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Oysters, Clams, and Smoked Haddock
of my own curing. Just give m e a trial.
371 North Main Street, Uarre, Vt.
All kinds o( Furs made into Collarettes,
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Give us a call.
No. 6 Short St.
R. W. Newton, n. D.
radunte of the Medical Department of New
York University.
Office hours : S to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 and 7 to
0 p. ni. 'ij;ht calls promptly answered.
Barre Book Store,
Headquarters for
CHARLES A. SMITH, Proprietor,
170 X. Nail. St., Uarre, Vt.
Terms moderate. Orchestra, any num
ber of pieces furnished at short notice
for dances, receptions, etc.
uo 33 South Main St.
Teacher of the
Will receive pnplis after Sept. 1st.
Quinlcn Building:, Barre, Vt.
Hard Wood, Soft Slab Wood and Chair
Waste for sale by
No. 283 N. Main St. - Barre, Vt.
The Commercial House
Chas. Johnson
And he is prepared to meet the
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date manner.
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" AT
118 No. Main St. Montpclicr.
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Cold Soft Drinks.
Creditors !
Have you any outstanding bills which
you or others have failed to collect)' If so,
take them to
Collection Agency,
Who collect or know the reason why. We
have collected for others, we can for you.
A(JK MAN l!I.O K, - ItAltKK, VT.
J. T. Callaghan's
Is the place
To get all kinds of food thai are Healthy,
Wholesome aiid Delicious.
llis linns will please the Queen or King,
And out of jji'ii'f they'll take the stum.
They'll make juii dance the Highland Kling
For t'nev make the little children dug
Ta Ka lta'Hn liootii lc Av.
Bears ths
big nature
j iiib miiii too navBAiways uougra
Barre Evening Telegram.
Printed daily (except Sunday) by
The Barre Press Co.,
H. C. WHITAKER. Editor, 6. A. ROSS, Manage
IfAliltK. - - VT.
Single eopjv
One month,
One year,
1 cent
2o cents
Entered in the Post Office at ISarrii Vt., as
econd-class matter.
While so many bills are buiny intro
duced in the State Legislature relating
to the regulation of the game laws, why
would it not be a good idea for some
sportsman to formulate a bill for the
purpose of forbidding proprielors ol
saw mills from throwing their waste
lumber and saw dust into the trout
brooks? Every fisherman knows that
there is nothing which is more respons
ible for the gradual disappearance of
trout from our large strt ams than the
saw dust which floats on the surface of
the water n'ld beneath which the
speckled beauty cannot live.
The present indications make it teem
somewhat doubtful if Hie pre-ent farce
now going on between the peace com
missioners nl Paris will belong continu
ed. Aj a mere matter of form Spain
was allowed to present her claims
through her commissioners, yet all the
time Unele Sam was doing the driving
and now he lias como out to s ly that he
will lake all leaving out the Cuban debt.
Furthermore lie has definitely informed
ins victim that he will brook no more
delay. Then; is no one to dispute his
might ami there is no one to dictate his
right so before November 1st we may
expect to see the whole matter of the
Spanish warand final settlement are cord
already set do'wn in history,
The'ijuiet occurrence which took place
yesterday in I'orto Rico marks an im
portant step in the progress of America
as one of the rulers of the world. The
beautiful emblem of the free was Hung
to the southern breezes yoste id iy after
noon in tin; city of Sau Juan and from
that time on possibly to e'ernity every
person who walks the. slrc.vs of that
once turbulent metropolis will do so
under the protection of the sttuvy ban
ner which waves above him and lie will
feel secure in the consciousness of the
strength which lies therein. The next
step will be to take possession of Cuba
aud this will ; bo, followed by the ar
rangements for tho office of the United
States Governor General in the Philip
pines, lie was a wise man who made
tho remark last spring that "the hand
which blew up the Maine blew up for
ever Spanish rule in Cuba." llis
prophecy is being even more than ful
filled but had the cruel tyrant L'OO va
lands each more valuable than any he
has ever possessed they would not be
sufficient recompense to the American
people for the lives of the 2(10 brave
sailors who sank beneath the muddy
waters of Havana harbor on the nii-lit
of February 10:h The war has not
brought back our brave sailors it is true
yet the world has been taught a lesson
that will not soon be foreolicti and
when in tho future an American .-hip is
anchored in a foreign port the name i f
Dewey and the memory of Spain's dis
astrous experiment wiil be a wholesome
reminder that the flag of freedom is to
be treated with the utmost eoiisi.leralion
wherever its government phaas to
send it.
