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Silvio wpy.
Outs month.
1 cent
25 cents
(Mil' Vi'iH'i
VOL. 1. NO. 40.
J3A11IIE, VT., THURSDAY, 31 AY 2(5, 1898.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt.
Men's, Boy's and Children's
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Shoes.
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Furnishings
at Rock (Bottom Prices.
Y.'iir iiiii'i'tion is invited. Satisfaction
.'inivaiit'T'l ur your money buck.
,Yw s,r"w hi'ts "re- coming in dully,
(live ii ii '"ill.
.,iwu-st:iis ti'iicment to rent. Inquire at
the -tnri.
di vmir ulmrban tickets here at 6c a trip.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
The Weather.
Boston. Mav 26 Clouilv: occasion.
al rains tonight anil Friday. East to
north w inds.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Gigarsto Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
Pavtiie, Mcndelshon & Co. ll'f'rs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. Haiti St. Barre, Vt.
An nilinilrnnd ninntimrnf Hi, bmtril of
aldermen was held last evening for the
purpose of discussing tlio nionicntuous
wateruestion and to transact other busi
ness which should eoino befoic the
Permission was granted to O. D.
Mathicson to post notices of the school
entertainment upon the fence recently
erected bv Ward & Douglas on Xortli
Main street.
Tne next business to come u for dis
cussion was the matter of employing ex-
peris in tne interests 01 tne city 10 ap
nrise the value of the water works. It
was voted to employ Freeman C. Collin
of Roston in addition to Mr. Blake whose
name hail alreitdy been approved.
Mayor uoraon presumed ine nomination
of City Engineer Currier as superinten
dant of water works anil he was unani
mously eohllrnied. The matter of sal
ary was referred to the salary committee
who will make out tne contracts louav
and report at a meeting to be held tins
evening1, Mr. Currier offered to accept
t ie position for $1200 and furnisli his
own team or at $1000 in case the city
would bear the expense of a team. A
nronosition that the Citv Clerk act as
collector of the water rentals with the
same commission as received from the
tax collectors was discussed but not
decided upon.
A resolution was offered by the Mayor
that " the city council proceed forthwith
.i i. i i -:.-!.
to purctiase or iaKe an nuius, ns"i "
ivnv. water risrhts. nrivileires. etc., for
bringing the water from the Martin
Brook, so called, into the city." I Ins
was referred to a second reading.
ITnnn nimlication from Treasurer F.
(J. llowland, of the Barre French Li
brary, a resolution was offered to ap
propriate $300.00 to the use of this Li
brary. This was referred to a second
reading and will come up for considera
tion at the meeting this evening.
Unhampered by Strat
egy Board.
Massing on New England
California to be
Called First.
New Yoke, May 26. Special to
Commercial advertiser from Halifax X.
S. says a fleet of French and Spanish
warships are just reported off Halifax
Hurried orders have been sent to all
troops in garrison, and the forts about
city and harbor are being manned by
extra forces,
For flemorial Day
and AH Days.
" The Rovs Who Wore the Blue are Turning
dray," "lie Enlisted In the United States
Volunteers," " The Heroes Who Sank AVith
.Maine," ' For Country Pear," " America
I'orever," and many others.
Come in and look them over, even
if you don't buy.
2S Xo. Slain St. Tel. 31-3
New Lot of Those
Fine Chocolates
PLANS to Cut American Cable.
Oregon at Key WestLMont-
ejo Afraid of Dewey at Man
ila Battle....Poor Condition
Spanish Ships. I
The following is the program for the
exercises which will take place at the
Spaulding High School tomorrow after
noon at 2 :30. Everyone is invited :
Rcadine of Civil and Scriptural Law. follow-
i I).,.. C "V -Tuclcunn.
eu iv i mjci, iwi. w. a,. "
( :hnrns " Star Spangled Banner."
Kmtltjition " The Fins." Miss Mudtfett.
