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. ,f(.0il.iiind No. 9 Wheeler Wilson
apwlns Miu'liine In prime condition for work,
r bHruntiux in new machines, made hy one
fhi ohl nml l)ett ninufHctiirine compmiieH,
Jd,lre 0. A. Alnsworth. WllliauiHtown or
Foil S vi.K- Coul Stove almost new, In
lir-t-c:',oriler m1 Iflwt reduction
,111 1 mude in the price. Mrs. K M. York,
U Kim Street. ""
Fnur House Lots on Pearl Street, corner
int summer and l'earl Streets, SO feet front,
" I. .hree lots 00 feet each. Inpulre of K. I.
1W Main Street.
To Rent.
WSTICI. A good, flrstrclass . black
' imitliatonce. J. A. Denuo, Kim st. 122
T"Tyr,Five large connecting rooms,
suitable for office tfud tenemeutcoinbiued.
nne flight A.vM' Block, recently occupied
h?l)r stieknev, also single front office up
ZdW- 1- M- Averill.
ro HKN'T. A. four-roomed tenement on
X Klin street. Inquire at Tklkurav
"tcT Kent. Uuo desirable olllce in
Eastman Block. 21 t.
W vyi'KO Hy a relial'le and experiene
' 1,11 iirouud man a position, willing to
do anv kind of work. Inquire ut Telkoham
office." bJ
W VSTliU. lirijjht Hoy wanted about 18
' years of tttfe at the Combination Cash
Store Company. latl tf
nr ANTED. Salesmen; good salary, steady
" work. First .National Nurseries, Kg-
thester, N. V.
WAST K P. Hy an experienced girl a posi
tion to du housework. Inquire i Spauld-
iug street.
XTHP. Experienced clolnlug saies-
m ill ut. mire uv the Combination Cash
Store Co. ; must have good reference. Call or
address Cunilmialioncmiu oiore to., uarre, r t-
ANTKIL Immediately, one euamlier
miiiil ami two waitresses. Apply
Howard House, Bethlehem, . 11.
LOM'.-Julv 13, somewhere in the vicinity
of East 'Uarre, a Camera. Will nutler
please le u 1 1 Kast Uarre 1'ost-ofllce and re
oiac hi i.ible reward. .
Central Vermont Railroad.
amlihCTKU TO JUNK. 26. 1898.
Tram, luave Barre daily, except Sunday, an !o.
S 10 A M.-MA1L, For Boston via. Lowell oi
KIlchtiuigiNew York via. dpringdeld and
ail New England paint.. Parl-ir oar to Bo
ton vis. Lowell, without change. Con
nects t White Uiver Junction with White Moun
Kin iiipren. with through Parlor Car lo New York
via Springfield, arriving 7.10 p. rfl.
lit nnP.M.-FABTEXPIUSS. For Boston
Lowell ; New York via. Springfield andvia
New London . Buffet parlor oar to Boston .
a 10 I'.U.-LOCALPASSKNGKR. For North
Held, Kandolph, and White River
Junction, connecting with mixed
train for Windsor.
1100 1. M NIGHT EXPRESS. Leaves Barre
week days only ,but leaves Montpelier 12.40
a. a. .daily Including Sunday a. Due Bos
ton via. Lowell dally 8.16 A. M . Boston via.
fltchlmrg, daily (except Sunday) 0.60 a. ;
Sunday 10.20 a.m. New York (except Bun
liny) 11.25 A. M. On Sundays runs to Spring
Held only . Wagner sleeping oara to Jostou
via. Lowell and to Spriugtield
g 60 A. M. -LOCAL EXPRESS. For Burling
luii.at. A loan., Richford, ltouaee Point and
Ondeoebucg, Connects at hsaex Junction with
esirea for all points on Rutland R. R.
3.0ft P. M. MAIL. For Burlington, Rutland,
Cambridge Junction, St. Albans, Montreal,
Norwood, Ogdensburgu and the West. Wag
ner l'arlor Car to Montreal, and through
sleeping cor Swauton to Chicago via- Niagara
5.10 P. M.-r3XPRSSS for Burlington, St. Al
bans, and Montreal. Pullman bleeping Car,
Montpelier Junction 10 Chicago, without
change. Due Chicago 9.10 p. at. next night.
Connects at Essex Junction for New lork
via, Rutland and Trov.
Suburban Service.
Leave Uarre s.10, 9.60 A. M., 12.00, 8.06, 6.10,
11.U0P. a.
Leave Moutpullcr 8.30, 9.15,10.50 A. St., 12.66,
11.(0 and o.'Al I'. .
Williamstov.'n Trains.
Leave Uarre 1.20 P M.4.30P.H. Due t. tlliama.
town l..i5 p. . A. 'MP a.
Leave Willutinstown 7.30 A. St. 2.80 p. . Due
Barre 6.06 a. a. J.uu p. m.
