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VOL. LXlil ?
NO. 49.
en are often Called "Brother" in Church and Lo.dge Roqm who are More Frequently Referred, to as "It" in Other Public Places They HabituaUy Frequent
Acoepts funds In trust, aljow
ing 4 per cent on same. Acts
asogentin purchaso and sale
ofstocks, bonds, real estate
etc. Manages estates, actlng
as executor, administrator,
Prealdent Vlce-Prej.
N. Y, Rcp., W..H. Hagcn, 59 Wall St
Bennington County
Capital $100,000.
Offliers JOIIN H.HOLDEN; Prcaldent.
A. K. 111011 IE Vlce Frosldent. "
Bennington, Vt.
Transnct a general banklng
business, pays iutereston certi
ficates of deposit. at the rate of
3 per cent if allowed to remaiu
three month$.
I. E. Gibson, J. S. Holden, Wtm E.
Hawks, N. M. Puller, A; lt Ritchld,
J. T. Shurtleff, C. W. Thatcher.
PROPITS $75,000
KESOURCES $500,000
Mo9t centrally located for
oountry business and is always
ivady to receive new account3.
It is one of tbe oldest and
strongest Banks in Vermont,
and trausacts a general bank
ing businesB.
J. G. MgCULLOUGH, Presideni.
S. B. HALL, Gashiar.
Call And Give Your Orders For
Nursery Stock, Gardon aba Farm
Steds, Ornamontal Shrubery, etc.
Sprlng dellvery.
C. Ainsworth,
31 x Wliain St., Bennington, Vt.
Dcc. 23rd, 1903.
Hoadquartera Co K. 1st Reg. V. N. O.
Tbe members of Co K. will assemble
for drlll, at tbe Armory, on Tuesday
January 5 1804. Per ordor.
R, C. Graves, Captaln'anjd'g.
Bennington Oounty 8arln JDmIj.
Tho annual meetlntt of tbe corporators of
tho Bennington County Bavlnirs Bank wlll be
beld st tbe offloe of aald Bank ln Ita bank
bulldlng In Bennington, Vt , on the flnv Wed
nesday, (Bthday) of Jannary. A. D., im. t
to o'clock p. m., for tbe purpose of electhur
a board of tnmeea for the year ensulair and
tbe trantaotlon of any other baslneu found
neecisary when met, especlally to fUl vacan
rtea ln the number of corporators and to
alter and rertso tbe by4aw.
C. II DKWEY.Secretory.
Dated at Bennington, Vt., No r. 25, 190 1. Uwi
The annual meettng of the stockholder of
the Ftrat Natlonal Uank of Bennington, Vt.
will be beld at the banklne rooms on Tneaday
Jan. 12, 1001, atjio o'clock a. m , for tbe jrar
noxe of eleotlnit a board of dlrectors for tbe
etwnlnftyear. i. A, tsitAVES. Cosbler,
Bennington, Vt Deo. 9, 133. '
Mrs. Rocrs' Last Niht
in Bennington.
Although Hcr Appeal for New
Trial is Waived Expects Lcg
islature to Commute.
Mrs Mary Kogors and Leon Porham
are to bo taken tomorrow to the stato
prison at Windsor to explate tboir
crlmo. Thursday night will botholr last
in Bennindton,
Sherlff Wilson and Deputy Sheriff
Nash will accompany them and turn.
thein ovor to the olllcers of tbo prison.
Tbey are oxpected to leave bere,pn the
1:5") traln in tbp tnorning.
The convlctlon and.sentonceof doath
of Mrs Mary'RSgors recalls the fact
tbat sho is tho secondthat has rcceived
sentenco of death in tho Bonnincton
cburt house : t? ,
xThe flrst-wa's Edson Fuller ' who 25
years ajro was sentencod to be hung
for the dellborato murder of a man in
Ueadsboro. Fuller was a man ,woll
alonf,' in years and at that timo tho
sentcnce would have probably have
been carrled out only that Fuller took
his own llfe- ' ,
; He was boing h'eld in Jail hero pend
in;; arguments for a new trial. Ono
Sunday raorning tbo jailor goinr; to
open lfls cell door fo und Fuller sus
pendcd from tho cell door baving hung
lilmself wlth a red handkerchlef. 1're
vious to that ho had attemptcd to cut
his throat but dld not succeed.
