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guw-f" - j '-mmjwmwiuaa
i I I ' 1 1 ! T ' JV uvo-ltme
-i III
,,,,.,11 IliHI
!' Ill llui " t-i.v, . ill
. .. . . ,, I!, .11,11..,.
( , IUIUI'M, VIIIIIH" .,.......(,.
To Rent. .
,,,'V t yrs. h. K. Smith hits u tene
f" ' .I;,,', kl' rsut o Kim 'Struet.
pcVT.-Kivf liirirc connecting rooms,
T" Jbli 'toml eeaiuiieiieiiiciiicuiuuii icu .
n b , , ..rill-, Itlock. recently occupied
il.ii Hinirle lroni onice up
i,v fir.
A trill.
I,. M.
-iU'.iniii : good salary, steady
National Niirserien,Uo-
U Mn experienced girl a poHi. associated In the Investigation Captain
,;l., rlv. Inquire 0 hpauld- Bloomfleld Douglas, K. N. K., and Cap-
limi 1"
-l Miniiay iii,"u
"I ,,,7,111 niM I lie ( ommerciai nou.
Central Vermont Railroad.
llMUKrT,:i-to JUNK.se. ins.
.; ,IV, uurr dally, exeept Sunday, as fo.-
,: (iOlNQ SOUTH.
., mvii. For Boston via. Lowell oi
.JO J Sew York via. dprlngneld and
i is I K" Ud pelnta. 1'arl .r car loBo
nil .''' ' r n' without channo. Con-
,,, viii I-"" ; ,,u while Moun.
wi , ilnoiiKli l'rlor Car to JNew ion
uijtn',. WW ar.ivinK7.WP-
, vi i.-A-T KXl'BKSU. KorBoton
U.OU '" M;::A;W y ork via. tiprtngileld andvla
i . Jii.lon. Huftet parlor car vo imh.'u.
.1 I, I) Ua. Nnrih,
M.-i-"V. ... 'j..i.,h.nd White Kiver
,!:!.:..,',, ..niiiicoiinn with mixed
train lor vt uiunor.
Leaves Barre
n nil !'
l.v, only, l't leave. u
. II I 1 A
, via. I."". l 9.50 A.M 1
Now York (except Bun
i ii
sii'uhv I il -" "" i,u K " i r,:: aim wua using n ucuuraing to reguia-
Tv i ".a.m. On Sumluys run. to Spring
' nX Wmmt sleeping oars to Bonton lions.
1 ""?.-....lHM
liOlXO J.UH1U.
.....i uv Kkm r or uuriiuH
K.3U- .,. Uiclilord, liouses Point and
1,, .t. l.'.'iil IH.1MW on ilullaud B. K.
L-..P iinWinutoD. Rutland,
li.OIi '''rT miion. tit. Alliann, Montreal,
1 . m ; S the Wert. Waii-
rl.il.a i'
.i.uiloll to LIIICUBU via-
loir's (or Burlington, St. Al-
I rnllmltll rileeuiiiK Car.
.10 I'-M-.-f
I I! tl-l Will I (J Clllcaiio, without
. u in p. u. next nluht.
rh:t 'junction for New Yew
(.oi.i.',.,''4 111
via. Itiillaii'
! Truv.
Suburban Service.
n, vis's TO MiiNTi'KLIEK.
ll,,: re .".in, V.M
M., 12.00 , 3.06 , 6.10,
!.,.,vp M .nil..
I.Mivi. H.irr
l.'JO 1" M . 4. oil 1'
... Due V Ullttms.
K.itj l.-V. l'. ll.
U tt'llllniw
Burie a. "I. .
M. 2.30 p. M. Due
(. W. HAI.Iitt IN,
tic:i. Mi i.
11. 11. M ill li il l i IN', UPt
Gun. Pas. Agent
M. & V. 14. Ulv.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R
Da and afiiT M.milaj, .bine 27, 1868. train will
run i!l..wi., Sundays exceptca.
l.divi! l.tr rt-, .
,Hl.3), Am. 12.30,4.00,4.00,
5.15, ;.W, 1ii.mii p. M.
Arriic u! Tmti.rii.
!.i,l:j:, sa". 7.ii, 1-Uavi-
Mt.ritpeH. r,
1.06, S.3u, 4.4-".. ..!
Arrive hi lirirn-, ii.o
r 7. Mi, 9.30, 10.50 A. H., 12.50,
i - - o 1' . m .
ti..io i(.30, 9.45, A. M. ,12.00 m
.11 P. M.
.1,1. ;.u, lu.ui i. M., 12.20, 1.25
3, So, oMl), !...), V. ..J 1'. M.
tf.ltiurl.iiu H. rvu'.. mUieH to change. Appli
calkin nun :h.) i;.....li' lor muro trains, qulcaei
limp, ur I. iii i uiil he cheerfully conaiu
rcd. ah u,u i;i ei..p on nigual at any plact
tiK.ii Mo:iij.. .i. r ;inl liurro to lake pasaengora,
iinJ will si.ti. .in , piii'-i' to li'uve paaeii(eri!, pro
tlilfl Hi,- .i;'i. i. j. m.i.li. known to the conductor.
1 fro A. M-.
Cmniri- m v,-i:, Kivi-r with Ar commodation
Train imriii, aini with Mail anil Kxpre Train
Hi mri il" I'.u-Mimiiiuc lHviaiOD of Boston
Stntt It, ll. li.r. ii.'li i rain eivice ftom Welle
Kivor v i.i. I '! , in i.i : ti ur Whilii Itiver Juuctlon to
1i.jii.iii. hi:. I 'via, Hi ii.iws Kalln and dprlujjfleld for
. lnr. Arru. ! m lluiitoil 4.00 P. H., new
lurs in'.iinl c -iii,,.; Iiiiiiui) 7.111 r. M.
12 30 P. M.
ii. , Uu:!mtoii tor'abyaus.
T.'in.iu'ii MTYir. , liurlinytoii lor'abyaus. Stop
' mi l.r:n,;..;ii riniiims lirtwecn wclla lliver and
iiiuh, nrii in.' .c. 1'iii.vaiirt 4.0U r. M. Clonnecta
l l'.i;.,,.!! m ;ii. i..,n ij- Portland and Old Or.
cUi; i;i i. h. Ai-.. wiito train for siuramit Mt.
