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i 1
j V.
Sparks From Granite City.
A. J, liexter of St. A I l:m.s, was in the
city Vi'tiTi:iy.
liev. M. S. K,.y .f Mnrrsville, n!
M'i'tcrWiiry OhIit.
Mis-i .Merideii Tufi
li r
Mi-. Ji;trl
;"!i infant -
r is very i:l :
;...! Y. Hi
in t j j - ci!,
il. r.'i:.
;i;iTv cm Kin
-M'ljl in
. : r 1 1 j 1 1 1
1- viiiiii'' her si.-;.
- ( ialllllit'l'.
11 i if Mr. .-mil Mrs. Jumps
and lm: cvjiicli'il in live.
-. of Williamstown
n '!:-: n f - -1 hi, inominjr.
v!.'i formerly run
oliPlli (1 11 lillk-
Mk. L. r. Tucker of Montrose, N. Y.
isuing ior a lew days at Dr. Han
U. S.
$2000 Fire.
Cheever's House Burned
This Morniug.
.1 I
V. I'.
W i V
1 v. .
i:. ,.f
I) l lliliili.ill j ,
jit'.iirlp wolves
Jj ill- i.fil wesl.
Hie ( 'Ollivjrji-
a i'i eejiiioii In i
loinoi'mw :
iiv on
r unh; lirm of
" who ii.'is Wpi'ii in
iu.-iiie.s returned this
Iii'jiii-iu h who 1ms Ween
"Iier Dr. ().;. Slieknev
returned to her home in
.i'.'!m K.
I., siiiiti
Xp.v '1'ork
Mrs. S. S.
' ;.- iriiiyr her I
o r a f.'u day
l..--!.:i:ir.ti. .. II.
Mruv C. ( -ji iff :i -rihlmile of Cnddan
' ' " jonieil Ilie volunteer re"llnplt
iroi Oregon and will go with li.-u
to 1 Ji j 1 1 1 1 J il (
ll. A. I'eiTv who has Ween receiving
mstnietiuii at liurliiiLi-ioii in tho art of
Weinjr a eoiidueloron tiie eleetriu railroad
retuiued liome last nohi.
Homer Voun f,,r ;l jftilimc a popu
lar barber in this eitv and who has Ween
. i . t , I 1' 1 1 ' ! 1 1 ' . . .
..I, ....I ,u Miiiiam Mwra lias
work for the latter.
Mrs. (;roi-";e 1,'yder w ho has Ween Uk
inr pare of Airs. ,,,!in M,..i,l f,,,. n ,
- ' " " tin; Uil.si
w weeks lias relurneil in l,,.r l,.,, ;..
oi nun as .Mrs. .Mead is imieh Wetter.
The Jlev. Kllie K. M. Jones will ro
!o St. JohnsWury tomorrow iiiornin"-Io
attend the V. J1. c. r. i,lss m(.(.(7llrr.
Slip will Ik- apeonipanied liy Mrs W f
Tim rehearsal for the Childrens Day
eoneertwill We held at. the, Coii.Tt-ra-iional
eluirph this afternoon at 4 oVloek
-m inoso who take part aro requested to
op present.
1 ....
..leoionai i -ay is near at hand and it
imiy Wp of interest to the puWlio to Wo
made aware of the different speakers
i upiivcr addresses in this
vicinity. They areas follow:
in the
Tim first lire since the burning of the
opera house builditir, Wroke out in the
hoii.-p of f. S. Cheevcr at the corner of
Hall and Kim street at about :i o'clock
this morning. The building was a to
tal loss and well inred.
Karly last evening Mr. Cheevcr was
Wu-y boiling oil on it kerosene oil stove
to oil the Moor. The oil boiled over
and ran all around the kitchen and out
into the wood shed. Tim nil mimrliti
II I M .. I - ., . "
"i"i -"i- v-ueever alter tnrowmg a
couple of pails of water on the flames
put it out. Jie retired early and about
10 o' lock he awoke and concluded lie
would sit up for fear the lire might
break out.
