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' 1
Barre Evening Enterprise,
I riii t 1 il;i;iy H M-cjit Mimliivj by
The Enterprise Publishing Co., !
i;ai:i;k, - - vr. !
H. C. WHITAKEH, Editor s.-.d Manwer. i
I KJ.'.'.IS:
o. c month,
Oee u-i.r.
As an r:
lll'II" ill 111!
wo lire iroinu' I
1 I'CIlt ;
'I'i ('flits
X mi'" pnt f.-r the thorny wny,
Ihoi ; !i slooi, lion 1 Murk nliovf) me.
Thi..'i..ok s,n.;s -w.-o'ly to ii:e day,
"i'.u luvo ijj-, you love mot"
TV vin;-r bins:-' ins os 1 Mny,
.An'1. S"V on -1 l.ir.i- ii:o ninin;.',
The st.ii'in limh still the rninhnw'a rny,
ArA ail ht'o'.s b' lis an.: rinin',
Anil liri ht the nijrht and dear the dny,
Ywtii slur, or s'.orms itl.ovo me,
Win!' li:o sh:-.il sou mi'l (H-atli shall say,
"You lovo ir.e. dour you lovo liu-l''
Atlanta Constitution
!UM;;v i'i
Winds of
MI'I I f
Hill :
.MoKinlev toAifi.nso : "Yon;
ami we halo to i ; 1 1 1 -1 yon iinv
but "I'lu-li' .Nun" i- no i'i'."j-i-:-:i
when human !iln r!v is at sink.
of :i-i
The "prisoner.-
ill Cuban dllilireo
lease (if lifi' if llll
clo Sam" is on iln
ot wur" ii
s, will I"'
e only i,i-:i
w;iv ii) Ji
ivi'ii a new
that "I'n-
Tint move looking lou ar.l llml'mnri.
tion of companies of National Volunteer
Itcscrvcs is a o'oinl mi-, but should have
lieen iinili'i'takcn about 2 years ajjn.
" JUiff.ilo Kill
buid'of scouts won!
occasional Wild MY
there is any lime vi
llCill' (illt to till' I '
V. T. Co.lv
! i'li!i
II tin:
ami bin
tin: buys an
flainnii'iit, if
If tin: I
furnish or In' a.-ki
men, the only nee
sun which of tiio-,
mi Male
!o turni-h onl
of a ihaft will
vim arc cniivr t
list shall be
n an opportunity.
least lieeii
not be saiil
money. "
': tm- ami 'p lt!
wiio for uo year
by Thomas .M. Hi-.
in one rojici
' (III I v
ll ure
s to
II- to
have at
It e;i il
ls ill'' for
There may be
tormina' ion of lii
hot to call oil! (,,,
country in ease of
loirs, ii u
me u i-ib,in
military s
Mile niili;
var on!
in how
in I ii
lll.'iol'i ie,-.
Us of the
o Use viilnil
vcr, liiat li.c
i Gentk'iucu, I am at a loss for worrls,
; In Faying you have done ma too much
honor tonight I intau we aro apt to for
get that the, opportunity to take his title
at tiin floral does not conio to every
simpler. Isow, mine tho fpeater's
voice had halted curiously for a moment
well, it .'pi lis an actor's story that is
perhaps withrjut parallel. There never,
never should I forget it that flay, I
rneau, whin as a few of us were wait
ing listlessly for instructions at tho
new suburban theater our brusrjuo old
manager panted in with a face as white
as it was worried. And it was to me he
; bcckoni d.
"Quick! This way, Strang!" And I
went after him into erne of the dressing
rooms. " Jle re's a go!" iie blazed out. I
fee his arms waving now. "Here's the
place, alive with pesters and expectation,
the curtain bound to f.o up in live hours
to a packed house, and no one in tho
wide world to play Karl Angel. So
one! The ripening night! It means ruin
in a suburb like this. " Up and down ho
went striding, while I gasped, for Karl
Angel, as you know, was the pick of
the parts in "The Unknown Knight."
hvrry one dying to hear Xormtiu
CniTyn, and hern comes a note to say he
can t posMUy ti.se it tonight- had an
"I'M-i , r fcoiue nne tning. i v, ire oil to
. e.'itv. orth, the man under.-tudyin
I linn ail along, and back comes the cr.u-
founded reply that he's left home for
! nobody knows where, f-trang!" He
.-topped and faced me. " You're not tho
pii-jiing man J thought. "
"J'll play it," I said. Tho room had
seemed to whirl round, but I believo I
Miappid my teeth on tho words. At
hist, yes, but a man's heart may sink
very low w hile ho waits on chance. Ho
knew well enough I had studied tho
role from the vr ry first, but he had al-
given thin Wentwcrth the 1 refer-
poi hpoohed my every desner-
mperior to these
( lice and
ate atri mot
"ink tlia
Cuards eoul,
i "law recruit
A iiiio'i'':
ilmiior i
el "ailiin
t -IH 1.1 i I '
!'ison a
fer Iheii
is then on, tin-i
I for the nianaec
'T-'amSrm: a ini
lween the J
lllle III I
Willllli b
if III"
lo Wiiln
and Ihc
Jim Ilise r, ag. a .; j.,
gi n in dealer i.i Vale. lb.
two .sons and a n'niicJiOT,
aged 4i, his brother, livi ;
im is alMi m iiiKil. 'J'i,.
