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The Middlebury register and Addison County journal. [volume] (Middlebury, Vt.) 1883-1885, November 13, 1885, Image 4

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E. II. THOIir, lMHor nnd Jlnnnser.
Subscrlptlon l'rlcoi
1 yoar, ln mlvanco H BO
1 yoar, not ln advnnco 2 00
6 montlm, in advnncc "0
S montlis, " 5
a-I)y " ln attvanco " is incant bcloro tho ycar
explres. After January 1, 1SS0, ALb papcrswill
bo dlscontinucd at tho cxplration ol tho timo pald
AdvortiiiiiK llntei!
Ono column 1 ycar $100.00
Ono-half column 1 yonr 60.UO
Ono-quartor column 1 ycar 28.00
nnalnosa Cards ono-half inchl yoar 6.00
ii Inch 1 ycar 8.00
Roadinjr notlces.por llnc1 cnch lnBcrtlon. .10 cts .
Oni: of tho rcnsons givcn why Xcw
York wcut Dcmociatic is cnntnincd ln a
dlspatch sent to cx-Sccrctary Clmiuilcr
by Kditor Kcid of tho Xcw York Tribunc,
asfoliows: "Hill swucps the Hcld. Tho
returnof the Hhiine hators drove oll thrco
or four tiines ns uiany as it broujjht
Thk k'gislators of Mnlno will follow
tlio cx.niihlo set by this Statc and hold a
rcunlon in January ncxt. Tho pro
gratume is inuch llko that carricd out at
Montpelier. Tlic di.iiatchc9 don't makc
it olcar whosc polltlcal fortuiics tlio gntlt
ering is expccted to be instruiuunt.il in
It scemsto bc neci'ssary lor tlic Dcm
ocratiu joumals to clicer up tliuir constit
uents oeeasionally in ordor to kecp tliuir
courago good. A St. Louis papcr does it
in tlils wlso:
Tlto I'resident was a good niaii and a
good Dcniocrat bcforc the eleetion aud
hc is s'mcc. Uut lie is tlio saino nian now
ns thcn. Ho will "ttirn tlio rasoals out"
in thne, but it will bo his own tiine.
A tuui.y lameutable state of afl'uirs is
discloscd by tho " voters' directory "
whicll'a Xcw York papt-r printi'd just bc
fore the late cleetiou in that Stato. Tho
"directory'' gave a briet skctuh of tlic
life and stated the busine.s of I'aeh of
the candidates for olllcc in tlio eity. Of
tlio liftvsi'ven asp'uants for eity and
eounty olllees, l." had no lmsiness luit
politics ; l!i of thein wero liiiuor-sclk'rs.
Of tlio 02 candidates for the assptnbly,
7 wero liqtior-dealei's ; II were "pollti
claus' and nothhig ol.'o, and l.'i were
olerks; among tho othors who wanted to
bo inadclegilators wore a barber, an iei
eart drivor, a peddlcr. ete.
It ha bcen asserted by those not par
tieularly triendly to Senator Kdniuiids
that the co-called Kdinuiids law, intonded
to suppres lolygainy in L'tah, was inueh
niore eH'ective in theory thau in praeliee.
Hut tho brethrcn of tho -Monnon ehureh
are of a dlll'erent ophiion. They are com
lielled to own that the law will put an
end to their praetices, if carricd out.
IMoruion BUhop Sharp, who is now iu
the East, said tlio other day witli refer
eneo to the (juestion whether any scrious
troublo was likely to follow the cnforee
mcnt of the law :
I am unablo to predlct anytliing. There
is soino rebelllous inuttering in certain
quarters, tliough others are inelhn'd to
aequiesee. Monnon are stuhboni, but
when they uie threatened with the peni
tontiary, as I was, it Is ieaoiiuble to sup
pose thoy will coine to their senses. Ed
munds' law is n severo law, but it does
exactly what it was Intonded to do it
scnds incu to prison who refue obodi
encc to United States laws ln declining to
givo up polyganious praetices.
cw I'ulillciitions.