About one o"loek ho fell asleep in his
chair and when he awoke about three
o'clock the wood shed was ablaze and
the tlames had trot well tinder wnv.
liy this time some of the neighbors
were out and the young children were
passed out the bed room window where
they were taken to the home of William
Kzekiel Dre' rung box 31 at the
corner of Park and Averill streets which,
m iiuuiiL uiip-naii inno away, llie lire
company resnondend nuickiv. lint tlm
alarm had not been runsr soon ennnrrh
md thehou.se was nil ablaze
The firemen were handicannetl as the
nearest hydrant was 1200 feet away, and
when the hose was laid there was not
pressure enough to throw a stream over
the house, as the hydrant was such
a distance away and the friction was so
Prindle & Ayerill
Gasoline and Quick Meal Gaso
line Stoves, Refrigerators, Ice
Cream Freezers, Window and
Screen Doors, Poultry Netting
and Wire Screen also
Garden Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Lawn
Mowers, and Garden Hose.
T A T7 T A -XT' -i-fci-
vavjvjidi jsliUUIv, JJAKIM-; XT.
On the Corner.
In spite of the rain last night the club
held a well attended meeting in the
Central Vermont railroad bridfe near
tno siuitu meadow while "Yours truly"
miner me uriuire listening tn tha
To Whom It Hay Concern:
street ( 'oiiiinis-ioiiei-s mwl i'ii..
i.iiginecr ' iirrier will -olo the
end of the city this afternoon to
witn tlin electric railroai
it the eitv will
the rails
icople to see
consent to the laving of
to lSerlin line
Col. Ceorge T. f 'hilds of St. Albans,
at I.arre: Hon. ( ', p. JI,,,,.;,,, of s, u.
bans, at Montpelier: I.'ev. I., i'. Tucker
formerly of Northlicld now of ew
IM ;v" "'': Hon. Frank
i i.mly ot Norhiliebl.at Williamstown ;
Allen Martin of liarre, at (oriuth; Hon.
Male K. Darling of Chelsea, at Fairleo
Mon; was begun this mornim- i
r.'lraiioi, f,,r laving the foundation of
in.vw city. WuiMi,,.,, niy Keieer
( timer is surveying the premises lodav
oei a soon u- ti
ereiiilrii of the I
.ouiidatioii will !v
V. iihe Mr. and
' re on then-
The fire department were practically
of no value as the house wag nearly
gutted Wefore a stream wwi'ptil on. At
about 4 o'clock the roof crashed in, at
five nothing was left except part of the
frame work and the front veranda.
Only a small part of thoftirnit lire wtn
saved and all their clothing was burned.
In one of Mr. Cheevi-r's suit nt elnti.n
was a check for about $20 and $80 in
bills and silver which was destroyed.
The building was a two story structure,
I . S. Cheevcr lived on the first floor.
1'.. U. Cheevcr lived on the second floor
up to last Saturday when he moved outv
The lire is supposed to have started in
thewoodshed. The losg will probably
reach 2,000. The house is insured for
2,000 with the Home of New York,
and the furniture for $100 with the
Aortu American Insurance Company.
George Forin and Marv Louis rhnl.
if on x of OrancG wero nnite.l in r
riage Saturday bv the Knv. P. 1 M..
Kenna, the ceremonv t.-iL-imr i.l.,,. ,.f
parochial residence.
is for
I i i ; i !
111 the viei
d iiolh hen
whiVa Jij. ,,:
in ,
II .). Uei llen v.;
her a mi u a - bm
he do, ke! h.V ,
i..e ( 'ouiil ' o;irl
'. There ';)' !
and -oi : fi ei
' u I ei-. il iurv 1 1
i -li".-- are inien sl,-,
I if.w ning vs. S. 1 1.
men from this section ;
" i and .-Charles 'lal
i-eorge Aletealt and Oreotl
l helsea. (i. F. .Miles and K. (
1 ojisham, Wahlo
lellee is
bailer , (,;,,
1 eohMieiieed,
Mrs. 1 1. aid Jainieson
i ay home from ;,
ineir hor.-e became
i'y of Hop,. ( vin-l.hnm-u
j'rnin the
' Wheel broken.
' -liakeii up but
-!y injured,
called and found
(Jeorge I'.ttlkley.of Morctown, visited
his brother, Charles Utilkley, last week.
Dr. W. F. Lazelle l,as sold his land
in the village to T. II. Uartlett.
Mrs. Faura Kidder spent last week
with a daughter in JSarre.
dolm I'.owles ami Mrs. Hitching have
been on the sick list.
i i i .- i i
Set for
-es set for trial, j
al in which Jiarro !
