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Barre Evening Telegram,
Printed daily (except Suiiduy) by
The Barre Press Co.,
HAIilii:. - - at.
H. C. WHITAKER, Editor, G. A. ROSS, Manager.
The Rage For Decorative Leather All In
the Making; of a Gown Her Good Work
Appreciated It Wan Geniua Working
They Have Frugal Mlnda.
Rlngle copy,
One month,
One ear,
1 cent
2," cents
Knt.Tc.l in the i'o.f Ollice
necdiicl-clahs matter.
at Ihirre, Vt., a
hy all
cables P
t 'nolo Sinn, cut the
Oh Olory wnll piper is lo be follow
ed I iy Ol.l (.lory silk dresses. Kven
fashion lias become pnlriolio.
Kiiy-Iund forgets all talk about an al
liance iusl at nresent while decked hi
mourning' for the loved (Ilailsfone.
The Harvard and tin; Vale might
spend a few hours playing football with
etch other if lliey are not lo find the
Spanish fleet.
The government authorities have
done the proper thing iu deciding to
keep future movements of the army and
navy secret. lint it looks like a case of
" locking the door after the horse i.s
in auout lour weeks our stale and
eounly conventions for the ratification
of slates will occur. Fences are now
rapidly being mended by all candidates
and no voters will be allowed lo escape
from the enclosure if possible to pre
vent it.
"A sailor's wife a sailor's star should
ho," and there seems no reason why tho
samo son; should not bo sung of a sol
dier. Thoro aro soldiers' wives iu Chi
cago today who nro as bright stars of
hope to thoir husbands women strong,
brave and courageous its they nro loving.
Mrs. General Fitz Simons is one whn
. nas twieo given her husband up to his !
j country, i am not afraid for him, and
1 1 am proud that ho should chooso to
I go," sho says, "but tho general is no
j longer a young man, and if ho has to
faeo tho climato of Cuba I cannot help
but dread tho fever. Still, I must not
look on tho dark sido of things. If I
were a younger woman, I should go
with him as much as possiblo and do
whatever I might for tho poor boys in
tho hospitals. That, is wlrnl T frinl
do during tho civil war, and I tell you
there i.s good opportunity for work if a
woman is stanch and unafraid. But
now thoro seems nothing for mo to do
nut to keep a bravo heart and a cheerful
spirit and writo cheering letters.
"When I read that Mrs. Monlron wn
likely to go to tho front, I thought it
was a lovely thing. I havo been mis
quoted as saying that I behoved women
should stay at homo. Truo, it would
seem impossiblo for women to bo right
at tho scono of battle without giving
eauso for unnecessary anxiety and
signs soora most appropriate, ivory
shaded and lined with ecru and choco
late is another pattern for desk atmoint-
ments, and there are oven bureau sets,
jowel boxes, collar and cuff cases and
powder boxes brought out now iu differ
ent tints of this decorativo leather. For
a study or for library appointments tho
shades chosen aro variations n' nissor.
aud hunter's green. There is no relief
work in this decoration. It is flat,
smooth and silky, looking ungraiiied in
iiio reppea surrace, as though of woven
texture. For purses and jewel cases,
corners of silver gilt are set on and or
nate letterings and crests are used to
givo it individuality. Tho photograph
frames aro especially pretty and can be
had from $!i up. Very small nurses mid
cardcascs can bo got for from $1.50 up
to $30. Now York Sun.
ii we have a blockade in Cuban
waters, why should any preference be
snow n to certain ships which their
owners desire lo reach Cuban ports ?
A blockade should mean something and
not be changed with every passing wind
that blows.
If there are any captains who outrank
Captain Sigsbee we say let red tape be
forgotten once and give him command
of either the Kentucky, the Kearsiige or
the Alabama. If he was competent to
manage the Maine, he ought to be wor
thy of one of tbeso new battle ships.
Capt. Clark, of the batleship Oregon,
is the right man to command so power
ful a .Man-of-War, for he was not afraid
ulj-Aho-whoW Spanish ileet. His
jut blood gave liini courage to
any danger which miirht be en-
eouiiiereu on Hie long journey around
the Cape.
