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Let's Talk II Over.
.. 1 : in vv days,
j Thomas Ci
, If severed f
L. A. Art; rill has received nnotlicr
carload of oats.
(loori! Sheriff, who ha been wi:k for
n short time is improving.
Alex Troupe has roim lo St. Johns
Luiy for a visit with friends.
A new barn is being pm up next to the
I5i,-.l:cly house; at Xortii liarre.
Constable liuchiinnn is in IHulinirton
today looking up deliiuii.-cnt tax paver.-
Joseph Lamb has yoni; to Xortlili.
called there by the illness of his mot her.
Webster Laviolette of Swanton is vis
lting' his father Andrew Laviolette for
few days,
ishen who had his ear near
from (ho head is able to b(
K. K, Vaneor went to Burlington this
Mrs. AV. K. Wheatley is ill at her
li. K. Iiertherinaii left this morni
for Ihwtnn.
J. 1". Maiioguo returned to Witiooski
this morning.
Allen Martin is in Williamstown vis
lling friends.
The annual meeting of Granite Lodge
u Lizzie (lormau entertained a few
riis.ll!r friends at her homo in Maple
" , ,i;ve last evening.
111 B
- s 0 ho Xew England Telephone Com-
i il)) cxpeurs to complete the metallic
'i l " nit to .Montpelier lodav.
n 1 J liree candidates took the (ir.-t decree
re. '.No.
last evenin
returned from lio.stnn last
remain for the present, a
;T,&ljii nieetinir of Hiawatha Lod-r
l.i I. J- C)
j;d Vork
night and w
lie has linislied work
Mrs. Aildio Davis had a large tumor
on her jaw removed yeslcrdav afternoon
by I Irs. lieid and .Jackson.
ArlhurCanipliell who fell down staiis
about ten daye ago and broke a liga
ment in his foot is aide to be out.
Ai:.-a c i. -i i . .,
...Him v iiiisc ami i. mines lingers
of Wali ri'unl, X. V., are visiting Mr.
an 1 Mrs. i'ert Anker for a few days.
A large eoinpany of ouryouiig people
are planning to in-rent invitations m tin.
Company V military dance this evenin"
at Xortlilield.
The trees in front of the Chamberlain
house were cut down lo-dav to make
room for the new Morse block which
is soon to bo erected.
Captain Ayer. and manager Lamb of
(.oddard attended the base ball game
in Moutiiolior this nficm,,,!,, i.)7.
Montpelier Seminary and Lssex.
' -Mrs. H. C. HaM'ont and daughter
Lui-y, are moving todav from Xorth
seminary Street to rooms in (). i). Shurl.
leff's house on .North Main Street.
Ira Calef and hissisti.r i ,, i.
. ..... ........ . ...i , no
..ave oeen spending tbo winter in CM.
cago, returned this morning and will r0
to their home in Washington (oday. "
' 'it contract for placing adverlisimr
cr is in the electric cars of the I Jarre
...ii. ..lo.iqieucr lraeliou ( omiianv h
.injiiMM ,u me atchman
lislung Co. of Montncli..r
- H. . Lmerson employed at I'holns
J5ros. stepped on a wire nail yestenlav
while working at li. ,. VXw ll0usJ.
It pierced his foot, about a half inch and
was quite painful for a while.
The .Montpelier Uecf ( 'ompanv receiv
ed a telegram yestenlav from Cl,i,.,m
Mining (lint on account of the expected
war with Spain the prices on beef are
- w.'sod one cent and a half a pound.
B'finlgii Barney rendered his decision
etrJay afternoon in the case of Cbas.
yuiuu.no mm .John Movilli. lie eon
ilemned the lhp.or of Movilli and re
turned the beer taken from Col umbo.
The street commissioners have given
iletailed directions to H.c At.,,,,, ..ir....
nn. i i , ,' l'tMl1
1 cr aim i ructions
-any in regard to IniildiiM the
and culverts. "
Mis. (,eo W. Hunt went: to Xorth
llelLiyisterday, to attend the funeral of
her brother Horatio Cram, an aed res
l-nt who died Sun.lay. He waan old
in the Dili erinont r iin,.,,t
The slate olicers of the Federation of
wuiuii s v iiids are holdin
'i' is atternoon at tl
Jlenry daekson. Th
reception tfi all tin
i.il.r li.!
j lion CMlllg ill. Mr,, ,1 II,, r,..
U'ttl tin lw.lil filiu n.'iinl..
l'rcd (ioldsbnry of X'orth Barre, the
slioe maker, is ijuite sick.
Miss (iertnide '. Robinson is confined
to her homo with illness.
AViiliam Whiteomb is having a large
vault made on his lot in Klmwood cen
tury. Sheriff W. r, Shcjiard is on duty at
the County Court during the Brewster
C. B. Minard who broke his leg about
ten weeks ago was out for the first time
this morning.
r li i ii . . .
y. ii. lampoon nas sold u is pacer
muggier lo a Jioston partv and ho
will he sent to Boston Monday.