Twins, ami nil through li
the living duplicate
near iiiil;o me (h,y
cannot ti ii tiiem
alike, their voices
('f the v.irii
do ion 'li I, e
and I,;,. h;
m -! i i -1 ill a;
;. If (.;,
is v. niicl i,aa
i'.i, i I be " :.i
goiid inulie;,
oldiers couiil
-! Ihc war be-iiuijiirc.
.'i ('.'itimation o a man's nmv.
Jjotf.riously worth having ju
Joe: a wife,
Will Jli.'.c
' s ft fviarta.
two limn are
ino Ii:v been
w.'i ether. ,v
e.'ii Heir wiv
tpart. 'i in v (In
""" "nistiicfifs have tJ,e same color'
and curl,. When b-y,, lhey hadtnbo:
taggf (1 wi that tin ir tiaienls iiinl I
.'..leu-lie;;. nen
the back. Will w
SaniO (irilnnl.in.l .....1
...I t." r-...,.., ,uci
"Ul!" U1J1 J'ets thorlieiimatisi.i.Jim i
M. gets H precisely j,, tJl
Iheywere formerly both engaged in the
milling business and mtvwI
ticnship under the same man. They
were born in western Ontario, their
parents being Jacob and ;etsy Hisey
Jim h wife has only one w.iv i. i.-uoa.
!io u.ni icii ner nusl
fcr. Ho has a slight,
lingers, which has to be hold up ii, ful
iuen no must
ers would J;nov thy
Jiin Ketfl a crick in
ilablo to have tic
band from bis broth.
tairve in one of his
to ri
(leadening minor parts
' V mi t . . . . .
i u w.i: ion must: There s no
'-' one 1 1,0 to take it. There, do your level
U- be.-t, and I f han't frr-el- if t 1 n
er the public. Han if, though, it means
; a half empty house tonight anvway,
! with Catlyn out of tho cast. I suppose
; I'm bound to stick tip a notice. And
,11: what nl out the tilings tho helmet,
, mail sliii t and ail? Annoying! I must
wild ii... go yourself for tlieni. You
'" e '.n i.areiioti s. Hi re's his ;ulilrnsU
the fctrnnd hotel. Hurry otf. Yon'rn
quite m-.ro e.f yourself, f-trang?" ho
turned i:ervetly, and I pnn round
hotly. A thought had flashed thrniiirh
me. i;iai:e
era was
those dnv
"A.m I? V.'cll, ho f.ure, Mr. Bhke "
J said, cb ,i,:g th ,()fTi ..,.. jf iM'r
Cafiyn hims. If only consented no ono
I lit our three t, Ivi u ,, , ,1 1-. .1
: . iwjww iiiere
I J,iLS ''"' y e haugc for the one iijaht.
i (-crtamJy I i.an il. If that can alter
: your !::.(d opinion f,f ltle nj Jjlay Xor.
man Cn!,yt, and Karl Angel, too, so
t le.t w.,, , , ..."
- ' ' cue ei,e v. hi never seo
i " "lilWJ.Cf. I could be ill anv ,,.
I could take i:;y p-art and you can have
y.r ,,! 1:r,u0 .,,! ndvertirenient.
that agre (
.-oiisense; yen couldn't. Kcvcr
heard ,,f tUci, a thing, " he, whispered,
Karmgat me. Perhaps there was some
thing 111 my determined front that day
that impressed him. " You would?
Well, it you think heit's the opening
Jiigbt, too there, I won't say either
must see Cali'vn. I'll
idea! That
later, with
thro,-: inf..
ii'j. Jiau'i
more or less a sham tint that was pnre
ly bis own business. "It's a rare rhauco
for yon. Of course, yon happened to
have just the cut aud style. VVentworth
jot to bo had. Queer! That's a bit of
I pique, I'll wager ho rather annoyed
j me some time ago and I had to remind
him that he was only number two. And
! so you've come for the things? There
. they are, in that trunk, just aa they
: were packed after tho AJidland tour,
1 Take it as it stands. I.'y Jove! I reckon,
I then," he went on absently, "Blake is
i a good deal put out? Has be posted an
j intimation?"
i ".No, V.t. Catlyn," I said, fjnickly,
; walking up close. "He has not, because
: I've taken the liberty of telling him
1 there was no need that I cau take both
1 parts." It was out, and curious enough
I it sounded, but I gave him no time to
gasp, and ran en with a tenso coolness
that must have startled him. "I'm not
playing the fool, Mr. CatTyn ; I shall
not eli,grace your reputation! For years
Blake has refused mo an opening, as
you know, and today I havo as good as
challenged him to this. The notion
came into my head, and I can do it if
you'll let me. This one night! No ono
knows of your note, and"
"So one knows!" be pnt in breath
lessly, catching my arm. "Why, it's
the" There he stopped. If I had
made some dreadful proposal, ho could
hardly have turne el whiter. "So, I I
couldn't think of it," ho said, and sat
down. Fejr a minute or so I stood there
staring at him, and then ho turned
round. "All right, havo your whim,
man," ho whispered. "Let the house
find it out for themselves. Goon! Hold
bard, Strang I"
I had just snatched up tho trnnk,
with a hoarse "Thanks for that', sir!"
and was opening the door, when ho
sprang up and blurted out. He had a
hand to his forehead.
