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Losing yoir hair? Coming
out by the combful? And
doing nothing? No sense ln
thati Why don't you use
Ayer's Hair Vigor and
mair vigor
omptly stop the falling?
mr hair will begin to grow,
,, and all danc'ruff will dis
pedr. Could you reason
. expect anything better?
r1' Hair Vljror li a (trent tureetf lth
li iimr wa IhIIIiib out rcrr tw'Uy. tuit
I r Yinr -.'oi'ucrt It and nowmy Itnlr U
. " - V.'. u LoasDoif, Llndiay, Cnl.
Puhtlahed.eYtry Tbureday M 485STaln
r 8tretrBennlnittanfcVt.j , . .
nIiE.TIowe,l Edltor nil PublUher.
SubacrlpUon RaUai
One Year. In advance, tl.00
81x Mentbn, " JW
Tbree roontbs, " .25
SliiRle Coples M
Adverttslni? Ratci on Applicstlon.-
B9 t
K! tt1. J. C. ATEK CO,. B I
' . Tt'i-t, r I.nvrpl'. . P
... m ...... i IOr wiBa
Thin Hair '
The varlous knlttlnc' tnllls of the
place rosumcd operations Monday
roornlng after a Christmas vncation.
Soroe of thera iuiproved tbo opportun
ity to tako tho annnal invontory. Op
crations were resuraed with full fniv
of he'p, and prospects of steady work
for weeks as they are woll suppllod
with orders.
Dluovered by Dr. Davld Kennedy Only
JOdney Remedy Sold Under Guaranlei.
Dr. Darid Kennedy was born in New York
City, but t nn enrly age liin famlly moTod
toEosbrary.N.Y. Ho was graduated in 18G0
ixom tho Kew York Collego of Physlci&ns
pnd 8urgeon. Ho t onco volunteercd aa
A surgeon id was osslgned to the Unlted
fitotes Aray General Hospital in West Phil.
pdelphla, and soon becamo Presklcnt of the
jExaminlng Board and Oonsulting'Surgoon.
After the war, Dr. Ecnnedy settled in Ron
dont, City of Kinpston, N. Y., whcre for a
pumbcr of ycars ho enjoycda lorge prac
tioe as an operative surgeon. Ile w 8 one
of the Prcsidcntial Elector of New York
3Ute, Mayor of Kingaton for four years,
and beld mony othcr proftKdotudbnsine-sa
fuld political ofllcts.,
The latestachieTementof his life was tbe
discovery of Cul-cura golvent, a posittve
tmre for all discases of the kidnevs and blad.
ler. Ingpeakingoftliisreraarkableremedy,
ietiaid: "Cal-curaBoivciit isthecrowiiing
fcbiereracnt of mj lite. It will not di.
Your drnggist rill rotarn yonr rnoncy if
Cal-cuia fails to cure, and The Cal-cura
Oompany, of Bondout, N, Y,, will pay the
drnggist. Ool-cura Bolvent cnres Bti of
4II cases of Klduey, Bloddor and Iiver dis.
Ordcrs. $1.00 a bottle. Only one sizo.
Neuralgia of the
Heart For Years.
Pain Went From
Heart to Head.
Dr. Milss Heart Cure
and Nervine Curod.
"Abont .Ibree vtnrs go n-y ilcr wa so
badly attected with i.cait t mi'o a.1.1 m.-u-ralria
of the heart that ve ciiJ n t cxpecl her
to Cvei Altlioueh we had a tirM-clab phy
Eician 6he Cfew worse under th s tnatinent.
She had a swollen dropsieal look and had
frequent spel! J of neuraliia pain at her heart
whcu the wocld rcnder the raost heart-rend-ing
moans and shricks. At times the paln
wonld C'J from hcrhiart.to her head whcn a
lump would appear on her temple half as
larce ns an egf. One nmht the pot up in
bed and ran into the .back ya'rd crying with
pain; sne was not consdnus of It, hovvever,
and was brnught back to the honse by neich
bors, Ibi'U(.'htforhera bottle each of Ut
Mdes'Nen'ine and Uea'rt Corevhuh lielped
her preatly. She aiterward used tome live
orsix bottles nnd has never l ad a tpell since.
