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gle copy,
e rtionlli,
Jo year,
1 t'Mil
2.) cents.
0$. 1. NO. 7.
J5ARKE, V.T., MONDAY, APlilL 18, 1808.
Evens nig
- Clothiers, Hatters and Shoes,
1 burban Tickets For Sale
. ' X 6c a Ride Each Way.
viBown Stairs Tenement To Kent.
:GEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
fOT SyUAllE.
- V
Puarfy Boys,
f Pure Leaf,
1 1 I L Ponies,
: J Royal Savage,
'v ARE
lie Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
l!f, ileiiiieblii k to. Mm
L. Lewin, M'gr.
-, nain 5t. Barre, Vt.
opular Restaurant
Can bo found at
, !l 1 No; Main Street.
I Meals Served at All Honrs.
IWo also carry a full line of
prop in and si' our Lunch Counter.
To cave tlie Ladies' any Trouble,
AYe will Furnish
lemmings, Linings,
I and also
lonnets and Hats to
I match the Suits,
Bore having any Drosses made please
call on
8 Elm Street,
xt door to the Enterprise ollicu and
get their prices.
We have, had ten years experience
handling Base Hall Goods and know
lint pleases the player.
We guaranteed nil our Goods, and
Mien it conies to prices
iWe Will Not be Undersold
we have to give them away.
H. L.
8 No. Main St.
Tel. 31-3
To Rent.
I On reasonable term's -a K""'' '"bine "v
litli tm vi-lin-jc imil boom derricks. Al.-o .some
Brv ilosintblc. IdicniPiits : Impure of
For Sale.
(ill SALE One House and Lot on lluwes
Street, anil six lni'iic HmldiiiK l.ovs on
jerrin Mill, ami one lare Corner I.uililin-
rt at Ills corner ol m-coiiu mm .nmn -'- "
Ire lit T. i. U liitdiill's, 517 No. Mam St.
O f3 "X" o !0. X yJk.. I
ti i, .1 ti... II il,.in..n ftnnrrht
Vars the j& ' ne "m n i
wv.xu: i.cncii kd;lm.. .
It. P.iuell, II, e i. v i.i-oju'U-ti'.r of.
I!. ii s nr 'I .'iu'i'di Ki uin, i u!s out i
is e ii s! nm i '!. a etiiekea ous every Mm- ,
Siv; in i f slew, Mmidav: chicken Mew,
hi s luy and Wedne-dny: lish lnnviler,
lliur div: list, balls, I'rhhiy; hatnlair;:
leak Saluidiv. llvster slows, (lain
liowdi'ru. Imkod In ails, ool'lce-e.nd otber
fcl'ivsliniriiii; si-it. d hi all hours.
N'o'fHT. ! 1 am I'l-paicl i' 1o l'i'
.i-s Work in In O-e p.-in.l -n . , p.' per
i ( I LI'S
hngum ai.U ..ijsoiii.ii.o..- ' "
li. uj.li fne mail promptly a" -udeo to.
my employees are oxponelKCO "o-
Base Ball
S of
I'll. Noni.prentiecs.
The Veather.
i lliisrox, April 17. Cloudy to-ni-ht, rain
i uesuuy, comer, .Norm wnitls. .
Still in the Lead.
"'I ho Evi:nin' Kxtkki'Kise" is one
week old. During that length of time
it has .published more loeal news than
any other liarm'inper. (iircn more
telegraphic news on the day of its occur
aneo ihim nnv oilier liarro paper, and
been received by the citizens of 1 Jarre in
a lr.o.-t cordial manner as proved by the
l:iro sales of Die regular and extra edi
tions'. These; sales being remarkable
when the fact of the ago of the '-Evkn-I.nu
KXTKltl'ltl.SK" U considered. Three
editions of the paper were printed on
SatuiMry and sold out. No other Barre
imperials so reliable a telegraphic news
service as "The Evi:ni; kntki.tkisi:.''