IndiauN l-'iK'!it Anions Tliemsel ves.
Ardmorr, . T., Oct. 19. During an
Indian dance near Mill Creek, !i0 mites
from here, promiscuous shooting was
indulged in by unknown persons. lien
Lewis, x-"onstable of Tishemingo
counts, was V-il led. Wesley Brown, a
full blood, vus fatally wounded by a
bullet !) the breast. Sampson Brown,
also a f ill blood, was wounded in the
arm :n i hand. Only Indians were
The celebrated Rogers Ha by lunch
biscuit can bo found at J. T. Oil Indi
an's, M. Marron's, 11. L. ChirkV,
Sowilcn & Lyons and at M. L. Town &
Co. , lOGlf
D. I). Haley, the tailor, has a new
advertisement in another column which
carries straight facts like all his adver
tisements. He is not one of those block
heads made into a tailor by tho stroke
of an axe and his statements cannot be
contradicted. His competitors have
forced him to the front and now he lakes
tho lead. See his new samples.
Mrs. lirigejj of Morrisvillc litis rented
the home place of Mrs. Kiln I. I.amli tit
1 oil North Main Street ami lias opened
llie same for table hoarders. l.")U I f.
V. ('. Qiiiuhin & Co. of this city 'tire
solo agents for the famous Empire
Hoof l'aint which slops leaks ami is
giiaitinlecd not lo crack, peel or blister.
Careful property owners will find it
to their interest to insist upon using this
reliable article. Lead and oil mixtures
are all right on the right places, hut
never should bo put on roofs.
Barre Business College
School of Music.
Kail Term will open In Holster's lilock Sept.
.". Commercial and Stenographic (.'nurses,
Vocal and Instrumental Music. Sessions, day
and evening. For full particulars address:
Miss I,. C. Brni'KV, l'rin.
Miss L. M. .Ikwimt, Ass'l
No, 0 Summer Street. Itarre, VI.
o4o o4o 0040 ooo o4 o4oo o4oo oo
i Tun ISA it UK Kvr.MXG Tki.koham'h Popular Voting Contest for
iLudy or Gentleman,
(Write I' ainly.;
Content cpeti from September 15th
oo ooo ooo -
"sponsibilify For iliu Island's Debt
l'locks ilie Commissions.
Snys French l'aiier. Reviewing
IIoimIhj ' SesMon So t'hnnce
of Snliniiltiuu' (lucatlon to
Cuuitiii-iilul Arbitration.
Paris, Oct. 19. The Gaulois reviews
..ioudrty's Joint session of the peac(
c.im.nlssioners, and, referring to the
delay caic-ed l.y the difference in the
language spoken by the commissioners,
Jlut, according to the Spaniards, tht
i.ialn came of the diiiiculty encounter
ed in the negotiations comes from the
I-jck of cdiiellir.tion in the attitude ot
the American commission. It is known
n ivy.'.vd to Porto Rico and Cuba, that
articles of the protocol are abso-
i:t..'ly po.dUve. Spain cedes Porto Hlco
i.) the Urrted States and relinquishes
sovereignty over Cuba. These two
points are definitely settled and are
not open to discussion. Besides, the
Spaniards make It a point of honor to
scrupulously abide by their engage
ments toward their conquerors.
The C'nlinn lielit.
"The que.' t'on uf the Cuban debt re
mains. Upon which power should the
onerous obligation of guaranteeing the
debt rest? Here is where the two com
missions differ in their views, and nei
ther is inclined to yield. The Spaniards
agree on the following lines: When a
power annexes territory, it is Implied
that it assumes all the obligations pre
viously of such territory. It Is Interna
tional law, sanctioned by usage, and
which has always been complied with.
Thus, when-Franee annexed Savoy, she
assumed all the debts contracted by
the latter while still an Italian prov
ince. "Lastly, they remind their opponents
that Cuba is virtually the key of the
i'Ulf of Mexico, a strategic position of
the first order to t'n Cnited States and
an immense advantage, which calls for
some sacrifice upon the part of the
A mericans.