"J"e, I've just recollected I shall
want that mail shirt aud helmet and
the rest for the fancy dress ball at tho
club tonight!" That was it. We stood
looking at each other; I could hardly j
play the pirt without them especially
in that last famous duel scene, w here
tho unknown knight lifts his viscr and
stands revealed as Karl Angel.
"There, what's to be done? It Ftarts
at 12, and I'm hound to be there," ho
went on, staring past rno very strange
ly. "Ah, I know! Look here, don't
stop to change, but as sor.n as the cur-
imii iiiiijis, jump into a can ana cemio
straight here. I shall just have timo to
get into them and be at tho club bv 12.
.Now, don't forget, Strang, I want them
to time particularly. Hath off tho mo
ment you've killed your man and grip
ped the verdict of the house."
wny, eertainly, Mr. Caffyn; rely
on that "
I was out, and making Lack to tho
railway station in a whirl. Imagine! I
seemed to be treading on air; I wantid
to give a great shout hut it was tho
time, if ever, to keep desperately cool.
I -had meant to run hack home and seo
Xancc there was something more I j
bad to say to her, but there would only I
lie just time enough to purchase ono or
two intle things I must have, snatch a
tea, freshen my memory by a glance
through tho "cues," and then and
then prepare to realize) and eclipse the
wildest dream I ever dreamed, for to
night I was Caffyn himself aud to-
nignt 1 was to play Karl Angtl.
Ly b 0 dock I had seen Blake. By
half past I hud slipped into a elrtssirg
room and locked the door. At a n.inuto
to 8, when the callboy's voice sounded
aoine me nnute ot tho orchestra, I step
1 v.. oia, reany. une ot the supirs, as I
pa.-sen close, tonched his forehead.
"Good evening, Mr. Cafiyn I"
p , c''" i-iissworfi
before he is received into full fellowship
of the home circle. Many amusing in
h auees of mistaken identity aro told of
tho two. Uetroit Tribune.
A Illg J'ricc, For a KM;,.
Ill Tho Century them i ni
iirri. r,: ... " Lll'lu oil
xi.u i.uver unp t thu Klondiku" by
John .Sidney Webb. Tho author says of
...o ujj in uiu mines:
And hero let mo muko it confession I
With liflli'Ta I '
. t - uorsi). ISO ono can
""'"" a sensation this creat
nloill till! cn.i.lr V, 1 ,
" - mil! nan over 111
'pi 1 extravagant heforo
snoum wash out 30,000
ti ? t , 1U J() c"uteit to walk,
. J.1.HH1 uo ju cents per pound to K
"""" "" iiu tuts to return, or 180
yuuuua xor ifuj.tiu. They did nut, how
yu ,i,u UH uio scales Jiko a sack
...... ,u ,i .inhuman coming over tho
"V " -runmrKwi that ho had had
K.J.11.N pacKcu over by Indiana "An
"I". said hi,. "fiw much
H"'"o ono meiuired. "I
don't know, " said h. "Thon how do
j u.i was eneapr" "Oh, any
t.hinn wr.nl, I i. .a .. .'
: " " " i-uupo over tiiat nJacu."
ho repliud.
Not So Iinrt Aftnr All.
in?fft Ta ," "H )'" w wander
ing through tho village one day, got se
verely bitten by ih village inn d,,,
1, roceeding to thu inn, he l,owed'the
unstress what her ",hIWg" ,; ,im!
bhn was much alarmed aud, putting a
half crown into Tarn's hand, said' I
. ae tn,) doctor, noo, un ,;v
hlni wi' tho hiiuf crown."
Tain eyed tho coin, sayin"
"I dinna think I'll 'i,,,,?,,'.,. wj,
doctor, but jist keep tho siller "
aoots, wuniman
Hiort 1
thing had
01 ton (bee red
hours as dark for
jou two i.ours. The ideal
les, tho (.ueer, daring
was at I! o'clock. An hour
the (.banco of 1V iif,.f ;.
i mm n acned the c tv .l
was in a train on mv wim tr, i....i-i
- -j .... iviiain.
is was tho time and thrliii,.., .1...
1 meant to call 1.1,1,.,. ot .....1
...v. itir.u UIHI
tell my young wife what a wonderful
baptiuied. She. ulm I....I ....
mo on, and brightem d
her IIS fer ..I...
, . . ' .o, rue
MIOUKl lillOW, aJ(i l, of f , t,n,.,. .1....
night to see i,-y first real bid for suc
cess! JS-ovcr nervous, I could doit T
Unew but to come 011 us Cuflyn him-
.,.. pmy juiri ns Jl(, aJ(jmi
was supposed to be able to play iti p,.'
our height, si.o and pitch of voice, then,
....n ,,,, u cai or (lillennce that wis
why it had occurred to ino to Hudy his
Iiartatlho ontKl.t. Jiut would Caffvn
ream of allowing it? I coull, j,.,,.,,',
' sport it. Whether or no, that
inght h work would send mo springing
itp he slipp(!ry ladder, lkew. Hurrah!
tturs tbreo llt a time-tho prospect
Miemed to havo mado another man of
...... rue WIII'll Slid I ri,M,,.l
everlasting needlework ,, , . Z. ..... '
tirnis' length. "lfH .. , al
day! I laughed. And tb.... t. 1....,
,v 11,0 1... 1. . .. 1 .... . '"""ira
j ...v, lynin un U:r l,al. ,1,,,. f..