Wwliiii!iui . ainvituf Suininit 6.30 P. H. Con
in n . ;i- Iii. i iili the Mail Train north over
lv.uiini.il.. Ihi..i,.n. .mil tin l'ncitlo Count Kx-
lir..." .1., i ., i ;,!,. it. .11....... in MntitriiiiL
'1""!.'T, tlnriMt,
i uit I'acuii Coast. Through
'!nn?i;.ii M,,
Ohiuaito every day except
lurii;!).. Tu
. v un; t uiiBl cvurv flay except ouu
Ml". A i-O
Ii Kmtii.ii Train a.,ivini; in Uoston
)F. M. Ai... Ullh
Un for KabyauB, Lancaster,
HiiM.'..!,.!. :T.-1 -. ,n
lirrlin, urovulou aim uraiiu
' ii-iik iiiiiir,.;i,l.
4.00 P. M
' .iim.Ti. .a y
.1 i;iur with Express train north
II. si. k
I. . u r si. iloliusuury, i.ynuou
. it M. , olilliiuury, i.ynuuu
N. w;,.,ri with Accommodation
. . . ! . Ulnar
'' r..iri ,ii ;ui.i
LmiiMiiili h r in; niiiiuiis between Wells lliver
l!:wr luncliou. Also with Express
Jiiiii N..nii hut While Mountain Divieion for Lis
'''. I.iiui'ii.i. r,,-. .i,,., sir, ,.t. I'rntil.i House.
Ii Mi, in ii. r....,'-u WMtAH..Iil.
ii.iii. i.i.iii;ii,,i . ,
STANVAN, (lenenil Asrent.
V- v . vjotuE, (ieu'l Pass. Agent
. A. SI uWKLii, lieneral Manaaer.
Rever Fails.
tlinsnrrii MU . .. k .
iiJur,aEU DT iHuusanua.
O.SSJ u' rent slumps brines trial ptwkage and
ndurfm r
Wi., Avffi' ,' '-""i'""! of llielr wondsrlcll prop-
U. S. A rent
j&nce conudentu
"tils IS lot U(tl(ahiK
I.iiri.i Kxpluuatiou.
'niiiiii wulkin;,' over a plank
m i niiiilui' Ktiuiu mouoy ao-
'Un ui
' 1 1 1 j 1 1 n t a. nickel, which roll
ii crick lit-twoi'll two of tho
b .;, T!.
"ut l.v !.; i,,
" ' li i. limim w;is much put hy
'", unnii tiiongli it was,
1 mi Ins way, swearing
I'-ni'lv il,,.
in xt day u friend, while
'V tlm spot, discovered tho
' libcr:itcjy dropping a dollar
inn- cr.u k through which ho
v.llku. ,v
liu'l I...
! nii ki l. Tins irieiid was of
"""' iistoniMiod iitwhntho saw,
""!;t to It itru why Pat should
'll'ii, hi nil :niii..!ii.iiiieiB fbrnw
. iiiiin- I'll.-, .,,v l.: . ..... i ti
"ll V,
..... ,,ii liy lliu lur
i; iiiuniioti:
; ll. is way," said Pat. "It's
' ' 'vii.s jiussiu this way when I
k' 1 ihiwn t'oiit, hole. Now. I
"t il ll
'""nil I'u.t j, win-ii't worth niowhilo
" "!' ili'.t Hi ew;i Ik fur u nickel,
"' 111;
it a sclienio struck 1110, and
mil iir
'l'l'iu' down thu dollar to niako
; Worth
'mi whilo." Chicago News.
M 0
Z1 M
. w. . i il VJ 1J I. ,
Cromartyshire Freed From Iilamo
For the Disaster.
Captain Smith, Who Conducted the In.
Testliiittion at Halifax, fays the
Liner Wat Out or the Usual
Steamship Course.
Halifax, N. S.. July 29. The drelslnn
the court of inquiry which invontl-
Bated the collision between the British
hip Cromartyshire and the French l.n
er La Bourgogne, near Sable island en
the moring of July 4, has been delivered
by Captain W. H. Smith of the British
royal naval rpsorva ..-iti, ,v,.,, ,.,,
Liewis Anderson, nautical assessor.
Captain Smith refers brielly to the
voyage of the Cormartyshire up to the
night of July 3, and dwells at length
on the incidents of the collision as de
scribed by the master and crew of the
sailing vessel. Captain Smith's report
proceeds to set forth the measures tak
en immediately on the Cromartyshire
to discover if there was loss of life on
the steamship. It tells of the all day
Bearch for survivors and then the tow
of the damaged ship to Halifax by
Allan liner Grecian.
Special attention is drawn to the in
ternational regulations for preventing
collisions at sea, which, the report says,
should have been observed by these
vessels" and which were adopted at the
Washington conference and came into
force July 1 of last year. There can be
no doubt, it is added, "that the steamer
was supplied with an efficient steam
whistle and that it was sounded at
regular Intervals. The officers of the
sailing ship and most of the crew heard
it several minutes before the collision.
Abundant proof is also produced that
sailing Bhip had un efficient hoin
- r, . . - .
'With regard to the speed of the
steamer at the time of the explosion
nothing can be absolutely and correctly
known as to its rate, except from the
inferences drawn from the various
statements made in the evidence. Per
haps her speed will never be accurately
known. Taking the distance the steam
er had run from Sandy Hook bar and
the time elapsed when she had reached
the position where the collision occur
red, it gives an average speed of be
tween 16 and 17 knots per hour. Fiom
the sudden manner the steamer first
came in sight upon the port bow of the
sailing ship and her equally quick dis
appearance in the fog Immediately aft
er the casualty, as shown by the evi
dence, the court is forced to the con
elusion that the steamer was proceed
ing at a very high rate of speed
Captain Smith in his report adds: "It
appears to me that La Bourgogne as a
mail steamship starting from New York
was not in the position at the time of
the collision as indicated by the steam
lanes on the pilot chart of the north
Atlantic. It also appears to me that it
is highly desirable the rules of follow
lncr the steam lanes should be made
more binding on all steamers navigat
lng the Atlantic when plying between
New York and European ports.
