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For Sale.
-oil S.VLK. A two-tenement house utXo.
f ji .-hurt street. Inquire of W. C. Quln-
J,,, Quiulcii maiding.
FnR S.U.E. One Sail Uout In First C'ltis
luinlltion, miule last year, now on Uer
li, I'oinl. Iiipuire o( Mm. Klla Lamb, 15!) N.
Main street.
Fuli SALE My truck team and business.
liii-inesH is well established. TbU In a
, oil i li'inc e for an energetic man. The pro
f!,rtv cniiltn of oue express wagon, one mov
L ;, , -on and one horse with harness.
1 9 A. GawcKT, IS West street.
rn' LK. Nine Chotcn and 20 Plfts. Mrs.
f n K. Crawford, at Charles Person's
farm. lire-
To Rent.
, .. ,'i'.(;ood pasture land within 3
mii,.'.'of tl.c city. V. V. Suki'ahu.
., ,.1-vT. Kooins In pleasant location.
T out-very pleasant room, i) Short street,
Alu-e Proton.
T!) i:i;ST. Mrs. L. E. Smith has a tene-
ii'. lit to rent on Elm Street.
Tu i i n T . Vive large connecting rooms,
-nil file for ollice and tenement combined.
,,,,(. Hi 'litAverill's Block, recently occupied
, l r Micknev, also single front otllce up
nil'M. 1.. M. Averill.
W V1TP. Two first-class painters, nil
' sniii'ml men. Inexperienced workmen
,.,, ni npi'ly. Jon C. Dough, 100 South
Main street. '
WW'TFI). ilosmen; Jtood salarv, steady
' Work. First National Nurseries, lio
dip.lcr, N. Y.
WVNTEK. An experienced man for
'lunch room. Inquire ut the Commer
cial House.
W WIT.D. Hv an expenenceu Kin !" -tiJu
tu do housework. Inquire (1 Spuuld-
llii! street.
Central Vermont Railroad.
Train, leave Burre dally, except Sunday, as fo.
e in K M M AIL. For Boston via. Lowell oi
Ki'ctil'.uiK ; New York via. Bpringlield and
all .New K igland peints. I'arlir car to Bo
i ,n" via. Lowell, without change. Con.
hitis ai WliiU' Kiver Junction with White Moun-
Ul i k's'"" wilh 'l'r0"h l'rlc"' Car ,0 Newport,
viai-lMii dii'ld, anivlnu 7.10 p. m.
lonni' M.-KABTEXl'HKBS. KorBoston
I 0W0i ; New York via. tipringfleld andvia
,-w London. Buflet parlor carlo Boston.
tinn l,i)CALPASBKNOER. For Ncrth
D Held, Randolph, and White Uivcr
Junction, connecting wun iinieu
train for Windso:.
1100 P.M. NIGHT EXPRESS. Leaves Barre
wi.,kdys only, but leaves Montpelierl2.40
a.m., daily Including Sundays. Due Boa-
tun via. Lowell daily o.io a. -. "
viihhnrir. ilailv fexcent Sunday) 9.60 A.M :
k Vnrii fHxcentiHuiidav) 11.26 A.M. On
iNiii laya rnnatoBp'ringtioldonly. Wagner
akipiimcari to Boston via. Lowell and to
DdriA. M. -LOCAL BXPREB8. For Burling-
, m Aihans. Richford. Houaus Point and
OndenrburK, Connects at Kssex Junction with
e nmss foi all pointa on Rutland R. R.
3 0ft P.M. MAIL. For Burlington, Rutland,
flamtiriilKC Junction, St. Albans, Montreal,
Norwood, Ogdenaburgu and the Weat. Wag
ncr Parlor Car to Montreal, and through
iW-fping car Swantoo to Chicago via- Niagara
5 10 P. M . 2XPRES8 for Burlington, Bt. Al
bans, and Montreal. Pullman Bleeping Car,
Miintuclier Junction to Chicago, without
change. Due Chicago 9.10 p.m. next night.
(Jonnccnat Essex Junotlon for New lore
via, Rutland and Trov.
Suburban Service.
Leave Barro 8.10, 9.60 A. M., 12.00, 3.06, 5.10,
11. Ul' P. H.
I.javd Hontpcllcr 0, 9.15,10.60 A. M., 12.66,
840 and ,0 i.
Mamstown Trains.
Leave liarru l.'-iO p M. 4.30P.M.
Due Williams
town l.'i.i i m. 6.;.0 p. m.
bins Williiimslown 7.30 A. M. 2.30 P. M. Due
Barro S.tj;i a. m. 3.UO p. M.
Hen. Bunt. Gen. Pass. A Kent
II. R. STOL'UUTON, Supt. M. W. It. Div.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R
On and after Monday, June 27, 1S98, tralna will
run as follows. Sundays excepted.