The fountain on the nrcmises of I)r
i. nenry .lackson was nut m ooeration
11. I . .... - .. .. .
uns jiicriiing ior llie lirst lime
J lie remains of Lyman Whiteomb
were, taken from the tomli in Klmivnnrl
' emeterv and buried viwtnnlnir
T. L. Cutler.tioddard '96 has returned
to school where he will take a post grail -
aie course Detorc entering college .
Abbott Leaidi of the Barre Bail mud
ollice is going to his home in Salem,
Mass., tomorrow for a few days visit.
A, I). Morse is to put up a largo coal
shed mar the C. V. Ii. H. lirid n.i
between the two tracks of the m" & W.
I!. It. and C. V.
('has, Charboiineau will celebrate his
birthday (Lis evening by entertaiiiinr a
small party of friends at his home'on
Mathieson Street.
i'cnedii't has purchased the ell
of the l'aine house and will move it to
Lastern Avenue. The aldermen sinned
me permit yesterday.
A number of base ball s.mrin ,.. i
- II Llll I J
-Montpeher this afternoon, to witness the
game between the Mnnim.!;,,.. u,,..,:
. j ...... i uuiuiiiat v
kwnv .In.w.li J
' .if. iiiiu IUMII1S.
polled to pay as large a tax as the man
on the opposite side of the street pays
on a $30,000. This was the answer "of
his daily companion, "Because there is
a political pull somewhere. " "Well"
said a third listener, "I guess it is about
time to stop that pull." The Inspector
while agreeing that there is a large va
riation in the amount paid by real es
tate owners in the same section of the
city, does not for a moment believe that
political pulls have anything to do with
the situation. It is simply a failure to
assess our real estate at its proper value.
Cur listsrs in the oast and those now
calll Assessors, are men of (he high
est integrity and there is no foundation
for the charges made by these "Corner
Loafers," But what the people Of this
city should gladly welcome is tho ten-
n cy roward an advancement of our
real estate at its proper value. Barre
has a much smaller grand iist than she
ought to show at the present time. Xow
that this is the year for the valuation of
real estate, Jet this matter be rigidly in.
ves.igaiei. uy our eincienc uoara oi rs
sessors, and our revenues from tuxes in
the future will bo larger then if Barre
ever desires to erect a public buiiding,
she will be able to do so without being
compelled to cut the cost much below
But It Canned the Despair of a
Lecturer in Search of Best,
"I have long made it a practice to
licet whenever I get an opportunity,
said a man who lectures, "but a recent
experience in Baltimore has made me
by of opportunities; You see, I spend a
great deal of time on railroad trains,
and frequently, in order to keep engage
tnents, I am forced to travel at night,
Now, I have great difficulty in getting
sleep on a sleeping car, and sometimes
I toss around all night,
"Last week I lectured in Baltimore,
and after the lecture I found a sleeping
car in the railroad yard which was to
be added to the train bound for New
York. That was my opportunity. I
bought a section, bunted up the porter
and asked him if I might retire with
the expectation of not boing aroused be
fore morning.
'"That's what the car is here for,
colonel, ' he answered. 'Wo don't pull
out till 1 :S0 in the morning, and you
can just go right to sleep. '
"That sounded inviting, and I retir
ed. I fell asleep promptly. The move
ment of the car aroused me, and, think-
ins thnt WA hnri lipnn nnunlnrl nn in tha
wiiHi a uiaioriry OI Olir people would be NewYnrk train. I nlnserl niv gvrh nrmin
pleased to see paid for our new city hall At that moment the car ran into some-
The Corner will soon bo visited bv
the traveling bands of violin and harn
so pennies will be in order.
If all the electric roads which Boston
parties desire to construct from this
city to surrounding towns are ever
built, we may vet have a new name for
tne "l,ranite City," namely the "Elec
tric Center." East Barre. Washiiiirtnn.
Williamstown and Chelsea are all on
tho map of many a promoter of electric
railroads. The Inspector sees the fu
ture growth of this city largely guided
by the famous granite and the to-be-constructed
eloetrie railroads.
I he mail carrier motions for "Yours
Truly and the Corner must be vacated
The IxsrixTou.
and Essex
iho l ame Ilersey ease will be heard
omorrow morning, before special mas
ter, ,olm II. senter of Montpelier, in
..... vim i; oi .uayor uoruon.
Charles Campbell is having steel ceil
ing and steel side wall put inside his
fru, store. Herbert A. I!gris fllrii8h.
mg tho material and putting it up.
Miss Xellie V. Fisher teacher in the
. sc ow 111JurutI nerknee while rid-
..w , , jc.e yesieruay morning and
was unable to attend school during the
McMillan it Stevens Ihn .r-nti ,i.,..i
ii . iv. vuai-
inn rusneii with orders. At the
invent they have 01 men in their em
husil'ers "1(!llll"'I's o fl,e are
At the meeting of Company E held
hist, ugh, Alex Mil,, was 'voted in as a
. . ,u '"iiuer. Jlie matter of the
iiivittition of the W. 11. I)avmt 1
i Jin ja ii v ui nrrmwi i-
II ()( v nnvl. V. .w
roigl,t up and it was voted not to
lend 111 a body.
