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For Sale.
, ,i 'I'l l I.V.T. A two-tone
V i v. II short, street. In-
m;1.1 , i,,i,ilen.Ouinlen Huildit.g.
I ( hie Sail How in r irsi, iniss
lilt' 1111- W-IH, IIW" -."
.. . I'll., i I. i 11 vr
I n mini ol 'Jim. j.au.i,
nil! -x
I" Cuiiili
Slain strtrl
But Dewey Went Ahead and Seized
Subic Bay,
. i i,-Ui- Irui'k team turn liuslness.
. " ., .. ...1.U..1....I O'UIJ 1.. ..
VC II e Mlliilinucu. i uin in n
n .. . .
-in' . mi
IU Jill ' n - i
i .il.nie express wtujon,oue uiov-
,, uiik horse Willi unrness.
A. (iu.HUKT, IS West street.
1 ..I...IH
(Willi i
New From Manila Indicate That Things
Are Not Altogether Lovely In the
Camp or the Insurgents -Chiefs
Squabble With Agulnaldo.
To Rent.
i i ni.y , ..
mile- hi uif fiij
nurture land within 3
i.i v r itonms in pleasant locution.
i i ......... II lw.rt Wlfun
ll...-lTV Ill'ilMlUt '' .Jiw. .............
Alice I'n-M'1".
J.. K. Smith has a tcue-
1. 1.-vi' ..-Mr
T ,m','i to rent oil Kliu Street.
Itirj-'e coniioctinj,' rooms,
T . ,'. j ,ii. i, .i- oll'u-e unil tenement combined,
llloek, recently occupied
also single front omce up
oiie tfcl'l-
111111111- 111-"1 ' 1 "
M. I,. .li.-l.lll-Y.
U , .tvnrlll.
I.. 1 ' . ' v . ....
i. ..... . uu .irv. bTOtinv
WA ...l ' t'irsL National NurserieH. Ho-
,-lioter, N.
i Vl'Kl'. IV mi experience!! tin n pw -
w j;,,n I,, .-i housework
imr ..I nri.
lucjuire 0 Spuuld-
... , ,i.!i,r rinir. cold, with a ruby.
It iviis lost Sunday between L.J. Mend's
UK' V Olllll.tli;iai
r...l:llinilll till'
,lTKl-l-:iiiaM iitt'H'C
Central Vermont Railroad.
fililil'XTLIlTO JUKE. 26. 1C98.
hum. livc Hurre daily, except Sunday, at o.
a in M -M.Mb, Kor Boston via. Lowell oi
Kiirlil'iiiiKiNew Vork via. tiprlngiield and
.,11 . Kiinliind peintB. rarnrcanono
i .......11. without change. Cot
i. i 'Wlnii-'liiViM' Junction with White Moun-
" hlV,r. witli iliroiicli .'arlorcarioaew .
,;'', uii.-ld.ar.lviim7.lU p. m.
. vl b A M I h. I KiliDO. rurUUHlUU
,,'vn-il ; New Vork via. tiprtnglleld andvla
Si w l.oml jn. KUHUl parlor iai m owivn.
p m.-I.IKJALI'ASSESGKR. For Ni rth-
ikld.UHiidolph.and White KWer
Iiiiiciinn. coniiccviua wnu umw
tniiu for Windsor.
II m i' M.-X1011T EXl'REHS. Leaves Barre
w.-. k dy only , but leaves Montpeller 14.40
A..M.,.lnily Including (Sundays. Due Bos
l.ji, via. Lowell daily 8.15 a.m. Boston via.
k in li!. urn, daily (except Sunday) 9.60 A.n ;
Hun. lav in.) a.m. S Korlt(ecepi nuu
,i ., 1 1 '.',. m . On Sundays runs to Spring
li'.-i.l only. Wagner sleeplun cars lo Soston
in. Lowell and to Bpriugnciu.
. , m ini'.M. HXPliKSS. For Burling
y,alJ: .'. L.' i ii.uii. . mnhfnrd. Kousub Point and
( i..,i', .Wluiri!, Connects at Kssex Junction with
duress tm all iJointB on Rutland K. it.
i. i Mill Vnr Hiirllntrton. Rutland
ni'ln'idie" Junction, St. Albans, Montreal,
1 UmLmalinrLPil lind the CBt. W Bg
n..,i,',r cr to Montreal, and through
flii ninii car Swanton to Chicago via Niagara
, lO I'. M.-KXl'USSS for Burlington, St. , At
",1U ....... .,,,1 u,,nir,.iil. Pullman Bleeping Car
NUniinlier Junction w Chicago, without
change. i)ue Chicago 9.10 r.M. next nignt.