I he ease of (). ,
Sibley, The jury
re Frank 1,'iehanl- !
"f lirooklield.
Iiixby of
. I'oolc of
leseoll am) J,eWi.s
William Shcppard, who has been
slopping with his daughter, Mrs. V. Ii.
' aipcnier, lias returned to his home
St. dohnsbury.
Will Fdson, of Williiimslown, was
this place Sunday for a ride.
Af i.
.nr. aim Mrs. (. Ji. Hamster, of Wil
liam, town, visited his brother, C. AV
lianisier ,tml jfe over Sunday.
Lev. J. . Sherburnt
Fast Urookfield Sunday.
preached at
Ion, I homas Waldo
of Williamstown.
iiollcs ot Wa.-hin;
end ( 'harles Jiriiri
l')of. Andrew .). Phillips will eondu,
a cliorus at (.oddard Seminary to-mor
f lanini;' ai ft o clock. 'rof. Phil
lips is to take charge of the vo(il de
paitmeut at the Seminary next year ant
... io i, Miii a class in the city
i inn .summer, lie is to meet the chorus
oik o a week tor the. remainder of the
lei in. .o ciiarjre will be made for this
JiiMiuetion, and the musical people of
u; enj arc invileil to come that, they
may judge of his ability as a musician
.md a conductor. Prof. Phillips has had
twenty years experience teaching in St.
Toms and Chicago, and is welfknown
by the older residents of this city as he
was a Darre boy. The singers of the
il aro to be congratulated that they
June an opportunity to study with one
"ho has met with such success as a
An excellent concert is in store for
liners of classic and popular music.
I he services of Professor Phillips, tenor
soloist, late of Chicago, of Mr. Wilder,
the well-known Mule player, and of Mr.
linggs, the brilliant organist of Moiil
ppiier, as well as Mr. S. II. Jackson of
this city, have been secured. Those
who were disappointed in not hearing
-'ii. Milder last year are granted a
chance this time. The price is lowered
to lo cents that 'vervone may come,
bei.ioinber the date, Tuesday evening,
May ;il, at S o'clock in the ' Coii"rc"-a-tional
church. Titkcts are now on salcl
M.iss Carrie lialch, who hasb0en very
sick, is slightly on the gain.
Mrs. ,7. L. )ix and daughter Lucy
are staying a few days at W.M. Games'.
Abijah Whitney of Morrisuille was
in uie place fast Thursday and Friday
making arrangements to build a couple
of houses upon the land purchased of
1!. F. AVaterman.
Active preparations are beiti" mn.li.
for the observance of Memorial lay at
this place. 'The ' Washington Cornet
band is to furnish the music instead of
the Fast Barre band as has been
K, D. Fuller
ny raising up tno roof and nuttino- on
.i . . . o
uiioiuer story.
-Mrs. rrank Tracy of Montnelier is
inning iriemis m town.
f). D. Tracy is home from i'mi,r,i
X. II., on a vacation.
J. A, K. Corwin and wifn nrn viulllnrr
in me M cstern states.
Mr. and Mrs. Gcors-e Densmnm hn.-..
a uaugiiter born May 12.
Mrs. C. S. Emery and daughter Sally
are in JJurlington. Mrs. Emery is re
ceiving osteopathic treatment for a se-
nous nervous trouble. Mrs. Lerov
pi in nulling ior kj, . Winery.
ueoates oi these wise kickers. There
was much discussion among the mem
bers concerning the location of the post
ofliee and the disagreements among the
City Fathers concerning the question.
arious methods were suggested for lo
cation but none were iiilooii.il ami i,
Inspector was only able to gather that a
majority of the members favored the
city building providing that a decent
contract can tie secured from the "Pow
ers at Washington." The Inspector
would suggest that unless the govern
ment can give us more mails from the
cities of the country that the city nay no
"i;ii ueiuaiios ior a location.
It is a matter that should he rir!iiK- nro.
uuiuu iv lueaiiiDorities and some move
made toward giving better mail service
in this city.
The agent from the Williamstown
club gave a report of the recent meet
ing held by the club at that place and
u....u ,.al, iUlJ ineeuug was Held on
the bridge near Albert Martin's shop.
