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Special attention is called this week to the
and, as many will testify, the nio.-t perfect lining of all others.
We are so confident oi the merits of this wrapper that we
recommend it to our customers as the he.t that can he found
in every particular. Standard colors, perfect lit and finish,
is what we claim lor them, and every wrapper will bear us
out in our claim.
We don't bcheve in selling the guaranteed to rip, lade-aiul-nevcr-fit--J.9c.
-wrapper, but we guarantee to give you for
89c, 98c , $1.25 and $1.4.9 as good material as arc found in
other wrappers at $1.00, !?1.25, $1.50 and Sl.To.
"Vre have just received ten dozen in light and dark pat
terns that we will be proud to show at any t'ine.
JLL A. fj ill j
How His Work is Ap
preciated by a Lead
ing Washington Co.
WiLMAsrsTowx, Vt., June (, '98.
Mr. D. D. 1Iau:v, .Montpclier, Vt.
I Lalie enclosed a letter which you
are at. liberty to publish over my .sig
nature. Your work plonaes me so well thai
I intend to have till my clothing made
at your establishment.
Rcspcel fully,
The letter referred to is as follows :
Wji.uamstown, Vt., June tl,
To whom it may concern :
Withiu the past few years I have
occasion to patronize sonic of the lirst
elass tailoring establishments of lios
ton, Mass., Sprinlield, Mass., Ilart
foid, Conn., New Haven, Conn.'; Pitts
burg, Ph., Columbus, ()., St. Paul,
C inn., and elsewhere, but I have never
bad more satisfactory work done fur
me than has been done by Mr. 1). I).
Haley, of Monlpelier, Vt.
My (Hands say that the suit lie re
cently made for 111c is t lie most becom
ing they have ever ceen me wear. And
the astounding feature of the case i.
that his rates arc but a little more than
half what is usually charged.
I feel coefideut in saying that any
one who patronizes the establishment
of Mr. Haley once will be sure to go a
second time.
Pu-v. '. Womku,
Pastor Cool'. Church.
Haley, tie Telle
56 flair. St., nontpciier, Vt.
Our English Rreakl'n.-(
any dealer in l!am- and
all, everybody says so.
is not sold by
it beats them
1-. II. Avcrill.
AVc have a fresh consignment of Fire
works of nil descriptions. Will nell at
wholesale and rolail. Payette, .Mondel
shou & Co.:
Why sullcr with Corns when you
can have them removed without pain
by Mks. S. M. Yokk, i Eha St.
Drug Store,
Rooms over the Parlor
Impure of W. If. (.; lad-
Come to the Hume Bakery, 20 Elm
street, for your ice cream. Myra L.
Green, Proprietor.
We deliver it to any point in the ':y .
(live your order to our order clerks m
icavo tiiciu at the store. Depot Square.
AiLSbKli & lilli.NJlA.U.
!?20.00-in gold lifi'eied by Ihe, Blue
Storo until Aug. iitiih 181)8. Con e in
and enquiro about this nt, Segcl &
Brady, lMuc Store Depot Square.
.juui Tram. i ! ji itij i ijuvuto
store to
of cur
: a
is the biggest value
offered for the money.
For the next .'50 days we
vrill offer the balance of our
:r stock
gardless of co,st beginning on
MONDAY, JULY 11, 1898.
j 01011111m s.
175 rvlain St.,
il.'IM.f.X IU.DCK, - liAKlil'.,
Levin Bros., Props.
City Taxes
The lax payers in the City of J Jarre
arc hereby notilicd that the City Council
have this day placed in my hands the
vale bill for the year lbW, amounting
in the whole to two hundred and sixty
two cents on each dollar of the ( Irand
List of said City.
You arc further notilicd that sixty
days fi'oin the date of this notice are
allowed by law fur you and each of you
to pay your respective taxes at thisolbcc
and if not paid on or before the Hlh day
of September next, a warrant w ill then
be issued to the Collector and taxable
co.-ls added.
lit i: t' H. YVr.u.s, City Treasurer.
City of Havre, Vt. duly 11, IS!.
J). P. Haley, the talented tailor, has
a new letter of public nitere.-t in another
column. Air. Haley seems to be able to
please people so well that, they eannto
help talking about it.