( ouir-ets at Essex Junction for New xorlr
via, Rutland and Trov.
Suburban Service.
Leave Burrs 8.10, 9.00 . M., 12.00, 3.06, 6.10,
6.30, 9.16, 10.60 A. M., 13.66,
ll.Ull I'. M.
Leave Montpeller
3.oi! nnij ri.'.o r. A.
Willlamstown Trains
Leave Harre 1.20 p M. 4.30P.M. Due Williams.
tow.l 1.:..) P. M. 6.0P, M.
Leave Wiiliallistown 7.30 A. M. 2.30 V. M. Due
Bsrre .oi a. m. 3.00 P. M.
T. v H W.TivlTV. S. W. CUMMING8,
(Jen. Sunt. Gen. Pass. Agent
II. P.. STOUUUTON. Sunt. M. & W. R. Div
Montpslier St Wells River R. R
On after Mondav. June '27. 189S, trains wil
run as follows, Sunday excepted.
9.10, 10.31), A m. 12.30,2.00,4.00,
I.,- llarrp, 7.30,
H.l:. T in l.i mi p. .
Arriie at Yiontpelier 7.50,9.30, 10.50 A. ., 12.50,
2.2-1. i.-ji. .vn.'i 7.:iu. m. '2u p. m.
Leave Mulltlielier. 6.:0 8.3U. 9.45, A. M., 12.00 M
l.d.i. :i :-u. j i;,. fi.:iti um p. m.
Arrive al Harte, 6.60, S.5U, 10.05 A. M., 12.20, 1.25
a.,..'.. ii ...I u. r.n i. m .
Sulim-i-aii .Service is subject to changes. Appli
es! Inn Irimi the peoplo for more trains, quicaei
tun.-, in 1,1-lli.r m.rviee wi t bo cbucrtully COnaia
enil. aii train will stop ou signal at any plaei
In-iw.'i-ii Mnntpniler aHd Burru to taku passengerB,
an. I will Nt.,p at any plaeu to leave paBneugers, pro
vine. i uie pla.-e is inaile Known to mo uuuuuiiiui-
1-311 A- M.
r'nnrw.rla t Wlls River With Ar-
en-niiiniiiitinn Train uorth. and with
Mall and Express Train south over
Ih.i I'liDHiimpsic Division of Uostou
a: Maine It, It. ThroughTraln ser
vice fiom Wells River via. Plym
outh or White River Junction to
K.intiui. mi. I via. He ows halls alio
K.,i-iri,.ii..i,i fur New York Arrives
in Huston 4.6U p. M., New York
(Grand Central Depot) 7.10 P. M
12 30 P. M.
Through service, Burlington to
I.-V.I sunn, nt nil nriucloal
siatioim between Wells River and
Kaliyans, arriving at Kabyans 4.0U
w f.,.nnMri.. ut. Kuliviin. with
liaiu for Portland and Old Orchard
l'.,.,.-l, A n with train lor nuiu
nit Ml. Washington, arriving Sum.
mil 0.30 p. M. uouneus ui iyen.
River with the Mail Train nortr
over l'lisBumpsic Dlvli-lon.aud th
I'lieille Coast Express via cuna
.i...,. i.... in Uuilufuv t.n Montreal.
Oiiehec. Chicago uud the 1'acltll
i i.uai. Tlirmmii eleeolng cars Mon
treiil to I'hienuo evefv day except
.Saturdays. To Pacillc Coast every
day except H' lay. Also wlin e.x
lines i'rain u.ilving ill Boston 8.40
. u a u,. uith train for Fnbyans,
Lancaster, Mhitellold, Jefferson,
Berlin, iliovetuu uud Grand Irunk
4.0U P. M
i , . ,., vv. .11. Itlver witll K
. .....I., nnrill nVl.r It. M. R
i(, for st..ionusnury, i.yuuu... .
Marlon and Newport with Accom
modtttiou train Bouth for all statio'l
hetween Wells Rlvor nnd Whitt
River. I unction. Also with Express
train north over White Mountain
liivlslon fur Lisbon, Littleton, Betn
lehetn Htrtet, Prolllo House, 1 win
Mountain, Kabyuns, Crawfori .