Cbarlea Lamb'H "Ksenys of Klia," which
almost evf-ry on has iead and should if he
has not, are nrinted in a liand.-onm vohmiH
by John 15. Aldtu of iN'mv Vork and sold at
60 cents. The bookn which thispublishei' in
now settinff out urn all that could bo le
eired in the way of prinl. imper and hiud
inff. The volumen lie fent out when lie
manacced "Tlie American iiook KxehaiiRe,"
were einphatically "clieap;" hut he lias
made frreat imiu-ovenieiitw inee and thr
l)Ook he now priuU aie eiiuai in iueclian
ical qtiality to any on the market. Ilis hst
ineludes a larRe nuinber of the liest works
in the languaRe in liitory. tiction aud en
eral literature. They uiay be lial at AU
Iiarper's Magmlnn for Dereinber ia a
Chrititmas nuinber, aud hat even niore tlian
the unual nuinber of illu-trations. Tlie
openitiK paper iH on "Tlie Nativily in Art,"
and i by Henry ,1 Vun Dyke, .Ir. It is iilut
trated by ennraviiKJf from mafteriiieces by
Kaphael, Giotto. I'illippo bipiii, Luca llella
Kobbia, Gliirlamhijii, IJernardino buini,
CorreRffio, Hoger Vander WVyden. Albert
Durer, Muilllo, DefreKKer and HouKueieau.
The Freneh artist, Leon lionviu, is the nub
jnct of a jiajier by l'liillippe Ibirty, illus
trated by enRraviiiKn of lionvin's linest piet
uren. Hdwin Arnold, author of the "I.ifdit
of Asia," cputributeK a trani'latiou from
Kalidasa's celebraled poem, "Hitu San
hnra," or "Uound of the SeasoiiH," illus
trated by Frederiekn. This iti onlyoiie of
several poeniB the nuinber rontaius. NYil
iinin Hamilton Uibson eontributed "A Win
ter Walk," with ten illuptnitionH. (JeorRe
William Curtie, in the Kasy Chair, treats of
"Christ' mis, lH(t aud I'refeut'aud Charle.-
Dudley Warner, iu tlie Drawer, takes uiithe
Hiibject on a dirttinutively American line,
nnd iu n ye'm of deliKlitfu! huinor. The
Way down in Lonepome Cove," byCliurles
Kghert Craddock withta fidl-p.iKe illu-'ti'a-
iiuii uy LiKiuiaii; juh aiadouna ol llie
Tulw.f by Khabeth Stuart I'heliw. with
three illustratioiiH by W.T. Smedley; "Kn
ther Feverel," u tale, by Uiiinder Matthewi!
with two illustrationa hy (loward I'yle: and
Wyvern Mont". a phnst ntory, by (ieoiffe
ii, , xui!Kiii"ii, iuusiraied oy tlie aullior. lie
Bidectherte are inntahiiHiitw of the eeiial
npvels "Eaxt AnKelH," by Constanoe Ken-
mmflra Vnftl...n ,n,,l 1 ,i.K.... I...
W, U, IIowpIIh, who aUo coiitrihutfs a farce
enuiieu -ine uarroien," illustrated by
oto and Coiiinieilt.
TllQ man wlmsn nnmn cruta Inln llm n,.
per wllhout hls eonsent should go and
t. . . .
uuunui b iuu iiiiiii wiiosh nanic is icit out
when he wanted It in. Xew Orleun J'ic
ayune. Mr. IA. HliTKlns of Wvomine. N. Y..
had llie pllei lor ncarly 4u years, aud wa curcU
iiug uumoro ruu ai'uciuc.
II. S. Sniith is eanvasstng for "Vcr
inont in tlio Civll War."
