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The Middlebury register and Addison County journal. [volume] (Middlebury, Vt.) 1883-1885, January 05, 1883, Image 4

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Tho cxporionco of all tlio publlshors;
of tlio RcgUlor lu tho past has showri
that tbo greatcBt dlfllcuUy n maklng a
popor py for improvlng ltsolf Is tho
loeses occastoncd by tbo crcd'.t syslcni,
wlilcb nro much lareer iu tho caso of
newapapors tban 1s Buspcclcd by Iho
Whllo apprccIaHng tho fact tlmt
lontr cuBtom has babttuatod many val-
- o
ucd otid sure pajing snbscrlbers to tho
practice of uaylng whcn "convcnlont,"
no know ol no wny of avolding tho
1o8cb by bad debls excopt by adoptlng
tho rule of rcqnlring payment ln ad
vanco. We would thereforo givo notlco that
011 tho flrst day of February next all
Bubscrlboin ln arrcars 011 tho books
of tbo Hcglster atid Addison Connty
.Tnmiml wlll bo diotipcd trom our
llsl, and all subBcrlptions wlll thcreal
ter bo diBcontlnued at explration nn
less provtously roucwcd.
Wo propose to iurnisb bo good a pa
per that cvery Addison County famlly
wlll want lt, and we trut all our bud
scrlbers wlll tco tho proprloty of an
nrrangement by whlch only wo can
afford to make tho papor what lt ought
to bo . Givo us your Bubscriptlons and
we wlll furuish you a bcttor paper
than ever before.
i-aj-Th oftlcial canvass of tho lato
electlon lu New York has just beon
publlshed. Tho total uumbor of votes
east for govcrnor was 918,894, whlch
u iHS 021 lcaa than woro ijlven for
president ln 1880. Gov. Clovoland re
celvcd only 807 moro votcs than Han
..nrk- 20.22G less than Qarflcld, whlle
Vnirrnr nnlled 213.080 votes less than
1- t
lyTbo Sonato has thli wook bcon
Indulglng ln a debato on tho blll lor
tho restoration of Fitz John Portcr, in
whlch Sonator Logan has put ln some
heavy blows agalnst the blll. The
8enato 1s dtvidod chlefly on parly llnes.
Itlstobohopedlhat tho Senato will
glvo no encouragemont to futuro sl
dlers of tho Fltz John Portor statnp by
pasaing the blll.
BrTho readers of the Itegister wlll
no doubt bo glad to hear that tho Inter
regnum as regards the management of
the Reglslor is endcd. Mr. E. H.
Thorp formerly of Charlotte and for the
last threo years on the cditoral staff of
tho Rutland Herald and Globe, ha bo
como ono of tiio partnors of tho Itegis
ter Co., and wlll next week bccomo
edltor and busitiess manager of tho
BTThls Ibbuo will go to all Bubscrib
ora of The Register and tho Addison
County Journal. In addltion we send
out a largo numbor of exlras for dls
trlbution to non-snbscribeiB, who, we
hope, will appreclato the iniprovemonts
in the paper, and be induccd to suW
ecribe. Only one dollar and a half per
annuro, and notlco that tho presont
Ibbuo, got out ln tho liasto incidonl to
an entho change in tho make-up of the
paper, is not a fair specimcn of what
the Register is to be.
lyRov. George Peutecost says in
tho Independont that tho converalon of
slnners Is bccomiiig a lost art. I'er
haps it Is bccanse tbo right klnd of la
borers at tho busliicss arc bccomtng
Ecarco. Thoro havo been recont in
Btanccs to show that a really entbusiai
tic and belioviug evangelist stlll has
power to wake up the hearts of nnbc
llevers, but they aro rarely called to
occupy millioualre pulpits. Tho
trouble ln tho clm rches, liowover, is
doubtlesBono hard to reach by the or
dlnary pastor, as tho average church
member at heart shrinks from a
"wakltig-up" of the convertlng klnd.
y Correspondents of the Register
ahould understand that it is necessary
that thelr correspondenco should be
malied to this olllco as early as possiblo
each week, ln order to be sure of inser
tlon. The Register has now ono of the
largest subscriptlon llstsof any paper in
thestate,as well .s the bcst facllltles for
job work of any olllco betweon Rutland
and Burlington. In order that wo
may preaent to our patrons all tho newi
of the connty we shall endevor to secure
good correspondents in overy town
where we aro not represented, and we
hope tkat each corrcspondent wlll tako
pride in glving us all tho local news in
thelr reapectlvo towns in a conclse form
and thus belp to mako the RegiBter tho
best, as it is the lurgest, paper in tho
The annual mecting of tho Addison
Connty Agricultural Societv wlll bo
beld at tbe Addison House, in Middle-
bnry, on Wedneaday, January 17,
1883, at ono o'clock r, ti for the elec
tlon of ofllcers and any otber buslness
tbat roay properly como betoro the
J. L. BnrroLrn, President.
J, A. LniLU, secretary.
Weybridge, January 1, 1883.
cdlcnllou of tlin Middlebury llnii!