Whltelleid, Jefferou and Lancastei
I' W. STAXYAN, General Agent.
K. W . MORSE, Uen'l Pass. Agent.
W. A. HTO WELL, General Manager.
Manila, July 9, via Hongkontr, July 14.
The insurgents on Wednesday. Julv
reported that the German gunboat
Irene, in Subic bay, refused to permit
them to attack the Spaniards on Grande
island. Rear Admiral Dewey promptly
dispatched the United States cruisers
Raleigh and Concord to Investigate the
matter. On enterine Subic bav the Ra
leigh opened Are on the forts, where
upon the Irene slipped her cable and
steamed out by the other channel. In
response to the fire of the American
warship the Spaniards, numbering over
500 men, surrendered everything.
it appears that a month ago the wild
mountaineers, with bows and spears.
descended upon the place in thousands,
the native garrison seceded, the Span
lards abanaoned the arsenal without a
struggle and sought refuge on Grande
Island, which quickly surrendered to
the Americans.
On returning to Manila, the Irene ex
plained that she Interfered "in the
cause of humanity" and offered to hand
over to, the Americans the refugees she
had on board. Admiral Dewey, how
ever, declined to accept them.
AuUBtl'. Scheme Failed.
Governor General Augustl issued a
proclamation promising to grant au
tonomy to the islands and offering the
Insurgents Inducements to Join the
Spanish forces. General Aguinaldo, the
insurgent leader, in reply said the over
tures of the Spanish commander came
too late. The insurgents made vigorous
attacks on the Spaniards on Wednesday
with little result. They shelled the
Spanish blockhouses and trenches north
of Manila and captured the Spanish
guns at Santa Mesa. There was a furi
ous musketry Are all night long at San
Juan, Santa Ana, Paco and Pasayl, the
Spaniards replying with artillery and
musketry. The insurgent artillery Is
not yet operating. About 400 native
militia at Santa Ana have joined the
Insurgents. The insurgents rushed the
Malate intrenchments, pushing forward
to the walls of the fort, but they had to
retire at daylight. It is probable that
both sides lost 100 men each. The Amer
icans and the insurgents are acting In
dependently, both conducting their own
operations and hoping to evolve an
agreement afterward.
The extent and duration or uenerai
Aguinaldo's influence are uncertain, but
it Is certain that the Mohammedans oi
the south archipelago ignore him, and
the insurgents of the isle of Luzon and
other regions are content to use Agui
naldo until the Spaniards are expeilea,
when there will be a Btate of chaos un
less a strong force of Americans as
sume control of the islands. The secret
Katlpunan society, which was cnieny
instrumental In organising the cam
nnien. Is no't fitted, it is said, to assist
in administering the government of the
Devrey Waiting Matently.
The Americans are postponing opera
tions until they are fully prepared for
any contingency. The natives are prov
ing intractable. About 30,000 Americans
are expected here snoruy, wmun wuu.u
enable them to effectively control v..
whole of the Philippine islands.
In the meantime tnere are amerroc
between the Insurgent cniets ana abui-
naldo. The latter is reported to u
. . ..ntnre Mnnf'a.
aware tnai ne um.M..v ---- ---
without the Americans, but a majority
of his followers are connoem u.i
can. In any case, they consider it de
sirable that he slmuici attain . .
which would enable him to make the
best terms possible with the Americans.
Accordingly the insurgents nave
doned their attitude or iim.-t.....
have arranged for further revo ts on
the part of the hitherto loyal natives.
It is reported mm r" ..... -
nrthPrn PhllilH-ne leaders who
supported Aguinaldo during the last ln-
untn tney 'I."1""
shorinpr the plunder, when
are said to have nrinen
the country, nav? now
Hongkong. desir!ng to
. . t...s. V,niA llfvPTl 1 f 71 -
rejoin Agulr-a.oo u; "
anil enaruKu " 1..-
will lie snot, ir ir.i
e, It Is liable to
It Is rumored that If Spain will sur
render Santiago de Cuba without fur
ther bloodshed President McKljnley, In
order to facilitate peace, may abandon
the attack on Porto Rico. 'If the pend
ing peace negotiations succeed, the
queen regent will appoint a Moret cabi
net to sign the articles of peace.
The Star adds that at the last mo
ment It learns that Spain has expressed
Its readiness to cede to Germany the
Vlsayas islands, Samaz, Leyte, Mindore
and Paragua, provided Germany will
guarantee Spain possession of Min
danao and the Carolines, In which case
Spain will abandon Luzon to the United
To Scout For Privateers.