I had used your raexlicine witli cfcat benefit
royselL I know that Nervine and Heart
Cure not only saved mytmter's life but also
saved Tne fr m insanity and dcalh. I was sq
nervons I could not bear the slichtett noite
' or movement around me and I suuered from
' 'paloitalion and pam in' Ihrf 'heart. ,1' had
chokinp tensatlons, diziy and faint spclK
molhering tpells when 1 could scarcely j;et
my breathj 1 was so nervOus I was tteated
like a chi.d and atone tinie it was.thoucht 1
was losing ny pind. Nervine saved m?
from intanity." Katie Ackes, Clove;
; Creek,Pa.
All drueflists sell and cuarantee ftrsl bat'
tle Dr. Miles' Remedies. S;nd fot frec hook
n-Nervous' and Heart' Diseases, Address
Dr. MUea'Medical Co, HJkhart, Ind,
7 "lA'i- MMLin 1
Bf s Cream Balm ywA
Easyantl plea'sanf lo
use. C'ontatns no In-
Jurlous flrug.
It 18 (lnloUlv absorbed.
Tho Xatc Guncral Tliomas.
Ono of tho bost known of tho old sol
dlers of Vermont has gono, in the
death of Gon Stephen Thomas of
Montpolior, tho brave colonol of tho
Eihth Verraont during tho war.
Tho following storiea of Gen Thom
as' war daytf are told by tho Montpel
ier Journal:
Tho Elghth wa attached to Woit
zol'u lirlirniln In Lnutslana. At D Is
land, in a partioularly ugly sltuatlon,
undor tho llre of the rebel battorles,
Clolonel Thomas rodo slowly along tho
line, oncouraglng tho monhy wordand
examplo, saying: "Stoady, mon !
Stand firm 1 Old Vermont is looking
at you today l"
In aT)crilous emergqncy in the bat-
tlo of Ooeauaii, ho led the Eighth Ver
mont and the Twolfth Connecticut in a
huyonet charge, profacing his order
with this cbaracteristic speech:
'Boys. if any of you aro tn tnp rtaD-
it of praying and I hopo you all are
pruy now, and pray quick, and pray
hard. Itemember Ethan Allen ana 01a
Vermont, and we will drlvo thoso fol-
lows to hell, whero thoy belong."
Tbe bayonet charge that followed was
reckoned ono of tho best achiovements
on that hrilliant flold and was an im-
portant factor in that deolsivo engago
Un in Bristol therc have beon no
church EorviceB for sovoral wetks on
account of small-pox. Tho Bristol
smull biy who- bcgan attendlng iwo
Bundav schools the second week in
October with an eye on Christmas is
doubtless of the oplnlon thut this is a
cold cruel world.
This is not origioal, but it is good:
The gifts of tho prlnccly rich aro much
unlike. Carnegio glvos a boy o00.
Rockefellor offers the clergymen
advize and Sage gets sued for f 50, 000
by a tenant who was injured in one of
his tumble-down shanties.
AUnvs Inflammatloh. lltuls tbe Meinbrane
Bestores the sensen of Taste ana .-meii, "rjto
slae so ccnts at Drurrits or by mallj Trial
tn - n
Custom Tjailor
J. C. Jensen's
AnearlyseleeHrnBlvesyou the bcst In tbe
raarket. Call and exmuie. Goods shown with
134 North St.
The last man to o.ysteriously drop
out of sight in Vermont, dlsappeared
at Essex Junctipn, and the strange
featuro of the caso is that ho was a
traveling man and had bcen on the
road for several years.
By thotimetho antl-every thing crowd
gets through yowlinc about it the
Unltcd'States will have the Panaraa
canal bullt, tho republio of- Panama
annoxed and will be dolng business at
some other stand.
For nractical Christian Christmas
work the Young Woman's clubeems
to take tho lead lp Bennington.
