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' Stogie copy,
. . One month,
Ono year,
1 cent
2") CCIlts
; VOL. I. NO. 5.
JiAltltE, VT PRIDAY; AP1UL 15, 1898.
V ft
kTHE blue store
: ' Is the Right Place to Buy
t , ' Your Wants in
? GENTS and CIIlLimi'VS FUR-
1 . i v.. xisinxd goods.
i SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
1 ,.'"v , j
v. v.
1 Quarry Boys,
L Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
. Royal Savage,
f The Cigars to Smoke
k . For Sale Ever3rwhere.
n j j il ill 0 P . IIW
we up. Menucisnon a to. j
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. Hain St.
Barre, Vt.
-Popular Restaurant
Can bu found at
M-1 No. Main Street.
J . Meals Served at All Hours.
We also carry a full line of
' ;3ACC0 and CICARS.
Drop in and sec our Lunch Counter.
' '' To save the Ladies'1 any Trouble,
ni? Wo will Furnish
Trimmings, Linings,
and also
Bonnets and Hats to
match the Suits.
Before having any Dresses made please
call on
28 Elm Street,
Nxt door to the I'.ntcrprise ollice and
get tlieir prices.
Cameras At Cost.
We will close all Inst Seasons
Models at once.
A full ''me of Standard Dry
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
To Rent.
,.'On rcii.omible terms -n good stone shed
jrit.li traveling and boom derricks. Also some
yen desirable tenements : Inquire of
, t ' VV, A. BOYCE.
For Sale.
F01t SA1.K One House and Lot on llawes
street, mid six liirjie Huildins Lots on
errin Hill, ami one large Corner ISiiildintf
ot at ths corner of Second and Main St. In
quire at T. (i. Whitehiirs, 017 No. Main M.
1 The Kind You Have Always Bought
' Signature
k of
i ni:zEUs LUNCH koom.
" i A 11. Huzzell, the new proprietor of
' f the ISed Slur Lunch Koom, puts out to
; f h customers a chicken pic evciy .-"n-
d i . beef slew, Monday ; chicken stew,
'1 ii. Mlav and Wednesday : fish cho.vder,
? Thursday; fish halls, Friday ; hamburg
Me.ik Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
I chowders, baked beans, coffee and other
J lcfn shnients served at all hours.
Nutick! I am prepared to do first
ui- work in house painting, iPr
hanging and eiilsomiuing. Orders
tiire.iigh the mail promptly attended to.
All my employees are experienced work
men. No apprentices. .
,1. C. DuiMii-:, 100 Mum St.
The Weather.
Uoston, April 1"). Rain, clearing to-night,
fair .Saturday, northwest winds.
The Harre Entertainment Association
held their annual nieeling at the Na
tional Hank last evening and elected offi
cers for the, ensuing year as follows :
Directors (). D. Mathewson, Presi
dent; Frank F. Cave, Secretary; F. G.
Ilowland, Treasurer; and the following
other members were elected to the Hoard
of Directors: N, J. Roberta, Geo. Lani
soii, K. W , Cumings.
The Hoard of Directors elected the fol
lowing Executive Committee : V. H.
Gladding, W. F. Morse and It. S, Cur
rier. The Treasurer's report was as fol
lows :
Total receipts for the past season,
$1101,05; total expenses for the past
season, $1027.97 ; leaving a net surplus
of $12:1.08, making with the amount al
ready in the treasury SI ,8:57.02,
The Directors voted to give eight en
tertainments next season. The Direc
tors and the Executive Committee de
serve a good deal of praise for the satis
factory manner in which the business
has been conducted during the pat year,
not only from a financial standpoint, but
also on account of the high grade of the
entertainments which have been given
to the patrons.
When II. K. Hush, agent for the Harre
and Montpelier Traction and Power
Company was seen today he stated that
the road would probably lake no immed
iate action on t lie death of .las. S. Pier
son, president of the road. He said
that the directors would probably meet
in this city the first part of .June and at
that time elect a president and superin
tendent, of the road. He did not think
the roa'd would be in running order un
til about the middle or latter . part of
June. "
The seniors of the Spanldinir High
School will hold their annual exhibition
in tiic chapel this evening at 7 :'M). Xo
admission will be charged and ilis hoped
a large crowd will attend. The affair
promises the best in the history of the
At the meeting of the Hams section
of the socialist labor party held on
Wednesday evening in the hall over
Scamj ani's store a letter entitled "Ob
jections to Socialism," from the pen of
Hubert lilatchford, author of "Merrie
England," was read. The writer, in
answer to an assertion by one, Sir J.W.