Church, Dcc 28, 1882.
Tho usual aud anproptlato iiilroduc
tory BorvIco9 woro partlclpated ln by
Rev. Messrs. E9tos of Vergennes, Piorco
of Johnson, Prntt of St. Albans, Post
ot IJinnilon, aud S. II. Archlbnld of
Wailinirford, asaislcd by a talcutoil and
nppreciatlvo cholr pelcciori aud lcd by
flir. Mouroo l'eck.
Sortnou bv Rcv. II. G. Do Witt, 1).
D., N. Y., from Luko 7:6 "For ho
lovcth our uatlou aud hatb bullt us a
Bynagogue." It was uu cloquont dls
courso. approprlato to tho occaslou,
and cvldontly touchc.l tho hearts of tho
largo and iutolicnt audloncu whlch
crowdcd tho boauiilul houso. .
Aftcr au anthrin tho pastor, U. Hlb
batd, tnndo the statcuient. for tho btiitd
lng couinilttec. Tho subscriptlou paper
for tho now church was drawn up ou
(bo 9th of Dccotnbcr, 1880, tho snme
plcdged to bo blndlng only whon$8000,
dcsigned for church and parsonago,
should bo sccurcd. This was flllcd
Nov. 9, 1881. Tlio contract was let to
Mc8ars. Smlih & Allcn, bulldcrs of this
place, on tho 11th of April, 1882, for
$4600 cxclusivo of fiirnishliijr, aud wo
beliovo thoy havo dono their work well,
includlng furiiishing, for whlch wuaro
largely indebtcd to tho hulics, God
blcss tliein. Tho church editlco hns
cost abont $5000; llils has bcen patd in
full, togotlicr with tho lot on whlch it
stands, aud tho parsonago and grounds
on Semlnary strcct, bo that tho church
and parsonago will bo dcdlcatcd to the
servico of God freo of debt. For this
hapny consnmation wo aro largely in
debt to chrlstlans and business tnon of
varlous donominations in this commu
nity, throughout tho stato and out of tho
stato. And not tn inentiou namcs,
whlch mlght secm invidlous whero all
havo been to klnd, sinccro thanks aro
glvon from full hearts to cvery ono
who has helped us in this good work.
But iu conscqnouco of doing so much
for tho Iioubo of God tho church findt
itself in debt for tho ordinary support
oftbouospel abont To pay tlits
amount also anu so civo tlio young
church agood "send ofF' free from debt
ot every descripuon, tlio conarcgauon
wero invitcd to contributo. Unuer tho
generalBhip of lawycr G. C. Noblo of
St. Albans, this was soon raiscd, and
about $70 ovor, to provido Biblcs and
hymn books for tho cholr and Sabbath
school. Aftcr au anthctn tho pravej
of dedication was offercd by Rcv. Dr.
Archibald. ilymn 933 ot the Paalmlst
was thon sung and the congregation
dlsmissed with tho benedlctiuu by
President Hamliu. .,
Vermont Mcrino Suecp Brecdcrs' Asso
The committeo on pcdigrccs of the
aboro Association havo examincd the
applications, papers, certlficatcs, elc,
of the flocks belonging to tho followlng
owncrs and thoy will bo acccptcd aud
recorucu unlcBS objcctlon is mauo to
tbo secretary in writing withln thirtv
days from ttie date of this noticc.
Middlebury, Vt., January 5. 1883.
M D Betz, Sycamoro. Olilo.
A J Uarter, Lewis Ccntrc, "
11 Lt Uleavcr, Jast Uetlilehem, Pa.
Willard M Nott, Shoreham, Vermont.
Ray Brothcrs, Iloncoyc, New York.
w u iiacK, urwell, vermont.
R B Shepard, Skoweiran, Jissouri.
Bimeon Brownell, Cambridge, N. Y.
cjJ fceverance, tjnorenam, vermont.
AI.BEUT chapman, Hccrctary.
Yermont Merlno Shecp Brccders' Asso
The annual mcctiiig of tho above
Association for tho clcctiou of ofllcers
and tho transaclion of aiich biiBlncss as
may bo brought beforo it, will bo held
at tho court room, in .Middlebury, Vt.,
Wednesaiy. January 10, 188J, at tcn
o'clock, a. m. Tho cveuing of
weuucsuay anu tno sossions on
Thursday will be dcvoted to reading
papers and uiscuBsiug qucstlons relat
ing to wool growing and ahecp breed
lng. M. 15. WILLIAMSOK, 1'rCtiCleilt.
Alhkut CiiArsiAK, Secretary.
County News.
Ilciir' I.ucta has ri'moved to Bridport,
to reslde upon the 'Kllld.i farm."
Friends of E. Pccu cave liliu a well
arranced wooden weddinsr last Wednes-
uay evcning.
E. Pond has put up a new nplary-
It. C. Goodalc gavc a "Xow Years ie-
Insplred bv the eloqucnce of Itev. Srr.
jrarsballj the Jlethodlst Congregation
subscrlbcd over 8200, one reccnt Sabbath
lortlie bcneilt of tuclrpresent pastor.