Geo. Sunt. (Jen. Pass. Agent
II. It. bTiiI'UU'1'ON, Supt. VI. Ik W. K. Dlv.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R
On and attor Monday, August 1st, 1898, trains will
ran as follows, Sundays excepted.
Leave Barre, 7.30 , 8.55, 10.20 A-m. 12.30,1.45.
3.05, 4.00, 6.10, 6.65, 9.65 P. M.
Arrive at Montpelier 7.45,9.10, 10.35 A.., 12.4 ,
2.00,a.), 4.20, 6.80, 7.10, 10.10 P. M.
Leave Montpelier, 6.ao 8.1U, 9.46 A. X., 12.00 a,
1.06, 2.40, 3.30 , 4.45, 8.15 , 9.30 P.M.
Arrive al Burin, 8.60, 8.26, 10.06 A. St., I2.1S, 1.20,
2.66, 3.56, 6.00, 8.30, 9.45P. M.
Suburban Service Is subject to changes. AppU
oatioti from the people for more trains,
or better service will be cheerfully consid
ered. All trains will stop on signal at any place
between Montpelier aad Barre to take passengers,
sad will mop at any place to leave passengers, pro
vldid tae plitoe is made known to the conductor.
1 30 A- M-
Connects at Wells River with Accommodation
Train north, and with Mall and Express Train
loath over the Passumpsic Division of Bostou &
Malae It, It. Through Train service from Wells
River via. l'lvmnnt.h nr.Whltfl River Junction to
Boston, and via, Bellows Falls and Springfield for
lurk. Arrives In Boston .ou P.
rork (Urand Central Depot) 7.10 p. M.
12 30 P.M.
Through service, Burlington toFabyans. Stops
st all nrlnclnal atntlnna hntwaon Wells River and
Fabyana, arriving at Fabyans 4.0C P. H. Connecu
st Kabyans wilt train for. Portland and Old Or-
enaro iieacb. Also with tralu lor Bumroii jbv
Washington, arriving Riimmll 8.80 P. K- Con
seat at Welts River with the Mall Train north over
rusumpstc Division, and tht Paciflo uoasi i
Brt" via Cnnnilion Pncifln Railway to Montreal
Quebec, Chicago and the Pacllh Coast. Through
niecpingcars Montreal to unicago every uay jcbf,
SattirrbiVH. ' Tn Par.triA Hnaal nvurv rinv eXCQDt SUH-
lay. Also with KipreiS Train a..lvlng In Boston
r. m. aibo wnn nam ror raDyana, wuwwti
hitefleld .Jefferson, r.ln, Groveton and Urand
Truak itallroad.
Connceta at Wells River with Express train north
over li. . m. it R. fo, Kt. .Inhnaburv. Lyndon-
ville. Bartjn and Newpurt with Accommodation
train south for all atatio.ia between Wells River
and Whlu River Junction. Also with Express
iratn north over White Mountain Division rr u
boa. Mtil..ts.n tia(V.lal.m UinaI.. Pmllle Hclse,
Twin Mountain, Kabyans, Crawford's, Whltefleld,
"cuursou ana Lancasiei .
W. 8TANYAN, Supcrln'endent.
F. W. MORSE, Gen'l Pass. Agent.
W. A. HTO WELL. General Manager.
For Infanta and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the , ttTs, .
Signature of CatXVt
Aostrlans Take Vicarious Vengeance
For Empress' Death.
Italians Reported Slain In Hint.
tt Trieste Many Workmen Plee
lnr to Italy Pnneral Train
Arrives at Geneva.
London. Sent. 14 Snor-lol ll-l.
irom Vienna snv thi cn a.
- . v v.uHc Auatriit
Hunearian empire is infuriated against
the Italians as a result of the assassina.
tlon of the EranrMu t.'iirn, j
violent antl-ltallan demonstrations have
fave ai xrlest, where the Ital
lans and natives hnvo vD n-u,--
the streets with sticks and stones, some-
revolvers. Six deaths are
reported to have
- met , aim
the troops were called out to suppress
the disturbances.
At Gratz an Italian peddler has been
lynched, and at Vienna fully 1,600 Ital
ians employed on the municipal works
have been summarily dismissed In order
lu ivbii a. popular revolt, and the Ital
ian Consulate there la o-,,o,ii i .
strong body of Infantry.
flispntch from Rome says that the
antl-ltallpn demonatmtl
have made a deep Impression there. The
newsr-aprs urpe tne government to see
thflt Ttnllnna nm m-ntonlnj e- .
. rll,vn.itu iioui unjus
tifiable attacks. Numbers of Italian
wornmen ere returning- to Italy, owing
i" im-em? ur tne Austrlans.
A Oeneva (Vspatoh stat?s It is ros lble
lat TjUChoni mav nnf psnnnn tYia iiaii.
pennlty. s a foreigner he may be tle-
uveren over to Austria under the 'aw cf
exrnrn-'tf.rlality, tT which the em
rcF .was subject at the time of her
FnnrrnI Trntn Arrives.