Mrs RoRcrsmother I)ft her probably
for tho" last tirae Tuesday noon. Tbe
sentenced woman sbowed more emot
ion at that tlino than sho has sinco she
has been in jail. Later in the ufter
noon sho showed more and for some
tlme was in tears. She is beginning to
roulizo that she is in a bad situation as
there is apossibility tbat the leglsla
turo may not commute ber sentenco
to life imprisonment.
She is considt rably east down over
nothearing anything from Stolla Bates
sinvo she loft jail. Mrs Kogers dld
not think that Stella would desert her
so quickly.
It is reportcd that Stella iiates did
not remain with her sister in Troy
only ono cight, but that tho noxt day
she went to a small village down the
Huduon wbere she is not known, and
whero 6ho will have a chance to redeem
her character.
Stnttnctd to be Exccuted at Windsor on
day, FcbriMry 3, 1905.
Before a crowd that fllled the court
room to tho doors, at tho opcuiug of
court Tuesday morning, Mary Rogers
was sentenced to be hanged by the
neck until dead, and Leon Perham to
be confined at bard labor in the state
prison at Windsor for the rest of his
Mrs Rogers' exeoution is ordored,to
becarried out on the ffrst 'Ffiday ln
Februarj, 1005 in the prison yard at
Windsor by the 3heriff of Winusor
Her attornny waived tbe reapond
ent's exceptions. This means tbat tbe
caso will not be carrled to the lupreme
court and that nothing will Interveno
to prevent tho executlon of Mrs Kog
ers, save an appeal for a commutation
of tho sentenco, to tho legislature of
Mrs Rogers and Leon Perham were'
led into the dock by Sheriff Wilson
and Deputy Nash.
Perham looked tircd and palo, but
Mrs Rogers maintained the samo de
meanor wblch was hers durlng the tri
al. Stato's Attorney J. J. Shakshobep
informed tho court that the two re
spondents were in court and asked
tbat sentence be imposed.
Perham aroso, and the court an
nouncod that ho should bo confined at
hard labor in tho state prison at Wind
sor for the term of his natural life.
Perham's eyes seeraed about to flll
with tears but ho turned and looked
out of the window and galned control
of hlmself.
Mrs Rogers was tojd to staofl and
was asked by County Clerk Cushman
if there woro anv reasons why the sen
tonco of tho lawsh'ouJdndt be imposed.
First one hand and thon the other
was ralsed to her temples and sho an
swered ln a choked tono, her words
scarcely intolligable:
"I'm not guilty!"
Judge Watson then pronounced the
death sentenco in tho lollowlng words:
"Tho sentenco of this court is that
you, the sald Mary M. Rogprs, on the
first Friday of February,1005, betwoen
the hours of one and two o'olock of
the afternoon of sald day, wlthin the
walls or enclosed. yard of the stato
prison at Windsor, in the county of
Windsor, to bo hanged by tho neck
untll dead.
"And it is ordered thata warrant bo
issued by the clerk of the county court
within and for the county of Benning
ton under the seal of sald court, to the
sheriff of sald Windsor county, com
manding said shorlff to cause sald
sentence to be carrled into effect.
"It is also the sentence of this court
that in the mean time, you, tho said
Mary M. Rogers, bo confined iu sald
state prison at hard labor, untll with
in the three months of said timeof said
"And that during the said three
monthst noxt prlor to said time Axed
for said oxecutton and uj to. thajlime
of said Jxccutionf yout'the djMary
M Rogers, bo' conllned fn slilltary
confinement in sald stato prison.
"And, may Qod have morcy on your
-During the pronouncomont of tbe
sentence Mrs Rogers stood motionh'ss
with her eyes turned toward the win
dow at the west end of tho court rooih,
and not manlfestlng tbo slightest sign
of emotion.
Tho crowd could bo heard tp gasp
and draw a long breath of a'stonlsb
mentwhen thoy knew that death by
hanglng was tb be Mrs Rogers' lot,
but the llfe sentenco for Perham was
rauch moro unoxpocted, for tbp people
at Inrgo seemed to have galned ani:n
prossion that his sentence would be
For murder in the second dogree
there can be no sentenco but llfe imprisonment.
Dled at Hli Homt In Pownal Novtmbt r
Chaunoy E, Rosonbury died at his
home, Nov. 30, at the age of 80 years,
aftcr un Illness of two weeks. The
causejof his death was heart fallure.
