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of course too late for the Holiday Trade. On this
Furniture and on all Case work and Chairs we are going
to make some startling prices, rather than invoice them
January 10th.
Witch Out For This Sale!
It will be better than anything offered in this sec
tion for yeare. If you are going to need anything in
HOUSE FURNISHING LINE within the next year
it will pay you to buy it at thi 5 sale Kemember the date
on Which it closes, JANUARY 10th, 1903, and bring
vour CASH. Cash will talk this tune.
UNDERTAKERS. arrb and bbanifevuxe FUNERAL 0IRECT0R8.
K. B. Arbuckle is confined to the
bouse with a severe cold,
Raymond Kelton entertained a few
friends at bis home Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Dudley were in
Marahfield Saturday,
Howard Arbucklo of South Barre Is
la town for a few days.
' Mrs. Newell Wright Is spending a
few days in North Haverhil, N. II.
Mils Dewey, a trained nurse from
Montpelier, is caring for Mrs. Clark
Horace Vincent bad a flue granite
m.nmeut placed on bis lot at the
Tillage cemetery last week.
The annual old and young folks ball
is to be held at tbe village ball Jan.
Mrs. Clark Sibley, who underwent
an operation last Wednesday, remains
about the same with little hope that
it will be beneficial to her. Dr.
Woodward of tfew York city per
formed the operation.
We hereby give notice to all those
who are indebted to us that if the
bills are not settled before Jan. 12th
thA. .111 be nut in the hands of a
attorney. Ward & Lane,
South Barre,
Graduated Optician at Holtotffc f
The attention of all ?",0
eaued to the notice, near the top oi
fee editorial column, laTcehtoBS;
Maeftr handing in copy tor changer
or for new ad ertlsements.
PRICE: 82.50 tor OeU j
S2.25 for green.
Delivered in three cord UgJ-fi
a application.
W xi-r;--.v. m to
warn. .
r 1
taaaai toot
ffrr V- - -
Some of our Xmas
Furniture Did
Not Arrive
has just put in an appearance
South barre.
J. Ward Carver and Winnifred V.
Maun leave tonight for Randolph
where they are to give a reading to
night at tbe Firemen '8 ball.
Donald Landry left yesterday for
his home la Canada where be is to be
married today. He is gefng to house
keeping in H. B. Arbuckle's tene
ment. Mrs. Alfred House and Miss Elled
Harrington of Williamstown was in
this place yesterday.
Mrswill Nye visited in Middlesex
John Worcester, wife and daughter
Marjory are visiting in Roxbury.
There will be a whist; party and
watch meeting at the home of Mr.
and Mrs Isaac Recor tonight.
Lewis Gale remains about tbe same.
Elmer Sanders is working for Nye
& Worcester.
Charles Severance who bat been
visiting Walter LeBarron returned to
bis borne in Reading today.
John O'Brien is running the black,
smith shop for Donald Landry while
The Cheapest Flour
is the flour which makes the most
bread. A barrel of Pillsbury's
Best Flour will nuke more loaves
of bread than will a barrel of
ordinary flour.
George Allen was in Colebrook, N.
H.. recently.
t p Ninholsis moving to town
from Rochester.
Rev J Boardmaa of Barnel has ac
cepted a call from the Congregational
churoh and will move here and begin
bis pastorate Jan. 18.
u o.A. Flint, Mrs. Wm. Keyes
anri r. .1. Steele are ill.
.-tn Mnnran of St. Albans is
Viaj irui- ' D
isit.intr in town.
Leon Roys has returned to bis home
in Massachusetts.
TO-EBNT A tenement of 8 room, on
kii. am inouire 01 v.
Summer at.
For Sale!
horse power en
anA boiler. Also
V 1 11 t
one 40 horse power en
gine and boiler.
That Cures Coughs!
Bed Sprtce 6:x
mMAUnVieiA008r 0M Piokage of HILL'S PILK
it is a remedy that Is not equalled for plies. IT CURES
Mrs. Edward Ball and sister Mrs.
Louise Pratt of Sorthfield arrived in
town this morning to visit Mrs. J. N.
The Baptist church will have its
annual meeting and roll call tomor
row. Tbe members and their famil
ies will take dinner at the church at
1 0 clock. At 2 o'clock the business
of the year will be done, reports of all
departments will be given and plans
made for tl e new year. Rev, W. A.
Iavison will represent the Vermont
Baptist convention and deliver an ad
dress. The services will be of a ju
bilee nature on account of the clearing
up of the dept whiuh has so long rested
upon thee lurch. In the evening at
7.30 a public service will be hold when
tbe local pastors will speak fraternal
words of congraDulation. To this
service all are invited.
M. II. Gibson, publisher of the
Progressive Farmer at East Kyegate,
was in town today.
