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-V.L,.i,Mi- , ' ,IL,,..,xlilrtlllll,.f,.-
.1- '-v.'. . .if ? -''3JH-n,l-ln"ri"1'!. 1 1 Imrnb
Barre Evening Enterprise,
J'rlnte I daily fox-rpt Suinl:iv) by
The Enterprise Publishing Co.,
H. C. WHITAKER, Local Editor and Manager.
: child
Single copy,
( Ir.c UlOlltll,
()! c war,
I .ciit
"l Ct'lltS
Time for Action.
As we announced in a r
tho KvKSisii Kn n.i;i'i;isi:
goveinmeiil is rcspnnsibli
slruclioii (if the
the proper Con
cent issue of
llie Madrid
for the ((-
li:itlle-shii Maine, and
ressioiinl eonimillee lias
ov.liv in 11, ,? n-lied a wondering
(Sunt, si! ', lililu iliinj),
:,'ilial tile l.j.lis'i U rn puts oil its clotllriw
Yvlicii lln.' sun slnnc in tin. spring,
And tin n, when 'chilly autumn cuiiics
And tint wind:-, oi' vvinier Mow,
Why docs it stand (ait tin ic, all Pare,
In tin.' trust and slci I ami snow V
"Wi. e nature lm:( ii;Tiin;;i;d it thus,"
1 toid the liulti oit.t,
"Tlic nislliie,' leaven can only livo
L'cncntli a Kiailin;,' sun ;
The tlee 'dial in the summer tililo
flukes shady Powers for you
Musi liave iis i st, lle'rcfiire it stands
.Asleea the w inter tiuuaali.",
sprung two aces of diamonds on
conkling in a jack pot.
trry !Iuch Emliaiir.-Bi 1 When III At
trntlnn Was tailed to the Error The
I.llt!o Cti'liera! Wanted Iho Story Kept
guiet. but It Was Too Good.
"I was in n pnkcr game," writes a
inn rspiuifi cut of tlio Washington ytar,
"in tlto winter of 1ST!), wh.n Senator
THE OLD CIKCUS 31 AX, THE new york youth.
They Were Districted by tlio Great Gi
raffe A Thrilling Incident Which Ai
tonded One Performance How the Peo
ple) Stood on tho ClrnnVii Shadow.
"Tho first souvenirs I ever knew o(
Icing given cut in tlio show business, "
laid tlio old circus mail, "wo gave away ,
"Viso rejKirled. This being iindispiped,
:, why should tvti wait six month.- or pi s
"sibly a year ami lei some oilier nalion
fcslio sat i;i silence fur nvvlulo
And !:.i:eil far into space,
And pie !( of ilKiiiehi nnd truuhlo canio
To luur her ei.iliiisli Ja'-e,
And mi, al last, .he tui ned and said:
"1'ia s.iiTj- fur tlie tree,
And i;hid tliat nature v.'asn't left
To li.i tl.iie:s un lur me!"
S. K Ii. er in t'hiveland Leader
ConkliiiK ami O'eneral i'hil Sheridan J j our KUovv tit tho lin:o we liad tlio h
deeide tlie cause w hieh sent so many of
our brave sailors inlo cleruiiv!' 'l'iie
I. o
i n
m:t i in, "delays
'otljrht to lie l'('inelii!iel'
rsillialii 11. l'.o'.ll Seer
are daiieniu.-,
d in (lie jireseiil
!arv i.oii"' of llie
f i Xavy and Se'relary Al r oi the War
)'TJ'i)epartiiieiit annoiiliee llial the eoliuiry
is now ready for llie ennlliet. 'I'he
peace advoeales who wotllil a.-soon lai.e
i, dishonor for Ihe nalion as lo have the
' liinr.leri rs of (iiir liiave men of llie Navy
: ' punislie.l, eoiiliniie Pi a-.-(rt I h:il this
,, nalion is too lai'ec and loo Iiunian to
I' ,-Cck revell-c for the i le.-! 1 lie! ion of the
1 V tir- not seeking' i'e',cnr:i' lor lliat
foul deed thai will ever remain a black
limp.' in the hisiory of ,spain, lo be
)laeed beside ihe sad and terrible s'ories
of llie Impii-iiion. liul -owi'll aiele'o. !
j (plenlly epn s--il by ihe ilislinllislied
. . Senalol' l.oile ol .Ma leliusells, uiiiiiey
, , will not pay for llie loss of those mar-,
lyrs to duly. "We would mil," says
i.o l'e, take one dollar of Spanish money
f nor one Ira. -1 of her lau 1 in -oHlemonl
v of Ihe .Maine "aecideii!." lint m-i si;, s
I.ojo'e we uillsl u-ive lie' men win) w ear
our uniform as, well as ihe .--ail; u- mi
our boats t.o uiidersland llial while liiey
. ' ' are eilher soldiers or sailors ii.'-aliu .v or !
f,f sleeping under ihe .:,ii's aiel stripes
V 1'iey aie noi to be' liiurdere l in e dd
blood by a nalion whos,: .-miles anil
( dirk kuif ':) hand in hand. Tnis is
the senli.ueu'. of a larife ma'oiiU'
of our people. e are not to be
'. j under-itood deiiiaieliii' thai war e'loiild
f - be declared or liia! Ihe homes of
.. ' , this eoiiulrv' slionbl :t lV. i i i J be lilled wnli
sorrow Inn what lliis Nalion demands in
, selllemenl f.ir llie biowiui;' up o; Ihe j
i B Alaine is the freedom of Cuba, and all
,;,f once. Why delay louder;' We.'ks aiel i
weeks litis nation iias walled, inn s;iilj
'.. Ilii'v wail, i 'resident .MelCmleV si-eat !
r - . . . ' i
y iijnny uay.s eiideavornie' .j seeure ).e,i 'e.
t i ie is rejiorled as saying 1 tint he knew
1 , ., what war was and did not want another.