T.-1.. - , . ...
j.ieien o t lock and all over! A glori-
u.1.1 success, mat was ending in a pro
longed shout as the curtain went slowly
f (rile,, I A .. .1 T . ; . i . . , . -
. " 1 sick with tlie intosica-
11011, with the certain knowledge that I
ii.... inane never a palpable slip and
iiiuio man justitied my claims I sti od
my foot on tho chest of my prone oppo
nent, lifting my sword in one hand and
with the cth.r clasping the maiden
whose cause I had championed and
won. ies, at that moment I could un
derstand what CatTyn felt every night
what it was to be an idol of the people,
11 einly for tin hour.
v.aiiyu, unyn! Bravo, Cafiyn!"
they were shouting, and up roll, d the
'urtam for the third time, then down,
and it was all over.
I strode "off.
One smih
Blake waj waiting.
he tin-u'i ,1 ..... t
110..,., .. : !"' 11. jr iiiiuu.
, t-traiiKF He ought to have
Lee, bere-it'l leak out! Take my word
Superh!"" '" l""k Latk ,10wl
iintitvas Nance I wanted to seo.
bhe) ws there in front, and J;(r eyes
would bo swiiimiimf iti. ,1 ; , .
knew , ... " . " 1
x "laKiiig lor the dre-ss
,uum a, llUn I suddenly ri
..i , nan 1)n)lnisi,(j CarvM
,, .'i' "V. aut. """ overcoat, I
,,; ' '"" t and my mv
- .v i..u huiik, scribbled a note of ex
h' ' V vw"'ro r"im;o waited and
fiVi tho street. There was
ll 1 7 Jlu"lln 3ust moving past the
nnd villain. Oh, 'save him you uinstl 1
couldn't stand exposnre!"
That broken voice v. as it Norman
Caffyn V: Where was I what bad hap
pened? I Jay in a deadly yet sweet
lethargy, not even able to open my eyes,
just conscious that I bad partly strug
gled hack to life aud that some ono was
plucking at my chest. Then another
voice, cool and reassuring:
"You need not. Don't ycu exeito
yourself, sir! Tbero you are a mere
flesh wound that'll he well in a fort
night. This mail shirt affair has simply
saved his life thu bullet only just got
through It. There was an intense shock
to the heart, an access e.f bh;od to tho
brain, and now this brands- and a lit-
tie ejuiet ought to put him right. There,
he's coming round. I'll send down and
tell them there's nothing much the
matter. And they let tho scouudrtl get
clear away!"
"Clear away before tbo policeman
got near. " Aye, that was CafTyn'ssuuk
cn voice. I moved a hand, and in a
trice both bis own bad closed convul
sively upon it. ".Strang, old chap-
thank heaven ! I've si nt for bcr thero
was a card in your pocket. There's been
a miraclo at wcrk all rornd. I only
Know you were to save my life tonight
Oh, I'll never forgive myself I was a
SKunu to Jet you go like that. I elcn't
know what mado me t!o it, but I was
frightened, unnerved. I wanted to
know, and you put tho idea into my
head. There's no ono here now. Who
was it?"
Then I recollected, and tho ncro re
membrance of that mad, vindictive face
Weutworth's face brought oblivion
again. It mvtt havo lasted u long time,
because when at last I muttered,
"Where's Nance?" the tight pressure, of
two arms round my neck told me that I
n'jed not ask again. Nanco was there 1
and I had played Karl Angel that night
j 10 a crowded house and the beginning
1 perhaps of some great cud had conio for
j me. "I'm all right," they say I whis
j pererl. "Let me go to sleep now. "
I i't'S. was a night of miracles a
j chapter of interweaveel coincide noes.
Not a newspaper had got" at the truth
that next morning. CatTyn had contriv
ed that, Thero was only a brief, garbled
account of an assault by an unknown
miscreant upon a gentleman oitirirg
the Strand hotel and a vague rcfereneo
to the bullet having bee'n turned bv
some providential means. Caffyn him
celf rli1 ... Tr- . . .
gieau vventworth s name
irom me till that next morning, and
then, for reasons e.f bis cwn, he 1 eg . d
me not to tedl a living soul, su that, as
far as I know, bis we.ulel bo murderer
has not been publicly identified with
the man who had understudied 1 im for
years and who may now bo repenting
bis despicable attempt in some far conn r
of the earth.
Certain it must ho that tho shot wps
intended for Norman Caff'vii and 10
other. A series ef menacing Jitters,
hinting at violent 0 of some er.rt i..i
I.. .11! ... '
id, Lu nun, hut ho never so murh ,-s
dreamed that Wentworth had in-pind
them. Low should he? 'J hen finallv
thiro had conio on that eventful morn
ing one containing these words: "Your
star still rises, whilo mine still bains
Alako the most of Karl Angel tonight"
you will never re-ach borne alive I" That
was it. Half iucr.dulous, but really
scared, Catlyn, a superstitions man, bad
sirnply resolved not to stir from his ho-
"'"0,l,, J hours, while yet ho
was ashamed of his f,r tJl0 flM.t,
becoming known. 7hen I bad called
with that astotindini' I iri n w , i 1 . ... .... .1
,-,,., t , i ' ((.'l
. " ut- K U 11:11 rest. A vi rv hu
man 1 nnpulse-a sudden vague idea" that
ny taking advantage of this 1 ..-..rr
'liuary coincidence, as it seemed" then
he might son,, how learn whether there
wasanyUimf, in the veil, d threat, ami
-well there, I lih, to believe that be
honestiy never realiml what nallv was
working , his mind that day when he
aileiwcd mo to personate himself. That
ho had sumo distinct fr.r.vl...,i t .
