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jjyaiiy nifi ri .yjfc,d'a,i1?fti
' .1111 -, 1 ,.,.,
Lei's Talk 11 Over.
Fred CoM.-btiry is ,uite sick.
)r. .1. Henry .liukson will sjend Sm -(Iny
in Ibis oily,
J. ('. Doilsri! is painlmjand reairinr
tlie inside of 1'criy & ('aiiijr.s store.
Mr. and Mrs. T. C. AVhitcliill are vis
it'ii'i friends in YVilliumslown lo-dny.
Sirs, A. 0. AVhilelicr iitlended Hie
funeral (if Mr. Huberts in Mcmliielier
Leonard W'illev went Id I.vn-
donville Ibis ninniin l'ur u visit with
Of till!
. I". (
i city
. Abl
Ibiiiers Foot
tisi! on Their
bail i
i Ihis
; ,J-vt forum.
ill. K. Arnold of Ihiston, repm-eiiling
y ' W. and ). line was in the city
s morning.
ilr, A. X. (liii.-o of lierlin is in lown
. Jay for an operation on bis boy's nose
. Dr. Hanson.
I'lii! laplisl ('bonis ivbearsal will be
.''d Ibis evening at ii(. rinse of liie
jniiVer ineclinjr.
Ir. M. 1.. 'handler ha I a new tele
phone conn,. clion pnl in bis bouse today
Tbe call is t)?-.
Mrs. II. A. Holt returned last nijjlii
from MidlloscN where sbe has been
vNilinr relatives for several days.
(.'lias. Iloyt was voted in as a sttli.-ti-lule
uieniber in Hook and Ladder ( Yi .
Xo. 1, at l.'ieir liii'ilin,' la-l eveniim'.
The ".Moiuilain Kin;:" is lia. 1 .'main
on tbe llano ll u'lroad, ai'.er In in:: ill '
Hie shops at Moiitpelior for repairs.
F. 15. Ohiiinberliii of ltyogato Was in
llio cit' today.
Mr. mid Mrs. George, Kuxton are in
liiirlingtnii today.
F. I). Ladd is to put a new delivery
wayon on tliu street tomorrow.
I. con Salter lias moved to South Harie
to remain during (ho summer months.
Miss Ida Karber of liiclitnond, who
lias been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Dimick,
returneil home this morning.
'I he Kntorprise ollice had a new tel
ephone pnl into the office today. The
number of the call is 107 o.
('has. II. llaliday of Huston (raveling
representative ot the Chicago Xorlb-
I liawaih i
CXpei'l lo Wi
(. O. 1',,
oil three,
t i i i 1 1 .
ye yes
soon re
fill from
is been
"1,-1.' Xo. -(I, I
Hie lir-l de-iv
candidates a I I in-ir nieeiin;: tin
( art Hunt ot Ninth itari
Hi', got a iiccc of -teel ill
teid.iv. Ir, ,)o,. W. Jae
moved it.
.lack Meher rrhin:r. last n't"
Xew York eily where he In
working for several weeks on lb
liiver iiinlg".
Mr. I'orter I-.', illauehanl of (.ranil,
ville had bis left eye hadlv wouiide
ly a piece of living granite this morn
ing. Hr. Han.Miii divxed it.
'I'he Neal 11.. u l.n,;,. . ( .
ll(dd t icir Weekly meeliug Ia eveuiio.'
at which a line Iherary pro-ram was
William Yoim- stalled lo-dav for a
.visit to his mother and sou in Xew
Ilamp.hirc II,, will be absent about a
Levi liveware, who has I
rork on a I:i . granite euuii,.,- j, j
Xew 'iork city fi- ihr past few weeks
returned home ye.-!en!av.
'I'he cellar for C. I. i:,.v,,
bouse is nearly completed and ;e
workmen to-dav were i.m..,c.,i;
eh f ir the e er on ;,...
former resident I western Kaihvay was in town yesterday.
r.s-cx, is visitni"; J-.arl ( iiiinnnni'rs, who lias worked so
long m Seribner's meat market, will be
gin work for Smith Brothers Monday
Suit was br.iught this morning by A.
Froiii of St. ile'e a, Cal. against C.
Maflini for );15.00 thiotigh his attorney,
Ii. A. Hoar.
The school commissioners will meet
Saturday evening instead of Friday eve-
lung on account ot the High School ex
hibition that evening.
The annual meeting of Ihe liarre
Enteitabiineiil Association will be held
! ,M- ;.. ii... ,i: , .,
the Xational liank,
'i'he case of slale vs. Morville and
C'oiuuiby forsclling intoxicating liiptors
was eomdudeil in the City Court this
morning. Judge I'arnry has reserved
his dceissiou.
The 1!ai;i;i: Kvkmno Fnti-.i!I-i;is.: was
liie only paper yesterday that, gave to
i.arre me news ot (he. riot in Congress
lo Ihe people of Ilarre. It was also
tbe lirsl paper In publish the news of
me action ot tlie House.
Mr. I'. ('. Woodward of (iranileville
bad bis left eye injure I by a. piece of
"ranilc lo-dav. obseiirin"- the si.rlit l,v
loneeiu- I blood inside the eve. Tie is under Dr.