' aNo one wauls war, uol. men llie yoi-
low journals" whieli so many people
1 seem lo be nllaekiue- al jiiv.seul. We
veuliu'e lo predict thai no ii'iiion is
more for peace al all hazard.- than these
I mted States, but lake a vole of Ihe
people of hi- (miiiiIiv lo-dav, and w hat
wiuihi Ihe result show i' Simply llial
almost the unanimous dem and was ihai
Cuba must be free, or the army and
navy of tliis Krpublie should make her
free us a pnymeni for the pari played
by llie einv.ii'dly Spaui.di oilieials who
-are said to iuue euaeled Ihe .Maim
'the iplestbui has iiiieu been nsi.ed
Wlial would Kn'lan I liave done if il had
been an luili.-h ship that met the fate
ot llie .Maine in the harbor. 1 lieu tno
answer has come, one of ihe fa.-l sipiad
roiis of li:e lirili.-h Nary would liavi
reached Uavau i as soon ;l- sJeaui i (Mini
make the journey. Knlaud would hav.
said 'J'roducn tue man w.io lired tha.
mine or sellle.". Il wouhl have waited
for no Spanisn eolllliuKee to l'epial. i ,.e
ilivcstij;atioii Would liave made lillledil-
lerenee lo ine government iroui wiueli
Aineriea, gained her independence, ite-
tys and tricks of diplomacy would have
been of no avail. Kii;Jand would have
had satisfaction, eilher money, laud, oi
Ihe man who did the deed. Ilui it i
claimed that America did Ihe proper
tiling, by jriviii"; lime for investigation
This, may lie true, but now that il Itasl
been made, ami an indictment found
against Spain, ,-hall we longer waii
Some say Spain wijl sellle. Does il
look like selllenieut when Spain linds a
different report and expresses no regicl
for the loss of the .Maine . 1'roiii llie
hills where dwell the cow boys id' llie
west; down among the cotton fields oi
the ex-eouleilerale-; in Ihe lumber
camps, of llie norlheni wood; in even
branch ot industry; in all walks of life,
the cry goes forth ,, day, "lb member
the .Maine." There is no North, Smnh,
Kasl or West in Ibis hour of impending
eonlliet. AH are ready, and waiting to
to take such .action a.- shall drive every
Spaniard from Cuba and eiV(, nl()S(, ,,,'
raged and opprcs-eil iicimh. il. if ,,.
( i uimii
tor winch i hey have fought
bloody bailies. Spain mu.-l
Cuba to s.-llb; for Ihe .Maine.
llrbr.ko by Cicneral Washington Thai
i;idca:ly I Tightened tho tlwucr.
J,:ajor William fierce left behind
him a partial record of tho debates in
Philadelphia which .supplement those
of jMailison, Yates and King; also the
followim,' anecdote:
Win u the convention first opened at
Philadelphia, there w ere a numbor of
proia.'silii'iis brought forward as crcat
J loading i.rineijili-s for the new govern -i
mint to ho established for tho United
1 States. A copy of these propositions was
J given to itieh member, with an injune
i tio.'i to keep everything u profound sc.
I cn t. tine inoruiiig, b3- nccideut, otto of
j tho menihers dropped hid copy of tho
propositions, which, being luckily pick
i ed up by (ictieral I'.Iiiilin, was presented
J to C moral Washington, our president,
! who put it in his pocket. After the do
i bates of the day Wero over and tlio ques
tion fiir adjournment was called for the
; gem rat arose from lus scut and, previ
, ous to hi.i putting the question, address.
ed the convention in the following mail
"(.cnliemen, lam sorry to find that
; Rome i ne member al this body bus been
so neglectful ot tho secrets of tho con
vention as to drop in tho Btutohouso a
copy of tin ir proceedings, which by ac
euleiit was picked up and delivered to
me this morning. I must entreat gen
Uoincu to to more careful, lest our
frausactiou.s got into the newspapers and
(iihti.i'b the public repose by premature
speculations, I knov,' not whoso paper
it is, hut tlicro it is (throwing it down
o:i the table), jjet him who owns it tako
it. At the Kinio time lie bowed, picked
up his hat and quitted the room with a
dignity so severe that every person
i-et iiie.l alarmed. For my part, I was
extremely to, for, putting my hand in
my pocket, I missed my copy of tho
same paper, bur, advancing up to tho
table, my fi ars soon dissipated. I found
it to be the handwriting of another per-
i lien I went to my lodj'intis at
me iiiuiau i un ci), i louiui my copy i" a
coat poclxt which I had pulled oil' that
uioraitiR. It is something remarkable
tlict ui person ever owned tho paper.
Aiiericau Historical Kevicw.
j I:i:i'.!r(il!ulo Ideillilh.atio)!.
