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VOL. 1. NO. 39.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt,
Men's, Boy's and Children's
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Shoes.
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Furnishings
at Rock Bottom Prices.
Y,.u r inspection is Invited. Satisfaction
-iKUMiiti'i'il or your money buck.
Ni lines of straw hut are coming in daily,
us :i call.
(i.iwii-rtais tenement to rent. Inquire t
I our suburban tickets here at 6c a trip.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
I'wlle, Iciuklsta k Co. II Irs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. Hain St. Barre, Vt.
a in eras.
Take a look at the
Folding Gem,
lakes a picture. 4x5 and is only 1 1-2x5
,0 when closed.
Only $7.00, including Car
rying Case.
New lot of Standard Plates, and other
supplied just received.
Xo. Main St. Tel. 31-3
New Lot of Those
Fine Chocolates
Also, beet line of Low Priced Candy
in the city.
We Are on Guard
For your interests ns well as "tir own.
It means business for us. Every
man, boy and child needs a new
suit for siring, iwid we carry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's, lioys' and Children's
Which we will sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will ..fter for the next 10 days 100
boys' suits with sailor collar,
sizes from 4 to 15 years, at 81.00
a suit ; sold elseweerc for 82.00.
UriiiL' ' boy along and get one
at the.
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store'
Why sudor with Corns when you
'an have them removed without pain
'y Mns. S. M. Yoisk, 12 Elm St.
Notice! I am prepared to do first
'hi-s work in house, painting. p"!r
hanging :,nii ealsomining. Orders
hreiii:h Ihe mail promptly intended to.
M niy employees a re experienced work
men. No apprentices.
I. C. DoixiE, 1G0 Main St
The Weather.
Boston-, May 25 Rain, clenrin
IT to-
night. Fair Thursday.
Who Will Speak
Memorial Day?
It is.witli much regret that we liavo
to announce today that Col. (Ieorge T.
Childs whom the 11. B. Cramlall I'ost No.
56, G. A. R. were so fortunate as to se
cure for a Memorial Day speaker will
be unable to bo in attendance on account
of a sudden and serious illness. Col.
Childs is a popular speaker and one of
the best known men in the slate. The
people of Barre were congratulating
themselves that he was to deliver the
address, and now there is a double cause
for regret, in the solicitude for his health
and, the disappointment caused by the
news that he cannot be present.
In response to a letter written to Col.
Childs on Monday the Evicnini; Tki.k
gkam received the following reply :
Epitok Evening Tei.kouam.
Dear Sir. Your letter of May 2;Srd
to my father, Col. George T. Childs,
received yesterday. In reply I have to
say that he has been eon fined to his
room and bed since Friday and is now
prohibited from the transaction of any
business. Although improving his at
tendant physician absolutely forbids any
mental and physical exertion for some
days to come. He has therefore been
obliged to advise the committee of ar
rangements of Crandall Post, Xo. 60,
of the impossibility of fulfilling Ids en
gagement with them, lie begs mo to
express his sincere regret that the sit
uation should be such and to assure you
that nothing but a question involving
his health would have prevented him
from being in attendance in Barre on
the !30'h. Thanking you on his behalf
for your courtesy, I remain,
Yours respectfully .
Harold I). Ciiii.ds.
Just before going to press -Rev. J.
Edward Wright has accepted an invita
tion to deliver the address.
;i;ttin; moke cakkikks.
When the people of Barre read the
now letter earner schedule widen nas
been handed to the post-master to carry
out. there will probably be a good deal
of fault-linding.
Some of those who have been receiv
ing their mail twice a day will in the
future only receive it once a day and
some will be compelled to call at Ihe
office to get it. It will be a great in
convenience to some, while with others
who live near the center it will make no
material difference, l'ost-inaster Mc
Whorler has done all in his power to
get better service; for the people of Barre
for some time, and lie has failed, but the
fault does not lay with him. If it was
under his jurisdiction there would be
no question but that this city would
have as good a carrier service as any
city in the State.
An Evening Tki.k;ham reporter had
a little conversation with the post
master yesterday afternoon and he had
a suggestion to make to the people of
Bari-e"whieh ought to be appreciated.
He said that there was no question that
Barre is in need of better carrier service;.