Heading "Union ami Lilierty,"Miss KenciVn
Chorus by Seventh Grade
" Banner 01 jwamy.
Beading" Our Heroes," Miss Hunter.
" Address at Gettysburg," Fred Hanson.
Aildress for G. A. 11.. Mr. Hoklen.
Chorus by Seventh Grade "Once Again."
Heading" The Blue and Gray," miss i.e is.
Song.. Tenting on the Old Camp i.roiuiii,
Miss Cunungs.
Beading-" Abraham Lincoln," .Tames Walker
Beading" Captain, O Jly Capiain,
Miss Brown
Song" Cohmibia, the Gem of the Ocean,"
Miss Beckley.
Address: - - Kev. Kdie K. Jones.
Song-" Name of Washington," Double Qunr.
America by Audience.
Forced to Fight.
IIonu Konu, May 26. Captain Con
cha of the ill-fated Spanish, cruiser Don
Juan Do Austria, which was destroyed
by Dewey in the battle of Manila, says
that tiie Spanish commanders were
a'are that the, tight was hopeless, but
1 in it bv the state of
public opinion in Manila. Most of the
officers wanted to steam out of the Har
bor and meet the approaching tluet but
Montejo refused. Concha says that the
Spanish fleet was in a disgraceful con
dition, tho engines wore broken, the
ships were leaking, and on some of
them not more than two of tho guns
cou'ul bd fired. On some of the others
only the decks were protected.
The Last Sad Rites.
London, May-26"-4There has been a
remarkably iipi8rttScene at Wcs
minsler since two o'clocK al wnicn nmo
the arrivals of those who were anxious
to witness the remains of Gladstone
A linfi was formed eomoosinff many of
the notables of England, the cabinet,
ministers, and members ot the House
of Commons dowm through all classes
The doors opened at 10 o'clock. One
hundred 'persons passed the body every
minute and in two hours 40,000 had
viewed tho remains of one of tho great
est statesmen the world ever knew.
Sir Vernon Harcourt, the Liberal leader
in the House, arrived this noon.
Also, best line ot Low Priced Candy
' in the city.
We Are on Guard
For your interests as well as "iir own.
It means business for us. Every
man, boy and child needs a new
i.; t'r n'-iiMtirr. and we carry the
Lest line in the City at the lowest
We lmve just received a fine line of
Meu'sj Roys' and Childrcn'H
Wl :irh we w ill sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will oiler for the next 10 days 100
buys' suits with sailor collars,
sizes from 4 to 15 years, at 81.00
. . . . 0.) Oil
a suit ; sold elseweere tor
I'.rini! your boy along and get one
at the
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store'
Rev. Edward J. dale, formerly of
this city and son of Lyman A. dale was
married on Tuesday to Miss Anna Mor
111. at tho home of tin;
bride. Mr. and Mrs. dale are expected
in (his city on Friday or Saturday. Mr.
dale is well known mi mis i.. ......
:... be nleased to hear
many n . , . , ,
the "oud news. He was ordained at
the last Methodist t oiiterenee ...
field and was stationeu at. isuum
He will only spend a few days in tins
city with his parents.
Spanish and French.
Strategy Board Superceded.
Ki-v West. Mav 20. The movement
of the American vessels under the three
squadron commanders is being taken as
a generally accepted fact, and that
Schley is in the vicinity of .Santiago is
believed to be true, while the report
that the squadron under Watson is
along tin; western and northern coasts
is now shrouded with only a slight uncertainty.
The composition of these three squad
rons has been changed but the names of
the vessels are not permitted to be
known. It is also accepted as a fact
that Schley is lobe permitted to work
out the problem of Santiago himself.
This arrangement is greeted wiih much
satisfaction from all sides, as it is the
general opinion that an experienced na
val officer in the held of action is better
suited to conduct his own movements
than a board of strategy in Washington
Dewey's victory is probably largely
due to the fact that he was cut loose
from anv communication with Washing
ton and was thus unhampered by any
such orders as Sumpson was troubled
with in Southern waters.