; Hanson's care. (Jood hope is cnter
! lainod for the restoration of si'ht.
; We take this occasion fo inform the
: inventors of Ihe falsi! story that W. V .
I.apoinl is not in any way interested
Willi the "Kvt.XINC KxTEIIl'IflSE." tin
has no money in Ibis venture as some.
J persons have reported, anil is not re-
' porter, cd ilor or correspondent . .
On the Corner.
(b orge
- Ill'.'gillS.
and .bun,
.yainncr. .V. II.,
they will resume
jgvl'be iri'onnds
' High school
tbe lawn was ra
t evenit
ir studii
banc, J
r 'llirue.
at Dart-
iCHHi'l JbcSriauldin ,r
were cleaned today and
1 over wr, I!..., l.
... " ""ii. i.ie
ngs ol the institution are once
more putting on their summer beauty.
1. A. Hoar was at Monlpelicr 'hist
night where he effected a settlement
with the Monlpelicr ollicials r ardiii"
the poles for Ihe various wires' of the
JMccjr.e u ulroad eompain-.
1 .,1 1 1... : . ., . .
inn e.ll l s u i ... ..... .
' ' " n 1.1,1 1 1 1
know that Jimmy" Leahv, who pbivei
Ifrto.l 1 ... 1 I P.... . 1. . I . 1 1
-... ...hi i o i inc nan,., icani last year
is "starring il" Ihis year on the Tufts
( o! lege nine, II,. ,.,,..,, T,fs
Medical ( ollege last fall.
, j.T.eonard Kingslarted on the late Iriiu
last nighl for Alaska ,,.sl bis fortune
he gold seekers. .Mr, King has been with
on MMrnu years engineer al one of tl(.
slalioneiy engines al Ihe (puirries. 1
leaves here a wife and two children.
, Vl,V.-''--fC. S, Currier B, (r.
i .a.e o liulbmd drove Williamslown
yesterday a id looked over the .,,,.,.,..
J lim,v,y"' ''.v J!''- Cnrrier reservoir and
'4 " l''f''-Hy.Si.lislie,. A deed of (,
.; property will j-ioiinl.lv be made out ;,,
a nay or two.
' Mrs. James Klriek, whose daughter
s ll-(l yesterday, is reponed to ,
, in a very critical condition and was nol
, j peeled lo live through Ihe ni-hi .,.(
'7 sl"' ' 'I'lite ill for some
: b,:ue and this great shock inav prove
much tor her. "
A nuinberof Im-iness ,,ieu around the
''by arc lliinkiug very siroimlv of "el
hng up a petiii,,,, sc , , ', )i,.7al.s
.. '''Il'" -11. 1!.. at St. Albans, to hav,.
Uhj f:irl y inor g- Ic.-nn v stored. 'Ph,.,.,.
: "r,',u " ',"!,".v '"'"ess men i wn
' !!"' ,o1,11-' lo I!i,rli,,-,(,n
' ''"'Y,11' ""' ""'n.ing. I,ut are al pre,enl
unable lo.
Mr. l.utle,., eencal su , erbi.eudaul
. of the northern dm-ion ami Mr nmi,
4 f '"''1 Hiperintciidant of , onstrneiion
-i tor norlheon livii,i of I!urli-io ai (
.' ,;lr: "f Monlpelicr of Hi,, p
' 'lcphonc ( 'o., are i the ,.jiv today
h '"sr.alterthenew line of IHcpl, , .
r'!' 'S, '" I"'""1- "iislr. c.i
'"'Iwceii be,-,, and Fast l!ar,v.
'r.l.. ,. 1
-raudsland wlnel, will be placed on the
'y. '"' '""'I'"-' at the Se arv. Ii will
, ;'. f'1.v fed long and ....h1 f,,,, .
;' '' el win ,. hl,Iu.
,.""! " and the h(Jlll(,
J Ins is something that has long ),,.
needed ,U 1 1. Seminary and we evten
our .:ongratii,J1)s n, Hum, for Hi
The I'Vi'i'iill,',. ......... t,.
, '"""nunc 01 Hi,. Vet.
inont Woniaids federation of Clubs will
tnect at Hie home ,,f jrSi ,j j,,m .
Jackson lo-moir.iw it 1, , , at abou'i
two o clock I he commbt aiiisiMsof
Airs, Sarah ,. , ,
. .OMCllO ,),
Miss Jul,:, A.C. Jnek,,,,, of Urando,,,
, ; """gcil of Lyndon
ville und Mrs. J. Henry Jacks,,;,. I,
II V linn, ... I ,l...l ..11 .1. " '
- !. ...... in.., an inn cxceuiivi! eominil-
' , " l"'1" ''M'cption of Mrs
l!lodg(!ll who has writ ten that she ,,
not: III! . resell, Tl Ill ,
' , ' 'i' in also be a
ieiose,uuin(! iroin ( Meh of . fl
clubs in the state. 'I'll,, mcelii,... js for
the purpose of selecting a place for the
animal meeting and ,.,.. .,, ,,
gram Al ihe last annual ineeli
lirallle.i.ao and l!e,ii,igiou "ave the
Federation mi invitation to ho, ( 1(.r
tiieeting Iliere this year, and il is proba
lilelhal. one of these places will ,.