"To this the latter replied at first
that they could not listen to any dis
cussion of the matter of the debt, being
under formal instructions from their
government. Hut, on the Spanish com
mission insisting1 and in the presence ot
its very firm attitude, the Americans
have taken a more conciliatory atti
tude, not that they entertain the inten
tion of yielding to Spain's injunctions,
but they eon::?nt to argue against the
Spanish position. These arguments
may be briefly rummrd up as follows
IViNounl to Spain.
"The Americans Insist upon the fact
that the money raised by the Cuban
loans was not applied to the require
ments or Interests of the island, but
was chiefly borrowed to the end of lm
nvovimr the financial condition of Snain
I and to procure funds which she could
no longer raise in the peninsula, and
that the debt, therefore, Is personal to
"On the other hand, the Americans say
that America bus no intention of an
nexing Cuba and could not therefore
assume such obligations. Finally, It Is
held, owing to the fabulous cost of the
late war, the American people would
not concede the right to assume such
"These are approximately the
grounds mi which the present discus
sions ore conducted. What will the
outcome be? Certain newspapers have
considered tho possibility of referring
the difference to the arbitration of a
continental power. Neither commission
has yet suggested such a solution; but,
on the other hand, we have good
grounds Co believe that, even were the
suggestion acceptable to Spain, It would
have no chance of bring agreed to by
the Americans."
Caniii Menile IVew.
Camp b ade. Middletown, Pa., Oct.
111. By the close . f the Week Chief Med
ical r..(lici r Chant will have all the se
rious (asi's i i' dlncss cut of jamp hos
pitals' tied in city h saitals. A cleaning
tint of Co ("ivi.'i. n h .spilals will throw
all tl-e re e.- in the future to the regi
mental htisp l 1 which will be re-established
and i ' allied until all the troops
are moved .'n ay. The division hospitals
will he wi-.v. (1 i- nth at once. A visit to
the Two Hiiwlivd and Third New York
lieadqua'teiK ..o r Coneungo found the
sick iir.pt u ing. The change in camp
has dene h" sn'ulii rs much good."
Prhuto llssig's death from typhoid fe
ver resulted in the arrest of Private
Tnwnsley cf the leserve ambulance
corps. Tnwnsley is in the guardhouse
to await trial by court martial for going
to sleep on duty and allowing the pa
tient to wander about the camp in de
lirium. neiKial Cr.ihat'.i will remain here un
til bis. : ii 1 u rdinntes are heard from.
They were detailed by the war depart
ment to inspect the proposed new camps
in the south. The general will make an
In -pec i. n himself before the movement
of the troops begins. He is arranging for
the reprisenlation of the corps at the
Philadelphia peace Jubilee next week.
The colonels of the various regiments
have been sln,v in giving him the Infor
mation be dcsliciras to what soldiers
I hey would send. The corps, division,
brigade and regimental staffs will also
go. The battalions will be made up of
2d men from each company, making 60
conipanU s.
With lb? exception of the Pennsylva
nia regiments, eases of absence without
h ave are inei easing dally, and steps will
be taken to prevent It by Inflicting
heavy fines. In the future furloughs
will only ho granted for the performance
of special duty, such as a commission
to visit Washington to secure a dis
charge or to attend a funeral at home.
inquiry llnaiil lleniiniei) Work.
Jacksonville. Fla., Oct. 19. The war
Investigating commission began the ex
amination of witnesses at Jacksonville,
using the ot.ee room of Cleneral Dodge's
private ear for tills purpose. Colonel
l.ouis M. Mans, ihief surgeon of tho
Seventh army corps, was the first wit
ness sworn. He Is a regular army sur
geon and has occupied his present posi
tion practically throughout the history
of the camp. He said requisitions hud
in the City of Itarre.
to October 81st, 1898, Inclnslvc. 1
- oo o4oo ook oo oo1
been promptly supplied find that the
Finks In the rtmp had been looked after
c.vrfrjly. The volunteer surgeons, he
ii men, naa not been as efficient at times
as they should t)ave been. Newspaper
reports of the sickness In camp had
been, he declared, exaggerated.
IIoliKon SnllH For Home.
Washington, Oct. 19. Lieutenant Hob
son has palled from Caimanera for the
I'nited Slates by way of Jamaica. Mr.
