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The Middlebury register and Addison County journal. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1883-1885, April 20, 1883, Image 3

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town ngents, or by llconsing tho dram
shop and other attompts to elovate it.
Shall tho alogu bo ralscd nntl tho
cncmy he luft in undlspnted posscs
Blon? Theri the rutn oontlnttcs to g.i
iorward in acceleratlng volnino nnd
AVo are in a ttmo of plonty; self-in-ilulgenco
is c.isy; tho trallle is bteked
ly i'abiilous wealth and tinstTiipuloits
talent. Liquors aro ivjisoned with
drugs doadller ovon than alcohol.
Our iinmnnso cnilgration is in bad
training and praeticc upon this sub
jcct. Our freo ballot is largely in
ignorant hands, and it is not too iiitieh
to say tliat tiio hopcs of tho world
ccntcr in this wcstering civilization.
ive yi-ld, nll in lost. JJut wo need
not yield. Let tho dnunmond liglit of
intelligcnco and conseienco bo turned
upon tliis strmighold of tho enerny;
shield appetite f rom this ingenlous and
.successful temptation froni without,
and tho field is won. This is dono
whcn imporativo law lays its liand
upon avarice, saying with irresistibk'
autliority, but renl kinilness, " Vou
sliall no longer fatten by wholesale dc
struction." Business pursuitn aro ahvays a part
of tiic social machincry of whieh tlio
land is bound to take eognizancc.
This it does by regulating or prohibit
ing auy that ftnperil tho jeneral wel
farc. Ilegulation, wlien the evils ad
mit of romcdy; proliibltion, when
those ovils are ineorrigiule. " To con
sider tcmpcranco as no other than a
moral iiuestion, is oxtreme blind
noss or oxtroino dislionesty. It
is a matter that involves
every interest of political ccononiy.
Thero is not an interest tho legislator
or executive li.is eoininittel to liis caro
tliat docs not iinditsclf associated with
it in evory dopartment of Stato lifo or
.action." Pittsbunj Christlun Adco
catc.) Portunately in our Stato tho law
has spoken, rightly interpreting tho
people's conscienco and reason. It lias
recently atnended its demands so that
effectiveness might easily eomc i'roin
it, as wo liave recently seen in an
adjoining county. Why is it not
ellicient here? You, perhaps, know
better than I. Take, I pray you, this
ono conviction to your hearts' depths,
until it is mado ellicient, ruin of all
that you hold precious will go on in
creasingly. Teachers, parents, pastors
and philantliropists may do sometliing,
but their best and coinbined labors aro
not a match fortlie unrestraincd dram
shop. Law helps tlicso friends of
humanity a they work against other
criines, tlieft, burglary and niurder.
AVith its help they are not wholly suc
cpssful ; without it their failure would
beovcrwlielining. In like manner they
must havo the help of law in this
terrible conflict or fail. Wften that
help sliall come, it is l'or vou and sueli
as you, to say. Law of any kind
does not enforce itself. Tlio tiino
is coming whcn ollicers crcated by
law, and by solcmn oath beforo God
its servants, sliall execute aHtssacred
conunands tililce, wliere they will
neithcr dare nor wish, witli infitiitu
aud.icity and wickedness, to overrida
the people's sovereign will upon tlio
plea of local apatliy. It will not do to
justify such criininality and real trea
son by quoting similar criinnality in
Moriiiondoin. Sucli defense is whole
sale confession.
Tliere should bononeed of "citizens'
leagues." Their agitr.tion, however
justiliable, is neccssarily intennittent
and at wido intervals, at least in our
busy country towns. It allows the
eneiny to raiso a spccious dust by eoun
ter cliarges of malice, persecution,
public disturbancc, etc., etc. It is easy
l'or busy and quiet people to forget
tliat tiie face of law toward transgres
sors must bo stern, and they often
stop short of thorough discovery of tlio
real foes to peace, justice and rights
botli mblic and private. It is not
equitablc that tlio few should incur
tho odium and expense of protoeting
the whole. This may bo necossary. at
certain tiines, as tho only available ex
pedient, b.it such is tho case only
wnen uiere is senous wrong in other
It may bo tliat in somo places tlio
servants ot uic law need somo organ
lzed assistance. Tliat being tlio
case, let tho town as
body makeall necessaryprovision. This
is in uie nm ot selt-interest, as wellas
muiinniiy anu miiy. xne town sup-
pons scnoois ai vast cost; tlio drain
shop bars entranco to tliein: tho town
comforts the weakj lielplessness of ttio
poor; ine (iram-siiop nianiitacturej pau
pers; tho town invites canital within
her borders ; tlio dram-shop rots it
irom signt; the town losters quiet and
happiness; the dram-shoi) sows broad-
cast disord-r and woe; in short, thero
is not an interest precious to L'ood citi
zens upon which this breathing holo
or tno pit U023 not wago relentless
ISu whatcver tho modo or lengtli of
confliet, can thero bo anv doubt about
thennal result? Tlio groat question
for us individually is tliis. Sliall our
lives, tliouglits, speecli, votes and pray-
vm iuuiier or juwen mo victory
SUIti: TO t'OMK?