A woman who is newly como to town
went into one of tho banks one day last
week to hae a check cashed. Tho pay
ing teller examined tho cheek with that
air of buspieion a paying teller never
"you'll Uavo to bo identified, mad
am," he said politely,
J.iio woman was in a great hurry.
"Ideuti.'ied !" she said. "Why, I
haven't timo to go and got anybody to
ldeii!i;y me! Jtesldes, I don't know
three people i;1 town."
1 1,1 w.rry," said tho teller
the rule is invariable."
)-u,-, protested the
really am U,o itar
on theclai
The teller looked embarrassed.
"If 'a ,,nly n form, madam," ho said,
but vo must insist ,,,, SOUl0 identification.
A h
woman. "I
Ji. Brown named
You don't doubt that, do
"1 1
iPI.y tlldlldlt Sll'lle!.- tlw, .
Her -name was en her handkerchief,
' -vould tho Ha;)!,, ,i Jliy imndkcr-
l o.i .my mi ntiJicatu:';" ,-ho a
ihe teller renin -d lh ,r. ir ,,,,i,t
"W. lk.then," said she majestically,
hillu no. ... I .... - '
" " ,MlJ l"o square of jn;L,n
naps you'll he
tho mnu'T Hi
The teller esaiuhied tlw handkerchief
and handed it baek- viti..,f , ,.
" carm r was daintily written I., i.
'iciiliio m ;. : ,', x.. , .
Tiio elu-ck wan not cashed till next
' !'.:d tlm iiewlv aivived i... .
di.-char-'ial ber l.,m,.i...... ' '"
1- l er,.,,
wire playeis. It was a four handed
1,'ame, and John Cham borl in was the
other phiyi r. This game at Chambi r
lin's was always for a ij.'i limit at first,
with tiio understanding that along to
ward morning, after a couplo of hours
of warming up, anybody could gupgest
the removal of (ho limit if ho wanted
to. 'The way Conkling and Sheridan
bluffed each otkir (hat night was a cau
tion. Both men seemed to Etriko out
luck altogether as tm element in their
gocdnaturid play against each other,
and us both of them caught fine hands
occasionally when engaged in this tug
of war of blufiing neither of them could
get an exact lino cu the other, and it
was belter than a play to study their
faces tit tho i-how downs. Conkling was
having all (ho success during (lie latter
part of (bo night, and it was fun (o
hear Jl.ittio i'hil softly utti r dark and
woolly things under his breath when,
time after time, Conkling would show
a hand consisting of nothing at all alter
having scared Sheridan out or produce
a gorgeous set of fours or a full hand at
such times as Sheridan, deciding that
tho senator was blufiing, would call
"'Bite him, f-llicridtin, ' Chambrrliu
world say mnnsedly on these occasions,
and fhcridan would tell Chamberliu to
go to tho dickens and call for another
deck of cards.
"Wo started the last round of jack
pots with a new deck. Sheridan dealt
the first mess himself, and after it had
gone around and none of the three of us i
could open it Sheridan (-pi m d it him
self. Neither Chamberliu nor 1 had
any rigll to stay on our hands, so it
was left between Sheridan and Conk
ling, who staid, Conkling took three
cards and turned his little pair into
threes. Sheridan dished himself out
three cards and bit his cif.'ar hard when
he saw bis band, lie made a !?") Let to
itraw ',ou,:nng out, anil the senator
raisci him $25. ltrassul between them
with tin so bets until thiro was
nearly :;(;() 1:1 (lie p0f, Peth nun .scru
tinizing each t tin r pretty carefully at
each bet.
"'I don't know so lunch about von
this time,' said Colliding finally, 'and
I think I'll jnt.t call vt.u f r safety. 1
"Both laid their hands down nt tho
same time. Crinkling had tbn e nim s
md ho looked at Hitridi.n ctran'-i !v
When he saw tho color of Shevi, !,.,,'
threo noes. Both Chan.l.erlin and mv.
self also saw what was wrong at tiio
same instant, but wo only smiled and
tec tiio two nu n have it out. Sh, ,,,. ,.
had a road grin en his face and
just about to rako in tho pot. Conkling
was gazing at tho little rum of iron
with a puzzled look in his 1 yes.
' 'Oh, I say, there, i'hil, just wait a
minute, ' sr.id ho. 'Bo you really think
that pot belongs to youj'
i.eloug.s to me'.' said Sheridaij.
'Well, it does if tho ncso cn my faeo
belong!! to me. ' And again lie reached
over to boo in tho pot.
"Conkling ran hisl:aiid through his
hair and again stepped Sheridan with a
" 'I don't remember ever having seen
(hat sort of thing 1 1 fore, ' ho said.' 'Bid
yon, l'hi';' ,
" 'See what sort of Ihing before?' said
Sheridan. 'What in blazes are you talk- j
mg about, Conkling'.'
"For reply Conkling put ci:o finger !
upon ono (i -landau's aces and limn
pointed to another one of tho aces.
