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The Middlebury register and Addison County journal. (Middlebury, Vt.) 1883-1885, December 25, 1885, Image 3

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Absolutely Pure.
Thispowdornevcrvarles. A marvcl of purllS
atrcngili and wltolcBomenesB . More ccononiica
than thoordlnnry kfmlranil c.iniiotbc eoldin com
Petltlon wlth thr multitudcoflowtcst.BhortwclKlit
almn or phoplintcpowiler. Snltl onh in cann.
ItOVAI, llAKl.VU I'OWDKK CO.,10G'Vail Bt.,N.Y
Q Tho Greatest Blood Purifierj
Thls GrcatGcrmntiMedlcInels com-
po ol 01 lcnow jjock, jMnmlrakc,
uciuiau, iaimcu(u, .nmippr i;cr-
ries. cic. comuiucu wmi 1110 j.x.
tract ot .Stddiur, wliii'h makes II
tho (Jrcatcst lllood Purillcri
"i vn
known. Do not cvcr. Inko m a
or arscnlc, they aro deadly.
Vour Kid
riaco your iriist in blij
cys arc
t of ordnr
l'lll R IUTTI-.ltS, tlio pu
cstnnd bct rncdicino cvc
I'nc Sll,.
nru r.iT-
;ns. i ymi
Is YourTonffueGoaU
aro sick. no
limtf. r wlt.il nll.
0 iTVOlI.tltQ
witli n vpllnw ptlrkvj
..!. i 'j t O'u i Ri
fcnslvc' loHrFlonii)0n.t,...t ,.,
IUTTI .1 IS immo-, f .7" n'?i" ,! t
I'rino thlok
:r erro vou. sn i.:r
itlnrs U
ropy, cloud
or lilgh-cul
Tliclnvalid's Frlcud.K
'hayounir. tho nE.nl nml tot-t
IT IS i'tcrlngnro foou mado wcll byf
isut,c. jicincunjcr wnat you!
:ul licrc. it mav favo vnurt
iic, ii. iku savcu in lHircus,
u I.'. -i . " . BI
l....tf .....M ...
l'JIlCi:, OXE DOI.LAlt.
rinln Vrmivli'lnrs fnr II.S
3. and Oanailas. 5
St'I l'H
Il'll lT.ASTI.KS riiro pnln in thc
JIANX'S I'll.I.s donotKiipe. 25 c
ItAl 1-
niJsiNiinri cAiinn.
Uiistairs in Allcn Block.
O33co houra from 9 a. ni. lill 5 p. m.
Middlobury, VL
Mnmifnoturer nml dcalor in all ;icJ ot
AVitl. Dlil MiadleburvMarblu Co.
Aftor.Iuno 1 may be foiind at hls odlcc, flrt doo
apstalrs, eaBtof thupostofllcc,
kvuhv vi:dni:hi)ay and satl-uday,
rom S to . Corrcspondonce curcf ully attcndcd
o when st.tinp is i nclosod.
i:. MULLEN', d. d. s.,
Offiro lionrn, R to 12 A. M..1 to r. m. Offlce
over Trank A. Farnsworth s Ftoro.
AHODi.lCIIUitY, Vtrraout
I.anRliinc sns administeroil.
I'.tn 1 em ely. Ai
uhia) !!; tMire
for s i' ni I ii ii 1
ni.'torrl i hn-
polci.ry, nni' ull
lilM &i b! at fi'l-
of cT.nln.,1.: .iiiWrfvJK
SErCRETAKSXG.x.h.r.,: l.f. AFTEil YAKIN3.
tudo, i ain in lich;ck, dirnni --s tit Viioi), r- nja.
iurco'ii "rt nud nuiliy lhcr il -im t tliat to
tian iy or cniirunp'. ioii and a pron a'urc t;r ivi .
lluware of iidvcrt.reiiU'ntH lo r. t ind m"in
dlCll dn;c i'e from uiiom lhp mfdlc'tio U t.unylit
flo not rerimd, Lut rtMcr jou lo tl.e itunnfat t irtita,
Ind thc rt'(iurciuentH are bucU tlrit ! huy art
Hom, if eicr, ccmplU'l nitli. Sie lli ' i'tcn
fu irantee. A trlnl of one Kiivle pai.knc cf ray'i
epci fi wi!l convlncc thc most skeptlca 1 .;a rcal
On accoimt of conntcrfciti1, m havo adoptra the
fcl'.ovv nrnpprr, thn oidy eciiuim'.
u:l panlculara in out p.imph!ct, wlilch
dfeirc to tciid 'rco by niaU -p eery oiu". fl'Jbs
tprciilc Meiticine is b ili by v 1 drun'-'Mis at tl por
pacivase. orex ackar for s.i or tt b" nnt 'f e
by mail on llienxdn' it tho ir.ont'y. b addrt f iuc
THE GriAY ME0 C1NE CO. Bufialo. N. Y
Vpi Entirely
Biliousnoss, Dyspcpsia,
Incligcstion, Dlsoasesofj
tho KicIneys,Torpid Llvor
Rhoumqtism, Dizzinoss,
Sick Hoadacho, Loss of
Appctitc, Jaundico, Erupj
tions and Skin Discasos.
rrlcc t3c pcrhoMJc, Bold tiyall IirugKlstB.'
ElEt, JWMOK 4 KrRD, lufs., turltVRlon, 11.
Fil'lcon Ycsstils and Storcs ol
Jiives Lost al l'aiianiii.
Tho Soeno of Davaitation Da3oribed
by an Eyo-Witness.