Itobson comes primarily to Philadelphia
to obtain a number of appliances re
quired for the wrecking operations now
going on In the vicinity of Santiago,
lint another purpose to be served by his
visit is to redeem a promise made by
I'ecretary Long to have Hobson and the
little body of men who sunk the Merrl
mac present in Philadelphia during the
pence jubilee. He should arrive in Phil
adelphia by the beginning of next week,
and it is said at the navy department
that he will return to Santiago as soon
as he has secured the material he wants.
The Senator Off For Manila.
San Francisco, Oct. 19. The steamer
Senator has sailed for Manila with 800
soldiers on board. All the steam whis
tles on the water front saluted the ves
sel as she passed down the bay toward
the ocean, and thousands of people
waved adieus from the docks. There
was no ostentation about the embarka
tion, and Battery D of the California
heavy artillery comprised the column.
At the dock an Immense crowd had as
sembled to bid the men adieu, but the
gates were closed to civilians, and many
goodbys were left unsaid save from a
CcttlnK Savannah Camp llcnily.
Washington, Oct. 19. The probabili
ties are that the Seventh army corps
will not move to Savannah for some
time nor until complete arrangements
have been made for the camp there. At
present the army authorities are look
ing to the construction of sewers, se
curing water supply and making the
camp as absolutely perfect as possible
for occupation by the troops.
SimninrilM to Become Citizen.
Madrid, Oct. 19. The premier, Senor
Sagasta, having to prepare a long dis
patch to Senor Montero Rios, president
of the Spanish peace commission, the
cabin: t council did not meet. Advices
received here from Porto Rico say that
all the high officials there have taken
steps to become naturalized Americans.
Another Death From Typhoid.
Syracuse, Oct. 19. Private Delbert C.
Nellis, Company C, Two Hundred and
Third New York volunteer infantry, is
dead at the House of Good Shepherd of
typhoid rever. His father lives in St.
Johnsvtlle, N. Y.
Storm Docd Dnmnflre In Cnbn.
Havana, Oct. 19. Advices received
here from Trinidad, province of Santa
Clara, say great damage has been
caused there by the recent storm. Many
houses were swept away, eight people
were killed, and a number of cattle were
drowned by the overflow of the river.
The central telephone station here was
destroyed by fire Monday night in the
midst of a tremendous rainstorm. It
appears that the electric light wires
came In contact with the telephone
wires and thus caused the conflagra
tion. For a time the flames, driven by
the wind, threatened to destroy the ad
joining building, which is occupied by
the newspaper La Lucha. Happily the
Ore was mastered before the flames
spread to the surrounding houses, but
there is no communication by telephone
with Havana, and there will not be any
for some days to come.
A Kill 1 ne Hotel Destroyed.
Readfleld Depot, Me., Oct. 19. Esti
mates place the total loss caused by fire
which broke out In the Hotel Elmwood.
at Readfleld village, two miles from this
place, at :5,000. The hotel, which was
l la: ge and commodious structure, was
totally destroyed, together with con
tents. At one time it was thought that
most of the village would be burned, but
by hard work the fire was confined to
the hotel prcperty. The Elmwood was
jwned by Charles E. Stevens, who had
no insurance on the furniture and only
$2,000 on th" hotel. The fire was caused
by a defective chimney.
Opera lloime Bnrned.
Fair Haven, Vt., Oct. 19. Knight's
block, a large three story building, was
burned. T he ground iloor of the build
ing was occupied by Wilson & Root,
clothiers, and the Boston shoe store.
The second story contained a billiard
room, barber shop, two clubrooms and
several offices. Knight's Opera House
occupied the whole of the third floor.
The opein house was one of the best In
this i art of the state. The total loss is
estimated at $40,000; insurance, $30,000.
The cause of the fire is unknown.
News From Alaska.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 19. On the seal
ing schooner Viva, which arrived from
Alaska, are three Scandinavians who
have made the trip from Lake Bennett,
Alaska, via St. Michael's, in an open
boat, a distance of 7,000 miles. News
Is received of the appointment of E. C.
Senkler, a barrister of Nelson, B. C, as
gold commissioner of the Yukon, suc
ceeding Faucett. "Denver Ed" Smith,
the well known pugilist who was re
cently reported killed, has arrived from
Dawson City.
Imltislriiil C'oiiniilHHlun Orgnnliea.