Maclure, M. P., that there is nothing to
prevent the son of n crossing sweeper
from rising to be Lord Chancellor of
England, pointed out that the present
struggle for existence might be fitly
compared to a fire, panic in a big hall.
To (piote from the writer: "The hall is
full of people and then! is only one
door. A rush is made for that door.
Some of that crowd get out, some are
trampled to death, some are injured,
some are burned. -Now that crowd of
people, who are most likely to escape?
Those nearest tlie door have a better
chance than those furthest, the strong
have a better chance than the weak, and
(he men have a belter chance than the
women, and the children the worst
chance of all. Then again, which is the
more, likely to be saved, the st ilish man
who tights' and drags others down, who
stands upon the fallen bodies of women
and children, and wins his way by
force; or the brave and gentle man
I who tries to help the women and chil
dren, anil will not trample on tne
wounded? 1 hose who get through are
cheered and rewarded, and few ques
tions are asked as to how they got
through. Further, suppose the hall to
be divided into three parts; first, the
stalls, men tne pit sraus, men me pu.
SuoDose the only door is the door in the
stalls; suppose the people in the pit
stalls have to climb a high barrier to
get to the stalls ; suppose those in the
pit have, to elnn'o a ingii uarrier io get
to the pit stalls, and men a high barrier;
that parts the pit stalls from the stalls;
suppose there is, right at the back part
of the pit, a small weak boy. Now I
ask you as sensible men, 'Is there
'nothing to prevent'' that hoy from
I'cttiug through that door!" You know
the boy has only the smallest of chances
of getting out of that hall Hut. he has
a thousand times better chance of get
ting safely out of that door than the son
of a crossing sweeper has of becoming
Lord Chancellor of England."
The above may appear to some to ap
ply only to Monarchial Hrilain. Very
much the same economic conditions,
however, exist in Republican America.
There, also, the erroneous idea is to be
encountered that any one of the working
class, who constitute. .r2 per cent of the
population, and who own but four and
a half per cent of the wealth of the
country, may, if they so will it, become
millionaires! or. at least, become poses
sons of properly to the extent of thous
ands of dollars' value. It is an estab
lished economic fact that the riches of
one man is based on the necessary pov
erty of hundreds of his fellowmcn. And
if the present capitalist system continues
for another fifty years, the working
class will find themselves (instead of
being better off than they are to-day)
I lie slaves of a few hundred billioiiidrcs.
who will practically own the country
and all that is in it, including the lives
of the workers ; for, as Shakespeare
says, "You take my life when you take
the means whereby 1 live." K. 1..
Great Britain Friendly to
the Untied States.
London Apr. 15. An American am
bassador says that efforts towards a na
val demonstration could not succeed
Great Hritlain has refused to join such
a move.
More Excitement in the
Washington Apr. 15. There was
a lively scene in the house this morning
Farley said the speaker was responsi
ble for the late scene in the house,
said he would prefer to lose his head
resenting an insult than to lose his self
respect submitting to one.
President will not Veto any
Washington Apr .15. The Cabinet
today discussed the Cuban situations.
The government has received no intima
tion of the preparation of a note by the
powers. Th' Cabinet does not think
efforts being malic by Spain for con
centrating the powers in her favor will
amount to anything. The President
js not likely to veto any resolution Con
gress may adopt.
An Exciting Dinner Table Episode on an
Atlantic Liner.
An instance of what it calls "trans
atlantic courtesy" is related by Le Oau
lois of Paris. One of the greatest singers
of France, a woman whom it says every
body will at once identify ou a mo
ment's consideration, was returning
from New York on one of the German
liners. Ono evening, glancing at tho
programme of the concert that was to
bo played at dinner, sho saw fbo an
nouncement of a triumphal march cele
brating the German victory of 1671.
"I am snro," rug Biiid to a fellow
conutryman sitting near, "that this is
not intended as a discourtesy to us, but
I don't care! I'm too much of a patriot
not to express my disapproval of it in
my own way when they begin- vo yl&y
this piece. Wait and see. "
The captain, having caught the gist
of these, remarks and noticing tho great
artist's agitation, glanced tit tho pro
gramme to Bee what caused it; then,
without showing nny surprise, ho speko
to one of tho waiters in a low tono.
At the moment when the German tri
umphal march was due to begin tho
French singer, who could hardly con
trol her agitation, prepared to leave the
table. The first chord was played, tho
artist arose and stood, pale, agitated,
amazed, while tho officers and other
passengers also got up and smiled sym
pathetically at her. And tho baud play
ed "Tho Marseillaise!"
now Senator Vest Obtained Ilis Desk.
