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NO. 48.
f v & mmi ftnp MMbr Trul I Look out what Company You Keep, a Man or Woman Is no Better than His or Her Friends,
4. flMte 'flteA
y 1r WP
n KMnrn
mmf ' f4kanaH
Mt lB''lB Fi- t1
fc M . s lf nfak )
i nmHl. mmm unra t) 5, 19. t
Mm. MKHk Vt. W in wiat Ml xt
ta 'iMtkiti rdv!i i ad m Brr
iwtt Hr eT.Pd 'iib oCr, h wra.
k Hr dtnwfcMi Hl Vl- liiw
Ttt AUwrta wkMr b uwgiit hool
ailagt eoufNi. Lntor )m va
fi f hk tlw M) luuiwn Irw of
1 MH m MrtirwblB iraa forrnwd iM
4m M ina m Vernon, llull A
r.jr, 4ie Mptay?i of whloh bi
4fc . r-'tjry wa Uhm in iu iu-
te bfoMfei-lR-lri, Trencr W.
fwic ia KaUiur liuslnws.- tor
ft jmm Mr. IlalJ wft on of thoboartl
ml iAKrnn tfte Vermont JHittual
Iwimi eoHr,ian.'' and nUo
Kii acM Vh- mtnv Mtot:k Itj
mmm MKf&Hk. Ic lSSn Mr Flill
wt4i m htokMr NUto)el, purobaoed
jhx nH at North Dm-
ftMlW h4mh .'n Um vil'sge of North
.... m
ky n K nltcu ihioh Ume
k.MM iMt Hk kr Mveral wrH
aVVtl Me( of ctriuor of the ' Vcr
Wi Rl (orml BWNy for Beaaiw
mb aair, ikat ot Qiiorli.n Ih
4w rtMiifftoA Bn'U Monuraetr' and
AiiHiSwl Mweiaiioo.
Xr. llU mu oln-Ume Uliitr
rfcjMr-r W kamte fof Henry my
KHinn, t-Jrilj vorklnj) for
or JwiMtl of his wjrt in MVaral
riiA Im) jwvw liad time a in
clifeUio for pot (kal )rfrtufxit.
Jk pioiw4 pconouoeed lllorarr
f WM f fc
t Kjwwh Qttzen Who
- tH.uahl ooatribtitlons
'"i U aa xbau(lf
HaUI of HvanlDnton
i-..i ' for U Bwkshiro
rMr '. ..., nd tn Verniont
itr at MtkftUHr. Vr-
Vok- ..il.. r tHtnir ftB refuU by
Matf 'k !.)! thwiUlm mai Ih tbe
S ni Mav'iw "f Amfrican HU-
, t Aprii Iw2 thaia bo ijr of New
.. k triNMi undrr fol. John Will
' ivali prt ia tb BiMtle aml aliiid
pliic of Itwvolution-
Hr Hall uatlad mltti the Conirresrat-
..! edarch In Benainjrton in 185S.
' Uurttlaw nntil 1806 h was sup
wiinnBi of ttf Sunday 3cbool of
hm Chmrth. Itpon bis removal to
North BtainjrWM in lEfl6 h wss fore
Mrt in ottranixation of tl)6 Church
wd Snadar 8cbool Uiero.
iMr H!l ba always had tlyj keenost
intotMt ia U adranoement of Ben
nington and North Bennington tnater
lnil sd educaUonally; has beon
rh- ol truatro aml preaulent of tho
Ncwih Bennington Library Assoclat
iuo. Mr liail murrM Carolino E.
TbMetMM- of Bennington 1S47. Thoy
enVbrmted tbeir ifolden weddin' in
IWJ. Tbir oJilUlren were flvo in
aaabnr. Ellaal).. wife of Honry T.
Cnabman, Charles Henry. Hiland,
Cnralie H., Wllllam Carroll. Of hia
enildren Mrs Cusliman, Carolino (Mrs
Matii-KHi ) and eleven prandihlldron
Mrrive hlm.
Mr Wobtor Towsley roturned last
MiNtday from Boosick, .where sho has
irtM iopiln u fow dn-ys with hor un
rks, Henry Wood, who is qultj sori
(Ntiily 111.
Arehle Barnon wlio has boon in Wal
Unirfortl for a fow wcoks past, Is in
A nunilxr from here nttonded tho
'lMme wnnninjr" t tho Dorset Inn,
aml tvjiort a vory enjoyablo time. It
oould not m oteonvise with Mr and
SIm Georjro Barrows as host and
Klossit Ilwd waH quito badly bit
ten by a dog whilo on her way to
sehool Monday morning.
Sorace Winehester was home from
Bennington soveral dajH during the
UojfOM niurder ti'ial, but returned
there Dec. 21.
Kdward FLsh of Ira, Vt., Issoppini,'
a few dayx at Edward Leach's.