Washington, Oct. 19. The govern
ment industrial commission organized
oy electing Senator Kyle chairman; ex
ltepresentative Phillips of Pennsylva
nia, first v'ce chairman; Representative
flardner of New Jersey, second vice
chairman, and J. M. Farquhar of Buf
falo, temporary secretary. It was de
cided to adjourn till the middle of No
vember, and the Bliss building of this
city was selected as headquarters for
iho commission.
YoorlieeH KenlffnB.
Trenton, Oct. 19. Acting Governoi
Voorhoes tent a telegram from Phila
delphia saying that his resignation as
senator fiom fnlun county is on the
way lo the ufllce of the secretary of
state. Speaker of the House Watklns,
who will become acting governor when
the formal leslgnatinn of Mr. Voorhees
shall have been received, came to Tren
ton to take his new oath of office. He
came in accordance with Instructions
received fr i,i Acting Governor Voor
hees that the resignation of the latter
would be tiled.
Sir Claude Macdonald Demands Res
toration of China's Emperor.
ki Sn DUpnlcli From Shanghai to
Liniiloii II iisnlnn Troop Concen
' trute nt Port Arthnr Lord
Ueri-aford at Peking.
London, Oct. 19. Once more the at
tention of the English people Is drawn
irresistibly to the great question in the
far east as to the rival influence of
Great Britain and Russia in China. A
news agency, here has received intelli
gence from Shanghai of a most im
portant character, and there Is at this
writing no special reason for doubting
its authenticity.
The British government, it is said,
has addressed to the Chinese governing
authorities a peremptory demand that
the' young Emperor Kwang-Su, lately
deposed, shall at once be restored to his
throne and shall henceforth be the
recognized fountainhead of political
power, now usurped by the dowager
This demand was made, the corre
spondent of the news agency says,
through the British minister at Peking,
Sir Claude Macdonald. -The minister
also demanded, he adds, that the heads
of the reform party, of whom Kang-
i u-Wel was the most prominent, and
horn the dowager empress has pur
i ised putting to death, shall be par
d med.
In the event of the Chinese govern
ment failing to comply with these de
mands, Great Britain, the dispatch
says, will resort to a measure of force
to compel acquiescence in her will.
The information on which this dis
patch was based was obtained through
Japanese channels. This fact is rather
favorable to the theory of Its entire
authenticity than otherwise, as Japan
is in record with Great Britain on the
main issue as to the modernization of
China and equal access to h?r ports and
her commerce for all the western na
tions. ltnNNlnn Ready.
Slmu'tnnpously with the sensational
dispatch s-rt out by the news agency
is one that is capable of quite as star
tling an interpretation from the corre
spondent of TTfe Standard at Odessa.
He says that a hasty concentration
of 40, CC0 troops has taken place
at Port A'thur and that they are
held in complete readiness for use In
any emergency requiring their presence
that may arise at Peking. ,It has for
some time been known that when the
powers that ar? directly Interested In
the course of the Chinese Imperial gov
ernment decided to have at Peking
strong guards from their own ships for
the : v.tectlon of the legations Russia
sent thither a guard twice as numerous
as that from any of the other nations.
A cable dispatch from Peking has in
formed the British foreign office of the
arrival there of Lord Charles Beresford,
who has been intrusted by his govern
ment with a special mission at the im
perial capital. This mission, It is un
derstood, has to do with the special
promises made to the emperor some
time ago when he agreed to Inaugurate
a liberal policy toward friendly foreign
ers and to resist the pretentions of
powrrs like Pi ss'a, which aim to ob
tain by ooereicn or otherwise an exclu
sive influence over his government.
Another disratch from Peking says
that a phy.-iclrn attached to the French
legation has -islted the emperor and
made a critical medical examination of
his majesty's condition.
ArrewtH tn Hie Tnrrylown Mrntery.
Tarrytown N. Y., Oct. 19. Gulseppe
Perrila, John Massuln, Italians, and
George f-'tnnten, a negro, have been ar
rested by Chief of Pol'ce Nossiter's men
and are now being detained In the vil
lage lockup as Important witnesses In
the Gianco murder case. The Italians
hoarded at Glanco's house, and It is be
lieved they can give some valuable tes
timony. Perrla. it is alleged, frequent-
y quarreled with Gianco and also, It Is
laid, quarreled with him on the day
that he disappeared. He is one of the
nen who discovered the dead body.