If the residents of liarre would circu
late a petition for the same and get a
large number of signatures and forward
it to Congressman Grout, he would use
his influence and Barre would have a
first class mail service by the 1st of
July. The term of the Congressman
runs out in a short time and he would
bo none too glad to get on the right side
of the oeonle of Barre and will do all in
his oower to hell) them
Who is the
first to start this movement r
At the regular meeting of Clan Gor
don last evening there were four can
didates initiated and names or o nanoieu
for and accepted. There
are twelve
names to be, balloted on
nieetiiiLr. Those iuiliatet
it their next
were: Alex
Ross, John Watt, James Webster and
(ieorge Wilson.
The candidates accepted were John
Henry, James Will, John F. Then.,
James Black, Harold Clark, lindlay
McKca, Alex lioberisoii, Arthur LeBar
ron W. J. Cilbertson, Slcven Kemp,
Wni A. Beid, liobert Ed wards, John
Wvllie, liobert J. Smith, Joseph Camp
hell, W. Held. ,, , ,
The new candidates to be balloted for
at the next meeiing atv : Win. Tiiylnr.
i M..1 r Win. Davidson, ( narles
Omits, Charles (ieorge, liobert (Wdi-
Gordon Hay, hodoii im.,
rv. Alex
England, James Alien, Align.-.
A. Smith. ... . ,. , , ,
lex Smith has i .imm.h.
Clan McGreggor No. 5, quincy, Muss.,
to Clan
Gordon, .lames moh.-..- -
ulso been
transferred to lan i. onion.
Mm. Simmers come:
sfrom Clan t'ouia-s
No. IS, St. Louis, Mo. i
Hv..l Menutv Bird has been to Hard-,
wick for the purp
lose oi orj;iMUAiMfi
, n iit.it ni'
He has already rc
i iao hi !... i a i."
iii veil l i in "
inn n n .....-
Thc, required
vd time ior on: . .!.,
for the banner is
fast expiring, and u
. i.l till I It! V
eeircd are pnssci
and the c
iinilidates ui
Icasl (i2 and
Dialed there will be
at the
.Think the chances for -he ban, icr are;
Call For
Cervera at Santiago Officially
Confirmed Caught at
Oregon Arrives and Starts
Fleet at Santiago Sure.
Tout Af Pkinve, May 25. The As
sociated Tress has obtained definite in
formation which confirms the news of
the arrival of the Spanish fleet at San
tiago. Washington, May 25. In reply to
queries to the President this morning
he said the report that Cervera is bot
tled up in Santiago harbor is undoubt
edly true. Secretary Long said it is
supposed that he went in there for coal,
Schley can have whatever aid lie wants
and it is only a question of hours when
the Spanish navy will lay down its arms
before tin; mighty power of the western
hemisphere. How the boasted strategy
of the Spanish navy allowed Cervera to
be caught in this manner cannot be ans
wered bv the American naval ofllecrs
who maintained a wholesome respect
for this opponent.
Will Serve Spain.
Mapuid, May 25. An official des
patch from Manila announces that most
of the chiefs who led the recent insur
rection have presented themselves to the
Spanish Governor General and announc
ed their intention to serve Spain. It is
said here that the Spanish prisoners of
war of the United States si ill complain
that they are treated as convicts.
75,000 Volunteers.
Washington, May 25. The Presi
dent has issued a call for 75, ODD more
volunteers making atotal army strength,
regular and volunteer, of 2KO.0U0.
This call is similar to the previous one
only making the amount 75,000.
Alger said this afternoon that the ad
ditional volunteers are not to be recruit
ed from the National Guard as was the
others, but the enlistment will lie open.
The call indicates a determination to
push the campaign vigorously.
The Race Exciting.
Jri'lTi'.u, Fla. Mry 25. The Oregon,
Marietta, and Buffalo arrived here last
evening and sent their boats ashore.
The officers say that the race around
the continent was full of excitmcnt but
they had full warning and expected a
li-ht for which they were prepared
nighl and day. They arc rejoicing now
licit ihev can lake part in the action at
j ClI.Ml.
Canadian Settlement.
Washington, May 25. 'flu
lions designed to bring about
set tie-
incut of nil cont rovcrsu
between the
United Slates and (
muda will begin to-
day al the state department when Gen.