" Lo ! n cloud's nhout to vnnisli
From tlioilny,
ml n brazcu wront; to crumblo
Into clny.
Lo! the rit'ht'a ubout to comiucr,
Clcar the wny !
AVuii thiit riht hIirII inrny moro
Entcr Binilinnut tho door;
"With thouiimt wronKslinll fnll
Many others, Kreat and Rinnll,
That for nges lonc havo hcU ua
For their liroy.
Men of thouuht and mcn of action,
Cleartlio way !"
C. II. Jolmson telts tlio Fruit Growrr
that by going carefully over liis
grounus severai t,inios eacli season and
Imrning all plants showing raspberry
rust ho has succeeded to such an ex
tent tliat not moro than half a dozen
cases of the diseaso appeared last year
in tliewholo of his tlireo acres dovoted
to this fruit, wlilloanother at somedis
tance " lost almost his entiro stock
without knowing tlio cause."
Eactoni and Middlo States.
.Tay Goulu's yacht, which co't n quartor
of n million ilollars nnd in whlch tho wol!
linowni fnmncicr is nhont niakins n tour of
tho vrotl.l.wns launchcd oa tho Schuylkill,
nt l'liiladclphia, in tho prcscnco of ti largo
pnrfy of invitod nacsls nud thousnnda of
Aiiout 10,000 porsons, mnny of tliom work
ingmon nud womcn, viowod tho remains of
l'ctor Coopor in churcli on tlio dny of tho
funcral of tho Rrcat philanthropist. Tlio
mayor nnd nh tho New Yoik mnnicipal do
pnrtments, with hnndrcds of prominont citi
zcn, altondod tho obscrjniep, nnd Broadwny,
along which tho lon funornl corlogo pnssod,
wns pnckcd with pooplo. Tho bo d y wns con
vcyed to Greeuw ood cemotory, Brooklyn.
Qeohoe 1'ai.en Co., New York wholesnlo
loalhor dcalcrs, havo fniled for nbout fiO,
CXK). 1'nrsiDENT Amnim has oxiressol liis ifi
lontionof tnkingp rt in tho Docorntion dny
ccromonios in Now York,
Wiluhton, KNioitT it Co., Now York
wholesnlo dealera in buttoin, o.ving to tho
defalcntion of II. Willipton Knight, laloly n
junior partnor, to tho oxtontof nbout $100,
COO, lmo bcvu compcllcd to suspend. Ilenry
II. nnd Washington Tobin5, t.vo of tho heirs
of t!io lnto Alfrcd Tobias, of Now York, of
whoso estato thoy wcro trusteo, hnvo nlro
eml)OW.lod from tl o estnto to tho oxtiiit of
nbout f O.OOJ.
At n srocinl mccting of tho Stato commit
tco of tho Nntional Grconbnck-Ixbor partyi
in Albany, N. Y., nbout thirty reprcsentn
tives ntlcnded. An nddrcss to tho pooplo of
tlio Stito was issucd and n Stnto conveution,
lo be hold nt Rochester, Soptomber 4, was
decided upon.
A rivE-sToaT brick storo in Rochester, N.
Y., fell with n crash enrly in tho morning,
just n? fiftoon workmcn had commencod
their day's nvocation ntromodeling it. Thoy
wero nll, with tho oxception of two, carried
down with or buried in tho ruins. Two of
tho workmcn woro inslnntly killcd, n third
fnlnlly injured, nnd soveu others hurt moro
or lossseriously.
E. CiiAiinEBLAra, nn employo nt tho Brod
rick colliory, noar Wikoabarro, Penn., fell
into tho brcaker nnd wns grouud tj pieces.
One of tho buildings of tho Amorican
I'owdcr company nt Acton, SIass.,oxplodeU
tho othor morning, killing two mcn.