Tho funoral was held at the house
Wednesday afternoon atl o'olook and
was largely attended by friends and
relatlves. Rov Owen James, pastor of
tho Oongregatlonal church ofllclatod
Tho burlal was ln tho fainily lot ln tho
Gardner cemetry.
MrRosonburir was born ln Petors
burg, on tho farm which was clearcd in
the early days of our countrv and set-
tled by the orlgnal Rosonbury famlly
and which Is now owncd by S. J. Ml
dred. Ho was tho youncestof nlno
chlldren and married Miss Colestla
Mattlson dauchter of Mr and Mrs Al-
pha Mattlsen, snd has slncs made his
home ln Pownal.
Whlle Mr Rosenburv was a nros-
porous farmar. he has held many pos-
Itlons of reapOnslbility in the town,
belng Justlco of tho Peaco and Grand
Juror for many yoars,proving faithful
and trne in eash,
Hewas hiirhly esteemed bv all who
knew him, and had few if any enemles.
The deceased loaves a widowto whom
be was a devoted husband, and to ber
his doath is a severe bcroavemeht.
nwal ,pf AIUUon..Rtltvc tp t(n Mon.u-
rncni rropcny.
It Is probable that at the comlng an
nual meeting of tho Battlo Monument
and Historical sooiety that some
actlon will be taken about moving the
house occupied by the Janitor, to a
polnt somo distanco west of tho prc-
sent site.
A commlttee was appointcd severul
yoars ago to make somo provision for
a new location but as yot havo not
been able to select one that was satls
factory to all. Thdmas Vall of Troy,
whose summer home is adjacent to tho
grounds has made soveral proposltlons
but none havo yet been accopted.
Women lovo aclear, boaltby complex
ioo. Puro blood makes it. Burdock
Blooil Bittors makes pura b ppd,-
Mrs. Moffat Weeps on Her
Husband's tNeck.
Joseph Mears, Ihc Principal Wit
ncss, Brouht HcrcToday
from. Windsor sPrison.
The trial of Mrs Moffat of Sandgate
for tbe alleged attempt J; .gftison ber
nusoanu proves even more Intcrestlng
than expoctcd.
Mrs Moffat appears ln. eourt wear
,tng a brilllant blue volvqV gown and a
new nat of tho latost pattern.
Whon tho testlraony appeared to
tend strongly agalnsther, Mrs Moffat
leans over and weeps on her Iiusbar.d's
shoulder. Although sho is accused of
trylng to murder hlm by a rnost cruel
and dlabollcal roethod, hor husband
cpmforts and caressesher.
Mr Moffat, during his examinatlon
by Mr Batchelder, told the circum
stances of tho alleged poisoningv
In January, ho, Mrs Moffat and Jos
epb Mears attended a dnnco In Shu-
shan. Moffat returaed home late at
nlght but Mrs Moffatrcfused to accom
pany (iltn and reaotied homo tho noxt
mornlng ln company wfth Icars
Moffat disoharged Mears and' Mrs
MotTat loft her husband.
WHh the hope of gettlng his wife
backhomo, Moffat took Mears into
his employ agaln. Mrs MolTat then
vislted her husband ocoasloriallv. but
dld not como to stay; she ncff.ken Uv-!
ing at Mr Conkoy's in Sondgato.
Mears dld tho cooklng. ln tho early
part of Fobruary ho proparod somo
pan-cakes for breakfast. Moffat ate
them and shor(ly afterward becamo ill
After breakfast Mears emptlod what
was loft of the panoake batter Into a
brook which runs near Moffat's house.
Moffat, howevor, recovored.
It Is charged that "rough-on-rata"
was mlxed with tbe pancako prepara
Friday nlght, February 21st, Mears
returned from a trlp to Shushan and
brought wlth hlm a hottle of whlskey
which he gave to Moffat.
Moffat took a good slzod drlnk when
bowasgoing to bed and in a short
timo was attacked with nausea and
tie iook an antiuoio wnicn gavo nim
rellef but ho continued to foel umvoil
until Monday, when his married
daughtor came to the houso and seni
for a doctor. Tho doctor arrived
Tuesday and symptoms of polsonlni'
by corroslve subllmate were dlscov
ered. Moffat seems inclined to favor his
wlfe and to throw tho entlroguilt onto
. During Moffat's examinatlon by Mr
Batcholder, the defendant's attorney,
Mr Molonoy objected to almost evcry
other queatlon.