Mrs. Iluldab llurlburt rcturnedto her
cstern liouic last week.
TbeA. D. Ilatch farui has passed in
to tlio hands of tho prlnclpnl credltor.
jir. junrennii snmu oi unaport.
The Wlllniarth Sfanufacturlnir Co,
are operatlng the Sraltli steani saw,
-..1 i . i . in
iimigic, uim provenuer uuii.
II. R. Rlnler. whlle chonnlns ln the
woods a few days ago, found a scarclty
of luraber, so put lils axe Into ono of hfs
icet to tne aad detrlment ol tue mein
Jerry Pelkcv vrhllo drawlntr loira one
day last week, by the suddcn slewing of
his sled was voilcntly thrown to qulte a
dlstanco but alllghtad ln the road he
finds no fault with tha throwlng part but
wnu aiepping so quicKiy.
Mrs. Martha, wlfe of L. II. Baker, has
been sufferlng for a long tlmo from
dropsy, and for Trhlch the operatlon of
tapplng was flrst parformedin Novcmbcr
1881, up to and Includlng December 1S82.
Sho bai undergona the operatlon 20
tlraes bv whlch 010 pounds of water
hare been obtalncd, includlng last tlmo
December, 18S2, whlch was esHmated.
The amount monthly has varlcd from
10 to 77 1-1 pounds. Durlng the nbovo
tluio sho lms knit four palrs cotton stock
inga, clghtecn palrs woolen socks, flve
palrs ot double woolcn mlttcns, and her
hu&bandsays enough edglngto reach to
Sacramtnto, Cal. But you know that
peoplo wlll 8llghtly exaggerate somo-tlmes.
JIlttSfOL. I
Tht slc;iiTug Xz- c'Stccltcnt, aud thc
luiuber anu wood inen aro busy.
Tbe old scljooi house, 'that has bucn on
Its devlous wav for two wceks nast. hns
at last renchcd Its dcstlnation on Qarflcld
E. B. Pnttcrson, who- has bcen on tho
sick 11st for a few days, Is out agaln on
tho strcet.
Surprlse nntl nnnlversnry partles are In
fasbton now.
Not much news. Bcen very qulct slnco
Chrlstmas. Stablc keepcrs appcnr to be
dolng qulte a llvaly bustncss.
The Chrlstmas fcstivitlrs all passed off
pleasantly. The ChrlRtnias trces nt the
Baptlst and Methodlst churchcs were
well loadcd with prcscnts for old and
young. Tho excrclses by tbe chlldren
wero well carrled outand nll sceinod to
bo happy.
The Bristol Manufacturlng compnny
aro gcttlng qulto a largo quantlty of logs
Into thelr yard.
No Indlcntlons of a tevlval of buslnes3
at Kocky Dalc this wintcr aro to be scen.
They, with sonie othcrs, aro waltlni; for
the rull road.
Dr. Allcn leaves for Iowa, this week,
where he intends to locatc. Tlio doctor
has made niany friends during hls short
stay among us.
F. D. Vlnton Is slowly linproving nnd
expccts to be out among hls friends agaln
The many friends of Mlss Eva Easttnan
wlll be sorry to hear that she Is seriously
111 at her bome Iu jrount Ayr, Iowa.
3frs. E. W. Kingman Is slowly Improv
ing ln healtb.
Mlss Jennle Grow stlll contlnucs In a
low state of healtb ut her rcsldenco here
In thc vlllagu.
Mrs. E. W. Oage and ber daughter
Mlnnie rcturned home from New York.
where they have made qulte an extcnded
Rev. E. L. Walkcr of Winooski, with
his famlly, spent Chrlstmas in town.
Dr. Allen and hls wlfe left liere last
week for thelr new home in Iowa. They
tool; with thetu the best wishes of all who
became acqualnted with thein.
There was a largo gatherlng of thc
friends of D. S. Parmelee and wlfe at
their residence Frlday cvening, Dec. 22.
The evcnlng was spent pleasantly, and
the worthy couple woro presentsd with
a chlua tea set and a hanglng lamp.
There were evldences Saturday, Dec.
23, that more than the usual amount of
tanglefoot was bclng dealt out here. It
is lioped tbat our authorltles wlll have
backbone sutllcient to look the mattcr
squarely in thc face, and teach tbcse law
breakers tbat the strong arm of the law
can reach thcm even ln Bristol.
Many remarkcd the exeellont slnglng
of the Baptlst cholr last Sabbath morn
Ing. They are under the lcadership of
Dr. E. M. Kcnt.
Thc week of prayer wlll be observcd
here by union scrvlccs at the Baptlst and
Methodlst churches.
M. D. Parmelee, a former resident of
Bristol, has returned from the West with
hls famlly and wlll make Clmrlotto hls
home for a white.
Thurman Ballcy and Chas. Pcttibouc
aro on the sick list.
Hemnn Wilklnson came near havlng
one of hls feet crusbcd by a horso stcp
ping on lt last Tuesday ulght.
The ice barvest is soon to commence.