'llio I'aciilo Slall stoamor Acapulco, wbicb
has nrrivodnt Now York froin Aspinwnll,
brlngs ndvlccs whloh toll n terriblo story ol
tlisastors to shlpplng nml tho loss of lifo
cnusoil by tlio liurricnno of Doconibcr 2.
AVhon tho galo bojan there woro cightoen vo?
sols of nll rigj uud nntioiinlitlos lnying in
Navy bay nt Aspinwnll. At its cessation on
Doccinbor 1 only thruo of thom hnd oacapod
dostrnction and many livos Ind boen lost.
1'ursur Honry Knicrson, of tlio Acapuleo,
said to n reportcr: "I va? n wltmss of tho
torrlble northor tliat visitol Aspimvall on
Decombor a. Tho town had boon p.trtially
rebttilt sinco its comploto dotruction by tho
robol l'restnn, lntoly liangol, nnil comra'rcu,
which hnd beon friglitonod a-ay durins
thoo tronblcs, bad rotnrnod. Vcs-ols of nll
kimliamlniaiiy nntionslay ntnnchorin Nnvy
bny on tho mornln wliich usliorod in tlio
liurricnno. Situatod in tho tropics, tliobarom
oter ncts imporfoctly nnd n norther Koneially
coinoi in unnnnotmced, oxcpt by n siiunll.
At tliis senson of tho yoar tlio wcnther
is nlwnys uiifertnin; bnt nt that
particulnr tinie thcro wns nothiug to indicnto
a stonn whicli would liiduco n cnruful skip
por to put to sen. nvy bay is shaiod somo
thing liko ti liorscshoe, tho opening boing
townrd tho nortliwest, so it is Inipossiblo for
n sailing vossel to lvnvo if tho wind nnd soa
nro fr'nn that quartcr.
"At2 l1. m., nltlioitgh tho wind wns not
strong, n hoavy rolling s -n sut in. Tliis in
iio.isoil to Mich nn oxtent thntnb 4 o'vlock
nll stcntn vessols woio foicod to slip thoir
cablosandgo to soa. Tho ilrst to nttempt
tliis was n Licrmnn stcamor, nml
so grent -was tho forco of tho
wavcs that slio found it inipos
siblo to got hor hoad to tho Mlnd nnd driftcd
sidoways against tlio dock of tha ltoyal Jlnil
l'ncket compiiuy, damaging it considerably.
Aftor n timosho siK-cojdeil in liaadlng scn
ward nnd jms-od out of dangcr. lu tho nienn
timo th ilcet of sailing mift woro nsing
every oxcrMon to kecp from bcing
drivon nshoro. Tlio first ono to part hur
cablo was tho, little sloop Mnrk
Titno. mannpd by tuo lncn. Thon followoil
tho Norwcgian hark Hcldon, lliltish brig
Kvclina, AiinTican brig Ortolon (all liands
lost', I'ronoli bark Ocean, Aliiorii'an bark
Veteran, iiiitih bark Douglas Castlo, JCor
wogian bark Knrnau, liritish bnrk Lyuton,
Austrian bark Tiri, Noiwcgian bark
lilanche, C'oloinbian lirig t'ntaliim, Co!om
bian brig Stolla, American schoonors l'rnnk
Atwood, Aris and itio Grando and sloop
Mnrk Tinic. It is roniarknblo that oaoti
liour o tho galo wns tnarkod by tho loss of n
"Tho loss ct lifo is vnriously ostinintod nnd
not yot iisccrtaiiK-d, few, lioworer, plnciir it
below iltty nnd iiinuy nbove n hundrod. Tlio
tlirdliug scones wlii. li took placo during tho
ttorm would Ull n Iwok. On tho nttornoou
of Thursday throo inon woro soon clinging to
n buny not fnr lroin bliotc. It was im
pos&iblo to get them througli tho turf.
Wlu'ii nilit closd thoy woro still tliere. In
tho niorniag thoy weio gono. Tlio raoit
lieai tivndins iiicidcnt of tho storm was that
of tho cu)tain of tlio bark lynton. With
his wife and two childien, oho n babe in
arms, lio wns soen clinging to tlio wrock
of his VU-.SC1 Tha chiof oillcor ol n Kroucli
steaincr nud four smlois volunteered to go
to their lescue. Wlien iiB.ir them nn cnor
mous wavo broko over lh"ir Loat aud tho
mato was swopt olf un l drjwnod. Discour
agcd tlio men jmt Imik to th dr vcsel, nnd
tho chiof eiigmeer ttokthe ilin ooltho lost
mate. Ile sliattd tli i fato ol his hrotliT olli
cer. Tho boat s cro w ,oit on and Siii ceided in
saving tho wouian aud her balu. Tholutlier
was drount-d befoio assistauco leached liim.
"Tho total loss is said to bo not lessthan
f 1,000,000, motof wliich is covercd by in
suranco. Ititsoven years sinco n nc rthor
visiled Colon, aud it is foi tunato that thu in
tvrvnlsnra so long, olo tralllo witli tliat port
would bo groatly leducod. Tlio hcbooner
Krank Atwoo 1, of New York, whicli was
lost, is notab e as bein tho vo-scl on whicli
Uos Twoed oU'octeil liis cscane."
.An Iniano lolhi r nnil : mr Clillilrrn
lliirnoillo Dt'ntli.