Soveral witnessed -testificd as to tho
relations betwcen Mrs Moffat and
Rar Bentley, a Sandgate constable,
assiited in the arrest of Mears and
testlSed that Mrs Moffat was violently
agitated when Mears was taken into
custody, and shed many tears.
Mrs Stella Conkey sald ln tes'ifying
that whilo tho rcspondont was llving
ather house, Moffat. camo there and
asked Mrs Moffat to feturn and ' live
wlth hlm and if she dld not, ho would
take a dose which ho had tlxed up.
Clarenco Mears, brother of Josoph
hears, testified tnat he came to Ben
nington wlth Mrs Moffat to see his
brother and that on thoir return they
walkedfrom Arlington to Sandgate,
a distanco of soven mlles.
Ho also sald that Mrs Moffat gavo hlm
monoy to help pay Joe'slawyers and
that she pald some of tho wltnesses.
The trial of Mrs Allco Moffat wrs
begun Tuesday mornlng.
States. attorney J. J. Shakghober
is assisted In tho prosecutlon by James
K, Batchelder.
The respondent Mrs Moffat, is de
fpnded by Thomas W. Molonoy, of
After soveral cballongcs. from the
counsel on both sidos tbe jiry was
made up as follows: George Andrews
Arlington; James C. Barton, Land
grove; Franklin, Becker, Shaftsbury
James Dinwlddie, Woodford; A.
Johnson, Readsboro; Johnson M
Mattlson, Shaftsbury; M. H, Moon
Bennington; Waltor J. Patterson
Pownal;,Arthur Perklns, Shaftsbury
Melvln Tenny,. Searsburg; Hnrry
Ward, Sunderland; Horace E. Wln
chester, Rupert. -
Mr Molonoy interposed a domurrer
to tho Indictmont allegiog that it wus
faulty through dupliclty, contalning
two charges for oilonses, cnmmltted
at dlfforent times.
Mrs Moffat ls charged with attempt
ing to poison her husband Philandor
Motfatln March 1902, in corapllclty
with Joseph Mears, by puttlng cor
roslvo subllmato in a bottlo of whis
koy (hat he.bad in a cupboard in the
houso, and also by puttlng Routfh on
rats ln his panoakes.
At the December 'term of court last
year Moars was cbnvicted, and sent
enced to serve not more than 18
less than 15 years ln state prison.
Counsel for Moars gained now ovi
dence and submitted it to tbo grand
jury ln Juno, with tberesult that Mrs
Moffat was indtcted for compliolty ln
tho attempt.
Mr Moffat belloves his wife in'
There was an argument on this do
murrer, whict) was overruled. , ,
Phllander Moffat, the respondent's
husband, was called to the stand and
has just begun hU acconct of the at
tempt to poison him, as alleged by
Mrs Moffat. and hparamour, Joseph
Lewis Hill Kiiled liimself for
Unknown Reason.
Waterbury, Dec., 30: The autopsy
shows that Lewis Hill whose body was
found in a bay loft soveral days ago
committed suiclde by taklng strych
Tho record book at Palmer pbarm
acy shows tbat on December 24, H1H
purchased 15 grains of strychnlne and
tho analysis of his stomach shows tho
prosooco of a largo quantity of that
poison in that organ.
Whilo evory effort has been mado to
ascertain the cause of Hill's deatb, It
romalns as groat a mystery as ever,
Ho had been married only ten days
and seomod vory happy. Ho ldssed
his wife good bye when ho loft her
Saturday noon, after dihner, andthelr
rolatlons woro harmonious.
Tnere was no llnuncial trouble, his
flnancial affalrs bolng ln good shape,
Tho only roason that seems at all rea-
sonble is that it was due to somo meu
tal troublo.
tlotel, Barns, Store and Dwelllng Houte
td Cauilnj A Lou of $10,000
Middlesex, Dec. 80. Fire late yes-
terday afternoon destroyed tbeMiddk'
sex hote'l and barn and Nichola's store
and dwelling house, which waslocated
next to tho hotol.
Tho flre was discovercd ln the hotel
at 4 o'clock. It spread rapidly and
tho bulldlng wassoon a massof fiames.
Aid was sent from Montpelier by spec'
ial traln and at six o'clock the ilre was
under control.
Tho loss on the hotel and barns was
86000, Nlcholas estimatcd hia loss at
(3500, insured.
llennan G. Fuller came from New
Yo'rk to spepd Christmos with his par
enta. .-'.-'
Ohauncy Sweet of Pownal has been
vislting in town the post week.