Gco. Wilklnson wlll coinmenco to cut Ice
vu Monday next at Wilkliison's Port
Franklin Fcrry. Thoso who want ice
wlll do well to glre hlm a call. He is to
cut on thc same plan as hurctoforc.
Stronplli and lienlth go tOKCtlier. Oblaln tbts
happy phyalciil stnte by ualn?a botllcol Ilroirn's
Irou llUU'rs.
lt Is sclilom tlmt you wlll fecl umvell or stiffor
from luillgcstiun It you uso lirown'i Iron Bltturs.
WhiteWasii. Thla artlclc Rreatly Improvca
out bnllillngs, licns-pcns. gartlen lcnccn, etc, but
wliltewasli iloca not strcnstlicn a man'a clinrac
tcr. Swayno' l'ills nro hlglily estccmed for
l'urifyins tbo Illooil, also for Kpllepsy or Fits,
Dropsy and Uropslcal Sivelllngs, Costlrcncss or
Constipatlon of tbo UowcU, I.lvcr Complaint,
llilious and Sick lleailache, lllllous Fcvers,
Juundlco, ctc. Kocp a boxofdicin ln tho liousc
at nll tiincs. An ounco of ptcvejitlve lawortlia
pound ofcnrc.
A I'AiuouAVii on T.awn Tensis. I.awn ton.
nls is doulitli'83 thu most scnsiblu gauic ever sug
KCbtcd t'or tbe fair scx. It aObrds uvcry opportu
nlty of pliysical ilevclonmcnt, and. 11' indulged
ln reasouaulv. cinnot fall to nrova bcncllclal to
tbo liealth. As a riilc, Iiohctct, vouuk ladles
jubi leurninK iiib ganic, in uii'ir cninusiasm, ne
irlect nll tbe prli.ciplea of bcalth, and InduUe in
tbo cxerclso to cxcess. Tbls brincs on sick bcad-
acbc, billouaness, exbaustion, and gcneral
wrakneos, wlilcb can only be romoved by
Swayne's i'illt. Onc trlal is sulUcicnt toconvlnco
uio moai lacreuuious.
In tbo crowilcd eburcli tbat dreadnilly cold Sun
day, and kcpt ber new sacipio on all tbo morn
inir. Sbe went wlUi nersnlratlon and tbo aacnue
into tbe clillly itreet, and caught an nwful col.l.
Anu mey laooreu in vain to cure mai coiu untu
llicr tboucbt of 1'irrv Davls' l'aln Klller. and
scnt to tbe ilrugRlst's for a boltle. Tben came
rclicf. Suddcnly cbeckcd perepirntion briuga
buuucq cuius, cuius, uuugus. consumpuon.
A riillailclplila edltor was tbo prlme factor In
6upiirc8lns a uogus medical college, from wblcb
so-called diploinas wero poddled at 10 cacb. It
doesn't rcipjiro a pbyslclan no inattcr wbether
bclls a gcnulne ono or.the converso to recognlze
beart duoaae. Tbe evmtoms are nlaln nnii un.
mlatakable, So, too, is tbo rcmedy. A bottle of
ur, uravcs- iieari ueguiaior wiucure any caso
of beart diecase. (1, At all druggists.
A Loss I'REVENTED.-Many lose Uielr beauty
trom tbe nalr falllngor Tadlng. I'arker's ilair
liaUaui suppllcs necessary nourUbment, pre
Tcutt lalliug and grayness nnd is an exccllcnt
Uresst ng.
Death to rats, mice, roachcs and ants; l'arson'a
Exterminator. Ilarns, granarlcs and bousebolds
cleared in a slngle niglit. Mo fear of bad tmells.
llest and cbeapest veruiln killcr ln tbeworld.
Sold evcrywbere,
I'eruVian Syrup curcs dyspepsia,gencraldebll
ity. livcrcomplafnt, bolli, bumors, cluonlc diar
rbea, nervous affcctlons, female complalnts and
all dlieaiet orlglnallng lu a bad state of tbe
Ely'e Creara llalm Co., Owrgo, N. Y. Qents :
I have been a severo sufferer from Catarrli fur IS
years, havlng dlstresalng paln orcr my eyes,
gradually the dlsease worked down upon my
lunci. About a yaarand a halfacol comnicnccd
uslng your Cream llalm, witli most gratifyliig
resulu, and am to-day apparontly currtl. i?. 0.
WARMKlt, Kutlaud, Vt., Aprll 31, SS.
Ely's Crcam llalm has complotcly cured mc
of Catarrh, or whlch I have bcen aMlcted over ten
years, alter trylng almost every reinedy rccom.
inended, none havina provol so effectlve and
tborougb. H. J, AlKitN, Wholesale Dckler in
Uootsand Shoes, U3 Federal 81., Ilostou, Mass.
Apply Into nostrlU with little lingeri. I'rlce
du cenis. a
Toall who nro nifforlng from thc trrors and
Indlscrctluns of jnuth, nervous wcakuess, carly
dccay, loss of mnnhood, Ac, I wlll send a rcclpu
tbat wlll cure yon, FltEK OF CHAltGK. This
grcnt remcdy wns dlscovcrcd by a mlsslouary ln
South Anicrlca. Send n sclf nddrcssed cnvelopa
to tho Kev. JoSErn T. Inman, Statlon 1), A'oo
I'or Cily. ' 20-Iy
Watertawn Llve Stoek Marhet.