?.'iss Kirk of Montreal, special agent
for New England States and Quebec for
the most perfect, simple, and reasonable
ladies tailoring sylem of garment cut
ting, has opened a school for a limited
time at Mrs. Mcaker's, '.) Summer St.,
R-irro where .-he will instruct la. lies ile
sirine; to become proficient in this art.
Class hours 2 to o and 7 to 9 p. in.
-eamle.-s and dart less wai.-.ts a specialty.
All arc in ilcd.
Xoliee i hereby given to the users c.f
City water that, as a part of the supply
is now taken from the Ka.-t Rurre
branch, all persons using it for drink
ing purposes should have it sterilized
by boiling.
JVI. F. Rurnhani ")
O.G. Stieknev S Hoard of Health
M. I.. Chandler)
City of Harre, July Hi, 1S!)S.
Fresh lot California Cherries, PI
and other fruits at E, M. Averill's,
Let's go into CAflPBbLL'i.
and get some of his delicious
ICE CREAfl. He keeps
all flavors, ym know- lie
has a special price on large
24 N. lain St
Hops, Malt and Knot. Iicer Extracts
Lowest l'riecs. E. Al. Avcrill.
A N 'I' III). I'.y :i rcliahle and cx'ierionr
idl around man n ii.xition.. willing to
ii. y Kind of work. Inquire nt Tioi.r.o i:a.i
I ,,SI
U. 01'
bn -n-t a
will u i i
to S.
I'. A -in i!i l.'iMwii Simuiel abect lic
fix liHiiiihs old, liinl wliite siol on
:id i:irt of feet, lo... J-'ri.jiiy. 1 inder
1m rcwia'ded hv n tiinfnt;' i.'ie si. me
JieLeod, C'omiiiem.il llocse. Harre,
TO IMCNT. .V foiir-rcnmed tpneiiunt on
Klin xtreet. Jmiuire nt Tki.koram
ottice. 89
.-Bfc.fr t.Maitr JM71A.'! 'i T73M3J3 o
' - -
Sparks From Granite City.
II. .1. ('aim returned to bis home in
Worcester this morning.
Mrs. (leorge Durfee, of Pleasant St.,
is ill with th measles.
George Dale of Walerbury is in the
city today on legal business.
(I. M. Haee of (lloversvillo, N. Y., is
in the city on business today.
Air. Esterbrook of Eebonon, N, IE,
is visiting Air. and Airs. (). 11. Halo.
Airs, Warren (. Kyo and daughter
has gone to EotlsdamN. Y., for a visit.
( I. T. Jackson has just finished grad
ing around his .Summer street residence.
The Consolidated Lighting Co., arc
changing their wires from old to new
Luther Gates went to ltandolph on
business today. Ho will return tomor
Ira C. Calef and sister of Washington
were in the city thisJorcnoon visiting
Miss Joanna I'ark returned last
night from a two weeks' visit with
friends in l'lainl'ield. .
E. J. Holster is clearing un tho trot
ting park and plans are now being made
for having races late in tho season.
The bond to be furnished by Afason
& Co. the contractors wdio are to build
the city building has not yet arrived.
Miss r.iuliuo Veil of Xcw Y'ork is ex
pected this evening and will .bo the
guest of Air. and Airs. Ludwig Lcwin.
Xed lloberls who has been taking a
few days vacation with his mother in
Chelsea returned home yesterday noon.
The eleclric, road ran two extra cars
from Aionlpelicr to Harre after the show
last night and both were loaded down.
li. L.JPark. of Hoston, came to this city
last night and will stop lor llie next ten
days with his parents, Air. and Airs. G.
. Hark.
Will IHuiiic, clerk for AI. Alarrion,
is sick to.dav, and his place on the de
livery (cam is being taken by Arthur
The J. S. Vilos Electric Lighting Co.
arc connecting E. A. Averill's grocery
storo and the Granite Savings Hank with
their systems today.
frank liobinson, Aliss Katheriue
Alathewson, Aliss Isabell Whitehead and
Miis Annie Whitehead are spending
the day at oodbury 1 ond.
Aliss Delia Collins returned to her
homo in Hyde I'ark this morning. She
was accompanied by Aliss Alice Tape
and .Miss Lillian Campbell.
Cliauncey Harris is fishing the Wil
liamstown branch to-day. He has just
invented a new trolling reel which local
fishermen pronounce a " big thing."
Alva Hugbee of Orange was in the
eitv today calling on friends. Air. 13ug-
beo has been sick and yesterday was
his first visit in Harre for three years.