'"I i.evcr saw a jack pot wen with
three aces, two of n-l,i,.i. 1 1
Happened 10
01 iiHimoLiils,' saul Conkling,
IS foot giraffe. Wo never had an at
traction that beat tha big giraffe, The
people wcro just carried away with
him. There wasn't anything about him
but what interested them, even tho
slightest little things. On clear days,
whim we wero where wo could do it and
tho sun was right for us, wo used to get
the giraffe out in front of the entrance
or tho main tent and hsvo him stand
thero like a great sentry. People m,.i d to
stop and look up at him, and then tlio
first thing you know somebody 'd dis
cover his shudder. Anybody d cast a
long shudder at that hour of the day, of
course, but thogiraflo's shaddi t reached
11s far as you could sec. And as soon as
ouu mail begun to look at ic -10 others
did, and then you'd sea 'cm. I've seen
1,000 people at a tinio.line up long that
shudder and jus.t stand along the edge
of it down past tho main tent and tho
sideshow tents, just standing there
lookin at it. Tho giraJTywas gr.at, but
his shudder fairly staggered 'cm. And
there they'd stand (ill tho sen drnppi d
down under tho edge of (he earth, and
tho iirst thing they know there wasn't
any shadder. Then they'd stare at each
other for a minute, and thi u all bunch
up together again and look at tbugiruiTo
till wo took him in.
"We used to have a lino on tho pro
gramme saying that at 3 o'clock and at
!J o'clock tho great giraffe would hand
around ice wati r. That's where the sou
venirs come in. Wo used to give away
the glasses tho water was in. Tho glass;, s
wero marked, 'Souvenir of tho Crcat
Giraffe,' and whoever got 'cm could
keep 'em. Tho seats in our circus wero
divided into four sections. We used to
give away four dozen tumblers at every
performance, ono in each section. Win n
tlie time come, wo'd march the giraffe
around tho edge of tho ring, and in
front of each section his keeper would
Hand lnm a wiro holder holding a do:a n
glasses, which lie would take by tho
handle in his mouth. Tall as he was, ho
could reach easy to tlio bighi:t back
seats. It's astonishing how people used
to grab for those glasses. Itseinisas
though the whole section would si-uul
upon the seats and all grab for the
holder when it come near 'em. They'd
spill the wat.r mid get wet and Have
the greatest time you ever heard of, but
nobody got hurt, and so we just let her
Lit;::, along. But finally something did
"At one evening entertainment whe'i
he wad serving out tlio souvenirs, w hen
we como to one of tho sections, there was
a man sitting ou the fourth tier from
the top who picked up his boy, a bright
looking youngster about 10 y.arnold,
who was hitting alongside of him, and
sat him up on his shoulder. The girall'o
lifted tho holder un and suw.t it !....
the seats with tbeMonJra'buiag, ;,ud
when it como nearhi's man with tho
boy on his shoulder the man ju-fc lifted
him up so that the bny could stand on
un: mounters. Jio was going to
j Etory of a I'roniisiiiR Hoy, a i-ciioiHieaeiicr
and an Ehciiih iI Iir.
I A drawing teacher in the upper re
! gionsof tho borough of Manhattan tells
mo of a curious instance of what sho
' calls tho crescent freshness of tho metro
j politan youth, Tommy was tho most in
j corrigible pupil in that pnrtieulurrnom,
making tho half hour spent tnern oany
ono of mingled doubt and anguish of
toirlt tn tlie drawing teacher. Tho other
fay Tonmiy was evidently engaged m
soino new form of mischief. His druw
i,o mid lav mion the desk before him
"r e e
-1 , C
uow swooping down ac ono sine tn mu
paper, now at the other, as if corralling
some unwilling ant or other insect seek
ing to escape.
"Tommy," said tho drawing teacher
suddenly and sharply, "what are you
"Nothin, " was Tommy s instant re
tily. Then ho added, "Nothiti but keep-
in this 'ero dnwg from runnin away."
"What dog?" queried tho drawing
teacher. "I sco no dog. What tU you
"Courso ye don't sco no dawg," said
Tommy, ceasing his gymnastics under
her sharp glunco and straightening
up. "Yer too far away." Tho other
scholars wcro all attention by this time,
which was precisely what Tommy
wanted, and ho assunn d a look of uu-
smiling innocence as he coutiiiui d, "I
drored a runniu dawg, not a sttiudiu
still one, an I was a-heudin 'im off ko'h
ho wouldn't run oil' th' tablet an git ou
th' fioor. "
Tho other children laughed uproari
ously at tnis, whereupon Tommy sar
veyed them with such an assumption of
surprised indignation that their mirth
was redoubled. Tho tench; r was now
genuinely angry. Sho was a matter of
fact ymi'.g woman to whom normal
schix.l ! eihods were both law and gos
pel, a. id hero was a flagrant ca-o of
downright falsehood that must 1m ex
posed as an awful example to the entire
grade of pupils. Sho walked slowly and
brmly down tho aisle and picked up
Tommy's tablet. The white sheet wad
unsullied by a single mark of any kind.
"Tommy," she said sternly, exhibit
ing the sheet to tho pupils, "there isn't
a dog or anything else here."
"Course there isn't, " said the una
bashed Tommy. " Whu'd I tell ye? Yo
made mo set up, an ho get away. IIo
was a gieyhouud, ho was." Town
We have on hand
a few eomes
aled Edition of
he sold lo close them
oat for almost half
iS owis your tune to get a
Come earlv.
Concord Dye House, : Fe BlggBSf Offer Yet
si''f.(i uijiigh to
give me
fho r,,,,n.u. r.v,:r7K1,!o by aaE .
li.shuiau tn Imlia.