The soeclal train wr-'rh la tn mn,.
the body of the emnrrits nf Anatrin tn
Vienna has arrived here. The train
consists r.t a special car for the coffin,
a sleeplnar car and two saloon cars for
the use of the high officers accompany
ing the body and an ord'nnry passenger
car. The interior of the funeral car is
draped with black throughout, the rim.
pery being arranged In the most simple
manner ana vitnout any attempt at or
The car Is lirhted hv slv hlnnlr nur.
tained windows. Tn the renfet of
car is a low platform, upon which the
coffin will be placed and securely held
by straps. The platform is surrounded
by an iron railing.
Four diernitaries of the Aiistr'nn rnnrt
sent by Emperor Francis Joseph to take
cnarge or tne noay or tne empress came
with the train and were received at the
station by General Beizeviczy, grand
marshal or tne Austrian court, and oth
er Austrian officers already here. The
entire party proceeded at once to the
Hotel Beau-Rivage. The dignitariel
who arrived on the funeral train were:
Counts Abensoergtraun and Bellegarde,
Countess Harrach, mistress of the
robes, and countess Festetlcs, chief
larlv in wnirlnir to the late emnress.
The train wlllprobnhly s'Tt for Vienni
at 9 o'clock in the morning.
AnnrchislN nt Work In Rome.
Rome. Sept. 14. An anarchist mani
festo, signed by "The Revolutionary
Committee," has been distributed in Mil
an during the past few days. The po
lice arrested an I'allan who was en
gaged in distributing the manifesto. Tht
prisoner, who had just arrived from
Switzerland when he was seized, shout
ed: "I-ne live anarchy! Death to ttu
king!" Pome of the people in the crow I
present at the time of the arrest Inter
fered with the police cfliccrs who mad!
the capture, and several persons wen
Injured on both sides before the an
archist was lodged in the police depot.
The newspapeis here remark that thi
recent riots at Milan commenced In I
similar manner.
Tlie IJreyfns fine.
Paris, Sept. 14. The llappel and th.i
Matin say that at the cabinet council
the minister for war, General Zurlin
den. explained his reasons for opposing
a revision of the Dreyfus case. Tha
premier. M. Brisson. and the the min
ister of education, M. Bourgeois, thesi
papers add, urged General Zurlinden ti
t,.n h'a determination, but the presi
dent M. Faure, sided with the mlnlstet
for war, and excited discussion followed,
and the council was adjourned until inn
afternoon, when calmness was restored.
M. Bourgeois, then pointed out the con-
s he rrlsla end further dis-
ciission of the matter was adjourned
until Saturday next.
Mr. Hiinril Sio Worse.
Drdham, Mass., Sept. 14 Hon. Thorn
as F. Bayard passed a comfortable
night, and his condition is reported no
worse. The cool weather h is helped tht
patient, and it is stated that he is not a-,
low as a week ago. The physicians in
attendance attribute h!s remarkable vi
tality to a strong constitution, but it H
thought Mr. Bayard will be unable ti
survive his present illness.
Coacli Lehmnnn Married.
Worcester. Mass., Sept. 14.-R. C. Leh
mann, the English rowing man who hai
coached the Harvard crew for two sea
sons, and Miss Alice Marie Davis oi
Worcester have been married at the
Piedmont Conventional church In this
eltv Rev. Dr. Willard Scott of that
church officiated, using the Episcopal
form The ceremony was followed by a
breakfast at the home of the bride, at
which only the bridal party and tha
immediate friends of the bride we
present. Mr. and Mrs. I.ehmann will
sail for Eng!and on the Majestic.
I .,nor Dcnlcrs In Session.
Syracuse, Sept. 14,-The state wine
liouor end beer dealers' convention
opened It noon in this city It s ex
pected that over 200 men will be in at
tendance at the two days' session. The
nrolect of establishing co-operative
breweries throughout the state in places
whew there Is a permanent disagree
meSTwlth the brewers will be one o
tTe most important -Jeatures of th
gathering. Such ZYoTcM
ready been started In New York city
and $160,000 worth of stock subscribed.
Tlie California Forest Reserves.
San Francisco, Sept. 14.-Binger Herr
J' united States commissioner of
t gene " and office. Is In the city on
hi! wa" to Washington from visit to
? . ,L. in Oregon. He will consult
w th e su'rvyo? general and various
i..wt n "eiita of this estate regarding the
forest re Irves of California and their
connection with the water supply of the
vaUeys He proposes to make an effort
to Prevent the further destruction ot
timber by Ares.
Hay SnllliiK Vr Hmei
t ivornnol Sept. 14,-The White Stat
Livetpooi, -ePl- J . . Tork,
Hnv Mr. J. Anei, "
Revenue Cutler llear's Relief Trip
to the JVorth Succvkstul.