Abbott Ecach, billing clerk at the
m. ix w . irctght depot severs Ins con
nection with the road on Saturday. Ho
will go to Salem, Mass., where he will
Aliss Clara and Lillian Thompson,
who have been visiting at R. L. Clark's,
left, on the Ii :0ij train for Montreal
where they will remain for several
E, J. Holster has been away on a
weeks business trip to Hurltngton, Alan,
ehester and Jamaica. His nephew. Air.
Shatliick, of South Eondoudery, return
ed with him.
Stephen Eorsvihe has received a let
ter from James Ingram stating that he
arrived in Eiverpoole on Sunday. He
is in the best of health and enjoyed Ihe
trip very much.
Alexander 'Wilson was tried in the
Orange County Court yesterday charged
wiih thrcating to kill Walter Cave of
Orange. The charge was changed to
assault and he was lined .5. 00 and costs.
Instead of being Tayntor's derrick
which fell su the hill Monday, as re
porled by the Times, it was one belong
ing to the Standard Granite Co. It is
now being rebuilt bv Sinilh, Whitcomb
ft Cook.
Frank Eradley and Frank Morgan
took a live hour fishing trip and return
ed with nine speckled beauties. The
largest weighed a pound and a quarter,
the next lo ounces ami the rest about
one-half pound each.
A man by the name of Hriggs, em
ployed by Emslie & AIcEcod gave him
self up last evening, lie was wanted
for assault on one of the other employees
a few days ago. He Avas lined $5 and
costs by Judge Harney.
'fho teamsters are freely expressing
their disgust as to the condition of
Hlackvf ell, St,, which according to their
view, the street commissioner has spoil
ed by carting in sand. One man says,
"You cant draw a barrel of beer through
there without trctttmr 6tuek. Whv
i didn't he use stone chips?
J. H. Lavely reports bad luck in get
ting the well boring machinery to Allies'
site. The filling in of coal ashes made
the road so soft that the truck wheels
cut into tho roadbed up to the axletrees.
In trying to pull it out the draw ing gear
was broken and the machinery had to
stand on Herlin Hill all night. It will
probably take ten horses to pull it out
on hard ground.
Smith Eros., tho Xorlh Alain street
meatmen, make the announcement that
after tins week they shall discontinue
the sale of fresh bocf. They will con
tinue to keep all other kinds of meat,
however, the same, as usual. Their
reasons for this change arc that their
business has grown so that they are un
able to pcisonally superintend tho cul
ling up of beef, and good cutters are so
hard lo secure that the profits will not
warrant them in longer "continuing the
sale of this kind of meat.
John Vauonan of Springfield, arrived
in town last nignt. Air. Vanonan is a
shoemaker who resided here about
tlurly-tivo years ago and can tell you
about times when one Cot Hachelder
list d to do all the, freighting between
Havre and Alonlpelier with a one horse
team, making two trips a day in the
busy season but usually only one. Ho
also recalls that when a meeting was
held to consider having the C. V.
11. It. come here, Dr. Jacob Spaulding
arose and made ihe statement that he
had investigated' the matter and found
thai one freight car a day would be
sufficient for all freight then passing
between the two places. Air. Vanonau
sees something of a change since then.
L. I. Cheney ol East Burro is In the
city on businosB today.
Aliss Kate Gardner of Lowell, Alass.
is visiting Airs. F. A. Hutching.
(ken. cinmrilinll mid William Davis
of Hyde Park are visiting friends and
relatives in the oily.
About twenty young pooplo of llio
ISaplist church drovo to East Burro last
evening and attended tho Christian En
deavor rally. Uev. W. A. Davidson oi
Alonlpelier delivered an address.
At a meeting of the Knights of Pyth
ias last evening it was voted to give an
excursion to llighgate Springs on Aug
ust 13th. Frank Nichols, Frank Dan
forth and F. E. Langley were appoint
ed a committee ou sports.