Fosur and Reciprocity Commissioner
Kassou will hold a conference with Sir
: i.di. ni I'.innceforle and Hie i. anaiuau
on The
Murdered For Gold.
Key West. May 25. James J. Dor
cey, n prominent niachinest here, was
found dead early this morning near his
hotel. His face and head were bruised
beyond recognition. He was paid off
last night and was murdered for his
money, This crime, together with the
assault by the negros upon the sailors
last night, has roused f'e people to de
mand that the city be placed under
martial law. There are only two po
licemen in the city.
To Buy Mules.
Sr. Eons, May 25 The assistant
quartermaster general hereof the army
has received orders to buy mules with
out limit. One hundred Ihousand dol
lars has been spent on buying mules
this week.
American Bark Released.
London. May 25. A despatch just
received hero from Hong Kong says
that the American bark Saranae, which
was captured by the Spaniards at Iloilo
has heen released.
. News of the Oregon.
Washington. May 25. Secretary
Long has received an official despatch
announcing the arrival of the Oregon
in Jupiter Inlet, Florida. The fact was
reported to the president immediately.
At 10 o'clock this morning Secretary
Long said that he had received no offi
cial news of the bottling up of Cervera
in Santiago harbor by Schley. All he
had heard was the press reports, still
he said that he had rc ison to credit these
reports. The latest press accounts say
that Cervera with his whole squadron
is inside the narrow passage which leads
to Santiago and that Schley is outside
the gate, not making any preparations
to rap and eules, but wailing for Cer
vera to come out and greet him, while
the Spaniard on the inside is waiting to
see what his visitor will do, following
out tiie old fable of the spider and the
lly, except that the fly is not one of the
ordinary kind. If the report of the sit
ualion is true in every particular Cer
vera is sure to surrender or the whole
fleet of which he is in command will be
German Story Denied.
15r.ui.iN, May 25 It is semi officially
denied that there is any truth in the
story from Manila regarding the Ger
man Consul's threatening Diw y for
not permitting the landing of provisions
from Gorman ships.
Oregon Leaves.
Jfi-iTEi:, Fla. May 25, The battle
ship Oregon which arrived hero last
night left this noon. Destination unknown.
Do Not Lack Patriotism.
Wasiiin;von, May 25. One hun
dred and twelve thousand men have
now been mustered into the United
States service. A majority are ready to
move to the front. 'Iwo-thirds of the
States have already completed their
muster. The failure of some southern
states to furnish the men called for is
surprising to army officers. It is not
regarded as alack of patriotism! but on
account of home ties many members ex
pect men unhampered by such ties to
enlist iirst.
Shot His Son-in-Law.
M ancm i.sTEii, X. II., May 25. A
special to the Union says that Benjamin
C. Young, one of the most respectable
citizens of Stewerlstown, shot his son-in-law,
Ira A. Reed, late Monday night.
Rued died from the effects of the wound
yesterday. Weed had an ungovernable
temper and was considered very dan
gerous, lie frequently beat his
wife and four-year-old son. He took
them to a chopping-block and threaten
ed to cut their heads off. His wife left
him Sunday and Reed declared he
would come to to the house and kill the
whole family. Young was afraid and
watched all night. When Reed came
hi; raised his rii'.o and .-hot at Young,
but the 1 itler was too quick for liiin and
shot him in the hip. Reed died.
i'r-'pr. ro
Them Wlit-ll
No Hot
1:1 tit llllllfl.
Fomentations of hot or cold water aro
often very useful, and every one should
know bow to f.;ive them. A flannel cloth
may bo folded, wrung out of hot or cold
water as is desired and applied directly
to tho skin. It is much better after
wringing out tins llannel as dry as de
fired to fold it iu a dry fliu:nil cloth of
one or two thicknesses t i tore applying
it to the patient. A little time is re
quired for tho beat of the fomentation
to penetrate tho dry flannel, and thus
the skin is allowed an opportunity to
acquire tolerance for the heat, and a
higher dofri e of temperature can bo
boruo if tho moist cloth is brought di
rectly into contact with tho surface.
Tho outer fold of dry flannel will also
servo to keep tho cloth warm by pre
venting evaporation.