Fon tiik Week Kndino Jnn. 21, M3.
I'rlccs of Markct Hcof A rcwcholco (10.00a
10 25;cxtra, $9 00a0.&0; (lrst quallty 7.Mn8.30;
sccon.l qunllly, $V00 a 7.00; tklrd quallty 1 1.23
a 4.50.
l'riccs ofStorc Cattlo Worklng Oxcnpcrpalr,
Itom 10U to $200.
Mllch Cowb and Calvca from $20, (38 to (48;
Fnncy cows, (A0a73.
Vvarllngs, tl2.r2u; two.ycar-olds. 20u3fl; three
year olds, 2oa45.
Wcstcrn lat swlno llye, (S)i Vio a c tcr 1b.
Nnrthern drcsBCd hogs, 8 bc por lb.
l'rli-es of Shecp and I.nmbs in lots, 2.75, l.00
n 14.75 each: extra tS.OO a SC0, or rroui S a
Wjz pcr lb.; spring lambs, Sn Co pcr lb.
N. 11-Cliolco gradrs lncludo nothlng but stall
fcd 1100 to 1400 lb. bullocks. Extra and flrst
quallty lncludo tho bcst larno fat oxcn. Second
and tlilrd quallty incluile oxcn nnd two nnd tlirco
ycnr old stccrs.
H. B. Dodge
occupy this
Next Week.
Havlng soldmy farm, I now offcr my cnliro
flockforsalo; 72innumber. Also my farmlng
tool9. FRANIU.1N IlOOKKlt.
Cornwall, Dcc. 13, 1 82 . 37 4
This OfTor Is mado by tho
thc olilest nnd bcstof thcrcllgious weckllcs. Fo
slxtyycnrs, tbls iindcnoinlnational, unscclarla
and cvnngelical newspapcr has lcen clreulatin
ln the Unitcd Slntca and in nbnost every forclg
country. Its subscrlbers nrecountcd by tcns ol
thounnnua. Eacli year Us proprictors hvo ad
dcd to Its vah.c, ongacini; ficsb cditors and cor
respondents atbomo and abroad, enlarging and
multiplylng lts ilepurtmcnts, ane endFavoriiig'to
reallze their bigh ldcal of the llest ltcllgious
nnil Secular Famlly Newepaper. They offer,
thla year, to cvery subscriber new or old, whose
subscriptlon Is pald for 1SSI, tho new book of
Itev. S. IrcnaiUB I'rlnio, U. 1)., entltlcd "I'raycr
and its Answor." n handsome volume of ucarly
20Opagcs, bound in clbth, thu rctall price of
wiiicn is ono uouar. pccimen copius oi inopa
per ecnt frec.
3 Now York.
tlme aud than bie tbeni r;turn Mn. Iiujan riJt.
cl cure. I Ur md th OU.a.u of FITS, LPILXPSr
or FALUNaslCKHEsallfolonjitudr. Iwfrreotmi
reradT to car th wormt c. Bcn othari btt
hllad ! no reaaon for doi now reral'lnc acore. Sana M
onea for a traatlta and a Kraa Boula ef roj UfaUlbla
ramadr. Ulie Eipreia and 1'oat umca. 11 COIU JOU
u.llilux for a trlal, and I wlll cure Jou.
Addren Ir. U. U. JtOOT, III Paarl Bt, Uew York.
rvTJ f "VTCJ .ertainly bcst hi
I. itLlX-fJ2N i3 lne been so dccreed
every Ureitt World's Industrlal Couipetlou
for blxtecn Years; no other Amcrlcan organs
havlng bcun lound equal nt any. Also cheap
OSt. Stylo 10j; 3 1-4 octaves; BUfflclcnt compass
and power, wllh bcst quallty, for popular aacred
and secular muslc in schools or famllles, at only
S22. Ono hundrod other stylos at
tM, 57, ItiO, "2, J78, tlti, 103, 114 to fiuo and
up. Tbe larger atylea aro wbolly unrivallcd by
any other organs. Also for easy payments. New
llluttrated catalogue Iree.
Tho MASON &. HAMLIN Organ and
Piano Co.. 14 Treuiout btreet, ilostou; 40
Kaat 14th strcet, (iTuion SquaroJN'ew Yerk; 149
Wabasb Avenuc. Chicago
nie thoasanda ofcaaaaof tbe worit klnd and of lonr
atandlntrhaTe been cured. Indeed, eo atronr la mr falta
In Itl tmcacr, Ihat I wlll aend TWO BOTTLKS KKEK,
liKlher wllh a VALCABLE THEAT1SK on thla dlleaw,
to anv lufferer. (llve Kipreat and f. U. addresi.
UK. T. A. SLOCUM, III IMariat., New Tork.