Tho Afternoon Whist Club had a very
enjoyable lime yestenlav nftn, I I
' '71ri.li.U
! whistaflve oeloek tea was ,Vven
J lie winners of ,be whist were Mrs. ( .'
J'.. .Mcl-arland and Mrs v r u...,..
WmnnJ- Cu,,OT "1 "-my
1 . Mr .
i"is, iv. now has gone to
concord, t., to visit friends.
Tho entertainment given by the Wash
ington .Male Quartette, composed hf the
lunowing members: S. E. Carpenter,
1st tentor: F. A. Warner. 2d tenor-
, niekey, 1st bass; O. M. Seavcr, 2d
bass, Thev were assisted hv Misa iT.,..
. - "J ' Wild
JJcnsinore of Barre. prma donna; Mrs.
S. E. Carpenter. Mi-s. V. A vam--'
Miss Mabel Jeffords of Washington
Mrs. H, I). Wheatly, Mrs. II, I. Cheney,'
Mrs. A. C. Dickey of East Ibirre. Mrs.
fv II. McArthur, raader. The concert
was a cueeess in every particular, and
was thoroughly enjoyed by. the audi
ence, a lino program being rendered.
thing on the track with a crash and
stopped so suddenly that my head was
bumped against the end of the berth.
Undoubtedly a smash up, I thought, and
I proceeded to get out of my berth. The
porter was sitting in tho seat opposite.
" 'For heaven's sake, what is the
trouble?' I asked.
" 'Nothin,' he replied; 'iust ewitoh-
"Back I crawled, feelinc very chean.
Again I felt drowsy, and once more tbo
car was bumped violently, then Ehoved
along tho tracks at a rapid rate and
shunted into the end of another train,
starting a sories of crashes that sounded
one after another clear away up the
track. The quiet that followed lasted so
long that I began to doze. Another
bump harder than tho previous ones
aroused me, and for the next five min
utes it seemed as if two engines must be
engaged in shunting my car back and
forth for the fun of it. I would feel tho
car slido along only to come to an abrupt
stop with a lot of noise. Then it would
slido back to another track and stand
fitill. For the next hour I was tossed
una oruisea in my berth, and I could
stand it no longer. I crawled out and
dressed as best I could under the cir
cumstances, made a flying jump from
Attitude Made Him Queitlon
Joke Manuractureri Veracity.
"Some time," said tbo young roan,
"when business is light I am going to
take a day off, and when I do some of
the comio papers will do well to engage
a large assortment of guards."
"Going to turn in some comio verse,
are you?" inquired the older man face
tiously. "No, I'm not," answered the young
man, with emphasis, "but I'll bet when
I get through with tbem they- will
know a few things about their business
that they never knew before. "
"Oh, they've been having fuu with
you, nave tney?" exclaimed tne oicier
man. "But you mustn't mind that. It's
all in good nature, you know."
They haven't mentioned mo," as
sorted tho young man, "but they have
led mo astray by a long series of inane
jests, and I intend to show them tho
error of their ways. I suppose you know
that I've been married jnst about
Yes, I heard of your wedding."
Well, just about two months aftei
we were married my wife informed mo
one morning that her mother was com
ing to visit us. I immediately thought
of the comio papers. Before she became
my mother-in-law I rather liked the old
lady, but of course things were different
after the wedding. Consequently
stamped amund and swore a bit and de
clared that I wanted it understood that
no relative to either party to tho con
tract could step in there and run that
house. Then my wife came back at ine
with tbo statement that if her mother
wasn't welcome we might as well come
to an understanding at once and arrange
ior a separation. I replied that sho was
welcome so long as she was willing to
mina ner own business, but that it was
a well known fact that no mother-in-law
over had succeeded in doing that
yec. isaturaiiy tne result was that when
her mother arrived my wife and I were
not on the best of terms, and it didn't
take long for the old lady to see it.
When she did see it, she acted. "
"Koastea you, I suppose?" said the
older man.
"Roasted mo, nothing!" returned the
young man. "She roasted her daughter.
I happened to overhear it, and when she
laid down the law as to the duties of a
wife my heart went out to her, and 1
felt meaner than a bobtail flush for all
I'd said of her. And sbo's been the same
ever since. She doesn't mix in much ii
any wiien there's a 'tiff,' but I can easi
New Bread, Rolls and Buns Fresh Every Day.
Cakes, Cookies, Pastry and Confectionery
Teas, Coffees and Spices.
Did you ever try Callaghan's breai'.
If you don't, you will surelv be dea.t,
To the best of good things,
That give good people wings,
To Hy to the regions of bliss.
We make all kinds of takes,
And all sorts of pies.
We do not make angel.-i
They're made in the skies.
But we make angle cakes,
That with every one lakes,
If you wish to be angels,
Why then you must fly,
With Callaghan's bread,
To the home in the sky,
Of the angels that bask in tho
kingdom of bliss.