Thl In Ilcnnlii(;ton Tettlmony antlwtl
Stauil lnvttlKtio.
If you doubt tho followin'g and wish
to invostlgate, you haven't to go to
some other stato in the unlon to prove
it. It's not a IODg Btory publlsticu ln
Bennington newspapors ..about a roal
dent ln Kalamazoo, Mlch., or Taropa,
Fla. It's about a reslderitof Benning
ton and glvon in his'own words. No
stronger prool can oe naa
Jumos Kwensr puinioroi ntain
streot, says: "l recommena uoan,s
rftdnov Pills to ovhrv ono ' who 'has
backache or kldtiey comjHaint. T suf-
fbred Ofr and on lor some time ivun
aching in my back and, ttirougii rpy
kidnoys. Aftor a,hard aays(work, my
bucjt always telt particuiany tameanu
sore'ap'd' tho'SecreflbnS-frora tho kid
noys Wero irrcgular'and very annpy
ing, I procured Doair.s Kldnoy Pils
at;Shurtleff's drug store ln 18U7, used
them.for a tjmo atid they curtd fnO. My
father-in-law "has also usm thent sinco
and good results followed1 itho- trca-
ment." . 1, a 1 M
For salohy all.doalers. i.Prico fjO
copts. Fostor-Mliburn Cp.'.' Bhltalp.
N. Y"M solo agen'ts for tho Unlted
States. "-' ' ''. .; .i.y
Rrjm'e'mb'er i tho vnamer'DQan'sand
takQ'flq otbor , ,
Bortily pain losos its torror if.you'vo
n bottle of Dr Thomas' Eloctric'.Oii in
tbe houao. nstant relief in casos of
burns, cuts, sprams, occiuhdib ui uuy
1 -t
l'illn Will Ho llltier.
Xboso wh'o w,lll'por8lHl in cloainn
thejr pars asfalnst tne cootmuai rrqam
Dr l?fri&''B Now DiscoV
ety fqr-cotisumption, will bnye 11 lODg
nnf ohrtoH Vnrlinr hv f At'tif nrinl nntion.
Ra8d what !T. K:",BeBll .of Beall,
Misi, ,has. to say, "Last fall my wlfe
naa ocry ympnro ui uuunuiujitiuu.
Hhn tnoU. Dr Kinir's Now Uiscovory of-
tnr nvnrv thlna oTse had failcd. Im-
nrnenmnnt oninnat ODCU &nd four bot
tles ontirlr curod her. Guitranteed
bv O. E. Gibson. druucist. Price 50
cents and $1.00. Trial bottl6a free.
The matter of feed is of
tremendous importance to the
farmer. Wrong feeding is
loss. Right feeding is profit.
The up-to-date farmer lcnows
what to feed his cows to get
the most milk, his pigs to get
the most pork, his hens to
get the most eggs. Science.
But how about the children ?
Are they fed according to
science, a bone food if bones
are soft and undeveloped, a
fiesh and muscle'food if they
are thin and weak and a blood
food if there is anemia ?
Scott's Emulsion is a mixed
food ; the Cod Liver Oil in it
makes flesh, blood and muscle,
the Limc and Soda make bone
aiid brain. It is the standard
scicntific food. for delicate
Send for free
De ture that thU clcturc lo
the fonn ol a Utxl U on the
wnppcr o( ertry boltlt ct
Emultlon you bu
409 Pearl St., N. Y.
50c and 51 1 ill dru&tiU.
ErtMnc and Sttlty re Undtr Arrtit at Ktnne.
btc, Me.
Sherlff VTllBon and deputy sherlff
Godfrey left Monday afternoon for
Kcnnebec, Me., upon receipt of in
formation that Bernard Erskine and
H. B. aeeloy, who wero connected with
tho alleged jnsuranco fraud of Geo.
Rowell ln this village, had bt-en ar-
restod in that place und was huld.
Deputy Sherlff Godfrey recoived
word from Bollows Falls' Saturday
that Seoley had lx?on thorc but a
conple of days beforo, that his mothor
residcd there, and that when he left
it was supposed that he had gone to
Nashua, N. II.