A iiili. nboliihing tho contrnct Bystom
in prisons nnd reformntory instilutions has
bocn passcd by tho l'ennsylvania houso of
Tnr. Bheriff of Lawrencc, Mass., ha,5 taken
poo.sicn of nll tho proporty ownod by the
Augustiuian Bociety, which recently failed
for n largo amount.
It hns boen discovcrcd that W. B. Carroll,
oncon clerk in tho New Y'ork comiitrollor's
odice, bntnow dead, had robbed tho city of
about $100,000 by gctting intcroet coupons
on city bonds cashcd two or thrco timcs
Gi:onaE TniNKEits committcd suicido in
Germantown, I'enu., nfter thrco days of
marriod life.
l'ETEn Coopeu loft $2,000,000, of which
SICO.OOO goes to the Cooper Union, $LM0,O0O
to rclntivc., friends nnd Fcrvnnts, nnd th0
rot to hisfoit nnd dnughter.
Ai.ii the extensivo buildings of tho Knicker-
bockor lco company nt North Boothbny, Mo.,
wcro bumed, nnd CO.000 tous of ico wero
A iiilii prohibiting tho porformnnce of tho
rassion p!ny pnssed tho New York fonnto.
A luwjuirr wns given nt l'hiladolphin to
Congtessman William D. Kelley on tho oc-ca-ion
of his sixty-ninth birthday.
A n-i:ciAi. engino rnn into n pns?enger
trnin at Bouud Hrook, N. J., nnd wrecked
onoof tho cars, fillod with pooplo. Fourteon
per'ons wero injured.
Ti'i: New York mcdical professiou gavo n
dinner to Dr. Olivcr Wendell Holmos. About
1!'.'.") pei-sons woro prcsent, nnd responsos to
toasls wero mado by William M. Kvnrts,
Gcorgo William Curtis nud others. Doctor
Ilolmcs icnd n huinorous poom.
M.uon Kli.im V. l'nirrs, ox-snparintcndcnt
of tho l'liilndelphin nlmshouse, n defaulter
for n largo sum nt.d a fugitivo from justice,
wi s brought back to tho Qunker City from
Ilamilton, Onfnrlc, by oiliccrs of tho law.
Geneuai, 1)iaz, ox-presidcnt of Mexico,
was given n farcwcll dinner in New York.
Among tho ppeakers of the evening being
fienernlGrant, Senator. Morgan, ot Alab.nnn,
Mr. Loring, Unilcd States cjuimi.-siouer of
ngricalture, nnd others.
Ara dinner given by tho.Ieffer?onian clul
of Newark, N. .1., to commcmornto Thonuih
Jeilcrson's birthday, nddrespesweie deliveicd
by Ilon. Hnmuel J. Randnll, ex-peuatcr W.
W. Eaton, of Connecticut, cx-Governor Cur
tin, of I'cnnsylvania, Ilon. S. S. Cox nud
other promineut Bemo:rat3.
Sutv-nine oviclod lrish fnrmors nrrive I
in l'hiladelphia on un occnn Btenmship.
Mnny ovicted lrish fnmilies nl'so nrrived in
A Uuoadwat (Now York city) firo do
htrojoJtho building OL-cupiod by the Brad
strect Commorcial agoncy nnd other
ilmis doiug damage to tho extcnt of nearly
I'kincbss I.oiiite was mct at Bastonbyhor
huhbnnd, Lord I.orne, govcrner-general of
C.'annda, on her return from Uermuda.
Oi.net Boiioess, of Foster, It. I., white
mnkingn social cnll upon Daniel nnd Ilenry
Uurliugamo, nt Killingly, Conn., suddenly
drew n revolvor nnd shot Uauiel, flightly
injuring him. In n ctrugjle for po.ssossion
of tliepistol Ilenry wasdaugerously woundod,
u ball eutering his nostril. Bmgess retumcd
to Ithodo Island, whero ho was arrested, but
died in jail from poisou self-adiniuistcred.
South and West.
A rnianTrui. disaster is roportod from
(irecnville, county poat of Himt county,
Texas. Shortly after midnight tho sidowall
of tho Endo hotel fell in, and immediately
thcreafter tho buildiug cniiglit fire. When
tho hotel fell tho shrioks nnd cries from tho
inmntes who wero crushed in tho ruins woro
nppalling, but tlio firo spread rapidly, and
boou nll cries woro liushod, tho flamcshnving
dono their doadly work. Thirteon porsons
wero crushed or liurned to dcnth nnd four
teon moro wcre injured, some fntally. One
man cut his thront whon ho found tho llnmos
consuming him. A nnmbor of businoss
lioUFOSwero nlso destroyed by the tlnmoi.