This statement was verified by the issu
ing of the ) o'clock Extra" Saturday
night, less t'jan an hour after the action
of the senate. This being the second
"Extra" issued during the evening. The
last edMou contained a brief but accu
ral.! report of the a' tion by the Senate
on the House, Davis and oilier resolu
tions concerning tho Cuban question.
It announced that the Turpie adinend
meiit had been passed whicn was the
test vote. While not giving the final
result owing to the closing of the tele
graph cilice, yet the "Evi:MN; Extku-
Pitisi; Extra-' gave .-uflieicnt information
to enable all who secured or.e to learn
that the Senate would vote on the ( 'trbnn
question that night and would vole to
intervene as well as recognize the Inde
pendence of the Cuban Hepublic. "The
KvKNixu Kxtkkhsisk" irave liarre peo
ple what no other liarre paper did, Ihe
result of the test vo'.c. No ot!:cr liarre
paper had one word on thcae'.ioj; of tin?
Senate on the night it was taken. No
other Barre paper is connected wbh the
Associated Press service which is Ihe
reason no doubt. Noolhei- U.irre paper
ha I any nr iv-'mi which an exfrS eould
b" issued giving the n suit of the Senate
action. No other Barre paper posted
an Associated Press Velcgjmt utiday
morning giving the remainder of the
action of the Senate. This telegram be
ing delayed by reason as above s a ed by
Ihe early closing of the local telcgr.ij h
oflice. In other words the "Evknixi;
Extkim'I.'Isi:'' gave its reiulers the test
vole of Ihe Senate i. early twelve hours
in advance of any paper, and. more than
thirty six hours in advance of any oilier
liarre paper. It was given in type on
the night of its ocouranec, not in plates
many hours after. There is sulliciint
matter in that one incident to show where
you can secure the 1 est and must relia
ble, news. No other Barre paper has
the Associated Press. "The Evkxini;
ExTKiii'iiis:'." in ease of war will enlarge
its telegraphic, service and will h ive the
larger service of the Associated 1 ress.
People will want, the latest war news ;
they know as a result of the Saturday
night Extra-'This Evkxin1- Kxtkhi'isisk"
can furnish what no "iiuileiin IJ-jard
Service" was able ta do, the news as it
occuied and not from pi ale more than
one day later. No other Bane paper
lias local or national nuws either in'siich
abundance or'so prompt as "Toe Evi-:x-IX;
KxTKliflttsK.'' The people already
understand where to find the news and
that is the reason why they have so readi
ly and unexpectedly indorsed the "Ex
ti'.uphisk." That the people knew
where to expect the latest news from
Washington on Saturday night was
shown by the large crowd which lillcd
Ihe oiliceaiul stood in front of lite build
in;; wailing for the. People's paper the
"EVKSlxii Entkkpuisf.." They knew
the Associaced Press service - would en
able Ihc-KVKSISU KxTKlU'liisii" to give
tiie news at once.
Lie oflice. '1 hey
and so they came to
had no reason to ex-
peel any other liarre paper would have
ihe news for no other liarre paper has
Ihe A.S..IH iated Press uewsservi -e. Lale
news is uiiiiciilt to read from New York
"Bullilin -board.-," so the people will
watch tor Ihe "Kvr.MMi Kvm:Pl;lsn"
which can is.-ue an "Ext ra ' with - Hill
account of the "Washington proceedings
almost scon as taken. Read the'.-Evi:N-,
Evn.nrnis;:" fol- both local anil
lelcraphih news, and you will be in
a.iv,iO"c ot toos
I.'IW .-
d any.other
the prompt
Oll'.Cf Eii0 PcpSi.3
A I-' - I".
Aiu-r :
inilil, tin: 1 HI Ki t
u.,l,1 .-HI, I'l'iio " "
I. il- i.c'iC"""'" "
:lil lilt' ' lllil"!
lllf St-ll- I
,,u. i.) i-iib ! v
..I HI
l Inlf
V.M'.lt l
M.UH flllloW.
I). M.
s ihi.M'.:
Av. r.;l':
.... ,.. i ..... -.,.,! ..ii I'litv tint... wlicn
s llltiil - ' ..I.. "( -- .