Daloncle Crltlettefl
"Although In this inquiry I have not
been called upon or empowered to make
any investigation as to the conduct or
the master and officers of .L,a Bour
gogne or as to the navigation of that
shiD. it is evident that had the com
mander. Captain Deloncle, adopted the
nilps laid down his vessel could noi
hnve been in a prsition inulcatea ny
trip disaster.
"T m of onlnion that It is aesiramu
for new lane routes to be. selected for
fast passenger steamers to ana rrom
Amorlrnn norts. These routes hiimuiu
be established by law and adopted by
the governments of the various nation
alities, and they should ne mm u"
.chora fhp least amount of fog would
he mor and all such steamers should
adhere to the routes laid down for their
benefit and not deviate from them any
v. thnn the state or tne weatne.
would compel them to do,
All the necessary duties were pt-i
frmprl on the sailing ship with proper
.i nrl due dillcence was exercis-
t w nav eation by ner cain.un
when the character of the fog was tak-
en inio ronsuii wi""". -"'i"- -
IJ n.lnn I'nwTU Tl MHnill"
nn of the Cromartyshire ana me .m.
f hia shin are therefore exonrr-
.... , i.ie,,, fnr the collision and its
aieu iiviii -,..
Orvera nn.l Knltit Kenounce.l.
Key West, July 29.-K1 Correo of July
J . i u . o el run 17
23, published in navan...
editorial praising the Spanish soldiers
vaior and denouncing Admiral Cervera
ii-inB himself to be captured an.l
,ui ............ mi
declaring that he should hav. e blow n tin
. i 1 Uim!lt1r nltfirKS
his boat ana nimse... -"
are made on Captain i-.omic ut .
News from Havana m i..
.v. hmil stiDDly has been very
short for the last month on account of
the scarcity of flour. The soldiers a. 'e
all on half rations, me - -
lamentable condition, and the"en
urging Blanco to provide for them. The
if Kent dark all along the seashore.
The most prominent families are leav
ing for Interior towns.
ltarber to He In Command Awhile.
July 29. It was orig
inally intended that Lieutenant Col nel
many lniei D.,,c ta
should be in command of the men . n
hTst Paul when that transport leav.
tMs port, but Colonel Thomas N. Bar
ber ot the First New York Infantry, who
oer ui ,.,.iu. ttio senior
la to sail on tne vessel, -
is to sail o riatrllt,ted by General
olticer, nua - ,
cf the
Merriam to
assume 'i"10""
troops on the trip from here to Hono
iroopa vii n'nee. however,
T ieiitenant Colonel Stover will lie su
preme "n command until the vessel ar-
rT msCf-m Secretary A.g,r re
cefved at Los Angeles states that the
Seventh California volunteers will mie-
g0 to Manila
Tlio Roynl Menslca.
Madrid July 29.-The king's alta k of
rZs IB taking its normal course. nu
there a'e no complications.
.. .r-,ioi Aiiiioliifrt-wrmhln-ton.
July 29.-The following
fourth cl" poS..-,ters have been ap
pointed: Tutu-. Chase Mills:
New t.nv-v.. . .. - Hill.
N. H. Cartel
I'ilCKIl 11 , ' "
Jessie It. Smith, Potters-
Bell, Anderson-
Pennsylt anla A. u.
f- . llnslifnl Man tiot a
Blusher is the most bashful man i
CV"HoWWon earth then did he eo.no to
""f-SSS to bagful to refuse. -Boston
buioide roa PEAOE.
Woninn' Stniimo l,lii.lnn Ciilmlnittai In
II Iloviililn Dnalll.
New Castle, Pa., July 20. One of the
most horrible deaths by nulcide ever
chronicled has occurred here. Mrs. Al
bert Campbell, after saturating her
clothing with kerr.srnv oil, strapped her
self to a stake and deliberately burned
herself to death.
Mrs. Campbell, who had five small
children, the youngest a baby of 7
months, has been suffering from strange
hallucinations for some time past. Her
dementia appeared to date from the
commencement of the war, for which
she believed herself to be responsible.
A few weeks since she declared that
It was ordained that she should offer
herself as a sacrifice to .divine wrath
and thus secure the peace of nations.
She was climely watched at the time;
but, having appeared more rational
lately, fears of her suicide vanished, and
her friends relaxed their espionage.
Mrs. Campbell slipped down the stairs
of her house without awakening the
family. She was clad only in a light
wrapper. In the kitchen she obtained
a can of kerosene, a stout strap and a
box of matches. She then ran to a stake
which Is driven into the ground 50 feet
from her home.
Kneeling by this, she bound the strap
about her waist and securely to the
stake. Then she emptied the can of
kerosene over her clothing and lit it
with matches. In an instant she was
completely enveloped in fierce names.
Her shrieks awakened a neighbor, who
rushed to the spot, but when reached
Mrs. Campbell was dead, her body be
ing horribly charred and burned from
head to foot. The strap which bound
her had been burned in halves, and her
body had fallen forward on the face.
By her side was the tppty kerosene
H'snmi ck Feel Hot tor.
Hamburg, July 29. Prince Bismarck
has somewhat improved. His condi
tion might be described as fairly good.
Hut for violent pains in his foot and
face he would have passed a good night.
As it was, he slept fairly. The prince's
diet included ham, caviare, eggs, beer
and champagne. The prince read the
newspapers and smoked his pipe in bed.
XtrwHpiiper Mim'rt Lnlitf Trip.
Vancouver, B. C, July 29. Nearly 200
tired Journalists and their wives, sons
and daughters have arrived on special
trains. They are Michigan and Wiscon
sin contingents of newspaper visitors.
They were met at the train by the may
or, aldermen and other olllcials. They
will visit the Fraser river canneries and
then go to Victoria and Seattle.
Slayer Von Velltlielm AcliUtfl(1.
Johannesburg, July 29. Von Veldt-
heim, who shot and killed Mr. Woolf
Joel, the trustee of the estate of the
late Barney Barnato, the Sunth African
millionaire, on March 14 last, was today
acquitted of the charge of murder.
Vnttll Mill KxploftWill.
Elmira, N. Y., July 20. An explosion
occurred in the powder mill of E. T.