Parties and Weddings Supplied. n Main qt
the car on one of its shunting trips past lv 8eo tflit she takes my end of it when
the station and went to a hotel and I'm not thero. And good natured I Say I
cm, iuo uigut. xne memory of that
experience has made mo cautious about
Dreadfully Kervouu.
iw'T1'"1 w",s;,lrf,ii'b'iiy nervous, ami for
,mWW..1,r..Kar,'f P0er ,00t Tea. n
, . n,, , nu sirei 'Tlieiicd niv whnlp
nervous system. 1 was troubled v lb Co,!
-tv! ""?,VJ.d.,.le,',nll Jiowel trouble Cr
.nauncu HIV HVXre D SO ' mi
entering sleeping cars that are loafing
around the yard waiting to be coupled
to a train, even if it does soem to offer
nn opportunity to niako up sleep. The
amount of shaking up that ono man re
ceives in a car that is 'just switchin" is
surprising." New York Sun.
She's the beat natured woman vim num I
heard of. Talk about mothers-in-law 1 1
wisn you d point out one of those hu
morous writers to mo for a ruinuto. Trol
iceiing pretty strong today. "Chicago
The Locality of Disease.
In an interesting article on the areas
of disease the London Saturday Review
Hint i r.mi.1 - - i ,- ." "u noroujfwy wuuWa uyuu ine consensus of medira.1
M.k,r ,i?im.,'1 W. opinion that diseases in cenernl hnu
Kendrick&Co. u' v""' so1" " I their local habitations-some. like trlZ
leal animals and plants, living only in
the tropics;, some,, like consnnmtinn.
Calumet Harbor.
B"""U,UY .sseaamg over tho whole
earth, while others, like leprosy aid
smallpox, are by degrees becoming lim-
We have been asked several time, , im, t . v ulsmDutl01. Possibly tend
.riptiou of the proper .uulume nftr't? .to extinction. On
. icpiyini? woulil say: ThenronHrtv L i i "a ul,Jtr mm, However, there nrorn.
a meeliiiii-
home of Mvs. ..
''I'o wit also ln m
women's clubs in Ihn
evening nt, .Mr., ,J. j
son :
I M,rs. ,:,',s,'.v t'lcmei.; Kimball died of
V" "lu "f her dim
.ui, ..us. i-i-eu J.-iiin on liei-kley
...Siii. inuiiineralwill beheld ill a
i ....i.iiimi i-uw, licv. J.. M, l ull
nuinif. ii,e remains will
.. x.,.-i- ,,,,. , ivm-h-u,,, Sun, lav
J lie woiliinril t(
On the Corner.
ou t very nicely in lots.
iju r.n:ii
J he streets ure feet .u,. .,,
in tin
or olli.
taken lo
i.ssex at ll,e Seminary ,. ,,.
o-inorrow will , eoinpose.l of the fi'l
owing men and the- batiino- order wil
'; .in luiiuws: ctia.-e e. f
rl'.,v. ...... It I
, . ',: 1 ;! '. Hush
l' ...in; j.. i., r iaf(-"- s.
leive 2 b.
lllllult 1 I.
The first work towards inovii..- ,
i.-ini! ho,,,,., Wfls I,,...,,,, ,is
and it is ;eK- ii.i ;, .. :n i i . '
it ,, . , . " "'" piaeeil over
J- 'hl.reh in a litlle less II,,,, a week.
J hii ealeu alums are to start t10 n,se
up Mam Street about Tuesday.
' ?o. (;A,,", ",", will resign
....... ..in nn- inner part of
uuuu eiiirii"-eil to
April, has
lie n ...ii.
M,.,. I-... . 7, . ,iUK on
1,1 """' A'iiy ami. His first
onga.eiiH,,. is in this eity ,, ,U! w
7' ,US ' England this suni
mer giving these lectures.
Kil. Wilder who ha, )(!(.n c(KU!ll, ,
(.oddard Seminary base ha! t m
tT&tlyy f-H-ishoine
...... u.i.:,, i. .in-, ,( i ,,.r ,;ls
to play with the lSrockton, Ai1K,
uiu win report m Uroekt
weeK. ,s ,, vn ,
nvnr,,,, ,.i. l"'yer m
trien. s ill arm wl.l, i,: ' l"-
.Uivalli wiio
11(!V S
Smio.. .7 "l m ' ase of
i"'i , h.us re-ar
Conductor ,f n .. .:
''- obeyed the reouest . T
'rsanilletme off at 10 ciFZl
mve been able to gain valuabk-o ui ms
ivganliiio- various t,ii,. . !""IS
ferest tn H, i 1 1 uone m-
ucst to the tax jiayers of the eitv
romjiresent i,i,i(,uio liarre will so ,."
hi,vo, """"'-r organianion wl i 'l Z
uoi i mi). J he irst men.,.. : .
iioimceil to o,.cr on Satu,-,la when
w,l. be elected and &y
1 lie tonic of ciiiii-.,.,..i!.... ., .
, -'.-"iiiuil 111 I jo 111 111
'"nior debaters toili.v- ... 1
between tlm ,.lt
k of Orange which was
ldlreiit efforis ,.f
miuiiN rn u-i.i. , i,- ,
- r "iouubos nave never
reached, Tor wstanoe, on the summits of
high mountain ranges and in the cir
cunipolar suowfields the earth and air
and water are as barren of the microbes
of disease us thev ....! , .
rpt . .. . "uiium me, .ij iu ireai uono" ns
Tho writer in The Review .,.-1 al,lv ,-i... -ns
in a count hi rfj;:-.. I, lui" r r "76""1 " "tracncu lcr 110 one.