AD V E R T 1 8 E R S end for onr Sclect List o
l.ocal ncuBpapers. Clco. Itowell & Co., 10
Spruce St., N. Y.
In what way a Preratent Evll may be Slioru
of Ita l'ower to Ilnrni.
Matarla Is a broad namo for many dltcases
a II origlnatlng In blood polionli.g. IUllloua fc
ver, tho lyphus and typhoid fevers and chlll and
fcvcr are prominrnt rocmbcrs o: the famlly.
Malarla tlrllcsallko the buildors, tlio plumbcr
and tho phyaiclans. Dcspalring of onllnary
treatnient, lne lattcr almost unanimously rcc
ommend llenson'a Capcine porous Ttaster as the
greatest antl malaria specitlcuf tbeaie. These
Idasters act upou the llvcr, tpleen, bovrels and
Worn over the rrgton oftbo llver, and upon the
back ovet tha kidueys, they ward off nialarla Uke
an n rraor. No other plaate ra do this.
Wben you purcbase saUsfy yourself that tbe
word Capcine is cut ln the centcr ol tho pl&iter.
Seabury A Johnson, Cbomlsta, New York,
HlnUcst awards nt InternaUonal KxpotlUons.
1 would hcrsby nttlfj the publlc that I hnv
oponeJ n FurnllurcSloro In
where I shall kcep a full and
whlch wlll be sold m low as.any dealcr in Addi
son county.
It Will Pay You
to call and cxamlno my stockbofore purchaBlng
A flnoand entlrclf new stock of
And Holooia,
kcpt constantly on hand. Tbe use of an
furnlebcd Free of diargc.
Middlebury, Dccomber, 1,1832,
J. E. Negus,
A Large Stock ,1
And Guarantees to all Customers
No (heap Miztures,
The National Bank
The annual niceting of tho stockholdora of tho
National Iluik of vergennna, wlllbo held at tbclr
banKtng house 111 vergennes, on Tueauay, jan
uary 1), 1M3, at 10 o'clock p. m., for the electlon
ol'dlrectors for tbe year cnsulng.
ANDltKW 11099, Cashlor.
Vergennes, Vl Dcc. 8, 1S82.
Cnmo Into tho cnclosure of tho Eubscrlber,
about Nov. 15, two horso colts, one two ycara
old, theother thrco, botn dark brown ln color,
onu wllh a wblto slar ln forehcad and a white
hlnd foot. Theowner Is rcqiieated to prove pro
perty, pay chargfs, nnd tako them awav .
Middlebury, Dcc. 12,1832 . 3w
CatarrH m m BALM
Effectuallr cieanscs
tbo nasal passagesof
uatarrnat virus, rau.
slnic heallhy secre
tlona. allaya Inflain.
matlon, protccta the
mcmbrane from nd
dltlonal colds, com.
pletcly heals the
sores and reitorea
the scnse of taste and
amell. lieneflclal re
eulta are rcalizod by
a few applications.
A thorough treat
nient will cure Ca
tarrli, llay Fcvcr,
An.. ITnpnnnlpd for
UAYmFEVElD colds ln the hcad
II" ' rs-KrC Agrceablo to use
Apply by tho little nntrer Into the nostrlls. Wlll
dellver by mail, 60c. a package postage stamps,
Sold by wholesale and retail drugglsts.
ELY'S CltEAM UALM CO.. Owcgo, N. Y.
TORY. A book glvlng a completo deicrlption of their
cltles and towns, lands, railroadi, forests and
rlvcrs. Of thelr Manufacturlng, Mercantlle,
M inlng, Fruit and Stock ltaislng lutercits. Cost
ofcomlng and llylng horc. Jiullng prlccs ot
lands anu lots, llve stock and artlclea of dally
use. The appendlx and map are well wonh the
prlce. Sin tpoat paid to an addresa for (1.00.'
Addreii Iloward A Co., I'orlland, Oregon,
PAYNE'S 10 Horaa SprkArrstlitK
ForUble Engtna tuu cut 10,000 ft. of Mlcbjgan
llne Iloard ln 10 houri, burnlng sUba from tha
aaw in elght foot linguta.
Our 10 Hortt jr Ouanuitet to farnlah power
to n 8,000 feet of Bemlock boards ln 10 hours.
Our 15 Uoru will cut 10,000 fttt la iibi tlmt.
Our EnglnM are ouiaumiD
to furnlib a horts-powir on
H leas fuel and wtter than
any other Englne not fltteJ
with an Automstlo Cut - Off.
If you want a SUUonary or
l'ortablo Engtna, Doller. Clr
euUr Bw M1U. Bbafting or
PuUlea. elther cut or Usddtrt'a
ratent Wrought Iron PuUey,
end for our lU)t(tted OaU
logue, " ' for lnformsUov and prlcea.
W, PAINE & 6QNS. Cvraisg. ox....
Thti tlllilcrsiuhL'd. luiviiiir Iiiti, Mitimltitnil li iIia
Iloii.l'robato Court for the dlBtrlut of Addison,
commlssloncrs. tn rer.i!lvn. ptRtnlnn. imi aii.