Mrs F. A. Lesuro went to Wilming
ton last week.
MoVshall aud Merritt Undorwood
vislted in Brattleboro over Chrlstmas.
Tho former left for Wauconda, IU.,
this week.
Hiram Taylor ofToledo, Ohlo, ls
vislting with' his chlldren, Mrs Sam
uel Ooulter and Mark Taylor.
Mr and Mrs Jobn Tudor and chll
dren spcnt Chrlstmas with ber mother,
Mrs Tomllnson, ln Bennington.
A son was born on December 4, to
Elmor and Erama Houghton Chain of
Boston. ,
Mr and Mrs John Kenyon and Miss
Flora EbertotBlaoklnton,, Woro. homo
for Cbristmas
Sixth Serious Blaze in Troy,
This Mornin.
Viclimswcre M. T. Clouh and
William Shaw. fire was in
Rooms of Troy Club.
Troy, Dec. 30:- Tho slxth blg flre to
occur ln the clty of Troy broko out iri
tho rooms of the Troy Club early this
Unliko thosothat' preceded, it was
attended with falatities and two of
Troy's prtJmlnentmen, Judge Moses T-.
Clougb, and Attorney William Sbaw
lost tbclr Jlves by bolng suffocated by
The dead bodies of both wero found
in the liallway of tho bulldlng, ono of
tho linest in tbt city, which was entlro
ly distroyed.
Oncc Rtlmcd From Quarantlnt Only To Gtt
Expoud Agiln.
George flarwrod who has been beld
at ihe deteution bouso becauso exposcd
to small-pox is in a lix agalf.
His time ofdotentionexpirel several
days ago but ho is doomed to spond
21 days more in conflnment. It Is
charged tbat he was Rcuflllng wlth
Matthew McQueen who has caused all
thts trouble by bavlog small-pox and
beoame exposod again. (
It was thought best to hold hlm for
anothor three weeks and ho will spend
the time in solltary confinement, us all
othor patieuts and suspects havo been
reloassd from qusrantine.
Narrow Escape From Fire At Gtorje Atwood'i
On North StrttL
What mlght have been a bad flro
was narrowly averted at tho homo of
Gcorgo Atwood on North st Saturday
Mr Atwood heard Miss Nyo, ono of
the boarders, scream and oh golng to
her room found tho lamp in pleccs and
one sido of tho room in flamos. He
was able to extinguish tho blazo before
very much damage was done.
Mrs Jereminh Legarrio is vory
wlth no hopcs of recovering.
A L. Bowen is confined to his
with rheumatlBm.'
Miss Gertrude Burns is visitlng rel
atlves in Now York.
Mrand Mrs John Carrigan of Ben
nington spont Chrlstmas with Mrs
Ellen Bowon.
Miss Mary Burns is spend ing the.
hblidays with friends in Bennington.
John Blackmer and famlly spent
Chrlstmas in Manchester.
Mrs Elizabeth Burns and her child-
dren ate their turkoy with her parents
inEast Dorset.
Wm Tobin has sold his blg team to
Grout Bros of Arlington.
The little boarder that camo to
Frank Norton's two months ago did
not spend tho winter, Bhe died Deo 24th
the evoning when tho wholo world was
rojoicing over the blrtb of tlie Christ
A Card.
Wc, tbe undersigned, do berebr
ngreo to refund tbe raoney oo a GOoent
bottle of Gtoeno.s Warranted Syrup of
Tar if it falls to cure your cough or
oold. Wo also KUnrantee a 23 cent bot
tle to prove satiBfactory or morey re-
J. T. Sburtleff, J. M. Ayres,
O. K Ulbson. O. A. QuiuJan.
H. Houghton, North Bennington.
RAA. B, Hnnkins. So. Sbnftsburr.
O. E. Adams, Arlicgton.
E. C. Woodwortb, O. E. Adams & Co..
Enst Arlington.
A Ilmely Taple.
At this seasuti of coushs and colds
it ls well to know that Folev'a' Uonev
and Tar is the groatest throat and lung
romedy. It cures quickly aod prevsnts
sarlous results from a oold. For aale
by B. At. Quinlan.
na of the Town huiI VlllnRe Toll
'itrUfly For Iluay ltcuiloia
Mrs Poroy Corastoelt of Brooklyn,
N. Y. ls with her' nelce, Mrs James
Burke on Grand View Street.