Fnnp:l:t For Fortune) Will Get It.
St. Louis, Oi t. 19. The Missouri su
preme court has handed down Its deci
sion in the case of Adair versus Matte,
affirming the judgment of the St. Louis
superior court. Behind this simple an
nouncement is the story of a widow
who married a second time and sought
to disinherit her daughter. The daugh
ter has lived in poverty for years and
now bids fair to become the owner of
$1,000,000 worth of property situated in
this city.
ThiU H!u I!iewer- Deal.
Cincinnati, Oct. 19. The deal by
which an English syndicate expects to
secure the Cincinnati breweries has
been delayed by the Jackson and Ban
ner breweries, which were compelled to
get orders of the court. Through the
receivers the necessary action was se
cured, so that it is now announced that
the deal will be consummated.
Will SU-et on the St. Lnnrrnce,
Buffalo, Oet. 19. The executive com
mittee of the American Canoe associa
tion is in session here and has decided
that the fit. Lawrence river shall again
be the location of the association's an
nual outing, but which one of the Thou
sand islands will be used Is left with
Commodor? Thorn and Secretary For
bush to deUe.
llnNlni-K Man ( ImrKoil With Frnnd.
San Francisco, Oct. 19. James Flood,
senior partner of the firm of Flood &
Co., dealers in oriental goods and han
dling principally Japanese mattings,
with business houses in New York and
Kobe, Japan, is in the Alameda county
jail. Flood was a passenger on the
steamer Doric, which arrived from Asi
atic ports, and was placed under arrest
by Marshal Khlve ns soon as the vessel
was released from quarantine. The mar
shal's cause for making the arrest lay
In a cable dispatch from the United
States minister at Kobe, charging Flood
with fraud. The authorities here know
nothing of the crime of which the pris
oner is charged, and Flood refuses to
discuss the circumstances.
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3 to 5 Per Cent,
where lm loss can he i .'j 1
Vou cap invest
'" '" ,, I
amount between .. . , ' T n.
time ; ami can ha
''Wi'l SI,
est guaranteed. : '
Have never h,- ,t,i;; (
nier. Year-of .a,,,.,.;,.,,. ,
ciistoim rs thriMiylioiu
Write for circular-. ' i ,.' ' '"W
'"' A. .1 1.1 1 1 m m,';1''1'
('0 Ma..
'"-'" M:i'..
City Hack Service !
BERTH. (jRli i ii;,, r
(Residence 1!) Soul), ... . 1 '
Service I., aiid fn, I,, : ,
il-pot, '" 'r
25 cents per I'a-v n-e,.,
IncliKliiiif Uaa-vMjr,.,
Passengers or bag-. a.'
order at :
imi'oim am.
I wish to aiiiiminy , i, . .
one an Hcgi'iil Landau i. ,
covered -er ice i to lei nt .,.
dings, Kiinernl- I i;t n j i n-t -. !;
rades, Calling, s 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 i t ; . , ,.
special occasion at, I, we-i ( ,. ;..
hour and respcetfulU ,,l,, i ...
Leave all order- on -I: !,
Connected by Telephone.
t'V" Ibiv
r "I" !!
if t"r M,.
StMi... I',.
"H "r tll.V
' Hi" u ,
r ,;iirn,,i,
in n..t.-i
j Xi Hi X
Cures Coughs,
Colds, Croup,
Consumption and
all Lung Diseases.
People stand bv Dowi:-;" I'livlr'
because it cures and lias cured for
sixty-five years. This ii the '
strourest possible endorsement cf
its merits. I'rieo 2ac. C -c. uad
$1.00 per bottle. At DruyUts.
Henry, Johnson &. Lord. Preps,, By gtin,Vl,
i Success I
"I have suffered with kidney trouble for three y. ars,
but after trying many medicines and employing imi'i.v
physicians, without avail, had about despairod of recov
ery, when your Green Mountain Konovator was recom
mended. Four 'weeks' use of this wonderful remedy en
tirely cured me. ; I am now riding twenty-five or thirty
miles a day in a team, when before, owing to pains in my
kidneys and back, I was scarcely able to ride at all. Your
Renovator has cured me of what. I supposed was a hopo
lesscase. L. T. Beealac, Hartford, Conn."
It would be wise for other sufferers to learn themselves
how really efficient this remedv is. Remember that every

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