It is to be hoped that when our Vcr
mooters reach their Southern cam),
provision will at least be made (o give
Iheni snllicienl blankets and coats. Our
boys who enter the army are our bravest
and be.-l citizens. Why not give litem
a few of the comforts !' I'nelc Sam has
piles of gold and should not be a miser
when thinking about these box's iu blue.
therefore impeding action, but for tho
women who aro young enough and
strong enough to keep near their hus
bands this seems a splendid opportunity
to help. You see, I speak from tho ex
perience of having gono through one
war. "
! Spanish sneaks harbor any
lhat with the regular fninns
absent from these Northern slates they
can land an invading force here in New
Kngland unknown to (lie people, tliev
should lie informed that Uncle Sam is
still keeping house in New Kngland and
that he, has left a few; men at home to
.1., , 1.., jr , . ..' J
uu me limning aim cut uie nay am
Ki.un i uis inn. iney are good men
with pitchforks as were Iheir Itevolu
nonary ancestors. Spain had better
not waste any time or altentioh in wag'
ing war on New England.
The Nonchalant Canton Merchant.
Frequently on entering a ' Canton
shop you will find its: owner with a
book in ono hand and pipo or fan in tho
other and wholly absorbed in his studies.
You will bo doomed to disappointment
" you expect tho smoker to start up at
once, all smiles and blahchicss, rubbing
bis hands togothor as ho makes a shrewd
fmoss as to what ho is likely to tako out
of you and receiving you with obse
quiousness or with, rudeness. acpording.
ly- Quito thn reverse N ''
Your presence is apparently unnoticed
? Happen to lift anvthine.
men you bear tbut tho flulhas bcen
rested and feel that a koeu eye is bent
on your movements all tho while. But
, a uol Mtil you inquire for some or
.JiWo that tho gentleman, now certain
"Lie j on mean to trade, will riso with
out bustle from his seat, show you his
goods or stato tho prico he moans to
sell ut, with a polito yet careless air
Jneh plainly says, "If it suits you, 'we
make un exchange, " "Tlirough China
With a Camera."
Airs. Fitz Simons lives iu a handsome
browustond house at. 101 Ashland bou
levard. The exterior is striking, the in
terior wonderfully artistic with pro
nounced martial coloring. The hall and
winding stairway have instead of pic
tures groups of armor, crossed swords,
bayonets, horse pistols and sabers in ans-
uuiu pcape, i.n0 sintrlo stained o-lnca
Window which looks down mw rl.
carved oaft mantel has for its story a
mailed knight mounted on a heavily ca
parisoned charger, riding away to tho
wars from a battlemented castle and
waving his hand gayly to tho tearful
maiden who bids him adieu from an up
per window.
"We had just finished what the gen
eral calls his 'warroom,' " she smiles.
"I had a room decorated for him nil in
red, and he said it
fighting thoughts iu. No, I didn't go to
see the regiments off. I didn't think it
best. Partings are hard enough to hear
without that high pressure enivron
ment. I've been out of town for a few
days, and I began to realize what bad
really happened when I came into tho
station with no husband to meet me. It
never happened before, I think, and it
hurt. But as soon as I got into tho
nouso my eyes fell upon this big photo
graph or the general. Ho -had sat for it
and had ordered it, Kent: nn nn7
-- w .Will JJilU.-U
.u me mantel lor my coming. If 1)0
werp not hero to greet mo, his pictured
Bciiiiuauco was, ana it helped.
"I can't go to tho hospitals much
now,' not even if tho war should bo
long, but I hope other women will. I
shall bo with my husband all that I
can. I shall go and stay quietly at some
hotel whero I shall not bo in thn .v
and I shall go just as often as it is pos
siblo. "
Mrs. Fitz Simons was a vonrnr mnr.
riod woman when tho civil war broke
out, aud sho wont to tho front with I,,.
husband- After it was over sho was rich
with trophies, belts, sabers, uniforms.
etc., most of which woro burned un in
. - . . L. IX .1.1 -
wau Kieai uro; nut nor lonilness for mil.
itary accoutormeuts still endures. Chi
cago Times-Herald.
All In the Milk Ing of a Gown.
A woman who was noted for her ex
quisito gowns when sho was a society
woman and who has been upon tho
stago for several years was induced by a
well known periodical to writo a little
nrticlo upon tho art of dressing. TTor
creed could bo formulated iu a few
words, says tho Philadelphia Times, and
ouo often hears it from pooplo of less
authority. It is to put one's money into
tho making of a gown. Tho material
floes not matter so much. It need only
bo becoming in shade mid nrwl imt i,n
expensive. Of course every woman of
good taste will avoid a shoddy looking
or a cheap material, but sho can" get ex
cellent values nowadays for loss than a
dollar iv yard. Such good stuffs are now
made in Canada and parts of our own
country that it is no longer absolutely
necessary io pay tno prico of "import
ed" woolens when having a light
weight woolen gown mado. All that is
necessary is to go to a rcliablo house,
tako its advice about tho materials it
sells as to quality and be guided by your
own taste in tho matter of becomingness
of design and shades.