A hot fomentation is sometimes need
ed whtu no hot water is at hand. It is
not necessary to wait for water to bo
heated in the? usual way. Soak tho Man
tel in cold water, vriuR as dry as do
sired, fold in a newspaper and lay upon
tho stove or wrap it. about tho stove
pipe. Iu a few minutes it will bo as
warm as the patient can bear. The pa
per keeps the pipo from becoming
moistened by the wet flannel and at
tho same time prevents tho flannel from
being soiled t y contact with the pipe.
Fomentations thoroughly applied will
relievo most of the local pains for which
liniments, lotions and poultices aro gen
erally applied and tiro greatly to be pre
ferred to these remedies since the&aro
cleaner and aid nature more effectually
in restoring the injured parts to a sound
The fomentation may be changed fre-
pjueutly, and after it has been removed
massage may be given cither by tho per
son himself or another, so as to
strengthen the part and promote a bet
ter chi ulutii.u of blood iu it. Kx
chnnon IK) Had Traveled.
"Now," said tho intrepid explorer
after ho had shown the g jileiioss native
tho inside workings of tho brass watch
and had noted his naive wonder at the
mysteries of tho mechanism, "I will let
you have ono of thuso for two tusks.
Then you can he tho envy cf the tribe."
Thu native gentleman yawned. Then
ho said:
"I exchanged a secondhand war club
for a bushel of those things when I wua
iu Loudon last summer, and there was
not one of them that went for more than
u vveok." Pearson's Weekly.
Most fascinating Inven
tion of the aue. Always
readv to entertain. It
eouires nntikill tooper-
nle it mid reproduce tho
music, of IuiikIh, orehes
vocalists or instru
mental soloists. There I
nothinpr lilic it for an rveiiiiiK's enterlitiniiieiit.
Other soeallc.t liilklin; machines reproduco
unlv records of cut and-drieil sul.jee(s,sieeiidly
iireiared in a. la I huh lory, hut Hie Uriipliophoiio
) not, limited to such verfornuuiees. On thu
(iraplioiihone voticnn easily make and instantly
reproduce records of the voice, or any sound.
Thus it coii.-lanllv awukens new interest and
Its eliann is ever fresh. The a'productlons ore
clear und brilliant.
Graphophones are sold (or $l0unpd
Mntiiifnetitml muter lln pnlents of llnll.Tnlnler,
F.rti""" mid JlliU'il'PiMil'l. our i'bCiIiIibImiii'hI l hpml-aunrti-r
r Hie murld for Tnlkine Macliinrsiuul
Talking Mniliiiii) Sii)i'ic-i. Wrile for catnloguo.
What to use to clean windows and give them a nice
polish. We have a lot of glass to keep clean ; here is the
method we find the best and easiest. Use ammonia in the
cleansing water this takes off the grease and dirt. Strong
Ammonia, 15c. a bottle. Use a Sponge and wash thoroughly,
and finally polish with a Chamois Skin.
205 X. Main Street. Opposite Depots.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
We are Agents for the
Victor Bicycle.
ates, Austin & C
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
Ask for Trading Stamp
"With every Cash purchase that you
lvakewith ns. If the use of them has
not been explained to you call and
we will gladly do so.
"We have just received a new line of
Jams in five pound pails and Jellies ot
all lands that we can fully guarantee.
Do not forget our Telephone Call,
Xo. 128-4. Your,
(Ulesser &
10 Depot Square,
1 02 Xo. Main Street, -
All Orders will Receive Mv Fcrconal Attention.
Xight Calls will be Promptly Attended To
Telephone call at Residence 141-Q. At office 26-3
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School ot Osteopathy, IvirLs
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
OKKII.'K nouns.
8 a. m., t 12 iii.
1 p. in. to I p. m.
OHii-e Of State St.
Mesi Market
Full line of Meats, Veg--eta?oles
and Canned
Goods. Specialty of
Fork Products.
Sponges all sizes and prices.
The Best Grocers.
- Barre, Vermont.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
rj" the most com
DlCyClcbj jilete of any iu
the city, and he will sell them at any
price you want. Trices ranging from
820 to S125.
A large tinmher of second hand
wheels almonst "ivcu away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
JACK MAX 15LOCK, Harre, Vt.
Debt Collected,
TcrMinul Demand inade in all cases
Condition of Claims reported fre
iiienlly, Suits prosecuted vigorously,
liapid, yet caul ions handling ot at
tachments ntid trustee proceedings.
PJo work delayed. A live active

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