The many friends of Palph A. Ste
wart, Goddard '88, and the popular
catcher on tho famous "Stone Wall"
haso ball team, will bo interested to
learn of his engagement to Aliss Guil
ford of Yonkcrs, N. Y. . Mr. Stewart is
now a successful attorney, in Worcester,
G. Vallny, who works for Bianchi, on
Granite street, met witli a serious acci
dent this morning. His hand got caught
in a grinding stone and the flesh was
ground away to tho bone. Dr. Mc
Sweeny, who attended him, thinks he
will have to lay off for a couplo of
Tho 8th. 9th. and 10th chapters of
Connolly's novel are as follows: scene
in a church; 10 days on the Atlantic;
Aly visit to Ulah; Hospitality of I ho
Alormons ; Death and burial of my twin
sister; another poem entitled influences
and characteristics of flowers. There
is a rumor that Air. Connolly has taken
.some Barro people as characters. He
says Harre people need not fear.
A movement is on foot and instituted
hist evening to have a game of old fash
ioned baso ball on Central Park next
Tuesday evening the proceeds to go
for tho benefit of the new city park.
The game if it. is played will he very
inteiesting as it will be played in the
old fashioned style with a soft ball, Hal
bat and old fashioned rules. The con
tracting teams will be the Grocers and
Air. F. W. Stanyan is appointed su
porintendent of the Alonlpelier & Wells
River Kailroad with his office at Alont
pclior. He will have general supervi
sion of train and station service and
also perform the duties devolving upon
the car agent, tho latter office being
The olTieo of general agent of the
Harre station is abolished and the fol
lowing appointments made:
Air. James F. Smith, Acting Freight
. Air. Robert W. Rogers, Ticket agent.
These appointments are to take effect
August 1.
Joseph W. Kidder of tho firm of J.
W. Kidder & Co. of Port Chester, X.- Y.
is in the city today on business. Air.
Kidder is a former resident of Barre and
is a brother of W. D. Kidder the well
known granite dealer.
Air. Kidder was formerly in the gran
ite business with John W. McDonald
and left Harre five years ago for Port
Chester, X. Y., whero ho entered tho
granite and marblo business.
In speaking with a reporter this morn
ing Air. Kidder said that the sale of
Harre granite was increasing rapidly,
lie says he has very little call for
Oniney granito. Tho reason for this is
that Barre granite is way ahead of any
granite and it can bo bought compara
tively chea.p
snnioi. commissionkks so ikmi:i
The school commissioners held a
meeting last evening and decided that
the fall term of the city schools would
begin September 5lh, and continue to
December Kith. During that time,
there will be two holidays at Thanks
giving. The winter term will begin
January 2nd and continue until. March
3rd, after which time there will bo a
vacation for two weeks. The Spring
term will commence March 20ih and
continue until June 9th.
Commissioners Chandler, Gordon,
and Cumings were appointed a com
mittee to secure bids for the construc
tion of the new school house and report
to the board at the next meeting, The
now plans and specifications are expect
ed verv soon and will be on exhiliiiiou
at Perley Chandler's store when receiv
ed. Commissioners Hanson and Town
send wero appointed a committee to
procure coal for the coming year.
Tho successor to G. Herbert Papo at
tho North Barre district wss not appoint
ed but two or three applications have
been received.
the clothiers and butchers for tho bene
fit of the nark imnmvomont fun, I r,,.,
off as advortised. On account of dark
ness only five innings wero played.
As the game was played by requost of
the ladies some of the boys think that it
ill i " . . . .
womu nave ueon no more than fair for
a few of them to have been present.
The attendance was tho smallest of any
gallic, of the season, nnlv four d.ilt.,,
and a half being taken in.
It Was nuitc nn intprpatlnn r.mw .,,,.1
fe'"1-'. (.111
when we consider (lie good cause it was
piujuu mi il eeiiainiy ueserveu to be
I. .1(1,... .... ( '1,1- J1I . .
uuiici Muuui.eu, j.io louowmg are
the names of the players:
Grocers: W, Frcnier, 2b.; Bert
Webster, 3b.; Ben Gilley, lb.; Bert.
Bishop, c, ; Ben Eastman, p. ; T. Ale
Intosh, s.s. ; G. Conner, Ef . ; Bradley,
r.f. ; A. Frenier, c.f. Clothiers and
butchers: J. AlcEeau, c. ; C. Xoblc, p.;
T. Parker, lb. ; Lean Griudle, 2b,; J.
Morse, 3b. ; William Hunter, s.s. ; A.
Moiy-, l.f. ; J. Tassie, o.f. ; J. Cutler,
The score by innings was as follows :
1 1 3 4 5 Total.
