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Barre Eveniir4r Enterprise
inglo copy,
3no month,
1 cent
2i rents
JJno year,
fOL. 1. NO. 10.
L ' 1 "War is The Talk ot uur
1 f f Nation.
f Our My (' Shoes '" onr wi,1(,ow
f " Witti pritios attached to them is the
i iHik of tiio t"w- If yu vaIue
A - - niir money buy now before leather
', ' 1 Jvill ailvauee.
I i .EGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
' Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
I Pnnies.
Royal Savage,
The Cigarsto Smoke
' I For Sale Everywhere.
' iayrtlf, Wetton 4 to. MTrs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
Iw No. Haiti St. Barre, Vt.
y' ?
h IPopular Restaurant
I I Can he found at
31 1 No. Main street.
? I ... c i .,i All Honrs.
p J aieais wn
Wo also carry a full line of
Drop in and see our Lunch Counter.
To save the Ladies' any Trouble,
We will Furnish
Trimmings, Linings,
and also
Bonnets and Hats to
match the Suits.
Before having any Dresses made please
call on
28 Elm Street,
Next door to the Enterprise office and
get their priees.
Base Ball
We have had ten years experience
in handling Base Hall Goods and know
what pleases the player.
We guaranteed all our Goods, and
when it oomes to prices
We Will Not be Undersold
if we have to give them away.
28 X... Main St. ' Tel. 31-3
To Rent.
On reiisonaliie terms -a jrood stone sliol
witl) traveling and h(mni derricks. Also some
verv desirable tenements : Impure of
TO IJKNT. Kooms in pleasiint locution
One very pleasant, room, Short street,
Alice Preston.
"O HKNT A live room tenement ou'eurl
St. It will Ihj 'jji'jlj i'iXa'i.AMH.
For Sale.
FOK SI,K-One House ami Lot on iluwes
Sirert, ami six lare ltuildin,' I ts n
l'(,rin Hill, and one hire. Corner "l,,,"fr
Lot at tlis corner of Second ami .Main ts. In
quire nt T. U. Whitebill's. 51. o. Mam M.
WAX TKD bv an experienced jxir a po
sition to dp (ieneral I louse-work. In
quire at 1 lowers Jt Chessor's market.
A. 11. Ku..elk the new proprietor of
the lied Star Luneh Koom, puis out to
liis customers ti eliieketi pie every Suii
d'.v ; liccf tew, Monday ; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday : tish eho,vder,
llmr.-day; lisli balls, Friday ; hantouri:
steak Saturday. Oyster Views, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and oilier
lufreshmctiis served at all hours.
The Weather.
ISosmx, April 21. Loral showers to-niifht,
fair to-morrow,
Let's Talk It Over.
Kendrick & Co. opened their soda
fountain yesterday.
Virgil Ayers went to Hurlington on a
short business trip this morning.
A earl Oil rd of seeil oats is hei'in' un
loaded nt the Harre Holler Mills" this
Flynn (!. Austin is visiting liis sister
in Hoohestcr for a few days, lie will
probably ret lira to-morrow.
The I'helps Hros. put in ;hu p'.mubing
for the Harre Wilier Co. System at the
Phoenix House yesterday,
II. L. Soper is planning to erect a new
barn back i f the l'lioeuix House. He
will use it (or a livery stable.
Ceo. ,1. Reynolds is moving the trees
in front of his new house back, as the
street is to be widened very soon.
The coal whieh is in the cellar of the
old Opera House is to be given to the
schools. There is probably four or live
.1. F. Uidoli who has been in the city
for a few days returned to his home in
Klimney, X. JL, to-day. lie. will return
next week and will do contract work in
moving buildings.
C. D. Newhall is having the stone
drawn to his premises for the new
cellar wall which he is to place under
his house. He is to raise the house
several feet and do some grading about
the place.
X. 1). Phelps of the Harre water com
pany is very sore to-day toward the al
dermen and mayor because they granted
a petition to McFarland & lioyce to
lay. pipes ami make connections ami re
fused to grant a petition of the same
nature to the water company. He does
not see any reason why one party
should grant more rights than the otln r.
E. E. Heeman. I). ()., graduate of the
American School of Osteopathy it Kirks
ville, Mo., and who hits been practicing
of late with Dr. (!eo. J. llehnerof New
York has permanently located at (14 State
Street, Montpelier, Vt. 'The doctor
conies yell recommended and wiil be
glad to those interested and the many
friends of Osteopathy,
City Council Meet.
The City Council held another special
meeting last evening. The first busi
ness to be brought before the council
was the matter of changit.g the grade
of Xorth Main Street from Rcrlin Street
to Sixth Streets. City Engineer C. S.
Currier went over the ground yesterday
afternoon with several of the Electric
road ollicials and he failed to see why it
was necessary to change the grade.
The communication of the city engineer
was accepted.