A dispatch from Olynipia, Wushlngton
Tcrritory, says:
Thls morning, nt Ixnig I'rairio, nbout
eight iniles lroni thisplace, u do,dorabloovent
occurred, nows of wliich wasiecoivul hero
to uight. Mrs. Miner, n ivlativoof Mr. D.ivid
Chainbors, lias for somo timo ninnifostod
syniptoms of insanity, and nccoruiug to ro
poit, sho last ovcninc satur.ited papers witli
coul oil nnd distrdmtod them arounil tho
housi, tolling ono of lier childivn, in rcsjKmo
to a iuestion, tliat sho wus wetting them wlth
Knrly tliis morning' sho mndo n rcmnrk
that slio was nbout to destroy tho whols
family, nnd Iior husband, foiring that sho
wnsaboutto nttompt lo t iko his lifo, pro
coodwl to put her out of tlio room, On open
ing tho door liodiscovered that t!iohouco wns
in llanips. lteachlng tho front door witli one
of his children ho found it lockednnd the key
romovod. llo ran to tlu bnck door and fouud
itnailed up.
Hnally ho nnd his little daughter suo
coeded in cscaping tlirougli n window. lioth
woro liadly burned. Tlio unfortunato mothor
nnd her four ol hor children woro burned to
death. The survivcrs wero takon to n neigh
bor's residenco for nieilical troatment.
A Siirgron nml Four Ir!varps Klll: 1
lr lnillans in .?txlci.
A fow days snu-e, mnr W'luto lluu',
3r., n company ot United Htntes cnvnlry
troojis undcr Iieutennnt Kountniu wero nm
bushed by hostiles witli disastrous rosults.
I'ollowing nro tho nnmes of tlioso who wero
killed in tho llglit that onsujl: Kurgoou
Jladox, I'nvatos Collins, Gibson, Hultouaud
I.ieutenant Cahlll nml Corporal McFarlnnd
weruslihtly wounded. 'Ilio Indiansnnm
berod twenty.onc. Aftor tho Ught thoy
headed in tho diroction of Clit'ion. This U
thosame band wlth whlch I.ieutenant Fouu
tnin had n llglit recently. 'o Indiaus woro
reporto 1 killed.
A live owl wns nn oddity in nn opera in
I.ondon recently.
StI'AHT Hohsov, the nctor, wns ouco n
congrossionnl pngo.
Mauv Anueuson- li.is boon playing to
crowdoil liouses in liostou.
AVii.iiki.mj, tho piauist, is giving a sories
of coui'orts in Kt. lVterlmrg.
Iiss Tan.nv Davkni-okt lias givon her
500th reiiresuntatiou of "Kedorn."
""ancy I.nK," ollorod for $.'-0, ultimutoly
paid itscomposor, -Mr. Maybnck, .-J'j,000.
IjAWHkni'k Il.MtitEi'i's present tour is
proving tho most succossful lio has over
Thkhk nra now nbout W) trnvollng com
pnmu.s iKjuforming iu tho vurious sections of
tho Uniou.
Knwiv Hootii nnd Signor Bnlvini will ba
Been togotber as lago nml Othello boforo tho
close ot tho beason.
CillilsTlNE Xn.s.ioN Ims written un elnbor
nto work on vocal toachiug ani ii propor
mcthod of singiug.
Scnntn f'rilnni.
t Kiktu ll.w. -'lli idi.iir i:il bo'nr" llio
Konato njoint reso.u'imi of (li; loislnilim ot
Connecticut urging foiigi-.s lo ass, wl U
out tnniocos-H'ii y dl iv. a 1 iii t j p:ovld.' for
llio rresidaii'i ilcou it ...Mr, lloir, fmm tlio
coiiiniitt'B o.i piiv.ltes nn 1 plotions. ro
portcd favor.ilily nn oriinnl bill iirovlding
for th pL'rformanco ot thn duties
of riesi'lent in casj uf the dcntli, re-l'iialioii,
or lnability or both tho Tivsidont nnd Vico
l'rosldent. Ho said it was subs nutially tho
sanio bill that hnd been ncted on last yoar by
tlio Sonnto. Tho onlv addltlon of import
nnco is n provision for tlio lcpenl of si'ctinns
numbored from 147 to 10, ini lti'l le, of tlio
roviod statut'S. Theso privido for spc cial
clnctions in cino of vacani ies in llio ol'lco
of I'resident nnd A'ico-l'reslilcnt. The eiTo 't
of their repeal is to contimto tho
sU"co.sors to tlio presidency tn ollico until
the next genernl cloition. The 1,111 wai
ila"i.l on the cnlondar for earlv ncllo.i. Mr.
Mi'l'licrson iutroiiuced n 1.111 to suspend tho
coinngo of tlio silver dollar Afternni'X-
ecutivo foslon tho Nenalo 10 eived n mesago
from tlio Prosldpnt trnnsniitting nll tlio coi
rcspondonco rolnting to tho iippolntment ot
A. M. Kciloy ns minister to italy and his
subserment nppointment ns minister to Aus
tria. Sixth Day. Mr. IMmunds iniroilucol a
bill granting n pensiou to Mre. .Jnlia D.
Urant, and nnother bill granting hor tho
franklng privllog?, Mr. TMuiunds nlso fa
voinbly reportod tho bill to reliovo Ueneral
Alexnndcr 11. Unwton. of Georgia, of 1ns nn
liticnl disabilltips. At Mr. Kdimmds' reipiost
tho bill was iiumc.liatcly consldored nnd
mssel . . Mr. lloar discu'.soil his bill provid
ingfortho presidential succcAs on....A dis
ctCision took plnro on Jlr. I'ryo's report pro
viding fnr n codo of joint rules for both
lious ot Congross. Among the rules ndoptod,
niler considerablo dobate, was ono prohibit
ing the sale of intoxicnting li'iuor in tlio cap
itol. Kr.VENTH 1)ay. UicusMon ot Mr. Hoar's
pro idential suecossion bill was contiuued.