The bo; uty ,-ivo,, py (j j v
J"''' J-..lH iuordcr o
exterminate theMi r.eaih a l..,.. i...,
themi , h''"rat ':'voH.hroertlu3
iiiciu lor a living.
a peculiar
il dense .iuni'lu he,
so many
give up
We have doubts wheiher llie ui h
drawal of Hon. Frank l'lum!e from ih,.
contest, for Congress, until. i;H! faei
that he will never bo by the Speake,
of the House as "The (iontleinnii i'nmi
Vermont." .Mr. l'lumley is an able
man and when Ihe lime arrives for hi
eleelion to Ihe place from which so
many Vermonlers have I le Ihem.sclves
fainoie , we are sure be will be an e:,. v
winner, l'olieiies a a shrewd game
and often the last move ou th,, pidii;,-,!
cneeker board is Ihe lies
ing or tlie whdl.
'esl and ino,. Hwee .
I'-'lgii-hUnil I'enenfl,. v....
throne). i t...,:.. , J """'B
.. " iuuia niauo
In tho heart nf
mi was a Jargo pit covered with a
"r!UC llft!l!g Wllodl II m llj ,
ic occupants of tho hut, two disreputa-ulolookm;-
natives, and asked them tho
meaning of t!, peculiar nit
'I'll.... J . . f . . . . 1
I reel r. i bUU Umt t"''y Wero
m l rs of snakes and put (hem in tho
Mt. the boiiom ,.f which was covered
over with tHed graM ,,d kuVc8.
a ii ' thvln m 1,11 klntUut
nuall iiii.im.ls and bird.;,
They thm tilled a largo earthen pot
Wth poisonous herbs. ni,t,i
d it inin tll0 ,it ,llia
" , , "oodim cover, am tiiuij
Muolhol'ed the n pliles.
Tlie cover was allowed to remain on
or a few days, it was then removed and
Im snakes were taken out by means of
long pole with a spike at tlm end of it
,,o':,,ii,::"liWW tlll'u off, and
.i,u ibjiii KL'C OU6 lttr l HI
I'nvfii'.ii . 1 1
tv v . K ,y tJ "btiu 'ho boun.
s.Kr tt si" ouu c;iiif;"t '
The snakei, very often dilVoured ono
l :1MH,t tho mothers geu.erally :
1 to bring U) their you; - (',oL , ,
was a marvel n,ov l.,i ' . I'' ,7 'uh U
a nl e., , I.- "J1 111 sue i
rurv , ,:m,wiml'1 tiiim,, (.,,.
ue aei
Sheridan looked at his hand, lying
ice up ,,n (ho table before, him, and
Jus face became iicry red. The conster
nation cu his countenance wan really
ltuiny. J
.i i " ' V,,llJ''' ,J" fti:r a miimtc,
blaniid if I don't believe I'm nothing
iii.m an involuntary swindler,
iliat other ace, you sic, is a eluh. I
opened (lie pot en a pair of red aces,
"'hltiieywtre, of course, these aces of
hianionds. Chamberlin, ' turning to tho
7' oohiiaco, 'turn ine out of duors
as a fraud and a short card player, will
" 'And have tho army fire a volley
ever tho ruins of my house?' replied
Chambirlm. 'Ilardlv. Anvbnw I'd
M'atuer see yon and Cockling onaauo'in
a rough and tumble light over tho tiling.
Oo ithcad the pair of you. We'll see
lair play,' turning to me.
"Of tourso Illll l.vfro n,, f ,11 1 .
I , ,. , . oiaiiiodds
' bu!'Ill'a lllt0 to tleck accidentally
befero it left the manufacturer's hands,
but Sheridan, when ho had in a measure
ecovered from bis surprise of tho revo-
b,M' .""V , " hau Pi'etension
that ho had known tho whola thing all
"long and convulsed the threo of us by
ei lrngly appealing to Conkling to re
ram lniIU vxlnR blm (0 tho
sort . ".I ' l,i!"ynu(l all that
fcoit of thing. Tho blind l. i fi
liot was of courso divided. "
I'l'iwiiian StrnlH.
The (('en-man cnnmmm., i.-: .
4 . .... oi i-riiu.
get one
anyway, and v hen the holder came
along tho boy made a grab for ir to.-,..,
was only one glass left in it then bi t
the boy got it. He upset jt lifting it (lttt
of tho bolder and seath red the water
all over everybody, Put that dVoi't
count. He got the gh.ss and was c m-
mg down with it when his father, in
stead of feeling him jounce down on his
shoulder, felt his weight growing light
er, and the next minute he and every
body else saw tho boy suspended in the
air. When the giraffe saw tho last glass
go, ho lifted the holder, tho way ho al
ways, did, to clear the people before
swinging it around and down to I'm
keeper. This timo when ho lifted it too
ouccous on tho outside of the cult of th,
boy's jacket got caught in the wire.,,
i'liey wero .sewed cn the way moth, is
tew on buttons, and they laid the
youngster s weight easily, and w!
tho giraffe lifted the hold,.,.,.,, i,,, m
iuu uoy W1C11 It.
"Then there was a scene. Wo knew
tho ginufo wouldn't hurt a fly, but it
looked to tlio people us though ho had
tho boy in his teeth and was going to
slmg him through (he other md of no
where. The whole audience rose up and
stood leaning forrard, watehin and
never sayiu boo, but tho girall'u swung
his neck around as gentle and e;vy as
tho arm of u crane i.nd lowered tho
bolder and tho boy hanging to it safe
into tho arms of tho keeper in tho ri-i."
Tho boy hadn't even dropped the uiii-!