C. W. Scarff of llurlington, special
agent of the Vermont Telephone and
Telegraph Company was present. The
company want to erect new poles and
put a new line in (Intercut parts ot the
city. 1 he aldermen and mayor nave
suggested that that they run their wires
on the poles of J. S. Viles. but they
very strenuously objected to any such
proposition. .The company just as soon
place their wires on some of the tele
phone, company's poles, but not on elec
tric light poles.
The mayor did not see any reason
why Ihev should not unite with ,1. S.
Viles. He also thought that if they
chc se, tiio city could force them to, ac
cording to the statutes. Some of the al
dermen were very inuc.ii opposed to
en ding more telegraph poles, but the
telephone coinpniiy was given a per
mit The telephone company propose
to make an appropriation of $ti.jli.'-)0
for anew line in the city ami !:JIKlS
repairing ami fixing the lines outside the
A resolution appropriating i?32. for
a concrete walk or the easterly side ff
Church Street, live feet six inches wide,
the utilities to pay half of the cost of
construction. Also 41 subscribed by
F. C. Fisher and others, wasaccepted.
The petition of McFarland & Hoyee
to permit them to open and lay pipes
on Cottage, Seminary and other streets
was read.
'1 he Harre Water Company asked fur
a permit of the same, nature al the coun
cil meeting hut evening. licfore very
Ion"- the city is thinking of having wil
ier of its own, and if it does, it will not
want a. half dozen smaller companies
supplying the people. In other words, if
the c'ily has water works of its own,
it wants to choke nff or condemn the
water of smaller companies, or it' possi
ble buy them up. Most of the water
companies over csiim.ile the value of
their plains, and the city cannot afford
to purchase them.
Mr. 'helps of the Harre Water Com
pany said he had gone so far as to or
der new water pipes, and (ieo. E. Mc
Farl unl has hired a number of men 'to
"o to work this morning. The latter
wanted to connect new houses with the
pipe, and some that were without city
water, in a day or two. lie did Hot
want the matter It fl to the next meeting
and keep his clients wailing. I'pon a
vote of toe aldermen he wasgiveu a per
mit to connect houses with Ins system on
Cottage, Seminary, South Main, Maple
Avenue, Central and l'rospeet Streets.
Toe petition of the Harre Water com
pany will be considered ai the next
nice nig.
Ladies representing the State led ra
tion of Wi ins Chios asked that con
crete walks be laid in the city park and
that the decayed trees be cut down.
It was referred to the committee on
Mipplies. , .
It was voted to iioi.i a ciw inc.-uoj,
about ten days to see what the people
will do witil the water (piestion, the
rate lo be decided on later.
Spain WiII
IP ill
, 'j?'
Probably No Formal Declaration
Saturday Boon Will Decide!
Message From Woodford.
Washington, Apr. 21. Mrs. Me
Kiulev starts for Xmv York today to
visit friends for a few days. The Presi
dent was in the carriage to accompany
her to the train when Secretary Day
announced to him that the message from
Woodford had arrived. The President
immediately alighted and went to the
office in creat haste. Mrs. McKiuley
drove to the train alone.
Spain Cannot Get Coal,
Sr. Thomas, West Indies, Apr. 21,
Spanish agents are making altempls to
secure coal at this place nod at the
Windward Islands, but as far as can be
learned they have thus fur been unsuc
cessful. The Volunteer Bill.
Washington, Apr. 21. The volun
teer army bill passed the House last
night and an effort w ill be made today
to pass it through the Senate after
the While 1 liaise conference. Senator
Davis said laconically today, "We have
taken the trick.'''
Don Carlos Patriotic.
Hitt ssr.i.i.s, Apr. 21. Don Carlos says
that when the first gun is tired lie will
give proof (hat he is a patriot to Spain
before being a pretender to its throne.
War Now -Existing.
Washington, Apr. 21. Senator Cul
lont said at 11 o'clock this morning that
there was no occasion for a declaration
of war. "There is cnouuh of a state of
war now existing, Ihe next step will be
the calling out of troops ."
Woodford Leaves Today,
Mahkii), Apr. ol . The ultimatum
from Ihe I'niicM Sta e was received
early this morning in English. The
Spanish government inuu Mliately hand
ed Woodford his pa-sport -i and all dip
lomatic re '.a' ions with the government
of die I'ni.c l Slates ucie broken off at
oiiei.. The I'ni'od Staler minister was
nirtiliril to th's effect before he wa. able
to present any note. Wo dl'or.l leaves
Madrid this aflernoon wlih bis suite.
Immediate Action Expected
! Washington, Apr. 21. As soi n as
I the stale dcparlmi 111 received the mes
sage from Woodford this moiiim;: it
was immediately taken lo the President.
It is believed lids will bcjinal. Sec
retary Porter was at once dispatched to
the Senate Foreign liolalhms committee.
Important and immediate developments
are expected.
Spanish Fleet at Cape Verde
London. Aur. 21. A dispatch here
! says that the Sp inish fleet was still at
i Cape Verd ; Islands at noon today.
! Spanish Consuls Leaving.
Xi'.w YoitK. Apr. 21. The Spanish
consulate here closed at noon today anil
its .affairs have been turned over to the
French consul general.