Mr. Muxey favorod. aud Jlr. l''dmuudsopi)os
rd the bill. . . .iiills introducel: Hy Mr.
TVIlor Provlding for tho free nnd unllmitcd
coinago ot tho silver dnllnr. Ity Mr. l'lumb
Hxtouding tho provisions of tlio bounty nct
to soldlers dischnrgod wlthiu two yoars
from the date of thoir onllstmont on nccount
ot disabdity incun ed in tho lino of duty.
Hy Mr. Ingalls l'roviding that on the rep
res"iitntion of two lioads of departments to
tho chiof .iustice of th snpremo court of
the Unilo l Matos, that tho 1'ivsidont is nn
nblo to ilisvlinrge tho dulios of his olllco, tho
clnef justicj sliall conveuo tho court, nud it
sliall det.'rmino the nuostion of such nllegod
iuability. Ily Mr. Mandei-son l'roviding for
tho ponsiouing ot nll persons who servod nt
lonst onoyear during tho war nnd woroeither
dischnrgod nfter such term of servico, upon
Mirgi'on's cerlillcates ot dbnbility ns no
longorllt for niilltary duty, or who, nftor
liko term of servico, wero dischnrgod witli
ro-enllstnient clauso stricken from their cer
tillcato of discliargo.
liKiHTii Day. Tho featuroof tlio Senato
ou tho cighth was tho dobato botwcon
Mossra. Kv.irts and Kdmunds upon thenmend
ment of tho latter to the lloar presidontial
surcession bill. Mr. Kdmunds doired to
havo tli j !aw loft standing as it is now. Mr.
Kvnrts niado nn elabunto nrgument to
sliow tliat no meniber of oither branch
ot Congrcs) was nn olllcial of tlio govern
nient in tlio scnso of the word ns em
ployi'd in tho Con-.titution nnd that, tbere
foro, neilhor tho jirosidont ot the bonato nor
tho sj eakcr of tho Houso would bo eligible in
liis opinion to succeed to tho presidency
tUi-uugh tho death or ivsignation of tbo
I'resident nnd A'ico-l'rcsident. It was Mr.
Kvnrts' lirst nddross in tho Kennte, nnd he
was hstened to utteutively by nll tho Kena
tors. At tho conclUMon of the debato n vota
was tnken upon Mr. Kdmunds' nmcnd
ment, and it was lo3t by 21 yeas
to ;)7 mys not n pnrty voto,
Tho bill was thon put on final pasfago and
pa-seil, without livision, in tho form reported
from conimitteo....Othor liusincsstransactod
during the day was tho sweariug in of Mr.
Mitoliell ns Scnator from Oregon,nnd dobato
upon Mr. liutler'srcsolution, Mr. llutlercall
ing for ncommitteo to inqulro ns to thonllegod
orgnnization of tho Terntory of Dakotu into
n Stato nnd tho nllegod eloction ot United
Stntes Senatora.
XiNTii Day. Mr. Mitc'nell from tho com
mitteo on pciiions reported favorablv tlu
bill granting n jvarly pcnsion of ?."i,(rUJ tc
tho widow of Geii 'ral Grant. Tho bill was
nt onco pasicd w ithout debate. . . . Debato oj
currcd upon Mr. Uutler's ro-.nliitiou of in
(Uiry rolnting to tho nllegod oiganizatiou o(
Dakota into a Btito. Mr. 'cst nrgtted
tho ipicstion of ndmission from a lenl
point of view, nnd in-,itid tliat
undcr tho docisions of tlio United Stntes su
premo couit in formcroasesof ndinissiou, the
rerent nction in Dakuta was iwolutionary.
Mr. l.ogan inquired if it was rovolutionary
for citi.ons ot n Tcrritory to get togethor
nnd pro-ent their claims to'bj ndmittod ns n
fc'tate.thov ttking caro to pro"vldo iu their now
constitution that thoy should not be a Stato
till Congress should npprovo their consti
tution. Ho thought it unfair for Sonatora
to regnrd tho nction in Dakota as rovolution
nry. Until they should sot up ns n Slnte nnd
undertake to ierform tho fuuctions ot n
Stnto nnd tlio tmwcrs of statohood tluy weie
not rovolutionists. Mr. liutler snid lio had
mi-upprehended wlint constitutod n State it
tho eloction of Senntors nnd judges wns not
excrcising statohood. After lurthor debato
tho subjo.-t wont over.... Tlio Sonnto nftor
moro dobato ngroed to tho joint rules
Ilnuso Soloni.
Fiktii Day. Jlr. Jli.irison, from tho Com
mittoe on ltules, subiiutted tho report. ot that
conimitteo on tho propos.'d reviion of tbo
rules, nnd it was ordered printed nnd laid
over until tho next day, penuission being
given Jlr. llnndall to subniit a niinority re
port. Sixth Day-. Jlr. Morrisin called up tho
report of tlio Coniuiltteo on rules, nud ex
plalned tho i rovisions of tlio proposed new
codo of the rules for the Iloiue. Tlio niain
featuro of tha report is itsdistribution of tho
labors of tho npproprintion committi'o
nmong various coimnittees, thus slripping
tho nppropriation conimitteo of niueli ot its
power whiili it hns heretoforo wieldsl.