Many good stories could be told of
the alertness which senators display in
securing well placed desks, but the ex
perience of Mr. Vest is especially worth
relating. When in 1883 thecivil service)
law was being discussed, Mr. Pendlo
tou, an Ohio Democrat, and Mr. Dawes
had presented bills. By a shrewd bit of
polities the Republicans abandoned their
support of Ihe Dawis bill and voted far
Mr. Pendleton's measure, their votes,
together with the votes of the Demo
crats favorable to the measure, being
sufficient to pass it. As the bill was
about to bo voted ou Mr. Cockrell mov
ed that its title bo changed eo as to
read, "A bill to retain Republicans in
office." As soon as it passed, Mr. Vest
filed a claim for Mr. Pendleton's scut.
"The author of such a bill, " said bo,
"will never come back to the senate."
Mr. Vest was right, and at tho begin
ning of the next congress ho moved into
Mr. Pendleton's vacant chair. Wash
ington Post.
The Trees of Tana.
Paris is prcLably (bo only city in the
world which has trees that bloom twice
a year habitually. These aro the horse
chestnuts. Hiero aro 17,000 of them
planted in the squares and along tho
boulevards, and 20,000 buttouwoods
The trees in Paris aro numbered, just
like the people, tho cabs, the animals,
the lampposts and tho matches. These
horso chestnuts have only been doing
this trick for about five years, and only
some of them have mado a practice of
it. These die, or apparently die, in the
latter part of July, and all the leaves
fall off. A month or so afterward they
all come out into flower again and little
green leaves shoot forth continually un
til they are nipped by the first frost.
Thero is a reason for this, and the sci
entists worked over the matter for a
long time to be able to explain it.
Briefly and unscientifically tho trees
lose their leaves becauso they aro at
tacked by a littlo fungus which is blown
upon them by the wind; then, being
still full of sap, they start to put torti)
leaves all over again.
A Precautionary Measure
"What are you doing now, doctor?"
asked tho actress.
"I am taking a snap shot photograph
cf you, madam," rosponded tho dentist,
"so that if any unpleasant consequences
follow this operation and you sue mo
for damages for the loss of yo:r beauty
I can establish something in the nature
of an alibi, as it were. 1 am ready now,
madam, to extract tho tooth. " Chicago
Union Of Powers In
To Aid Spain
By Naval Demonstrations.
Powers to Intervene.
Hume, Apr. 15. The "Poptilo Ro
mano" to-day says i nniierst anils that
the Powers will intervene between the
United States and Spain in favor of the
latter country, and aha adds '.hat ac
cording to information the intervention
will take the form of a naval demon
stration in which all the powers will
50,000 Militia to be Called.
Washington, Apr., 45. The Presi
dent and the War Department today are
liscussing the question of how many of
the militia of the several States shall be
called into active service, when military
operations are decided upon. It is be
lieved the President will call for 50,000
milliia first.
Senator Cullom Speaks.
W .situ; an$v4,Cil)opi ttMbe
lowering clouds this morning, the gal
leries of tho Senate were crowded at 10
o'clock. When the Senate opened Air.
Cullom spoke first on the Cuban resolu
tions. He said, "We propose to do our
duty to (!od and mar. and forca Spain to
Queen Heads Subscription.
M.MHiin, Apr. 15. Oreat enthusiasm
has been aroused here by the fact that
the Queen Hegent has headed Ihe na
tional subscriptions to increase the navy,
by a million pesos. The Impartial says
to-day, "We aro at Spaniards, united
around Ihe State.'' -
Spain Blames The United
Madhid. Apr. 15, The note to the
powers will review the whole Cuban
situation. It has been sent out that the
trouble with the United States arises
through the clamor of the suiiar manu
facturers who fermented and organized
the revolt. It is asserted that the chief
iusunrt'ut leaders are not Cubans, but
adventurers and consist of all national
ities whose sole purpose is plunder and
robbery. Consuls from the U. S, have
constituted themselves insurgent agents.
The American Squadron was sent to
Cubato encourage the insurgents to hold
out. These conlendeuts will be sup
ported by documentary evidence show
ing bad faith on the part of Ihe United
States. Segasla aid regarding Ihe
claim that the Maine disaster was due
to Spanish agencies'' It is infamous
calumny and marits the reprobation of
the whole world. All nations know
the true causes.) do the American ollicals
We forever protest to the powers against
tho imputation.
Spain Will Not Surrender.
Washington, Apr. 15. High for
eign autho.iity has given out here a
seini-ollicial statement of the position
Spain would lake regarding the surren
der to the Cubans. He says Spain
never will entertain a thought of siirren-derino-
or evacuating Cuba. Spain lias
never considered withdrawing lMr sover
eignty over the West India colonics, The
honor .and dignity of Spain would revolt
at the suggestion of the independence
of Cuba. They will stand resolutely to
her inalienable right to sovereignly and
honor. She feels confident that she has
the naval support of the entire world.
