot
and cold water; modern, plastered rooms;
electric lighted; baths; rates reasonable.
Fourth Avenue, Seward, Alaska ^
r \
Coleman House
Absolutely First-class. Oeo. Sexton, Manager
Electric Lights and electric Bells in every Room
Rates, per day, - - from 50 cents to $2.50

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