Jlesrs. Itamlall, Scott, llatmnoiid nnd Can
non opposcd tho rejiort, nnd Jlessrs. Gibson,
Hoed, itengan nnd AVillis spoke in its fnvor,
Tho debato clood for tho day without
Kevkntii Day- On motion ot Jlr. Xor
woal n Konato bill was passod ronrjving tho
politlcnl disabilities of Alexandor It. J.aw
tnn, of Georgia,... Disr'Ussion of tho pro
jiosed rovision of llio Houso rules was ro
siimed. Tho bill wns dis. ussed by Jlossrs
llerbert, Hiscoek, llnndall, Holman nnd
lllount, without nction.
KiiniTii Day. Jlr. Dibblo nsked lenvo to
iutrodm-o n joint rosolutton proposing n con
stitntional ninoiidin uit. It jirovidos tlint in
caso of tho rouioval from olllco, by iloath.
rosignatiou, or constilutionnl iuability, lioth
of the 1'iosident nnd A'ico-I'reaident of the
United .States, tho olllco of l'rosidout shnll
devohoon tho seeond A'ice-l'resident, who
shnll lio voted for in distinct ballots
nt tho snmo timo nnd in liko
mnnuer nml for tho sanio term ns tho Presi.
dent nnd A'ioo I'resident, bv electorsnppoint
od by tho tovcral States. Tlio socond A'ico
I'resident shnll presido over tha Seimto
iu tho nbsenco of the A'ice-l'resident,
or in cns3 tho oflico of l'rcsi
dont shail devolvo upon the A'ice
l'resident. Jlr llnndall snid that ho had n
liko mensuro wliich ho would liko to go witli
tho propoMtion of tho gentloman from South
Cnrollnn. Upon objectlou by Jlr, Tuckor,
tho ro-.olutioii was lmd asidu iu fuvor of tho
rort on tho new Houso rules. Tlm debato
lnsted the rostof tho day, nnd wns closed in
n sneech npprnving tbo proposoil new rules
by Mr. ltnndalL
Kinth Day. Tho Houso ro'umed tl.o con-
deration of tho roort f tho rounmttou ou
rules. An niiiMiduient wns ollerid liy Jlr.
Hatnmond to striko out tho di'.rihutlou fea
turo of tlio repni t, and whon tha lIous.itiKik n
voto, tho ro-.nU wns that the umendmenl
wnn lot by iU ens to 'ilii nnys. This wa
regnrdo 1 ils n test voto sliowm thn fnvorn
blo feelpig tonaiil th ropnrt, anil nft 'r du
b.ito it uas adopted iu toto .Jlr. Jlorn
Bon'j loi lu, iou for u holidnv lo vs from De-
cembcr 27 to .Innu-iry ."; wns ndnptod . . . . Or
motioii ol Jlr. Ma sou. Ilin Hininloblll prnn'
iug n pensiou lo tho wid, w of ltnnr.'il Uru I
wns tnl.en ti;i nu i pis cl. y.y. 'n, ,., 0f iv
conilii, nloi o voflii1' in llio n ,n'ivi'.
Tentii Day. Upon motlon of Jlr. Morrl
son ilvo selo.'t cominittoos wero nppoint'd, us
fnllows: On tho electlon ot Pro-identunl
ico-l'rcsldeiit of tho rmtod htntus To con
sist of thirtoi'ii membeis, to whicli shnll I
referred ull propositions lou hlngtho oloctlon
nnd tonuro of olll.-o of I'r.'sideut nnd Viin
l'rosident, tho countof tho olecttirnl voto,nud
tlio suecossion to tho orllco of l'rcsl.lont. On
roform in tho civil sjrvico To consist o
thirtoon membcrs, to whlch shnll bo ro
ferrod nll propositions touchlng thc
civll sorvico. On sliipbullding
nnd slilpowning interests To consist ol
thlrtoen membors, lo whicli sliall !
rofcrred nll proposilloni relatinglo Americnn
shlpbuilding nnd slilp owning interests, willi
nuthority to iuvestigato tho causo of tho tle
clino of tho American forelgu cnrrying trado
On nlcoholio llijuor tra'llc lo consist o'
olovon nicinbors. Ou ventilntion nnd acous
tlesoftho hnll of tho Hcuse to consist of
Boven membpr.s. ..Jlr. I'indloy nsked unnui
moiu consent for tho proseut eonsidointion of
the Scnato proidential suecossion bill, bul
sovernl niombars objocte 1.
Tonr .fllncrw rntnllr nml Four
llntlly tn urcil.
Adisnstious cxplosion of llro-dnmp oc
curred tho othor morning nt tho Mill Croek
slojio, situated nt Mill Croek, n fow milos
from AVilkesbnrre, I' euu. Kight men wero
scverely injurod nnd sovornl others slightly
liurt, wliilo n portiou of tho colliory wns
badly wrockod. Tlio firo-Loss, Josepli Cleas
by, liad, in nccordanco w ith tho inino law,
mndo his tour of inspoctlon through tlio inino
beforo tho men wcnt to work.and found gasiu
dnngerous quantitios iu n portiou of tho
mino known ns No. I.' I.ift. Ho theretdro
tiosted n notico wnmlng tho men omplovod
in this lift not to go in towork until ho Iiad
elearod tho gas out. Tliis wnrning, for s nno
renson unknown, wns disrcgnrded hy u miner
namod l'eter Coll'ej-, who, aecompnniod by
his laborer, a lluugnrinn nalned I'otcrStunp,
went into their chainber iu this lift and ent
to work. All tbo othcr ininers einploycd
in tlio lift did not join. Had tliev dono so
the loss of lifo would havo beon 'frihtful.
