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I' Single copy,
I One month,
Ono year,
1 cent
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;tVOL. 1. SO. 8.
BA1515E, VT., TtJESDAY, AP1UL 19, 1808.
I $
i 4
X Clothiers, Hatters and Shoes.
1 Suburban Tickets For Sale
at 6c a Ride Each Way.
' A Down Stairs Tenemeut To Kent,
M ' , - '
: SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
v. . a
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
Thenars to Smoke
t For Sale Everywhere.
-'dPavelle, Mendelshon k Co. IITrs.
J L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. nain St.
Barre, Vt.
Popular Restaurant
Can he found Ht
31 1 No. Main Street.
Mouls Served at All Hours.
We also carry a full line of
Dror ' ? anil see our Lunch Counter.
To save the Ladies' any Trouble,
Ve will Furnish
Trimmings, Linings,
and also
Bonnets and Hats to
match the Suits.
Before having any Dresses ranile please
call on
28 EM Street,
Next door to the Enterprise oliioe and
get their prices.
Base Ball
I We have had ten years experience
. I in handling Rase Ball Goods and know
''I what pleases the player.
We guaranteed all our Goods, aud
whf n it comes to prices
We Will Not be Undersold
if we have to give them nway.
ill JJ. ill I iJllAUJU)
i 28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-.'
, To Rent.
On reasonable terms -11 good stone sheil
'. with traveling und boom derricks. Also some
very desirable tenements: I ixjui re of
"O HUNT A live room tenement on l'eiirl
St. It will lie vacated Mv 1st.
iUiii. KLI.A LAMB.
For Sale.
FOR SALE One House and Lot on lluwes
Street, and six lurjje liuililing Lots on
l'errin Hill, and one large Comer IJiiikllnj;
Lot at ths corner of Second and .Main Sts. In
quire at T. ti. Wbitehill'8, 517 No. Main St.
t A lAVTVIt I... .... n.-na..t.ii.in.l rrirl i
VV li.,., t., .1.. l;...,,,-.,! 1 ,.rl.- 1,,.
cjiilre at. Dowers k Chessor's market.
A. II. liuznell, the new proprietor of
the lied Slur Lunch Room, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every Sun
day: beef Klnw. Alniiilnv : I'liii-kcn stew.
i,. . . j i - '
luesilny and Wednesday : lisli chowder,
loursuay; lisli balls, 1" riday ; li.-miimrir
steak Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and other
refreshments served at all hours.
We have the well known D. M.
Ferry & Go 's Fancy mixed Sweet
l'eas i:i bulk. Also "lilancbc Ferry"
and "Emily HendeiW.
L. M. Averill.
The Weather.
Boston-, April 10. Haiu to-nigut ami
vt eunesuay, warmer, t-ust wind.
On the Corner.
Many of those who intended to be
present for the formation ot "On the
Corner Club" Saturday were detained
at homo making preparations for war,
so the date was changed until later in
the month. The stage was late this
morning and the Inspector did not reach
the "Corner" until after most of the
debate had taken place. No meeting
was held on Sunday, as nearly every
speaker "On the Corner" either went
to eburch or listened to the Salvation
Army. fcne topic discussed was the. sal
ary of City Clerk Wells. "Hut is a first
class officer anil ought to get a good
thing," declared one of the "Vets."
"Yes, and by jingo!" said another of
the debaters, "he will if 1 can help him
to it." From the remarks which were
made while the Inspector was present,
there appeared to bo a unanimous opin
ion that the City Clerk should be given
a good salary, for it was claimed "On
the Corner" that the city has no more
efficient official than Mr. Wells. It
was also argued that that the next
charter amendment should provide a
salary for the city clerk. "It is indeed
strange," say the "Corner" wise men.
"that so important an officer as the city
clerk must be uncurtaiu as to the
amount of salary he is to receive, and
must depend upon the vote of the peo
ple." Are these men not right? Should
not the City Clerk know wbat pay he is
to receive when he assumes the office?