So7, Thi'',eA'"nJi trigmZ lated fo7;,n;' " ... "U"M " plural aad is so
r.Uy vt1ll- frtolrnM'"" "a ,!cu ln wespeare-a g., "Speak
he K o. EpnH JMnW not be do Z 1c' 1 uouol" Why may we
contain,. ti, '.r. " -TV, 1 "O wo-
,u jitjiniH nr r i w.
prim jj " . - "iuio
".vu uiaunses, ana
an "M12 of 16 feet hetweei, eaei Tlol of 7& ftrt
vent an overflow in high water P
lll'll II I IllIN Itiltlltnr... II.. . .. . I Z " UiJUll
utH.au the lake, Ian,'! SuaT!? "V?" llk0 Britai" WckIy popu- it is usefnl
Purists and Pedants.
Many purists condemn such a phraso
as "no sort or kind" c the ground of
tautology. I should bo sorry, however,
to see it disappear, because it is a land
mark in English philology. It is a relic
x iuo msien or Saxon and Norman
Drench. At that period many phrases of
a bilingual character crept into use, and
this is one of them. "Truth and honor"
is another, truth beiflg" troth, "or hon
or, as in ;"by my troth. " "Voice" as a
iciu in iniir'ii nninntri
rnoderns as it does from American
sources-o. g to "voice" tfe public
Z lTTl d0U,t like if never
use it, but it occurs in Shakespeare
Notoriously many so called Ameri-
vuu.Buis re 0ia English provincialisms,
lhe purists threaten, indeed, to becon j
insufferable pedants. It is now the cus
torn of the printer's reader our great
authority-to treat "uono" ns invaH.
The Evening
Will Give as a Prize
Al'lilL 11 AND AUGUST 1st
This Information to Farmers Around
Barre is Worth More (ban the
Present Value of a Bin Full
of Grain.
lanrwit ft.. Vm . 'u?..MV? l l"t,nd
--. .......if. .'.it.ii.rMt'.i 1... ...
mm lllljoilliii:
tlioiisiinil ilea Jon
is thestandu rd ffl"?? the "T'-
of tin
settlement of tho
1 - t
linn .Mr. i:roi
nccomplislied by the
on the north
the lament in
the rnion
100,000 with their families'.
piirehHses of rP, JJ.... ' ,""?.,u,7Ue '"'.'?
"! " ill hut them i,"',:: "l,ni nio
I' or further inforiiiatlon apply to
J. Wright Peebles,
7 & 8 Bolster Block.
c'i.ycounciio,,,,,,;:;;-' o;;-
sohas,..ostao.oo,lly sllm of kn ' 0
find brought
men anil .1,,. ni.... .... .' " "very
the iiros,,,,.! . . , ' .,?'""r". Hut
, , v.. m ,.;i S. ... lf
Zeil.s Slieiidinii- n clw.t
iu the h,i: , nu" wr vacation
the w
'"'.idsonio tow,, f r rn"
nn., .1,,,-, i... . " -1 ""nn;
.1 " .i .line i.,,,i...i -J
i:'y.T,tofootoM,c: ;t
imr ....
j our reader
on in alionf ..,
o.'UI li aver
word and i,iH'In
.-ii 1 1 1 1 1. Hiiceesg.
was In -ti I l,w i,i.. i
,i,.i. ....... ... . -v Jar
.iui.-idh vesreriliiy n xw
I'icnch, Curia.,! with ,1,,'. offen e0
IvCl'lllllt .,!, . i.. ...... , ,. . "''l. UI
:, i r " unci II lo ,el
uijuors. nun was live
'ho fainniis
'1'hero are m
'wo perhaps Uru'TT- Wl'
-o,ad tile J,, the
ot tne leadino- ono
the facts. Tl, , r"la" to
,,l i.lw, i.
(inlihl hp t.i , :-""' 'TiHlk
, . i - iinnseit tor surety fur
his appearance Monday '
l'ayette, Jlendelsoh,, & (.:
notieo yesterday fro,,, lar., toK
man.ifaeturinir eon,,,,,,,,- h,0,,'
which read as full,,,,,...
horea ter received by us will b,! u .
to such , V!lni,e i rku M vin ef
Hpond with any incense of reven, e t v
H'ut may be in force on the ,1 . Tsl. ,
meat. Should there be an i, e , ' e
I ix we will notify voll M ; '
inns any unfilled order in o l , 1"
hi nine it lalu s effect, ih!lt you ,.-,,-1, , I
option of wi.hdmwiiiir tL I . "n
inuvbest;,!,,! that in case of Zv II,
1-neo i.f tobmro would rise . I,!, I,
20 per eei.l as a resul, ,,f ,i, J 10lml'
ho Internal .lievoniie. This 0l C"!