Aftcr posting tho notico, CIeaby obtainod
tho holp of his assistnnt llio boss, Goorgo
Jlnrtui, nnd, entoring tho shnft, begnn tho
procoss of brushing out thn gns. Ho was cu
mged iu thls work when the gns in tliochnin
lier in whicli Coiroy nml Hl ono weio nt work
caught llre, it is suppojed, from their
nakol llghts, nnd nn oxpioslou, terrillo in its
violenco, shook tlio iniii'-. '1 li i concussinu
wns folt in worklngs n milo nnd n lialf dis
lant, nnd in tho viciuity whorc it ncourrod
tho losiilts wero tenible. All tiio mon
I working round nbout wero thrown down or
dnshed witli groat violeneo ngninst tho sides,
or rib, ns it is called by miners. Doors. brat-
, licos nnd woodivork weio thrown down nnd
broken to ntoins. Tho wildeit i onsterna-
; tiou provnilod, nnd fiom nll pnrts of tho
j mino tho men ru.-hcd to tho sloi.o nnd wero
hastily lioMed to tlio surlncc. Kight
mon wero seriously injuieil, nud ono
s,oiv nftcr died. Tho niimo ot tho
doad man was Georgo Jlnrtui, tho nssistant
liro boss. Hisskull wns I'r.ictmed aud sovernl
ribs wero brokon. lio nnd L'l 'asliy wero
found close together buried uuder tlio debris.
Clcasby's skuil wns nl-o frnctuio.l, liis nnn
broken nnd his body covcred witli cuts nnd
bruiso. llo was not expocted to livo till
Coll'eyand Stono wero found in Iheircham
bnr. lioth men wero ternldv burne 1 uud
tho llosh nml skiu hung from them in sbreds.
lioth wero cortnin to dio. lOvery particle of
Stono's clothlng, tX'-e,it his "bjots, wero
burnt oll' liis body nml tho hoad nud hands
wcrocharrod to tho bone. Tho other injurod
men, all of whom it is lielieved will ultimate
ly rocovor, nro Nioholas Grny, nged
uineteen, liend nnd lioily badly out nnd
brui-od; Snmuel Jlorris, njedtwenty six, nrm
broken nml back badly bruUed; .loM'ph l'ar
duskey, nged sixtoen, cut and biulsed; Anton
Knrowski, liungariim laborer, shoulder
broken, body badly cut and bruised.
I'cn I'croiiN Iiisliir.lly Killed nnd
Itlitny .lKiru lu ureil.
At midnight tho other nuiit, on tho Gojr
;in 1'acillo railroad, scvntco:i iniles from
Atlauta, tholioorgia I'a.'illJ Iralu was run
into by tlio Knt TVnue-sjo tniiu. Kloven
persons wero killod inslnutly, nnd six seri
ously woun led. Of the latter ono died soon
attcr, and the dcnth of annther was oxpeetod.
ln tho passenger coai li of tlie Georgia
Paeific train somo of tho passongers woro
sleeping nud others wero uwake nud tnlking.
AA'itlmut warning thi-iocnino n terriblo crash.
nnd tho scono was iiumodintely transformod
into uuo of confusion, destruction, nnd
death. Souls wcre burled into eternity,
nnd tho nir wns lilled with the groans
of thu wounded nnd dying. At ono sido of
tlio water tank tliere is a Irestle, nnd tho
rear cnd of tho last coai-h of tlio Georgia Pn
cilic trnin wnsstandiug on tho odge of tho
trotlo. AVheu tlio Kast Tennesseo locomotivo
l sirueK inis ciiacn ii. piuoa its wny inrougii
I .. ... .l!..!.Tf tl...
us itu its liiu ioii4iii; pai iiuim, ajiiiliiii
tbo cnr in lialf. Tho shocl. moved tlio Georgia
l'neillc trnm ilfteen or twenty yards, nnd
w hen it stopped tho c .capiug stoam from tho
Kust Tennoseo locomotivo lilled tho renr
coach nud immcdiatelv all tho lnui)s woro
extinguisheil, the darkuos.s making tho scono
moro dro.tdfiil nnd appallmg. Nows of the
uccident wns tclegraplied back to Atlnntn
nnd a spocial trnm sent out. In tho inean
timo pas-ngers nnd inilroad linnds lio wero
liuhurt removed tho dend nud wonndod into
tho baggago cnrs on th two train, nnd when
tho special trniu nrrived they wero sent on to
Among tho injurod mon was .1. II. Sink, of
.Salem, Alo who told h:s ex- enenco.
"1 wns slttiug," ho said, "iii tho renr ot tho
slcoper, wlin li wns tho iastcar on tholieorgia
i'acillc pasonger train, when tlio east Ten
liessee loconiotlvo telescopo.l our "nr. Thcro
wn ir.stantly n burst of s aldmg hot steani,
tN'hich illlod tho cnr, nnd, m I nfterwnnl
learned, tho lloor wns llooded with scaldin
water, cnu-ing terriblo death to overy ono
who wns thrown lo tho lloor nud roudercd
holplos to get up."
IX alh ol tlio Nototl (.'n-irtflnti Mtotrli
oC lilw Curcor
A te!egraui irom AVushtngton, On., mys
that Genernl Uobert K. Toomlu died at his
homo tliere ou the l.jth nfter a'ong illness.
(ionerul Toonibs wns boru in Washington,
AVilkes county, Ga., on tho '.'.1 ot .luly, 1S10.