San Francisco, July 14. The story
which has been widely circulated that
a Spanish privateer is lurking in the
north Pacific for the purpose of looting
treasure laden vessels from the Klon
dike is not credited in maritime circles.
The government, however, has deter
mined to take no chances and has or
dered a number of vessels to be equip
ped for patrol duty along this coast.
Lieutenant Commander Mozler of the
Albatross will be at the head of the
fleet. The vessels under his command
will include the Grant, Captain J. A.
Slmm; the Corwin, Captain W. J. Her
ring; the Rush, Captain Roberts, and
the Perry, Captain Kilgore. The Cor
win is now at San Diego and the Perry
Is In Columbia river. These vessels will
be supplied with new rapid fire guns,
and some of them may ultimately be
sent to the Philippines for revenue work
or snouting duty.
Madrid Hear From Manila.
Madrid, July 14. An official dispatch
from Iloilo says:
"A German cruiser which left Manila
on the 5th brings a letter from the cap
tain general saying that the situation
there Is unchanged. The commander of
the cruiser reports that the Americans
expect 6,000 re-enforcements by July 15,
when they will attack Manila from the
north. Two rebel chiefs have been shot.
Advices from Masbat and Luzon report
a general rising in both provinces. In
the operations at Sierra Saplz 25 insur
gents and two Spaniards were killed."
The Spies Off at Last.
Montreal, July 14. Messrs. Dubosc
and Carranza have sailed on the Do
minion line steamer Ottoman. With
them went a petty officer and two sail
ors of the steamer Panama, captured at
the beginning of the war. These men
went as cattlemen, but they were the
men who accompanied Carranza on the
schooner with which he made the mys
terious trip during his absence. Car
ranza himself had his beard shaved off
when he turned up at the Windsor and
went to the boat with a false beard.
is alleged.
the Spaniards
them to leave
returned from
Tt Is believed they
,t in be the caf
lull" . -
. insurants or ine- n
islands, who are the best fighters.
Ncw, Begartlln the Fjinrlh F.-.,l..l
to Aid Admiral Dewei.
San Francisco, July 14.-Accordlng to
. Ban 'I. ' icoi.prl bv Major Cieneral
IT..- ..,,, .teamers Peru and
"u,: :..i, ail for Honolulu
... i - nrt H Tl li V.
Philippine . -.-,,. n1nns for the
IBIIirn " 1
fourth expedition.
City of
and the
General Otis
h, nractically flnl
. l.i, rt the
second nun . ,t , all
The three vessels " --
-i'-ade has
j ne i.u.iv ... fiMnn.l Rprrv.
to k.
Seventh California,
commanding the
have been notinea vy
mmnnding the
and Colonel Kessler,
... .a. ha vf
taTotls'tbat'They will sail on that
" v" Th. rest of the expedition win
dat6' 2 ,m of either the South Dakota
156 Z Flttv-nn a troops, with the
oF Dakota? en the preference.
South Dakotas - command-
I 1, n charge unless at the last
minute he Is ordered to accompany Ma
nXlregirnT'oewVo "-era has rtv- .t-tt
i New -Yorker and until yesterday
1 ...,.i.t Hdiutant general
attacneu --"- staff
on HHgau." . nn
detailed ik . t. r-omn
Merrltt. They w having been
cted by th1: focal committee of for
mer citizens cf New York.
Captain Grldley's Funeral.
Erie, Pa., July li The remains of
the late Captain Gridley have arrived
In the city and were immediately turned
over to the family with no demonstra
tion. The funeral was largely attended.
Business houses closed and flags were
at half mast.
Dewey Cables Home.
Washington, July 14. The navy de
partment has received a cablegram
from Admiral Dewey. The text of it is
not made public, but It Is stated that it
relates simply and solely to the ques
tion of supplies for the American Asiat
ic squadron.
Cuban Kefuee at St Thomas.
St. Thomas, Danish West Indies, July
14. The Norwegian steamer Bergen,
frm Saeua. Island of Cuba, has arrived
hr and has been quarantined. She
has on board 430 refugees for transship
ment to French and Italian steamers.
Commissioner Off to Hawaii.
Ran Francisco, July 14. F. M. Hatch,
minister from Hawaii to the. United
States, and Lorin A. Thurston, special
commissioner of the Hawaiian govern
ment in the interest or annexation.
have arrived here from Washington nnd
hove aallpd for Honolulu on the Ala
The Chinese Rebellion.