Mlss Mildred Black of Troy Confer
enw academy, Poultney, ts home for
the hollday vacation.
Brwin Roberts and Joseph A. Well
wood of Dorset were in town Saturday
Mr O. P. Black has beeu ntoppirig
for several days with Mrs Isaao Mayo
of Kutland, who is very ill with ner
vouh prostratioh.
A largo stock of holiday' goods at
Goldsmlth's, C00 Main st. Toys,
books, gatnos, dolls, etc.
- A Tlmely Toplc.
At this bobsuu of couRha ntd colds
it is well to know that Feloy's Uoney
snd Tar is tho Rreatost tbroat and lung
reoiedy. It curos quickly and prevsnta
erioua reaulta from a cold. For salo
by 0. A. Qulnlan.
Inltrtiting Extrcljti- Frlday t "South Shafts
bury School.
A flne time was onjoyed by all con
neoted with the vlllage scliools of
Soutli Shaftsbury on Friday aftornoon
of last week.
The young peoplo, under tho guid
anee of the teachers, arranged for a
Chrlstinpa treo whieh prove'd a groat
suecess for it was exceedlngly well
fllled with prosents ann croatly on
joyed by tho young ieople.
The prlnolpal was the happy recipl
ent of a flne comb and bruah spt, also
a very nice ink set, as well as aoveral
otlier useful and beautiful souvenoirs
of the friendship of his pupils.
In a few choaen words, Mr Dinmore
expressed his appteciation of tho
IfifWt themsolves und of the spirit thoy
The sohool was presented by Mr
Dinmore with a oopy of the famous
plcture, "Calling the Ferryman,"
whioh is to decorate the walls of the
The other ttfaohors and sohools were
also well rotnombored and , it
ia oarnestly hoped tljat' the
friendship and barriiony n6w existlng,
may be oontinued and inareased and
will eventually becom'e apparent in
the ennobling of tho youDg peoplo who
are now in tlie formatlve perlod of
their livee.
Says Erskinc Was the Rcsponsible
Geo M. Rowejl formerly of ,this
plaee and reoently of Burlington who
was here several weeks anv selling ac
cident iBSurance polioles klilcli failed
u appear has wrjtten to Wjferal looal
friendg exylaioinfr tttiiafitttlsn with
the matter.
Mr Rowell states that he worked un
der the diroction of tho state agent
whose namo is Brskine and as fast
as he got business he turned over.
he money oolleoted und the applicn
ions to Erskine as dlreoted to do by
the company.
Erskine is now reported to have Hod
the state with tho money collected by
all looal agente and his wheroabouts
are unknown. The oompany has tukon
up tho matter and is trylng to looato
Mr Rowoll statosthathe supposed
the policlos woro forwarded from tho
home oflico and the llrst ho knew to
tho contrary was when the facts 6f tho
nonappearance of the policlos was
prlntod in tho nowspapers.
Ho'declaros that th'ose who bought
insuranoo of him will bo repaid all
thoy put in if they do not receivo thoir
Noticu AdvurtistTH
All udvertlsements for tho Evoning
Banner and notices of change raust
bo at tho oillce tho day beforo they are
to bo used.
Advertlseraents for the -kly Ban
ner and Reformer and changes of copy
must bo in tho oflico not later than
Tuesday noon of each week and earl
ier is desirablo during the holiday
season. ,
Frank E. Howe.
Fresh tiolly and Laural
You Should 8e Our Leatr In
At 15 cents each, wortli moro money.
We give the S. & H. Tradlng Stamps.
HOLTON, The Florlat'
jji School Strect. Bennington, Vt
Call And Give Yotir Orders For
Nursery 3tocK, Garden ana Furm
Sccds, Ornumental Shrubery, etc.
Spring dollvery.
C. Ainsworth,
3ii W Main St., Bennington, Vt.
Town of Shaftsbury Holds
Special Meetin.g.
Committce Appointed to Attcmpt
to Straightcn out thc Trcas
urctcr's Books.
The votcrs of Shaftsbury met in a
speclal meotlug in Cole hall at South
Shaftsbury Tuesday ofternoon.
Thoy wore called to hear tho reports
of the solectmen rolatlvo to the in
volvod accounts of Myron Barton, lor
many years town treasurer.
According to tho reports. submitted,
after.a thorough oxatntnation, thero is
an apparont discrepancy offl,800.
No ono diargos Mr Barton with any
dishonesty, but in keeping tho books
over a long terra of years tho accounts
liavo bccomo so mixed that tho town is
flndingdifllculty in flguring out matters
so that a now start can bo made.
At the meottDg, a committoe conslst
ing of C. II. Hawkins and M. M. Doan
was appointed to thorougbly oxamlno
the bdoks, to consult with tho trustoo
of the public money and seo if tho mat
ter can be figured out.