How long must Barre be without a
large sizedlpostollice?" asked the Chair
man of "the Corner,? Until the govern
ment learns that liar re is a place entit
led to proper treatment," the inspector
at.sweicd. Why should towns much
smaller then our own busy city have the
favor of a public building paid with
government dollars and liarie be com
pelled to have its postal business tran
sacted in the basement of a church build
ing? Because this government is loo
much like a miser when dealing with
Harre. No one "On the Corner' regrets
that the church society is receiving good
pay from the government, for if any one
can succeed iu securing any money from
the government they sliotild be credited
for so doing, The Inspector docs not
advance tnis discussion because of any
desire to see the society lose its income
because there is no danger it will, for
as long as the government can rent the
church vestry at small pay, Harre will
have to put up with it. The Inspector
would suggest that 'Barre support no
candidate for Congress in the comming
election unless Harre can be assured ol
better postal accommodations than at
present are given this city.
When the W omens Federation f
clubs maki the improvements on the
lecal park it is to be hoped the men who
crowd into it nights and Sundays will
have some regard for the work which
has been pert'orini d on it and not seek
to fill it again with rubbish and make it
not much better than ndumping ground.
City meeting next Monday. Those
Corner men will be there. They have
selected a debater who says he will
carry the house by storm anil secure a
sewer for the went side.
If this ci'y takes any, part in the com
ming war with the kingdom of Spain,
liarie will have no reason to regret the
work of the liurru lighters. Indeed the
Inspector is informed that a second com
pany could be formed here composed of
former members of the Spencer Rifles.
In his sermon Sunday Rev. W. R.
Davenport slated that the Methodist so
ciety had erected three church buildings
iu tnis city and all were standing. Fire
seems to have spared the Methodist ed
iliee fur more than Kid years, notwith
standing it is used six days each week
for business purposes.
The purchase of the Martin lirook,
though 1 ug delayed is at last completed.
No need of "Hitters" now for the
water from Martin Brook according to
some men men will prove to be " The
Elixir of Life" perhaps by the. drinking
of this water, the youngest infant may
live to be more than 1U0. A good in
vestment iu such a case. If we only
knew, who would object to bonding to
build the system at once?
As another army of side walk orators
have started a new debating school near
the Depots, the Inspector must catch a
ride in Callaghan's bakery wagon and
go to the station where a heated debate
is iu progress. Wait and hear all a
bout it from
The IxspEfToit.
Constable W. II. Buchanan received
a telephone message last night from the
Ci'.y Marshall of Concord X. 11., calling
for the arrest of a man named Patrick
Ahefii who was supposed to be Visiting
his sister Mrs. Alexander Dickie. Con
stable Buchanan went lo the house of
Mrs. Dickie on Berlin street and found
the man. lie was put in the cage over
night, and. this morniti" Ahern's broth
er came after him scut here by the City
Marshall. Both Ahem and his brother
refused to give any information as to
what he was wanted for.
While Dr. Barnes was driving up Main
St., in front of the Wheoloek place 1 his
forenoon, his buggy collided with a
granite team, breaking one wheel and
(lie shafts to the Dr's carriage. He was
thrown out anil the horse brought up on
the sidewalk where it was stopped by
some of the passers by. No one was
Shiloh's Consumption Cure euros where
otuers full. It is the leading Coiiuli Cure, und
no home should be without it. Pleasant to
tuke and goes right to the soot. Sold l,v Ken
drlek & Co.
Or Accept Ultimatum At Once.
Every Thing
Powers To Interpose.
London, Apr, 19. It is reported
here that the Driesbund of Germany,
Austria and Italy has proposed to the
powers the formation of a Plebescite
to settle the Cuban question, meaning
that the population ot Cuba be allowed
to vote for the form of government
most popular there.
Authorities Say "War."
Washington, Apr. 19. Everyone
connected with the a Jministration re
alizes that war is to be expected.
From now forth the President and
Cabinet will work as a unit in the ex
ecution of a more vigorous policy.
The 'resident reached the office at ten
o'clock this morning. Everything
about the mansion was quiet. No
callers were allowed to see him.
