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vening Telegram.
Single eopy,
One iiumlli,
Out! yiii'i
1 cent
2o cents
VOL.1. NO. 30.
J3A1UIE, VT., SATUltDAY, MAY 21, 1808.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt,
Men's, Boy's and Children's
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Shoes.
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Furnishings
at Rock Bottom Prices.
Y.iiir inspection is Invited. Satisfaction
pmniiU'i'd or your money buck.
Sew lines of straw huts lire coming in daily,
(ihc n :i eull.
(,,wii-st!iis tenement to rent. Inquire lit
till" s'"-
yi.ur suburban tickets here at Oc trip.
SEGEL & BRADY, Piop'rs.
Dl'.ri iT SQUARE. 15AKRE, VT.
Quarry , Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Gigarsto Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
Payclle, Mendelslion 4 Co, MTrs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. Hain St. Barre, Vt.
$1.00 Up
Sen those Pictures of our Battleships in
Colors at Hi cents each.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
New Lot of Those
Fine Chocolates
Also, liet-t line ot Low Priced Candy
in the city.
For your interests as well as "iir own.
It means business for us. Every
man, bov and child needs a new
suit for Spring, and we carry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's Hoys' and Children s
Which we will sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will offer for the next 10 days 100
boys' suits with sailor col law.
sizes from 4 to 15 years, at 81.00
a suit ; sold elseweere for 82.00.
Bring your boy along ami get one
at the
Standard Clothing ' Co.'s Store'
Why sutler with Corns when you
can have them removed without pain
by Mus. S. M. YotiK, 12 Elm St.
Notice! I am prepared to do lh"st
.., i. :.. i ..-lintiiiir. paper
i nuu in iiwii.-.- c-
liauginr and
through the mail promptly attended to.
All my employees are experienced work
men. No apprentices. . c
J. C. Dili" 'I-, 100 M 11 111 ht
The Weather.
Boston, May 21. Fair to-night and
Sunday morning. Showers Sunday af.
A largo crowd went from this city this
morning to hid good-bye lo the boys of
liarre who left this noon for C'hickamaua
The Montpelier b'viul rendered a num
ber of selections as the train stood in
tho depot. The boys were not permit
ted to leave the cars which numbered
10, and their friends had to speak to
them from the cur windows. When the
crowd went to the Junction they went
loaded down with fruit and eatable for
their friends.
As the train pulled out of the depot
U was a sad sight nearly everybody had
tears in their eyes as the train went out
of sight. The liarre crowd gave three
cheers for Company K just before the,
train left,
On the Corner.
And still the battle is on between the
police and the Club. Where to find a
permanent place for holding meetings
is the chief topic of consideration. Wher
ever the Club has been granted premis
sion to meet, the police it is claimed
have driven them away. The Inspector
knows the reason why the police have
prevented this gang of loafers from
blocking our streets or disturbing the
sleep oi those who retire early, and the
police arcs most certainly justified hi
keeping this gang from holding meet
ings when able to prevent such gather
ings. Late yesterday afternoon the In
spector learned that the meeting last
night would be he'd in the "Cut" known
as "Hookers Cut" on the line of the
Williamstown railroad. The Club as
sembled on the track, while the Inspec
tor was at the top of the cut, and here
is what this aggregation of lazy, useless
and meddlesome grumblers transacted.
A vote was taken as to where the crowd
wanted the postofliee, and this called
for much discussion among those present.
About one half of the crowd wanted it
in the new city hall building, as they
claimed it was the best located. The
fighters from tha .bloody third'' wanted
iTlocated in either Miles or Currier's
block. The "Boss" war 'workers in
wards five, wanted it placed in the Morse
buildm?. While the residents of North
Uarre said the government ought to be
compelled to erect a block in their sect
ion of the city and place it down there.