This couimittee is to report nt tho an
nual meeting in March, and if necos
sary aro empowered to omploy oxports
to go through the books.
At Tht Annual Mettlng lltld Monday Evtn
Ing. The Koreetr8 of Amerlca elected tho
following ollicors Monday ovening for
the enBuing year:
P. C. R., Frank Wahlquist; C. R.,
Mathew Mabar; A. C. R., Charlos Car
roll; S. W., Daniel Merriam; J. W.,
Jesso Mattison, S. B., Wllliara How.
ard; J. B., Perry Gardnor:F. S., Jas.
HornIdgo:R. S.. M.W. Collins; T.,
M. C- MoKeon; L., J. L. McGurk; 3rd
T., Eugeneprahan.
The village schools closed Friday
Deo 18 for a vacation of threo weoks.
In the e Vening nn .entQrtainraent' was
givon in School Hall by the pupils
whioh was largely attonded. Tho pro
gram arranged was satisfautorily car
rled ouj. The muslc for all tho exor
cises was furnishedi by Miss Helen
Weeks, a pupil ip the grammor room.
The following is tho program:
Song Santa Clause Has Como to
Song Oh, Como All Ye Faithful.
Recitatlon Wlnifred Manloy.
Dialogue with Songs Santa
Clause' Busy Day.
Song I'm as Happy as a Bird.
Dialoguo So Did I.
Recitatlon Louis Wade.
Dialogue Pearl's Chrlstmas.
Song, Who Wouldn't Sing Anna
and Wlnifred Manloy.
Recitatlon , George Stannard.
Dialoguo What Can tho Matter
Recitatlon Anna Manloy.
Song Merry Bells are Ringing.
Dialoguo . The Slck Doll.
Dialoguo Little Womon's Chrlst
mas. Song Jolly Santa Clause.
Stocking DriU.
Dialogue " A Letter from Santa
Recitation Ruby Harwood.
Arrival of Santa Clauso.
Distribution of Gifts.
Miss Kathryn Breman is spending
tho holidays at her home in Poultney.
Tlie annual meotlng of the Congro
gational society was held Tuesday
Tho illustrations for tho "Rovolt of
Sophla Lano" by Mary Wllkins Free
man in tho Decombor Harper's maga
zlne aro by Edwin B. ChiM a. sammer
rcsident of Dorset.
Wonun's Prompt AcUon Sved Houie From
A bud iiro at tho homo of C. B.
March on North street was narrowly
avorted Tuesday morning about 4:30.
Mrs March was awakened by the
crackliog of flamos and fouhd that the
chimney.was burning out and' had Bet
flro to tho woodwork, whieh was blaz
ing llorcely within a few inches of some
draperios and other intlammablo ortl
clos. Had Mrs March walted to call for
helpitwould havebeen too late, but
by rushing for wator instantly, she
was ablo to put out tho dangerous
part of the 11 re in time to save tho
bouse. Later she took out slx hods
of burning soot from the bottom of
the chimnoy.
Iteiri of the Town nml Vlllnge Told
' Brleflr For Uuiy Itcader n
A, B. Gardner and Miss Winni
Gardnor of Troy wero guests of Mr
nnd Mrs H. W. Myers Mbnday.
Tho marriago of Miss Clara Louise
Sherman, oldest daughter of Mrs A.
P.'Childs toRalph Lancaster-Smith
of St Louis will tako'placout tho
homostead in Castleton January 20,
1001. After tho marriago thoy will ro
sido in Sprihgfleld, Mass..
At tho First Baptist chureh Christ
mas will bo celobrated Sunday morn
ing and evening. Spccial rausic . un
der the direotion of Prof H. W. Downs
at both sorvicos. A novol Christmas
fcaturo will be introduced into tho
Sunday school program at 12 o'clock.
You aro invited to thoso sorvicos.
Tho Semi Annual olectlon ot olHcers
of the Epworth Leaguo of the M.'E.
church will be held in the chui ch par
lors to night.
D. N. Bucknor of Boston was here
recently gathering statistics in rogard
to the number ' of foreignors in tho
jails, almshouses and institutions in
Bennington couDty.
Tho Home Trading Stamp Co held
another meeting Monday night. Somo
speoial businoss was Iransacted and
the meeting was adjourned to the llrst
Monday in January.
Saturday evening a daughter of
Daniel Crimmins of Grovo St was
lighting n lamp and in some way the
laco ourtains caught flro. Mr Crim
mins happened tObo just, coming in
from his work and ho oxjbingnlshed
the flamos boforo much damage was
done. Itwas a fortunate oscape from
a bad opening.
Jamos Dinwiddio returned Monday
for jury duty at the county court in
Carlton Garrotson, formerly of Pov
nal, and twico a toacher in Woodford,
Is now editor of The Sun, Tocoma.