Grocers, 4 5 1 2 2 14
Combination, 0 1 0 4 4 9
Tho Barro nnd Alontpelier clerks will
again cross hats tomorrow at about a
quaiter past five.
The "boys" mot on the lawn at the
home of Air, and Airs. Arthur Allies last
night armed with various musical in
struments to serenade the newly mar
ried pair. Air. Allies responded gen.-i-otisly
to their welcome by treating them
lo fruit and cigars.
a f.,.,. uru.fniiln wns uiven bv the
Ladies' Circle last evening at the homo
of Airs. Geo. Smith. It was well intend
ed and greatly enjoyed.
Lucius Coburn who has chargo of the
Spiritualist society at So. Harre opened
his cottage al Queen City Park .Monday
and wiU'remnin there during the re
mainder of the summer.
Geo-Emery of Barre is visiting at
Airs. H. A, White's.
l .nat Saturday forenoon a savage bull
owned by Osear Sinilh broke into the
Seaver pasture. Allie Tillotson and
Jennie Seaver who wero raspberrying
thero wero driven into a tree by him
but were rescued by Air. Frank Bene
dict who is visiting at Geo. Seaver's.
Geo. Metcalf has been quito sick for
the past week.
The Alisscs Annie and Hattie Darling
and Coburn Darling are guests of Dan
F. Stanley.
Aliss Benlah Pain recently passed a
few days at her uncle's, Scott Pain.
Aliss Ethel Brownell of Providence,
11. I., who has been spending tho sum
mer at Air, White's returns home next
Last Sunday Airs. Eunice Smith, w ho
has been nursing at Barre, returned
home for a short rest. She expects to
remain at home for about a week.
Aliss Grace Stanley, daughter of
Charles Stanley who recently moved to
this place, is now at her father's, having
spent tho past few weeks in visiting in
various places.
Air. aud Airs. Forest Seaver and chil
dren spent last Sunday nt Aloses Alet
calf's visiting Airs. Seaver's parents.
Gladys S. Jennyson, her father C. A.
Jennyson and his sister, Aliss Jennyson
are visiting Airs. Eliza Dickerman, the
grandmother of Aliss Gladys.
Caught By Our Line.
(By Special Wire.)
The wires are down, but by a round
about circuit we have rushed the follow
ing answers for a suffering lot of tub
scribors. No human being is responsible for
the mud which may have found its way
into the pipes which bring the Bolster
reservoir liquid to the city. Tho mud
may have found its way there to escape
being used for earth works at tho out
break of the war but it is there, how
who put it there, or how to rid ourselves
of it, we make no attempt to answer.
While we dislike to bo harsh to any
one, yet there are some people in this
city who ought to bo enjoined from
breathing if they are forever to wear a
kickers badge and find fault with every
good nieasuro that finds its way into the
city. One of tho greatest obstacles in
the past has been the continuous rag
chewing along our streets, once let it
cease, and there would not be so many
ft will be necessary to make an investi
gation as to why spring water compan
ies were not taxed. But why tax the
people who are trying to give us sonic
of the "Fountain of Life" lo quench the
thirst. If we taxed every public bene
faction in this city, of course wo would
bo out of debt. But wh wishes to do
any such thing?
.The messago boy has made me wait
to take tho following dispatch from tho
"sent of local war, Martin Brook," here
it is.
Why is there such a vast differenco in
the tax to be placed on local real estate?
Who can explain? Why tax the poor
a much greater portion than we do the
rich? Who can answer?
Will any injunction be placed on
those who dare remove the sand from
the streets in Factory village?
When will tho Bachelors club dissolve
and go out of business in this city?
Is the city looking after tho interests
it may have in tho contest over tho Al
drieh will?
Will Harre ever do anything to reduce
the rate of lire instiranco in our limits?
Is it truo that one of the local rail
roads carry granito between this city and
Alontpelier free of chargo?
Will the officials do their duty toward
thoso who refuse or fail to connect with
tho sewer as ordered?
The ball game is claiming my atten
tion so faro ye well
The Listf.nku.
On the Corner.