Tho fnlling in of tho wnll is thought to hnve
bcen cnused by nn oxplosiou inau adjoining
hnrdwaro store.
Tiie MlRjlssippl rivor roso lo nn oxtrnor
dlnnry hoight nt Now Orlenns, nnd flnnd
bngs woro uscd to provent tho wntor from
flowing intollm city.
Wniat tho body of n mnn buritd two
yfiars ngo nt Bodford, Ind., wns dlslnlerred
tho other dny for lomovnl to nnothor giavo
jard, itwns found to bo rnpidly potr.fying
iaid nlrendy wcighod 7O0 pounds.
I'ncsiDENT Aimiun hns becn vir,iling tho
orange grovos of Florldn and onjoying camp
lifo therc.
A coNSTnuoTiON train struck n horfO noar
Benver, Toxap, nnd was wrecked. Conduclor
13,-erott nnd fonr trnin hnnds wcro killcd.
A numucANE has dono gtoat dainago to
propcrty and cnused some losscf lifo beyond
tho Ounchitn rivor, in Arknnsas. Jolm
Nonsch and wifo woro killcd by fallon tim.
bor, nnd nnothcr mnn was crushed to death
by hisfalliughousc. Many houses, with much
other property, wcro dostroycd.
A DESTnucTiVE prairip flro has bcen rag.
ing in tho vicinity of Lincoln, Ncb. Mrs.
Dalton, n fnrmer's wifo, was Buffocnlod while
fighting tho firo. Many other nccidcnts nre
reported. Barns, houses, granarics nnd
haystacks wero lickod up by tho flnmcs. It
is estimalod that flfty siiuaro miles of torri
tory havo beon burned over.
Henkt W. CoLBunN nnd Bcrnnrd Ashley(
kcepors of n fog signal nt l'oint New Ycar,
Cnl., nttemptod to row nshoro in n pkiff with
two friends, Clnyton A. nnd Frnuk l'ratt. Tho
boat cnpsized nnd nll wero drowned. Tho
wivcs of tho kcepcrs woro cye-witnesses of tho
Two mcn wcro burned to dcnth nnd ninc
tcon buildings, including nLut'iernn churcli,
destroyed by n firo in Westminster, Md.
Tlio fire resultcd from n Cght over n gnmo of
cards betweon four negroes in n stnble.
During tho Cght n lnntcru wns knocked over
nnd brokcn, tho light setting firo to tho hay.
AU four wero nrrcstod.
A CAvn-iv nt tho Itcd Itidgo mmo nenr
(Juinncsee, Mich., carried down tho ongino
liouso and buried eight mcn 100 fcot, Ono
man was tnkou out fatally injured.
Stii.wei.1, U. Russixl, lato Unitod Stntos
marshnl for tho weatoni diBtrict of Texns,
hns bcen sentenced to two ycar's impiison
ment for dofrauding tho govcrnmcnt of
nearly $.W,000.
Aiteii numerous ballots for tho nomina
tion of n 6uccessor to Govemor Stephens,
the Georgin Domocratic stato convention nt
Atlantn found itself unablo to ngrce, tho
votes being about equally divided betwecn
tlio two promincnt cindidates, Messrs.
Bacon nnd Boynton. A committeo of
eightoen wns then nppointed, and it rccom
meuded tho nomination of Ilenry D. M. C.
Danich, who was thoreuron nominated by
acclamatiou. Tho Republican Stato com
mitteo decided not to namoa candidato.
Sittjnq Bull, tho renownod Indinn chief,
hns becomo n Cntholic.
A ovclone passedoverMiinn, Ohio, killing
two mcn nud badly damagiug buildings nud
William M. Ciiockett, iu jail at Wythe
ville, Vn., for murder, was tnkon out by n
crowd nnd hnuged to the beam of an old inill
nenr by.
Tiie steamer Wylley, whilo on n trip from
Columbus, Ga., to Eufauln, Aln., Btruck a
bridgo pierin tho Chnttahoochio rivcr nnd
went to pieces, loaving the pnssonger.? nud
crow struggliug iu tho water. Twelve per
(Ouh, ten of thom colored, lost their lhes.
Cairo, 11)., hasliccn Bhnken up by n hcnvj
earthquako shock.
1 T i ' -
Scnnior Lymnn Tiumbull nnd other promi
nent Dtmocrnts ppoke nt tho dinner given
by tho Iroquois club, of Chicago, in hono
of Thomas Jeflerson's birthday.
