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Barre Eveoie
ilnglo copy,
1 CCIll
2.i cents
Ino month,
Ino year,
OL. 1. NO. 12.
liAMiE, VT SATURDAY, AVltlL Si, 1S8.
riiici; oxk cext.
jVar isThe Talk of Our
I Xation.
jir display of Shoes in our window
ith prices attached to them is the
" ialk of t lie -town. It you value
' your money buy now before leather
' will advance.
fcGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
. -
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Gigarsto Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
111 1 1 i
L. Lewin, M'gr.
80 No. Hain &L Barre, Vt.
Popular Restaurant
Can be found at
fell No. Main Street.
Meals Served at All Hours.
We also carry a full line of
Drop in and see our Lunch Counter.
To cave the TwVieslTiny" Trouble""
We will Furnish
Trimmings, Linings,
and also
Bonnets and " Hats to
match the Suits.
before having any Dresses made please
call on
28 Elm Street,
Next door to the Enterprise olliee and
get their prices.
All ilm u I. iif lilieral discounts
from I'st price.".
We cave you money on anythintjryou
want, we guarantee everything.
H T.
lit u. taiuiuuuj
28 X... Main St. Tel. M-5J
To Rent.
Oil' iciisonaliie terms u (sooil stone, shed
wilh tiaveliiij,' mill lioom derricks. Also sinne
verv desirnlile tenements : Inquire of
To KKNT. ltuouiK in pleasant kn-atioii.
One verv pleasant roiini, !l Short Street,
Alice I'restui'i. ltf
"O liKN'T A live room tenement on l'enrl
M. It will ho viiented .Miiv 1-t.
For Sale.
Foit SAIj:. A Top UutW nearly new.
Will sell chpiip. lmjiiire of 1.. J. Mead,
"II Nn. -Main .street.
Foil S.W.K One House mid Lot on lluwes
street, mid six Inre Nullilins?
I'l-rrin Hill, mill one lurce Cnriier Itiiildlnir
Lot nl tlis corner of Second mid Minn Ms. In-finirc-
at T. (i. Wliitehill's, n!7 No. Slum M.
' Wanted.
WAXTKD hv mi experienced jrirl u p
sitimi to ili (ieiienil House-work. In
quire nt Dowers & C'hessor's niiirket.
i rzzi:i.i;s i.unch koo.m.
A. II. Ibizzell, I be new proprietor of
Hie 1!, tl St ii i- Lunch liooin, puis Mil to
his customers a chicken pie every Sun
day ; beef stew, Monday; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday: lish chowder,
Thursday; lish bulla, Friday ; hamliur"
steak Saturday. Oyster 'stews, clam
elmwdcrs, baked beans, coffee ami oilier
refreshments Mi'vid at all hours.
,M-tt,i MnruLk-hnn ,(r Pn Ml P?
in nil, iuiiniuiiMiuii lu.
The Weather.
Boston, April 28. Uiiin to-night, cloudv
to-niorrow, wind shifting.
Among the Churches.
Announcement of Tomorrow's Services
IIAITIST ( lll'lifir.
At the Baptist church tomorrow
morninr Hew 1. P. Womcr, pastor of
the Coiirrerational church in Williams
town, will preach in exchange with lbs
pastor. The Hihlu School will meet at
12 o'clock. The Junior Endeavor So
ciety holds its meeting nt i p. in., ami
the Senior Society meets nt li.lo, the
subject being "llaliits." At 7. .'it) p. m.
Mr. Fuller will preach on "The Chris
tian and his liible,'' and after the ser
mon will administer t lie ordinance of
In the I'niversalist church Sunday
morning, l!ev. Elbe K. M. Jones will
preach on "The Price of Vision," and
in the evening on "The Way to Succeed.''-
All the other services of the as
c )x ; h ei i ATI ox a r. ( 1 1 1; i;i 1 1 .
Rev. Dr. James L. Harion of Boston
will preach in the Congregational church
to-morrow evening. The new "Hymnal
for Congregational Churches " v. ill be
used on Sunday for the first tiiiie. They
are for sab? at Drown & Cos drug store
and at Chan. A. Smith's bookstore. Old
books may be exchanged fur new at the
close of each servtc to-morrow.
On the Corner.
While reading the Harre letter in a
Boston Sunday paper a few days ago
the Inspector discovered that a "Space
Writer" had discovered a new way for
securing funds for a public hospital.
His plan was to have .00 of our prosper
ous citizens take out an insurance pol
icy for 1(100 to be paid in 1.5 years.
This it was claimed by the correspon
dent, gives us $.")0,000 15 years from
now and assures the city of a hospital.