Johnson, t Troy, I'a., wrecking the
building and killing Mr. Johnson, who
was alone In the mill at the tirue. The
cause of the explosion is unknown.
.loKcph llituic;nii Ienil.
Providence, July 29. Joseph Banigan,
the weil known rubber goods manufac
turer and former president of the Unit
ed States Rubber company, is dead. He
had been critically ill for several months,
Tlie Wrnther.
Showers; cooler; westerly winds.
Closln; Quotiitlnin of the New York Stock
New York, July 28.
Money on cull nominally nt lkjalH percent
Primp im-miiitili' nnuer. ilHin percent. ISter
ling cxi-hnm-'e slcaily, with actual business in
blinkers' bills nt 4.S5a4.Kl,4 fur ileiiiand and
at. ?4.Km.n1.sH''4 for HI days. Posted rules,
4.RHi,nl?s5 ami St.NW.rtHa. Commcrcinl hills,
4.SI!U,. Silver certilicates, n.s4n"Iltjc. Barsil
v..r JVsit.e. Mexicnn doliiirs, 4."iW.c. Govern
ment bonds easier. Slate bonds dull. Railroad
bonds firm.
Closing prices:
Hur.A: giiincy... loV's
c, c, c. st. i... 4.-;
Chesapeake Ai U..
Chii aK'ii I 'its W7
X. .1. Central 80
North American. I1S
Northern l'uciliu.
Do. pref 7
N. Y. Central UW,
Oinalia 4W
Ontario West.. VH
Cotton Oil ZM
Del. A- lliulson....loiiK.
Erie 1-14
(ieneral Electric. :i'.i'"i
Hocking Valley... "'.i
bake Sluire I'll
Lead 35
Louisville & Nash .W's
Manliallnti Con. .1II7V4
Missouri I'licillc. 115
Nortlnvcsturn I'M
Pacilie Mall...
Hock Island...
Silver bullion.
St. I'aul
Sugar Helinery. . ,1M'4
Texas Pacific.....
I'nion I'acillc 2
Wnlmsli prcf id
Western Union.. . i'-'M
Ccneral Market.
New York, .Tilly 28.
Fl.t It'll - State n nil west ern quiet, but firmer;
winter patents, K-o'-11: winter straights,
f4at.."ll; -Minnesiila patents, J4.lifu4..So; winter
extras, Sil.AVII.
WIllC T-No. 3 re.l ruled more active and
stronger on bullish cables and the rise in corn;
Julv, "i)-i.a7iV4C.; September, ( livi.nTlikic.
HYK-Stcaily; No. 3 western, 4Sa(Uc, c. 1. f.,
COUX No. 2 strong on bud crop news and
covering; September, iWinnfWc.i December,
() TS Dull, h"t steady; track, white, state,
31a:fic: truck, white, western, Hlaaic.
l'OltK Dull; mess, ijlLoOiil"; l'unuly, $11. (S
al1' no.
LAHD- Qnlet: priino western steam, 85.50,
nonmial. ,., .
UlTTKit Firm; state dairy, U'MialfiMSc.;
state creamery, ItalT'-jc. , . , ,,
CHEESE- Steady; large, while. iMic; small,
tlUS-Sleady; state and l'eiiiisylviiiiia, 14a
lSc: western, 14c.
SCi;lt-aw sternly; fair refining, mo.;
cenlrlfiiKiii. W lest. 4!-.; rellm-d flrm; crushed,
5?c: powdered. -Wic .
Ti l! I'l'.. I ii-. r, - .,'iiiei in .ii...i7i'...
JIOI, ASSES- Sicnily; New Orleans,
ijicf. Firm: ilonieslic, 5! niiiiic;
''AbbOW'-Steaily; city, ;!?.; couutry, 3a
II AY Steady; shipping, ItfulUc
clniice. 4'iuTl)c. .
At tho Wrong IHmr.
good to
'Tbovo ho a Btriuiuer ui
the outer
id tho bellboy with a low how,
cato," wi
"who knuWH not wheiieo he comes.
" 'Tin pttssiiig slrutigi-," quoth bt.
reter. "What sayeth ho oouoerniug his
homo on earth?" fi,
"But little," exclaimed tho youth.
"Ho says that it ho located ouumet
B0 thick with mud it can be wa ked
acre in summer. Ho Hays that where
ho lived, life is held at naught and that
n.oucy is the one K.k1 mm hipe d Ikat
tho must sum
SStlU ptL'lpilLWII o v
lioit 1,11111. 1111(1 11'.!"' J" '"V "-.
-i. MM.t
, . I. ...... it'tlT Ii4 111 LV UI
rtli 112,0(10,000 ami tlio iiorH to com
,c,lWto burrow 10 emits tora pluto of
l ..1.. .1 I....HW
diamonds and soiled line:., au. tua -"Hold,
Himthl-eNehtimcd i t tot.
...TiHonongU- Heister hit:, from Ch -W(!
and send him down. -Delioit
Freo Press. ...
The remedial offuels cf laughter are
really wonderful. Ouaes have been
known where u hearty latiKh has ban
isheddiseaso and preserved Ufe by a
sudden offort of nature.
the Enormous Amount of Work That Must
lie Performed and the Ceremonies That
Are Observed Before the Pennant and
the Stars and Stripes Are Hoisted.
In iu'nies of peace as well as when
tvar's dark clouds gloom the nation you
are liable to read in the newspapers an
announcement to the effect that ono of
Wie vessels of tho navy is going "into
commission. " It is not a very impress
ive phrase, but the full meaning of tho
term is something of winch few havo
any adequate conception. To put a mod
ern warship into commission involves
an enormous amount of work, which
can bo fully appreciated only by ono
who has observed the process from be
ginning to end.
When a vessel of the navy ti laid tip
in reserve, "in ordinary," us it is call
ed, it is far from an attractivo object
and could hardly be recognized as tho
same ship when in thorough trim, with
crew aboard. The ship is anchored at a
convenient navy yard; the stores aro
sent ashore, her engines and guns cov
ered with oil and an autirust paint;
her decks are allowed to become dirty,
her sides dull and stained from rusty
chains. Thus she lies perhaps for
months, and then an order comes from
the secretary of the navy, through tho
chief of the bureau of navigation, di
recting tho commanding officer of tho
yard to get her ready for sea.