Now after they finished !h"orations about
the postofliee a recess was taken for a
few minutes, and I had time to consider
the postofliee subject. The Inspector
has no personal ave to grind, and blames
no section of the city for asking for its
location. The postofliee will boom busi
ness in any seel ion of the city where it
may be located. Iiut while fair minded
men will admit that the city hall build-in"-
would be the most central location
for the oilicc, yet as Mayor donlon
sometime ago expressed it, "Do we
want to make anymore contracts with
Uncle Sam?"' If not then why should
we undertake to deprive others from
furnishing quarters for the mails? Now
Morse, Currier and Miles will have
suitable- rooms for the postoffce, and
the Inspector has no doubt but in one
of these three blocks the mails will be
sorted for the Granite City. Let the
city give us a good hall, and other nec
essary rooms, but do we want to use any
of the rooms for a postofliee. Personally
the Inspector is in favor of the postofliee
being in the City building, but as a tax
payer I say put the bid so high that Un
cle Sam will not pay it or if he conclud
es to pay the price asked secure a con
tract that shall have something of fair
ness about it.
Recess being over the club resumed
business and discussed the holding of
Executive sessions by the City Council.
The Kickers present thought the tax
payers of the city should have the rigid
to know all matters given attention in
the meetings of the City Council, and
that newspaper men should not be ex
cluded. The Inspector does not oppose
this opinion of the club, and would urge
the inemnel'H oi me council iu guf
matter a little thought. Iiut the "Cyc
lone" is coming, the club disappears
from sight of
The Ixsi-KCTolt.
Orvis Jiatchelder who it will be re
membered fell from a load of hay last
winter and was so badly injured had a
similar experience Thursday night.
He and his son Ad were driving in two
separate teams towards their home on
the Pliiinlle.KI roau aim in
tier they Blurted to race horses. Acci
dentally their carriages came in contact
with each other and the old gentleman
was thrown into the ditch striking on
his side and breaking a bone in his arm.
He was taken to his homo and will pro
bably be laid up sometime.
Col.E.lLWilliston of flic Sixtli United
L., ...-.iHi.rv. who was made a colonel
mini---' ... ' j ,., .
about six weeks ago and is now likely
'to receive a brigadier generalship, is a
Vcrniontcr, and was a classmate of
Commodore Dewey at Norwich univer
sity in lH.W and V4. He was made a
lieutenant in the Second artillery Aug.
lM;i. and has been in the service
since the civil war,
Prof. P. L Wilkins has received a
fite agency for "The Quaker Folding
li'ith" from the World M'f'g Co. of Cin
einnatti, Ohio. Sub agents are wanted
for town and counties at once.
Killed Five
Montserrat Escapes
and Reaches Home
Cervera in a
Pekin Leaves
Railroad to Klondike.
Seattle, May 21. The contract has
been let for a railroad from Skaguay to
to Lake Rennet! via White Pass. The
work will 1)0 begun immediately.
Coal Barges, Not Warships.
Poutlaxi), May 21. Tho vessels
which were sighted off here last night
and supposed to be warships, have
proved to bo coal barges towed by a
Chief Justice Carpenter Dead
Coni:ohi, May 21. Chief Justice
Al onzo P. Carpenter of the New Hamp
shire supreme court died here at 7
o'clock this morning. He had a par
alytic shock a few days ago.
May Be Famine.
Mapkip. May 21. It is semi-ollicial-ly
announced today that there is perfect
tranquility throughout Spain despite the
war. A famine is threatened and trade
will be ruined.
Volunteers Killed.
CllATTAXooiiA, May 21. The train
conveying the Fiirst Missouri regiment
of infantry was wrecked this morning
by a collision with the regular passen
ger train at Rossville. Five, privates
were killed and 12 were injured.
Eluded the Americans.
Coism'NNA, Spain, May 21. The
Spanish Auxilliary Cruiser Montserrat
arrived last night from Cicnfiiegos hav
ing escaped llie American blockade.
There was a great crowd on the quay
and the crew was received with an ova
tion. The people embraced the captain
nnd oflicers. The commander declares
that he has no dispatches.