The Inspector asked the Club for an
opinion regarding the plan, and all who
responded, denounced it as too slow
and not m any way satisfactory. The
better way they said to raise funds for a
city hospital was to raise them among
former citizens who are now wealthy
men and live other cities and wilh these
erecta hospital. Here the Inspector
thought was a good work for the ."Civic
Federation to carry out. The women
would be the best fitted for such work
for who would refuse to subscribe for
such a purpose when asked to do so by
a woman ?
The Civic Federation will surety re
ceive liberal patronage at their May
parly which they announce soon to be
held at the Armory. "On The Corner"
will have a goodly number in atlend
encc to aid in the good work. The la
dies have undertaken a most valuable
venture and should have the support of
very loyal citizen of the city.
"On The Corner Club"' will it is ex
pected send out a con-., any for the first
regiment of Sharp shooters when the
President issues his call. It is possi
ble that a bund consisting of a hand or
gan and a phonograph will also be sent
to the seat of strife from The Corner.
The Inspector learns that "On The
Comer Club" intend to have a house
wanning some evening next week when
it is expected some member of the City
government and a representative! of the
Water Companies will give a joint de
bate on the question of ranting prcmils
for laying of pipes through certain
streets. Knowing the ipialilications of
tin- probable debaters the Inspector
assured those "On The Corner" and
ihose who read the repor's here record
ed that there "Will be a hot time n
The Corner."
The local corps of the Salvation Army
will be asked to furnish music on the
"Corner" Sunday afternoon, as their
patriotic airs are likely to arouse the
members to such an extent that if "The
National Volunteer lb servc'' even open
an ollice here they will have plenty of
Those if "The Club" who indulged
in so much kickiirp-becausc there were
no lights the past few nigiits ought to
be thankful that we are not every night
in the same condition. There was a
lime when Harre was only feebly light
cl willi unci nt kerosene lamps in order
to find which each late pedestrian was
obliged lo use a lantcin. If we could
stand it for several thousand days and
nil. bis nerhans we ought to be content
for a few nights to remain in the "Dark" j
when it is in aid i f a church organiza
tion which is always of help to any city.
The Inspector has been affected as much
as others by the failure to have the lights
but like otheis "On '1 he Corner" has
to grin and bear it.
Tiik Insi'Ectou.
Xhth'k! 1 am prepared to do lir-l
cias work in hou.-e painting, paper
hanging and caUoiniiiing. d'hrs
thriMigh tin; mail promptly intended to.
All my employees are experienced work
men. No apprentices.
,. C. DotMiK, 100 Mam SI.
1 wish to inform the public that 1
have no connection in anyway with the
so-called I'nion Bakery, although I have
.rood Union principles. My place is in
Holster's block on North Main street.
None of my goods arc sold from the
green cart." Jons T. Cai.i.aiiii ax.
A nice Canned Pen, (i cans lor 2.V.
while thev last, also Fancy small ten
der June Pea-. r 10 and 12e.ts.H can.
L, M. Averill.
Another Spanish
The Paris
Indignation in
Spanish Fleet
U.S. Fleet in Havana Harbor
Havana, Apr. 2:5. The city is great
ly agitated with war enthusiasm. The
United States fleet is seen in the offing.
There is great confidence felt among
the Spaniards in the effectivenss of their
batteries at the entrance of the harbor
and aiong I he coast.
Reorganization of the Army.
Wasiiini;tox. Apr. 2:J The House
met at ten this morning and began the
consideration of the army reorganiza
tion bill.
Another Spanish Ship
Key West, Apr. 23. The Spanish
frigate steamer Pedro from Antwerp,
and bound for Peusacola, Fla., arrived
here this morning, having been captur
ed by the war snip New York. The
prze crew was on board. Shu is an
iron screw steamer, and owned by Bil
boa Spain.
Call for 125,000 Men.
Wxsihxutox, Apr. 2:5. The Presi.
dent will iign the proclamation to-day
calling for volunteer troops. The call
will be issued Monday for 12'), 000 men.
The President will send a message to
Congress Monday asking fur a formal
declaration of war, which will lie made.
Secretary .Sherman, it is almost certain,
will leave his seat in the Cabinet and
will be silcceilcd by Day.
To Destroy Cuban Cables.
Key West, Apr. 23. The Mangrove
left here this morning 1 ipiippc 1 as a
ca' le ship. It goes south of Cuba to
destroy the submarine cables. This
will be a most advantageous move if it
can be accomplished, as it will prevent
the Spaniards in Cuba from communi
cating with hea lijiinrlers in Madrid.
The Somers Ready.
Fai.moi t;i, Eng. Apr. ,'!r The tor
pedo boat Somers is ready fur sea and
steam is up.ieidy to start. There is
great d Hi -nliy in g.ittiiii a crow. En
sign liazle:on her Com minder has start
ed for I m I m.