urn AiTnii-. r 4.1.. i min
v iviuo vi uiu iragrant weed.
avellu) folln,. !.,.. " 110 -nier
-rid years n S mUm- v-
ett and Bollw boih ?t ummi
"ninwi eainc .!... Y'il r('Jents of
""'re villa.,,, ,, (
streets one .Saturday
WHS !1 l,ln..0., J.
j'.....,-um; nr, . ..... .... , .
covered t ier l,.,.i i.. . r"""v'" V (Us
""'r the corner of S '" U' 1,rook
Greets. Tl Tnn 1 ,,n.er..an' 1WI
The two ..,e.,w :;;.f.. :; s :my
mum m use,
homes ,:, ;."; removed to
elapsed beforn :!3': 8ev'
m.'iiie on the ,,i.,.f ,i. " "'"vo was
""ro a sett ," .L J'0,,nS men to
Tim villas olliei i i , village--w
not lhilde 1 s ;!;Umni1 lf' village
!'ke,t, itts t ' H..br"t Sy
"range county court ,, ,J . 8 nS ln
Kreed. p,y thP " t i disil
., y '"-t incornoi-,,.:.... ... .
"j . me Jailor , -i-....... me
Tuesday, Apr. 19.
Wrestling Match.
$235 PURSE $235
1. M. OUFER, Referee.
after i V; ". . . , !lc -1U- returnins
w.uou ui inaien.
pR'CFS, 75c, 50 c, 35c.
Seats on sale at Khle's Book Store.
- taw.
u,", ana tun ii;,n
Anma i . . - v.. v.
. m wnu Drougnt over to Rrir.
sntri lSb01'eS,fa,,s 8 to its pSue
SSr?")- S0,li ,'"' by eeuerationsP of a
1 22 n Nitons have
rf,r; "'u'y resistant to their native
ZZZ: uoc IUIiy E0 for cancer and
;;Z: "r"":, l.w? 01 th0 common
bco, eiuuioiq powerful sway,
i Evidence.
whZL!':'eXclai the some
" r . , ""wicu. ;-a generation
Zr A C ; !? were 6UPPosed to have a
" jiiun or age.
unai oi tnat?" inquired the mild
"muucitu irieua.
"Doesn't that ehowthat our pretend
ed advancement in . refinement is a mis
ti XT ,
not at an. it proves that we are
more considerate and humane, and
mcieiure more renned. Think of the
amount of corporal punishment it must
u B'vb a ooy a good knowledgo ol
7 ". "cl,"a u js Jtu years old!"
y usuiLigton istar.
men nf flm tt-i i ..
muDiiiiB ueeause tuero Wero
uoue proseut?" Academy.
ReadlDK Character.
Dribbler-.In my opinion, a man who
writes an illegible hand does it because
Scribbler-Not always. Sometimes a
man writes illeirihi, . B.8
conceited, but because "is Tod t" "
Dribbler Modfism xou
Scribbler-Ah;;;i;:'"' ,"uouc'.
York Weekly. " -i"ng ew
A Pleaaant Chin.
Softleiphv '
Miss Cutting t. cme . .ni
- J "VIA liVJ'
The Middle ABed Man.
"I wonder," said tho middlo agod
man, 'why wo take life so hard. At the
very best we have only 75 or 100 years
4, in, uuu yec wr Tnnio nv
v - w ... vs aiuu 4. LI an llllll 1
In lyist Barre, ahout five miles from Barre
Post Office, there lives n good, honest, hard
working tiller of the soil, named W'ussou E.
low, Like every other sensihle farmer, ilr.
Dow suhscrilies for tinners unit one pvpnimr
as he was looking over his liarre weekly, his
eye ehaneeu to catch a reading notice which
proved a honanza for him and brightened up
his (lagging spirits over the low price of grain
....... .....li iiiiurc, nu luc UIgU pnCe OI C0U1-
moilities which are necessarv for a farmer's
existence. A farmer reasons in his own pe
culiar way and he calls a spatle a spade, so
Mr. Dow says quietly to himself "I want iust
such a remedy as Douu's Kidnev WIN. if it
carries out faithfully half what" it claims it
".'"! "inn. Jiowever much good
may nsult from one linv. lttiio r .... i?...7:
can enrUe! When in liarre Mr. Dow made
.u.IU,iics it r.uiou s urug store about the
ZZtH!lU"- "'"'formed that scores of
f.. , r r : -V luc siirrouiiuing couti
trv had obtained Doan's Ki,,iev Pills? tested
then,, and were recounting their experience"
J his was enough for.Mr. Dow. He purchasl
ed a supply and what follows is his evneri
. nee : "My kidneys troubled me for some Tears
otl and on. 1 tried many ilillerent r, 2,lt!.
nn, wiinout obtaimn
In th fll .J.?. V i"meiii relief.
worry all throueh it. I H,i n,i Z, , "1? 5 l-e
" j tw, i . . 1 u...i ii iinuniM I111MIN
I llftpt vvlii... i; . r .. .
Central Vermont Railroad.