.1 . . ...TW.I ...,,1 inS ,u
-.gcr either at the theater it.,elf or
upem leaving it was cvid.nt from the
lact that, iust in time ih..r o .1 ...
fancy dress ball had shr.r o; ' ... .'.
fnsed brain. Were I to be attack, d i,!
nny way by mistake, that mail shirt
well, to tell tho truth it -.. m. ..
that ho bad moro than onco ndoi.t, d as
a precaution himself. Only to know-
was his cuo wild thought that
But I I pn fer to forget all that. I
try to think only of tho gold, u side of
that strange day when, playing Karl
Angel, I wi,s made to como la tween
icirman Cuhyn and death. Why, if a
debt was there, bo paid it in full mtas
nro long before he was taken from our
Jmdst; to him, if to any man, I owe the
opening which has led mu on to well,
to this! To his memory! In moro ways
than ono, gentlemen, bo leaves a blank
never bo filled up! London
A Ferocious Animal Captured Tn C-iviboy
Faitliion How a Daring Ni jio Cut (..
of the Cutis -The .Mother nail Il. r Chil
dren In Captivity.
(TI- Ii
mat can
:is Occupation.
, - . . , ; - 1 ""-1 ".u.xeii iaco wo
.1 had a real struggle to heal hack the
dearie! Vou said my chance would
come; it bus
theater onens!
-thu very
night tho new
isav norliiiw, i 1 -,
but i, ti, ,,, u ' '"s a"y'"'iy.
"" 1' "J . uilil
VI, 'T
Baft folk eannu gang daft
Pearson's Weekly.
twice. "
All ti,,, Sim,,..
lirohpiiiii H'u .. .1:..
which 1," h"" . ..."-1',,tl" 'in-Htini,
- "u MiiiriilT
or oruuclt 's.
C'raik Is it?
JU'ohsolj, Yes. Jly
uihii, ami i eon dirt
tempers, blnmls
wife has been
Mi.., I ..... I. .
m,y difference-Boston
if . i.
the man who plays Karl Ang,j.. ",10W
A lew more ejuiek breaths of explain,.
"in and th,n Iran ,,.itl,,,i,,;. .. - : .
"it of tears and laugh.,,,, togcher-an
Mas hnrry.,);. westward to kc K
Ill VII. ( in at llctnr 11 u I 1 ,
hut Minp y cent up a card marked "ur
gen . I recollect, though, it did see,,,
l eamliko us 1 was shown up tho grand
urease to h,H sitting room-still more
' when, as ho opened tho door, I found
lo,,iKlt.(Jll ! A - my plaeu
why, whal. 1,,', .'t m,
"eniwonhii Sure
.ondering u Jittl(, J
Mrnekm: tt " . Ath H
'""c mo thinn
"Kf....,l l.-.i . ....
v. i. ., Slrf "ight inside !J0
remember I sank back on
.10 tiu, my neurt still thumping away
It was more than likely Caffyn had been
n little curious to see what my "mako
li was HKo. Ho should ho should
open his door nnd seo his "double" tlrat
Uight. An ejaculation of approval or
n,s "Pa would complete
the day's triumph. And wouldn't Nance
p "iiiuiigauiome iu a fever! Bless
, 'f ?. "toPPw". Ifiripped tho trunk
:,v .V B I!Pat' 1 honrd a boy
tor?- 1 L,':;
the..? ti... "P. -".'yseii. wuat
the oav . , .7 o .. " ',1U across
i varhed you Tiik,, in
dianced I
mi. . 1
xm re s a youi g man u. wly coiro to
town as a congicstanau's chik who be
gan his career us a traveling salesman
for a Boston firm. His first trip w as in-
vicifr rl TT;,, , 1 .
-".. na eujpicyers etui not
from him for R0 long a time that
it 1 young elrumiutr.
I have been somewhat uufortumto
cu this trip, "the letter ran. ' The
man of auother bouse having VTA
scot and i , K" "OWlltliercuoh.
bcoc, and 1 must sav. i.i.,i. ,
scenery is magiiiiiceut. " """"WJ' 1,10
from tho house. "wcr
"Come honio " ..11 ,.
that first tripwas hhl Jt r-1 1
ton Post. 1 "l!it.-vashu.fi.
. Those who conclndo that thero are
no ferocious or dangerous wild animals
iu tho mountains of western TY-xna '
would experience a very sudden chango
of sentiment if they should meet a '
panther face to face in some lonely can
yon. Tfcv maguiticent uuiiual now j
chained in front eif our wagons is calhid 1
by sonio a Mexican or mountain lion j
and by others a panther, the is of a!
dull yellowish color and will weigh i
moro than four or live ordinary b op-j
ards. She measures just 1 1 f.-et from
the tip cf her noso to the end of her lou.
Although she has been i:i captivity
only a few days she i. astonishingly doc
ile so long as sho can see her two cubs
that aro chained under the wagons. The
momeut they set up a whine she springs !
to her feet, all her hair turns the wrong '
way, and whilo her eyes look like glow- i
itig coals of fire she gnashes her sharp
white fangs and tries the sr.vugth of 1
her chain. If it were not str ng 1 uougli
to hold an ox, I should pr, fer that thero !
were two or three counties between ns i
just at that particular moment. Thai
cubs aro already as gentle as lau.bs and 1
as playful as kittens, and nothing I
pleases them better than t i crawl um'u r J
our blankets at night and cuddl.j n,i
close to us to i'scape the chilly norther I
We captured her in the mountains of I
tho Deall river in western Texas, aud I I
doubt if a moro daring feet was ever
accomplished by a crowd e.f huut.rs.