"Hurrah for the kickers," was the
first thing to call my attention to the
meeting place of the club last night,
which took place near the gate of tho
Central park. At this time the Inspect
or was seated on tho steps of nearby
house talking to one of the members
best young ladies, so was able from
this location to secure the report of the
" I PfriHlflH VA n.nfltr,l.,n. H . , ,
,,.....1111. vjii careiui
study I learned that the club had been
vuvi-img luuuiBuives oecause tne Mayor's
veto to tho Salvation Arrau hn.l !,....
sustained by the council. Tho not
question of importance to the club was
the moving of the old band stand. This
was the real debate of the evening and
of course broue-ht fnrili 111" II, x. a!lw...l
bursts ot eloquence from this "Kinder
garten or politicians." As usual the
Huss was tho lirst kicki n.O nrnlnr tl
would like to know who has n i..:
ness to remove that band stand lrom the
public park. It has been an object of
admiration by tramps and loafers for
many years. Why lake such a historic
landmark from tho public park. We
will not allow it lo bo done. If the city
is hard up fur cash why not rent it to
one of our hapnv aldermen nnd l..t i.:,
start a branch of his clam bake house"
If tho owner of the gun boat does not
want it, then fix it into a tenement or
use it; for an overflow for the modern
cage now used as a jail. No follow
kickers, we must not allow thai valuable
building to bo moved. Am I right ..en.
tlemen?" The wholo crowd Vdcd
" es. Ross, you're always right The"
Chief lUOSIlll llf ll:(. ,.,,!. I.7..I. i.i
a - .....j iu,.K ins scat
and another loud mouthed loafer follow-
wi"i incso remarks:
"I used to be an occupant of lh0 band
,i wimn mc wife was angry oe-
cause I had taken too much of the River
street liquid I used to uso the bam
stand for sleeping apartments, and I
dislike to see my only safe place, when
followed by tho broom or stove poker
lakon away. 1 shall not allow ll, will
you, my esteemed kickers?" And cries
of "No, no.no I" answered his question.
Then came the club dude with a wean
little speech told as follows, "ion
honor by jove now near 1
say that having rendered such sweet
music in that stand, on my bass drum, I
inustraiso my voico in protest, pun
honor by jove. Those sweet tones
uhti.li 1 have iriven with my drum
sticks is not equaled often, and 1 must
save the place, J win kich inuiungmi .
awainst its removal, pon honor, do
you agree with me gentlemen?" E rory
member present saia "jes .
The fourth speaker was a wood chop
per who had been engaged in helping
cut a route for the electric railroad
through Aladlliver valley, and ho said
"When I was a kid, I used to play tho
cymbals, and occupied the old band
stand many times, and I don't intend to
see any smart Barro people take it away
without informing them that I have a
fist as big as that of Corbett, and shall
nee it." T-his pleased the crowd and
they all agreed to stand by the prize
lighting kicker. After the speeches
wero over, it was voted to ask for an
ininnction to prevent its removal.
The Inspector cares littlo whether the
stand goes or not, but all the kicking in
the world from such men. as compose
this club of loafers will not cause the
proper officials to cease in their purpose
to remove the stand. It ought to be
taken to any other section of the city.
It ht.9 been a retreat for tramps, loafers,
and bums long enough. Since th band
went to war or on a vacation, the stand
has been only ihe nightly roost for
drunkards and other outcasts of society.
So better take aud give the stand a little
h i n. The Insnector would inform the
club that they better save their powder
for a more nouie cause.
The next matter to claim the club's
axe was the placing of these granite
chips in front of tho entrance to the
park. Now the Inspector is afraid to
speak "out in meeting" and so has de
cided to call it that his notes on the
question are in short hand and he is un
able to translate them. He does re
mouiber however, that some one said
the crowd ought to have a "Removal
Bee" and lake out the granite chips.
Who will'scconil the motion? The club
here decided to go up and enjoy the
great summer beverage frm Williams
town hills, known as the "Extract of
Martin Brook". With a wild yell, tho
Boss cried "forward march for Martin
Brook", where I snpposo they tented
last night, free from ihe eyes and ears
of the
Waste Basket Mistakes.
Already the horses of this city are
learning the way to do when tho trolly
comes along. Yesterday a local mer
chant had a horse hitched to his delivery
wagon, and the team was eloso to the
ear track, when the electric approached
the horse slowly turned his head lo one
side until the trolly had passed.
The office cat has gone on her vaca
tion, aud "Scoop" our new dog takes
its place.
The Kid has been asked to tell how
the mud came in the city water pipes
but, well, rather dislikes lo do so.
The Kid will call a war council to
morrow on the Martin Brook. All in
terested parties are notified to be present.