CiiAiu-rs Smiui, a well-to-do farmcr living
near tnrlville. Iowa, went to tho bnrn nnd
killcd his two sous, aged nino nnd thirtecn
jcnrs, with nn nx; leturmng to tho hoiifo ho
killed hi wifo with tho mmo weapon, nnd
then nttempted to murder his two daugh.
tcrs, but tl.oy (scaped to n neighbor's hoiife,
omiwi men Kiiieu nimseii. ro motivo is
ns.signcd for tho innn's terrible work.
At Lako City, Col., tho Jury in tho caso cf
Alfrcd G. 1'acker, chnrged with mindering
livo compnnioiiR in 1872, roturncd n verdict
of guilty. l'nckerwns ono of six composing
a mining party, and ho murderod all liis
compauions nud subsistod on their tlosh.
James E. Roiunson' wa hnnged nt Cnr-
rollton, Mis., for tho murdor of W. H
Adair, with w liaiu he had iiuarreled : and on
tho s-ime day Itobert Mnsey Bufforcd a Hni
ilar punishmcnt at Fort Smith, Ark., for
murdoring Edwin 1'. Clark, tho motivo in
this cn;o Lciug robtory.
Tiiavel in the Black Ilills hns been gen
eially impodedby n henvy snow Btorm.
A roLoiiED mnn imprioned nenr Windsor
N. C, for an nttempted nssnult on n yonng
white girl wns taken out of jail by n crowd
nnd hnngod to n trce.
Sixtefn buildings, including two news-
jmper oflicos, wero destroyed by firo nt
Criffield, Md., causing nu estiiuntcd totnl
os of $100,000.
Uio trees pnnpping off HUo pipe-stoms(
houses blown nwny, Bevoml clmrches de-
stioycd, nndnnumberof pcoplo killed nnd
others injured, sum up tho record of a tor-
n-ido in Arknnsas. Ilailstonos fell ns largo
as hens' fgss.
TmtEK boarde'rs in the Atlantio hotel nt
Albin, Iowa, lost their lives in the ilauios
which destroyed thnt buildiug.
From Washington.
The Unitcd Stntes consul nt l'nnnma lins
cmployed legal assistance in behalf of Eoven
Amoricnns who nro undor nrrost thero on
Buspicion of linving been engaged in the
robbory from tho Pnnanm rnilroad of $E0,
000 pcnt to pay tho ollicers nnd men of tho
Unitcd Stntos sto.unship Lacknwanua. The
matter has receivcd tho closo nttcutiou of
the stnto departmeut.
A OKNiatAi, ordor lins bcon is6ued from the
postotlice departmeut to the followiu
effect: "Postid cards nnd prepaid lotters
nretoboforwnrdedif requestoJ. l'rcpnidlet
tors Bhall bo forwnrded from one postoflico to
nnother nt tho requost of the person nd
dressod without ndditional chargo for post
ago. All lotters upon which ono full rnto of
postago has boon p-opnid, nnd nll postnl
oirds Bhall bo forwnrded from the ofllco to
which thoy nro nddrossed to nny other oflice
nt tho requost of tlio person nddrossed or of
tho porson whoso card may bo upon the en
vclopo or whose namo mny ba signed to tho
postnl card, without ndditional chnrge of
postnge. Such forwnrding mu3t bo con.
tiuued autil tho pereou nddresf od is rcnched.
1'osTMASTEn-GENEnAi. Gbesham hns nr
rivod in Washington.
Tim doparlmont of ngriculluro roports
that tho prospocts of tho wintor whont crop
nro nbout twouty por ccnt. below n first-rato
A MEMORtAT. lias bcen sont to tho I'residonl
of tho Unilcd States by tho prcsidont nnd
hoard of diroclors of tho contrnl committeo
on untionnl labor lojislation, politioning for
nn oxtrn Bession of Congross, to bo cnllod n
as early aday as practicablc, for tho purposo
of considcring tho rclntions botweeu labor
nnd capital.
Seciietart Foloeii has nppointed n com
mitteo of tlireo promincnt trcnsury oilicinls
to invtetigato tho charges of oflicial tniscon
dnct lecently fdcd against Jnmos G. Hill,
suporvising architect of tho tio.isury.
UciilNO Mnrch :!8,l:J0 cmigrnnt3 nrrived iu
the Unitcd States.