1 he question now claiming the attention
of the Williamstown members is the
construction of an electric railroad from
mis city to Williamstown gulf. The
Agent reported that every member of
the brartVh club favored such a move as
it was thought that llie price of real
estate would be advanced. Thus the
meeting passed a resolution urging the
"Ijig Three" to give them the trolly.
When the Williamstowii information
had been given, the P.oss announced that
ai me next nice in" of the elnK ii,,,-..
would be a joint debate between two
well know n members of the city govern
ment. It is proposed to have the Trans'
lantie band in at'cmlcnce to furnish
music for the occasion.
The members of the club were highly
mcli'mant at the action of tin. m.L.,,?.,..:,
men who run down a bicycle rider on
Main street Saturday night, as the men j
who were responsible for the act. paid I
no attention to the man they knocked I
down but dashed away at "breaknecl: I
speed. There is some talk of havino
the chili delegate its slcuth-like secretary
to start on the trail to find these men.
Anoiher subject which was a cause
for much discussion anion tr the members
was the poor way in which the Electric
railroad company light the road
a; uie norm end ot the town each
night. Few lanterns aro left lighted at
night and those who pass along the road
late at night are in constant danger of
injury. If these foreign companies are
to be given the right of way on our
streets the (dub claims that they should
at least be made to give us proper pro
tection. Now if the Insnei
cd to reveal his whereabouts, ho nni.i
have, told these Kickers, that thn men
at fault for the condition wdiich the road
is ictt at night, are not the owners of
the road but incompetent men employ
ed in the work. As tho rain kept com
ing down in torrents, and as I was near
ly drenched, the nieetingsuddenlyfouiid
a rock thrown into their lllMttt ft nil fwl .
journed in disorder by this rude action
For the past two years I have been a
sufferer from rheumatism. Two years
ago 1 was taken worse, it being in my
hands, arms and limbs. At limes i
could not get my hands to my head or
dress myself. My hands and limbs
would swell badly and cause me much
pain. I could not sleep nights and had
no appetite. I could only walk by the
use of my crutch, After doctoring
and using different kinds of medicine !
at last tried Marnetie Treatment and
apor FSaths given by Prof. Ii. (J. Wil
kins and can say after two months
treatment 1 am free from all
Swelling all gone. Hands and
as natural us ever. 1 can go up and
down stairs without crutch or cane, and
am able to do my own work. My ap
petite is good anil 1 sleep as well as
ever. I can recommend this treatment
with much pleasure to anyone sufferino
with rheumatism. "
Very truly yours,
JIks. T. T. Maimix.
barre, Vt., Mav 21st, '!.
"Po Hollers Kuiorjliig."
After v-e' -s in tho forest of Fontaine
blean it isio.Heult to realize its monoto
nous amplitude, its endless repetition
of similar prospects. And yet. as a for- :
est it has no furpassiiig beauty. Ono ;
may compare ic witn niai.i"-"""
moor pared of its highest tors and set ;
thickly wiith young trees, growing close i
us tho moss on a bowlder. Jt is a roll-
ing upland with a scanty mantle of soil, j
through the frequent gas in which tho
broken gray lowldi.rsof the naked earth j
sometimes rise in fantastic heaps, sonic- j
times line concavities a mile across, or i
fringe the gaping lip? of long ravines.
Like. Dartmoor, the mrlaiv is arid, and
vou mav tramp miles and i-.'.v never a
pool, and yd, i n cv ry side you may
descend from the for. .-t by green valleys
into grei n I lams ami lind iirooi.s leap
ing miraculously from the dusty rocks
to dip under fringing willows.
It is to these happy shiUs of the for
est that the painters' villages cling;
Barbizon, advertised by Stevenson and
now abandoned to the cultured tourist;
C'crnay, with its great village square;
Markrtto, smothered under masses of li
lacs like a child laughing in new mown
hav: Aforet, on the Seine, with its tow-
'er flanked, steep pitched bridge, its
mills and ruined castles and spreading
river, and a dozen others. The simplest
of them turuaustero faces to the solemn
spaciousness of the forest, but their
sweet gardens give access to tho green
comforts of the plain; yn image
of the artists themselves; high unprofit
able aims in tho saJon; pot boilers
emerging and red wmo coming in uy
the studio doors. Saturday Review.
Important Notice.
ive as a Prize
Will G
For Sale.