Ntah Bay; Wash., hept. 1. Ihe rev
enue cutter bear louci.ed here on her
way down the cous. Hhe has on board
Lieutenants Jarvia and bertholf and
Dr. Call, composing the relief party,
and 91 members of the crews of the v ea
sels that were wrecked, including the
crew of the schooner L.ouise J. Kenney.
When the men came aboard the bear
after she reached Cape Smythe, there
were 119 in all. Twelve of these ex
changed places with a number from the
Fearless, and 18 shipped on other ves
sels of the whaling lleet. Two shipped
on the Morning Light at Kotzebue
sound, three shipped on some of the
Yukon river steamers when they leach
ed St. Michael's, and 20 others shipped
on the British steamer Uala at Dutch
Besides the loss of the Orca and Free
man last fall the schooner Kosarto was
the only other vessel that was crushed
In the Ice. The other vessels, the New
port, Jeannette, Fearless and Belvidere,
are all out and either on their way down
or have continued on their whaling
cruise. The Wanderer, which went into
Herschel island last fall when she found
she could not get out, is known to be
safe. Captain Newth of the Jeannette,
who was taken ill at Cape Smith, came
down on the Bear, having turned his
vessel over to Thomas Ellis and Charles
The Bear reports that the petty offlrer
of the whaler Rosario committed suicide
by drowning last spring, and in June
Phil Mann of the Jesse Freeman drop
ped dead of heart failure. Gray ot the
Jeannette died of dropsy. A Siberian
and Japanese attached to the fleet also
died since the fleet was last heard from.
Alilrlfh 'luiirliiu the World.
Vancouver, B. C, Sept. 14. T..e steam
ship Empress of China has sailed for
Hongkong and Yokohama. Among hei
passengers was Thomas Bailey Aldrich
of Boston, who, with his family, is mak
ing a trip around the world. Aldrich
will spend a month or two in Japan.
Before he returns he will penetrate the
heart of India. James F. Scrymser,
president of the Pacific Cable company
of New York, is going to Japan to try
to secure a bonus for the cable. Ha
says capital has been guaranteed foi
the cable from San Francisco to Aus
tralia. Emerson Bainbrldge, M. P.,
chairman of the Lancashire, Derbyshire
and East Coast railway and Sheffield
railway, was another passenger.
The Loss of the Jessie.
Seattle, Wash., Sept. 14. E. B. Wish
er, who has arrived here from St. Mi
chael's, Alaska, brings confirmation cl
the published report of the loss of the
steamer Jessie at the mouth of the Kus
kowill river in July, with 18 lives. The
news was brought to St. Michael's by a
trader named Ling, who said that only
one Indian survived. The bodies ol
Captain Murphy and Rev. Welsh had
been washed ashore. The passengers r t
the Jessie were known as the Columbia
Exploration comj-any. Rev. Welsh had
been taken aboard to pilot the party up
the Kuskowill. The Jessie had in tow
the barge Minerva, which was washed
The Mnlne Election.
: Portland, Me., Fept. 11. The biennial
state election fr r the choice of governor,
congressmen, state legislature and coun
ty officers resulted in a Republican vic
tory, but when compared with 1894 the
usual majority polled by the candidates
of that party wa3 greatly reduced. Re
turns Indicate Governor Powers' plural
ity at about 26,000, a Republican loss o!
21 per cent and a Democratic loss ol
only 6 per cent.
This Does Look Spanish.
Hongkong, Sept. 14. A special dis
patch received here from Manila from a
Spanish source says: "Agulnaldo has
liberated all the Spanish prisoners. The
Americans, in violation of the terms oi
the capitulation, have seized the publla
offices, destroyed the archives, disre
garded the municipal laws and are col
lecting the overdue Spanish taxes."
The Wenther.
Cloudy; warmer; east winds.
Closing Quotations of the New York
Stock Exchange
New York. Sept. 13.
Money on call easier at 2M per cent. Frlnu.
mercantile paper, 4a5 per cent. Sterling
exchange steady, with actual business it
bankers' lillis nt SJ.'HMiU.RlH for demand
and nt $4.!2Hn4.S for 00 tlnys. Posted rates
$4..'3(i and 4.K5V$. Commercial bills, $4.81
Silver certificates, fl0!4a()lc. liar silver, 00Hc
Mexican dollars, 47c. Uovernmeiit bondi
firm. Stale bonds dull. Railroad bonds firm
Closing prices:
Atchison 12 X. J. Central 8.