Twins were recently born to Mr.
and Mrs. Phillip Bisson.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gauthier are
staying with Mrs. Gautbier's parents
daring the holidays.
Granite Encampment at their meet
ing Saturday night elected tbe follow
ing officers; H. P., F. L. Tucker,
scribe, W. F. Patterson, S. W.. W.
C. Nye, treasurer, J. H. McAllister,
J. w., John M, Chase. .
Gill Lodge holds its regular meet
ing this evening. All members are
requested to be present as It Is elect
ion of officers and business of import
ance. i Miss Maud Danfortb spent the
I bolidas at ber home in Island Pond.
rbe regular Wednesday evening
prayer meeting of the Baptist scciety
will be held at tbe home of Rev. A.
N. Woodruff this week.
The next meeting of the Literary
Society will be held at tbe home of
Cbas. Waterman Wednesday evening,
Dec. 31. The subject is "Facts Worth
Knowing About Home."
Rev. A. N. Woodruff and family
wish to thank the Ladies Baptist
Union and other friends for the pleas
ant and substantial way In which they
remembered them at Christmas time.
John Chase is spending the holidays
Regular meeting of tbe W- C. T. U.
will be held Friday evening at tbe
home of Mrs L. S. Eastman. This
is one of the Red Letter days of tbe
union. A full attendance is desired.
Perhaps some of tbe dealers in to
bacco in this place could turn over a
new leaf at Mew Year's and refuse to J
sell oig-trettees unlawfully, and at the
same time, save themselves uncess-
ary trouble.
Election of officers at L. T- L
meeting at Mrs. Cooney's Saturday
afternoon. Senior class expected to
be present.
Ira Batobelder and desoendents
with several friends met at his home
in this plaoe Dec. 27th to celebrate
the 80th anniversary of his birth.
There were present six children,
seventeen grand children and four ol
the fourth generation and friends to
make up a party or sixty Altera
bountiful dinner of oysters and cake,
they left a few good souvenirs and
best wishes ror many repetitions or
tbe anniversary.
Nerthfield, Deo. 31. The fire alarm
sounded at about 6.46 yesterday
morning and there being some diffi
culty in getting into the churohea to
ring tbe bells the general alarm was
somewhat delayed and the tire gained
considerable headway in the mean
time in the buildings occupied by
Daniel Davis and family. Tbe occu
pants were roused from their slum
bers to find themselves enckiuded in
smoke. Tbe children of the family
are lust coming down witb the meas
les and they were taken to tne home
of E. K. Jones the father of Mrs.
Davis. Tbe household furniture was
saved and the main part of the tnuse
was left standing though badly dam
aged by fire and water. Tbe firemen
made an excellent fight under adverse
The property was partially covered
by Insurance. Just how or when tbe
fire cau"bt is a mvstery, as it was un
der (rood headway when first discover
ed in the shed or ell part of tbe bouse.
See My Line of
Stationery and
Blank Books !
That you need to begin tbe new year.
0. J. DODGE, talei,
1 07 waiw.it. AMtC.
"The Druggist.
The board of directors of the Barre
Cooperative Society having oompleted
arrangements to start a milk route
about Jan. 1st, would like all stock
holders who wish to take milk from
the society to notify the committee at
Hecker's cigar store between tbe
hours of six and nine this Wednesday
evening. Price of milk will be live
cents per quart. Give name, address
and quantity desired. None but stock
holders names taken.
Ernest Perkins bad a narrow escape
yesterday while using a large cake of
Ice for a raft, floating in tbe river
near tbe ice house. Tbe cuke of ice
broke and let him in. He clung to tbe
ice cake and screamed. William
Ward saw the young man and rescuel
bim. This Is tbe second boy to get in
toe river at this place this week.
All members of Hiawatha Lodge
No. 20 1. O. O. F. are requested to
meet at nail 'ibursday Jan. 1st. 1903
at 1. 15p. m. for tbe purpose of at
tending the funeral of our late broth
er Roderick McLeay. Members will
please wear wbite gloves and badges.
E. F. Smith secy.
Peter Brusa returned to his borne in
North held this morning.
Tbe various committees of the City
council are laboring early and late
these days to get tbelr reports in
shape for publication on Feb. 1st.
The Two Orphans at the opera
Tbe Rbe Lorraine company
play the Two Orphans tonight.
Miss Lorraine in one of ber
parts at the opera house tonight.
Positively the last appearance of
tbe Ri e Lorraine company at tbe
opera hot se tonight.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of tbe Granite Savings Bank
& Trust Co, will be January 6tb at
o'clock in the afternoon.
Mrs. M. Garvey Is spending ew
Years in Ilardwlck.
Mrs. Theodore Lascor and
Stephen Lascor are spending New
Years witb friecds and relatives
All the local banks will be closed
all day tomorrow.