Canton, July 14. Owing to the de
feat of the Imperial troops near Woo
Chow, 1,000 pick Id braves have been
dispatched there, conveyed by two gun
hunts The rrefect of Woo-Chow re
ports the imperial losses to be 1,500 kill
ed, and adds that unless he Is re-enforced
before Friday he will be forced
to surrender. The rebels declare their
intention to overthrow the Manchu rule,
and they promise ample reward to each
locality supplying recruits. It is re
ported that the French minister has in
formed the govermr. tnt at Peking that
France may be obliged to intervene.
Praise by ftweowii mirsenn.
Washington, July 14. Dr. Carl Rud
berg, a staff surgeon in the Royal Swed
ish navy, who has been to the front with
Shatter's nrmy, has returned tempo
rarily to Washington and called on Sur
geon General Sternberg today.
Dr. Rudberg took an active part in
caring for the sick and wounded on the
battlefield and has nothing but words
of admiration and praise for the excel
lent and skillful manner in which this
was done. By the aseptic method of
treating the wounded many amputa
tions of limbs found necessary in former
wars were entirely uncalled for in the
present conflict. The doctor Is also
highly pleased with the ambulance ship
Solace, operated by the navy, and the
manner of her equipment,
Never Fails.
fMlnBscn bv Tiinntmni.
Twenty fire S ent stamp. brmKs trisl psckiws nd
Convince, llu: must kiiilical l their wonderlol PrnP
enics. Arlfll
Norton ,
lit Pill. Co.. U. S-
y inn, mass. N . U AUCorrsSpotioSnce connu""
na returned by maff with trial pacings.
Bars tkt 1 ha Kind You Have always
A Story by the London Star.
. , T.ilv 14 The Star claims to
h T oit n to state authoritatively
. P'uv ? .exchange of views oc
that a" "Monday and Tuesday be-
nt a nearc unuei!.i.
,i nrrlve
in,-, i, ,..i
hetween tne nimn.
Tt niHo understands
.States antl )"
that the Spanish
rarii her arrailWd to
ate Cuba u ,,ret)table to an
depart n a . .. - and
iiws, - - -
army "..; 01,,iv to assume
If the United biaiea .
tb?,uarea?esbtt"dimculty Is with the
X-lhf r,m a V ndica. of American
and Knglish bankers to repay "
ed States its war expenses in -o
tles, taking '"ay'concSns In
Most fascinating inven
tion of the Hgc. Always
reudv to entcriain. It
requires noskill tooper
Bteit nnd reprr.duce the
music of Lnntls, orches
tras, vocalists or instru
montnl soloists. There is
nothing like it for an evening's entertainment.
o"ie?scrc"llorl talking machines icprodiice
only records of cut-and-dried subjects, specially
prepared In a laboratory, but the (iritphophone
is t ot limited to such perfornian.Ts. On the
(jraphophone you can easily make and insUintW
renriili.ee records of the voice, or nny sound.
Thus it constantly awakens new interest and
its charm Is ever ficsh. The reproductions are
clear and brilliant.
r.raDhODhones are sold for $10 a;
Manufactured under the patents of BlbTahitr,
I- iilson slid .Msodonsl.t. Our establishment is head-
Talking Jlaeiuno nujui iv.
Bow Captain Benner Came Very Hsu
Being Pnt In Iron by His Crew For
Changing the Ship's Course The Four
Shipwrecked Men In a Boat.
At a dinner In Creole lodgings, In
Jamaica, some three years ago, the con
versation turned upon the subject of
ghosts and apparitions. A person pres
ent quoted the words of Professor Proc
tor, "There may be some means of com
mnuication, under epecinl conditions,
between mind and mind at a distance,
though no one may be able to explain
how such communication is brought
about." One of the guests present made
a reference to a tale of a mysterious ap
parition at sea, adding:
"IP yon ever meet Captain Blank of
the Blank line, ask him to tell the
story. The incidents happened to a rela
tive of hia. He can tell them better than
I and will vouch for their truth."
A few days ago Captain Blank was
found on board his steamer.' He is not
only a skillful seaman and navigator,
but also a very courteous gentleman.