Bur. & Quincy. ...113; North American. BX
C, C C. & St. I,. . itt'i Northern Pacific. 87H
Chesapeake IMVi Do. prof TOW
Chicago lias ll; N. Y. Central 1HV
Cotton Oil H3 Omaha 7i
)cl.& Hudson. ..1IHS-M Ontario West.. V
Erie WK Pacific Mail 32M
General Electric. 43)4 Reading W,
Hocking Valley... 0 Rock Island 101$j
Lackawanna Ml Silver Bullion. ... WH
Lake Sln;re MM St. Paul 1IWH
Lea,l 84 Sugar Refinery. ..i:t
Louisville & Nash fsfi Texas Pacific 13
Manhattan Con.. IT Union Purine... 'Wi
Missouri Pacific. 32 Wabash pref -05-4
Northwestern ...-130H Western Union..
General Markets.
New York, Sept. 13.
FLOUR- State and western firmer and fair
ly active; winter patents, f3.75at.10; wintei
straights, f 3,-f0n3.fi; Minnesota patents, 84a
4.50; winter extras, i2..Hla.S".r.
WHEAT No. " red fairly active and stronR
all the forenoon on higher cables, foreign buy
ing and a strong statistical position; Decem
ber, (Kinll7c; May, OKWaOSSio.
RYE Firm; state, 47a47Hc; No. 2 western,
47c, e. I. f., Buffalo.
CORN No. 2 firm on cables and in sym
pathy with wheat; December, 34 15-lBn3r,c.
OATS No. 2 dull, but firm; track, white,
state, atalWc.; track, white, western, 2Ia3(lc.
POllK Dull; mess, 0a9.50; family, Jll.H)u
LARD-Quict; prime western steam, $5.27)i.
BUTTER Firm; stato dairy, 13al8c.; Btate
creamery, HJalCc.
CHEESE Steady; large, white, 7c; small,
white, 7'(ia7Kc.
EOGS-Firm; state and Pennsylvania, lie;
western, lHc. ,,,,
SUWAR Raw strong; fair refining, 313-16a
8c; centrifugal, 06 test, iHc; refined firm;
crushed, 6 15-lfic; powdered, le.
TURPENTINE Quiet at 31a31Hc
MOLASSES Steady; New Orleans, 28u33c.
RICE Firm; domestic, 6a(c; Japan, ft
TALLOW Quiet; city, 3c; country, 8a
HAY Dull; shipping, 30a35c.; good to choice,
m mi (-! Roosevelt Dnrled.
. London, Sept. 14. The remains of th
Marehesa d'Alligri (liiancne itooaeve w,
the American singer and novelist, whos
death was announced on Saturday last
have been hurled in Bromley cemetery
The funeral was private.
IlnllhiH For Governor.
Concord, N. H.. Sept. 14.-Hon. Frank
W Pollins of Concord has been nomi
nated' for governor by the Republlcar
Btateioonventlon here. .
The largest gold coin iu the world is
the British 5 sovoreitjn piece ; the small
est is coined in Persia and has a value
nf only 44 cents.
Report to This Effect Reaches Santl
mro and Excites Cubans.
Santiago de Cuba, Sept. 14. An un
contradicted report-has been received
by General Lawton saying General
Maximo Gomez, the insurgent com
mander In chief, has tendered h)s resig.
nation of the command of the Cuban
army to the Cuban government ot Ca
maguey and that it has been accepted.
Gomez, It appears, has been protesting
against the Cuban government's yield
ing the control of the affairs of the Is
land to the Americans, and his explana
tion for resigning was his disapproval
of "passive submission to conditions
tending to the practical discrediting and
retirement of the Cuban republic as
such and the establishing of the abso
lute dominion of the United States."
The Cubans at Santiago were much
excited by the report, and there was an
animated scene at the San Carlos club
when the matter was discussed. The
report was disbelieved by many, who
say that General Gomez's resignation at
this time Is utterly Improbable. Others,
however, say Gomez resents the putt'ng
of the Cuban army under the authority
of the American generals and claims the
Cubans should resist, even by force of
arms If necessary.
Generals Cobreco, Castillo, Pedro, Pe
rez and other Insurgent leaders have
turned over their commands to General
Lawton. General Perez has 8,000 men
in the vicinity of Guantanamo, which he
will disband this week by order of Gen
eral Castillo. There Is now a general
desire on the part of the Cuban army to
disband, as the Insurgents have leavned
that the question of their back pay will
not be considered by'the Americans.
Lieutenant Colonel Rowen and Cap
tain Parker, accompanied by Lieutenant
Colonel Carlos Garcia, son dt General
Garcia, and two other Cuban officers,
have arrived here on horseback from
Glbara, on the north coast. Colonel
Rowen was sent here by Gpneral Miles
from Porto Rico. He will take observa
tions in Cuba, geographical, climatic
and military, for the government. He
was fitted out with guides, horses and
provisions by the Cuban commander,
Ferla, at Glbara and visited Holguln,
which Is ea'riscned by 12,000 Spaniard.!
under General Luque. Oood health g n
erally prevails among both Cubans and
Spaniards In the northern part of tha
Island. The Spaniards entertained Colo
nel Rowen and his Cuban companion!