That hunp on tho corncr ot North and
Oatlicld strccts is a suceess.
dudgo C. Dunton of l'utlaiul was
ln town Monday m buslness.
Tho hand iiicct for iiraetlco on Monday
and Frlday evenlngs of eaeh wcek.
Tho truvellng is reportcd to be vcrv
had on tho Hristol and New Ilavon rall.
Henry IJrown is puttlng tho Unlshing
touchcs on his new houso on Garflcld
Mrs. Gauthlcr is cxpectcd to occupy
Drake's new teiiemcnt houso on Sprlng
Ed. Parker and wlfc start for Florlda
Nov. 1G. He is golng into tho hotel bus
incss. Noali Lathrop has bought II. L. l'ar
melee's luinbering interests in the Little
Ur. Lcvi Hassoltlno of Brandon is ln
town atteuding hls wlfe, who is in poor
Jolin Ilagan broko two llngcrs thc otli
er day by lalllng oll u ladder. IIo has
an aeeidcnt polloy.
Qulte u nuinber of our townsmcii at
tendcd thc trlal of Thouipson at South
Starksboro, Monday.
Tlie lyccum and lltorary soelety incets
on Frlday evcnlng of caeh week ln thc
bascinent of llolly hall.
Ezekicl llanchett, who broko hls log
a few weeks ago. is gaining rapidly for a
nian of his advanecd ago.
Thc Engllsh Uallad Concci t company
will appcar at llolly hall Nov. !(!. Tick
ets go on salo at Ur. Kent's drug store
Sattirday niornlng.
Ciipltirc of n Hor.se Thier.
A Malono (N'. Y.) correspondent. ",T.
K. S.," writes us ns follows uiidur datc
of Saturday last :
On Saturday. tho 21th of October, a
young iu. in hired a horso for a short
ilrlvo of Geo. I). lllnman of Xew llaven.
Through soine "inadvcrtence" tho young
111:111 falled to retiirn tho rig as iigreed
uiion. Tho owner tlioroupon iesued liand
bills, deserihiug tlie thiol and ollcring $."0
for the reeovery of the property. This
inornitig at an early hour, thc said
young 111:111. who proved to be Shorry F.
I.angdon. a native of New llaven or vi
einity, was arre-ted by ono of Slierllf
l'olsoin's deputies, in tho adioiiiing town
or Constuble, and. after a brief exainina
tion, was lodged in our eounty jail. Mr.
Ilininau was hcro at the tiine of the ar
rest. but I.angdon refued to reeognize
liiin and declared tliat he npvcr saw hiin
before. All tho property wa recovcnvd
cxccpt tlio horso, whjch tho thief had sold
to a dealer, and it had heen sent to an
Eastein uiarket, Thu thief got S'.lo for
the anlnial and i'M of it was fouiid in
hls pockcts aud takcu from lilm. It Is
sald that I.angdon brought another rig
here soine thne ago, and sold it to a rela
tive of his. aud as it answers tho deserip
tion of onc stolen at I'roctor. near llut-
lanil, and for which 2." reward is ollcred,
the sherlirhas gone today to lake pos
scssion of it. This K a had place for
Vermont horso thievc to eouio to.
I'nder datc of Xov. 10 the sauie eorres
pondent gives us the lollowing additlon
al hiforiuation :
C'harles A. Stiles of I'roctor, in re
sponso to a telegrain from Sherill Fol
som. arrived heii' 011 Monday evcning to
I00U alter lus lot iiropertv. 1 lie slierill
had alrcady taken it lnto its po-se.ssion.
it liavlng heen puieliased by Ilarnson
Langdon ot Kangor lor llie suin of islO.-
Mr. Stiles fouiid his little white
inare, the top bnggy. the silvcr-platcd
harness aud cven the oldslub whip, all In
good eondition, and preoisely as des
erihed 011 the postal cards he sent out.