A Fatal Mistake.
Loxpux, May 21. According to the
best expert opinion here, if Cervera has
gone to Santiago Do Cuba he has made
a fatal mistake. Vice Admiral Columbo,
a naval expert, says he is convinced that
the Spanish Admiral is now unlikely to
strike at all. If he enters the Southern
port he will scarcely effect a blockade.
He can be readily watched by a few
small vessels while the rest of Samp
son's fleet, can devote themselves to
blockading other ports.
Trap City of
for Manila.
Nearly Ready,
S.vx Fhancisco, May 21. Two more
steamers, making five in all, have been
chartered for transports to convey U. S.
troops to the Philippines. The City of
Pekin starts tomorrow and the others
will follow in a few days. There has
been a great deal of dissatisfaction ex
.preised tliat -the edition did' Got
.start earlier but this has been caused by
the fact that the government has been
unable to procure transports or uni
forms suitable for the climate of the
country into which the troops are going.
The transports are, however, almost
ready and the uniforms are rapidly be
kig made. They will be of white duck
canvass such its is worn by the. British
soldiers in India. It is thought that
about 20,000 soldiers will be landed in
I ho Philippines and that if more are
needed they will be sent nt the request
of (leu. Mcri'itt, if he considers it prac
ticable after he reaches there and has
time to look over the situation.
Brooklyn Fire.
New Yoiik, May 21. There were
two serious conflagrations in Brooklyn
this morning. At each one a fireman
was injured fatally and many were
hurt. 'The first was a big tenement
house. The loss was $100,000. The
second was in a saloon. The liremen's
rubber boots melted when they stood in
them. One of the firemen was paral
i.od by live wires.
Down-Nicholson Marriage.
Qliscy, Mass., May 21. Lieutenant
John Down, U. S. N., commander of
the receiving ship Wabash, was married
to-day to Mrs. Henrietta Wise Nichol
son, grand daughter of Edward Everett,
'i he groom wore a full dress uniform.
103,000 Volunteers.
Washington, May 21.-10:1,000 vol
unteers have been mustered into the
voluntect army. By the end of tho
week it is expected that the full num
ber called for will be mustered. The
regular army is being increased to
(18,000 also. .
Ran the Blockade.
Mahhih, May 21. Admiral Camara
after several conferences with the Min
ister of Marine has returned lo Cadi.
His licet will sail under sealed orders
immediately. The newspapers are
using llieasseition that the Montserrat
ran the blockade three limes as a text
that the blockade is not effective. It is
asserted that she landed l.j.OOO.'OOO pe
sotns, 1000 soldiers, lo.OOO rilles and
large quantities of ammunition in Cuba.
What They Say Of Us.
XV. V. Scott lias sold the daily and
weekly Il. mm Esteuimiise to II. C.
Whitakcr and (Icorgo A. Boss and will
now take a well-earned rest. For near
ly 20 years Brer Scott has been mana
ager, editor and publisher of the Ex
TKHPKI.se. His retirement will be re
gretted by many friends among whom
are numbered the newspaper fraternity
of the state. At the same lime the new
management will have the good wishes
of all for success in their new departure.
Windsor Journal.
'The retirement of XV. V. Scott from
the P.AliitE HxTEKi'lfisE removes one of
the oldest and beet known members
the newspaper fraternity. He has been
in business at Barre 17 years, and in al
most continuous service in the printing
and publishing business since 1854.
The Enteki'Ijise has been sold to Henry
C. Whitakcr and (ieorge A. Boss, two
estimable young men, who will con
tinue to publish the weekly and daily.