Anotner matter of importance is the
lining. It really is far better to havo a
silk lining for a gown, especially if ouo
is to havo that for almost every occa
sion. Hero wo come to a real item of
expenso, for a good lining silk cannot bo
bought for less than 75 cents a yard
and even then it is not always safe to
trust it. It is better this year to buy the
silks with littlo stiffening in them.
They rustle less, consequently are in
better taste aud wear longer. Of courso
a silk lining is not an absolute necessity.
xi, is ntuiesuy a luxury, and if ono can
not afford to bo extravagant on that
scoro it is well to turn contentedly to
tho many handsome linings which have
been described before in this column. If
omw m useu, ic win do round that it
wears much better with tho new drop
skirt effect than it did when the lining
was fastened to the outside skirt at ev
ery scam.
For thouffh on pleasure slio was bent
She hud n frugal mind.
At tho organizing of tho club n some
what original and helpful method of
study was adopted. Instead of the usual
reading and disenssing tho members
made as exhnustiyo a study of the plays
and characters as possible, each young
woman making out a series of questions
for tho next meeting, to bo asked r.si a
drill and test of knowledge. The plan
proved so interesting that the origin.-; Mrs
decided to publish tho ouestions in tho
form of a game. This was dono on the
Saturday before Christmas, and by
Wednesday all expenses were paid.
A second edition was issued a little
later and orders camo in so rapidly that
the largo stores took up tho salo of tho
novel educational scheme, mid tho re
turns made were highly satisfactory to
tho members of tho Shakespearean dub.
The game j, very liko the game of au
thors, nmi may be played by any num
ber of people. There are six or more
questions on each card, and (iO cards in
a pack. For example, tho cards read,
What woman lost her mind after the
death of her father and developed a
loudness tor flowers and singin;.
Who said 'Uich gifts wax poor whin
givers prove unkind?' " "In what play
was Edwin Booth best known?" Thu
answers head each card. Chicago
Tho Klmllng Unit.
Mrs. Ellen M. Ileurotin, president of
uie ueucral .Federation of Women's
Clubs, says:
"Tho - woman's club movement is
spreading around tho world, so that tho
general federation can now claim, as
does tho queen of England, that tho sun
nover sets not on its dominions, but on
its fraternities.
"The club which formed tho link
binding tho islands to tho continents is
tho Karrakatta club of Perth, westei
Australia, and it was Dr. Rvder of
Bombay, travclinur thromrli
who interested Lady Onslow, tho presi-
uuui oi mo chid, m tho general federa
tion. Tho club applied for membership,
and now tho federation has a warm ad
vocate in tho isles of tho southern ocean.
"Dr. Ryder writes from Sydney,
wncro sho is visiting her brother, that
Sir Alexander Onslow, Lady Onslow's
husband, is deeply interested in making
tho club a success, and that Lady Ons
low herself is a woman of intellect and
refinement. "
.i. Wnmau l1 Ilojal Unease and Spanish
lllm.d Who fiyinpathlwu With Cuba.
CoimtcKS de Snsini f't. Angel of
Broekliuo is at present in tho public ryo
on account of her being of Spanish
blood, yet a thorough sympathizer wilh
tho Cubans in their struggles against
tyranny. Sue is a sort ot Lady jjounu
f'ul and delights in doing good among
(bo unfortunates. For years sho praetif
1 i.liilniiHnvmv r.V.V.Ii'' tld l)OOr Of
Now York city, and is at present work
ing for tho Cubans, and r.t Iho fame
time is a charming homemaker mid de
voted mother. She has a beautiful homo
on Beacon street, Brooklino, furnished
iu rare good tasto and filled with valu
ables cullivh'd during her extensive
travels. I:i porwin sho is commanding
and of regal presence. Sho has blond
hair and brown eyes, is quiet iu man
ners, has a low. sweet voire, which is
frequently raised in song for worthy
charities. Two handsome children make
the homo brighter.
The countess belongs 1 1 ok 3 cf the
oldest families in the world, their lino-
W Uf if
We have on hand a few copies of
the Illustrated Edition of
Which will be sold to close thein
out for almost half price.
Now is your time to get a good
bargain. Come early.
Her Good Work Appreciated.