selection of the eonumllt.e,
i Kvcry citizen who studies Hie siiua
i lion must mini! to tlie fuel that Ibis city
! needs anolbcr school house if not more
' than one. Xo city or lown in Vermont
' ' growing so rapidly as our own enter
prising place, this could be shown in no
j better way than by the large number of
. new scholars who every term crowd in
; to our local schools. The Inspector has
i no personal hobby in Ihis matter and in
making suggestions would only do so
' that others may also give the " mailer
consideration and then perhaps the
right action may be taken. The city
has a line lot between the Congregational !
and the Kpiseonal church liu7l.lin.rs. !
mil, I ,,s school house
nolo 1!-: iiri.i.ti. o., ..... ..
..I,,,,... I C" 1 il 11CW OIK! OI
...... i. ....-el- dimensions ami more mod
ern erected? If this'shoiibl not be deem
ed the proper thing, could not the entire
H-.be sold for business purposes and
Hie eily pureitttsi: :.:;;( Iter more suitable
site for a .modern school '.y.'ildiug? If
this plan baa its faults, (hen if the .,,,;'.
section of the eily is in need of a school
bouse why not purchase the I'eiininian
lot on South Main street and erect a
small school buildiu"-. and miolln.r ........
I'."""" building in Ihe Northern section
of Ihe city? By an means when Hie
city meeling shall be held for this pur-I
iei me voters act early ami wisely
whatever plan may be adopted. We
seem lo lie, progressing on the City Hall
in.uier now let us attend to the educa
tion of Ihe youth of ibis growing eily.
The Inspector rests, in the interests
of harmony among our people, that Ihe
proper ollicials will sec to it Unit when
Ihe next aiiiiinni ;, o;,,,, i.ui : .
j . -.... ..i ..in imssco o
(ongress the citizen who live across
"Our Dead Fin," , called, are in t for
gollou and that free delivery is made
as much of a beneiU to Hiem as to our
business num. j
'et. ....
i no constant, stream of shoppers, from I
b'ic( apilal city who daily crowd into'
our local stores is a proof that I!,.llTe i
luerclianls urn being riel.lv rewarded I
meir upio date methods of trade
"daysihal are gone Moutpelier was'
the -.near by Boston" for I!:UT(. p,.()))1(l
ii u,c nip nemg ,n; (l , ,v s!,,r(,
'" ,1I'IIIIS ,l"'11 i'1 big only Hire,! iTm -s
a day. But ! hustle which char.ie
enzes every branch of our business life
' day has , banged Hie old tilings until
J.arre enjoys a irood trade f "..,. .
Icrcily, who ought lo rejoice at our
prosperity and coin inn,! lo nWV wi(1
us until the two shall be tbe twin eiiies
" ,''"'1,'''1 N l'1',ll"i'l. Hie double pridu
ol t in drceii Mountain Stale.
I'he obi savilirr i.tl.nf If !., .. ;ii ..,
,., ,, , " " ''I "11 IU Will
that dees not blow some one sonie .rood"
l".'"'1 '"'' tit Unit three of our
"' ''limvlies have bee,, financially
benciiled bv the ..; ... . ,
. . " ...... Ul liu; o,
Opera House building.
Tut: Inspix Tdif.
The Unexpected Discovery He Made About
Their AppolutraenU.
Mr, P. (a prominent historical writer)
went to President Lincoln to get au ap
pointment, and being-asked of what de
nomination he was answered that lie
was a Presbyterian. " Well, ' ' said Pres
ident Lincoln, "I will bav to look at
my book to seo." Ho further said: "I
om not sure but tho Presbyterians affo
full. I have to do this. "
Mr. Lincoln thou proceeded: "Bishop
Kimpson was bere the othoi.' day com-
fil:iii.i.ii nf lt.tr mhhinf.'fi nivf.trr nil f.l.n
i n - - - f- n
appointments to Episcopalians. I did
nnr. L'liniv nf.vfhi..ff nlinnr. mv nnliinol;
I thouyht liluir a good old Presbyterian
name, auu as iorisewara, i aian I Know
until I went to church with him tlmfc
ho was au Episcopalian. "
President Lincoln had said to Bishop
Simpson : "You wait here. We aro to
have a cabinet meoting here direotly,
and I will see to it. "nnrl when the nnh.
inet came he said, "Here is Bishop
Simpson making a complaint of our giv
ing all tbe appointments to tho Episco
palians." Said Soward: "That is not true of
my department. I uover give au ap
pointment to anv man hocanse of hia
denomination, nor even know what ho
Said Bishon Simnsou: "Them was
Dr. McCliiitock, annointed to eo to
Paris, a cood Methodist, nnrl Ris-linn
Hughes was put in his place. I suppose
you didn't know, sir, who Bishop
Hughes was?" "Oh. I had forrmtrnn
about him. "
"Well," said Blair, "vnn'vo ant lii.n
there, hishon. Imf. rl.orr. na ..nf f,..rt
, - " - . MAW 41JW .. , yj 1,4
my department that aro Episcopalians. "
"Sir, " said tho bishop, "there aro not
two that are not." "Why," said Blair,
that is not true, and you may come
tomorrow morning and look for your
self." "I will bo thero at such atinid," and
he was thero. As ho went in Blair said,
"Ah, bishop, you got Soward splendid
ly yesterday." Bishop Simpson said, "I
do not come to hear about him, but
about your department."