Jnst nll clalms anddcmands ofall pcrsons agalnst
uiu cDutiu ui i.urn uuwuisn, late or neyunuge
ln.flt.. dls,rlct' dcccased, and all clalms
cxhibltcd In offact there to, hcroby glve notlco that
nu wui mcei ior tno purpoBea aioresaid, at tno
lato rcaldcnco of the deceascd, ln Weybridge, on
tho 15th dnv of Jnnunrv ml tlm nth Mn
of May next, from ono o'clock p. M.,
untu tour o ciock r. M., each of aaid days,
and that nlx montha from thn cth ,iav m
Dcc. A. D. 1882, is the tlmo llmlted by said
court for said creditors to preaent Uielr clalrua
iu us ior cxamination anu auowance.
Dated at Woybrldge, this 12tli day of Noy.
J. F. COTTON, (,.
Addison Dlatrlct, as.
In Prolmtn nnnvt liililjtn .. . ail.l.i1..t...-M ....
21st day of December, A. D. lbS2.
M.I.IP 1 tl- .. n.l .... . .
j m Aiau, auiuuiiBirairix oi tne estaio
nr K Anilraw l...t lo.n . i.i.,.iii i..
dlstrict, deceascd, makes appllcatloni' to aald
conrt ior liccnao to aell all of tho real eatate of
naiii utci:ui rcpresenung uiat said sale la
npCPflHnrv fnr flin ,mvmn,. r (. .tnl... ..r i.
: j i - - j .- v . ... .uu iiguii vi bhiu
ileccased, and lor tlie into icst or all conccrned
aml nll ft.a K.Ih 1 1 .. I . . I . : . i
.... mu.io juiu iu Daiu peiiuon.
Whcrcupon, it is ordcrcd by said court that
saiu apnlication come under conaldcratlon and
1A hpnril n. llm filh iln. nf r . . .. . r . ,aan .
thn llrnlinlA nfl1.n In l.(l,lillnl.... ir. -1-1 ' l
, luiuuib.ui;, a. iw
a. m.; andlt 1b furthcr ordered that all peraona
lnterestcd bo notllled hereof, by publlcatlon of
notice of tbls application and order tbereon,
three wccka successively ln tho Middlebury
Hprrlatn. n nAw.nnnA. h.l.in.l . i....i.i '
. ..v, ii eiiuuli piniMju ni oiiuuieuury. ue
Tore said tlme of Lcarlng, that they may appcar at
SAlll I inin nnil nl.p. .n.l 1 r 1 1. . .. .. . i i .
thercto. is
LYMAN E. KNArP, Judgo.
OAddlson Dlstrict, aa. Probate Court.
.. V? 11 "rnembcred that I, Luclus It. Nourao of
Bridport, ln the county ol Addison, wlll be here
after known as Romalne L. Ilemenway.
, S1.1""8 whereof I hcreunto set my hand an t
eeal this 0th day ol December, A. D 18S2.
. . ... ,D.l,.tr,ct of Addison, as.
At Middlebury ln ssld Dlstrict thla 0th day ot
December, A. D. 1882, pcrsonally appealed
Luclus K. Noarse and acknowledged the foreiro.
lng insirument by hlm aealed.and subscrlbed to
b lns rree act and deed,
Before mo, JOHN C. 8TAFLETON. Ilcglster,
A true copy Attcst,
Addison Dlstrict. J Pro' ato Court.
Be it rcmembered that I, Mlnnlo A. Nourse. of
Bridport, in the county of Addison will be hero
alter known as Mlnnie A. Homenway.
ln witness whereot I hereunto eet my band and
seal tbisOih day ofDecembor. A. D. Ts82
Addison Dlstrict, as.
At Middlebury, thla Cth day of December, A.
D. 1882, personally appcarcd Mlnnie A.Nourae.
and acknuwledgcd tho foregoing instrument by
her Bcalcd and subscrlbed to be her freo act and
Ilerore me, JOHN C. STAPLETON, Register.
A truo copy Attcst, 6
. Tf "'"Jeralgncd, huvlng bcen appolntcd
by tho Hon. Probate Court, f r the dlstrict ofAd.
utson, commlssloncrs, to rccelve, examlne and
adjust all clalms and dcmands of all persons
agalnat tbe estato ol Jonathan Wlllls, lato ot
Middlebury, ln said dlstrict, dcceased and all
clalms exbibitcd ln offet thercto, hereby givo
notice that wo wlll mtet for the purpoaos alorc.
aaid, at tho residenco or Chancey L. Brancb.
on the 17th day of January and 13th day of
Juno next, from 0 o'clock, a. m., until 1p.m.,
each of said days, and that slx montha from
tho 21st day of December, A. D. 188i la tho
tlme llmlted by aald court for said creditors to,
present thelr clalms to ua for examlnation and
Dated at Middlebury, thla 26th day of December
A. D. 1882. S
C, I.. 11RANCII. ,
Addison Dlstrict, aa.
In Probate Court, holden at Ml 'dlebury, on the
2Cth day ofDeccinber, A. D, 1882.