Game of all kinds is very ui. umlaut in
this region, and tha hoys had tired of
shooting deer, antelopes and turkeys.
Several big wolves aud two or thiro
panthers had been slaughtered, and it
was evident from tho numerous tracks
about tho water holes that there woro
plenty moro of them in tho mountains.
One evening tho hounds struck" a hot
trail and ran a big panther into a avo
on tho side of a mountain.
That night while discussing the ad
ventures incident to tho day's hunt two
daring young men, Petmaker and Black,
line! 'i vi.,1 !,.... I... .1 .1 . . 1
"v....,....,, ii...,, liic iiaeiineu 10 nang a
noose over tho mouth of the animal's
den oil the next day and capturo her
alive. Both aro Texas re ared boys and
experienced hunters. The proposition
met with unanimous approval, and all
volunteered to assist iu tho desperate
undertaking. The next day as we rode
out cf camp some of tho hoys grew
bolder, and two of them, who were ex
pert vaqturos, declared that they in
tended to rope the beast if the v ennbl
get clcso enough to her. These" two-
young i etmaker of .Menard count? inn!
Georga Biaek of Austin rode to'wnrd
the den, and the other members of tho
party aud negro Jim, who had chan-ii
01 tu.) hounds, started to beat on tho
We had gone but a short e!i-tanc0 be
fore tho (legs struck a hot trail and ran
with yelps which indicated that they
were close to tho animal.
Petmaker ao.l X1mJi . Jbeard. thrm
coming and reined in their nnnies on
thoedgocf a little opening and uuslunt;
their rawhide ropes from tho horns of
their .saddles. The big animal sprang
out of the brush and stopped within 211
feet of Pet make r. The cowboy's lariat
flashed through the air and landed right
around the wild animal's neck.
The instant it touched her i-ho
screamed like a terror stricken woman
and, leaping high in the air and gnashing
her teeth, I egan to decrea.-e Ihe space
between her ."ml the daredevil at the
other end of the rope. Black, who was
too far away to co-oocrain will, 1,; ,
comrade at first, was now on the field!
and with lucky precision ho hurled a
second noo-o over the annual's head
Boih wheeled their ponies, and tho
trained animals made a leap in opposite
directions. The ropes v..i re drawn taut
nnd tho big monster was choked to the'
Whilo she was rolliiiL? mi elm ,.,..,,.
and clawing at tho 1100,0 another exo'crt
With the rope galloned and ,..,,,.,1:, '
of h.r hind feet. They could now easily
hold her at a safo elista
other, and after much excitement and
many rather dangerous stratagems thev
" "tagging nor to a good
camping place not far away, fc'inro at
that stago of her cantivitv wn rni,i
inovo her to tho wagons, "wo moved the
wagons to her and, putting a stout
chain around her necl-. ,,. .ri i...
fast to a tree. u uur
Homo of tho hounds were set hayiu"
at tho cave, and e,no of the bovsaud tho
negro Jim went over there to "call ,eiu
orr. An old dog ran into the den and
came out yelping with a young jaguar
about ho Hi, of a house cat hang h g
hVii'Vl'1'10, ""I'redthocub.and
then thu negro erawhul imr, n. .1 ....
m.ri 1,- .... uuu
...... ..jiiKui, ohc another ;
1 would not have dono
Tl,n I
,,,d ;,:u:.6?n.1,,!'flu ndswith ns
u"uy to.m tro,i) irhan,is
viir,. V, 1 uu , r liuucs iu a few days.
'. motuer saw her children in
rtftrirlvitiT 1. ... i . -""IIIl 10
j auc sec up an awful
wiiuu iney were
1 1 "I
e Jiavo on JiaiKi a row comes
the Illustrated Edition of
Which will be sold to close thein
out for almost half price.
Now is your time to gel a good
bargain. Come earl v.
Concord Dye House, Fe Bfggest Offer Yet
32 Warren Street,
Concord, - - N. H.
Agents Wanted. Send for catalogue,
AX Il-
iii:a.( iii:s.
rcmlty. Nu friinio ,i.ri thus avoiding
.k murks. Oioi mm , express will
be 1 nniiptb returned.
FOR ONLY $1.50.
y.ti-r. Uv.. K.vn, it ri, mM,
"hi.rt. it ,. one of .Ur ...,.,, I.rihtr.t , , .
w. l t.c .pared h, k Vir.g up pl,.1'nl b , , "
3 to 5 Per Cent.
Iiiiieil fi r clieiits. Mimi.v iw.i
v, -t. il in the sloi-k market ,.r in so.eall, d
s 11, lirat, .. but in --ood, Sulid eollat
1. ei o no 1, s can hi- iossibl,..
V, 11 ea iini's" sin tn loon, ( r any
iin.ounl I. , 'tween ; r.-.n withdraw ii at .-ui'v
nine : ami run ha
i s! Llieruutei'd.
I.'cnu'mt.i-r, rhut by
I'iliiU mu. ,(ii, yt 1 .v..