Ho graduate 1 nt Uniou college, Sehenecludy,
in 1VJS; studied lnw nt the I'niverMty ol
A'irginin, nnd cominuncwl praetico iu liis
nutivo place. ln llti ho gjrved
under Geueral AVinlloId Scott ui
captaln of oluuteers ln tho t'reel; war. ln
lSi? bo wns electdl to tlio Georgia lojrislnturt
nnd, witli tho exception of 1SI1, contiuued u
inember until 1SI.". Ho was u menilier ol
Congross from lh5 to lS."j:i, wlien ha wns
eloctod u rnember of thol'nitd Stnles Sen
nte, nnd was ro elected for tlio term oudliig
Mnrch 4, IrO").
Ho wns n promiuoiit liicmlior of the cx
tremo houthern pirty, aud alter tho elo tiou
of Prosidenl l.ineolti wns ono of tho ni 'st
activo in )0iMiading Georgia to seeede. The
Slalo of Georgia having passod its seeossion
ordinanco on Jnnuary 1'.', 1MII, (ieuernl
Toombs withdrew from thoSoiiato on tho 2-til
of that motitli, aml ou Jlurch 14 following he
was oxpelled.
Ho was n inenib3." of tho Confolorato con
gress whlch mct nt Jlontgomery, Aln , wak
buusequoilll.v lor u Kiiuib iiiuu becieiary ui
I stato of the ( 'oiifo lornto States, nnd aUo
Borvo l ns n brlgndier-goneral iu the Confed
j oralo nrmy.
Tlio Mot Wnndprfnl Kanitlf
ltrmrilj' l.itr Known.
Croup, Asthma, Hron
clillls, Konrnleln, Ithoti
mntlsm, Illecdhift nt the
Lunga, llonrsonHn, ln
UUGnsa.Hnckliig Oough,
Whooplnff Cough.
mall for 1!3 ctB. ln atamps. Valunblo lmormatlon
It Is n wdl-linnwn t.vt that mml of tho
Ilorsu nnd ( alllo pmvdrr mM in thls nnin
Irj- Is orl)ilo-s. tn.it Slicrldan s ('i.mlltmn
l'idi r Is nhsolntoh imn- nnd rrrv Milit.ibl,'
IS'llllllllC Ull lliirlll Mill lillllio lll'lls
layllki- .SIicriilnu'N CiimiIIIIcim
lllT. 11,'' lilli' 10 ln,inllfnl ln I'.ir'i nilrt t,r
liud. It . I nNu trmlllt'v itrcM'llt fllid r.liro
si:i.i:ct SHTING'S.
An elcctrical signnl travels at tho rato
of 10,000 miles icr socond.
A hmn.in lifo is lost for cvcry 50,000
tons of coal miuotl in tlio anthracito
Iioston dudcs import shoes from Kng
tnnd at a cost of 2.T por pair. Thoy arc
said to bo hiclcous in appoaranco and
lougli in llnish.
Ex-GovcrnorAVashburn says tliat Lislo
Smith, n political orator of the 1HG0
canipaign, was ihc iirst man wlio called
Abraham Liiicoln "Old Abo.''
It appcars that a wisp or small twist
of straw or hay was oftcn applicd as a
mark of opprobium to an immodcst
woman, scold or similar offcnder.
Somo pcrsons havo a doloct of smoll
analagous to color blindncss, accoiding
to I)r. Carl Suilor. In onc caso violets
smull liko girlic, ovcrythiug olso smoll
ing normallv.
It was oncc a provalont notion that
sighs impaired tho strcngth and woro
out tho unimal powcrs. It was also ad
ancient bolief that sorrow consumcd tho
bloud and .shortcncd lifo.
All thc undcrclothing of tho mikado
of .lapan is madc of a pcculiar soft,
white silk; and as tliis "Son of llcavcn"
noer wears a garment twicc, nor ono
tliat hns been wnshud, ho consumcs a
grcat ainount of this material ; btit it is
not wasted, for tho royal east oll gar
inunts arc competcd for ns pricolcss pos
scssions by his loyal subjccts.
Thc l.irgcst vino in the world is said
to bo ono growiug at Oys (I'ortugali,
which has l;een in bcaring sinco 1S02.
Its mnximum yield was in lb'Uln which
year it piodticcd a sulliciont quatitity ot
grapes to mako 1 05 gnllons of wiac; in
1871, lKJt gallons; and in 183 1, only
70J gallor.3. It covers an arca of 5,oc
square feet, nnd tho slcm at thc baso
nieasurc 0j feet in circumfcrence.
The wild duck is prob.ibly tht; most
destructivc of all thc encmies of tho
trout, for it conlinos itself entirely to
fccding on tho spawn. Always a glut
ton, when a duck finds tho spnwiiinjr
beds of trout in tlio small streams that
fecd the mniu water, it will soon dovour
thousands of oggs and shovol thc entiro
contents of thu breediug places into lts
stomach, if not molcsted. Uno llock of
wild ducks can cimly destroy tho entiic
brceding propoot3 of any trout in a
short timo.
J.uvllitylo.i, Yt., l'yojuctors of
L , 1 , - -
J''oj- llheumatism, Xciiralgia,
Cranips, Sprains, liackachc:
Sclitticn, Jltn'tts and ScaUls,
Iiruisc.i, Fi'ostcd Fcct cD llars,
nml. nll fif !! fVfn.i aml Aflipa.
JL safe, sitre, and cjj'cctitaia
rcuierfi for Gtdls, Mrains,'
Scratc'icr-, Sores, cPc, on Ilorscs.l
One trial will yrove ils merits.
Its cffccts arc instantancous.