Dr. Mary Barker Bates has been re
elected to tho school board of noiwr
irom tno j'irst district. The voto cast
in this, tho most important district of
tho city, was tho heaviest known for
years. A great number of women voted,
m spite of inclement weather. Dr. Bates
Jiaa mo indorsement of tho Civic federa
noxi mid was also supported by tho
women s club and received tho hitHioHt:
voto cast in tho district. Tho Denver
i ews says :
lit, .Bates was a charter member of
mo women's club, whero sho has al
ways belonged to the educational de
partment. Wherever sho is known it is
us a woman ot ability and devotion to
duty. She was elected to represent the
mouiers in district No. 1, and she has
aone so. During tho six years of her
lenn sue nas served on the kindergarten,
Sloyd and public library committees,'
aud her later service on tho committeo
on public buildings and grounds, man
ual training school and domestic science
has been particularly effective. Sho has
tho faculty of original investigation and
research iu school matters, whidi is ro
freshiug and agreeable to taxpayers and
others interested in tho schools. Dr
Bates is always quiet and moderate in
speech, but while conservative has been
iii uSi. mane m uer plans tor tho schools.
j: or mreo years sho has filled tho re
sponsible position on tho board of chair
man of tho building committeo. No
man could havo been more practical; no
man on tho board has ever been as
watchful and economical. With all tho
zeal of a livo nineteenth century edu-
uaiur sue nas not only worked to keep
tho Denver schools abreast of tho most
advanced methods of teaching, but sho
has watched over. tho sanitation of the
schools with rare intelligence sud zeal
She Is a Blcyclo Doctor.
The newest profession for progressive
women hereabout is that of bicyclo doc
rrm U ,1 - .
wi. wiiu Uoes not go auout tinkering
muron, uui rums up and down the hall
ways and uyways literally "looking for
uuuuio. v neu sho rinds it, sho at once
sets about to lessen or removo it. In her
kit sho carries surgical and medical
necessities, and tho victims of headers
and collisions are her mutton. Sho does
not pretend to cure them all on the open
road, but sho is prepared to tako tho
stitch in time that lessens present and
subsequent suffering. New York Letter.
To Vasnar on Pennicn.
An ambitious girl who has adopted a
novel way of makiiig money to go to
Vassar collego is Miss Kosa A. Leccli of
Albia, la. It is by asking a penny of
every one sho meets, explaining her ob
ject. Of course many of these people are
friends or acquaintances. But sho does
not hesitate to state her ease to strangers
bho does it in such a sweet, ladylike
way that it does not suggest mendi
cancy, but rather the laudable Ways of
tho church fair girl. New Y,,,.'- .t
ago traced t- the year 778, and it was
tho first of this illustrious family who
went to Palestine as a crusader and
brought back tho stono pillar to which
Christ was ouco bound. For this ho re
ceived the title of Susini do Colomia.
ihis pillar is now in tho St. Stephen's
eiiureu, itome, and no ono but a mem
ber of tho Colomia family can open the
door of tho inclosnro whero it stands.
The family is Spanish, tho countess was
uorn in tho West Indies and i.s a direct
descendant of King Boabdil, a Moorish
king. Despite all this she is modest in
all her utterances concerning family
history. She is a member of the Charity
dub and other philanthropic organiza
tions. At present sho has for her guest
iJiuuLeixaui uuis do reran, a Cuban in
surgent aud leader, ono of tho youngest
members of tho staff of General Maceo.
Ho received a serious wound from a
Spanish bullet, from the effects of
which he is recovering. Boston Post
Concord' Dye House,
32 Warren Street,
Concord, - - N. H.
Agents Wiiiited. Send for catalogue,
A specialty. 'o tinmen used lluis avoiding
liook murks. (Joed sent by express will
be promptly returned.
Money For Charitable Purposes.
Ill earning money for charitable nr.
poses women should bo very careful that
they do not deprive some one. else ff
necessity. It is not so necessary thetwo
should endure bodily fatigu,, as it is
that wo should give unselfishly and
wisely. I once wanted some monry to
'"'1' " I,l":r mmuy, m I imirrli;.rlv
went to work and did my washing
and ironing saving 01.50. " I i,
....- incisions ior tho family,
wuiio down town
3 to 5 Per Gent.
Earned for clients. Money is not in
vested in the stock market or in so-called
syndicates, but in good, solid collateral,
where no loss can be possiblo.
You ca;i invest ,10 to 1000, or any
amount belween ; can withdraw it at any
time ; and can have principal and inter
est guaranteed.