200,000 Soldiers.
Washington. Apr. 19. A meas
ure is formulating iu Congress to put
200.000 men at the disposal of the
Terrible Fire In
London, Apr. 19. The Whit wick
Colliery in Leicestershire is on fire.
It is believed that 41 lives have al
ready been lost.
Vice President Signs
WasaingtoN, Apr. 19. The reso
lutions were brought before the Senate
at 12:2"). The Vice President imme
diately signed them. The House ad
journed until 12:150; the Cabinet ad
journed until 3 :30. The President
will not. sign the resolutions until the
ultimatum to Spain is prepared for
signature. The two will be made
practicably one act and they will be
signed simultaneously. The President
favors "ivim: Spain two or three days
to comply with the ultimatum as that
time must, elapse before, the troops are
ready lo move upon the Cuban forts.
Troop F Still At The Fort
lium.iNGTON, Apr. 19. -Owing to the
not) arrival of the curs Troop F 3rd
Cavalry will not start for Chh amauga
until to-morrow. Preparations are all
Americans Leaving West
' Indies.
St. Thomas, West Indies Apr. 19.
There is an agitation here lo object, lo
the forcing of naturalized American cit
izens anil directing them to leave Ihe
islan I. Many are now ready to leave.
Bernabe Waiting.
Washington, Apr. 19 The Spanish
minister, Bernabe, is still at his post at
noon. As soon he receives official no
tice that Ihe Cuban resolution is law he
will wait for no f 11 it her formalities, but
will take. his Immediate departure.
' v
Will Sign Resolutions.
1276 Different Ballots.
Poutsjioltii, O.Apr. 10. The re
publican congressional convention of
the tenth district adjourned until to-day,
after 1270 ballots ha been cast with
the same result. Feiqpa V still against
the field. A break is lxpected to-day.
Troojps Moving.
WiirrniiAU., N. Y.'Jftpr. 19. Two
trains with the 21st reg&lient of infantry
U. S. A., left Plattsburt noon.
Washington, Apr. 19 Four troops
of the cavalry.-jjjt. S. Al'jjpnsscd through
here I' 's morning bound'for Chieamau
ga. '. 1 y were reviewed by Secretary
Alger u)d Gen. Miles. , itreat crowds
of pecbeJ wore presdit? A forward
moveni,ct of the navy ia ' expected be-
tore tncnwccK closes.
President ;WiIign
Washington. Apr 19. The Presi
dent will sign the resolutions and will
promptly notify Spain. The Cabinet
will decide that Spain be given either
24 or 48 hours to comply with an ulti
matum. Spanish Fleet Assembling.
St. Vinckst Capf. Vehde, Apr. 19.
The two first-class. Spanish cruisers
Vi.eaya aud Oqnenda arrived here at
noon, to re-enforee the Spanish fleet in
these waters.
Spain Thinks War Inevitable
MAHiiil), Apr. 19. The general be
lief here is that Ihe joint resolution
makes war inevitable.
Orders to the Topeka.
Fai.moith, Eng., Apr. 19. The
cruiser Topeka received urgent orders
this forenoon lo sail immeiiiatcly for the
1'nilod States without wailing for
Speaker Reed Signs.
Washington, Apr. 19. The Speaker
signed the Cuban resolution at six min
utes ufler 12 today. The cabinet met at
Germany's Opinion.
Itmn.ts', Apr. 19. Germany consid
ers mediation worse than useless' The
United Sui'os attaches at St. Petersburg
und Vienna, have been called home.
Urging Sp-in to Wcr.
Havana, Apr. 19. Everything Is
quiet here. All business is suspended.
Tin! npers are urging Spain io declare
war at once.
Ohio National Gurd,
Coi.t Miifs, ()., Apr. 19. Gov. Rush
tiell to-day ordered the Ohio National
Guard lo be recruited to its full
Resolutions Reach
White House
Washington, Apr. 19. The resolu
tions reached the White House at l.IiO.