Tho first thing to be douo is to bring
as many men as possible from the re
ceiving ship, which lies hard by, and
these, with tho force of tho yard, under
the direction of whatever officers are
available, bgiu at once to put things to
rights and remove the accumulated dust
and dirt from the different parts of tho
equipment; fho engineer's forco goes at
once to tho engines and boiler rooms;
tho anitrust paint is removed from the
engines; new packing is put in the
valves and joints; tho pumps are tested,
tho rust and dirt knocked from interiors
of lire boxes, and boiler tubes and griito
bars renewed.
Outwardly everything is now in fair
condition, but this is only tho begin
ning. It remains to get up rteam in
some of tho boilers, turn over the en
gines to seo if they are in proper trim,
start tho dynamos, test tho electric
lights and tho pilothouso, signals, turn
on tho searchlights, start the fans, work
the steering gear and steering engines,
set the hoisting machinery in motion
and put tho boat cranes in operation.
Every engine, boiler, pipe, wiro, tube,
rivet, bolt, nut and plato is carefully
inspected, and if found unserviceable
from any cause repaired.
Next the equipment storehouse is vis
ited, and a full allowanco of beef, pork,
beans, potatoes, coffeo, sugar, salt, flour,
meul, clothing, shoes, hammocks, blan
kets, paint, tobacco in short, the whole
miscellaneous assortment of the com
missary department, is placed on board.
The paymaster of tho ship is responsi
ble for every article received, and f.
strict account is kept of each. Then tho
galley, or cooking stove, has to bo ex
amined to see whether it is complete in
all its findings. The outfit of a galley
usually consists of two copper kettles of
St gallons each, a 50 gallon kettlo, with
cast iron jacket and copper hinged cov
ers, two steamers for vegetables, each
with a capacity of 32 gallons; two sets
of saucepans, a fine set of tools for lift
ing and firing and tho ordinary cooking
The lino officers look after the condi
tion of tho guns, tho rigging, the boats,
tho cables, tho anchors, tho flags and
signals, tho charts, the nautical mstrn
meats and other parts of tho ship's
equipment. What this means can only
bo appreciated by ono who has actually
undertaken tho task. A volume might
he written in regard to tho signals alone.
When all this work has been done,
the shin is ready to go into commission,
and up to this time everything has been
under control of tho commandant of the
yard, so that when the captain of tho
ship arrives and reports himself to the
yard commander little remains for him
to attend to. In the meantime men have
been brought together to constitute the
Sometimes they aro enlisted particu
larly for the ship which is about to go
into service, at other times they are
withdrawn from other ships which have
just been put out of commission. The
crew and marines report aboard with
bags and hammocks; the captain orders
tho crew to bo drawn up on the spar
dock promptly at noon upon tho day on
which tho ship is to bo put formally in
commission, reads to them his orders
from tho secretary of tho navy detailing
him to tho command, hoists tho com
mission pennant to tho main truck and
the stars and stripos to the gaff or stall'
at tho stern, and all is ready.
The ship is now in commission. San
Francisco Call.
Greek and Latin.
M. Julos Lemaitro condumued tho
study of Groek and Latin tho other day
at tho Paris Sorbouue. Ho declared that,
tho national mind had been formed not
by the literature of tho Greeks aud Ro
mans, except in an indirect way, but by
the Scriptures first and afterward by tho
great French writers. AI. Lemaitro
further declared that ho regretted hav
ing studied Greek and Latin 12 years,
whereas he is ignorant of English, which
is spoken by half tho world, and only
knows German m a pimm umuiim,
Dwelling in lilts is making great
headway in Loudon, especially in tho
west end, but many persons are averse
to being known as residents of such.
Landlords advertise them as "mansions
built in utoriw."
Clrouuntttce Alter Cases.
Circumstances are still much in the
habit of altoiing casos. It is said that a
Yorkshire socialist was explaining to a
friend the principles of his belief, and
that ho made the statement at the outset
that all possessions should be shared
mi n ti 11 V.
"If you had two horses, " aaid the
friend, "would you give me ono?"
"Of course," said tho socialist.
"And if you had two cows, would
you do the same?"
"Of course I should."
"Well, suppose now," said the friend
slowly, "that you had two pigs, would
you give me one of them?"
"Eh, tha'sgottin ower near homo,
said tho other slyly. . "Tha knows I'vo
got two pigs." Youth's Companion.
il !
(PintrtT da via'.)
A Sure and fif Remedy In every ease Ig
and every kind of Dowel Complaint 13
Pain-Killer, f
This Ib a true statement nnd It can't be
madu too atrong or too emphatic.
It h a simple, safe and quick cure for
Cr3ar, C h, r.heurantts .n, l
Colic, Co! is, IVenralfc-la,
Diarrnroa, Cr p, Tootllacho. j
two sjzb 23c. and fft. :g
$70,000,000 IN GOLD
Vi!J be tufcen out of tho Klondike nest
Tho arrivnl of tlio stoamer Kit-Cf'l.-
inr in San Fi.incisi'o, Sept. IB,
v uii ia..oi.vF,tj-,,i worm oi (join
from tlio Klondike mnkosa grain
R$k' sK4l iroiri tne ivintinn.-e
BlfoWtj total of over S7.GO
Br9 Si Wt'i 'bat district
ft?! !?'1 a"d probably ns n
W-ft?s3 alninily b-cu tak
uiuii ot over in. t ,i;uu,uoy rrec'ivea
Binro .luiy lit,
mudi moro 1ms
tnlron onfc nod id
IwM by miners who linve not ynt
rnturnecl, tvhilo comiietcut an
tboriiios esiimnto Unit at leant
jK.V;(;o,oco morn will bo taken
out this season. You can soetiro a
sbnroof this vast iveftlth if yon
v. ill embrace tho opportunity and
invest in the stock of tlio Alaska.
Yulin-Klo:nliko Gold Svndicatu,
Jf fll. I-Vi-c! XI. JSl-tllll. lrL'tta
Cel. W m. J. Aliiylim-y, TreaH.
Capital Stock, $500,000. Shares $1 each,
lull Paid and lion-Assessable
We offer the lirc.t Work of 10(1,.