'iben tho people did holler, and the
fiiraffo walked off as stately as von
please, tho boy climbed back up f.his
l'op, and the show wont ou. Kol-dy
hurt, but when wo run out of the ,nm.
Hew wo had on hand wo adopted an
other stylo of souvenir. Kew York
How a PaiuiPngf r Got Hvrn With n Street
Car Gondaclor.
Ilowas intent upon his nows-pap'-r
when tlio conductor camo along and
stopped in front of him.
The conductor stooped down to gi t a
be tter look at his face and said, "Fare,
please. ' '
The man with tho paper paid no at
tention, ami finally tho conductor tao
ped him gently on the arm.
"Bid I get your fare?" asked the con
ductor as tho luuu with tho paper looked
up. J
.now, ii lueru is anything in this
world that has a tendem y to make a
man who has paid his faro get angry it
is to have tho agent of tiio corporation
to whom such faro was paid como along
and ask him if ho has paid it. Ic may
be all right, but it
32 Warren Street,
Concord, - - N. H.
Agents Wind. il. Send f.,r catalogue.
Cleaning !X.s,,,,n:,
A sp. chilly. Xu flames n-c, I tine, in oidin
Iloek Han ks. (i no- -ci.t ,y epres will
I n prompt l,i returned.
The Tfl i( .;.i w ,9K r,M P
ll't Ullfniiui'ti'-n, ;
u I itir t,;, c o,,,,
flluli, il i I...,
fami iy r .ti,, m .,
ill i-v n,;i,,l ;(: r.
Fr.i'f Titm tj.
. rt i.'fpt - -uir
r-'cj;i'i h
"' '"iriitcpi n;lft .
:- 'ul li!fih Kir. ..
JHI-l t( i
1 for t;t.
i I', 1 il (t :
I'll (J' t .
5 ' f orn.
Money is n d in-
. il
el i f
111 so-eal
1 eollale!
Kanied for eiien:-.
V. 'sled ill the s!o 'k null
syildieales, bit! in goo.
where no toss can be possible.
Yon ea.' iue-l f-lti lo sIoiki, or in y
amoiiul belweeii : can w iliidVaw il at any
time; and can have principal ami inter
est ellaranteed.
Have never lost a dollar for a euslo.
l.ier. Year- of experience w illi -alislieel
eil-lomei- !hivu.:i,o:ii ,, .rw Ki,gl:,M,ii
Wtile for circular-. The best of 'refer
es. a. .i. i.iTt urn;.!),
bD Sia'e S.. Boslon Mass. j
The Free Press
Over 20.000 Copies of 1897 Bool: vra-o
0;d at 5.'5 Cei;ts ea'ch:
la f.-rcniv iJ.ti
i' i' i!l ran I,,,
.f Kfll.i
f es. s;
tel H y.itl :,i! ei iU'il to k'i.!
nnd.. ,;,..-,. i,. ',1. A p,
'l-.i.il iio..k ! la.rw.. ,,
j' elM eftm,, II,
Acii.'ljldj,. ,: ; jV,.vv ;, ,(J
a'l Kcnrnd 1 ", o.-i i.-., i I
fairs of ( )i;i..,., IP, m,. a; .' .,
. A C"'y ..1 Illi. I k . ill ! .! i, ,:; .i...
' nini.'di.aely , .ii.lii,,, l', . , . i , j ,j,
in iilill exiielin... mil SIC, ,, ,
I'o ii,, l del.iy, ton ink,, mlviiiiitta.. nf tie!
lilile offer which we make for ;i limiled lim ,-.
I'.v KpiH-ial nrransciui-niK wall u,. ,,,,.,n.i, ...
i;i'l. ii le 111 fapolKll lull ,..-,r f.,r at
I'.v "1 Hi'-' ' cmi n , ii.lia.
Illeliiliel' W,
.'Hid yell can have
(eie.N additional,
there was an inference that vM
10 one
trying to eeat tho road. Tha i it hap
pened that tho man With the paper re
plied rather sharply:
"You e.ugiit to know."
"Oh, it's all right, sir !" exnlnined
the conductor hastily. ":,'o intention to
offend, you know. I merely wanted to
make sure, "
'Then ho returned to tho platform,
while the man with tho paper returned
to his reading.
A few minutes later tho wan with
tho paper went out on tho platform
himself, and just before reaching his
corner ho gently tapped the eodet.
on tho arm, even as tho conductor bad
tapped him.
"Did you riugup my fare?" he asked
ihero were immediate indications
that tho conductor was getting mail.
itc, tri.,1 to say something, but only
spluttered. J
' Oh, it's all right!'
uie paper hastened to espl
Lciiunn r.o i iii.,1,,1 i...
WMUlf 1 f .... ... ,
'v-v -u ii-.iiiu sure. ,
Then ho swung oil the car, and when
ho reached homo his wifu detected traces
oi a faint smilo on his laco. Philadi 1
puia Times.
Cures Coughs,
Colds, Croup,
Consumption and
all Lung Diseases.
Teoplo stand bv Dou-na' Tii.v '
uecauso it cures and has cured for
sixty-iivo years. This ia tlm
1 strongest possible endorsement of
us merits. 1'rieo 25c. COo. and
S-i.oo per UOtUC. At Druaaiats.
Henry, Johnson Sl Lord, Props,, Burlington, Vt.
Barre. Vt,
and YUf
Transportation and Suspiy c.