Tho women's stronghold. She enjoys these after
noon calls, ho they formal or informal. She likes to call on
fit acquaintances and talk tho later bits of gossip perfectly
..Af.i..ii t tluwn ruirininnd ulift likrs tn nnnear well. Other
ll4ll.Ul.411. Wll liunu m " - fl
I IWrtCVI nu I 1 il.!.,..., .itn infn n rrj-iwl imnnnrHiiKn ltiiil linn plfitllPA.
uwi inA III III"" UlllUl linu 41 jwwvt "IT " " '
TOILET ( REAM, 25 and 50c. FACE l'OWDER, all prices, FINEST FER
FUMES, 50c, an ounce.
205 X. Main Street. Opposite Depots.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
Why sufTer with Corns when you
can have them removed without paw
hy Mus. S. M. Vuiik, 12 Kim St.
4 -A
Win.! 1 :un prepared to do first
'Iiks work in house painting, paper
hanging nd culsomining- Orders
tlireugh the mail promptly attended to.
All my employees are experienced work
men. No apprcntires.
.1. C. DuDiiK, 100 Main St
What They Say Of Us.
After creating and conducting the
Barre Entf.ui-hise for seventeen years.
Editor Scott has sold it out to Messrs.
Whitlaker and Ross, two young men
who have recently been associated
with him in the publicatoin of the daily
- ... l. ..lnt.it'd
edition. The ESTKiirrohh ..... v
held a most respected and couseiwu
position in state journalism, am ...
been conducted most honorably and suc
cessfully ly Mr- co.t. C oiigra illa
tions to him on this opporu...,j
ft..r ....i.rlv a half century of con
tinuous work in the harness, and con
tinued success to the I.ntkk.-u.--Burlington
w v ,.ntt. of the Bakke Extek
II i...i nuiicr to II. C.
i-utsi:, mis son. -
Whittakerand d. A. Ross. am. w... .. -;
well-earned vacation. Mr. Scott has
l,el. connected with the Vermont press
for nearly half a century, the ast seven
teen years as proprietor of the Bah k
Cvnin-mst, and is well and pleasantly
known by the State fraternity, all of
kwr"wiU wish him health and pros
i!..,.ii..crto!i News.
Killed Each Other.
Sr. Lous. May 26. Dr. John Fer
"iison and William Smith were both
killed in a street duel last night as the
If of some derogatory remarks
smith. Roth men are well
lljlltl.. "J K- ........
Oregon Mysterious.
Kl'.Y Wi:st. May 2G, The Oregon
arrived this morning and anchored off
Sand Key Light. Its further destina
tion is unknown. The censorship is so
strict that it is impossible to give the
public any of the supposed plans of the
lucky ship, so she may as soon be ex
pected to strike a blow at Cadi, as to
be heard of as a part t tno attacking
squadron at Cuba. The crew are all
highly elated that they are once more
in'tlie Atlantic and where they can take
part in the struggle for Cuba. They
were received with great ovations yes
terday when then landed at Jupiter.
Blockade Quiet.
Kev West, May 26, Tho gunboat
Hornet came in this morning from the
blockade before Havana and reports
that everything is quiet there.
Subral Not The Spy
M Alilttl), May 26. Confirmation has
been obtained here in a despatch from
thi) island of Martinique of the depart
ure of the Spanish torpedo gunboat Ter
ror from Fort Du France. Lieutenant
Subral a former naval attache of the
Spanish legation at Washington is here,
therefore the statement that be is Jimincz
the spy who was arrested at Key West
is incorrect. The story was started by
some of the passengers who said they
recognized Subral in the person of the
spy. Further investigation of .Iiniinc7. s
case shows the importance of his capture
nml ii is believed he has a number of
nssociates who may be detected, A com
plete chart of the American coast espec
ially of the harbors of the large cities
was found in his effects.
We are Agents for the
Victor bicycle.
Gates, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
. . .... ....