..,.,, mil. U itf I' Mini;.' UKUii iim. m.d .
, lmil. lnst..f I'Mini C'l.u.i . iiiimii o
, li'niie slim.ld I"' w.ihout it. l leu imt to
!o- and k..c right U. tbe suot. N.W hy ben-
i li k it 1 1'.
ib li k fi
ouse Concurs
But Excepts
Spaniards Leaving For Home.
Senate Not Decided
But The End Is Near.
Indians May
Still Firm.
Washington, Apr. 18. The House
convene ! at 10 o'clock and immediately
adjourned until noon. The feeling is
intense among the Republicans. Every
indication points to a bitter determined
contest. A motion wluen the Republi
cans have decided upon, is to concur
witli the .Senate resolutions with the
the amendment, striking out the recog
niton of Cuba as a Republic. It will
take precedence ov .Tall motions. There
was an objection to the fourth clause
declaring against annexation in any
form, but it was finally decided to allow
it to stand. Leaders are confident that
motion will prevail. Hut there is a
strong opposition.
Cubans Still Fighting.
Havana, Apr., 18, N'ews has been
been received that, they are still fight
ihj. in the Tinar Del Rio. The insur
gents attacked tho Spanish fort, entered
the town, and burned the tobacco ware
house, and killed font of the garrison,
and had the best of the fighting.
Riots in Spain.
IiAliiT.l.oNA, Apr. 18. There was
another demonstration here by the stu
den's last night. They attempted to
reach the American consulate but the
police dispersed them.
Vai.kxci.v, Apr. ;8. There was a re
newed demonstration here yesterday in
which many women participated. The
Tend. nines eharired twice on tho mob.
Don Carlos Lying in Wait.
London', Apr. 18. Supporters of
Don Carlos in England are making ae-
preparations for emergency, ami will
seize, a propitious moment for
They are convinced that tiie present
Spanish dynasty is doomed ,and thatSpain
will be. compelled to choose between
Republicanism and Don Carlos, and say
the ouiy chance for the dynasty is a suc
cessful war, and they scout the idea that
a war with ihe United States would be
su -ccssful to Spain.
Indians Making Trouble.
(ii Tiii;iic. O. T., Apr., 18. Nearly
10(10 Chayenue Indians arc gathered
on the banks of the North Canadian river
holding a ghost dance, II is feared that
they wili tak,( advantage of the absence
of the troops to start an uprising to se
cure more beef rations.
n.nrs trr fVirjsli-ir Qurmliiac
I Ysxki.am), N. J., Ipr. 18 Keighley
1 & Sons received orders from the (Jov
S eminent today for UinO pairs of cavalry
i iiwots, to be re idy as soon as possibl..'.
S?..ai-iis to Leive America
Washington, Apr. 18. I'nd. r in
structions from Bernabe, llie Spanish
consuls are arranging for the djpart lire
of the Span'ai'ds frmu their localities.
Br.,ni TriJ Opens.
I'.os'TtiN', Apr. 18
rgUinent- in life ,
inan trial opened this niormng, Cotter 4
kin ,-ol. Urau fir8t
With Senate
One Clause.
Cause Trouble.
Spain Borrowing Money.
Lonkon Apr. 18. It is reported here
that the government of Lpain has been
in communication with financial housed
here ineUidinglhe Rothschilds in efforts
to raise a loan of 1,000;000 pounds giv
ing as security the AI mad can mines.
The Rothschilds neither deny nor con-
tirni llie report.
Senators Conferring,
WASnix-ii-roN. Apr. 18 At 1:.'!0 tho
republican senators went into confer
ence to decide upon their line of action.
Teu were present. All decided to vote
against concurrence with the House,
also against asking for a conference
committee, which will throw that duty
upon the house. Senator Davis will
move to concur, tho democrats, popu
lists and the silver republicans will vote
against concurrence. If motion to con
cur is carried the resolutions will go di
rect to the President. If not a confer
ence will be ordered'.