hangdon was taUen helore .luslico Wil
lard Tuefday nioniing. and Mr. Stiles
lully identilled him as the man to whoni
ho let tho rig late 011 the afternoon of
luly ;i(J. lor a drivo of two or three inile.s.
and also testilied that the property in the
hands of tho sherill' was his. I.angdon's
onlv defense was that ho purehased it of
1 strungor 111 Itiitland. Uf eourse. the
justieo sent him back to jail to answer
later lor this ollense also. It Is not
known whfther hls frionds will iret aie-
liiiltion from the governor of this Stato
unu tal:o lilm to ernioiiL for trial. He
says he prefers to bc tricd here. When
Mr. Stiles called at tho jail to ititcrview
the prisoner previous to tho cxamlnation
Langdon failed to reeognize hhii and said
he never saw hhii before. Ho elahns that
he took tho usual touto to this viclnity,
after he 'puichasod'' the property. stop
ping at Middlebury to "bait," hut ho
could not roinumbcr what hotel he
stojped at. Slr. Stiles is pleused to get
his property agaln into hls possession,
and to llnd it in so good eondition, and
will pay over tho roward of 25 oll'ercd
for it and ;2.1 lewnrd ollered for tho ar
rcst of tho thief. without inaking any pro
test. And he will return by thc over
land route. behind the little "crav maro"
whllo her former "owner'' langulshes
behind the prison bars, with n good pros
lieetof belng eonvinced before he Is out
of the bad serape he is In, that tho way
of the transgressor is a hard 0110.
Senators Edmuiuls and Morrill and
their fainilles haye gono to Washington
for the winter.
Mrs. JiiliaC. K. Dorr of Rutland has
publlshed a new volume of loeins, which
tho Seiihners of Xow York print.
liev. I)r. Vlrgin of New York decllnes
the eall to the pastorato of the Kutland
Congregatlonal church, rccently extend
ed to him.
l!ey. Or. Sainuel Gilman Ilrown, who
dieu rccently at I'tiea, N.Y.,was ungaged
in wrltlngu life of tho late Hon.Gcorgel.
.Mars-h, loimerly of liiirllngton nnd for
uiany ycars ruitcd States mintster to
Dan Giddlngs died at his homo in Ccn
teihurg, Ohlo. on Saturday niornlng of
last week. The leiuaius were brought to
Essex .liinctiou for iiiteruient. and tho
fimeral was hcld there on TucMlay. Mr.
Giddlngs was conliucd to Ilis hed for onlv
miuiii a iiiijiiui ociore ilis dcalli.
1110 ucaiii 01 1.01. .:. . tscaton, .1!
Wllllfton, la.-t week Is announeed. Pol
Seaton was a son of Hev. C. M. .Seaton.
and was giaduatcd from Middlebury col
lcge in the class of S,i7, among hls elass
inates belng .Iuilgo Dunton of ituthuid,
Hon. L. D. Eldie go and II. S. Foote of
this placo. IIo enlisted from Charlotte
in n company of sharpshooters. of which
he becaiuo captaln; was wouudedattho
battlo of Malvern Ilill, und ln eonsi
fiucnco of tlio lnurlcs thcn reeclvcd was
obllged to reslgn his commisslon. Ho
was for ten or 15 ycars enipioyed in tho
census olllco at Washington, nnd, 011 tho
rcslgnatlon of Gen. Francls A. Walkor to
take thc prosideuey of tho Jlassaehusetts
Instltuto of Teohnology, Iloston, sueoced
ed lihu as superlntciident of tho census.
Mr. Seaton had bcen III about aycar, and
dleu ot ltrigiit's dlseaso.
Teachiirs' Kxnmlinitlons.
Thc sciut-anuual publlc exainlnatlons
of teachers will takc plaee ln tho scveral
towns of this eounty on Wedncsday ncxt,
Nov. 18. Thoy will begln at 9 o'clock a.