000 slums of this stock at only
Ono (1) Holier per Share, in
amounts to suit any investor,
luino or sniiill. ilonot fail to i ri
vn.itiirato this enterprise. 81J:.
invested now may bo worth
thouHt'.iids to you within 13
liioiillm, moro or less iu same
Tlic Fymlirato Is mithnrlzi'd to purchase,
build ami at 11 H.l kimU of lua.'liiliLTV, shiiis
anil b.it -. In tr;n,fi ,rt I: !it ami iiuss...ii
Ki'rs, Incut,', ir.iri linst anil ilrvi'l.ip mim-n mid
I!li;im;" pr. iirrti- .1; to purri. Jst lurt.ti! and
uli'.ain Oliver iiiiii iitrirhtit, l.i t.nvn sites, tim
her rci:i'rv's, pliu'i-r ami q'mr:z .ijiifs, anil to
do a ir'ticrul tniiiiii!; boKitn-tK in mipplii-,
Z 3 Pti'iw.l f n ' I'.i'rti i.'ai lililf.l' .fry. ih-eu priv
ili'.f; a M ill In. oi hmndisevalULtothe sharo
'$?J llul.liT3 ul' the S, ndicate.
Write f.H- 'Trip St.n y of Ivldll
tfiii'V an Ulu.struti-tl bjuk, I'm.1.
'1 .tihlri'ss all mijUirics VJ
Alas ;a-Vukon-K on dike Gold Svndlcata.
Wfii:3, CjSuO B3nk Block. Portland. Me.
Sliiiili lie iu Every Home and Lite
0 u
hoti l.y Ml Ait Hon. Willinm Kw;rt ifi'e.
r of (hw.'tt Priti.ni end lrt'Cii'l. t h'-'.-T,
I, ev. A. II. Sum'O, CitMrn V i 'ol ! o.i 'a i J- u :..
;::;ir: i Iv.'M Vnrti, L. I)., Tlw;ld f.v il
rhifiwt. 1H-; Uw. Trodoric . l'lirn.r, '.(.,
i l;.S.. i'. ;u of Cmuirtmry, "antoi nvy, Km?.; lit v.
KiiiHT H.C '.in, n.l).,Tiu"1s IVilU'iie, Kowrviile. Ma-s.;
Kcv. J-Mink W tiuiiHuulus, l.l).. Armour Iiii.iinv.rt,
(M'.ifsii HI. j Pev. Goi'ii-Ho V. l'ontPCt.-M, D.I .. M i
lxni I'm l;.U'riim Church, LmiHon, i-nt-.; Kcv. U. S.
MucArtlmr, Calvuiy Bnftisi Clmivli, Nw Vu k
City, N. V.: Miwtyn Suiumrl.pH, I'.U., IM'iui
Stiv-t Vro Hup! i.-t CtiMrrh, Ltwitpn, Mn ; llfc'v. ! r-iiik
M. liristnl. D.D., Flr-t Moino-iist l'.pici.p;il Uutrrli,
hvintun. Hi,; Kev. W. T. Moore, l.L.D.,'"i hr li:.f-;
tinn Cor:iii:ouv.f'n!th," London, l.r.s'; lUr. f Aw
Kvirott tiule, l.i.. South Cont-ii'mitioual Cti'.n.'li.
HoKton, M.i-8.; Hrv. Josnph Atnr HoeV, I.'.D., He:r.n
Coll(ji?o, IJirhnimvl, line; R-'v. C'.ispnr lieiiii Cirnt'ory,
l,eip.i l-'iiiveriiy, Lfiiizi..', i c-jiu ; i : ; I.t-v. ni.
(Ucavcr Wilkinson, D,I Vtiivnr-ity of ( .iKMP, ' m
nntio. II1.; Uev. S'imuel Unit, 1 D., Trinity ( n,l";;o,
H an Cord . Conn . s liev. . . M on vn Oil on . i I ' .t..Jli . s
Wood rrfsbUrin Church. L.Miiii'n.jMij.: : Uev Jc-!e
C. i.-rin:r, I.L.D.. Tlie T?ni!S. ) lo:i, j.Ia. t
I'lli'L LA "I I, Hi I I U.I. - Vi I'd lit", Hl'W '
tions, Kt't edgj.-s, cloth,
li.uf 1..
:.V; '...
lov.inr-, ,
Ul Altlll I.IIITIOV.
f ii
tlnnn. rltjio A yilt. r.',i,
(l.'i '.ftl: ;luin il -.p'.o vr.ill::i.
in 1". J'Arl'rS.iiiiiirlo i("
ya:.;r r-iv.;.-, i.. - (I, 1li;n..i.'
1'i.r s.ilo im r.il lii.i.k. t.i'.fi.
fur 'vr i;n .ni'iririp. vil'i
Vuliiiali.'T.Hiinir.'ll ,M..ii!"
Iciilil, uno v.i
. ri r' I
The Oflical Guide to the
the (ioltl Fioiils of Alusliii.
Kctttil l'l-.t-c, ,il.00.
I'lt.n.iv tut' refill' nn.l Kiiictly niulu-ntic. '1'lis
iictuiil ci!i..nkiiui. of inliicin nnJ llii'lr uwrvtlciis
iliB.-iivi rii nf uuld. 'l'lic infiii-iimliiill coi.litini'il in
iliUI.ci.il. Im I.ti'n ram-, HI !y prpiurci fiom-lhe
li.t.'sl it 11 iliU' f unci.-, mill win Iil1 Uki iiuMiiwul Ii'iul
lit thon:.ii.li lo forlliiK' in U.rf
Thr oot; cnnlnliif 300 P' g.'oami In Uhmtriiti'd
ullh3 JfnU I'JiL'o plu'toymphi. tiiki-n I'Kpvci.illy
fur thU ivurk.und iiiso 8 i ii(i'i of otH hi rapj,
We urrLhi sole puDlUherv""Th6 Offi
cial Guide to the Klondike Country;
Cii-Otb3r puTjUoatlan purporting to ba I
ntr iniU.itioriS-
11 cintR at unci for
H i aecnl' ouilit.
Vt . B. ( onkey Company,
Dearlorn Street, ChicagJ.
3 to 5 Per Gent.