Gnnld Looks For Prosperity.
London, Sept. 14. Mr. George J. Gould
of New York, who sails for home on
board the White Star line steamer Teu
tonic, in an interview said: "All I have
heard from home since we have been
abroad has convinced me that we ara
on the eve of an era of prosperity per
haps unprecedented in our history. Tha
business outlook could not be better,
and, with the splendid harvest they will
have to move, railroad securities ought
to boom. This naturally will have a
beneficial effect on all sound stocks.
have been on a holiday here for two
months and can say little about the
present status of the Manhattan and
rapid transit questions. So far as 1
know, It has not changed since my de
parture." Touching on politics, Mr.
Gould said, "I believe the Phillppina
question will be peacefully settled to
the satisfaction of the American people,
but I have given It little or no thought.
Chlcairo Wants New Government.
Chicago, Sept. 14. The city council
has adopted a resolution providing fol
a commission of nine members to pre.
pare an entirely- new form of govern
ment for the city ot Chicago. It is tha
Initial step for a consolidation of tht
town, city and county governments.
The resolution, after reciting the evils
growing out of the present Justice court
system, makes a general complaint ol
the present charter of Chicago as being
behind the needs of the city. Six ol
the members of the commission are 1 1
be appointed by the mayor and the oth
er three bv the county commissioners.
Instances That Prove Their Possession of
the Computing Faculty.
Sevetal years ago there lived in Cin
cinnati a mule which was employed by
street railway company in hauling
cars np a steep incline, mis animai
was hitched in front of the regular
team and unhitched as soon as the car
arrived at the top of the hill. It made
a certain number of trips in the fore
noon (I have forgotten the number, but
will say 50 for the sake of convenience)
and a like number in tho afternoon,
resting for an hour at noon. As soon as
the mule completed its flftioth trip it
marched away to its stable without or
ders from its driver.
To show that it was not influenced
by the sound of the factory whistles and
bells the following remarkable action
on the part of this animal is vouched
for by the superintendent of the hue,
who gave me theso data : On a certain
occasion, during a musical testival, tms
mule was transferred to the night shift,
and the very instant it completed its
fiftieth trip it started for the stables, it
took the combined efforts of several
men to make it return to its duty. At
night there were no bells or whistles to
inform the creature that "quitting
time" had come. It had counted the
trips, and having finished its full quota
of 50 it thought that the time for rest
and food had arrived.
Some monkeys give unmistakable evi
dences of the possession by thorn of the
computing faculty. In 1889 I made tho
acquaintance of a very intelligent chim
panzee which could count as high as
three. That this was not a trick sug
gested by sonsual impulses I had amplo
opportunity of satisfying myself. The
owner of the animal would leave the
room, no one being present but myself,
and when I would call for two marbles
or one marble or three marbles, as the
case might bo, the monkey would grave
ly hand over tho required number. Ko
mancs mentions an ape which could
count three, tho material used in his
experiment being straws from tbo ani
mal's cago. Wolff, Darwin, Forbes, and
Hartman also give instances of the com
puting faculty in apes and monkeys.
James Weir in Lippincott's Magazine.
Queen Wllhelmlna.
There is no longer any doubt that
Wilhelmina, queen of the Netherlands,
is engaged to marry Prince Bernhard
of Saxe- Weimar, who is now 20 years
Df age and the second sou of the late
Hereditary Prince of Weimar. The
ponng queen has lately been in Paris
soeing the sights and selecting a trous
leau. Her dresses, rides in the Bois and
gooduoss of face and character have
oeou items of interest in the Paris jour
wls. They deem it significant that she
ihops iu Paris instead of Berlin and be
iovO the future queen a valuable person
io cultivate. 4 ' '
We hand folks over to God's mercy
nd show none ourselves. George Eliot.
"50 YEARS'
ublishoo by the NtW-YoiiK 'J'lilllKK.
Second Edition.
rir.es, 18 ty 12 1-2Irch.es.
A general review of tho advances
and improvements made in the luading
brunches of farm industry during tlie
last half century.
Special articles by the best agricnl
tural writers, on topics which they have
made their life study.
Illustrations of old fashioned imple
ments. , A vast amount of practical Informa
tion.' A valuable aid Lo farmers who do.