Insurgents Refuse Conference
! Havana, Apr. 21. The insurgents
have lcfused to confer with ihe delega
tion from ihe colonial government. The
movements of the troops still continue.
Army on the Way South.
Washington, Apr. 21.--Every regi
ment of infantry, cavalry (nd artillery.
throuirhoul the country tlinlhas received
orders to more MRtMfjKiw -already
..7- .... . l'.Ki i. 'liKfc-WnBiTU-.
France To Support Spain.
Pai;i., Apr. 21 A National sub
scription has been opened hero in be
half of the Spanish government ami it
is meeting with prompt and effective
Delaration of War
Washington, A r. 21 The Presi
dent did not indicate to the Senators and
CTingrcsoincii tit the conference to-day
that a diclarat ion of war wouid be uec
Vssary. The lenders consider that, the
resolutions anil the ultimatum are all
that is necessary to give the powers
notice that a slate of war exists. Others
hold that a manifesto to the powers ad
vising them as to the situation might, be
Until- Saturday Noon.
Washington, -Apr. 21. The state
depart tin nt has made public the text of
the ultiina'inii given to Spain, and will
give litem only until Saturday noon to
evacuate Cuba. Only the fact already
pub ished arc given.
Se. late Will Pass Volunteer
Washington, Apr. 21. The Senate
Coiu.uittce on military affairs has auth
or .ed a favorable report on the Army
volunteers hill. A special Cabinet inoo,'
W.is held al 1 o'clock.
S3ior P.do on tii3 Wy.
lii i t- Ai.o, X. Y., Apr. 21. Senor
Pal.) and his staff arrived here at 11
this morning on the way to Canada .
House .Wants Information.
Washington-. Apr. 21. The llou-e
adopted ;i resolution today calling for
ill the corresptii'denoe with Lee, also
information as to ihe steps taken to pro
tect :!i)0 American left at Matauzas.
Appropriations for Coal,
Washington, Apr. 21. A bill to
appropriate the oxportations of coal at
the President's discretion passed the Sen
ate, without a division. Some members
of Ihe Senate committee on Foreign Re
lations say a declaration of war is nec
essary, us soon as hostilities begin in
order to tix the statutes. Combatants
must preserve neutrality. The regula
tions announce today that the I'nited
States will not privateer and so have
uolilied powers.
Spain Declares War.
Madkid, Apr. 21. Spain's action to
day is considered a virtual declaration
of war, and hostilities may be com
menced immediately.
Postmaster-General Gary
Washington, Apr. 21, Postmaster
(leneral (iary has resigned his position
and the President today nominated Mr.
Charles Emery Smith of Philadelphia to
succeed him Cary resigned on account
of ill lit nl ;h. It is announced that the
present foreign complications have ab
solutely nothing whatever to do with
his resignation.
War Revenue.
Washington, Apr. 21 The war
revenue bill will be reported to Ways
and Means Committee Saturday.
Rhode Island $150,000
PitoviDKNCE, Apr. 21 The state
legislature to-day placed in the hands
of Governor Dyer luO.OtlO for military
and naval purposes.
On a War Footing.
HosTON, Apr. 21. (low Wole.ott to
day issued orders for the Massachutetts
militia to be immediately placed on a
war footing, and each company to be
raised to a hundred men.
Spaniards Calm.
Maiuii, Apr. 21. At noon to
day when the news of the rupture be
tween Spain and the United States was
received here everyone took the matter
calmly and there whs no excitement ot
any kind except that the people have
the in a tier at heart and evidently ex
pect to ILdit.
Thought Spain Has Begun.
Pout ArriiicK, IIayti, Apr. 21.
A Spanish war ship was sighted oil
Xeiemic yesterday. It is believed it
is making a tour of the Ilaytiaii coast
looking tor merchantmen.
Foreign Affuirs Committee
Washington, Apr. 21. The House
Foreign Atl'.iirs Committeee w is siim-
, moncd to a special meeting al 1 1 :i!0
this MIOI lllllg.
Spanish Fleet Advancing.
Madhid, Apr. 21, A senii-cdlicial
note just issued says the Spanish gov
ernment considers thu uliimaoiiii of
the Luib-d States as eu.is: itnlin n
declaration ! war, and also ;-dds that
the Spanish licet is now on its way to
meet the I'nited States fleet-
Train Wreck.
RociiKSi'f.i;, X. Y., Apr. 21. There
was a big freight wreck on the New
York Central al Fnirport this morning.
Three men men w ere killed and another
man fatally injured. The damage is
I ... 111 IWWl
To Blockade Havana
North Atlantic
President Will Call for 100,000 Men.
Washington, Apr. 21 The Xor'h Atlantic Squadron
hits sailed from Key West and will blockade Havana im
mediately. The fleet Avill be concentrated at Key West
- - --
Washington, Apr. 21. In about ten days, as soon
as Congress passes the army bill, Vro President will call for
one hundred thousand men.
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