Reports to U. S. Embassy.
l.oNDDN', Apr. 2:1. Reports have
reached the United States Embassy here
that the Spani.h navy li ft the Canary
Islands -evernl days ago.
Great Powers to Issua
llElil.lX, Apr. 23. It is understood
that Germany, France, Aii.-iria and
Ilalv are agreeing on it strong
note 10 be sent to the. United States
and Spiu WMiiiing t lieni lo ex
ercise the greatest caution in dealing
with neutral shipping otherwise full
repartition will be yiS'Sled upon bv ti e
powers. The powers also intend lo
send ves-o.s lo I he seat of w ar.
i Signs
Ship Captured
in Danger
tJktfsr-s-T" - ..
at St. Vincent.
The Proclamation.
Wasiiixctox, Apr. 23. The sub
stance of the President's proclamation
just signed by Me Kinlcy is as follows:
"Whereas, by the joint resolution of
Congress recognizing the independence
of the people of the island of Cuba and
demanding tne goverincnt of Spain to
immediately withdraw its land and naval
forces from said island and directing the
President to use ju the land and naval
forces of the Unite. I States to carry this
resolution into effect; whereas, by an
act of Congress the President is auth
orized to raise a volunteer army in time
of war, therefore I, William McKinley
President of these United States of Amer
ica have thought liit to call and hereby
do call for volunteers in the aggregate
to uiumber 12,",000 men in order to
carry into effect the resolution, and the
same to be appointed among the several
states to serve for two years unless soon
er discharged.
(signed) WlI.MAM MttKlXl.EY."
To Protest the Buena
I.iyi'.itfoui., Apr. 23. The Laringa
Company, owners of the freighter Bu
ena Ventura, which was captured yes
terday, have issued a protest against its
capture claiming that the cargo belong
ed to a British merchant and that the
capture was iliegal, because the captain
w as unawai'" that war was existing and
that no formal declaration of war had
been inado at the time of capture, and
the ultimatum hajl not expired when
the sic: mer was seized.
Senate Adjourned.
Washington. Apr. 23. The Senate
will not pa.-s the Army reorganization
bill today as tlicy h ive adjourned out of
respect to the memory of Walthall. The
Priest attends tin; service in the Senate
American Missionaries Leav
ing Spain.
Boston, Apr. '.'3. The American
Heard of Foreign Missions received a
caole dispatch this morning announc
ing the f.u-t tinii their missionaries in
Spain had already left the country.
To Serve Two Years.
Washing'!' is, Apr. 23. The Presi
dent mis issued a proclamation calling
lor voiunii ers 01 12.J.000 men lo serve
1 wo years unless sooner discharged.
Capture of the Paris Dis
credited, London, A, r. '-3. The CuuiserlV
peka is Mil'.- ;.nd the ' steamer Paris
should be well lo the westward now
towards the United States. Nothing is
known her;! of itscapturo by the Span
iards, an I the siory is discredited.
Nentr&liiy Proclamation.
St. Johns. Ar. 23. (iov. Murray
has lssin d today a neutrality proclamation.
Spanish Fleet at St. Vincent
St. Vincent, Apr. The Spanish
llrct Wiis seen today.
N val Militia to Man Ships.
WysuiNOTov, Ap. 23. The naval
militia of the f:!lowingstates have been
ordered to report to man the auxiliary
ships: New York, to the '-Yankee;"
Maryland, tothe "Dixie;" Michigan, to
the " Yosemitc ;" Ma-schiisetis, tothe
Indignation in Spain.
M ii:i!, Apr. 23. The capture (f
the Biiciia Ventura aroused great indig
nation here, it I cing claimed that hos
tiliiics were not yet supposid to have
cotnim need,
Reorganization Bill Passed,
Washington, Apr. 23. The Army
Ivcorganization bill passed the House
at 1 :4o 1 his afternoon.
Report of Shenandoah's
LiiNtxiN, Apr. 23. It is reported
that the Spaniards have captured the
American ship Shenandoah which left
San Francisco for Liverpool Jan. 5th.
The ship is a tour master and is oi
3000 ions. She is ownod by Arthur
Sewull of li.v:h, Me.
The Curious Statistics Showing What En,
ropean Nations Pay For Them.