"I haven't time to seo about that. "
"Sir, it is of more imnnrtnnen thim
j know. Yesterday you said' there were
not two who were Episcopalians, and I
said there were not two tlmt- .von, ,,t.
Episcopalians," and so ho forced him
to look ut it, and ho found that the
bishop was correct, and that thero were
not two that wero not Episcopalians.
All this Mr. Lincoln said to Mr. F.,
who communicated it to one of the bost
known citizens of this country, a man
of unimpeachable veracity and equal ac
curacy, who communicated it to us.
Christian Advocate.
Bho said to him, hor lovor:
"I would not hold you iol
If onne 1h drenm ficcined qveri
If onco you wished to no,;
You'ru free nt nny seosoii,
At nny moment frcol"
"Hut that is just the iraisoti
You hold mu fasti" paid ho.
Madeline H. Bridges in Contury.
It Takes Time to Get Used to the Ways
of Newspaper Correspondent.
A now member of the senate was
foniplainiiig to au old member of some
of tho difficulties ho was encountering.
.(?.. -!.. , I l. n.,i,l "tl.nott nniiiD.
m: Ul UUO UlJ11J,, l.v tl.lU ulj.tj nun o-
paper fellows dou't always get things
straight. I don't mean to accuse them
of carelessness or of iutentioual misrep
resentation, but uow and then some re
markable stories aro printed about mo
at Dome.
"You'll get used to that, " replied
the veteran. "That won't hurt. That's
part of your apprenticeship. I've been
all along there. Lot me tell you of a
littlo experience of miue. Soon after I
first came hero I picked np n paper from
my state and saw it asserted in a letter
from Washington that my colleague
nnrl TriiTL'nlF liurl i,,fjd nnrl nf,...,. rrnrl t.
Ml,. Ulin,,, IWV, ,L. HUtl 14
slate, and that all the patronage for tbe
state would ho distributed according to
tn at arrangement.
"Them w.nH tin vv.nrrn.nr. fnr f.lm efnrn.
nieut, and I mado inuuiries for the cor
respondent. Ho came to see me and
proved to bo a bright and most agreea
ble young man. I asked him for his au
thority, and ho pleasantly refused to
,'ivo it, mil. saiu mac no uaa overy iaicn
in h's informant. To that I replied that
11 I would ask, then, woula be tho
privilege of denying tho story of put
tine my statement attitinst tho other.
Ho said that was only fair and that he
would attend to the matter.
"When tho correction appeared, it
read something like this: 'Your corre
spondent's story about the deal betweon
Senator and his colleague, by
which tho patronage of Vio stato is to
oo divined oetweeu them, has raised
quito a stir here. There is no question
as to its absolute truth. But Senator
, who evidently has been rattled
by tho publication, now solemnly as
sures your correspondent that ho had
nothing wbatover to do with tho deal.
After that I went slow on corrections. "
Bangor Whig and Courier.
" War Seems Imminent.
Before the Calumet Harbor
will be Invaded
If) an additional rise of $25 per lot.
Those liiokln' for n frond, safe, investment
should cull upon us innl see what we lire scll
Ing Chicago property for.
Jinny n nniii has said: "Oh, I will buy iind
till... Niicli unit such ii tot." mi. I returned in one
month to Iind that the prices have advanced,
property values have liecnine enhanced and
tiw limn. l!i'l.-v liriitli..)' .ifiilitf.il t licrcliv. Yi.lf
'Oini.it cat, I . il I'll or lose' Iniul. No one can
steal it from you and in a good iriiicriius lo
cution it grows while von sleep, and vou will
not have lo wait the allotted lite of iniul for
prolil on your investment. Come and sre
what we have to oiler you.
v.. ............. t ! ...... l...:
,1U II ill. .1,1.- ..... 11.111 JMIK.i,,!
upon you, hut n straight-out proposition is of
fered to you in a locality where property
values are coiistautlv iucreiisii g.
It is the first purchaser that is the niouev
milker. The most reputable men of Vermont
Vo i.'..,r .,,i .,. i... ..f . ....... ...,..
and will certify to its being without anv ex
ception the very best in the country n broad
assertion no doiiht, but never the less true.
At.in frnl.i tilts tin. licit jute viili!tv lin.-c tri
this land and purchased it, and we have their
word mat the aliove is true.
J. Wright Peebles,
7 & 8 Bolster Block.
New Bread, Rolls and Buns Fresh Every Day.
Cakes, Cookies, Pastry and Confectionery,
Teas, Coffees and Spices.
"A Cool Un,"
"He's a cool uu, " is the way the sol
diers in a certain Kuglish regiment de
scribe 0U0 (if their ndicnra o
Whoso self possession in a timo of dan
ger saved his men froyn defeot
probably from death. Tho circumstance ! set of pennlo,
which gave this oftk !fir Ill's runnfutinn
- vjllllHUU
not be moved j , rt ' u "y f0"" KiP8 in Tho
a new one of " ftuil"ster Magazine. Ho writes:
very young oilicer, who had gono
almost straight from school to tho army
and theuee to India, was leading his
company through a rocky pass on re
turning from a scouting expedition.