N. S. Bcnnctt, cxecutor ot tlio wlll of Danlel
llowe.latnof Uridpori, In said dlstrict, dcceased.
makes application to said Court for licenso to scll
all orthe real cstatcof said dcceased, rcprcsent
lng ihat aald aale la necessary for the payment of
tbe legaclcs ot said dcceased.
Wheruipon, lt Is ordered by said Court that
said application como under conslderatlon and
be hcard on the 22d day of January, A. D. 1SSI,
at 10 o'clock a. m.,at tbe Probate Offlce ln Mid
dlebury; and, It la further ordered. that all per
sons lnierested bo notlned hereof, by publlcatlon
of notice of this application and order tbereon,
three wccks successively ln tho Middlebury Iteg
ister, printed at Middlebury, before said time of
hcaring, that they may appcar nt said tima and
place, and, if they sce caunc, object tbereto.
lly tlio court Attcst.
Commissioners' Notice.
The underslgned havlng been appolntcd by the
Hon. Probate Court for tbe dlstrict of Addison
commlssloncrs, to recelve, examlne, and adjuitall
clalms and demandi of all pcrsons agalnst tbe e.
tate ol Morris Uravei, late of Salisbury, In said
dlstrict, deccased, and all clalms exhibltt-d In off.
set thercto, hereby glve notice that we will mect
for the purposes aforesald, at tbe late dwellliiR
house ol said deceascd, lu Sallsburv, on tbe lOth
day of February aud 10th day of May, 1883, from
ten o'clock, a. m. untll four o'elock, p. m., on each
of aald days, and that slx inonths from the 14th
day of November, A 1) 188'-', is the time llmlted by
said court for said creditors to prt-scnt thelr clalms
to u for examlnation and allowanco.
Dated at Salisbury, tbls 20th day of December,
A 1 1882.
D. E, UIBSON, tomrs.
NluHllsaillKVlt'S NOICE.
I) The underslgned, havlng been nppointed by
ii.i.tiAii I'rnimi' Court lor the Dlstrict ot Addison.
commlssloncrs, to reccive, examlne nnd ndjust
all clalms and dcmands ofall pcrsons agalnst the
ratate of Lewis Treadway, lato of Shoreham,
in aald dlstrict, dcceased, and all clalms cxhlblted
ln offsct thcreto, hereby glvo notlco that we wlll
meet for thc purposes arorsald.at tbe late residenco
of thc deceascd ln Shoreham, on the 3d day ot Feb
ruary and 13th day of June, next, from 9 o'clock
a. m. untll 4 o'clock p. m., each ot said daya, and
that aix monlha from the 13tli day of December
a f la iiip tims liniltcdbv said court foraatd
creditors to present thelr clalms to usforoxamina.
tlon and auowance.
Dated at Bhorenam, una m uay v , .
E. 11AU1USON WOOSTEK uora r"'
Addison Dlstrict. aa.
In Probate Court. holden at MiiMtpliiirv nn tha
ou uay ui uauuarr, a i'. 1000.
Thurman Brookln i, admlnlstrator of the estato
of HannahD. Chatterton, latenf Whiting, ln
saiu uistrict, uvccaseu, maxca application
to aaid court for llccnse to sell all of
tlio real estato of said deceascd, repreaenting that
aaid aale ia necessary for tbo payment of tbe debu
ot aald deceaaed.and f rthe Intereat of all con.
cerned and in thla petltlon all the belra residing
In akla atate loln.
Whcreupon.ltla ordered by aald court tbat aald
application como under conslderatlon and be
heardon tbe 29th day or Jan, A.D. 18s3,at 10 o'clock
a.m., at the probate ofllce ln Middlebury ; and lt la
furthcr ordered, that all pcrsons lnteresled be no
tlned hereof, by publlcatlon of notlco ot thlsapplt-
pHtlnn and nnlpr thprmn. thrpA wppka anrpaa.
IJVIJ III .IIW M..UI.1WUH.J l.l.lll, lllV1l M . ... IU'
dlebury. before said tlmo of hearing, that they
may appcar at aald tlm aud place, and, lt they
ace cause, oujeci uiereio,
liy tho court Attcst.
1 LYMAN E. KNAPP, Judge.
We wlll pay the above rcwanl fbr
any case of I.lver Complaint, Dyspepsla, Sirk
lleadache, Indigestion, Constipatlon or Costlvr
ncsa we cannot cure with West'a Vegetable Llver
I'illi, wben tbe dlrections are strictly cotnpllad
wltli. 'Ihey aro purtly Vegetable, and neTtr
lall to glve satlsfactlon, 8ugar Coated. Large
boxes, contalnlng 80 Pilla, 25 cents. Forsaloby
all Druggists. lleware ofcounterfelU aud imlta-
ilnn. Thn vpnulnp. manulacturea onlv t)V
TIll IIT n IITHUTI a nj .Y-I.a Hlll II Va.. M in k
COO ll JUAUieuu O k. , vmunKU, rmu .n l,"li(
by tuallprepald ouiecelptofa Jceatslamp.

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