I.sse Barre.T.M, 9.10, 10.30,' Am. 12.30, 2.00, 4.00,
".In, Hi.OO P. H.
Arm e at Montpelier 7.fi0,9.30, 10.60 A. ., 12.50,
:.!' , , .S.,V. 7.30, lu.20 P. M.
I.'nvr Moiitpeller, 6.30 S.30, 9.45, A. M., 12.00 M
!, '"'I, 4.4.'., til) 9.30 P. M .
AriiTc ai Hario, 6.50, S.50, 10.05 A. M., 12.20, 1.25
8.H. I ft.',, f.;ni, ft,;,u p. m.
P'lluiri.an Hervloe in subject to changes. ApptL
'ii'n fruin the people for more trains, qulekei
time, or hotter service will be cheerfully .consid
ro4. All trains will stop on slgual at any place
lieiween Montpelier aad llarre to take passengers,
ami will tni at liny olaoe to leave passengera, pro
'idi'd the piaoo is inadu known to the conductor.
1 30 A M
Connects at Wells River with Ac
eommodutlou Train north, and with
Mail and Express Traiu south over
th i I'aasumpslc Division of Boston
& Maine R, It. Through Train ser
vice from Wells River via. Plym
outh or White River Junction to
Koaton, and via, Bellows Kails and
Hpringlleld for New York. Arrive
In Boston 4.60 p. ., New York
(Oinnd Central Depot) 7.10 P. .
12 30 P. M.
Through service, Burlington to
Fubyans. Htops at all principal
stations between Wells River and
Kubyaui, arriving at Kabyaus 4.00
I. M. llnnnneLa ut KabVallS With
train for Portland and Old Orchard
Beach. Also with traiu for Bum
rnit Mt. Washington, arriving Sum
mit 8.30 P. M. C'ouneUa at Wells
River with the Mail Train north
over Pttssunipalc Diviblon, and th(
' I'aclllc CoaBt Express " via Cana
di in Pacillo Railway to Montreal,
Quebec, Chicago and the Paclllf,
Coast. Through sleeping cars Mon
tn ul to Chicago every day except
Satnrdays. To Pacilic Coast every
day except Bunlay. Also wilh Ex
press Train a, living ill Boston 6.45
p. m . Also with train for Kiibyaus,
Lancaster, Whitelleld, Jefferson,
Berlin, Oroveton and Or and Trunk
4.00 P.M.
Connects at Wells River with El
press train north over B. St M. R.
K. for St. Johusbtiry, Lynitonville.
Barton and Nowp..rt with Aceoin
nioilation train south for all station
between Wella River and WnlU
River Junctlou. Also wilh Express
train north ovur White Mountain
Division for Lisbon, Littleton, Beth
lehem Street, Prolile House, Twin
Mountain, Kabyaus, Crawfon! 8.
Whiteiielil.JefferHonaiid Lanciibtct
STANYAN, lieneral Agent.
K. W. MORSE, Oen'l Pass. Agent.
A. HTOWKLL. lieneral Manager.
v. s
rrf,LHD."ilB " TnOOSANDt,
niitihfti. .i-V-'! n.rapi nntiM mni ps
returned i R ' corrMoorideno
M b nall with trial package.
7 y ,
Nine Thousand Ordered to Leave
Tampa For Santiago.
General Snyder In Com maud of the E.
pedltlon. Which la Accompanied by
Six Hutterles of Artillery Go
ing to Key West First,
Washington, Juno 29. Orders have
been Issued for the departure of anoth.
er large army expedition from Tampa,
composed of about 9,000 men of the
Second division of the Fourth army
corp., under command of Brigadier
General Snyder, and six batteries of ar
tillery, three light and three heavy.
The preparations have been proceeding
quietly for some days, and, although
the stores have been going aboard at
Tampa, a rigid censorship at that point
has prevented any word going out as to
the expedition.
The actual departure from Tampa la
expected by the war department to oc
tur at once, although there may be un-
avoidable delays. The plan of move
ment has been thoroughly determined
upon. Twelve transports are to carry
the expedition. They will move first
to Key West, at which point a strong
naval convoy will meet them and es
cort the expedition to Santiago. The
warships constituting the naval convoy
are not disclosed, but they probably will
Include one battleship and several cruis
ers and auxiliary craft.
General Snyiler'a Command.
General Snyder's second division of
the Fourth army corps is now at Tampa
and is made up of three brigades and
nine regiments as follows; First bri
gade. Colonel I. DcRussey commanding-
Eleventh United States Infantry, Tenth
United States infantry; Second brigade,
General L. H. Carpenter commanding
First District of Columbia, Second New
York, Fifth Maryland; Third brigade,
General R. H. Hall commanding Third
Pennsylvania, One Hundred and Fifty
seventh Indiana, First Ohio, First Illi
nois. Whether some regiments will be tak
en from other divisions cannot be stated
definitely. It Is known only that Gener
al Snyder's division has been looked up
on by the war department as the one
best equipped for an immediate start.