- " -.ti-'-yri:- -
House Concurs.:
Washington, Apr. 18. At 12.07 the
Senate resolution was received by the
House. Dingley moved that the House
concur with tho Senate resolution, to
gether with Ihe amendment striking out
the recognition of Cuban independence,
The motion was carried by n vote of 17!)
to 150. The scene on the floor resem
bled a political . convention, members
were scurrying around and rallying
their forces. There was a hot tilt be
tween .'he Speaker and Mr. 1! lib' after
the vote. It ended in the lattei'denotinc
ing the statement of the Speaker as false.
There was no excitement in the House
when the. Cuban sesolutions was acted
upon. Everv-nieg was over in a few
moments. There was a givat browd.
President will not Approve.
Washington, Apr., 18, Griggs,
Long, Sherman and Day. had an hour's
conference with the President on the
Cuban resolution. From reliable sources
it is learned that the President will in
all probability return the resolution with
out approval. This it is said he will be
compelled to do inori'erto maintain the
prerogative which is dearly his under
the constitution. No one in official circles
doubts that hostile .resolutions will be
passed by Congress in a few days.
President Crespa Killed.
New Yoitiv,- Ap . 18. The World
says that Joaquin Crespa, President of
Venezuela, was k:'lnl Saturday in n
battle with liertianoez. the leader of the
re bids.
Rcscluticn Rsrches Sen&te.
V.'s.iix(iv.. ' or. IS. Thi -Cn mi
rest lotions, a- am, nd d by the House,
arrived in Ihe Sena e at -'."io p. m.
Davis immediately moved tltul the Sen
ale concur.' lb' liioui'hl there should
be no further dehtv. On a vote, Davis'
motion was defeated.
. Yea ft,
M'anlci on Sula-y or Cominipslon. Po
itii.n ti(.i-ni.iiiniit fni. mpit iidanteit to t.olitit-
in,'. Spring is t!ie liivonible time to com
llli'iuc. Wi'itP for urtieiila
JUL li t cinsECil
M ' MV!cii, Sin
ix ntp for t sirticiimiH.
, Nurserviiien,
6.00 P. M.
House Motion
To Concur
With Senate
Washington Apr. 19. The Senate
refused to appoint a conference com
mittee. They sent tho resolutions back
to the House. In the House liromwell
moved to concur with the Senate amend
ments. The motion was defeated in
the fust roll call by vote of lo4 to Lit).
Rev. W. R. Davenport pastor of the
Hedding Methodist church preached his
farewell sermon yesterday morning.
The church was crowded. Chairs had
to be placed in tho aisles, and doors to
the lecture room were thrown open,
where chairs were placed in order to
accommodate tho large crowd. The
platform was prettily decorated with
flowers which gave things a neat appear
ance. Mr. Davenport took as his sub
ject "W liat hath Cod wrought.'" He
handled the subject admirably and it
was Ihe opinion of llie members that
it was the best sermon he has preached
in some time, lie related the disaster
of Ihe Maine and said that war should
lie avoided if possible.
He said Ihe result would b? that the
children will fatherless, sweet hearts
lose their lovers and women would
mourn the loss of thoir husbands. Mr.
Davenport lold about the growth of thej
e.iiuicn wiiiiiu in" tasi live eius mm
groat work that had been accomplished.
During the lasl five years 171 taken on
probation and g& into full membership.
This is a net gain of o0 probationers
and 100 full members, or a total of 130
This is equivalent to a gain of .10 per
cent. Mr. Davenport hoped that his
successor would see a very much larger
li i ti in jucmbcrhip and urged the peo
ple lo support him.
A petition is being circulated among
the members of the Hedding Methodist
church stating their desire to have the
Rev. Charles (). Judkins, pastor of the
Windsor Methodist church to become
pastor of the local church. Rev. Mr.