Although about to sail, he took time to
tell the following:
Iu the early thirties Captain Benner,
granduncle of the narrator, commanded
the brig Mohawk of New York, then
engaged in the West Indian trade. After
leaving St. Thomas, her last port of
call, on one voyage, the brig was steer
ing a northwesterly course, homeward
bound, beating up under short canvas
against high winds and heavy seas fol
lowing in the wake of a hurricane which
had traversed the tropics five or six days
before. Her captain, who had been
some hours on deck, went below at mid
night after directing the first officer,
who was on watch, to keep the course
then steered and to call him in case of
any change for the worse in the weather,
He lay down upon a sofa in the main
cabin, but, as the brig's bell struck
twice, became conscious of the figure of
a man, wearing a green sou'wester,
standing beside him in the dim light of
the cabin lamp. Then lie heard the
words :
"Change your course to son'west,
Captain Benner cot up and went on
deck, where he found that the weather
had moderated nnd that the brig was
carrvina more sail and making better
headway. He asked the mate on duty
why he had sent down to call him, to
which that officer replied that he had
not done so. The captain, faucying that
he had been dreaming, went back to the
cabin, but was disturbed soon again by
a second visit from the man iu tho
green sou'wester, who repeated his pre
vious order and vanished np the com
nanionway. Tbocaptain, now thorough
ly aroused, jumped up and pursued the
retreating figure, but saw no one until
lie met tho mate on watch, who insisted
that ho had not sent any messenger be
Mystified nnd perplexed, Captain
Benner returned to the cabin, only to
see his singular visitor reappear, to
hear him repeat the order to ohange the
course to sou'west, with the warning,
"If yon do not, it will soon be too late,"
and to see him disappear as betore.
Although a cool headed seaman, fair
ly proof ccainst superstitions, the cap
tain was nevertheless deeply impressed
bv these happenings and determined to
see what meaning was hidden in the or
der of his midnight visitor. Uoing on
deck, he gave the necessary orders for
the chance in the ship's course tosoutb
west. Tho officers of the brig were not
only surprised but also indignant at
this sudden and to them unreasonable
change of course. The new course
brought the vessel at a right angle to
her proper direction and if persisted iu
would strand her on the coast of Santo
Domingo. Meanwhile the weather had
moderated still more, additional sail
had been cot upon the vessel, aud she
,as being driven still farther from her
Her imnatient officers had finally de
termincd to seize their captain and put
him in irons, when, soon after day
break, the lookout forward reported
some object dead ahead. As the vessel
kept on it was made out to be a ship's
boat. As it ranged abeam it was seen to
nnntnin four men lying under its
thwarts, one of whom wore a green
sou'wester. The Mohawk was promptly
hove to. a boat lowered, aud the cast
aways taken in. The castaways proved
to be the captain and three men, the
onlv Kurvivnra cf the crew of a vessel
which had couo down in tho hurricaue,
and tbev bad btcu drifting belplot-sly
without food for five or six days. Tho
green sou'wester was tho property of
tho rescued captain. A lew cays later,
when lie had recovered sufficiently to bo
able to leavo his berth, he was sittiug
cue dav in the nniin cabin of the brig
with Onptaia Ecuucr. Ho suddenly
asked his hist whether
"Since I have been here," he contin
nnd "T liavo been thiuUiuc how fa
miliar this cabin looks. I think that
have been here before. In tho night be
fore vou picked mo up I dreamed that
came to you here in this cabin and told
you to chango your course to sou west.
The first time you took no notice of mo,
aud I came tlio second time, in vain
but tho third time you cbauc.d your
course, aud I wcke to find your ship
iiloni'side of us. "
Then CuDtuin Benner, who had no
ticed the resemblance of tho speaker to
bis mysterious visitor,
st.nrv of that uicht.
Captaiu Llauk could not recall the
mine of the wri eked vessel, but said
that all tho tacts were confirmed by the
lechonk of tb ai hawk, even-to the de
fnil of tlioiuteutiou of tho officers of
the brig to put their commander in
irons. Tho story is au oft repeated one
in Captain Blank's family aud is well
known in the locality from which ha
hails. New Yorl Sun.
he believed iu
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) I ' Jl '
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Rev. L. D. BASS, I). I)., Manager.