Kanii'il fur clii'iitH. Money i.i not in
vi'stcil iu the slock market or in so-culled
syimicMes, but iu piml, solid collateral,
where no loss can lie. possible.
You eun invest $10 to s? 1 0d0. or any
nmmiiit U-lween ; can withdraw it t any
time; anil can have prhui i:il and inter
est eliaranleed.
Have never lost a ilollar for a ciistfu
nu r. Years of exeno!iee wilh salisliril
ciisloiiHis Ihrenulioul all New Kn;cland
Writ.1 .for circulars. l'lic best r.f re fir
,.,.,.. a. ,r. i.vn'iir'.Ki.n,
CO Stale St.. I!o.-.ton Mass.
Ready for agents
&ZfY u 'ran i mift
tn??n i. v.' itonk nl liV.viii.
t' "diiu'i Hawaii, Aiihtia
I in Isliiiils, liKlin,
So'illi .' .ii' a.o'i.-. Hen r
il'u'.h i ! iisl r a ' cd
'-,-.r, Hviir.!, A. 15. l'iy I,
1. V. ' liiiciiiiist. '1 'ie
'?.t '6'Tii.y
ir:'."-.s il'"1'.' Hie st;:: t.
i-jv .'".iriii-. siiie a:;s:'.ri. il.
d.) )0 if'rr'is Vftti tf.d
Mr.Bic.; fiiuL'.ii.Nj
D tL!,l
DeWitt's Coiic & Choiera Cure,
ricuinnl, nick result, tale iu us.
j T7 Am.'.o: .
'I'l l,! l-l .-.Ml 'U 1 - I
was the originator of ' CASTORIA,
has borne and docs now bear
the fac- simile signature of
Tkisis the original "CASTORIA" which
the hemes of the Mothers of America for or
LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper v
the, hind you have always bought
and has the signature of
per. No ono has authority from me to use ?; name exeept
Tlio Centaur Company, of which Chas. K Fletcher U: President.
Marcus, isus.
Do Not Bo Deceived,
ondancrcr t!ie life of your child In'
siil jstitutu which come druyj;t may
a camp
he make;; a few
which even h
Kind You Have
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed You.
NCiV i T i S '
vn .It .il
IU 11. It. unni
litH fur t ; 1 VM.:,t
;wl!in li'.i I nv.'.i. ..
man. All cto-i .ir - v O i'S PISF-.'.Sf.S
n(v:rJ n'...ili?i tl'ey trim
ifif-Jiciil t-i;ill.;.li;ut all casj ai Consuinjit n
I'lu-miii.ti-i'ii, Cuiurrn, Kiihi-y nmt livt-r i-rn-jMitiui
i 'i !i'' Iriiij- i' :o t lie-t lima-:'', ami t.y
nuiiiyiMt; i Na pn!,i:r TMmBrtins h rurn can ;l- jfijS
v.-nys iM eShM-iP'l. Mfiny mfin FulInrii)K f n in Sj
fin .ir i urowmtiK men, frjrasia.ii; w
lifter iii" ih HtntWB, f-ueh .ik free Prescript'1,1'1. -3
t I'L-e I if ;iUnnn(f. elc. only tu ilj'd tlMMJi:ni F
. diiuo'l Ii r.nini) f raii.tulfnt (V O. D. dnitfjiiet or w
eui, tiiny. S t yr mpori 11:1111 a. t-
Vciv; a Mrfal BonJ or Ounrnnt
to cutii cr rt-lurui your .non . .
TreaUin iit ni, hon.-i an well tm hero! fjn-e r.
nruiA. Miiiiifl rmirniitf'e. la iUosB ttliO I'M- 'ir
I to como J?(ro we will rontnvcb to rutv;
r.iilroiia i:uo "n'l nott.t ivj (.ni8 ir
fiul to cure. BfcSliPCQCXOO CTpiuW f
bi?GU if our fibnoluto Guarantee to
cure or refund ycur monuy. it- y- ;iva sfj
tired ot quackery, it' vr.'.Ou-.vc in:y of the ah ve ulj
SvmptoniT J;M. in.-'l.n lift; a antienibi ftsi 't- ?
viiiimiile :
nnd our t
.iii;-(i tis r.M'--: ct :-fect . reiitii.-Io
, I., 'nt-iliiiil '!
v i.;i:ill .nial,
,itl..i Au. ess
, I ..
r u;l!i1 uiii--
:v.; ff?
PHI!.; A
IlliiUIIIUOil. Ijiii .aei.i
iiiRe (funiiy. j ti' y io
muvo any hil insto
in tht mouth, l';tvliiK
1 Bf Alt I b Perfumed. It Ini
! i t'iu jii.H.nri i" in io
tlioiii tnstuud ol uuu
i suuUtiri UquiUa ur cuuuoii-bail pills.
. r.isc.VEi Ts
f Hro lire, r vcir.'Uisnt;
DIlft?l V iwl miuiin n'o hicr
rviibLI Iif'urli'.l or tuber r.n-
7(M':il f. son. Tlioy
UCrSTJBD! iff mtitl cf tin- int-
.rct! ii nil nil a (.;'; te
never t of ore puttoutberin tu.v fimn.
ntiscitUc. I'.m
nii'iins th" Kt.oi iit,
d.a' -tod fnoi i void
f'K,i liv in tl' i Lf!n-
V nt'Mlrf
ilrfioti in tho
fyri'is oi tiuy
ktua that breed and ieed in tl:c a.'twra.
tniK' (lie stt.rnfu Ii tlllll
!i bowcisuiii! Htinailntc
II tUu ;;i.y liver. mMt
i uj tt work. Tiiy
v sTteriirtden the l'f-v
9 o! niiii put thppi tnto
Vi;,MiI'M li Mt i t h y
conrlitlon, uiaKing
tholr oettun eay and natural.
f iho-6i:.i-'.-oi o.ii :-j errors, inrtipceetio.is
(1 overworli. oiiiuiiass, nr tmm hi, j cm.
a wo car. ciuioki ana irmanenilycwi-e
-A in. .nii.1 mif iilnm n.t:iji;ii'.s Known to uioil -in
9 m ts.vr -v.
25 SO dffiaa
V ...
jtDon't iudee CASCARETS ty other medicines you have tried. They
arc new, unlike anything else
i i v a, i-
only' genuine.