They were beset by tho enemy, who
fired at them from behind the rocks,
:,vJd tho men wero irrnwinn mm
steady. Tho.so in tho rear began to bo
impatient and shouted to the men in
I Jronc: -nnrry up. What aro you wait
ing for there?"
The young officer answered quito
coolly: "Hold on a minuto. I'm licht
ing my pipe." b
And ho struck a match and lit it
There was a roar of laughter, mid a sol
dier called out, "Well, since you're so
prowiu I think I'll have a pip0 my
self. And ho, too, struck a match and
.m io smoKo. xms hit of fun steadied
tho men, and they camo throueh in
good order. b
A lady living in an unfashionable
stroet invited a gentleman of leisurely
me to her homo, becauso in her sim
plicity sho thought he seemed lonely.
He cnnio, and at the close of the even
ing remarked to her, "I had no idea I
should meet so many distinguished peo
plo at your horse, "his voice uncon
sciously emphasizing the pronoun. In a
little book, "About People," Airs. Kate
uanuorc wens gives tho following in
stance cf a lack of good manners:
cuiouuisuuoss is not confined to ono
Emphasized by fashion
Remember On I v One I9v ltcfore
We Advance Each Lot $'2.j.OO.
Mountains and valleys, dear ye are to me,
Bi.ui.iiin w.i.i wiuiucrmy, ever irunquu
And forests tiint make murmur like tho sea,
And this keen air that from the hurt soul
Its pain anil languor I Doubly dear ye nro
For many a lofty memory that throws
A splendor on these heights. 'Neath yon low
That like a rtuwdror. melts in heaven's roue,
Dwelt onco n starry spirit. Thorn ho snioto
Life from tlie living hills. A littlo while
Eo rested from tho niKint! of tho woikl.
This lirook of Shadows, whoso dark waters
linvlf ,.1
Eolaco to his deep mind, it felt his smile
Haunted, and melancholy, and romoto.
K. W. Gilder in Century,
Parties and
Did you ever Iry Callaglian's breni1..
If you don't, you will surely bo den, I,
To the best of "-nod things.
Unit j;iv(! good i cople wings,
'J'o Hy to tho regions of bliss.
We nnike all kinds of cakes,
And nil sorts (if pies,
We do not make ungelH
They're made in tho skies.
Hut we make angle cakes,
That with every one lakes,
If you wish lo hi; angels,
Why then you must fly,
With ('nlliighan's bread,"
To the homo in the sky,
Of Ihe angels that bask in tho
kingdom of bliss.
Weddings Supplied.
N. Main St
Tho Dentist's Opportunity.
"I was particularly busy on last
Tuesday," said tho dentist. "My offico
was crowded all day, and one of tho
last putiontH to bo attended to was a
big, flit, lllllld o nirnrt fl.
si i,..,i i v'""" woman, unuurt and carry with t
you vns doing u g00t bces-
M'KNCKl! Uiru.:S('oxn,;UT.
A small audi.. in... .,,.,.! ... ..
,, . -' iioumi al. I M.
.""'gntionalt 'lm.., last evenin,,. , .
s en .,, ,lt , 1im,sl 11(,rllillm,nl
"' ever n-iv,,,, in , .
w,! V""!'"-" s..-.st Hint ,,ei i
-.hl; l'1'""""'! mill fully salislied will,
"'V ""'"'".dmonoy ,1ms i spent.
he jirogruni was carried out in full
-I ';;'!''-;' --niotbesaideoinp? . ' -
. ... ...... i-i iieiionted Hi
..i. iii'o wnn lers.. ...,i;,.
'iig entitled
'"er" s e iii.
lo lie
. und
hi vorite.
i aii-
e reiul-Druin-
;Ws, butatlastiherZ
I ....ivo up to tno chair with all tho
, airy graco of a steam roller. Appareut-
r Z!:TVU!!,0 fflco ha'1 iu'Pressed
, her (leel)iy) for tu()
" 'Docto
i ness.'
;;;Yos,' I said1 "I k0(.p pretty busy.'
j JHj, but you must bo maigina u
. deetor, v'yu
but ti H,-Bett,a8 ratllM interesting,
but the question was fired point blank
at short range, and I fdt th. j
answer, so I admitted that such w. s
sXintoyt,tlliS,tini0 Shall!Ul
in ',"? tho;llr.rtslogavomo
, . 7 "'"weii, you remember tho
or literary nrotensions. it snroailg fmm
village to city. It exists in sardine fac
tories and in palatial mansions; it is
wet with at picnics and dances as well
as at dinner or conversation parties.
Tho links are close.
One of Boston's oldest families gave
a recentiou. Two Hoioi.u .!,. ..i
- ..... ...... vji uajui uiu
families atteud:d, to whom tho host
said, "I'll introduce you to those ladies
opposite," and ho moved toward them.
(( "Excuse us, " said ouo of the mou;
"tho ladies are of a peasant style of
beauty; it is hardly worth while."