111. ; oral cxamlnation at 2 o'clock. Thc
publlc and cspcclally tho cotninittccs of
tlio dlstrlcts of cach town, aro inyitcd to
bc prcscnt.
Tho cxamlnation for Middlebury will
bc hcld at tho gradcd-school buildlng.
County N'olcs.
Caln's snw nilll in Soutli Starksboro
was burned at an carly hour Saturday
nioniing, it is supposcd by an lnccndlary
llrc. Davld Thompson wns arrestod at
South Starksboro on Monday, charged
with scttlng llrc to tlio mlll, and was
bound up for trlal nt thc eounty eourt In
thc sum of $500 bcforo Justfco Albert
Oryis. The loss by thc flrc is ostimatcdat
2200; insurancc on buildlng. 8800. and
011 niaehhicry, 57."iO. Mr. Cain will put
up ,1 tcmporary mlll to workupthc stock
of logs ho has on hand.
Slnfc nnd Yicinlty.
Kutland uscs l,2."i0,000gallonsof watcr
a day.
rostinaetcr Ilull ot Poultney, who
has hold the oflioo about elglit ycars, has
HurliiigtonlHtis expeet to open their
strect rallroad this evening and will oole
brate tlio eycnt.
There aro on the doekct for tlic Dccoin
bcr terni of the Windsor county eourt 87
law, 15 divoree and ulnc Statc eascs.
Itutlandcrs scnd .1 car-load of the
town's produetions, lucludhig Howo
soales and speclmens of inarble, to the
Intcrnation.il Exposition at New Orleans.
Wallace Arnold, .1 promiucnt Kutland
fariner, was struek by a liand-ear while
walking on tlio rallroad track near North
Clarendon Sunday, and prohabiy falally
C. C. Il'iryov of Passumpsio had an
old-fashioned hiisking tlic othor evening.
There wero over one liundred persons
liresent, and they husked soven hundrcd
hushols of corn.
Colonel W. L. Greenleaf, department
cominander, G. A. I!., has reeelved ap
plications and grantcd permlssion for tho
organization of two new posts ono at
Danby and the other at Fairfax.
W. H. Wells, a Central Vermont brake
man, whlle hangiug on to the sido ot a
fieight car which wns belng shlfted about
tlio yanl at St. Albans Sunday night, was
knoekcd oll' and had hls lcg aud arm hurt.
Weiindcrstand that a large deer, welgh
ing about 100 pounds, was shot last Frl
day 011 Ilog Island. I.ooks as tho igh
soinebody had heen violathicr tho law
wtiieii is supposed to protect deer. Mes
enyer. Peter MeLaughlhi, who, it is alleged,
iuduced J. II. MeDavitt of Uutland to
giye bonds that Mel.aughlln would pay
a line of $101 for the illegal sale o"f
liquor Iu that placo nnd thendi.-appearcd,
was arrestod 011 Saturday In Albany. IIo
was taken back to Uutlnnd. Troy Timcs.
Mrs. A. M, Stetson of Hostou, whose
husband owns inueh land nt Norton
Mills, up in Esesx eounty. while on a re
ccnt vlsit to that placo found Ihpjor ille
gally sold at a hotel that was a resort for
loafers. She raidod tho place, had the
har torn down, tho liquor emptied into
the stieotandtho bar-room transformed
into a rcadlng-rooni. Theu she vislted
the loafers and secured oue hundred
naines for her pledge.
C. C. Diinnof Hutlaud hadquitc a timo
with a hurglar on a rceent Sundav night.
While taking a bath shortly before mid
night, hc heard souio ono enter an adjoin
ing 100111. and thinking It was the hired
man, paid no attention to him at llrst.
After the stranger had stuinblcd around
for n while, Mr. Dunn becanie ouspicious,
and openlng tho door found a burly look
ing tramp, A lively scutllo ensued, but
the visitor cscaped unlnjurcd.