FOI! SAI.K One House and Lot on Iliiwes
Street, urn! six large Huilding Lots on
maVIJO ' l linil 11111,111111 nun IHOse 1.1'llin jiuiitiiiiK
I l-nt at llis corner ot second iniu -Minn M, 111-
quire at T. ti. liitehiU's, 517 'o. -Main St.
To Rent.
LOST. Black mill white lienKe hound : an
swers to the inline of -'Vickie". Ketimi
... r..u.c iu a. i.. iioiMir, liiti Smiti,
street, and receive suitable reward.
1 he Hiuiual mooting of the stockholders of
the Kits Harrcti 'helsea Ii. It. ( . will he
held in the Opera House at Last Hiuto. Vt
J oiiihiv June ll, lsiis, m -,M p. m tu ,, ;,'
the following Inisiness:
First-To elect, u Hoard of Directors for the
Seeoml-To tniiisnet such other htHiio.-s us
ijii.pi-i-ix ei.nie iii-lore snicl lnectin-.
Self Inducing Method!.
An article in Tho Lancet gives some
hints on the inducing of sleep which
V.-ill bo of interest to all victims of in
somnia. So vital is tho necessity for
sleep that nuy method by which it may
bo secured is worthy of attention. Tho
means cm ployed is toproduco weariness
by muscular exorcise after retiring.
"Lying on his back, the patient first
reaches for tho foot and head boards at
the samo time. Ho then raises his bead
half an inch. At the same time he
breathes slowly and deeply about eight
inspirations to tho minute, which are
counted. After about 20 inspirations the
head, which begins to feel heavy, is
dropped. The right foot is then raised !
(tho reaching for the boards and count- j
ing being continued) and similarly
dropped when fatigued. Tho kft foo't
goes through thu same process. The
muscles which are used in reaching for
tho head and foot boards are then re
lieved, and the body is elevated so that
it rests on the head and heels. Ho then
turns ou the right side and reaches for
tho head and foot boards nmn'n noil
raises first tho head and then tho foot,
as before. Tho samo process is gono
through on the other side. Thus eight
positions liavo bren assumed and a largo
number of muscles used. If sleep has
not been induced, the same cycle is gone
over again.
lih'NT. Ii. II. Hooker has ii down
tairs tenement to rent with 7 rooms.
' water, ( heap.
on reasonable terms -u good stone shed
with traveling and boom derricks, Also some
very desirable tenements : Inquire of
Alice I're
liEXT. Itooms- In pleasant location.
me very pleasant room. U Short Street.
ton. lotf
o 1!KNT. Five large connecting rooms,
suitable forotliceaiid tenement combined,
one flight Averill's block, now oeenuieil
also single front office up
by Or. stiekno
ime tlight. I-. il
Kast Burre. Vt,,
W. STAXYAX, clerk.
May i'J, lsii,s.
The Williams Typewriter
The best Machine made, Strong
est Manifoltier, Visible Writiiie-. set out for i,
uirect Inker, no Ribbon to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale by
4(1 Washington St., City Agent.
"ii 'iu see one or drop ;
the mail.
card in
was a very short v....
fjrd Corn last season, if you need'any
for seed buy soon, or there will be none
ils 11 J,r,g fast at L.
our lincst Chocolates vol it,,,,.
are nice at L. AI. Averill's.
A Wise Mulff.
Among our pack mules was nna who
on a fishing trip several years beforo
u.m MMictt tins very locality in which
wo were encamped, but she had eonio
tho previous time the straight route
over tho mountains. Wht was our
amazement one morning to find this
inule gono and with her two of her
comrades, whom she had evidently led
astray, limit high and hunt low, wo
could not find them, and at'ivr m,ii
several days in this fruitless search wo
omo. Upon arrival there wo
were surprised and delighted tu find
that tho mules had preceded us. Tho
old mule had at once recognized her
previous camping place, changed though
ir muff I.,..,. i i "
. , """' "Ll " mo severe storms
to which this region is subject, and had
determined in he- wisp old head to
strilio out for homo immediately with
out U-.'liHllir f,r, 1. C ,-. X
n iuu ouniaiity ot carry-
a rack, and this she and her com
panions, ill advised but evidently not
misguukd, did, not following the trails
or wo ha,l carefully inspected them,
but headmg through tho dark and con
lusnig Kuided by the old mule,
s straight as though directed by tho
r.,n,'Wl1 WMo com
pass. Charles Dudley Bhodes, U. S
A., in, Lipphicott's.
y.NTi:i). Two lirst-ehiss painters, all
around men. Inexperienced workmen
need not apply . Jonx c. Doikjk, 6(J South
Jlain street.