OltKliCTlCI TO JAX. 23. 1S9S.
iBTl. Barre dally, except 8BBd.y(
. all Xaw .. 1 1 IH i.u.1
-.?,;ind.olPh',,?d Wait. ltlv,r
p ut;aioTo7w7nd.or.Ug
1. H LOCAL mvui'uu ..
ton. st. A,i,un. T.irir;;-": ": ..rur u"r'"i-
Connect. . T.V . 1'"
11.00 P
J Li. ii.
with ejin e fm
."""."" P'fwr over niv kill.
Bumeumes. Here I am well r.n
With lllnvlm 9rt ,.a nl n., . I
j uul-uii. 1110 COld lirn nnlv 1.', .. ..n;,,".1' ; "'V "
c auces are against my getting so many, weakliest of Vne Wd ,ev J?t Z V? A
but take a hopeful view and say r annoying, espeeiallv i u rcuJ!
go 20 But that's a mighty short timo, Mft . Th.e onl""
heh? But just think of frittering away il Se ohi01"1''' KUir
that time in worry I Way toS'SSr!?1' 1 a
iMLZzfi;t? M:i!n,r' Ai
C011IiuL't lit V.b. . ? . 1 M ''CXI Mtfli.
will not
them the wk7," ""? 7:, ing
not felt the least KvinnM..,?, h f6.1'' . 1 've
ney trouble sin..o T . 1r"i,r Kui-
with th " .7. ,' .,' Krean.v pleased
thing come up I I don 't aV.uT which ftoen's K Mne v mf m"""er
over it mavhn. hV. 11 ? 1 Vece " iSlud Ito' S,, lJ.
- - - . uiauH iiiifi r. v i . , . i
When I think of i.r,o iu.
make up mv mind itm i ? ' :
"uiijr uuy more, and, oh, I
think I take things more philosophical
ly than I used to 1 But let s,m!i
bnt it: ilrn... ..J f- ,
And nnlv nn I ,T"b B"us.
ii tiTu J'"uo,lu ve i
What a waste of timoi wu.
erable critters we ar-k" Ck
Suburban Service.
Loiivo Mouipelier 6.30 s linn
3.6U anil B.iu p. x, ' "- J0.50 A.M., !
A. a. 2.30 r. . l'U6
-.. .r ......icv i-iiis are ior sa e hv .
Price on cents. uBUeJ ' i,
Co., Buffalo, N. v., sole
L'nited Suites.
and take no substitute
all ileal-
Henjenilier tho'-Sanle
AW..tc,nAMtra,IanDe.ertand ,ta
son of the
Hon. David W. Carnegie,
The blail,l,.r J... ... " Y . 'rt 1 0l
iiiiil as
Great- Viot 7 J"ruey aoross the olDcr ureases. ' c,.uuent of
of western a Saa deserts
naMvl46 J? Speaking of the
rorv r
hlol .
; """"" i a
"onuuce. xnev
MVUS in me Uterinr M.
Wiiliiamstown Trains
Ieave Barre 1.20 p j, 4sn w ,.
own l.Mp. M.ap.;.4-30' "i"
Barre 8.05 a. M.a.ou p. .
""'"Tt W.CUM.V.IN,,,,
Montpelier & Wells River R. R.
On and after Monday. NOT iq- . ,
run a. MloMl'
Leave Rnrro T on r.
. 7.10. 10 ni! w' 10 TO- 12-30, S.oo. 1 .u,-,.
Airiit .r-."-.
3-50. 6.12.-6.M, 9.55p ' ,IU' 19 M . ;
Buburban r!or..i 1 ' '.
caiion from ii, peoDll n, ch,'"!f- -M-fi'-time,
or b.-tt.. - ...?.PJ "r .more rlnn. auu-K, r
ered. All tr,.i. - 1,, rheerfully ,-on,
.niciir. ,11.,.,... .1.
sni.l, me
1.1. ;m. jj...
any liability
cause -for
Meat Market
ciclo to eouiest biir tl. -." now ,,(!
i,i f...., . but..t,, city oflictls
i,nltl 11,1 xvill I I w
a j XTa banned
Goods Specialty of
nnint. Tl ,um ljy my infnr-
The Corner" sei n,n 7 1 T",on "
oniilHh.,, n,,? K. ,obo'hal ".eCitv
. ' Kiiutiiiicnt
lhat the eilv J . 'f1 . P,'r SOttIe
,,, ''I'ar'e oaiie in U':at to
paid. n 01 casc for the
Pork Prod
"M one old a d ,,,. ?.). 0nJ,er- "liy"
All ti ....
I'l'i.i...... -iii! ui once.
so. Main St. LU"'
Barre, Vt.
fellow, wilt , . "' lU0 otaer
bin, W i80' 1 Resold
come rivhrZ'r" 'nie he',
back to me.-Fliegenda
capital I. earning y uviTV. Vou kno that y0Ur
ent. within io"g..J.ou u "t, yearly. 'I'hiJ "!.?"'
tunitv. T.'"'. vuii y,,,. ?' '
. I.oo. reV"re'.o Lfc "Wh
To cure a f V, T: -
Tate Iv7 :!V AV,
fric'e'as cents.