The batteries will be designated by Gen
eral Randolph, In command of the artil
lery at Tampa.
If the expedition gets away Immedi
ately, it will arrive off Santiago about
next Saturday. The trip doubtless will
be to the eastward, around Cape Mays!,
sinnr the same route as that of the
Shatter expedition. This will bring Shat
ter's force up to about 30,000 men, made
up of the 16.000 men he took with him,
General Duffleld's command on the Har
vard and Yale, General Garretson's com
mand, which will go on the same steam
ers, and General Snyder's division from
The L'annl Spanish Veralon.
Mnrtrid. June 29. In government cir
cles here the announcement is made
that the Americans were repulsed in
the fighting near Sevilla and that they
were compelled to retire to naiquiri,
"where they are encamped under the
protection of their ships' guns."
It is denied that several wagon loads
of wounded Spaniards were taken into
the city of Santiago de Cuba, and It Is
added that General Linares' troops
fought undor cover and that their losses
are definitely known to be a captain
and seven soldiers killed and two lieu
tenants and 12 men wounded.
According to the dispatches from Ha
vana, the American troops are "already
suffering seriously from disease. The
latest dispatch from General Linares
says nothing new has occurred, but he
confirms the report of the landing at
Bancs of Panguilly. Lacret, Hetancourt
and 1,000 rebels, with artillery and 500,
000 cartridges."
Governor Powers Kenomliiatert.
Augusta, Me., June 29.-The Republic,
ans of Maine today nominated Governor
Llewellyn Powers r.y a '"""" "
lit the state convention held here.
fipnnlsh Four. Will Not Ie Muted.
London, June 29. It is reported thai
the Stock Exchange committee has con
. ,.. oftor .Tune 29 all men-
ciuaeu iu inline - nfttrinl
tlon of Spanish fours from the official
list and to quote the same under names
sealed or unsealed. The former refer,
o those payable in gold in - "
action of the Spanish government in th
matter is generally disliked, and Spal
has lost a free maritet ... ;
thirds of her debt
London for over two
.,n Growers Will lose.
San Francisco. June 29.-The Inter
rupUon of regular steam communlcaj
tlon with Honolulu, caused by the use
of ?he regular ocean steamers as trans
ports for the army going to Manila It
PJ "J ,a ni entail great loss to the ba-
,b "". " . Tiwaiian Islands.
... s..t From St. I.ouls.
qt Louis, June 29. -The sending of
lTn Prt3 to supply troops on their
va" and those already In Cuba.
,.f..lt.-r Tel.l.ltt Kenteneed.
the defaulting 1 athtr c h ow-
a"a;; OOOcJn goods secured from
ing about wft8 arrest.
Boston mi.-. ; Territories,
.i in i:ttrinn.
11 . i ,iiiv to serve
not .ess
wn" "PL. " . , nnro than five years In
limn in. . .
triul last monm
stutc prison.
At his
. euilty to
16 counts oi
l. ; .,mt ncalnst him.
He ap-
tne in"" 1 - ,,.,,
Dnd noverui
, .eared In cowi j
of his creditors un
lared ln"- ' to pa
, ... - . .,!
hile TeliUlli mm"
LXZ was ink serious Physical con-
" .'. ..-l,r-,l
victim of tne rn. -
mg't&ynoun.d h,s de.
The President Issues an Important
tubs'! Bvuthern Coast From Cape Franoea
to Cape Crul Alio to Be Closed.
Neutral Vessels Are OlveQ
Time to Leave.
Washington, June 29. The president
has Issued a proclamation declaring the
blockade of southern Cuba and San
Juan, Porto Rico. Following is the proc
Umatlon: Whereas, For the reasons set forth In
my proclamation of April 22, 1898, a
blockade of the ports on the northern
coast of Cuba, from Cardenas to Bahia
Honda, Inclusive, and of the port of Cl
enfuegos, on the south coast of Cuba,
was declared to have been instituted,
Whereas, It has become desirable to
extend the blockade to other Spanish
Now, therefore, I, William McKinley,
president of the United States, do here
by declare and proclaim that, in addi
tion to the blockade of the ports speci
fied in my proclamation of April 22, 1898,
the United States of America has insti
tuted and will maintain an effective
block of all the ports on the south coast
of Cuba, from Cape Frances to Cape
Cruz, Inclusive, and also of the port of
San Juan, In the Island of Porto Rico.