Have never lost a dollar for a custo
mer. ears of exiieriem-n u iil, c.,n0ii.i
customers throii'hiiiit all ew T-'.no-ln,i
for circulars. The best of refer
CO State St., Boston Mass.
FOR ONLY $1.50.
Tub Twu e-a-Week DetboitFiiki I'hi.. ,
nn Introduction. It many urccUl artii l.n I,
write havuif.ven It a world wide ri'puiaiti.r, ,
short, It In ono of tho cleanest, tirttfhtfut anil .,
family papers puhlishcd. No pains or i,,,
will bo spared In keeping up He pieimt blh
Itememl.cr, that bv taking adranlair of ,hi ,. .,
blnation, you net M copies of TDK KN"TI-'l:!'l"-"'
ana 104 copies of THJS FKKK MKtfS, W p,".i
for only $1.50. 1 '
Year Bookand Enc vclonedia for i
.,!.-, woritca nn nr
Mr. Wi
rnn iinu-Li hi mi
he spent four hours trying to locate the
Philippine islands 011 his wife's iw.
pattern, under tho
had a map of the Pacific, ocean before
him. Humor's Bazwr
elf sae-
'lo the washimr
''y surprise, he
' "It would
Mrs. Mabala Bentley of Uioomin,Vtoii,
Ills., whoso mother was win, n.,..i..i
r ... v "tum
J300HO ac tho siego of
Whoso aunt was the
Boonesboro and
unit was the first. wkt..
born in Kentucky, has insr ,.f,.,.,i
on her second century of life and is un-"
uauuuy active.
Mrs. Evelyn S. Tomo has been elecS d
president of tho Cecil National bank of
Port Deposit, Md., to succeed her la,
husband, Jacob Tome, tho philauthro-
to 1'cr, 11,,,-,, t
pair of gloves, which I really did not
iot, ,aslwi!swellsupplid. Our. mm-
" 1 t'-'iii ny lather how
i-iueiiig l had ben to d.
turn ironing, when, to 1
Kravoly reiirimandcd m,
: '"-11''-. said, "to have let
he woman v, h ee:i,i o.i ' ,
theiviwl,;,,,, ... ., , ' '-M'reii
.-........ ,,, uonerwoi'lc a:i esval
ev indrnt:',:'Veta,:,'n ""'Klovonm!
O a.dbou,?1t provisions forth,, needy
family." Hnm then I havo beci nniW
o cons der different sides of the S
tmii before attempting to rai0 money
foreharitablopurpeses, that Ii,,,- ,Jt
in iiousekc
Her Idea of It.
.lomnafisin For Women," a book
recently published in England, relates
a story of a woman journalist in the
"oiuiot liugland who wrote to a Lon
u.111 paper lor permission to act as its
special correspondent during tho visit of
ouiuo royai personages to her town. Tho
euiror 01 tno paper, knowing her for a
Kwo, descriptive writer, gave tho neces
sary authority, with explicit informa
tion as to tho last moment for roccivinc
, w j-ue moment; came, but not tho
copy, and tho editor had to go to pross
.,..-iiuuuns. -j.no next day, no exiilana-
mou naying arrived, ho dispatched to
fecial correspondent a particularly
,mmH uuu scoruiui letter. Then camo
the exeuso. It was long, but the root of
it amounted lo exactly this:
"1 v as so knocked up and had such
a lieadaeho after tho ceremouies wero
over that I really did not feel equal to
tho exertion of writing. I thought it
would not matter. "
Tho Kage For Decorativo Leather.
Photograph frames. Writillfir nnrHVi.
1: , , , , ' 0 '
iius, nas noiuers, portomonnaios and
various appointments for a traveler's
outfit aro now brought out in rococo
maiuer, a now product of Viouiia man
ufacturers. Tho rococo leather is dura
ble and as rich and soft as any other of
tho tanner's productions, but tho skins
chiefly calfskins aro subjectod to a
treatment that makes tho surfaco look
as though it were hand painted.
Taken in tho hand and oxnmiiwl nif.
ically, a writing caso of this novel im
ported leather appears to bo i-nwmA
With rich watered or reppod silk, tho
groundwork brocaded or figured over in
shaded colors. Cireen. either vivid 1..,
or the metallio shades, both elect, 'in nn1
cadet hi uo, tho wood colors and various
nuts 01 coral and terra cotta aro some
of tho colors employed. Tho lighter
shades aro brocaded over a plain ground
work of a darker hue, and tho leather
has a luster that is attractive. How tho
repped-or watered surface is imparted to
the skin by tho tanner is a mystery, but
... 01. is ornate and pleasing and ad
.lilienally so in view of the lasting qual
ities of material that looks so perish
able. A photograph framo, all flowered
er 111 this delicate fashion, if develop
ed in silk or satin, would rnnnVl.
show tho soil after a very short term of
service, whereas tho lentliev. niilnat
much handled, preserves its. freshness.