Tho stoekholders of tho Walker and
Hatcli Lumber conipany of Burlington
have elioscn tlieso olllccrs: Prcsident. S.
H. Weston; vicc-prc.sldent, David Walk
er; seerotary, C. E. Maconibcr; treasurer,
J. F. Leonard; elork, C. E. Macomber;
directors, David Walker. D. F. Hatch.
C. E. Macomber, S. II. Weston. J. F.
I. eonard, A. J. Willard, Gilbcrt Hariis;
munagors, D. F. Hatcli, C. E. Macomber,
Davld Walkor, J. F. Leonard. This
eoneeru is building a uiill 200 feet long,
50 feet wide nnd three stories hlgh with
all neccssary equipments.
Judge Poland, who was introduced at
the recent lawycr's banquet at Montpel
ier as an ouiiirrant to Lamoille countv. in
his rosponse ohjected to bcing called up-
ou 10 spenK ior i.anioiiie couiit', "j-or, '
sald ho, "whatovcr of a lawyer I may be
eisewjiere, 1 am 1101 one in tliat county.
I have gone back to tho honie of niy
chiUlhood with tho purposo nnd intent of
gettlng nway from ellcuts and all tho'ts
pertaining to tho law. This is tlio last
wcek of my 70tli year, and it is nhout
thne I began to kuock tho horns oll" my
legal eiigagenients. and 1 propose to do
so as fast as 1 ean."
The eouiicll of tho churchos of tho
Woodstock Baptlst assoelation met at
Bellows Falls. Tuesday, and voted to
distnlss Edward Green from the ininlstry
beeause of a ehange of faith. Green is a
natlve of Haverhill, Mass,, eamo to Bel
lows Falls two ycars uiro from the I'eter-
boro (X. II.) ehureh, and wns piiBtor ot
1110 isaptiss cnureii lor one year, resign
ing about a year ago. He went into
trade, which he now glves up to enter
the ininlstry in the L'nitarian faith, hav
lug alrcady preached a nuinber of Sab
haths iu nclghhoriug towns.
Col. W. L. Greenleaf of Burlington,
departinent coinuiander of the Vermont
G. A. It., has Issued an ordcr eallliiL' tho
attention of G. A. B. posts to thoelectlon
, of ollleers and delegates to the depart
ment encauipuient which is to bo hold
early in Deceuiber. Ho nlso etlls atten-
tion to tho faet that tho luspeetiou of
ovcry post is to bo niado before Deceuiber
20. The order ineludes certain refurcn-
to tho Washington uionuuient iu
iiMnory of Gen. Grant. wh ch It is im.
derstood will be erected eiitiroly hy tho
contributions of uicinbors of tlio Grnud
tAruiy, no subseriptions belng reeelved
oxeept from tliose in good stuuding. It
Is suirgcstod that ench post voto from lts
funds 11 sum equal to a contributloii of
15 ccnts from cach incuiber ln good
Tho report of Stato Inspector of Fin-
nuco uuiois siiows tliat tnoro nre 27 sav
lugs bantg In thc Stato, notincludlng tha
St. Alban3 Trust ooiupnny, which Is in
tlio hands of a recelver. Of those. four
hnyo dcposits execcding n iullllon dollnrs
eaeh, ylz: tho Vermont Savlngs bank,
iiraiucooro, ucposits ia,u;io.o;i 1 ; tlieltut
Jftnd SavliiL's bank, $1.5711.71(1; tho Bur
lington Savlngs bank, $1.415. 1II8. and the
ou. iruiniAuiu' OiiyiiiH uailK fl,iir,iow,
Tlln wlinln vutllllinp f,f fttuirial. nra It, nll
the snvings banks and trust conipanlcs in
thc Klntit nt flln ilnf, if tlu, wntnhlD iinid
40,778, 1111 inorcaso dui ing tho pnst year
vi ui. iiiiu iuo niore iiiriuiiere wero two
ycars ago. There was to the ciedlt of
sucli dcposltors on thc :i()th dav of Juno
last $13,00'J,2;U.C:i, showlng ndecreaso ln
ntnoiint of denoslts dtirlng tho pfist ycar
of $25,0511. 00, nnd in tho pnst two ycars
nf ft.'i.-.i air, ir. nr ii f
deposlts in tlie dlllercnt savlngs banks
and trust conitianlcs, $lI,H00,:tU2.53 bc-
longto uepositors llvlng ln tlils Htate and
,i'.:i!IS.S(!!l.iri Hl linti.rnalilimfa. 'I'lin nvi.r.