Pittsburg, Pa.; Toronto, Canada; New Or
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fiADY !-
h. Jf I'---!. '
ff L Or.'n A. !; ! r
irS B. . tiiir.t.ii;.
j Author'.; :',! '-n-:
fiSS Hi 'AL.xrir..!i'tUc:'
Visa rM. t. i'i-onr:tv.f:
t'.rcttlars tir.il tern
WeERiON Hn:;;:
was the originator of "CASTORIA,'
has borne and docs now bear
the fac-simile signature of (ajffUc.,
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the homes cf the Mothers of America for over tJdi
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nd hotel
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;i mou'h, Nore l aroatt
ii r-;,it, Vipo'honany
,j criruwn falllnij eut,
'-ci'ftmlary or Tertiary
-.-uii.'fHitco tocuro. Wo
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Ill r thn m.Iut.fKNdon:(ncr
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14117 Mcwuowlc Temple, Chieuuo, lHno.B.
Mid tlio samp suarna
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them or pay xpene oi
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Chars?, it
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Klooil Polaon I tat we
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thi world for ? wo
onbQ h-xb always bi.fBtd
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inn j t
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Ciuns. SSMlll.'it.'i Jifi'tal l htnu ocr -.Mtrnndl.
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As fol!ov.s: ffk. FOR IB
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. , .,.. - !....., fo tun nn
iasn ana friies giYeii sacii iluihii - - o.iuu.um SOAP
Total given during i 2 mos. I8S7, $40,809.00 WRAPPERS
HitorM to xsivu I'm mniry aw"1 V V
BOAP WraiipfTH t th '.v.cuii ioHrt
an inr hip mm-mhh i !-
!. Ktcry mssth durise 1877 in eastt cf an 4 alsirl
Tir.zeswtll bs awarded at lollow.:
he top lorlnin
wrapper, tun
SOAP." TIlCM! (I'llllcll "t'oii
pons") arc to lie sent, polujio
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llnr'a 1 1. 1 1 imiuo nml mlnr-cM
anil the noinlii r uf ( otil.oii-.
-... 1... Ia ..i-vi'i Itrr.v.. I. III..
New York, iiiiirki'rl on o,,'"i',.,;xr.-,j1,,..1,
IVrnODlT (''?.''-'' I'uitrl r.rrrl with l M 1S1.K
ArVi.ms ritK TComi.cllior liven in.
r, i.iw. i'ui . ........ .-i-
IiiK the hciullin "SUMI.ICHT
The 1 Comontltar whe
wijl rcoiv 1 00 I'Mhm
The & OsmHtitprs he
Next LaMt.
No. ot
New York CItv, Mrooklyn, l.otiK
nml Wiitcn Islands, New Jei scy.
New Vork Snitu (nutti-l oN. r. Cinj,
Untnk hnLmi (la n tl Smrajtlm :ls).
FeiiMHyiviiiiia, Dclnware, Mnp
IiumI, Wm Vlrinla nnd Dis
trict of ('nlumliia. ,
4 JTheNi'WIiiiU!n"-l t-' -"'lie
Bicyclofl lire thocelot)
1807 "
SpeeinJ biorols. ii
'i ns II, ijmiiMiiK
nH.h.ri At AOtl!
.1.1- ;- ill t7n.h tl
outionalAilr'sorroAtlemsn'sGold TTswb, an
Next I.nrarst Nunibrrs
dtsRim k
nek nsstrs
r otgsatisrBsm i
mis. srios tltoa.
Af soQpflns rra
2. The CorosetitioBt will Close the l-ajt (M
I7l. ll.-.l, 17. OrilinABt rSAAlYM CM
for one month's oompotition willbs pntlDtetll
n rt .i,a nl.lnln wrfinnAni Tl .Sri
soapindsaler'sstock will be liSRn".n'!f'!'ii.S?:
of L'vor Brothsrs, Ltd., and their families,
l I -n-,r.B,.lr.v.
4. A printsdlistof Wlnsprs In Orapettorq
i!l be forwarded toOT.ayjUiorsin abots El tr
- :," ',,' '"s -' c w!j :r.Asavartaafl a
'. t.itliuir n'.iiliiy uud judiBni,
to BSs?Sr-SBr!;ittll3iC S ?
te ioocl. Kut Lhem
I liko candy. 'J'liey re
move unv hi ! taste
I in tho mouth. leuviiiK
f tlio breath sweot and
fperfuHH'd. it la a
i ipul nk'iisiire to ttiko
fu thorn itisiuud ut' tuiu-
seutiut. liquids ui fjtujuoii-buU pills.
uroTurI vouutuble
(1 unit cuhUiiii ii i uif r
Jii'uiml or otlwr nitn
JitM'iil po?cn. Tboy
)f iiru mmle vt tho hit
tf i!st remodlps dlscov
"Jorpd unit uro a p'ieii-
1 1 tio noiii bi initio a
never before put tottethor in anv ftirm.
me untistiptie. 'J'l.nt
nit'iins thf flop mi'
diuestod fund from
nonrlnj.' in tlio stom
nch, pr''ent fr
nipntntlon in tho
bowel und Kill dirt
eiiHU irorina of auy
kind that breed und feed in the bysteni.
no the sti.unu h nml
tiowelsand st I mil lute
tho luzy liver, tnak
Imr tt work. They
Htienfthen thn how
ids nnd put thPtti Into
vitrr.roiiH h c u 1 1 h y
i condition, m akin if
their action euy uud imtunu.