Tiie Unitcd States nnd Spnnish olaims
cummissions has concluded its work. Tho
commission wasorganized forthosettlemtnt
of certain clnimsof citizens of the Unitcd
Stntos in Cubn ngainst Spnin. One hundrcd
nnd thirty caea wero prcsentcd to tho com
mission, of which thirty-fie weie allowcd
nnd ninety-iivo wero dismisscd. Tho wholo
nmount claimcd, oxclusivo of intorest, wns
:X),31f,C'l, of which only $1,'.,!,151 wns
Foreign News.
Louts Veuillot, n notol Fronch nuthor
nnd journnlist, is doad.
Armnat Vnllorbcs, Snitzerland, destroyed
li houses nnd mndo 1,200 pcrsons homeless.
Lomdon dispnlchos say that oxcitemcnt
runs high throughont Grcat Britain on nc
couut of tho vnrious nttcmpts mndo to blow
up govcrnmcnt buildings with dynamite nnd
tho discovery of tho cxistenco of lnrge qunn
tities of cxplosives. It is snid that n war of
exlcrmination will bo waged ngainst tho
lrish in England fhould any livos bo lost by
nnother explosion of dynnmito. Mnny lnrgo
mploycra nre reported to bo discharging
their lrish workmon. Sevcrnl other nrrosts
havo been mndo of persons suspected of
complicity in tho dynnmito plots.
Conrad, tho Berlin wifo murdcrer, hns
bcen behended.
A bill nmending tho law in regafd to ot-
losivos has pnssod both houfos of tho Brit
fh parliamont. The bill coulaius stringeut
provisions ngainst causing dangerous ox
plosions under henvy pcnalties. The nct np-
ilies both to cxplosives proper nnd to mntori-
nls for making tham, or to any machino or
part thereof connected with thcm.
Twestt-fouii i)ersons havo been nrrestcd
on the outskirts of Cork and Limorick for
conncctioii with tho troublesin Ireland.
Considehadle spaco has becn ro-erved for
Amcrican exhibits nt tho Ca'.cntti (India)
iutcrnational cxhibition, which opoas noxt
Huon Ghdstonc. member of tho Liver.
pool firm of J. M. Gladstono & Sons, and n
cousin of theEnglish primo minister, has
committcd suicido.
St. I'ETEiiSBUna was thronged by crowds
to wituess tho gorgeous ceremony of trnns
fcrring tho regnlia of tho imperial family
from thoWintcr palnco to tho Kremlin nt
Moscow in nnticipation of tho coming coro
nntion. A peparato carriago was nllottcd to
cnch emblom of tho Btato. Tho procoision
nccompanying tho emblems formcd nsuperb
sight, consisting of n throng of oflicials iu
full uuifonn and nccompnnying stnto
conches benring tho coats of nrms of tho
ANOTnErs rovolution in Ilayti ia in pro.
Ueavt floods havo dono extensivo damago
m Ontario.
A iinE in Mandalay, tho cnpitnl of Bur
mnh, dostrojed 1.0C0 houses. Twoprisouers
in tho city jail wero burned to death.
NiNLTV-TiiiiEE pereous havo been killed in
Sonora, Moxico, sinco tho outbreak of tho
Apnches, and of thom twenty-scven wero
Americnns. It is believod that mnny per
bous killed havo not yotbcon reported.
SrECiE pnymeuts havo been rcsumed in
The lrish mcmbers of tho British iioubo of
commons Bitting on tho minUterial benchos
will mako n united roprerontntiou to tho gov
emment Ectting forth that thero is tho most
urgent necessity for meeting tho distress iu
Irolalid arising from iuadaqualo supi)lies of
AncnDucncss JfAniE, wife of tho Archdnko
Clmrles Louis, brother of tho cmperor of
Ausina, is ucnil iu lier twenty-nintli year.
A decline in tho pricoof whcat hascauscd
henvy losscsin England.
Helen Makcovicii, widow of Colonel Mnr
covich, tho womrm who nttempted ou Octo
l er 23 last to Bhoot King Milan in tho ca
thedrnl nt Bclgrude, has committcd suicido
in prison. Another womun who wns imder
going jmprifonment in connectiou with tho
snino oflenso took her own lifo in prifon
fomo timo ngo. A third womnn implicated
iu tho nffair is iu n inadliousc.
Joe Biiadt, tho first of tho prisaners tried
nt Dublin for tho in'iiderof Lord Cavendi-h
and Under Secrotm-j- Burke, was found
guilty and sentenced to bo hangod on May
11. Tho jurywero out forty ininutos, nnd
tho nnnouncement of tho verdict was re
ceiedbyn grcnt crowd outsido tho coarl
loom with mnrks of the utmost disfavoruud
Two thousnnd porsons havo been nrrostod
in Moscow, Rufsin, ou euspicion of boing en
gaged in plottiug against tho lifo of tho
An explosion of firo-dnmp in the coal
mines nt Ixiiirclies, Frnnce, resulted in
tho denth of bcvcu niiuers nnd Bovere injuries
to many others.