Tho host bowed low iu recognition of
their farsceiui nnwnr nri.n,.,. v
.. 7 1 "'"6, its.
mey uro my nieces from tho- country,
hut I will not troublo you."
No apology would ho receive, though
one was eagerly offered.
Woman's Wit.
An emperor of Germany besieged a
"".ul uuiougea to ouo or Ins rebel
lious noblemen. After tho siogo had
lasted for a long time tho emperor de
tornnuod to take it by storm and to do
stroy all it coutainod by liro and sword.
Ho did not, however, wish to injure tho
defenseless women; therefore, he sent a
proclamation into tho town, saying that
all tho women might leavo tho placo
unhurt and carry with thorn whatever
The noblo-
who instantly decided to tako
her husband, and the other women fol
lowed her example. They soon issued
from tho city gate iu a long procession,
each one with her husband on hersboul.
riors. Tho emperor was so much struck
with the noblo conduct of tho wanton
that he spared all; oven tho city itself
was left untouched.
Skipped Town.
lc nicy lb.vs,i.ii,1)v,., I,.. r ..
I'il.v, nn.l stale, tlntt , ,. . ' nls
tav ii . ,.i , """" '" "'' his i n.'
II I.- al.-o known that lie f. ,i .
lerofhk r,i.,,.i. , ,l"l.l,t(,.' ton num.
f. ii.0M,,:,:,:?'!un,,j 'liu,
liinlav le let, ,.,. ... i""1'1 """' n
'n.wed iniiney a; , " ! " " '
Miro .-ir.il wt.t.t ... . . -""l lUMC IIKMlllls
r ,s tiv ..i.
IJHOV Il IMiliti-.l ii..
work for
"" Ifiirlingtou
After the Concert.
mS'mX"00Ww d,d you m
MHighrocks-Sho was wretched.
Mr. Wellwood-I'm astonished to
Int'iethl 1
Miss Hifl
Java been aU htl "JK
Bovvn she wore never could have been
made in Pari.,. -Cleveland Leader
Tho facilitino f... j..,....,.
from U A
'.",l Is ..urala yo, n ,i,',, "" "uw that yut
'n In lii,,.ti, a " ''. Nni)(.H '.
inn.lv. Aililrp.. . ),iri.f of th- ,,.n,..
"! Si) cents. ' " 11 "His to cure
An Knelish Ulptomatist.
Sir Claudo Maedouald, the British
minister o China, is 40 years old and
holds rank in tho army as a niaior. Ho
served with tho Seventy-fourth high
landers an 1 was in tho Egyptian can,,
paign of id82 and tho Suukim expedi
tion before, ho was appointed consul
general at Zanzibar in 1887. After lea"
iu east Africa ho was sunt to tho Niger
wnero ho nrovorl
-General in -tho Niger C
orate, as tho district, which was onco
career i, doAs'Bunte(1' Sir Claude's
Tmr L ? WGSt, Afdca was cut sl'ort in
lo'JO bv his a. .. u
at Peking. 1 eiausy
Tho Many Tilings It Ui.l IJosldcs Curing
Dad's IMicuinatlsiu.
"A few years ago Dad Wright of Sal
visa, this state, had a very remarkable
experience with lightning," said a gen
tleman from Oarrard county, whoso
stock of good and truo stories is always
large, ms escapo lrom instant death
at tbo time was miraculous. Whilo
hastening on foot through an open field
toward his homo during a terrific tlnin
derstorm ho was struck squarely on tho
head bv an electric holt. It ct.-in i,
. v. . jjjC4 .UU
hair from one side of his brainpan, toro
tho clothing from his body and made' a
crooked black stripe an inch wide down
his left sido from head to foot. When
struck, ho bounced several feet in tbo
air nud fell back upon tbe ground as if
dead. Tho shaft entered tbo earth,
throwing np a shower of mud.
"At the time Wright carried in his
hip pocket a loaded revolver. Every
chamber of tho weapon was discharged,
tho woodwork was burned, and the
metal partially fused by tbo heat. His
icic suoo was ripped from his foot. The
unfortunate ::i lay seuscloss and
naiieci tor several hours in tbe drench
ing rain, but, incrediblo as it may seem
nuatiy regained partial consciousness
ana oegan to stagger uncertainly about
over tno neid. tie was in this pitiable
condition when discovered.
"Ho was soon recognized, taken in
ohargo and conducted to his home,
where ho was clothed and given proper
"As a result of thn Ktmk,. ,o..
and toenails wero loosened, his scalp al
most denuded of hair, and his hearing
permanently impaired. On tho other
hand, ho reaped an unexpected and de
cided beuelit. For years prior to tbo oc
currence hero outlined ho hud been a
great sufferer from muscular rbouina-
umu, out never altorward felt a twiiiKo
of pain from that, rl
pletely cured of it by the terrible shock
1... dark, algzag streak along the
left side of his body, indicating tho
scarred path of tho electric current,
could never bo altogether removed, al
though various methods were tried for
this purpose. In a very short timo
W right was up and around and as cheer
lul as a bird. From !,..( .
- iiuiu lortn ue
v. as famous m that section as the hu
wan hghtuiug rod. "-Louisville Post.