1'ittings lor any sized desks, consist
ing of paper rack, inkstand, blotter,
(tamper, penholder nnd th
shown in rococo leather. For a lady's
desk in morning room or boudoir those
appointments aro mado in tho charming,
Mario Antoinette bluo. in which i.,H,,
tho interwoven figures and elaborate do-1
Her Genius Working Out.
privileged feminine Visitor. mt!ii
nouueed, tripped into the
young and fashionablo woman who has
taken to painting notablo pictures late
ly. Tho woman was writing i
white kid covered booklet.
Rearranging your visiting lict?
uul'lu ine guest.
Mo. Putting down tho names of tho
women l iove.
' ' What an odd thing to do ! And what
in tho name of tho latest fad might you
moan?" B "V
"It isn't a fad. And I might mean
most anythimr. This iu who t 'a
nua that thero are quito a number of
women I won't say unkind things about
and won't let any one talk of meanly
to mo. I am glad when something hap-
1 1 make thorn happy and sorry
1 they aro hurt. It ooctimwl f
then that I probably loved them. So I
am making out tho list for my own pri
vate satisfaction. "
know?" 0U pUtting iu evol7 Birl yoii
"No. Heaps of them aro no mnm t.n
mini peopio in plays. I am sure I
love several men, too, but I can't writo
a list of them, because I might dio, and
.o wero louua thero would bo a
"Guess you are right. What made you
think you loved peopio all of a sudden?
Alan in tho case?"
No perhaps I don't know. It is
the pictures my work, I think. I fool
warm all the timo and everything lately
seems alive. What I liko best about it
is nut being jealous nor envious of wo
men. "
nrji..i.. 1. .
1 win uiso 01 mulcting genius," ob
served tho caller, who is older. "I liko
your idea of a lovo list. Shouldn't bo
surprised to seo it become) popular. "
Now York Press.
T .
jAisiyear tho empress of Germany
i"u kis to whom sh.
Could L'ivn Hm ,1 ...... . , ,
- .-.. . "'"iirancs goiuen cross
".,s uvea 4U years with ono fam-
Mra Laura E. Scammou of Kansas
si n w"f i" lll,I,m"t,,a "5il(1y eommis
sioner for hi-r stnt.it tn ti,.. w ; .
hthsrpin exposition at Omaha.
Uesconded From Massasolt.
Mrs. Zerriah Gould Mitchell, an In
dian prmc-oss, died at her daughter's
homo in North Abin.itm. nr..."
cently, at tho ago of 91. Sho had lived
on tho shore of Lake Assnwi,,,,,. .
40 miles from Boston, for ma "
She and her children wero tho only v.
mg descendants of tho Indian chieftain
Massaso.t whose tribe at 0,10 timo num
bored 80 000. Massasoit always nma fl
ed friendly to tho colonists in the f ee
.r'' was tieseonded from
Massasoit through his daughter Aim
who married Tuspaguin, known in S
an his ory as "The Black Sachem. " Sh0
was educated mid before her nmrring?
x u,i ta eniKiren but
aro living. Ono of her thmtrh
flai?i flying in
Golden ave-
mll, swarthy
a tune
A I'lucliy Woman.
Mrs. W. It. Yv'ilcox of Los
l" 1 m ted States
front of her houso at 8
mio. Tho other day a
01 uiuam camo to the ,l0()r, at
""'.11 niii! 1 : u n niiA i. n 1
a tiny nickel ubiiwi 1 ,- ,'""' ""n
whielf simtmtSSuiin? t
a revolver. Ho went L ko
glowering. She v-, e bed I y ?Hy mul
press says: "Tho Ke, ""KUU!
around the side f T .. fUOfl,d
to urny
Almost before ho reach it f,
woman burst it W ,1 plaoky
with a wild yell ; , 1
to indicate which di-
fcf, n?en aro ring untold mlsen Dnd.