Tiie trial of Charles Bradlnugh, M. 1'., who
with thopropriotor nnd cditor of the Londou
Fieethinker wns chnrgcd with publishing n
sketch of the Deity nud blasphemous libels
in that jcurnal, hns resulted in Mr. Brad
Inugli's ncQuittnl.
A new Dutch cnbinothns been f jrmod.
Fiiieddicii Fiianz II., grand dukeof Meck-lenburg-Schwerin,
is dend.
It is reported tliat nn English vessel with a
lnrge cnrgoof dynnmito hns sniled from Ant
werp, Holland, for England.
I'eteu Ttnan hns been ideuliQed as the
nijBterious "Numlier One," olncer of the
Irifh "Invincibles," nud tho mnn to whoin
Cnrey, the informer, rcferred as directing
nll tho movemeiits of the bnnd'who killed
I.ord Cavendish nnd Mr. Burke.
Ilnvo courago to provldo an enter
tainment for your friends not to ex
ceed your means.
Upstnlrs in Allou Block.
Offico hours from 0 n. m. till 5 p. m.
Middlebury, Vt.
Attornoy and Counselor at Law, and
Solicitor and ilaster in Chancery.
Ofilco in Browstor's Block.
Middlebury, Vt., April i!, 1877.
Mnnufacturcr nnd dcnlcr in nll klnds of
With Old Middlebury Marblo Co.
J S. CIIANDLER, l'onsion Attornoy
l'rosecutes nll pcnsious clnims on moderate
Stnto cnso cnrofully
to insuro rcily.
nnd incloso stnmp
Specinl nttention given to nrcecntion of
pension clnims, uounty lnnu wnrrnn ts, ete
Specinl nttention given to tho exnminn-
tion of titlos and conveynncmg, tho pur-
chnse, tho snlo nnd exchnngo of real estnto
nnd tho collcction of rents.
Office in Buttolph Block,
Jf E. MELLEN, D. D. S.,
Offico hours, 8 to 12 A. M., 1 to fi l M. Offico
ovor Irank A. rnrnsworth sstoro.
ijnugtung gns numiuistereu.
Aixen'b Block, Middledubt, Vt.
Photogrnphs in nll the styles, nt most reason
nblo pricos. Appointmcnts solicited. I'rompt
nnu caretul nttention will bo given. All
work gnaranteed.
J. E. GAUVIN, Fhotographor
LERY. over Alden 8 vnrioty store. Mid
dlebury, Vt. Fiuo photographio portrnits n
specinlty. Old picturos cnrofully copied nnd
nlargou to nny uesireu sizo nnu uniBtiou in
colors or India ink. Thnnking my friends
for their libernl pntronngo during tho pnst
year I Bhall eudoavor to merit n contiuuance
of the samo by furuishing them with good
work nt fair prices.
A. V. BROWN, Photographcr
CatarrH Ely's Creara Balm
Ellectually clcan
bos the nnsal passn
cosof Catnrrlialvi
rus, causing heal
tliy secretions, al
lays inflummation
protects tho mem
lirnno from addi
tional colds, com
nleteiy lieals tl:
pores nnd rcstorcs
tho sense of tnsto
and smell. BenoS
cial results nro re
nlized by n few np
rrni-pncations. A inor
m m V Iw nni'li trentinpnt
will eiro Catarrh, HayT'ever, otc. Uncqualod
lor colds in tho neacl. Agreeable to use
Apply by tholittlo nnger into the nostril
W ill delivcr by innil. fiOc. n Dnckaire nostac:i
stamps. Soldby wholesalo and rotnil drug
Manufncturcd by J. G. GROSS &. BRO.
baliue, Micu.,
Is the King of Mills
No powor Is choapor than wlnd for
raising wator from tho doop to
any hoight. Why this Stand
ard Is tho bost and
why buy It:
First It is the simplest, strongest nnd
least complicnted wiud eugin made.
Second The ico nnd eleet cnuuot provent
its running.
Third It has more power, owing to its
construction nnd mechaniim.
Fourth It is self-regnlnting, therefore nl
wnjB on a balance, so n child cnn hnndle it.
Ififth This mill hns nll of the combiun
tions which mnkes it gecoud to nono, pos
Bessing great cnpncity nnd itarnliility. Every
mill is wnrrnnted to do nll we clnim for it.