Flpyd Livingston, formorly a work
man in town, who went away because
of illness, has como back improved in
health and Is working tor Evans fe
Bugbco in Dunvlllo.
Mrs John B. Knapp is passing the
wlntor with Mrs Mina Sharts, her
nioce of Somerville, Mass.
Henry Collson has been in town
again and gone bacic east.
TheY. P. S. C. E. and Sundoy
school will hold Christmas exercises
in the Union church.
It's quite a sllppery time for saints
as well as sinnors, to staod on sllp
pery places.
Mrs Maria Cutler an aged lady
fell on the ico Tuesday and sustained
quite serious injuries to one limb apd
slde A physlciap was called s4 onee
Mrs Cutfer will be laid up several
John Belrose offlicted with lameness
has gone to South Shaftsbury to see
his wife wbo is yet snffering from pro
tracted illness.
Miss Ida Bowles is a guest of Mrs
George J. Knapp of Bennington.
Lona Bowles will take tho part of
"Mrs Murdock" in a draraa soon to
bo presented by tho S. of V. at Will
iamstown, Mass.
Jesso Bugboo bas sold ono of his
span of largo black horsos to Wliliaui
J. Phelan of Bennington.
A son of Win. Reed of White Creok
has bcen in town buying njink, sable,
coon, fox, skunk and mushrot skini.
He would llko a fow bruin polts, Anso
wheca artthau?
Convicted Murdercss Is All
BroKcn Dowru
State Bought Stella Bates Tickct
to Troy vvhitHcr She Wcnt
Tuesday Night.
Moaning hysterlcally by spells tho-.
sobblng vlolently and tosslng about
her cot Mary M. Rogers spent the first
night after her eonvlctlon of the niur
der ot her husband.
After sittlng for two weeks in opea
court with most braen effrontry the
soparation from horclmm Stella Bates'
when tho latter was dischavged f rora
custody Tuosday afternoon broke her
down completely and she has not re
gained composure sinco.
Deserted by hnr forinor f rlends and
alone in the horror of hor sltuation
she for the first time realizes her pos
ition and perhaps begins to feel some
thing ot tho enormity of her crlme.
When first told that Stella Bates
was froe sho refused to believo it until,
Stella bogan to prepare to leave the
jail. Mrs Rogers then nearly faintecl
and shricked and toro her hair in
Stella Bates assisted Mrs Russell in
soarohing Mrs Rogers' person, remov
ing her corsets on accounl ot the steel9
and taking away hairpins, straps,
pins, and everthing with which she
could harm herself.
Stella Bates when she hoard in court
that the caso against her was nol
prossed did not know wbat the words
meant until told by the sboriff.
She could then hardly bolleve the
truth as she was fully oxpecting to bo
tried and to go through an ordeal
similar to what Mrs Rogers had had.
When she reali2ed that she was freo
to go as sho ploased she said sho
wanted to loave Bennington at once
and nover see tho old town agaln.
Tho court ordered a tlcket to Troy
bought for her and sho left for that
city Tuesday evening. She was es
corted to the statlon by an offlcer.
Lcon Perbatn docs not yet realize
the punishment he will get for his
crimo. He thinkshe will get off with
seven or eight years in prison and is
happy and contented.
Mr and fr3 E. A. Graves are ttav
ing at their homo again thelr neigh
bors are vory glad lo welcomo them
J. Hill has moved into the house
once occupied by his father the late
J. J. Hill.
School began in the Chisselvllle dlsr
trict on Monday, Miss. Marguiretta
Graves as toacher.
School indistrict No. I did not be
gin od Monday as expecled on accouut
of quito a number of the scholars be
ing exposed to tho small-pyx.
Miss Graco Anderson who- is- teach
ing in Ottawa Canada is home- for tho
The;;. annual Charlty Ball of the
Cossoha Ciub will be held in HuKbard
hall Wednesday evening Dec 30f
MrsA II.. Greon of Shushan was
in town one day last week.
TaSe Loi&tlve Uromo Qulnlne Tablels, All
druip.'lsts retund tho money It lt fallstoourr,
F. W. Orove's Rittnature on each box. Klc.
A Card.
Wo, the undoreignod, do hereby
agreo to refund tbo monoy qo a SOcent
Iwttle of G-oeno.8 Warraotod Syrnp of
Tar if it faila to curo yaur cougb or
uold. Wo alao guarantoo a cent bot
tle to prove satisfactory or morcy rc
fuoded, J. T. ShurtlofT, J. M. Ayres,
O. E. Glbson. B. A. Quinlan,
C. IL Houghton, North BenniriRton.
C. R. & A. ii. nawkins, So. Shaftsbury.
O. E. Adams, Arlicgton.
E, G. Woodwortb, O. E. Adams & Cat
East Arlington.

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