Sunday he with Erskino wasinSum-
morworth, N. n., loaving that aftor
noon Deputy Sherlff Androws tele
phonod Monday to tho ofllcers horo
that tho two woro there, nnd wanted to
know what to do. The otlleers tele
phonod in reply to arrost them, If
possible, and by following found thom
tn Kenneliec when they took thom.
Cleuurf and bwtiWea th tulr.
lromote4 laxurlint Ktwth.
Never Tin to Jtestora Ongr
lUir to 1U Youthnil Color.
Curu Mlp dtmtet Jt htir fkllliig.
Hurt whlle Coaitfng Injured In a Runaway
Christmas wasqulte a day for acol-
dents ln Readsboro. Whlle out coast-
ing, Kittie, Georgo und Archio Barre
wero thrown from tho sled on which
thoy wero slttlng and all three were
more or loss injured.
Whilo drlving ,iq. tho aftornpon Miss
ClaraE. Stotson'a hor.sobccamefright
oned and ran away. Tho sloigh was
overturned, Miss Stetson. thrown jnyut
and conslderably injured. ,
A kidney,or bluddor troublo can al
wiivff be curod by usln'g 'Fbldy'a 'Kid
ney' Cure ln time. l'or sale by B. A.
Quinlan. .
Dath of Mrt Stmplt, Mothtr of Mr$ Charlu
Mrs Aloxander Semple, mother of
Mrs Charles Coopor of Bennington,
died at llazardville, Conn., Dec. 24th.
Mrs Seraplo Is well known to Benning
ton poople, having spent many years
of her life here.
She was born in Renfrewshlre, Scot
land ln 1800 and camo to this country
is 18-48. She was thn mother of slx
children, thrco of whom arp llvlng:
Mrs Charles Coopor of Bennington I
Aloxander Semple of Norwalk, Conn.,
and Jumes : Semple of Torringion,
She was of a vlgorous naturo and
was always busy. She was an oarnest
christian and always had a smlle and
a pleRpant word for evory ono. Of a
happy disposltllon, her greatost wish
was to live to he a hundred, but this
was not to be, and she passed away
poaoefully at her home at 10 , a. tr.
Dec. 24, 1!W3.
All of her ch'ildron were presont at
her bedBldo at the time. Tho inter
mcnt was ln tho Warehouse Point ceni'
etory, Saturday, Dec. 20. She was
the youngest of tcn children and was
the last to paBs away. Ilor mother's
namo was Grant and she was of tho
samo stock as Gen U. S. Grant. She
was also rclated to Prosldent James
Mrs Semple was a well informed la
dy, especially ln tbo matter of hlstory,
it boing almoBt lmposslblo to bring up
any historical question which she
could not answer.
Ilor death will be sincoroly rnourned
by her many frlends in Bennington.
1 0
m 1 llxi
Now in Prog'ress at
Mrs B. C. Adams spent Christmas ln
Bennington, returnlng home Sunday.
Miss Ethel Stockwel.l viBlted Mrs
Georgo Nlles and Mrs Martha Elwell
tho past week.
Mrs Jano Mattison has boen conQnJS
ed to the bed with a sovoro cold.
Little Ruth Harrlngton is slck.
Frank. Smlth from Elmlra, N. Y.,
spont Christmas with his parents Ed
ward Smith and wife.
Luther Burt and wife of Bennington
spent Christmas. in the place.
Mrs Edgar Green spent a few days
the past week in Bennington.
Rollin Honard and famlly spent
Christmas with his mother.
Mrs Pricllla Blackmer and Mrs
Myron Clark of North Bennington
attended tbo funeral of Robert Mont
gomery Wedne8day.
Died in Shaftsbury Dec 20 Robert
Montgomery aged 50 years. Decoascd
was born in town and always llred
hore. Ho was the son of Geo Moat
gomory who U llvlng and one brother
George. He leaves a wife and seven
children, two sons marrled, Frank and
Floyd. Tlie funeral was observed
Wednesday Dec -1 at tho home, Rov
G. N. Gardner olJlciating, the Baptist
cholr at the centor remlerlng some fino
selectlons, Tbe interment was at the
Maple Ilill cemelery in the famlly lot.