Seventeen years ago Mr. Scott bought
the FxTEiii'HisE of L. P. Thayer, who
hud been printing it at Montpclicr from
the oilicc of the Vermont Farmer, and
moved it to Barre. Although there
have been a number of different papers
started during the interim, his paper
has always held t lie position of the lead
ing weekly of the city. The continuous
application to business has told on his
health and he now retires to gain much
needed rest. Through his long connec
tion with the business Editor Scott has
become personally known to nearly
every publisher in the state, and he
will "have the best wisi-es of all for a
speedy return of health and a well
earned rest. St. Johnsbury Republican
Real Estate Agents
We have fur sale one house on Camp Street
(new), one two-tenement, house of eleven
rooms on llarrimrtun avenue, three houses on
Sontli .Main Street, one house ttiul Imrn on
Ka-tern avenue, one house on East .street
(new), one lnm.p on ( lark street with 14
rooms, sti iiui bent, also three lots on Prospect
street, with uiiout lio fruit trees uml lot of
smull fruit iu bearing. Several lots on Long
Street, prices from $73,110 to $:V).0I. two lots
ur, "Ci.iYn ':sirl-et"."ei-y ilesiffible, ami neverul
lots west of brook Street.
Anv one in want of lots or homes will find
it, for their interest to call at rooms !) ami 10
l!olter's block anil investigate, or send a
postal card find we will call on you, as this
property is for sale at real tmrirains. Now is
a noiid lime to inve.-t in real estate in this city.
Look-out for a boom when the war is over in
real estate. We would lie pleased to assist
those havini.' tenements to rent or those want
Utf! tenements. Knits collected on reaonnhle
IJcspectfiiliy yours.
pure Ice.
FA 1 1! .MOUNT ICE is clear and pure. It
is cut from spring water less than 4D roils
from where it rises, thus avoiding all contam
ination which must enter river ice. The ser
vice will he ellicient in every respect. We so
licit your patronage. Prices that suit. Our
team will he around regular. 54
E. E. SANDERS, Mag'r.
The Commercial House
Chas. Johnson
nd he is prepared to meet the
wants of the public in an up to
date manner.
487 N. Main Street,
Girdeu Huwes,
The Williams Typewriter
The best Machine made, Strong
est Manifolder, Visible Writing,
Direct' Inker, no Ribbon to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale by
Ki Washington St., City Agent.
Call .Mid see one or drop a card iu
the until.
The secret doesn't all rest in the person. A great deal de
pends on the.choice of ingredients. Are they poor ? The
cost of pure baking requisites may be a tiifle more than the
other kind, but its in the results that the great difference is
noticed. Pure Cream Tartar, 50c. a pound. Pure Saleratus,
10c. a pound. Pure Spices at right prices. For best goods
205 N. Main Street.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
We are Agents for the
Cates, Austin & Cqc
Gents Furnishings,
Ask for Trading Stamp
With every Cash purchase that you
make with us. If the use of them has
not been explained to you call and
we will gladly do so.
Ve have iust received a new line of
Jains in five pound pails and Jellies ot
all kinds that we can fully guarantee.
Do not forget our Telephone Call,
No. 128-4. Yours,
SUiesser &
1G Depot Square,
G2 No. Main Street, - - Barre, Vermont.
All Orders will Receive Mv Personal Attention.
Night Calls will be Promptly Attended To
Telephone call at Residence 141-0. At office 26-3
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School ot Osteopathy, Kirks
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
8 a. m., to 12 m.
1 p. m. to i p. m.
OIRee 04 State St.
Mea Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Goods. Specialty of
Fork Products.
Substantial preparations for the Sab
bath. Good cooking is the art of house-keeping.
Opposite Depots.
Books and Stationery.
The Best Grocns.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
BIstwNlto. tlie ln,)st
ICyCieS, plete of any in
the city, and he will sell them at any
price you want. Prices ranging from
$20 to $125.
A l.iriva .iiiiiilicir nf apennd hitn
wheels almonst given away, in th
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and sec
me. I
Debt Collected,
Personal Denmnd made iu all eases
Condition of Claims reported fre-
qiiently, nits prosecuted vigorously,
Hupid, yet cautious handling ot at-
I taelunents and trusteo proceedings.
No work delayed. A live active
, JtjWWW,'-..
1 1

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