Hoarders at Xo. 6 Spauldim;
WAXTKI). A position
wife to work on a
perieneeil A. I.. Delville
hy a man iiml
farm ; both ex-
Orauiteville. 3Jt
YAXTKl). Salesmen :t,'ood salary, steady
work. First National Xurseries. Itii.
tor, X. V.
In the roar of my store wi
twice each week,
Central Vermont Railroad.
Trolm leave Barre daily, except Bunjiij-.a, ,,
owi :
8.10 A. M. MAIL, For Boston vln. Lowell .
Kitchbui f ; New York via. UpriiiKtield H,, .
all New England paints, i'url-ir car to ij.,
ton via. Lowell, without change.
18.00 P- M. FAST KXl'KhHS. for Ikwton
i-oweu; -ew l on via. BprlDKtield amlv
New London. Buffet parlor carto Itn.in
5.10 I'.M.-LOCALPAStiENUKU. Kor.V, n .'
field, Kaudolph, and White iti.r
Junction, connecting with mix-.
train for V'lndiur.
11.00 P.M.-NIUUTEXl'KKSH. Leave. Bar-e
week days only, but leaves Montpe Her U' j
a.m., daily including Sundays, JjUe li,
Sn I',"' LovTel,1 dai'- S.ia a. . . Boston via.
FIlchliurg.daily.u.oUA.M,; New Vork :,-t
cept Sunday) ll.KS a.m. On Sundaj rum
tospringrle.J.only. Wagner sleeping r , .
to Boston via. Lowell Bnd to tjurluif lielil
9,50 A. M.-L'JCAL KXl'UKtifl. For Burling
ton, HI. Albans, Kicbford, aad Koua.-a I'm,,,
Connects at Ksnex Junction with einrers i.n'
all points on Kutland K. K.
3.05,H. M.-JIA1L. For Burlington, Kutl;,t, l
Cambridge Junction, St. Albans. W,,i,t... '
Norwood, Ogilensburgh. Waguer f,ir,,r
Car to Montreal,
5.10 I'. SI. KXI'HICSS for Burlingion, Si i,
bans, and Montreal, l'ullinau Sleeping ( ,r
Jlootpelier Junction io Chicago, v.iiii.'.n'
change. Due Chicago 9.10 r.M. next i.igi,,'
Connects at Kssex Junction for New Voi.
via, Itutlund and Trov.
Suburban Service.
IVM"11 8'10' 9'i0 ' l2'00' 3'06' 5-!".
L,eave Montpelier 6.30, 9.16, 10.50
3.60 and 6.i p. a.
Wiliiamstcwn Trains
j-eave liarrel.SOp M.4.30P
town 1.S6 p. m. 6.H0 p. M.
Leave iv illlarastown 7.30 ,
Barre S.05a. m.3.00 p. m.
Uue V. Illlun:i.
2.30 p. . iille
00 M.
12.20, 1.2.5,
t 1 "r --.
He IJcal in alleoitsof Mil
linery nnil always carry a
Full Line of Goods
At Reasonalbe Prices.
Xo. Main St.
ti'i'da v
'I'Ih cilj I'oiinci
n inn at ., ,-;rU to sin! wlial disposition
1'iry wonl.l ink,. i nnjn, (lllt )jillH f()r
tin' liosl-Lllic... J, ..ls Mot ,)(,fori,
liiey -rot U ,, ,ist.n,sj,,M ,,v,,r v,lr
I'm, inauiTs. Kvcrv motion Umt
) Ciirm;; tlH. 1,,,. .,,! f
U. o session, ill, ,,nt
f 'lire
I 1 Hi' y
'"i ;-:i vp llii-ir
;'!. -"'I VMIS
I li ' l".'l'lli'!"'.
l'li'.y nil in
10c linx of si
It is llm I, est.
li'i.'it iidii-
' m l M ir n . was ilo-
I not ilo any Inisincss
;- I in' million lliat
ni'ii until 7 oVIork
I'.ii in '.' Illusion saiil
t ! ii of Leys ami j,s
:i lor liii, not Inisi-
vi'iii! plovi- pnlisli fur
M. A F.itii.r.
kmorial services will l.o ohsr-rvn.!
ncxrsitntlav at the Universal 1st Church
and l!ev. Alvin Smith will preach a
memorial sermon.