hn, lmouey fortoBtKiMa good anSd
& f.n" Ksut.' Intelligent trnatment are
peing laid aay in premature eraves UVI D
win the reach of evr? sulerir ind le-5
WakuSS of NE VOUS 'd! 8EASE8
ES AMD iidiiiio ...u, r 0
tlieuilootaof ear i erro iVirtiS.?.-rom
we can quickly and nermanoSSiu
t)9 most nnfu no r., i, ' j . 1. wMf v
tliese dieasnrlll.il "UIIBrlng from
afler moro J??, ,f,! ...?ulroBJllnK '"n. Krasniug !
mndidne SZ STrfa0'"' drBit or
irentment at home m ell n hJT ney
.rice, same guarni tee T ,1, hei?! "am
to come hem Pi'l ia,thos who prefer
r.iilroud fare MLei,tnrt to refund
tail to cu 8 avA&XL ""e if we
back of our abani..'. 00 caP'nl
cure or refundiour m?uar?.ntee to
tired of oucir?ay?"r.?!0ne)'' !' oa are
symptoms tlmt mak. Ilf. anjorthele
n, WRITE Uainil i? ".."""ruble exist
valuable p .per ""AwMni "d f REE a
m MJS!L ftMH Neb!
..i, ui;Qrporated.
The Free Press
Over 20,000 Copies of 1897 Book were
Sold at 25 Cents each.
An accurate and superior hook of K,.f,.m-,, .,. a
tel s you all you want to know. Then, will ,
4oW',Ai;iM-"-" .-1
l.,(.t t,.,i,.;.i V.T.i """r.niilion on ' .
v.inuiai, 11 Slorlca . I'n Itic .l a 1
Agricultural; hkewlae a book of 1 o K ,V 1- .
falrs'o'ir ''ir""" on ever, I..
lairs of Oilice, Home and Farm.
A copy of this book will be sent to all nil,., , ,
lnB mnu.ulati.y and ,.dig lfl cents urtditi ' V,
i.ii dt'iy. but tako advantage of this rnu v
able offer which we make for a limited tin, '" '
by special arrangement, with the publisl "r, .'
n,.y0addCmonaUe " 0Py ' the hook ' !
.55rre' vt
Transportation and Supply fo.
t'apilal $500,000; Shares $1.00.
Each Fully Pai(I nm, s,,,,.,,,,,,,,.
mwho ,;1!1" Mlln,.?.!,.1"-,-!,,
ltio of Alaska with w&' ?h .y n7 P,,uy"'
and wear and with ,1,7 . 5 tlU 10 lir
will come.
Tliis company
l)se of ira,jj
i ...in . rr
mo Will s.'lli
wnnien an.l vo,,,,,, ....,.,
"..hi ..lire to s,. .i,
' to the num.
anew lionkfrumhisrli
.neu irom 1
"'T ..!' 1 (too n t-. w
i- "'ins t he l.-i. ....in..,
Alaska ISX24 , -1 V.ri.iTi" l,or,- P of
It tells nit l , ' k, ,"l,n "ix i'hr.
""!. tin. iii.ext, ,,V I i '"n'",s' fortuned
"'; Jt sells ,. , V .":'"! " v to jfvt there,
''"'I I" JHKt tlie lie Ik for Ii re. iv v !f ";t''t,','
. 'ii.lailetnid receive I v.i Wl'i' t siKht.
work inivwhere v. S ",; "J l'""nienee
'frul teVnis. J " lhuoHe 1,1 'e. We give
Address S S s ,!AXTOX CO..
v "nil, .
i.i !. 1 .... ,
" lanciKeann
roction tho Spaniard
" "unu xiiiiiiiTi Tin inn i . , w i
Roes to hcI the fancy baskets nn.do by
herself and her sister. Tlievlive , ?
acres of land . r!U
iiad taken. . .... v, ocmoiis
cox has ro-enfor , iu,lur,"iy Un. Wil
With an anri &
shooter. couting0f
i Upeedy
'rr mme
a six
They Have Frocal Minds.
The story of tho six youn cliibwom
on of Camden, Mo. .whose Sljaltespeiireiin
studies have brought them fame and
forltum brings to mind Oowiier's d--scription
of Mrs. John (Jilpiu:
The Left U Now Right
Fads and facic,s multiform and va
ned in their scope, aro usually
1 with .mteiiso pleasure 1., v l '
and her coterie. At lirese, t K f , 7
,si,p1(, and inlw SIT
another i,v wi.,.1,1.... I,. , .""v Bit ono
di i i J mo iclt hand. Pos
formal (lf the ,, n era
some ,,f u , ' , " vm"iU,,y
The Chesterfield.