Tbo friends and advocates of "uni
versal peaco" and the foes of iutemper
auco and inebriety aro pretty generally
agreed that tbo expenses attending war
and war armaments and liquid bever
ages of an intoxicating or exhilarating
kind are unduly large. There is an old
proverb it is not a Swiss proverb, of
course to tbo effect that a man who
drinks moro than ho should "drinks
liko a Swiss," and it is for this reason,
perhaps and residents of the republic
of Switzerland say for no better one
that tbo fame of residents of Switzer
land for sobriety is not as farreacbiug
as the famo of tbo Scotch, for instance,
for frugality. A recent computation
which has appeared shows that the an
nual expenditures of the Swiss for wine,
beer, cider and braudy are 175,000,000
francs, six times as much as is spent on
tho army. Germany expends, or, more
properly, individual Germans expend,
$500,000,000 a year on liquid refresh
ments, distilled or fermented chiefly
beef and Kbino wine and $120,000,
000 a year on tbo German army. Franco
expends in u year 500,000,000 on
drink, chiefly wine, apd $140,000,000
a year on the maintenance of the army
of the republic. Tho Italians expend
$250,000,000 u year for liquors, wines
and cordials and $55,000,000 for the
Italian army, tbo expenditures being in
about tbo sumo ratio as in other nations.
Austria Hungary expends less upon
liquor in a your than any other conutry
of tbo first class in Europe, amounting
to about $225,000,000, though persons
who aro familiar with life along the
blue Danube might not unreasonably
come to tbo conclusion that $200,000,
000 nf this sum was spent in the city
of Vienna alone in lager beer. Such,
however, is not the caso. In the moun
tainous districts, particularly in the
Tyrol, Transylvania and in Croatia,
very little wine is drunk, and though
Hungary produces a largo and steadily
iucreaasiug amount of wine a very largo
proportion of it is exported to other
countries. Kelatively not much of it is
kept for home consumption.
Tbo Austria-Hungarian army costs
$70,000,000 a year, or less than cue
third of tbo cost of the liquors cou
Bumed in a year. Tbo Russians expend
$300,000,000 a year in liquors and
$150,000,000 a year, or one-half as
much, for tbo maintenance of the army.
England expends $4h0,000,000 a year
on beer, ale, wino, porter, gin, rum and
smoky whisky and $90,000,000 a year
on tbo maintenance of the British army.
No one knows exactly bow much is
spent iu the United States on liquor in
a year, especially in prohibition states,
but it is supposed that tbo whisky tak
en lor medicinal purposes costs each
year moro than does the maintenance
of tbo regular army. New York Sun.
Couipitriuif AoteH.
"I've been married live years," said
the proud littlo matron from Detroit.
"That's nothing," laughed tbo Chi
cago woman who occupied tho samo seat
on tho train. "I've married livo times."
Detroit Free Press.
Bean the 11,8 VOU. llafflAlMW BOIftlt
The Tourist Hawk-Eye
For Roll, Film or Glass Plate.
These we have in two sizes.
3 1-2x3 1-2 and 4-5 pictures.
The Hawk-Eyes are without doubt the best hand made Cameras ou the
market that is furnished at a moderat price. We gaurantee every ono to gire
entire satisfaction.
We have in stock a few Cameras which have been used a very little, and
show no wear nr hard uses, and are real I v just as g od as new, which we will
sell at YOU 11 OWN l'KICK. Call and" see them
205 X. Main Street.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
Daily, for Suits, Overcoats and Trousers.
Xot a misfit this season and we do not expect one, as
great ca"e is taken in measureing, and the goods are right.
Suits from $1 1,00 to $30.CC.
Trousers from $3.00 to $9.00.
Gates, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
We can sell You a VICTOR BICYCLE '98
Model for $40.00.
Bicycles, Bicycles.
The Greatest Bargain on Wheels ever known are now
ottered lor the next .'50 days.
The Keating Wheel is the Leader,
In all the bicycle races except one last year in tl e state ot Maine the
prize was won by a Keating. F -r years it has been considered .'!(!. days
ahepd of all others.
We have wheels raiiiriiifr iu prize fruin So0 d'wn, mid Cor the next ;)(
days we will yive a cvclometer, bell and a -'() coupon suhi.rlmn ticket irtli en.-h
w heel sold, il will pay vou to (ret cur prices and examine these li .e l.iuli erade
wheels at our bicycle parlor. 17 FIU&T AVK., MoNTl'KLlKH, N'T.
C W. POTTER, Agent.
Meat Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Goods. Specialty of
Pork Products.
Ml these holding checks for photos
are reipicMcilto sit for the same at once.
S0. Main St. llarre, Vt.
Roll Fill ro Glass Plates.
Takes a Picture 3 1-2x3 i-a-
Opposite Depots.
We Deal in allsoitsof Mil
linery and always carry a
Full Line of Goods
At Reasonable Prices.
71 No. Main St.
One largest size Kerosene Oil Gaa
Stove, with Oven, usual price lB-.'2.(l().
NVill sell tor cash to close at 817.00.
This stove cannot explode and suits all
users. L. M, Averill.

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