Beware Of
imitations 1
?ZmTt7rr0t ToKioco Habit or ymnvy r,omilcd. .MkJK
IQ-YO"BAC lath Via sua suavuBtKa bj -i. uruwi&jpan
V.";.mt sort cf start arc you ,-roinp U
'.: touHu money uud bo Biii:cesf!i
goiiifi to wear yourselves out In tho clii'crli .ss uruil'ci.
depunds on your parents, tlie other hull o.i you.
succeeilWUO ARK READY. If you want to bo lm.
vourself worthy of It. There aro tL.Jus.inds ot m a wvet
sr.d millions of S3n wi-rk men befinc
',ou will .'et it-sure. The bestei; "nr.
bis own way iu tht woiid if a uuui.ic iu
Tlii n v-'t ppV-rTHtPr'. nrficltcil nc' .ml
is to ci y ullljir l..H)iii -Hiieil Ir -in i
. hli'le r imiei's und tlui.s earn better pay.
perilous, im-i-'.ly youi.? uiun ai'd buys .r
. positions ul ihu world.
A pi ind sehool, whoso ili!ilnii,-.'5 :ir
Sniiil1 HElTomptiy Encuroii iu,1 in' w .
cour:e,J. . ,
. :i r lro cawioin'P a oe n i'iri
will ne snrpriseil to learu in 1;. w i"rl .
uiy bo had. Address us above nm.itu
," AND
same that
- on every
used ih
: ' U 18
. sA . ?
offer you
more pennier, on it
the in
- S does
l:; .it;
A I,--.-
Bought "
1.L V C
Mi ii. v nun n in
I ri- el i inv v
Kii l.U ..f Un .i
mil In lily, hi ;!!;
l.lmli.u rih- i .i
-I:iKii li-sli
11 t.-Hs nil i:
liiliili'. Un in. i .'
clr. I! M-1N !! i .
1,11.1 I-jll-1 11. 1 .
-li ii 1 (' lll.il n
til wlni'li iiwln.!i
wi.rk ;i ii whi l e i
iliiTiil liin;-.
iij le to tho nur.i-
C tO M'll "l(l!il
a w 1'iMik from Iii; h
-inilnl from m tn il
a Mipcrinr limp ;.f
i ' in ix colors,
n v.iiiiiio", forturan
i-.'licv to ri't the."',
i i i.ilv is iuti rpsti ii
i ilv iUi
1 1 1 1 1 1 : ; :
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M I'. ,:1 1
.."111 ll. ,.i
Vtnr II !'
i'i ii- l y
llii' Iii rile
. 11 !!.
Iv snle lit filil.
ii n i-oiiiplt-te oi t
i ami connneii s
t mice. We si e
Ail. In
S( I; AN TON ,t CO.,
l'L.-iilMii'i. 1 larl ford, Conn.
l!r v. L. 0. ir.'.SS, 1. il., Manag-cr.
Villfl'lHL'. 1
lill:, I. ll.
tun. 1. I
.: 'I'l.n.iii... i .iin.ilii; Xt-w Cr
Ni v ciK. N. V. ; Wiu-liing-.
: .wi..i I'l'Mii. -Lo. Ciil. ; (.'hi
ll.: St. l.l.'lliN Jlo., and
111 11 IT, ( oliil'llllo.
Tlicrfi hip tiioii inuls v( iifitinns to befilkd
Willi ill tin' nrxf lV' muliths.
AdiliTssall iipiilii'iitiniis to I'niox Tkciieks
Ai;i:sc-iks, Siilt.-l.-uri;, l'u. 3
Bears the A 1 hc W HaffltofS BOUgM
8isre &&tfk&t
f bin a MM
lin'i'f'iiso tho liow iii 4j
h llkin nursii; nnt Ii- K
ers. A tni'U'L i.-;i!cn a
by tht niothfi' iitaM'- If
Ikt miik mi! til 1 i-xuv
ntivo nnd lui n mild V
n ivh
butecittilu ctV-'ct i '.I t)
tho baby, tito or-lv
fctiie luxutivu Uv tlij Lmbu
.... r.isr iKi Tu
UK; llM-ii hy Jtj. 'i-l.il.
fiit-n, I lit y in m 4)
Illli 'i Kin":, a
crn'iip'. timi KHl lit".' 7 f f?
lll-iVf off WOIlbl-. Itt ft
nil kinds fi pi'i::- ft
vitrs tli;it Mvi' li;-1t
t)0".vt:H of tho tzruv, ,ng child
... ' AHCA Il I'.TM, k
t.iut'ii iui if 1 1 1 i . cm- a
iUMitly . sirt''ui r-.i ri- ;i
ti'fd to cine tiny iiy- A
Of COflMll'ilth'.-. fi" S
MHttt-r how ii'. -A i't ,i V
ohKtli ate, c our f
l !lJlt' lilDJ'OV win hf f
c) .fi fullv ful utiU.'ii
by your own dniKtit,
.... ( ASCAJIr I
lire sold by nil di i!i
f-l-ta for lO". Si.r,
rQ a Iioje, ni'tnfi
nu to Hize. A
Imijc will jrov tlifir
nicrll put j ! on
thn niit lotid to if t-
1 nonnnnciM
health. Won't ri.:. delay
that's sold, ana mumtay sapcrior. ,
your money lv.cfc! Larger boxes, 25c or 60c. r
Sample anil booklet mailed free. Address
v'v .-'-- - j t ' . i p
MONinKAL, cn. - New v.tik, 188
;ii..l In life? Are you coins,
l iHiuess uieuf Or ore you
Mi d Ubor i Half of this
iiiinrs siwuit yon If you
..ii tilt tu i.i'uo them. Men-
i,..od Kalai y you must analie X
.i..u:i lnvii.;.' lor gooa men, .
for rnor l'ln
;r ' 'i'i nr.- worth ."0 a wcok
ut a "oumi m;i.u c::i i.vo lo tiyeevs io uiaua i
!' ,.,.,! ; M tho Ollefte
f.ir i.
. ere.. I
t h .' . i
1 r-IOITi!
nil i'iv
1 I- ,,'.': r
km to I'll tn
ol hie, more limn u,uw
n o. ULU.1 to 1111 the best
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