Mr. Howett, of Montpelier, has re
turned to town and is at work for Slack
at tho I'ionecr Marble works.
Mrs.Warner makes a trip every Mon
day lo West Tonsham ilh iiillln.,r,.
i foods. , J
'1'lie Ladies Aid Society will meet on i
i. .-.nu-siiay aiiernoon and eveniii" with
Mrs. lioniain ISradlniry. "
Mr. David Taylor is in fuoble health
of late. .
I r. and Mrs. Serihuer, of Lrrc, were
in town on Siin'dav.
Mrs. J. S. Voting went, to St. Johns
bury to represent the. Y. P. C. U. t the
mass meeting held there todiiv and to.
New lot Ferry's
Seed 5 cents 'in oz.
Huililhi lots in
Mixed Sweet IVa
L. M. Averill.
flint,.. 1 1 1 ....
litn I . i.-'.iuoii on
..... a.icci opposite iTcni'h and Uicliard-
ou,,',"ls lj. M. Avki
Prof. IS. v.. A'ilkins has received a
atn to agency for -Tho Quaker Kohlinir
Ilath" from the World M'fv Co. of vin
e.nnattMlhio. Sub aire," are wanted
for town and counties at onco.
A Fairy Godfather,
1 7 was fairy godfather's day at
was born to M ,.i
(ieorjri! f lint on 1 ho 1 llh of Mav.
On May I7ll, . SOM M.s ,,; ,f
ami Airs. Don I'.u.s
..lis. J ,. v.ii Scvilmer of ISarro, and
(harles llnirberof Danville, were in
town recently visilinfr Mrs. Thurber
...... ills Mini out ot liwilth for
oer oi wecKs,
1 a jui in-
tho Raker Chocolate works in Milt.
rcasf' 0n that evenii8 was distributed
ie 43,muo Jen by the will of the late
xiCiiry u. fierce to the employees of tho
DUhiness or which he was manager.
Two lmndred and forty-flve men and
185 women met the officers of the cor
poration in a large room in one of tho
mills, and after a siiDDer and som rti.
course from Mr. Pierce's executor each
received a check for $100. The oldest
employee received a Rncr-inl
$2,000. It is not recalled that horn .
ever a testator whose testamentary nrn.
visions gave more acute satisfaction t
,u' Ul U1H personal acquaintances than
thoso of Mr. Pierce. There hnn hann tin
nuiuuie crnniDlino ahnnt h irin ti
did everything that was expected of
u ul a great deal that was not .
pectod, surprising verv mnnnnnnnlo t.A
disappointing nono unless nossiblv
lu. niuurs or one or the learned
professions, for as yet there has been no
inuc or a lawsuit over his will. Tiie
will ran over with miscellaneous kind
ness aim benevolence.
Mr. Picrco ought to hnvo kept a school
for testators whoso purposes were phil
anthropic. If Stephen Girard, A. T.
btowart, Samuel Tilden and Daniel B.
I'ayerweather could have sat under his
instructions awhile, the memory of all
of (hem would bo sweeter, and the gen
eral public would bo a cainer bv m,,,,,
many millions of useful money. Isthero
.loi-Miiiiti oni) iiving wbo has had expori
enco of w ills mid is competent, by dis
position and knowledge, to open such a
class for llm instruction of testators?
Might not Mr. Carnegio nudertalto it
or Mr. Pierpont Morgan? Harper's
pure ice.
KAIRJIouvr i( i,;is ,.,. ,
Is cut from snrinir .,,.,.,
from where it rises, thus i,v,,i,n
Inution which must enter river i,.. Tlie mt
vice will lie cflivlunt
licit your palronngti. Prices that suit. o,',r
team will be nroiiiiil rcfjulur. r .
E. E. SANDERS, Mag'r. i
An I'ufortumito Synonym.
An Anioriean girl who recently fitud
ic m Germany tells of a German S
j "Here is the letter which I have writ-
"God picklo and keep you "
An investigation proved tint ti,
young German woman in look
anonym tor "preserve" hJh
across "pickle.' '-Now York Tribuna
In tho Far North.