Incrlmie the tloir f
ers. A tablet enbeil
by the motber makes
her milk rellaly purg
tulye snd has a aitld
btitecrHila effect on
the babr. the only
safe laiuttve for the bate-lu-aruis.
nt-e liked uy Mieosii-
drcn. They taste ( BI CICC
no. id nnd do good, I ribMs
stop wlns-eolte and!
d";.PeVworms.aJdTHE CHILDRER
all kinds ot pnrn-v
itf. iti.iltrA ! the
bowels of Wis growing child
... CASCA ltETS,
tnken pullsnlly, per-Flslentiy.nreennrnn-teed
to cure say case
of constipation, no
nintter huw old and
obsltiinte, er pur
chrte money will be
f-haerfullY refnaded
by your own Sracjl.t.
.... rASCABtTS a,
nre sold by an eriig
ulsts for lO. ,
SOc a box, accord
Init to sue. A l)c
box will prove saelr
niorltnn.1 pnt yon on
the rliilit road to per
fA..t. nml DArniuiirnt
health. Bod's risk delay.
! Don't jurJsve CASCARETS ty other medicines you have tried ThtJ
ate new, unlike anythingr else that's sold, and infmitely
lry a uc dox io-axy, i uui i).w
tiack! Larcer txixes. 25e or W l
: Lmnli! and booklet mailed fre- AidrtK
. x
I The
a only genuine.
ttowaro ot
imitations I
BttoiiK Sold and uriinted by all druRgisla. Gat booklet.
VVhut sort of st art arc you Roliig to make in life 1 Are you going '
to nuiko ruoiiey :nd bo successful business men f
coine to wear yoursalvea out iu t!,e cheerless drudgery oi hara laoori
depends on your parents, the oyiur half o j you.
Wealth ar.ci honors await you If you.
prepare yoursWf to take them. Men
succeed WHO ARK READY. If you want to he raid a good stilury you must tnaHo
yourself worthy of It. There arc thJUituiils ot ?.VJ a week plticcs begjing for good men,
nnd mlUlous of JSn week men tir-ci'i-in; for poor places.
vou wtit L'.-t it -sure. The uesi. i
aia own wtiy iu tho woric;;
' H CUU.MW All
Or nre you
Half of this
if vou ore worth ftso a week
nout a youui,' muu cat liuvo wtio exyoetii to maha
lie Not Deceived. A ('oiiirli, Hoarseness .
or Croup, are not to lie trilled witb. A dose
in time of Shiloh's Cure will save you much
trouble. Sold by Kendrick & Co. '
The moiteelctirt ted practical schorl in Auvi im. Tho special effort or mo win ck
hlchi-r Dlai-i'S n ud thus earn lielti-r p i v.
person!), mostly yotina tueu u:ui Ijuv
ptsitioiis .i, no worm wmlfl everywhere.
J ; I illll IfitntlCil) Wll'll Ull'i'llii i i II 1 '-Milt n-.-i --.-... ....... -- - Ch,Pthnrfl
Slttiati-us promptly bocuivU lo.- iu v ., -mm. ot iu HuMtieas and Shorthacd
courte. . . . ... ... ,. k .,.., mTi
S. n J lor Tree cataiorrv.v- a i ?-.."tuii'. ivk-i: tri' .i.K i..m a ii.-.imu. .......
will hit surprised to learu iu how wi-oi-t n tiim- ut: -it, v. u.i.1 Btuull cunt a gow MUMM-B ,
t may ba huii. Address as above iimt,'i-.. (, i j iywi )
K CLEMENT C GAINES, i'rcslilitit, rmionKiKPsiE, New YOHK.
. ... .... tnM U H.lr
i i .i- in' lis -to vcurs ot ins, imiDi"i...
reutaccour.try.LttVoboen Utied to nil ineooaf
-omi ;

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