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ft k
a w
Wurty ffl: n r.-i-r. "''' - : m ;t1-
tt f,f.h'v ' --re
bai.-s "
if. in tho ,(
ttmu. A'A : r. ' ' 3
Wr!a!i- ; 'St
V -:. : ...... .-
E8.4ND 6iA,N?.-V.t; tT-.-v v-'from
tho ffu5i of ojty sort, niiimc: t-.tions ,
Ovoi'W4fi4, i.oi;:- --3t$t, or tz&oi i.y cua&e, I
we can quickly .jnd pst m&pritfy cure !
by uicst uafaiUac mathoU iinown in laodcrn
meTi.-al tikill.A'inost, Ml crtwic oi or sur.ii fon
HhonmaUt-ni, Catarrh, Kidney iiud Liver Coin-
plainl", can be trnceti to Uijs,j ciKOiiuu,-and by
apnliiug the proper rerreitif a cure wn nl-
W't'-i ii-. Miti'i-ff-il. Mimiv Tttr-n ...:ll.tri,io from
th-ssp .lifwissin nro like drowning it bii , grasping
nflwr rcerd strurts, such an iTvtus ivttscriitions,
LrenTmntrpantN, Ptc. only t-n timi tiinslvea
1 dui'ori by some fraudulent ('-. C- druuistor
I mei.Uf"!ie co'mvuiy. aTt. k fzrnr'roer'ina.
WckIvo a legal Mono Ouarantee
to eyre o 'our .nondv.
Treat .1! rut 'it bcuio a wM nt. rarwr same
I nee, t..;:ue a u;r iu
u -..im tmfor
to com
i-ai'iva-J f.Mi) nr. !
fail to cuiv,
s'lii ' ' -lisl if Wt:
- fV - 00 c?r,tar
; T r rn r. toe to
bacU Of mi Vr
cure ic.vrj v
tired of .'in;.. sv.
encs, 'WKiT.- ::
V.'.!tlill::!l !:;; '-l ' ,
and o ir uu'- i ,fi-it!-;!
ei'.Ve :vvr . w.; ;i
81ICI. "OT;-f; 'ili If
v, 1 yt-a are ,
. y'ih'. above '
. . : .t z, rviiGble
- ' -.'di.'fil ci-
I"'" (',(' rilltlUl.
t A. pnn) RuQ nai- iwwj in v-rj cue
9 and every kind of Bowel Complaint U
9 This Is a true statement and It can't be
It la a simple, sats and quick cure for
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TW O Silts 29. and Qe,
$70,000,000 IN GOLD
Will be token out of the Klondike next
$7,000,000 IN GOLD-
The arrival of the steamer Ex.
cclisior at San Francisco, Sept. 15,
with S3,r.oo,ooo worth of gold
from tho Klondike makes a-grraiid
total of over ST.coo.coo received
from that -dit-trict since July 1st,
a id probably ns much more has
mroady boon takon out and is
hold by miners who have pot yot
returned, whilo competent au
tlnritics catimate tlint at least
t?;j,'.;GO,COO more will be taken
out this so.isop. You can securo a
nharo of this vast wealth if you
vrill einbrace tho opportunity and
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Full Paid and Non-Assessabla
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Amounts to r.uit any investor,
litvfroorsin.li. onot fail to in.
vestirat this oiiterprino. Stoo.
invent jd now may bo worth
thousands to you within l
months, more or less in same
The Syndicate is putliorized to purchase,
bntlilati'Ja Hail kinds ot" lniicliini'ry, th'ipt
it:i'l buclp, to trfli.tport f;y;;l't and passcn
Ki'ri. occtc,pureliUhcand licvolopmhieBand
mlr.'i'K iHop'.rticst to purchase, locate and
obtai,' irovc'.M'it iitjlGrlitB, to town sitce, tlm
b'T rcwrvcB, p'at-or utul quartz .nines, and to
no 3 gcne::il trcdin business ;n itipplici,
etcam an i oiMtrical nmch'ncry. These priv
iU- rcK will Itu of iuiinciise value to the Hliare
Uuld i-.t'tlic Syndicate.
Wrifo fhr "The Story of Klon
Uitvu." a!i Illustrated book, Iree.
Jt ddrrss a!l inquiries to
Alasha-Yukon-Klondtke Gold Syndicate,
Cisco Bank Block, Portland. M.
fc.' -jS. J
.-3 as av
,iry orTtiB,
tlaw JSLOO.U i t" tS'Oi i .- 'iniir.eiitu
hurcdinlfttoS.'! days. Ton sii .-n treated at
Ihomaforetimo pi li e urnlor imi K" 't iir-.
fty. If you prcifor tCon- lit'0 7: wil!cr:u
tract to pftyrailroatlifnofini'hi-to'biils.ftird
norharce.lf nefnii to euro. If yen uuvc token mer
cury, I'l.liUo pot8li, nr-i fLH', havry oi-l;ea anil
pn1ns,MuoousVutc!ifin mnuth, SorTltroat,
Vluiplus, Copper Culm-eu .-jiK!, Ulcers ud
any tun t of the body, Iliiir.jr l"y ii'-ii'ii fnll-na
out, it in this Secondary iiI.OO; 1-OI-ON
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uate CA4VA and ehaUcnfl tlio rvorUi tor a
caso we cannot cure. 3'iitB cti-."srt had .-.Irnys-BaftleU
theeliill of the mostvtuiatti; t j)ltj-l
ciuns. SSOO.OOO ciii'ital fcr,!l,. -1 i:r c 'i.-oni!i.
lioiuil cuarauty. Absolute r)ro--.fs sent rciicd oa
iiDDllcntion. Addresa li lifcMKDV tj.