Neutral vessels lying in any of the
ports to which the blockade Is by the
present proclamation extended will be
allowed 30 days to Issue therefrom with
In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my hand and caused the seal of the
United States to be affixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this
27th day of June, A. D. 1898, and of the
independence of the United States the
one hundred and twenty-second.
Meaning of the Proclamation.
This increases the extent of the block
ade fully fourfold, It having been con
fined heretofore to a Btretch of a little
more than 100 miles on the north and
the single port of Clenfuegos on the
south coast of the Island. The demands
upon the navy In the way of ships to
patrol the coast, however, will not be
nearly so heavy In proportion to the
territory to be covered as In the case
of the Initial blockade, for the reason
that the new blockaded coast line lies
entirely within the great bight on the
south Cuban coast, In which the water
is generally very shallow and the ports
are few Into which a vessel of any draft
could enter. The most important of
these ports are Manzanlllo, Trinidad
and Tunas.
West of Trinidad Is ClenfuegOB, which
Is already blockaded effectively. From
that point westward for nearly 140 miles
there Is no point to be blockaded until
Batabano Is reached. This port Is dls
tant only about 40 miles from Havana
by rail and is believed to have been the
principal source of food supplies for the
Spanish capital. For 150 miles west of
this, clear over to Cape Frances, the
western edge of the blockaded territory,
there are no ports for deep vessels of
any considerable ' draft, and even If
there were the country in the Interior,
Pinar del Rio, Is In the hands of the In
surgents, and supplies could not be sent
through to Havana. The purpose of ex
tending the blockade westward to Cape
Frances was to command the channel
between the west side of the Isle of
Pines and Caye Frances and thus ren
der much easier the task of the block
ading vessels.
The reports which have reached the
president as to the exact state of affairs
in Havana are conflicting, in some casrs
the town was declared to be on the
terge of starvation; In others, food sup
plies were said to be still abundant.
a matte of fa"t. the truth probably lies
between these extremes, and, while sup
dies of a certain character are very
scarce in Havana, there Is no lack of
Quiet Along the Blockade.
Off Havana, via Key West, June 29.-
Fnr the first time In four weeks a news
naner dispatch boat visited the blocK-
ading fleet off Havana yesterday. The
conditions were found to be as peaceful
as the waters of the gulf stream were
turbulent. Since th good practice by
the Spanish gunners against the Mont
gomery the other clay, particulars oi
which were cabled at the time, nothing
has occurred to break the monotony of
this peaceful blockade. To the east or
Havana a long line of earthworks not
seen before by newspaper men now
. ... a . 1 m
crown the nni, ana novices iru... nut-ana
say work on these and similar for
tifications to the westward is being
pushed daily.
Blockade duty is not pleasant service,
and while no one with the fleet com
plains there Is a feeling that some effort
might be made to provide the warships
with ice and fresh vegetables, which
would be highly appreciated, as ice Is
almost a necessity in this climate. It
has been suggested that Is a this field
In which the Red Cross or some similar
society might work to advantage.
However, the health of the fleet is good
on the whole.
News From Chlcknmanirn.
Chlckamauga, June 29. No orders giv
ing further information about the mov
ing of troops from Camp Thomas have
yet been Issued by General Brooke. The
local railroad officials say they have had
no orders to supply trains and do not
know when the movement will begin.
It is now stated upon pood authority
that the 15 regiments under orders will
be held several days until their every
need Is supplied and they are thorough
ly equipped for service.
It Is further stated that these 15 regi
ments will be closely followed by 10
more, the vhole force to be sent from
here to Cuba during the next two weeks,
numbering over 25,000 men.
Paymaster General Henley of the state
of New York, having at last succeeded
in adjusting the pay rolls of the New
York regiments, has arrived at the park
and paid off the Klghth New York. He
...in olao nav the Ninth and Fourteenth
New York before leaving the park. These
regiments will receive from the state
about $45,000.
The organized fight against the regi
mental canteens at Chlckamauga park
is becoming very Interesting. Another
meeting of the Chlckamauga Chaplains'
association has just been held and defi
nite action taken In reference to having
the canteen abolished. The following
resolution was adopted:
Whereas There have been established
in many of the regiments in Camp
Thomas canteens, where intoxicants are
sold and whereas the highest medical
authorities in the army have advised
... thB use of all intoxicants and
.a ami whereas the use ot
deadly Intoxicants Is filling the guard
nnrt hosnitals; therefore be it
T,Li,.rt nv the Chaplains' associa
tion that the attention of General Brooke
Is respectfully ca lea io ui--we
urgimtly petition him to use his mll--ithfy
authority In the impression of
this evil.
Spaniards Look to Germany and Are Go
ing to Show Fight,
Hongkong, June 29. A vessel which
left Manila on Friday last, June 24, has
arrived here. She reports that the Span-
lards had given up all idea of surren
dering, and everything Indicated that
another big battle .with the combined
land and sea forces would be fought
within a few days.