Tbe Degree Staff of Manchester
Untiy will please meet in their hall
tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Members
present at last meeting will find it in
terestlng t attend.
Alderman Houston returned this
morning from stowe.
several couples from this city are
to attend tbe dance at the Williams
town Gulf House tonight.
Wood For Sale !
Best Rock Maple, dried under
cover. Will deliver any where
in the city.
. Williamstown.
I Information
Regarding Wombat Fur Coats
There ase two species of Wom
bats. They differ only in size
and color of fur. The larger
Wombat of Tasmania and Aus
tralia having a yellowish brown
coarse fur, while tbe smaller
Wombat or tbe Sliver Gray
Wombat of Australia Is readily
distinguished by tbe smooth and
silky character of the fur. We
find in our experience that the
Stiver Gray Wombat makes the
finest all round Fur Coat manu
factured. We make tbe Sliver
Gray wombat a specialty. Don't
put off buying tojlay what you
may need to put fan tomorrow.
If it's a coon coat we want tbe
pleasure of showing you the lar
gest assortment in tbe state,
toon Coats, Nutria, Beaver, Ot
ter and Natural trimmed.
Coon Goats $35-$90
A. D. Farwell Co,,
is a matter te be considered as much
as the disaster of death . Endowment
Annuity Bonds protect any case of
premature death and provide some
thing to live on if you outlive those
whom you seek to protect.
National Life Insurance Co., of Ver
mont, (Mutual.) Organised in I860.
S. S. Ballard, General Agent. N. B.
Ba.lard, Local Agent, Rooms 2 and 3
Miles' Block, Barre, Vermont.
Fair tonight and Thursday,
to southwest winds.
The Letobytic wbUt club meets to
night witb Mrs. B. A. Eastman.
Tbe entries for tbe Vlncltia club
billiard tournament will close tonight.
Handicaps will be placed on any new
entries and tomorrow tbe games may
be played by anyone and at any time
when they can secure one of the ref
erees to watch tbe game. It is the
wish of the committee that tbree
games be played asquiokly as possible.
They would ask the players, not to be
notified but take it upon themselves
to see that their games are played at
tbelr earliest convenience.
Josie Broggi of Nortbfleld was in
town this morning.
Mary Broggi returned to her borne
in Nortbfleld this morning.
Joe Sanguinetti has returned from
Iberville witb his two sons who are
going to school there.
Mrs. Luoy Weeks Nelson Is spending
a few days with her mother' at the
home of her aunt, Mrs. Lucian Nich
ols on Washington street. Mrs. Nel
son is a graduate of Goddard Semin
ary and a writer of considerable note.
Miss Perkins, who has been caring
for Mrs. H. A. Segel, bag returned
borne and her place is taken by Miss
Hattie Reed,
The Granite Savings Bank & Trust
Co. has declared a semi-annual divi
dend to stockholders of tbree per cent
payable Jan. 1st.
Wm. Allen has returned from a
vi.it in Nashua. N. H.
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Howard return
ed last night ;from a short visit in
E. ,. Perry returned home last
Charles and George Wood left to
day for a few days' visit in Franklin,
Roy Centerbar has returned from a
week's visit at Bellows Falls.
All tbe barber shops in town will be
open until 11 o'clock tonight and clos
ed all day tomorrow.
Charles Wilson is in Boston to spend
New Years
Arthur Young is spending New
Yean with friends in Boston.
F. Lavlolette is in Burlington on
Felix Cnauvin is visiting in Sharon.
Ehslgn Poole of tbe Salvation Army
is In Jt. Johnsbury.
Peter Depatie went to Milton today
to remain over New Years.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barclay left this
noon for a visit in Quincy, Mass.
The Vincitla club's annual billiard
tournament begins tomorrow night.
There are a large number of entries
numbering 24.
Miss Blanche Dunsmoor of North-
field spent last night in town with her
sister Mrs. L. B. Dodge.
While Mrs. Mason Page and Mrs.
Charles Page were riding out yester
day on Wellington Ave., tbe sleigh
as overturned, breaking one tbill
and skaking the occupants up a little,
but no other damage was done.
All members of Clan Gordon No.
12 O. S. C. are requested to meet at
tbe ball at 1 o'clock Thursday after
noon for the purpose of attending tbe
funeral of our late brother Roderick
McLeay. James Elrick secy.
Dr. Minora S. Marshall who has
been a resident of Montpelier for
some time where, she has had a large
and efficient practice, and Miss Elean
or Ryan, former matron of Heaton
nospitai nave lert new York rtr San
F.anclsco, Cal. Dr. Marshall will
locate there permanently and estab
Usb a practice while Miss Ryan has
secured a tine position as matron of
the Morton Sanitarium of that place.