The Evening
Will Oive as a Prize
io the yxfx who sells the lakmkst .num
nuii of ouu l'Ai'iiiis hetwuen- moj,:dvv
A Fine New
Tlifs Iiifoi'iiintidii to Farmers Around
Jlarrc is Voth More than the
Trcsont Value of a II in 1'nll
of' Grain.
Central Vermont Railroad.
Tho Old Hegelian's Wit.
ran,?riVat,d0U"",0f LeiPsic ""iversity
called one day on Professor Johann lid-
"..i.i luiiiiuin nt. n,,iir, mi...
Tn Kast Ilnrre, about live miles from Ilnrre
Post Ollice, there lives n good, honest, hard
working tiller of the. soil, named Wasson K.
Ill.U- l.il..' .'V.'V, ...1.,. ...
, - v...,, tii.-iuic li,I,JK:r, ..a',
Jow stiliscril.es for piipers ami one evenm"
as he was looking over his Barre wmklv. i.,w
eye ehaiiceO to eateh a reading notice which
proved a l.oniinzii for him mul hrighlened un
Ills tlilL'L'intr sniritu iii-iii. .1.., 'e
and fiirm produce, ami the high price ol' com
modities which are neeowirv for a fanner's
existence. A fanner reasons in his own pe
culiar way mul he calls a spade a jpaile. o
Mr. Dow says (juietly to himself "I want hist
such a remedy as Doiin's Ki.lncv 1'ilN. If it
Climes out faithfully half what' it claims, it
will cure mv liiine Inick. II
may result from one hox, little or no harm
can ensue! When in li.-.rm Mr i. .'
some iii,iiiries at Kuton's drug store ahoiit tlie
pieiiaraiion ami was informed Hint scores of
f. 'i . . . i . " 1 ,ut snrroiiiiiting coun
try had obtained Doun's Ki.lnev Pills t.,,i
tliein, ami were recounting their experience-
I lllS U.MS i.l.i.nirh f..nl I. ,, . '
, , " .'.M. llC lUirch-ts-
ed a supply and what follows is his cxi 'ri
ence : '-.My kidneys troubled me for some'venr,
oil and on. I tried manv dill'erent n ine, lies
ait without obtaining anv ueriinmcni .ii..f
a he allofLsilii 1 W!ls in ,,,nv , , j J
back whiei v . nr. : 1 : ? r. ros '.v
. .1, j ". i..."s ICM'll) f. W 1(11 1
would apply mustard plaster over mv kid
.(7s only to get relief for the time I e g.
weakness ol the ciilnev ' '
mv,re-i;,;;'T,'i,'ilj(ilt'1'W't' it.bsm hed
1 i u , 1 u,e secretions were also verv hi-h-
box i, ," ,Z. ." ,,l:"'"'pl"1!''l ' ot a
them the v ZZ"'"r , .1 ""I"
Mions were nonnab I go ccond , Ixf
.... ...v n.i.-i i m im is or mv former kill
which Iloim's Kidney l'js cur"l , " , ,'
am always glad to reconnuend lli, ,1 3,
to any one should thev call on me " '
i'onii s K.dnev 'ills .,,. tr -i.. .... .,, . .
ers. Price oil cents ii. 'I -
l,nr i,..,,-.., . v. t-"' rosier-.Mil
....... , .M.IK.IO. 1 .. SI I II
OOliUKCTliD TO JA. 23. 1898
ullT l6aVe Barre dtt"y' e"eP' Sunday, a. fol
OOlKfl 9f.
.uuuuipo, and White kirr
Junction, conncctiDg " 1 miied
U.00 1'. vJtih Trffi8 r
week Uy8 onl.h'uHeavMont V
Fiicht,urK, doilv b 5n . w : Bo"" via.
all point, on Itu.la u. " fo.
Norwood, )Kdn,buVh vv""' M"V:"''.
frtoilontreal rh' w"- I'urlor
a.lO 1'. .l ivi.iivua .
Iii.ii., iont Montreal ,., ,,'rllri10". At
Montpclk. June" odTJV 8,w'"" r".
I onnvct. t ; "! 11 "'.eh
via. Kuiland and Troy ' W ",k
Suburban Service.
llLuo"'.eaB',rre 8'10' 9M - "-00. 3.06, .,
I'ernianently So.
Weary Watkins-I see some of tho
papers is a,.ih.n n . . 01 cuo
aai for bor dT0 ""
Hungry Hi(,.,'i,gI do,,,. j.u .
"bmit wide tires, but I kuow I vo got n
l"Won ona-Indiunnpoli s Jonnmf
r,r:;s'"'.- Sz
the w 1. . 'wi Btookin
l V . ..