Mrs Henrletta Adams is quite ill.
Invltatlons nro out for an Assemb
ly, Tuesday nlght ln Forestcr's HalL
Mr and Mrs Fpank Hurloy aud fam
ily are again oocupying their home on
Grand View St,
Mrs Henry Ayers returnstoherhome
in Amboy, III., Thursday of thl s Kcck
Mr and Mrs E. A. Potter of North
Granville, spent Chrlstmas with ber
sister, Mrs Came T. Hawki on Unioa
Mr and Mrs E. Estarbrook freht w
Montpelier Tuesday. Mr Estarbrook
is on business and Mrs Estarbrook
will vislt her son, Prank.
CiiarleS A. Wdrden and B. S. Mat'
tison spent Chrlstmas withMr and Mrs
B. A. ' Wordeu in Booslck Falls.
Mlsses Linda and Ada Baban spent
Chrlstmas wlth friends in Boosick
St Mary's Guild will Bervo its bi
m onlhly supper at the Parlsh House
on Thursday at slx o'clock.
John McCormack Is confined to tbe
house by an attack ofLumbago.
Mrs Putnam of Jacksonville is visit.
ing Mrs Long for a few days.
Miss Clara Andrews who has been
quite 111 ls abfe to be out.
Mrs M. C. Klock Jef this mornlng
for New York to be nbsent about a
C. B, Carberry of the Boston Post
is in town today.
Miss Nellle Neto spent Wednes
day in Hposick Falls. (
Trpasurer W.D. forbes r,f the Ben
nington Securlty corapavsy is Bpending"
tho hollday season wlth friends in New
Announcementis madeof the engaged
ment of Miss EllaBond of Middlebury
to Stewart Andrews of Boston. Miss,
Bond s ygungest siater of Mrs A. W.
VarnSyjtf thjaylllage.
"WenTrell flllfson and famlJy have
been speidinga porilqn of the holl
day season withrelatlves in Arlington,
R. H. Waker, for several years en
gi neer at the Hnlo Manufacurlng com
pany plant in East Arlington has tak
en a like posltlon at ono of the mills
in this village and will assumo his du
tles Moriday, January fourth.
Tho officers of G. A. Custer post
wlll bo instnlled Saturday evening.
Mrs J. E. Walbrldge is oxpectcd
home from Barnbrldge, O., this week
The annual assembly ball was held
in Foresters' hn,U Tuessday even
ing. The hall was very prettlly decor
ated with palms. Mrs Geo F. Graves,
MrsC. W. Thatcher, and Mrs H. S.
Bingham constituted the reception
commlttee. About 60 people wero pres
ent Refreshraonts were served bv
Lucas of Troy. Goldsmith s orchestra
furnishod tho music and dancing wus
enjoyed tlll a late hour.
Mr and Mrs H. H. Kreldor of Ann-
vlllo, Pa., aro vislting tholr daughter,
Mrs J. D. Stebmen.
. Supt A.W. Varney and wife have
returned from a brlef visit in New
Tho hot wator heater at the Y. M. C
A. sprung a loak Wednesday mornlng.
This has been in servlce a good while
and is practlcolly worn out and will
necessltato installlng a new heater.
Mirlam lodgo has been invlted to
work the degreo at tho instltution of
Crescent Rebokah lodge at South
Shaftsbury the ovenlng of January 6.
The members of Mlrlam lodge of
Robekoh wlll mcet in their lodgo rooms
Friday evening, January 1, for drlll,
under tho leadershlp of Mr Frost.
Thls drill is preparatory to workingr
vhcroe at South Shaftsbury, Jan
uary' Cth
Tho local lodgo of Klks will enjoy
its customary New Year's spread to
morrow evening.
Miss Mamio Malone of Troy is vLs
ltlng fnfcnds in town.
Miss Franccs E. Stillson, cashler of
Tho Cowperthwait Company of Brook
lyn, ls homo for New Year's week.
H. L. Stillson was ono of tho guestrf
of bonor of Edward C. White of New
York, at Brldgeport, Conn., Chrlst
mas night, at tho oponingperformabce
of "Tho Triumph of an Empress,"
Mildred Holl&nd's now play in whlcb
sho takos the rolo of Cathorlno tho
Groat of Russia. Miss Holland ao-
poars at Wallack's ln the Metropolls
in January, after three weeks' at the
Majostlc in Boston

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