ngo ninnunt to tlio credlt of eaeh dcposi-
. 1 - .lll.l Of .. . nr -t
iur ia 9-.'..ou, 11 ueeicaao oi u.oo us com
pared with one year ago.
Middlebury Uradcd Scliool.
wki:kly Kiiconi) ov atti:ndanck.
This is thc rccord of attcndancc for tlic
wcek endcd Nov. G. No. G, Mlss Bond,ls
tho hannor grnde, belng 95 :i-ll :
HIkIi sehool Miss Chapin, tpacher-Whole
number of pupils, 5Hj nuinber of tardy
marks, Ij nuinber of half-day absences,
30; iiercentace of attendance, 01.
No 0 Miss Bond, teaehet Whole num
ber of pupils, 55; number of tardy marks,
7 ; number of half-day absenees, 20 ; per
eentiiBe of attendance. 95 3-11.
No. 5 Miss O'Leary, teacher Whole
number of pupils, 5S; number of tardy
marks, 2: number of half-day absences. HUj
peroentafre of attendance, 9H 8-2!).
No. 1 MiH WauRli.tencher Whole num
ber of pupile, 32 number of tardy marks,
2;j number of half-day absences, 20; per
centnge of attendance, !)H
No. 3 Miss Drake, teaeher Whole num
her of pupils, 49; number of tardy marks.H;
number of half-day absences, 27; percent
ape of attendance. 94.
No. 2 Miss Goodrich, teachei Whole
numlier of pupils. 4f; number of tardy
marks, 0; nuinber of half-day abeences,20;
percentajfe of attendance, 95.
No. 1 MissFord.teacliei Whole number
of pupils, 50; number of tardy marks, 2;
nuinber of half-day absenees, 42; percent
age of attendance, 93
For tho week endcd Oot. 30 tho hannor
grades were Nos..'( and 5, thc porcontago
of nttendance ln eaeh holng 95.
A singlo trlal of l)r. Henry Haxtur'a Maiidrakc
Ilittcrs will convlncc any onu trniiblwl wliti co.
tlvneas, torpid llvcr or any klndicd illseasca ol
tlielr curativo propcrticd, Tlu-y only cost 23
cents per bottle.
Do not eiippo"1 tliat bccaunc it is rccommcnilol
for animals tliat Arnlca & Oil Linlinenl is nn ol
fcnslvc pri'paratlon. It will notslaln clotlilns or
tlic luircst Hkln.
IJowns' Ellxir will ourc any counli orcold no
matlcrofhow long slanilln),'.
.Vcrvc-llfo and viijor retorcd n mcn and wo.
mcn liy eslng (Jllmorc's Aromatlc Wine.
If you would brliiK n smile likc pprin
On brows that Ioiik liavc frnwncd
Thcn rlvo ll.e wealtli ol (jlowlng licaltli,
As a purlOer, Ajcr'a Sarsaparllla acts directly
and nromptlv. A slngle botllu will pruvc Us
mcrlls. Jlany lliomanda of pooiilc are yuarly
savcd froin daiiL'erous fuvcrn liy tlic ccrcic of b
little tliucly uare 111 clcansln tlic systcni by tlic
U8C ol tlils reincdy.