Long Island It ia ti 01 J!'"Kliiiid and
tho lon; ir V' a','lri)Pnationof
for riding to homK. ,. ' ? V rt c"at
enough to l,..wn i u ls "hurt
Veilie.it that it has e , W c-
l morning t "f'-
lu ifc to their nee,lH , J, 1 " (1 ll,1-'lt-
are niovin.r i,f "' neii tliev
-n """Hi, ti i ri "
LP f!l flIDIC
S FRENfiH DEiicnv
Never Fa" i
is formed for the jmii'-
H kinds of iin,,i,. .
1 si,,,,.., .
f1Y,, i, ;'-'i' ui.u-iun iiiirilnn
,,; ,. """ 111 'veinlicr, stocked
...v, hi. ( i's rr iii'i tvi.' i .i .
; '"ts i-e,)nisi,efor.he miner;
lor ..rr l,y th" way of C-,Vr
iX,hier,B'' ""''
r $350.
Avery ollnr Investe.i in i.
n. ' iuru 10 for 1
nvev.t, In the I " t and 'T'0" ot "
most ii. demand, w thVit wl T'.'L"1 """""'r ",til1"
''. no old and no ret, rn, for " '" "l'"H'
Shares can he piocu d nith y,i"r nK"",J -"I'd
7. . o. it4A Ireniom Bl., rooms
'S?ttvne r''80'"" i",'"-i- d full.-..
- -..v. .u.cas, mo nd
UKOKUE Z LYTliuui.:,' "
ble to
To the Ladies.'
vfV.S, Intern.,.
". Tliese"t-,,m C"rls K,"'l !."
'i.i phi? ;.' ':.? on the i,,,k
.V wish to
KKKl'KU. sti v ':,n!!'- a KOOK
"l'I'ly to the
or hit
ear I
i i r..
- . uiu I'lmf . :-- un u e
"f -WOO an. I im4A8 'J!hrn the
!n'ltherRtuIni,nr f;r 'ph8 without injur
ini; the lVL !"P8 or PhuloKriiiilis l,v Li.
'liotoar,,,,!, . wtT. Look y(;r i,
r''.V I'laj-ins Card, i l.' 1Je- M,r- "
receipt of s!m,P i ( , " . orstP
nlso l, ii . .,'' ' H TIIK si.-viu.-i i
KOK Xiv ,", T.r.t!"!1 l-of lievennes. s V M
E'X'K Stir.HlTKM -. . Wll't 'N I '
JKKJIAS ), u-; A,l''rP Klii:)i:i;,
Sent! 2 cent itmu ?Let ...
" gives a
to a slight
some or us, wislic.l i,, ,i J
the casus bel H, t nrn toiT"? W,,ut
or lift,,,. ,.i.i:...
donl.M,. i... Ionian and will
ti-Tt f;;rwhh.huSr,,-vusiims
mteuded.New Y,a&P n1UiX
trei .m .Tl"
A littlo
ow She G,)t ,t
,. . ,,lt at" iiei:;ubor'H
ask for
j-"j "lamaim of i. i
Lot complete til t L TT hrid0 is
of (ho bridegCnl. Mh tlle fee'
tAiixiii. ;.. i (5lle."'l'hvss
'. Allllinv V
f.iroiir 'r,:, "m.letd
... . , n-,,s i,.
7n c w .
-. .-, i u a.
'"to no
;0 Inll to
ana 1
'"lil,-V ot. T.. I
You ra.n hn
I and tho same , ,.,,.
tliemor-paycjiicii", ,,,
Jll.1leeu I'r.l. .
IW'toi tliol,,i (lair, r
t Is this Hrlm.iT,
Iklnod loisii that vrt
'Olll'ittlm .,,r .
laeworldri.rmvn.r w.i
f'Sbe lian Alwnt s bv.rU. .1
viulnent do,Ii
f ViMULES-K and
,,U OUT Ulli'Olli ilinlisl
,:,i-,,v.,,V...:' v.''" cani.,.1
e"i Add; " ua i "o-m e h,...L ,u,"i" v .:
aUiW:il ','ltP. hira.r. Illnol..
positive., fl'Wt HABITS
K r, 5 days. AferS .nt
tapering off' ... "telvham
telvi. .
. . ' nrriM- i .
....ivy pnner u-,,,.,1 j.," " inie prni t,l
) "" an ink,! ,, ,,,, ' "ve -'-cent stump.
" t ..rn.,' mr '""l-. A'l-
" Kv-itY Month
4 1:'"it -'"th si'.. -c,v York.
Of UJ&-?A
c and soon""
,o IhiH matter at om-o.

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