I'!' '''"P. n,v not I ," l .I. i ,.! it?.?,".'1 ', . ." 1 in rsei i ess
... in or Shlh.h'H , '., ."" V .his,
r. 01 Nil oh's (., ,'V V .lose
twnbte. Sold by "j J" '-'Itch
...... ,.
ijjj . r m j, win uuvu.
m I M IF. L
politieian ' SUid tbo
do'ift::..'110.''! can't
""y voter tr.,1,., TlaKlu,t,3 0 Groat
8ahuJosU thulu'-yi'untk.ll,
DottKrfS'l Ketliek.-
such i, is not liid.letoimy form f
eepthv one or two win s. . The lirJt w ' l
other diseio.es. ' " " ,WIU l'''ciit of
T lihrnhhv IM-1..J1
troHl.lt, .,f s , , " " "" . '(''k"ess or woinl,
eimdmny i;.,, , Sr iVily,
kidney or bladder Iroul.l, Tl e ,, ff t
(triior,li1,,,..v..,v .. . .., 1 ' '.l u "Ml11 "d the
liooLtheg , ' 'l.i'VrV "..,,
and on. , l,r v.: ...'."''iggistsiiily cents
tie and , . J u " -!l'lo
,n ,,. . :, : ' ".' " Tee l.j
' " 1 iwo.eent staiiu
ii.. i '-i h. .o.s oi nils inner
lliegcnuhicness of this oiler,
jjui unaernisluii'Mvliito
hair be oye sbono full of iaMli
nvnf , . T";.1"11"' awlliIo nlJont the
nb f " UJmily lou hl"toy of
In? ' tb J'UUg 1U!,U Sllil1' M
"Herr Professor, who don't you carry
on your history. Yoll n.alio all the ear
If'osophe rsleadri ght up o S
and then you end, just us if bo were tho
!ffJh,lkcr'n1,,H tbolinof all
l ilosophy. Don't you think Sehopou
Jmuer and the others deservo a S
"r ,1 '-waboui
thn ,,i.;T Wo think wo aro
tho philosophers, you know. "
str,h7r nT lifted bis hu,,a Ul looked
twiRbt and seriously t Jlis visitor.
reasnf' nmK hQ Kuk' "More ls a
yOtir RVHtnmu T l """, JUU1I1K
wni..,, r, 'y ""'o mo question
wo asked, tho (inestiou wo lived lives tn
answer Mm.... . ''"uu ues to
' """ UUC lailllUl?' Ynnr ....
'orto that seem tr, i.n ..r-.?" un-
npu,' " " "u was an
IILtorlcM and Clerical.
, , foown. schoolboy an-
TV. ti Ch nro w"utod genuine
tho question "wi,,,. i buI'ulU0'
of Lord WoTselev? tL you kn
civen ."tt . y tl10 "uswer was
iil, Who oxebiiiii.wl in t . , J
luvCiodn, t i....r.' ,mu served
r ----- u llilVtl H(ri.i,i . i
ouid not have been betS' u
"oy U perhupH nut remarkable bnt
oanrjpJtoXes. ludlL'8 iu oir-
Trnl n.
- - - - HI I IO.
town Z?!Z);;)l.VP-"- I,U" VUUW
Leave Wiliianiiitown 7.3,1
"'aire S.05 a. m. 3.ou p m i-'w r- " ue
V. V. ItAl.nwiN', ' ' H. w.npuurv..
II. II. STor.iii e..;- . ..wn. I'a.. Anent.
Montpelier & Wells River R. R.
and after Monday. Nov s . ,
5.TloBK I""' M '). m. ,.,.
Arrl,.,.;.. .
211:2. 'r1"'""'". io..
Leave Mont. ..in..'. J'....
1.05, 3.30,.50: 6.3U9.3UP i ' ' ' ''0OM-
8i:Tf2?vBA,w,;-i''io'5 ",
zttr10'- '
time, or hette ei u .f u ,"""r,v "'in. 1iVk..r
fr-J- A.I tr"in will , e' ''"'"'"Iii' ...l.l.
. "..."mi.t a.iu llarri. ... '
. , "top at anv plPC . I,.. V l""1-1'".'''".
viUed tt ,,a,c , ml '! t, J ".f l'l'""'"K1'". I'
Til t.KiI u '. " l"" .li.lii, i, .
....... u nuni
50 a. v., 12.5,1,
7.30 A.
lo co
Acinti Wanted. E. B.Tp a t a . 00k,
1 -..newYork
, conic weulthJ
uu? .Sim,,,.,
it? lor honkan'.'lUt"
th.:.'.X". V "II
- . iu.vii.1, w ay not v
'l.rt-eliuipnt'lnrffi.i;. v , :
OeWitt's Colic & Cholera
quick ti,etre'
AXll tOX.VHi Tlov.
Connecu ,u Wc KVPr wi,h v,.
P.'."."1' irrv,c"1 '""nmoJt.,
Katiyuna arriving at Fii1iv).iib I'i'm
I ahiforl II", H'"'.van. will,
i "h I 'rt,,"V' OKI dr.. hard
il it Mt w ?.Wllh !"'
ilav exrMi' 0 acitii Cui.ht . ',
lire I' AIo ill. Kx
pr, i ram arming Uo.nm .45
. AIoiih train for Kativma
OlltHH'Ullf U,l!.. I.- ...
lvner.luni.il,,,,. Al.owiu. Krr.,
irilln imnn over M ho. !. 1
I Ul ... , , , ''," No'.n inn
1. hem i. 'I,"b0".l-"tl'-t"n, H,lh
U. " m " ''ct. l'rolile lloute. T in
"IZuu f"'-.T"
V a., . t-iM.
"ijyi'l l'...Agent.

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