Capiial 1300,000; Sliaros Ai.et)
jKa.1, InUy Paid ,1(1 Non.Wsa!(!),
. (i t. mmvif
il l lore? n,,n...,l ,,. o... ,
'!'' i'i the ,., ; ' ,
iil-.tinn V; i ., '.r IM"y r.cw tnitiin
""""el MUM Willi! lid' n
aa.,he(;::':1,ri'l',l'l! i.'l'h'a.cnd.of Ihei
.... - iiiwins ine
tho l;i
ni with
'is'o in
I on!
l!lVv to leiiiij,,, ,tl. n..,.
w ttlilii
1 lo ra
bis eomnanv is f. ... 1 r
. ' i, 'i i.:c.
'.tr in ail kinds of -!i.,o! .
end a shin of ..nti.i
''ember, .-!,,.; w j.
Visions, eloii,;;, .,,
se of
mil wil
irom Uo.-loii in
I no liceessan pri
",,l'"'io''iiis rcpii-itu f,. mp.1.,.. .()...
J'""'"' dse.saili,,..' ley ,!. ,,v f , '.
"'"". "iTivi.ig al 11, e Cold j'ichU al ihe
opeiiiii.; ( ;' if.,. ,..ca-im.
id re:.ard lo pas-enget service, we
can aeeommodaie l,; ;l limilli !,,.
v "'.' i i o ino-e inve-li
'K Ihe conn, am llo- t',.i.
U'e offcn'.l
o thc.ri'lllrs of las -s! 1 ,
nicdvinr. , . I '" ' ' " ' e.,;.'rrs
I 'a'-K e-e f ,,
(ieiiK. in.-liel !
i' in Lie
in' iu-
- . ai- .-iiiailv .
1 "I'dliu'iiiiliit cempl.. tr,
mi i now t , ...a.. ..i.i .
m l HLIC t,J 11!U1IU struotsi,
i, ),u 3t refused his consent to
tbo proposid to call two streets after th
'aii.es of l;r. JJertram and Dv. I.
?uh, two popular mem hers of the mu.
" denofol'iieial standi, g ,,nly ( US
;o Uica opinions might Change
iSr!:f --------
ii.tuust mimes, "IMncu Aumt ,. "
tmuborgstrusso" u .i..7. .. " ' " m!
HothiiiL. ...or,. . ' ,IU'
, , . " s.. ine, il
UU UUlft,
"Palette fL,U diiiajipointed because
jou .iKtut attend his exhibition of inclose my card.
fX'll Llii
"I was detained."
late"' h0 kcl,t th RlUIory OP"-'" very
'' Yes, that's what detained me until
n little later. "-Cleveland Waiu b..
Itullrta Point to Polat.
A correspouilent relates the following
reinarkablo personal reminiseeuce of un
-..woeuv, iuiiuu occurred during the
l'rauco-Oermauvvar: "A perfect stran-
J'"SHmau ," said he, "called
llnnt, ,,,,, i i , . ' ,ull u
";; "ue.i to mo a, chassepot
rifle, which ho related ho had picked
npou thuiieldof battle after Urav lo t
abon the middle of the barrel and
he requested n,o toge.t removed.
0' "'"I 1,1,011 xmiutttiou
two bull,ts wero found to have met
Point to point. A Germ:,,, bullet n l H
vocnered the muzzle of tho Freud
,,, , just as tno French idllo had
eu bred, and the two bullets h d nM
togetlier w thnnt i,,,,,..,; ,. . 1 ' 1KI
;,,,. , " uio iKtrrel. 1
biondon Telegraph.
& Q ta h SSI pj
t?B fiar uR
m mmm
i,iui(x H
Gdever Fa 133.
convinces ihj m,j, ..i": "!' """K'.inai pickape nnd
". Address u,kVi lV, '''V';-"'"'.'d'-rhfemp.
liO, TON. Mass. N 11 A! Pnrr .' 1 " Ag.'lltS.
livery i.'e.ilar Invosle.l hi (his Coir,
pany will Koturn 10 for 1.
'lies' c.m..,nr (i,c,. iillono rlii'lici," ,1 '
'"-.ih.i... ?f
:.,,,;;,!i,",;i.7,"-1nii""" u-uu,l.V,.,:
i.s. in, e,,;i ,) ,.,,. n,r yrm-.psv.
. '. 1 . 'O''11 ("On-r l,v ni m
hi,' Id
' IDOIll
.'II. d illlel'visw ,
-p ill,!.. , .,
eien lnvia.,1
cllM'i.K, tnniiev and (.i,.,h eoie,'
1 1:1 !;) i-: .. i.v i n.i,',i-
, I'D,, . '
n.l fl;!!, .l
Pa.' :e
Must Ilavo Loved Him.
ilany stories I,..,,-,, i . , , .
TT.,..i, ' ' '". or
nil 11 nnileui,, ,. . ..I..; ,
To the Ladies,
bouses have still to
Tetrious, the barbarian. h.
HDiii -,, ... t . ' 'nan
s " , . 1 UISCM' ""Itwo part gar.