, i.ii' ..'.i thk K li K K I'HKSS
for niilj f i.j.i.
ikleif .!,i,nlit of , his r
" "f 'I'll K Kn i n 1 1 i
hi? 1 - 1
prineipal and iuier-
The Free Press
Over 20,000 Copies ofl897 Book were
001a at "40 Certs each.
ie 1. ever n dollar for a eusio.
' :,rs '"' eXpi'lVftlei' With s;itl.-li, ,
eiicf.- throu-hi ill nil i-w Knu'land
r for eireiii.n's. Ti,. ,(l.,t of ref.T
till Male St., Iio.-ton Mass.
rrfy'M A SURE
3jSM Entirely
. . . '.ftvau
BCUmtf llMi DttliMr nr h,-.L- M m
.,,d''l''V'r,!';..''''?".i, l0k'jf "pl'l r-Mt,
. i:n.y "f ihm hook will l,t. ,et
"'s' i ifiiiiii.-iy iitni n.'niliii"
! Ill .illiuf t xpi'iiso. in,, I. j,,,, j"
i'o n..t ili-Iiiy, ton ,
hoi- orr.-r w h , . i. ... ... ...
I M ' ariiiiit'.',n, t,i uuh tho .(ihliah.sr 1
o.ik l.y ginidi'ig :
10 nil uhfrih
l cpiii. ,i,i,itiorl M
6'' in all. .
.lv:im.ii;. of thi rmtrk
Biliousness, Dyspepsia.
indigestion, Diseases of
. . .
the Kidneys.Torpid Liver
I Rheumatism. Dizziness.
3 Sick Headache. Loss of
N . ' B
Appetite, Jaundice, Erup!
tions and Skin Diseases.!
Price, 25c. per bottle. Sold l.y all Druggists. I
i... . J .. fl I mi, Vpftnt Bn, ... T. U
I "" "l "'" pupi'iii n full ,-., for i,
Transportation and Suoply Co.
Cii)ilnl $1300,000; Shares $1.00.
Each Fully I'aid ail Xon-AssessahlP.
n li, h Dim n,.l, , .
i'i lii- l leniihnme lra.1...
.,1.,,''?,. .V "PI"'1'1 ''oninisr
It'll Uilil li .-r.. , ...
nre ,h,. i,o T' " "!''r "
... s, unci jl. (I i ui
loi 1S-M ' .1 ' ""I" ri"r '"i'P "f
i, ,, ii . ,, ; ei o. i, ., ,,, six , 'i i j. .is,
" " 'I- 11.1 il Mint 1 ii , . . .
-"-m '-Vd lieMOn:;;',;;:;;;;::
" 1 1 si II-. ,- h no , . .... .. . :
I V V , ' leierisii,!
1 k lor n n leh s.-ilo , ,i.,i.,
'' by iiiiiil ii , i,ni,U t,"at.
I III l.'t i" ( lii'it, ..ii. I .
il er,d tenn"; """""" M '"
Addn-, s s. .-olt.WTDN ,y ( u.
1 "'Msi,t-is. iiiiiiinr-l
''I ls.ll.-i Hi,.
-' ini ini' iiinl n
I hicii ii huio.
e u'ive
tiling that
n deed to
5 V
iiilfititfms of
will foine.
i nis e,,;,nv is f. r t., for the ,.,
'f ira.lnw i ai, ,lf ..,1,
will solid a Shi., ,,f sl0,i . ,
, - - -.-v i.unuril
111 Nnvenibi'i", st.M-kcil with
!'l'"vi.sion.,, . -f t 1 1 i 1 1 and
ui.-iie for the mini rs ...,'
the way of Cape
old Fields nt the
from Ilo
. i. . .
,.,,' ll,',','S,'II'y
inijileiiiein.s r,
I'liniie iiM., sailinir hv
Horn, .'irriviii.r aulm (
"1- un,,. 1. 1 (II,. ,..,,
i'eiir, t i.as,,.!,,,-,.. s,.,.vl,.
l.'ll, n , " . i- ' r
" 1 'oiinioii.'ire inn
(y lifiy). 'I' t!,S(
stoek of tlie c.ini.anv
mieeinenls are ,,ff
. tinw.iirt' Oil, I ...hIoh
ji u iM tea
Th Clilncitn ralntpr.
tl.i,,. i
Chinaman va.s t aoi d 1K'' 11
Uecearv ,,., . ' . f" Hiu
roar, but
nnr i ntr,, i. t
film B,.,.,,i ... . "tr "1U
afterw'rl , V VCT?Brutuful "'"'soon
afterward made a h,arty meal off u
W lcce ,f vuiiS0.i that was thrln
to her. After fow days H10 TOullK,d t(1
order of thmss an, i i ..... , ,
nnt f,, . " 1,11 '"oinou-
"v .mi I it f trt
"F '
necessary nanio on
uueed on onu b,
. .,mu i l I
1 "iver na w tho nistol ,m r,,,.
flash a l ...... , 1 l,y ii'iitinet. A
avid, "f 'XK
of distant -I,,,,,,!. "K,'CI M' " K'mud
i,, -.....,iK ,ui
""veil lllid ,urlu u ,
With u crash.
4 1... A
,U,'U lot
como together
. '"'"I J lllll. k nr
tho coward
""...it for n,o. I'veucted
"7' . JeruTonoo.-'r---, ..
, ..; 1 t ..... l zrij1
r.'.i.i. I .. ... . .
ov.ii now. I-,.,
ow the h o,,i,.i .1, ....