,:!"::"ifisary-w almost
Popular Restaurant
Can be found ;tt
31 1 No. Ma; oi
-- "iiu otreet.
Meals Served at All Hollrs.
,)WP l-e oUr I-unel, Counter.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R.
On and after Monday. Nov li ioqt .
run as mol'eZ&y'i
3.50: 6:r2r'6,r,Be.HS p?'8;60" 1003 a-
time, or brttoJSJZ'X'!?' quh-kvt
erea. AW trains will .i.... "'"'mmy tnm .
between Mon?p.He, i'.d Sir u"i! n"V
&nd will slop it any laoe w, i V tllkt l"1" w..
Connects at Wells Hiverwlth c
,t,Vi Jll'res l'niin eouth over
7.30 A. IS. vlcea-' VCr'iV1'-
or White Hiver"l, '"
iu noston 4.0U
(tirtind CWtwi
Vork. Arrive.
f- ., New Voik
epot) 7.10 p. .
mil Mr u- i- - tmi" 'or iSum
!"! Vi",a?."D'"'lvln!!ln.
Kivertifh fhe mTV," !
12 30 P. M. -rS1:1"-'."-' Jh,
Pacilic Kailwav fn ""
(S''bfe, C'hicajo Bnyd ,b i".tr';','1'
Coast. ThroniFh .1 1 1 lu'ihr
o ChTcZoteiynKdaC"" M",11
iiailroad. " "nd Ura'"' Trunk
r'lmin8'''8 "WWK.
'orst tni,n ? over H.ll.
nioclmlon tmin " Aecum
.i....... ... ' "IU .
4 05 P, M.
Iji'tween Wells
out of
Arctin l''vi. ,n.
rrm "o"'0
The Commercial House
Real Estate Agents
i-n?htV f';r onp l"ms'' ' -'i'iiU street
rooms, stemn lient. nl. 11,,.,... i... '. . . 11
Nreet, inefN n.in mT.-.ik) ( ..,.-, , '' " -
Any uue in want r .... 1
tier their i.ileiv, t . n . v
niiiiiiiMiineti, i,,u.. ,, ; 1 " 'r::.,'w
l...lk-.,llt 1,.1'H h 1 . i-H.V.
11..M1 iniviier ti'iH'Mi,',,!. , ,., , ,. 1
I'i'lilN I'lillei le.l mi ri'iii.i,:ii,.J
""' ' It I not linl'k toanvf he ,lrin('. n l as
"'I't l.y ime ,,r tw , Wl" '.lliiie ex
..,1 ,,,,,,(Tr,,t. ,.., ; I ho l rt WBy is
. , nienee
Miuiiur iirurii,
,,,ii ... ...... .
... - -"" "UillUII
i... , iver una u-i,,.-
p vlslon for sebr0ihI' Mountain
Ii' ien Mtr ct l-roHi i Vloton" Ueth
Mo utaii, l' fibh' "otise. Twin
t, , M'lii etield..!..5"?."' t-rawforU'M.
Chas. Johnson
wants of
up to
to nieir
,1 , . . " l":
in II io in ,,
date manner.
n inre ii,,.. .,,,; io
-mtnifested (i.theLi ?ri!'"
f I of so ."'S'loi; -
'""'li'iinil i!lv )e 'i,,1 Un error is e,,,'
Oil! I'ol'livtlv 'set . 'V vo (ltd ,"!,
'I "" rcitlizeil V,: ' "n" "laililer
..j.H.t Lave the .J.V I''' uIhh" v'j
!. T1" Wit ree Z,
HiOiri'iuii : '"''"?: ?f this' , r x.
Trade Ma
rtT, Designs
iendlnir . .v.?.0,.v.R,0HT8 4c.
"race. r 8U Waahl - I ui n
llif,' teni'ini'iil
487 N. Main Street,
Wirdcn JIawes,
3 irain-Ef sm
! f ' 1 '"0 na quIou IE
a -"vi, Co i. -vurori
Drank i
No pobIicityl"V,S?ratiner treat-
inn ft i w ah ii .
11 Mo N'T.
. ,,naWw,fsBMgh
, Ktlf
Blgnatnre 0f

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