The plans now formulated in Congress
involve placing 200,000 men at the dis
posal of the President at ouce. It will
consist of 27,000 standing army, 60,000
volunteers, 100,000 state s militia. Ar
my reorganization bill .1000. The navy
department to-day authorized the pur
chase of seven yachts for an auxiliary
navy. '1 ho war department to-day
practically decided the first war call to
arms would be for 80,000 men from the
militia of the sevcTal slates. The orders
will nut be issued to-day.
The Present Situation.
'1 he resolution as agreed to is as
follows : Joint resolution for the inde-
poiideuee of the people of Cuba, demand
ing that the government of Spain rclin-
qui, hits authority and government in
the Island of Cuba, to withdraw its laud
and naval forces from Cuba and Cuban
waters, and directing the President of
ths United Slates to use the laud and
naval forces of the United States to carry
these resolutions into effect.
Whereas, The abhorrent conditions
which have existed for more than three
vears in the l.-land of Cuba, so near our
own borders, have shoekPd the moral
sense of the people of the United States,
have been a disgrace to Christian civil
ization, culminating as thev have iu the
destruction of a United States battleship
with two hundred and sixty-six of its jot-
rioers and crew, while on a friendly
visit in tlu! harbor of Havana, and can
not longer be eudurec, as has been set
forth by ihe President of the United
States in his message to Congress of
pril 11, 1898, upon which the action
Congress was invited; therefore
of Resolved, First that the people of the
Island ot Cuba are, and of right, ought
to be free aud independent.
Second 1 hat it is the duty of the
States to demand and Ihe government of
the United States does hereby demand
that the government of Spain at once
relinquish its authority aud government
in the Island of Cuba and withdraw its
land and naval forces from Cuba and
Cuban waters. .
Third That the President of ihuUnital
States be, and he hereby is, directed
and empowered to use the entire land
and naval forces of the United Stales
and to call into a Mual service of the
United States the militia of tho several
States, to such extent as may be neces
sary to carry these resolutions into
Fourth That Ihe United Stales hereby
disclaims imy disposition or intention lo
exercise sovereignty, Jurisdiction or
control over said Island except tor the
pacification thereof, and assetrs its dc
terminatiod when that is accomplished
to leave the government and control of
the Island to its people,
The President retired before midnight
and the White House was deserted ex
cept for the exculive clerk, Mr. Mont
gomery, who received the bulletin an
nouncing Ihe Senate's action over the
Capitol wire. The message was turned
over to the dome-tic end of the mansion
aud without waiting for the action of
the House the executive officers were
elioson for the night.
Fighting the MohinilncM.
Private Lever of tho Hufls tells two
characteristics of the fight iu which be
was hit when General Joffery, with
the mouutaiu battery und escort, was
hemmed iu a village all night by thou
sands of Mobmuuda. The wounded were
lying under a wall exposed to torrents
of rain and to showers of stones which
the enemy burled down at them from
houses near. It seemed impossible that
uy relieving force could come to their
aid beforo daybreak or that the mere
handful of Bull's could hold out much
longer. Their ammunition was ruuniug
short. Then Lever heard 0118 wounded
officer ask another, "How many shots
have you got in your revolver?" "Only
two." "Then don't waste them, old
chap; keep one for mo, the other for
When ammunition was so nearly ex
hausted that uo orders were given to
fire until the enemy could bo distinctly
seen, a sudden rattle of irregular fire
was beard on one side of the village,
followed by savage yells, but no other
sound. The few Buffs holding a post iu
that direction stood with rifles leveled
ready to fire volleys directly a rush was
attempted. The commotion came near
er, and just as the noncommissioned of
ficer iu charge of that post had the
command to "present" on his lips the
flauio from a native guu flashed ou
bristling steel. British bayonets had
been doing their grim work there in the
darkness so silently that nobody thought
friends were so near. The relief had
come The eaemy gave way, aud a min
ute later Major Worlledge, with his
companies of Sikhs aud guides, entered
tho village. London News.
AT '
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Tint I wtiit It u iuiiM nr.

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