'The happy man among us at present
is the maker and vender of tho ice
cream. Aloro dimes go for that than
for the psrk.
Our tax rate is too high, and we
shall probably be at the meeting to let
our angry passions show themselves.
There is very 'little in this basket to
day, in fact about all it contains is tho
latest copy of "Barre's only news pa
per so we will have to close, for "feed"
The Kid.
Trouble For Mr. linker.
WashinRton, July 27. Assistant At
torney Genpral Boyd has Instructed the
district attorney for the southern dis
trict of New York to propped to take
possession of the MInncwaska. a trans
port purchased by the United States
from a man named r.akrr In Baltimore
The Minnewaska has been seized and
Is now In possession of the sheriff of
New York upon attachment proceedings
beKun by Seh v.-arzehild & Sulsbrg-r of
New York. This firm claims that Ba
ker, by breach of contract for carrying
una mvoived mem m a loss of SI -500,000.
The department of justice holds that
the United States, having purchased
the ship, la entitled to Its possession
mlH "fining to ao with other con
tracts by naker. The ship Is wanted at
once for transport service. It is prob
able that the United States marshal
with a souad of soldiers, will take pos
session of hr Immediately.
Havnmi Illiinilnntp,!.
Key West, July 27.-A so.uad of Span
ish soldiers three miles west of 'ahia
Honda, province of Ulnar del Ui0 yes
terday afternoon fired half a dozen
J.ts at the dispatch boat Dandv, whh h
ms passing that point, two miles rut
Flash and smoke signals also marked
the progress of the Dandy along the
shore which seemed to be excel ten "y
watched. The country from a point
we"t hot ,Bhl to Havana is in
a high state of cultivation
Alfonso6 xu" "'J1"3 Slmn'Sh 8teani
Alfonso MI, sunk near Marie! I n
conspicuous landmark. Cape San An
tonio light, at the western extremity f
the island of Cuba, 8 burning, and Ha
vana was brilliantly illuminated Uzt
To Hunt. One desimbl., n-...
hast man Block. 91 ,f
W.C. Qninlan & Co. of this ,-ity are
sole iiL'ents f,... .1.., .'
-hie,;' s
In 'tul property owners will find it
to their interest to insist upon usij his
reliable article. Lead an, oil mixli ires
re all right on the right p ac s "ut
"over should be put ou roofs '
Bears the
-A. Si O T- -r .
m Kind You Han Always BoiicM
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
For Sale Everywhere.
Payette, Mendclshan i k )n,
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. nain St. Carre, t
Debts Collected,
WE AUK THE Cnl.l.Kt Ti.; . y
Xo charge in Advance.
Xo Meliibrr.-hj, i ...
Is the place to gel all kind- of f.
are healthy, wholesome and de
His Buns will please tlie Quel n or Kin.
And out of grief they'll take tlie -tin..
They'll make you dance tlie I Ii vr 1 1 : m 1 : 1
For they make the little children hu
Ta Ra Ita Room le Ay.
M.J.Colbeck & Ssn,
Dealers in nil kinds nt
House Finishing Supplies
Bolster's Warehouse, in rear ot O
Vermont Freight lep!, and
Forsyth & Ingram.
Just Remember,
When ou your way to M
pelier that our Ice Creams. Sin i
and Sodas are fur ahead ot all cmi
itors, and that our tabic service, in:-;
of counter stools, will give you nm-i
for comphiiut. "Kleclrics pass the !
Huntington's Restaurant,
State Street, : : Moutpcliii.
Legal Blanks,
Conditional Sale, Wa.v
Assigument, Counts in Debt on .J'hI j
ment, Sheriff" Sale Xotiees, Attach
ment Receipts, Subpermis Wittn--and
Jury, City and Justice Cetr:
Writs, Granite Manufacturers' C
tracts, Granite Cutters' Apprentice'
Indentures, Notes, Receipts, etc.
The above aie constantly in sii"'-.
Special Blanks of any kind to onh :,
Inh Printing Hffino
City Building,
73 North Main St., - Barre. v .
For Sale 1
House of i.v rooms with 1 ani
einitainiiiir four Mall i, ll,n;ird
A,so Mx-rooiucii hou-c
on Itailroud Street.
The iiliuve property will l,e .1 ',
on monthly payments, inquire ef
Met iova.!t (iriiliu Ill'k..
North Barre.
,uu) shit ,AJius9:
nutty ,

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