Pnrties desiring windmills will do well to
call nnd get our prices befor looking elso
where. Send for our illustrnted pnmphlet
nnd prices, orcnll nt Enrl .tBnrnum's, where
wo will be found on Mondny of oach week.
Ordore lef t nt Enrl t Barnnm's Btoro, will
receivo prompt nttention. Agonts wnnted in
ovory county. Address, with stnmp,
(Gon'l Agenls for Vermont),
Middlebury, Vt.
Y7illi:r.3 CoYing Hach.ir.c3
T.iry h.ivo receivcd highest Awards ftt tiio
Ccn'.onnial nnd r.t all cthcr lcadin
E.thlbitinns held in Euroio
rr.d Amcrica.
Tactoriea locatcd tt Montrcal, Canada,
riattsburj, New York.
317 llotro Iao Ctrcct, Ucntrcal
Their Supcriority Dcmon
strated. Their Succcss Without a
Over 20.0GO in daily u?o.
Fivo Goid Mednls and
pcven SilverModnls nwnrd
ed for supcriority.
Awnrded ths Gold Medal
at theFrench Govcrnmcnt
Dairy Competition. June, 1B82. This is tho
peeonl Gold Medal nwnrdcd nfter compoti
tivo tests with leading milk Betting nppar-
ntusoftho world, by tho ironcti govern
mont. Thoy nro Self-Skimming.
Most Popular in the Crcam Gathering Plan.
Awnrded First
Premium over nll by
tho Internntional
Dairy Fair, nfter
competitivo tests.
hasiest to work
Easiest to cleau
Mnkes most buttcr
Alwnys right side
Eureka Butter Workcr.
and rnpid. No
d a n g e r o f
brenkin' grnin
of the butter.
Afull lineof
butter fnctory
Send postnl
for circulars.
Yt. Farm Machine Co., Bellows Falls, Yt.
In a Solid Gold 'WATCir, asido from
tiie nccessary tliickncss for cngraving and
polishing, n largo proportion of metal is
needcd only to stiflcn and hold tiic cngrav
cd portions in placc, and supply Btrcngth.
Tlio surplus gold ia nctually nccdicss. In
James JJoss' Patcnt Gold Watch Casca tliis
vaste ia savcd, nnd soi.iditv and
strengtii incrcased by a Biniplc proccss,
at onc-half thc cost. A platc of oi,it
00Ln is soldcred on eacli sidc of a jjUto
of iiard nickel composition nietal, and tlio
thrco aro then pnssed bctweeu polished
etccl rollers. From tliis thc cascs, fcacks,
ccntcrs, bczcls, etc, aro cut and sliapcd by
dies nnd formcrB. Tlio gold is tliicfe
cnough to admit of nll kinds of chasing
cngraving and cngino turning. Tliese.
cascs havo bcen worn pcrfectly smooth hy
use witiiout removing tlio gold. This it
the only case made under this process. Eaeh
case is accompanicd with a valid guarantet
signcd by the manvfacturers uarranling it t$
tccar 20 years. 150,000 of tlicso Cases
now carried in the United States and
Canada. Largcst and Oldest Factory.
Establishcd 1S54. Abk your Jcwelcr.
This remedy will act in harmony with tim Fe
malo sjetem at all ttwes, and alo Immtdlateiy
upon the aMomlnal and nttrine macUii, and ru
torelhem toalicatthy and trong condltlon.
Dr. MorchtBl'B Uterine Catholtcon will cnro fau
lne of thc womb, Leucorrbcca, Chronlc Inflamraa
tion and Wceratlon of the Womb, lncidental
Heoiorrbafo or Floodlnc, ratnfu'., Sipprtncd
and Irregular Slenslruatlort, Kldncy Complalnt,
BrreQBea andli eapecially adaptcdtotbe chatifjo
oflife. Send for pamphlet free. AUlctteraof
lnnuiry freoljr anawcred. Addrees aa abo-re. For
f0l by all drupeleta. Ncr ale Sl perbollle,
Old nlie 1.5(). He saro and a;k for Dr. ilar
rhll'a I'teiinithollcon. Tokanootlicr.
In tTtry New
Knplaud, New
York and Can.
adiaa tillaire. Cah furnubtd. Eipenenced nny.
cr prelcrri'U, uui UTt, acuvo nun
omcumct uiake bct buycrs. Addre",
C. S. l'AUE.Hydel'ark.Vt.
Woodstock, Vermont.

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