The famlly have much sytnpathy in
thelr tjreat loss.
rtotMrOraypw,et,l,o,wlerj "or Children
Successfully used by Mother .Gray,
nurso in tbe Cbildron's Home ln New
York, curo feverishness, bad stomach,
teotbing dlenrcibre, tn.ovo' and regulato
tbo bawels and dostr.ioy worma. Over
,30,000 testimonlals. Thoy novor fail.
At all drtikgist9, 25c, Samplo' froo.
'AHdrnoa Allr.n S.ifilmatfiH. TjoT?nv. "W.-
Y. 42w0
"' '"' If Tfola Doh't llke Mnslc
you can avoid' it'. ' If ydu batu c6m
pany you can- manago to bo aluoe.
Uut what aro you to do if,. after tukjug
n few mnuthfuls of food, you expori
hcoa such heen'distrfsa you wiah you
-had gone empty- and bungry? Wby
tuse Dr Davjd Konnedy's new n)ediclno,
Cal-cura aolvont, anu cure tno djspop
sta. Writo to tbo Cal-cura comany,
Rondaut, N. V., for dotails aod a free,
eamplo bottlp
One nundroil Dnllnra a IIox
is tbe value II. A. Tindalo, flummHr-'
ton, S. O., placos on DeWitt'i Witdh
Uazol Balve. He Hys, "I hnd thn
plles for 20 ycars. I tricd uiany doo
tora and modicines, bufc all failed oi
copt DeWitt's Witch Hazol Salve. Jt
cured mej" It is a combination of
tho beallng properties of witch liazol
wltb antiseptics and omollleots: ro
liovos and peraianently ouros blind,
bloeding, itcbing' and protruiing
piles, sores, cuts,- bruises, ec?omn, enlt
rheum and all skin discasos. Sold by
B. A. Quinlan.
Charles W. Phelps ls conflned to tho
houso with rheumatism.
Tlie exerclses by the childron of tho
Congregatlonal Sunday school on
Christmas eve were entertnlning. A
heavy raln was falling, yotTC childron
were in attondance at the supper which
was served at 6 o'clock.
The last meetiDir of the Washlncton
Potnona Grange for the year endlng
1003, was hold with Dorsot Grange,
Wednesday, Dec. 23, afternoon and
evenlng. An oystor supper was served
at 0 o'clock. Atnong those present
wero Mr nnd Mrs M. B. Roberts, Mr
and Mrs W. C. Mnson, Mr and Mrs
Banlen, Arthur Harwood, Miss Ida
j Duncan, Mrs Whcelor, Ira Sholdon
anu otners irom ttupert; wr anu airs
Eugono Smlth, Mr and Mrs.Orr, Mr
1 and Mrs Parker, Pawlet; Mr and Mrs
' Pottor, Granville. Tho'olection of oll-
tcors occurred in the evenlng and'the
result was as fdllo'ws: 'Master, Eugone
Smlth, Pawlet; Ove'rseer, Eugeno Slm
mohs, Dorset; lecturor, John F. Shol-
j don, Rupert; siow'a'rd, Ira Sheldon,
Rupert; assistant, Burr Harwood,
Dorset; lady 'assfstant,' Miss Kato
Hanvo'od, Rupert; chaplaln, Rev C
S. Carhart, Dorset; treasurer, Charles
N. Williatas, Dorstst; s6'cretdry, M;B
ttbbe'rts, Rupertfgate keeper, Arthur
Hatwoddl Rupert; 06108, Holon Har'
wood,' Dorsot Pomona';' Mabol Iiudd,"
Dorsotj Fl'oru, Ann'a Har(vOOd, Rupert.
The lecturer'shour'' was intorosting;
un addresS''6f welcome was'made b,'
R. M; Campbell, followed bj re'marks
from Burr Harwood, John Sheldon,
MV Pbtter aritl othefs. Tho Dorset
Grange qutirtet sang two selectlons
anu wr fottcr or uranvuie sang sev
eral solos. .,..,!.