UmooIo Xemple, CIIi'JAOU, iif-
n d ft 'a i-vs
a mm.
was the originator of "CASTORIA -has
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This is the original "CASTORIA" which has
the homes of the Mothers of America for over thh
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A A -T" - " - - - - --mm- -
ItHMte wood. Kittiiiem
l!ko candy. Tlieyre
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in tbemoutb.teaTluK
the breutti sweet and
perfuiped. .it ts a
real pleasure to take
thorn Instead of nati
I seatiug liquids ur cuuuun-ball pllit.
I are purely vexstable
uod contain no mer
furlal or otber min
eral po'son. They
aro made of the lat
o.at rotuedles dt Hoov
ered and areaeclen-
tlHa com h 1 nt tlo n
never before put together In any form.
... nsriHFTS
I are antiseptic. I'hat
mparts t)ov stop un
digested food from
. pouring in' tlie stoni-
V m'-rtnfjwn tn tne
bmvel and kill dis
ease orms of auV
i kind that breed and feed lu tbc system.
tnne tbc tjioiiim h and
bowels and stimulate
the lazy liver, mnk
I nt? it work. They
strengthen the how
e is and put tin.1 in Into
vltfr-rntis healthy
oondltlon, making
taelr actlcD easy and natural
, JDoni judge CASCARETS by other medicines you have tried. They
1 T'.f- .- -1.- it.l'r onfl anI infiniflvr MV?no. '
are new, uniiKe anymmg ciss.
fionly genuine.
ftS' irritations!
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lie not Uetnv, Ulll iukis uoaiutte oi iiiis reiiiiiiiv.
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Barro. Vt,
same that
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Increase the flow of
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ers. A tablet eaten
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ative and hat a wild
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ate laxative for the babe-tu-eras.
ere liked by the chil
dren. They taste
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stop wtndcolto ana
cramps, and Mil and
drive off worms, and
all kinds of para
sites luaiuve in me ... . .
bowels of tbe growing child
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tuken patiently, per
Blstently, ore guaran
teed to cure any case
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11 people's Bl&ifi Historg
U written br Ittpht Hon. Willinm Ewart Glmltono,
Hi-Preraier of Uruat lliitlan ond lrelnnil. I'liomr,
Eiu.; licv. A. H. 8ajrce, Queen's Collece. Oxfnrd, Knt;.:
llov. Samuel Ives Curtiss, D. I).. CliioMO TheolOKici'.l
Seminary, Chicago. III.:Ke. Frederic W. Fnrrnr, 1J.L.,
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Ulinor II. Carien, D.l).,Tufts Colleue, Somerville, Mn.i
llcv. fVank W. GunHaulus, 1). I)., Armour Institute,
Ohicoco, III.; Rev. Geoiee F. Pentecost, D.I,Marle
bon3 Preahytcrian Church, London. Eng.; Rev. It. S.
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Coliece, .
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tlarirorarf;onn.; nov..i. fnonrQoiusuu(i.i...ai.H'
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Ul AKHJ Ml, IIO.-.. J,il-l par-OS. 'iU lUil-pil,-'J i . i .,.
tions. Style A-Ri!t ciV.:s, lull lovant, onu vii.na.u,
h.Vilii: Style B two vntnruM, tu!l levent, tut'.e,.. J- .-j
in 1G PAllTrl. quart o Msa. vovlew naei tion . toei'-fc, st- .1
pui!(:r covors, t-.-wu-i, inm.iiitl .ntlti.y, V 't' If- '
Fnr r.a!o r.t ell booUst.TCH on-1 l-y IjO'.KMelir- .
further inf:rnii-,inn. v.l'.o HKNiiY ti. 11'
utjiisuer.-i.t an. I .u.Mirow bi-i it., ciu-'t'.'. j i"
The Offlcal Guide to the
Klondike Country.
Autl the Gold Flelds'of Alaska.
Retail Price, $1.00.
I n ten el v liitereBtnii and strlotlv authentic. Tht
acluut experiences of miners and their marvelous
dieooverios of gold. The Information contained In
this book has been oanefully prepared rom tbe
most reliable sources, and will be the means of lead.
ng thousands to fortune in the
The book contains SOO ongosand la illustrated
with 32 fo'l page photograph., taken especially
for thi work, and also 8 page, of official maps,
We are the sole publishers oi"Tho Offi
cial Guide to the Klondike Country'
an- other publications purporting to be 1
are imitations.
Our usual liberal Commissions.
Bend 60 eemts at once for compkte book, to
gnther with agent.' oullit.
W. B. Coukey Company,
Dearborn Street, Chicago.
Bear, tha A The Kind You Havt Wwavs Uii'M
The Kind You Haw Wways tn

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