Pricc 2fic. and 50c. Rold ovcrrwliorc.
i' l 1 t Ivl t Sillcltors of U. 8. and For
I fl I L, I J I Olrlxn I'atentB, No. loo Bevcnib
Mreet, cor. O, opp. U. H. I'at.
rni OOci-, WaHtilnKion, I). 0. Correspondence bo
lirliefl. No chitrirf-ror advlee. Ko fe chareed nn
l- Talent l allnned. Iteferences, Lewli Johnson
t r-o.. lunkt-rii. and I'oatmaBKr, Washington, IX U
,1'AtTiphUi of lnBtructloni free.
tn.inls entirely reniKnd. 11s - iln atmrnt, M di-e-ne
o.ln he ndhiinHtereil x iiinnit knou-slK' of
p.iucnt, liy plaelni; i ln c I1V wn, ur arrtf - ,f
fo ,,1 t'nrp- cuariuit- cd s, ti I for i artlettlar
UClSCH SPClflSCa,.100Ka,-ct t-'INUINiiATI.O.
ApD7p-sPndBlxeentfor pojiage nnd re
I ni6.L(cle free a costly bn ot goodt
ttluc ii Hl nelp you to more mmipv riIit away
ili'in anUa.iiri cUe lu thls world. All, of eltber
-. , sin-i ee I trinii the llrst hour. Tlie brnad road
, ..itu..e ,, .-ns UTure the woikers nl,-,,lutel
'i' Aloiieo cildiess TnuK Si Co., AugusU,
0CUU)UUUi e it"i!s poBlae, and by
mall you uni unrtt a pickacc of oo.l of laree
laluc, ihat w II Btart you ia work lh.it will at oncc
I1111 z jon In 11 oney faster thon nuvtliing fjte lu
An crita. All ubeut the tau.'O' 111' pretintBwllb
ui'bbox. AsentB wauted ecrynhrre, of elther
M-x, of all agcB, for all he tlme, or ire time only,
t( wnrk for 1 s at ihcir oun hun,e. 1 ortut es for
ull workeri abiolutcly aBi:red. I'oe't de'ay.
11. IUlli.tt ii Co , I'ortland, .Malnc.
T k TVT nmii- inoney tnan at anythlni; ete by
J JH i K 11' un aency for the hc-t Bcllini;
i onk oui l.eiiut-rB succeed griu ny Nonu fall.
innslr, o. Hali.ett lloos Co., I'ortland Me.
AfjmnU ELY'S
.jrjl nDT? A Wf D AT M
COVDlt'auses no Pain.
Gives Eeliefat
once. Thorough
Treatment wi 1
Cure. Not aLiq
uid or Snuff. Ap-
Dlv with Fineer.
HAY-FEVER Qivo itl Trial.
60c. at Hrutfirlats. 80c. by mail reelati'red. Bendfo
circulu, ELY 111(03., Drugiilali, Owe0, N. Y
Kxecls ftll nthrr l.'rmrdic for
I'ltfrnst I'SP.
Ct'RP-3-Catnrrh, Chol
vrn Morbua, lijnentery,
Chronlc D)rrhci!n, Kld
noy Troublea. !! Hnlnal
I)l,au. lrfUnfrj
I. a JOHNSON tc CO.,
Boston, Ml,
ltn!?('hilrr.i. A-e SnMpBrli,Tp nr
tt I., ..,1 fv... I.. I..
'nnits 1 iirnlslK',1 In l.ifL'c i ims. pr!r $1 'ni h nidii Jl j.
Urculars Irto. I. S. JuilN.tUN .V CU., l.uslon, Mtss
TJTrjlT "for working pe iplc ScndlO ccntspos
XJLJZiJjJL tase and we will mall jmrer, a rojsl.
nluablc rnmple box of goods th.it wid put yoii ln
Ibe ay of maklni tnorc nioncy In a few d,is than
yoii thought poBslble at any biislnc?-. C'apftal uot
requlred. Y'on can Ihe at liomo and work in epare
tlme only, or all the tlme. All of both bcxc;, of all
ajcj, ciandly Bucceesfnl. 00 ccnts to J5 easily
earncd evcry cvenlng. Ihat all who want work
may tcit tho buslniBi, we make thls nr.parallelcd
ofcr: To all uho are not wcll satltflcd we will Bend
Jl to pny for thc ttouble of writlng ub. l-'nll partic
nlarB, rcctlon, etc., Bent frce. fminense pay ab
Bolnlely tnre for all who Btart at oncc. Don't dclay.
AddrcEB Stinbon &, Co., I'ortland, llalne.
For Colds, Bronchitis,
Coughs, Croup, Lung
Fever, Asthma, Pleu
risy,Whooping Cough
and all 1 hroat, Chest
and Lung diseases.
It will cure when all
other remedies faiLvU
hi:v, j:e:j:::i 1 1:22 rte;riet:::, rwasjts, v:.
The Only 8-Flangc Safe in thefoili
More secnre from Iiurglars than any other
Fire-Proof Snfe, nnd no exrouse iu
Ilepairing lJjlts or I.ocks.
Patent Hineel Oap,
Four-Wliesl Iiocks,
Inside Iron liinings,
fJoIicl Ansrle Ocrnera.
Tliese S.ifcs are now being sold iu tuii
Stato iu
Bemg tho Jlost Highly Finished,
Bcet Made and Cheapest First
Class Safo evor produced.
Theso Celebrated Safes had the
m Tiia
Great Cliicago, Bostou
and Haverhill Fires.
And aince that time jreat and important
lmprovements Iuts been made. llefore cir.
ing your order to nny otlier concern eud for
pnces aud descriptiv Catalojrue.
B0ST0N fflASS.
IFirs-Proof Safes.
1 ifeSi? ill I sl

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