The change oi front on the part of the
Spaniards was caused by their belief
that the Germans would prevent the
Americans from going to extremities In
their bombardment of the city. The
Spaniards when the ship sailed from
Manila were very busy with their prep
arations to resist an attack. It was re
ported that the warship Deutschland,
with Prince Henry of Prussia, on board,
was soon to arrive at Manila.
Agulnaldo has removed his headquar
ters from Cavlte to Imus In order to al
low the American troops to occupy the
former place. Every precaution Is taken
to save Agulnaldo from assassination
or poisoning In consequence of the price
put upon his head.
In the battle with the Insurgents
which was fought last week the Spanish
governor of Pampangaa province was.
killed, and the Insurgents took 1,000
prisoners. The" American re-enforcements
were expected to arrive at Manila
on June 27.
Further advices from Manila say that
the rebels sent 187 wounded Spaniards
to Manila under a flag of truce. Ad
miral Dewey permitted their transfer.
Up to June 23 there had been nightly
fusillades upon the Spanish trenches.
The Insurgents advanced their posts a
few days ago.
The Spanish volunteers were ordered
to duty in the trenches, but refused to
obey the order because while they were
exposed to the fire of the rebels In the
trenches the SpanlBh regulars were
Idling In the city. The work of erect
ing defenses around the town was being
carried on with Increased energy. A
force of 2,000 men waB engaged in put
ting up sand bag breastworks outside
the moat at Calle de la Saguadas.
As soon as the American troops ar
rive the Spanish troops will retire with
in the walled ciMdel. Only a nominal
resistance to the .Vnerlcans is expected.
The people of Manila were seized with
panic on June 20, the date of the acces
sion of Queen Victoria to the British
throne, thinking that the firing of sa
lutes In honor of that event by the
foreign warships was a bombardment.
The Spaniards believe that Great
Britain will take some action In the
Philippines. It Is alleged that a portion
of the insurgents dislike the Americans
and desire German protection. Food
has reached famine prices.
Off to Manila,
San Francisco, June 29. The third ex
pedition to Manila has started from this
city. The expedition consists of about
4,000 men, under command of General
MacArthur, who made the steamer In
diana his flagship. The other vessels of
the expedition are the City of Para, the
Ohio and the Morgan City.
When the ships got under way, sol
diers perched In the rigging like so
many insects, and handkerchiefs and
flags fluttered from very porthole and
spar. As the vessels proceeded slowly
down the bay the noisy demonstrations
on the shore Increased until the din was
awful, and added to the noise of the
whistles and bells was the booming of
many cannon from the batteries at Fort
Mason. :, 4
The fourth expedition to' the Philip
pines will probably sail about July 9,
with either Brigadier General M. P. Mil
ler or H. O. Otis in command. Major
General Otis will accompany the squad
ron. ,
New Japanese Cabinet.
Yokohama, June 29. The new cabinet
has been constituted as follows: Okumn
Stagakl, premier and minister for for
eign affairs; Itagakl, minister for the
Interior; Marquts Balgo TsvfumlcM,
minister ot marine; LUotenftM QoneMl
Satsurl, minister of war; Matsntda Ma
slhlso, minister of finance.
Mrs. Gaylor Found.
Flag-start, A. T., June 29. Mrs. Jamea
Gaylor, the New Jersey woman lost In
the Grand canyon of the Colorado rlvef
on Friday last, was found on Saturday
morning. She was lost for 24 hours,
without food or water. Mrs. Gaylor hat
arrived here, none the worse for her ex
perlence. The Weather.
Fair and cooler; westerly winds.
Closing Quotations of the New York Stock
New York, June 28.
Honoy on call nominally at lalH per tent.
Prime mercantile paper, 8a4 per cent. Ster
ling exchange steady, with aotnal business In
bankern' bills at U-S&HH for domand and
at 4.841ia4.844 for 6J days. Posted rates, f4.89
and $4.86 Commercial bills, M.8S4.884. Sti
ver certificates, BOaOOo. Bar silver, tWto. Mex
ican dollars, 45o. Government bonds strong.
State bonds dulL Railroad bonds Arm.
Closing prices:
Atchison 18K N. J. Central 04
Bnr. Sc Quinoy....l04 i North American. 4
C, C, C. & St. L. 41 Northern Pacific. KH
Chesapeake & O. . 28 Do. pref 09H
ChicagoGas 90 N. Y. Central. ...116
Cotton Oil.
Omaha TT
Del. & Hudson. . .
Ontario A West... 15
Paolflo Mall 29
Beading 19H
Bock Island 107Hj
General Electric
Hocking Valley.