Ask for Trading Stamp
"With every Cash purchase that you
rvake with us. If the use of them has
not heen explained to you call and
we will gladly do so.
We hare pist received a new line of
Jams in iive pound pails and Jellies ot
all kinds that we can fully guarantee.
Do not forget our Telephone Call,
Xo. 128-4. Yours,
High Life in Prison.
New York, May 26. Robert W.
Fielding, the former deputy commis
sioner of public works, was today sen
tenced to two years and a half in Sing
Sing and to pay a line of $2,000. He
was convicted a few days ago on the
charge of conspiracy and the allowance
of fraudulent claims against the city of
Children Burned to Death,
Iiion M.M ntain, Wis., May 26.
The residence of A. Richter was burned
last night. Two children were burned
to a crisp ami two others were so badly
burned that they cannot live. The fire
was caused by the explosion of a kero
sene lamp.
iUiesser & Burnham,
Sworn in to Second Call.
San Fuancisi'o, May 26. California
may be the first stale to furnish a com
plete regiment under the President's sec
ond call. Orders have been issued to
inspect the fifth regiment and they ex
pect to be sworn in as a body tomorrow.
Judge Lynch Convicts.
Sai.is1!I KV, Md., May 26. Oarlield
King, an eighteen-year-old negro, was
taken from jail this morning and hung,
His body was riddled with bullets. He
was in jail waiting trial for the murder
of a white boy Saturday night.
The Yankee at Sandy Hook.
New Youk, May 26. The auxiliary
cruiser Yankee arrived at Sandy Hook
this morning.
1G Depot Square,
If vou want molasses that is sweet,
,iU" vXt Von used to get have your
JJ tilled at L. M, Avkhiu-
Spain Will Retaliate.
Mu.itii). Mav 26. The newspapers
here are continually urging the cutting
of the American cable connections
..a it... Atlantic if the Cuban cable
are cut.
Revolution in Spain.
London, May 26. A dispatch from
Madrid says that a revolution will fol
low the defeat of the Spanish lleet. Tho
Queen regent refuses ha fly from tho
eapitol although advised to do so by
the Emperor of Austria.
Drowned in the Gold Fields.
Nasih a, X. II., May 20. Informa
tion has been received here that an en
tire American Klondike party consisting
of seven men, live from here and two
from Haverhill, were drowned by the
breaking up of the ice in Fraicr River
May 2. They left here March -Mi.
Guns For Spaniards,
dllilt.M.TAU, May 26 Informations
has been obtained from a trustworthy ,
source which says that a consignment
of M) Knapp guns for the forts of Cadiz
have been sent and are now on the war
throii"h Spain. Thev passed through
dermanv. France and the Spanish cus
tom houses as kitchen furnishings.
Mre Troops South.
1'iioviUKMT., May 26. The Rhode
Island volunteers arrived here this
morning enroute for Falls Church. Ya.
4t was 1)0 years ago today when a simi
lar scene was enacted,
There was great enthusiasm here.
The line was reviewed by the tiovcruor
with his staff and Mayor Baker. The
whole eiiy was a mass of bunting.
The Best Grocers.
02 Xo. Main Street, - - liarre, A ermont.
All Orders will Receive Mv IYrsonal Attention.
Night Calls will he Promptly A ttended To
Telephone call at Residence 1 41-Q. Atoffice26-3
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School ot Osteopathy, Kirks
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
8 a. m., to 12 ni.
1 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Cilice IU State St.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
RifNiStlC tlie ,n0Sit com
DICyCI6Sj plete of any in
the city, and he will sell them at any
price you want. Prices ranging from
$20 to $125.
A large number of second hand
wheels alinoust given away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
Me Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Goods. Specialty of
Fork Products.
Debt Collected,
Personal Demand made in all cases
Condition of Claims reported fre
quently, Suits prosecuted vigorously,
Rapid, yet cautious handling of at
tachments and trustee proceedings.
No work delaved. A live active

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