.ludkins preached at the Methodist
church early in the year and at that
time tho majority of the members were
pleased with him. Mr. Judkins has
been pastor of the Windsca church foi
two years and the members are very
much attached to him and will do all in
their power to keep him. The Metho
dist church of Springfield has also ex
pressed their desire for him. He is a
natural born orator and a very success
ful preacher. The petition has a good
many signatures and will be sent to the
Hishop before Ihe c iiiferance, which
will be held at Spr.nglicld on Thursday.
llcv. W. M. Newton of Waicr'oury
has also been talked of but as Mr. New
ton has been appointed principal of the
Montpelier Seminary, it will be impos
siblcf.irhim to come. Rev. L. P. Tuck
er was ulso another pastor that had been
mentioned by the members but Mr.
Tucker has decided to accept a position
at Columba University New Yoik Ci y
A New Lodge Instituted.
Oriental Lodge, O, S. Ii., was duly
instituted Saturday evening in Odd Fid
lows hall, by Deputy Commander D. L.
Sanders of Montpelier The Lodge start:
off under very favorable ehvuiiistan s
'21 charter members. The follow. i
ollicers wore clecn-d and iiist.-dted :
Pa-t Commander. L. F- Smh'i.
Commander, D. V. Sieiic
Yi e Commander, R. il. limit. .y.
Scribe, Mrs. D. V. Stone.
Accountant, W. .). Hig naii.
Treasurer. Mrs. E. F. Duutiain.
Chaplain, Mrs. D. L. Sanders.
Marshal, Mrs. R. II. Raiiney.
Inside Seiche 1,
lil'sitlc Scut 11,
I. W,
.1. ii
! ,.
. Vo
: 'stale
a. i
A. V.
. . ! .
v .1....
A full meeting of Iiarie Rranch O.C.
N.l'.-is rciiesicd on Monday evening
to vole on Albany Proposition. Meedng
at 7 o'clock 1 harp.
E. l.itJut'iN, John .1. M u'Kknziu,
Socrcumv. President.
Nice N.n' hern Spys, Haldwins, Or eti.
intfs, I'lc, etc., on our counter at usual
prices L, M. Avk.uiu.
The Tourist Hawk
For Roll, Film or Glass Plate.
These we have in two sizes,
3 1-2x3 1-2 and 4-5 pictures.
The Ilawk-Eycs are without doubt the best hand made Cameras on the
m.irket that is furnished at a moderat price. We gauranteo every ono to give
entire satisfaction.
We have in stock a few Cameras which have been used a very little, and
show no wear or hard uses, and are really just as good as new, which we will
sell at YOUlt OWN PRICK. Call nnd see them.
205 X. Main Street.
A Full
G. J.
Bicycle anil Golf Suits, Hose,
Caps, etc.,
Can he seen our window and wc would like to quote
prioos and have you inspect the goods.
The Styles are Correct and Prices Right.
Golf Suits will be worn more this season than ever be
fore, and you will make no mistake in buying early before
the assortment is broken.
Cafes Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings,
Books and Stationery.
We can sell You a VICTOR BICYCLE '98
Model for $40.00.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
D j . . I e the most com
D lUy C1CO5 phte of any. in
he city, and he will sell thciu nl any
.; ice you want. I'riie.-t fti'i::oi;; from
$20 to 8125.
A hit'-re number of tueond hand
wheels alinou. '. "iven away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
Pour full-sized t ice,? of nkw music pr ated
on heavy pappr. vorth 2.00. will be ce a to
liny iiiltlri'xa up m lec. lptof five ti-oent stumps.
You out) luuke mi ni'v selling this music. Ad
dress an ut on for tprtns,
, " KY'KY M 'NTH,"
4 East 20tb UU, Xw TDrk.
Roll Film ro Glass Plates.
Takes a Picture 3 1-2x3 1-2.
- Eye
Opposite Depot
and Complete line of
wright Supplies
Shafts, etc.
In Coxxkction
487 N.rMain Street,
Girden Ilawes,
Th3 Commercial H.nsa
Chas. Johnson
And he is prepared to meet the
wants of the public in an up to
date mauner.
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
Tbrt (a wlrtt rt wn nam mt.

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