Man Who Planted Mines.
Ciucaoo Apr. 15 There U a story
heard here regarding one Charles Cran
dall who is alleged to be the one who
planted mines in Havana harbor under
Weyler's orders. Ho is now on the
wav to Washington in the custody of
three detactives. Story cannot be con
firmed it is not known here. Secret
service and local police don't believe
tl.e story.
Anticipate Trouble.
Xkw Bkhfoiid, Apr, 15 In antici
pation of possible trouble when the
mills close tonight, the mayor has asked
Chief Wa.le of the state police to send
assistance. Chief Wade ami 40 men
arrived at noon.
New Bedeoku, Apr, 15, 2:80 r. M,
The crowds that gather before the mill
gates daily.'are growing more demon
strative, and 55 men under Wade will
boon duty sit the mill to-night. The
mill men say they can run all Ihe ma
chines if guaranteed protection.
Armstice Not Accepted.
Washington, Apr. 15. Mr. Qucs-
ada, (he Cuban representative fiom the
Cuban insurgents, said to-day that the
rumor that the Armistice had been ac
cepted by the insurgents was circulated
for fne p irpose of delaying action by
the Americans. The Navy Department
to-day assigned Capt. Folger to the
crii'ser. New Orleans.
Governor Wolcott
Recommends that an Emergency
Appropriation be made.
Boston, Apr.. 15. (iov. Wolcott de
cided to end his message to the Legis
lalure this afternoon, recommending
that an emergency appropriation of
$500,000 be made to increase the etll
eiency of the Stale militia.
Great Fire.
Si tton, Que., Apr. 15. This town
is burning up. Help has been asked
from the surrounding towns in Vermont
Seven cf Ihe principal buildings are
now destroyed. There are only GOO in
habitants in tlie town. There is a high
wind blowing. Xo cause is known for
the lire.
Austria Hostile.
UoMK, Apr.. 15. Austria is taking
the lead in the proposition of naval in
tervention off the island of Cuba, (ircal
Britain and (ierniany uufavoraMe.
London, Apr., 15. The British for
eign olhVcis do not believe the powers
will make demonstrations. The Aus
trian Ambassador today said he had
given up papers to Europe preventing
Why We Recommend our
White Pine Balsam
and Tar
is because we make it ourselves. We'-h precisely what
goes into every bottle. We use none but tne very
Purest, Freshest and most Reliable Drags.
We make it in small quantities. Whsn you buy it you get
it as it ought to be, it hasn't lost all its virtues by standing
aiound on the shelves, and 'i ware houses for months or
years. It not only ougt to cy e,
It Postively Does Cure.
We don't urge its sale because we make it ourselves. We
recommend it because we are thoroughly convicned that it is
the best Cough Syrup made. It has cured many severe
cases that would not yield to any other remedy. We confi
dently advise you to use it, because we know it has curwl
and will cure you. No Cure No Pay.
205 N. Main Street.
Just Received!
A Full and Complete line of
Wheelwright Supplies
Bicycle and Golf Suits, Hose,
Caps, etc.,
Can be seen in our window and we would like to quote
prices and have yon inspect the goods.
The Styles are Correct and Prices Right.
Golf Suits will be worn more this season than ever be
fore, and you will make no misUke in buying early before
the assortment is broken.
afes, Austin 2& Co.
Gents Furnishings,
Books and Stationery.
We can sell You a VICTOR BICYCLE '98
Model for $40.00.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
lian a line of
Bicycles, J,
the most eoni-
te of anv in i
the city, and he will sell tin it any
price you want. IViees ranging from
$20 to 8125.
A large number of secuii'l hand
wheels ulmonst given iinv, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
Knur fnll-i-lml pieces nf M-:w i mi prlnttd
on heavy iacr. worth fi.nn. will be m lit In
any address iipnn receipt of live 'J-iTiit stump.
Yon ran make meliev selling this music, Ad
dress us at miii i' fur tonus. !
4 East 70th St., Xi'v York.
Opposite Depots.
Shafts, etc.
barber shop
In C'uKNBc riiis
487 N.EMain Street,
Girden Hawes,
The CoMeicial H.use
IS KI'.l'T 14 Y
Chas. Johnson
A nil lie is prepared to meet th"
warns ..f the public in an up t
ilmo manlier.
Onj Mlnvt? Cr.v;'i Cure, esrwt.
Th.t la ht.'. II Wi, rrratfL'Tfir.
' ' Im li I

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