I I" oe,.u lowed upou him by
of ...i.' ' . WH tlie into
Tl. )' ' B ,n'l,s "PP ri'!i.i
"; , T ,u ' M0wuvi,r. teems, aft,
cral centnv eo t . . '
ilif u"iu, to nave 1
to bo' Pet c
imi jinuiuane y nlainest ivj ."w"fi's' resolute y harmless.
man in Km-land. line .a l A . r tapering; off" om nf"' "r'
lm,.i,. . A . " 'umit mo lot- turn merfwT r.Vr .T..,.',.., At rauiu-
-vu4iiu lii n innnm.if, 1
"niuv.'.l i
a chilli wns hn-M.,1
in .it. . . . iu riiv
...... itii ii wi'srrnr- - ... ... " .
lu pv survey of the peculiar fe tu e
ntion lf lh" Knest, "thatgentlemtiu's "
,,,,, I must have loved children very!" very
A radical, positive in,f
Tor imrtionhru aidt ia
v-..M xJimuBuue
... A. OllNN, M.D.,
41 East 2ist Street, New York City.
"top the Leaks.
lav I'er ,'i Cent (Ire'.,, , .
' V ";,'., 1 l:'U"S raids
'.' , ' s siamp- w
oi oi l i'lritoara-ili.
"I IS(ii) , lS7o.
f r. i 1 1 I I .
.. ... .iMMi. vr.rm , u ,
. , ' '" " " u di r. !.,,., , ,,
o 'i'.iplis wr lor tin,,,. H,
r..r. bV'f :'i"-:r"'...u.f.l
: x'i. it i' Add, . t'-I;
.i,i sianip lor pi ll
llllllp. 5i(. II
IT ll-ed on i. 1,,, L.
t'd.ea I eivM'cii i.k i,..
:i:mip- eini . rem' e i .1
.'l!i Ml : e. ;
i-at'ii'- lo ..',. I..
It. I
I 1'
sev- I
initio a i
'Why so, my dear?'
A state lunch iu China
lllnilirnd (d,., ....
KUSliecfi,,,, " vu"
j l'v,v 1'oieilli,
I hilll,,,, ',),. . ., ,.CU fcll bought
" I'H.IIJI, iUIOr;
v; -s "i n ifdii- i.k
limdeii ,v (,,.. ,.., .
ants for Till-: CMPli.-f- i-,,.
2li..t'-ii,l...,.l IS) , "' " 1
' ', i ie ii, i
K? !i'-o',.'.
I liov lire llie
Arrn lining, r
T a liiirfiuln.
His r.eirliml,,
Tbn nil.l ,
reform I " ."r. " ... 1 uus' -X0 "''K'11 Lis
nature l,ondon (J
t irrevocuhiy.
em, don't you?
-f L . . . .
- ""iiniiiicicei h
iti or I.,,.,.... i.o
-Chieag) Tribniu
luvcnilu (Justonietv
loundtho tut. u !"t !ill,!d
ti... jiuiica u,) ecu.
! "PikV the 17 francs and lio erntimes
! l 'co and make ' '. ' IS
lesi. "-. !..,, i. i . " '"""', urn
.a.lc j,1,'i1,l,,,.tl
In. 1-1 r . , . '
, Jjoe.iv Here I
'HUJ tirculatiiiL- tl,
..on co r ire im, M n'ci' I ' ... .. , ,- ,, i, ''
"'"' I., peel, lili-ler ,.. '. ,.' ," ot
"cur a',v ml, . , .; . ', " ,'l will out-
i! you that has
H'pi'it that I J;!,d
" ie i v in- ii.,,
I v 'iiinieii
' '", and "el Hie I
. nnd i.
.md call on w
1'S. eo-L'i'
a1 list.
Wtd ff.m'v .'d in 0 days
mcnt N Cltn 'iC and vsSo.Al:r.? tr,.it
jnU No pubheity-no b,j,c:ieuS-. IW
restraint. Lin k n if
l. London Tit-Ihts. I !''' Ms of the lilon.lik,.' , "Veld
lie most cmiIi. i , . 1 .ut "'"dys in
nilliority. !...,',ii!,v ,.'' '; ,".":1"1' '''mil lug!,
I! !"'"- 'ipliscoiaMini,,. s. .. ' '"'hail
asKa I'-VJ I itiel,
" i ,,,,, ,, . . .i. ai is olteii w il h i 11 ten : a ., ,1...' color:.
l! . . i "'V LuildiiiK st,,es .1 ' "'! ""' . 1. I f i ,l''1"""-' ''"ft,,,,,
M'uter they are tha hauler i T I ' -' ! I lV ei ' ''i 7 " "'"'''
C,""' t hih eesi "1, U 0 U,M f-,i-"t the l,J V, ' i 'T, ","'Me.
WO don't . I.'l'd.'aiidn.ceivei ', ; "l-i'-'ht.
-Bos The readiest ,, UZIT . . !.' " .".! '. hfi n , , i!1: !:!" '""
At r . ?' A- 0lNN' M-n.
41 Eat 2 1 st Street. New
or'K City,
mvoSs i:t;K!!,IIS -""den
tluiir enemies! 7 '"'a1" t kill
H'H (ho New Ilroon, ximt Kww
J-ilo Ol 0 r llllir
111 tcl,l,.l. ....
u3ri0"CU ia " --on! Theread
urillt' I ef censurii tr, .,..
surest .,.. i -. . I Ivor
u to correct n,,r-i ' 1 -t u Vu s.
vwliciv you el,,,,
'"ic". v
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Signature of
Boars the The Kind You Km Alwavs Bx-U
mosthenes. .... - Ad.lnss
M i ii i
..i.V . -. kin ,V 1 1

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