Lackawanna 154
Lake Shore 1W
Silver Bullion Wi
8t. Panl V8H
Bugar Refinery... 1W4
Lead 86
Louisville Ss Nash 51 Texas Paolflo 11H
Manhattan 104 Union Paolflo. .... 2S54
Missouri Pacific. 36 Wabash pref 18
Northwestern 125 Western Union... 88 .
General Markets.
New York, June 28.
FLOUR State and western weak, moder
ately active and nominally lower to sell; city
mills patents, nominal; winter patents, 4.05a
4.90; city mills clears, nominal; wlntor
straights, 4.4Oa4.S0.
WHEAT No. 2 rod very weak, Influenced
by lower cables, short selling and bearish
weather conditions; July, 77a78o. ; Septem
ber, 705a71 0-lOc
BYE tjuiet ; No. 2 western, 47o., o. I. f.,
CORN No. 2 fairly active and weak under
an extension of thort accounts; July, 85Ka
85!4c. : September, 88a80o.
OATS No. 2 dull and weaker with corn;
track, white, state, ifllaDSo. ; traok, white,
weHtern, 211h35c.
PORK Quiet; mess, tl0.25al0.50; family, 113
LARD Easier; prime wostern steam, $5.80,
SUTTER Steady; state dairy, I2al6o. ; state
creamery, ia!aallo.
CHEEBK Steady ; large, white, 7c. ; small,
white. 7Ua7c.
EUGS Steady; state and Pennsylvania, 1-'
al2!o. ; western, 12HaHk.
SUGAR Raw dull and nominal; fair refin
ing, 8c. ; centrifugal, 93 test, 4o. ; refined
quiet ; crushed, bo, ; powdered, 6o.
TURPENTINE Steady at 26Xa27o.
MOLASSES Steady; New Orleans, !8a33o.
Kll'E Stoady ; domestic 6Jia7o. ; Japan,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears thU
Signature of
Tile Offlcal Guide to the
Klondike Country.
And the Gold Fields of Alaska.
Retail Price, $1.00.
Intcnslv Interfiling and strictly authentic. Ths
actual eiperlences of miners and their marvelous
discoveries of gold. The Information contained in
this book has been oaaefully prepared from the
most reliable sources, and will be the means of lead
ing thousands to fortune in the
The bank contains 900 nates and Is Illustrated
with 32 full page photographs, taken especially
tor mis worK, aim also m pnges er onicini maps,
We are the sole publishers oi "The Offi
cial Guide to the Klondike Countryt'
an- Other publication purporting to be 1
are imitations.
Our usual liberal Commissions.
8 nd 60 eemts at once for complete boob, to
gather with agents' outfit.
Yf. B. Conkey Company,
Drb rn Street, Chicago.
"50 YEARS'
ublished by the New-Yoi.k Ihiumi.
Second Edition.
32 Pages, 18 by i i-a Inches.
A cencral review of the advances
and improvements made in the leading
branches of farm industry iluring ine
last half century.
Special articles by tho best agricul
tural writers, on topics which they have
made their life study.
Illustrations of old fashioned imple
ments. A vast amount of practical Informa
tion. A valuable aid io farmers who de.
sire to stimulate production and profit.
Extremely interesting and ilsiruclive
ONLY 15 CENTS A COPY, by mail.
Send your order to
Uarre, Vt.
United States Mail Steamships
Sail from New York every Saturday for
Glasgow via Londonderry.
Bates for Saloon Passage
CITY OF ROME, $70. Other Steamers, $50.
Second Cubin
Rome,$42.50. T"umesBia,$37.50. Other Strs,$35
Steerage l'astmge
Rome,$2fl.50Funiessia.$24,50 Other Sts,$23.59
For the illustrated Boob of Tours and fur
ther information, applv to HENDERSON
BROTHERS, General Agent, No. 7,
Bowling Green, N. Y.
Or S. S. Ballard. Gordon Block, Room 5
Barre.Vt. 2Sm3
3 to 5 Per Gent,
Burned for clients. Money is not in
vested in the stock market or in so-called
syndicates, but in good, solid collateral,
where no Ions can be possible.
Yon can invest $ 10 to $1000, or any
rnonnt tjotween ; can withdraw it at any
time ; and can havo principal and inter
est guaranteed.
Have never lost a dollar for a custo
mer. Years of experience with satisfied
customers throughout all Jsew England
Write for circulars. The best of refer
ences. A. J. LITCHFIELD,
60 Stale St.. Boston Mass.
Men, women and voung people to the num
ber of 1000 are wanted at once to sell "Gold
Fields of the Klondike," a new book from high
Authority, beautifully illustrated from actual
photographs containing also a superior map of
Alaska lSx!14 inches printed in six colors.
it tells alt about the country, mines, fortunes
made, the unexplored fields, how to get there.
etc. It sells cheaply, everyuouy is lnwresieu
and Is just the book for a ready sine at signi.