Both lames are wen ana ravortbly
known In this community and best
wishes are expressed for their future
At a special meeting of the Ladies
Aid of St. Monica's church held last
Fiday evening it was voted to hold a
social dance in K. of f. ball Friday
evening of this week. Dancing to
begin at 8 o'clock sharp. Refresh
mcnts of cake and coffee will be fur
nished by the ladies. Tickets V5 cents
each- All lovers of dancing should
come as a good time is nssnred. Ladies
who did not attend tbe meeting last
evening will please take notice. Every
member Is requested to send cake to
hall Friday evening any time after
.30. Tickets have been procnr"t
and are now on sale. Anyone desii
ing tickets to sell or for tbeir own use
may apply to Miss Agnes Nash 20
Church St., any time before 6 o'clock
Any person wishing to become a
member of tbe Barre Cooperative So
ciety and receive the benefits of co
operation can obtain stock at Hecker's
or Marrion's cigar store. Stock at It
per share, not less tban one nor more
fifty shares to one person. One share
wl l admitto allbenefits.P. Halvosa.
Cbas. R. Allen went to Boston this
morning for a few days business.
All Master Masons are requested to
meet in Masonic ball on Thursday af
ternoon at 1.16, for tbe purpose of
attending tbe funeral of our lite
brother, P.. McLeay.
C. T Campbell, W.M.
Rev, Mr. Ooodwlo, late of Hartford'
Conn., will preacb at the holiness
meeting in Evangelical hall this eve
ning. T1iom who bave table cloths belong
ing to tbe Congregational cburch are '
requested to bring them back Thurs
day morning.
The annual dinner of tbe Congrega
tional churoh will be held tomorrow
at 12 o'clock, and tbe business meet
ing will commence at 10.30 In , the
F. L. Laird of Montpelier and Harry
L. Laird of Orange have sold to W. R.
Danforth of Stratford, N. H., 1400
acres of land in Marahfield, containing
tbe Laird farm and pond and some of
tbe best timber land in that town.
About 1200 acres of the land has
timber and it is estimated that there
are 5,000.000 feet in tbe tract. The
purchase price was $15,000 and the
papers have passed. W. R. Danforth,
the purchaser, is a large owner of
timber land in New Hampshire. This
sale Includes the well known Laird
farm and the Laird pond ana sawmill.
Tbe timber sale is one of tbe largest
that ever occurred In tbe town at
Marsh field.
There will be union watch night
services at tbe Methodist cburch from
9 to II tonight. The Rev. L. K.
Wlllman of Montpelier will be present
and speak at 9 o'clock. Dinner will
be served at 1 o'clock New Years 'lay,
after which the annual roll call will be
Th stores of Frank MoWhorter
and Moore & Owens will be open until
9 o'clock this evening and closed all
day tomorrow.
Tbe Harrison Granite Co. will not
start up until next Monday, on ao
count of necessary repairs.
Dr. J. S. I'eziel is to leave tonight
for a short visit In Montreal.
J. B. Stearns returned this morning
to bis home in Rutland.
Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Dodge went to
Nortbfleld this morning for a short
A. Tomasi is putting in a steam
heating apparatus throughout his en
tire new block and it will be com
pleted in a few days
R. F. Richardson of East Orange
was in town yesterday.
The city schools will net open until
Jan. 5tb.
A wedding reception was held last
night at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Rossi, who were married yesterday.
A very large crowd was present aud
tbe pirty bruke ap in tbe early hours
of the morning.
Tomorrow being a legal holiday no
paper will be issued from the Tel
or'am office.
Bam Lagerman left this morning
for lebanon, N. H.
D. M. Miles received six carloads ot
soft coal yesterday.
Wallace N. Batobelder of Brattles
boro was in town yesterdy. it witrjfT
.lock tbe f.
Manchester, N. H. ' i '
Officer E. E. Perry took Jerry C? p.
to the Waterbury Insane Asylum
terdav afternoon. ed ne'B,' -.
f T : fl ii n L lit-'
vwnwtoumvao aon 01 nugeue" ,
rtnir frnm a rplaMvfl In t.h W(H)
consisted of a full sat, at .11
of tbe latest editioo of the Urhajo
KDcyciopeaia. . -1
Mrs. W. H. Jackson is on; a Vis
Clarence Wood went tbis
South Royalton on business.
Pearl Pope has gone to Wells HI J
Miss Inez McDonald Is c ut of ,
for a few dys.
F. F. Walker U in Brookrtein
on business.
The Queen of the1 Forest
held a whist party in For
Saturday evening. Come
a pleasant evening.
It s -
noon jn : . u.
I Wll UWIIIIkVI - -v, J . -'t,
1 j5.. j '
rsi Ink..4,,?, 1 t;
i This
I 1
we j . 1
Syrup of Whits PiM -.W
Friday evening. Tbey will also be
sold at tbe door. C O. Averlll will
tf2 No. Min St.
be tbe prompter at the dape-
1U '
J t I ...

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