DR. A. Z. Cutler,
524 Main Street,
0pp. Libiaiy Buildmg.
Narctiile used for painless
Phone 41-5 Res.
In our Metropolitan Basempnt, Silks, Dress
g Goods and Furs are being offered at very
jf unusual prices Our Cloak and Suit Buyer
; :
has been busy since Christmas preparing a
m great bargain treat For our patrons, If you
i :
j can find use for a Cloak, Suit or Dress Skirt,
it will pay you to visit our second floor.
Frear (& C
. Y
- -ur w Vt 4t V
' 1
Tbe annuil meetlneof the aUxkboldersof the
Plrat Natlonal Bank of North Bennington, Vt.,
will be beld at thelr banklne bouseon Tuesday,
theOithday ofJanuary, 1904, atl o'eioek a
m. for tbe purpose of eleetlnir a Beard of Diree-
tors for tbe ensulns year and for tbe transae.
tlon of any other proper and necessary bnsl-
esi. 8. 1). 1IAI.L. Cashler.
Kortb Dennlagtod, DecemberS, 1903.
Estate ofChao. Kins!?y.
WUl rresented.
STATE OF VEKMONT, 1 In rrobate
DUtrlet of Ilennlngtnn. n. I (V)urt. beld at
th Protiata ORlee ln liennlnaton vithtil and
for sald Dbtrlct on tbs l&ih day of Dvceinber,
A-1 ivon-
Present. John V. Carncy. Judse
Aj IN8THUMEXT. purporllng lo be the last
Will and Teauimeut of ( has. Klnnley, late
of liemilneton In salo dbitrlet, deceated be
lag nresented for br tbe executor tbcreln
iwmed. for probate. II li ordered by ald Court
that all persoos concerned therein be
nollfled to appear at a hesston tliercot, to be
beld at the rrobate ORlce In llenntn)ttoii, In sald
dtstrlet ou tbe Sth day of Jan. A. I). M. at
10 o'clock lu tbe torenoon. and sliow cau. It
any Uiey have. agalnst Un probate of sald WIU i
for wblch purpoje It ls furtlicr ordered. tbat
tbls order ue publlihed tbree weeks suecS'
slTflj ln the "anner and Iteformer, a news
paper prlnted at IlcnnluKton. In tbls state, pre
vloui to s ld Ume of beariug
ISy tlie court.
43W3 Attest, JOHN V. CAKNEY. Jadge.
The Alarm Has No Terrors For
Those Whose Interests Are
Cared For By
Putnam House
., I have constnotly on liand flne turnouts of
every de4Cripllon. Also run a 'bus to oll tralns.
make ualls for passengers and baggage at pri
vate rektdences.
, Tolcplioiioi'i-ia
St ablerear of rutnam House. Open for ser
.viie day orulght.
Buslncss Coliege for Bookkoeping, Rhorthaiul,
Teleeraphy and Employmeut. Twenty
SuperlorTeachers. Forcatalogue
- " Address CameUftHolt,
Albany, N. Y.
Four Boxes
Axle Qrease
. a a 25C
Small Size
Sweat Pads
. . lOc . .
W. E. Hawks, Jr
431 rialn Street.
14 Main St, at Viall & Co.'s Store
16 Corner Union and Main
1 8 Corner Grove and County
23 Corner South and Weeks
2 5 Corner Pleasant and School .
27 Corner Elm and Washington
29 Corner River and Lincoln
32 Cor. W. Main, Campbell s Mill
34 Corner Adams ancl North
36 Corner Park and Gage
37 Corner Msin and Willow
38 Corner Safford and. Gage
" J L ' ' ' 1 4 '.v
r I . in r v si
q.1 UUiUCUUcllU ... t
. ' . '--
43 Beech and Webft
45 "Silver and. Grand View
48 Main and North
The large, light, attractive
office formerly occu
pied by Dr. Dana
is to rent.

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