Without a ,, . .. .7. ; ,..v",,u"
or,h, Then ho . ' V
wan nearer ,0 tll(1 kl, 7 '""V
't.ri tins f,:r tua-io-
in Iierinvitiit on "Vu ,, . lu.t hrr".-
deliirht n,i . . robiHowu
i.it- XT t-
,rJ .K ',(1C??W 'bottle the
"'o null IM.SS U
a Uinnsn. Wo
n r ... ' v
JHiss ixen.Cor. St.
;l) the ldniiK
111.', I, n I, I- , -.
' ear, dors
nave iniined her
Imtiis Iteimhlid.
r iever Fails.
"ties. Address 1 eOl r , Jhf ?w??dt:rf UJ ',mP
Boston.Mass ti if All! 1 U' &- Agents,
nd returns bSy JtZ?
Uiiiiiii'd number
inve.s'in r ,i,r
liie follow hi"- in-
red :
. Iti.-lli.l -i.i, ... .. ...... "rr nr i oM r,.
$350. ..."
hXZJlJ"S.J this Com-
"L "nun in ror 1
m. -i In d- ,,,- , wiih -in u iii.-'ii ,iT m'""",r rti.'li-i
com,: r;B:,pclV','v'".
Him 7 ' R,i I "vmui.1 tst., room. (
0'Ti'.,o,, ,.,,
Il,vi'nai,ii Invii
'I h
. wwrnal inlorvi.'w. ,,,! ,,.,(
tv....t a.tf
b!0,u,eIy permanently curbing A
by a new sc entifi,- : 'YA"u-r.,n ay
('I-I!(.K .. I.VTIIHnk'
To the Ladies.
of INIWI 'J k' " '" ' ' ' ' tne u-,,1.
INliO . 1 1 i l,S7(
'III IliK'l,
: either
No n,,Mi;i,r " Wg treat-:
fr p-.rtu il.r. udd,, ta
tnilc.t waiidunca
'estraint. Cin(,' 1 VCCI1!?S r no
treatment" 'uWl
If votl
wish to
-''irl Seo how
J lore's a drinlr.
I'hu ITI.,,,, f,m,i,,,.r.J,,u
Do 1 aim, r-What did J') s r
Du Pidiiii i''i'li . ,
V.... i.t, V. '"""Hiier w
I Kl' ill'- I'm,,,. ...
i-ntue Uineaf-o
iifcu our water,
.s. ijojoj vuthiiH (tastina it
--... i I1ILH fllirU inn.
r. '
Cleveland Lcae
Tho fa.ni
toil holli;
lor iiuojilu v
nil Pn r.
I'O could k , " ,,iUl '..""'
7, . I
I uri(i.
ui'l'0i.c.-Nt.w Vori
; n!! t ' of tho BulwerLvt
Mil""'arly inaimronriat,,
lias heuu Unit
It is,
employ a IIOOIC
: pi i.-i '.-I..
:t: iii mii.-.. 1 ''-i'
' i nt or iiMm
!int. Mindv lo 1 hi
hoso fa
With ... i ..
Th , J i y . i , vvltil sword,
-this is tho work of vaior...
A Scotch Term.
Atlanta Constitution. m
i ..iixKhi-an,,,.'. .vn,;,;;;7N Y
1 wo .volumes needed uh . -'VM'
ers, Lawyers lVari,r-?nlaIlrecated bv Parl.
tor Hie horar'"8- fcCeUenl "'"e'nceffl;
Annlvei?;danJJ'1()Occa.ni gKh
Sendfordescriptivecircular.. i 7S
TkEAT & CO., New York
Irani hiick, r pi,,.., , '"' r,iii,,f,
ill.' .'itlier , ... . WitlnHU ini,,,-
hi',' the I.-,, . , " ""'""K'-anhs bv ;A-
l'lt M I 'li li . i is--!' '" nes, s. ,
i:nm st i I .i ( if i'i i i . r,"Ksinxi-
proles-ion. V
refund nmnoi
liiM.r...;i.' 7""" ."L."U re.
I'W.Kccrrt lUnrd, akTTTT
usalon. I'ermiuioiit V "!."-."""""'n to Ilio
" . io o a8. ,
Joucan be tmatodAt
p.efor to coineT,,,,,,
borne lor tho same price
tt'pm tt-llh n,.,. ....
"I t-oimaot
o in i n ,
i.al.e no
' lall to
ryii havo ih,
(tiive ai'h... h
.1 l, "la "I -
'- in. ......
ri.frN u-i. i.. .
-"j. ,.os in
..trv or
f'M' loruii
L'1"'" or Py expraao o(
i raiiron.i
bills, an I
I t'Barffe, if
'"ry. lodii
, '. 'HUWUI l-Ml.-llIM
i in.pli'A.i'opniT-l'oIoi'.
i '" ."ll 1'rlmar.v.
lllDod I'ls,,,. tl,:,e ivo
vi.,- uiosi ob.lln.
1 110 Wurl.l for n ....... .. ..
i a.-o bin aouii s loilDi'il
i-mlnent I'll r-l, l.,.
ii- a sn,.,-,uov ,.r
"-i..l(H) i, , .' I il l:K and wo
s Ad.lv
our uiK-uihluS.tml
...... ..' I'?'-' "miir ana bi....uia
for Infants and r,iu
fie Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho n -
Signature of U
I ie famous little tilll..

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