Take Lav,,!!... "
f . "Vr3 I. rill In f .... r.t . .
S "fund tho , S.M" ' V i'""'. All
11, 4.,t,s
to cure.
Be Wot n..i.. .
?' 'up, ar( ; tiSjf'. nam.,,eM
1 suuie srr .-
- u,ucr iroutun,
other lUseuses,
buhea tby urine from i,ni,ni.K.. ...........
uiu rniei cause of bladder tr if 1 ered. All train, will . Berlul1)' '
womb, like the blad W 5n'lJlfs-. the Uei.weeD MomXj, al,,"?,'! ." fl '"
purpose, aiul if ,1.,..;. '' , ior one !'? wni iop t nr u" "', i'a..Tu,.r.
fable to weakness nr. r'.100 "Wv "ot Ptac I. md TVn'Tf ."r'1:";'''
wises. It is situated back of .'..J.1 'ept ,.n rare
the bladder, theref. t.. 1(1 l to
eonveuieiice .n.,if.. ":. K?'" lssc or in-
I,,.,,, .,,
else with thD( a ; 7 J au anytning i"Ke, attrilj
3-1 v thei flat beheads and pro- trou,,le of
trndiug hp8. Aa a . m pro lmulo (
1.30 A.M.
""unci na navenovillacna !, -
sqnat in ft.
sand and
WllO.l -,. ,
camels and oarnvm, Vi 6 Baw onr
excited, never havL 7 great,y
before. Wte man
tbem, bnt w. "7 anr'
lone, thev tried t7h"!" "
doubt wonld im no
thev lmrl IV' """Diesom
- wvu
extruordiuurv cllect. r i : 111 la '"' the
Koot, the Kreat kidnev. ,u Z.XL '""'P-
i soon rem zed. If vm. ., ... i ,"iueuv
should have the best5 "i ' Ml. " '."lihie' ou
ami one dollar. v0u i, , V, . "W1 nlt.v 'uts
tte ami puui,, Lfc.?, "Wint r'r,"!1"0
upon receint. !,f .i.l.Vv .n frt'8 by mall.
SF t ol iiostMr.," """'l'Mocov:
tM uiim if i. ...:
html jour tnl-
Thev . uu PPr-
moved from ini.i. UUB ae8eo re
"res that we wero able
m water."
journey the ex
orH," U'.aud.8? fi'i'l water.-
. ui XJ JN
s 'We havo proved fi,
interior of Wifum a .TU1" or
We saw uo nZ Jov Wau east.
, ouiioas (Jur,, ,vii, 'l "nn we saw no .n.i . or oeast.
"old hy Kendrje'cT6 akeZKl TJSTSP .botwe
Montreal Star. -uioeriey.
Tin.; r.rr"-."u lue ttte.
.""""SK ami send
tue seniuneuess of this otfer
Snlforde:rlptlvecirmi. 75
TIIAiva n . .... "uiu u, c contlili'lcr.
Connect, at Well. Hlverwfih ,-.
.h' .?:.dKxl,re'!" Train .outh ,.i.r
it VI . p.!'c ""Won of H..SI.-T.
iCoSr hu,e Klver Juuriio r ;
Mo.ton.and via. Kellow, K4II. ami
Fh JZH r!rv'c''. Hiirl.rwo , u.
lliiZ ,Htop" at Prii.f.i
K.?h '""ween Wells ( v-r '.,,i
byan., arriving a! KahVa" .0
li'iln',. J""" "l Kalivan. :iti
.h,orf'i auH;,Or,-,ih,
K; w1"? ,"lth lrl" fr -ui"-mil
;5,"bl,""' tlvti.K s-m..
It!..! " l'mt'.l 1.1 Hi'!
Li.ver..wi" be Mull fri n.r.!,
l an 1'acific Uaiu'ay u, M ,,
7 1 ci"''''' "'I'liK .Mr. M..H-
r"P' Sund'' AI...l,,Kv
r" vr m Hrriv'" i Ho.iun is
1..- '. " 7,,h ,rln fr Kal.v .ns,
Bern,,T' Uhit-'ll. .T.tf,'mi,
iif. in'i,rovel"11 D" rn.l fruit
V.""",r.,tI ' w!l )nfllpi. """yuaveho.
Oe Witt's Colic & chirr-
nr. . . ' " t'" ,llv,r i"' ';' '
pre., train north ov. r II. M K.
Li,Li"-'John,b'"-V. I.vn,t,iini!),-.
Harton and A'enrt u ik ,,.
JWwy havebo. U 05 P. M. hrJr'lIv.!!'"1! ''i.r
lttver Juuctlon. Aluowiih l's;,m
1. .,'0i', ovpr Wh"' Moi.ni-.ln
i-h S for'-l'l'"n,l.l(tlelon, H, lh.
lehem Strict, Proltle Ho,,,,., Tin
' WM."n., ,Fl,b"". C'rf,.i,l-.
F. W. HT -W v a w7-. 011 an" t'liii'i.'.
.1 N 1 AN, Oener.1 Afent.
"l'l:Usv.j , j,t y
ent. ,lck rMuIlli r-re.

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