Send 20c and receive lv mail a complete out
fit which includes the large map and commence
work anywhere you choose at once. We give
Ibcral terms.
Address S. S. SI If AJ lua .v w.,
Publishers. Hartford, Conn.
Bean th
Rev. L. D. BASS, D. 1)., Manager.
Pittsburg, Pa.i Toronto, Canada; New Or
leans, La. ; New ork, N. Y. ; Washing
ton, 1). C: San Francisco, Ca!.; ( hi-
cago, 111.; St. ouis, aio., aim
Denver, Colorado.
There are thousands of positions to be filled
within tne next iew nionms.
Address all applications to I'nios Tl'.Climis
Aghncikh, Saltsburg, Pa. 3d
iv.nt1 nn Sulnrv or Commission. Po
sltlon permanent for men adapted to solict
Ing. Spring is the favorable time to com
mence. Tilt- H" (H!iv-Mmif.
THE It. U. CIIASK '(., Nurserymen,
22 Maiden, Mas.
Ready for Ac
Fouowina nit
h llie I.I...
New B.iuk of
The story of iii
AR0UN3 TH'. . or.'.
tV.rouRh llawnli, A ::'ru
lia, Fiji IslciKir., I'vlia.
Soul Ii Africa, etc. Hcnu
tifullyillustra'ed by
Pan Heard, A. B. Front
B. W. Clineilinst. 1 iu
Author's Masterpiece.
Another Innocent lb: o:u
A success from the st? rt.
Knormons sc.le assured.
3000 Agents Warteti
Exclusive field.. Solid fo'
iTrcuiars and terms. Mention paper. Address
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Eyannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "CASTORIA," the same that
has borne and does now bear sfTTT on evcr
the fac-simile signature of C&jtffi&j&u wrapper.
This is the original "CASTORIA" which has been used v
the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty years.
LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it in
the kind you have always bought sz$a-' cn
and has the signature of wWjv wrap
per. No one has authority from me to use my name except
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. H. Fletcher is President.
March 24, mS'Q &jh--
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not endanger the life of your child by accepting
a cheap substitute which some druggist may offer yoi;
(because he makes a few more pennies on it), the in
gredients of which even he docs not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought55
Insist on Having
Tne Kind That Never Failed You.
the ccntau coshst, tt uaT Tstrr, Ntwvons. city.
1 f""v' " What sort of start
1 fl-g J to malte money and
going to wear yoursolves out In tho cherleas drudgery oi hard labor t uair ! tftu
depends on your parents, the other half oj
4A IftfiSi I Aff Wealth aad honors walt yon if Jem
f VCVv5y VI r"l V prcpara yourself Vo lake them. Men
nuoceed WHO ARE READY. If you want to bo raid a good salary yen must mats
Tourself worthy of Ik There are thousands of S50 a weclc places begging for god nisi,
and millions ot It a week men beting for
n win trot it-sura. Tha best eo'iinmeat
his own way in the world is a oooxa ui
The most celebrated prMile&l school In
. n.r,n Tnnstir miinf man and bova from
: SA1rnV.hooir.1 who,, diploma, and
; 0011 se'nd for fr.ee.loeu- beautiful
will be surprised to leara la how short a
miv ha had. Addraaa u above (mmtion
' .t i n AtMrc
Syinnnn cash and given free
As follows:
4 PlrA Prtraa. woh if $103 Cash - .
40TUni " " " $ 25 Goid Watches
Cut) and Prizes g!?an each month
wotN aim i it, giivu wis vis in. 9Jr
Total given during 12 bios. 1887, $40,80y 0 WRAP
SomeUtora ta s . many SUNJ-ICHT
OAP Wrie- n shT cos collect, t.m
T ifca t.n psrtian of each rr
SOAP' To.T (railed "t'oii-
Rone") are to e eon;, pontage
illy paid, tsclMsd TV 1 1 h ft
ehewt.jT Paper elalluz l ompet.
liar's nill Bi-fio and ndree
and rhe namker of oupiine
mpt hi, to I.e.r Bros., I.id.i
D"trict Sow Vor tHy. Broolilyn, J.on
T and Sinren JjnHil,.NewJeree;.
liewVorkMote (" ' '.
. i .. .. I .. Il.litwnrs, itiir'M
, i r"""T.; ";,' k..i.: ...a 1
trlct of t 'olaiulilii.
the New KbcIhihI
lis Rioroles ire 'theunlsbrsls;! Plorce SprHnJ.
ll..t....j,nVk. Kitlr'1 with. Hiirtfi.nl
Time, Firs Ulsss Niokie mTSVx .VX'Sm.