CARl'KN'l KK-ll()Lt)KN.-ln .SIiruHslmry.
V,,V t Uf lllt, ll.,, llw. I,i,l., 1... !.... f!.... 1
GucriHcy, WlllisA. Carpcntcr 01' Mount llolly
lots Oll L'ollc'L'i' Ilill Mr silif.lie t lti tnrt h.
O DUtrlct of Ailillhon, hh,
llc it n'lncinlioriMl, tliat nt a sostinn of tlic I'ro
uate Couit lioldcn at lllddlclniry, witliln and lor
sald lliatrii'.t, 011 tlic l-'tli day ol Nownihur.A.
D. SS.
l'ri'scnt, 1 1 on. I.ynian K. Knapp,.ludi.'e.
WIiitcu', a cert.iln instruiiiunt 111 wrilint',
undcr bual, piiriiortinjr to bo llie lait will and
testainent of niljndj! (;. Oalc, late ol" Middle
liury. in said HMriet, ileceaci'd, liavuitf bien
tlils day prcscntcu to said Court n I'roli.itc, nnd
duly lilcd in llie 1'robato olllcc : Tlierufore, It
is ordcrcd, tliat all pcrkons inti'rcstcd in tlic c.
t.iteofgtid dccuascd bo nidlllcd to nppear lie
foic said Court, at tlic I'roli.itc Ollicc in Atiil
dleliury, in Baid dlatrirl, on tlie :!0tli day of No.
vcmlicr, A, I). SS, at 10 o'clock, a. 111., by pul.
licalion of tlils order tlirw wceks ouri'cbkiwly
lirevious tlicrcto, in tlic Middlebury Uc'Kioler, a
nwspapcr iirintcil nt .'Middlebury, to oliow
eause, If any lliey may have, why said insiru.
meiit in wriliiiK should not bu proved and allow.
cd, as thc last will und tesuinicut I tlic said dc
ccascd. 4S
LY.MAN K. KN.M'l'i .ludgc.
Etc., Ete., EU,
juh riiiiiiii!
y f x 'M w&myt-x
I I X SR&- 'Ii "I ! .--X
t ' 11 1, 'T- 1 irr t 1 is j 1
Bussies and Waso
I linvc a fnll line of the finc work of tlio I'.oston IJucldioard
Now Hiivon, (lonn.; and tlic Coitrtlaiitl Waon Coiniiany's
!1. 1 1 rtnATDTXT t mi,
ti 1111 n-iii-iies, anu uv.H ili i 1
AURIIRN RAie.M W A f f )'
tlian over.
IliVliN librsL.S. A larL'O assortnieiit of litrlit di'iviiitr liarnossf
single and dottble.
All workof tlie liost qttality and
West (Joniwall, Mny 'J0, lSS.'i.
Call and Examine!
Cffl"Clo!.ing out somo "Wall Papor at
los-i tluiii 1 :tid .
Middlebury, Xov. 6, 18S6.
1. .
- f'TlTITf, iit . r . . -, ,
),s OI UliNli WiVUUjNJS; a
I l,n.n ., ln,,. .,,,,1 i,nn
ftilly warrantod.
i Old You Ever
ii iivj 1 i 'ii iVii 1 t'.ii 1 ;
r nn rrn 1 1 ;
uver o,uuu vvo
il.J O . J A h A L
tlietn for 011c week.
f.. "... 1SJ
11 ra vni n liiinn
1 o i r..n i ti:..
AN Y or A
o - i
Tickcts via tlio followin
aro tor sale oy nie at vony L(
Central 'ermont A CJrainl Tr
Ilome,ATatertown A Ojrdensbii
leiiiiington it Jitttland,
Ii cmis. it Saratojra.
Lake Sliore,
fireat AVostern,
Ucliigau Central,
Now York Central,
West Shore,
Italtimoro & Oliio,
'."T-o- ip&fS "kr'x-iTir
n s Fublica

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