85 0
StoMfi cuo'l. BsttNam
Sitks cauay. i umj rw
tnuvs any binl lant
I in U1B UJOUfcU, If-i-TlllH
tbe breath sweet and
perf urr?tl. U Is
a them lnntsailof uau
I semtlBA liaulds si oau DOn-b.ll Dills.
land fiinuiln no iner-
ounat or cnuer nun
eral po'on. Thoy
are made f tho Int
ent retnedl(K dlROT
rrt(l and are a Mien
e .loo. cuiii i inn u
never before pat together lu anr form.
nro nutHeptlo. That
dtttented food from
fourtriRin m Bitn
aeh, prevent fer
mentation in the
Krul mil ki1 dlH
I kind tnat breed ana ieea in uie jim
tone the sioins i h and
bowelsand stimulate
tb laay iiver. mak-
stMn.ih.n thm hnw
TlEomu healthy
condition, uiaaiotf
their action oesy Bad natural. , - A
t eJ-Don't ju(J?e CASCARETS ty other medicines yoa have tried. TW
'arencW-nlike anything else that's sold, and infinitely supwtef. J
' ' t r Urt-. tn-Aiv. if nnt nlfraed tret W
only genuine.
uauunra r
Imitations I
i strong. Sold
are rou going to make in life t Are yon cIb(
ba suoceissful business tnent Or are yan
poor places. If you are worth W
& young man can baro wo upsfU MM.
rl ATI hi A I
di QAcrcjo COLLEGE:
America. Th Molal
the country, nara beu -tie to ma
rommendation. ar. rMonM I f gjSSi J
book giving much . MpM nM S!
time and at what small sost a goo " .
thit E3Sr) '
Dp.aH.nt. PnrrniritKVParB. IfBTW '
-9 439.89
- 1,000.08
n . mil In .ri tm n 1 a IE
I . rvery mom a aui i wi iu -
nrian- Will bit .M.r14 Bd fiiUSWl:
,ni"l4Bp Oimn.. - - .
Ths t Compstitor ; jf
this top eosnsa
liQirtnciiBwui.B -wUlracsivslOO(
Ths & Osmpstilprt wis ssm
Next Tsfir t 5.nliXS
pons from
option s lr' or-tls ,
SppcIhI bisrsle, rlseHM
i -h Q (.'mpeliviriwssi.
Next I.ar.rst bombers i sospoit rJ
trist in whioU Wr rssian win ""VV," ,V"S,
option a lsJr's or sntlsinn'S Isoia ''.
i. ri.lii.., will f'l.lMO ihS I jIUTi
option a lsJr'sor sntlsinn'SlolS '. "rT.V
. Tho Oompetilions will f'loee n,,'jE
far oneilonlh" com," lition will be pnt ?J
St. fimpslltnTS w I! "'"KL'V
Ssp in dealer's stoc. will l ''"""ruS
fx,v0r Krollmrs. l id., sad tbetr fuotHee,
4. wrlnied list of WlnriMn In Oompetlie rMWgg
rriTi Iw f..rwirn-il toOomiieuiers i abeei 11 W
esch c'.niptiliae cioBiB. . Ih
h I.vnr Brothers. Ltd.. "l enrleemr te.ewer Ine
nrM (airl.HIie host of their ehilitysnd jmlmen,
En " t is midlrstood th.t .1 1 -he con "
oopt the wrd of I.er Broilers, Ltd., eeSssl.
I.KVKK IIROS., I.t4.. Nr Terk.
ritr.il HTI i
lncrvaie Ibe flew of
milllnsnrilsf moMi
ers. A islet etn
by Ibe aeiber makes
her milk mildly purj
Alive and has a mild
bntoerftnln ethxt on
the Daoy, wis onij
ine db,d7, m wmr - - - - -
safe lenMre for the kske-tn-ermis.
ere llkifl by toe obi I
ilren. They lesie
goad end io good,
stop wlnd-eullc end
rnmp. end kill end
drlvo off -orms, end
Bll kinds of psre-
lis wn. ii. e i" - -
bowels of tho grow Ing ehllO.
toKcn iiiiUciitly,rer.ft
teod to sure eny ceso
of cnnbtlpntlun, do
metter ho old smd
ohjtlnsw, or riir
rhsse nioney will be
cheerniuy rernnueo
by yoer own druggist.
.... rASt'AKris
ere sold by ell "rug
Flts for IO-.
Intf to slse. A IO
bor will prove helr
n.Apitanrf iifit.vnn on
the rltiht. reed to per-
henllh. Don't risk dvlsiy.
i ry a w. ' r-- A"
your money backl Larger boxes, 25c of SOo
Samole and booklet maUed free. Address
iiWs ToliatfSo Habit M tnflriey refWaRL . MftltSS 8i WW
and tfu.aruniei.-a oy eii drugguM. os uweieo

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