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.Single copy,
IOiir niontli, -I
tOno year,
1 cent
25 cents
fOL. 1. NO. 13.
JiAltUE, VT., JIOXDAY, APiUL 25, 1808.
War is The Talk of Our
' )ur display of Shoes in our window
Is with price attached to them is the
; I talk of the town. It you value
t t$yoiir money buy now before leather
, win auvmiue.
JEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
luarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
he Cigarsto Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
mil n UlnniMyJinn ?r fn ll'fr?
(Mllll'i UK llUUIimUII Ui UU, mi IDl
L. Lewin, M'gr.
80 No. nain St. , Bare, Vt.
Popular Restaurant
Can be found at
Bll No. Main Street.
Mwils Served at All Hours.
Wa alar carrv a full line of
cdiiit noNPECTlONARY.
!r it v i i f - ,
Drop in and see our Lunch Counter.
To Pttvu the Ladies' any Trouble,
Wo will Furnish
Trimmings, Linings,
and also
Bonnets and Hats to
matchlthe Suits.-,,
lieforu hnving any Dresses made please
cnll on
28 Elm Street,
Xnt door to the Enterprise office nnJ
rct their prices.
Al! the above at liberal discounts
from l:st piice..
We Miveyou money on anythiniryou
want, we guarantee everything.
H. L.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-5
To Rent.
On reasonable terms -11 itood stone abed
w itli traveling and lioom derricks. Also some
vi n tloirable tenements: r .quire of
W, A. BOYCfc.
Pil liKNT. Hooms in pleasant locution.
I out- verv nleiisant rooui, t) Short Street,
Alice I'restoii. 1"tI
i) UKNT A live room tenement on l'eurl
St. It will bo viieiitecl Miiy isi.
For Sale.
r ( Hi SA I.E. A Top Hillary ltl,r'-v ''ew,'
Will sell elieiil". Inquire of L Menu,
N. Main .street.
Full S M.E-One Mouse and Loton lluwes
street, and six lurjre Kuili.lh'K I'"
I'i nin Hill, mill one larjse I 'orne.r ltiuMii
l.ut nt tlis corner of Second mid Mittn Sts in
liiiiv at T. (i. Wultebiirs. 17 Nc. Minn St, . .
W.VXTKI) liv im experienced Rir a po
Mtiontod'o (lenenil House-work, lu
quire ut Dowers & Chessor's market.
mrzzKU.'s lunch room.
A. II. Huz-zell, the new proprietor of
Hie I!m1 Star l.unclt Room, puts out to
hi cnslonicrs a chicked pie .every Sun
day ; beef slew, Monday ; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday : lish chowder,
Tlmisd'.v: lish ball, Friday ; hamburg
steak Saturday. Oyster slews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and oilier
l'efivshmeiils served ill all hUrs.
The Weather.
Ilosrox, April 2'). Generiillv fair to-night,
fair to-morrow, North west winds.
Co. E Boys, Notice.
All members of Co. E, V. N.G.,
are hereby notified to appear at the
Armory to-morrow at 9 o'clock a. m.,
sharp per order of
Official. L. N. Gaitiiikr,
1st Sargeaut.
Cai-t. E. J Badgku.
The quarterly meeting and election of
officer of .Juvinile Teuiplo was held
Saturday afternoon in K. of 1 hull.
Rev. Sanmel X. .Jackson spoke to tlui
members. The officers elected were as
follows: 1 ('. T., Jessie lluse; ('. T.,
l!allh Lindsay ; V. T., Ida Dcnsinorc ;
See'y, Edward Perry; Treas., Elena
lluse; Asst. See'y, Mabel Wilson; M..,
Pearl Uuhce ; I). M., Mary Perry; (i..
Bessie Spoonor; S., lierlha Nason ;
Chap., Lizzie Spooncr; Fin. See'y. lia
ble Wilson.
An Italian strolled in on dipt. Cain
recently at the Hanover street police
station, saying he had come from Barn;,
V t., and desired to know the where
abouts of the recruiting station for vol
On beiiift informed hv ('apt. Cain that
it had not yet been opened he expressed
great regret, declaring that 70 of his
countrymen, at work in the Baire quar
ries, were only awaiting a telegram
from him to leave all and come to Bos
ton to enlist for the war against Spain.
lie further asserted that there are,
altogether, Italians enough in various
camps in the quarry region to form sev
eral regiments, and that the martial
spirit is fa.-t spreading among them.
He declared - himself a naturalized
citizen of the Lulled States, ami al
leged that the Italians us a nation have
no love for .Spain. Boston Record.
A large and enthusiastic procession of
ciliaeus young ami old uuiiud tifutunay'
night, in the expression of their feelings
in regard to the long-endured barpari
ties in Cuba, the blowing up of 2G0
brave Americans and the destruction of
our best battleship. Early in (he, even
ing a small prooessiou started from in
front of the Armory, with bugler W. J.
Ross of the battery, sounding the assem
bly. The party started down North
Main Street and in a very short time
the numbers had swelled,lo several hun
dred. A large effigy of Weyler, 11ms
butcher, audlabclled "Remember life
Maine, Down with Spain," was carried
at the front. After going some distance
down the street, the procession return
ed to the Park, where the tflligy was
hung to the limb of a tree and set on
fire, As the . flames were rising llje
crowd sang patriotic songs, sent up
rousing cheers for Lee, Mclvinloy, Sigf
bee, dipt. Badger and Company E.
There will be a special city meeting
this evening in Armory Hall to discuss
the matter of builditiga new school house
The school commissioners met last Friday
evening and decided thai they would ask
for a new school build in it jat the meeting
this evening. Ail the schools are crowd
ed and even with the use of the Presby
terian church parlors, they are inade
quate for the number of scholars that
want to enter. " ,
Mayor Gordon thought that with the
use of the parlors of the Presbyterian
church. Burro could get along without
a new school bouse, this year. If it is
needed, the Mayor is in favor of erecting
a new building, notwithstanding the
expenee the city will be put to by build
ing a new city hall and laying sewers.
The matter of laying sewers and living
tho salary of City Clerk Wells will also
come before the meeting.
The supply of Sunday papers received
bv us yesterday was wholly inadc q ite
10 supply the demand and we are very
sorry such was the case. The Globe
people are never backward in furnish
ing extra papers when the news in
hand warrants it. and intend to keep us
well supplied, as was evidence lasl
Saturday when we received five editions
of the Globe, keeping twelve hours a
head of New York papers who were
able to furnish early morning papers
only. We received a large number of
extra papers yesterday but t'.e great
rush was im looked for hero as well as
elsewhere. We would suggest to the
regular patrons of the papers toe advis
ability of subscribing for their Sunday
papers as they do for their daily, in
Stead of depending upon fho boys, as
we then have them properly routed and
thev are sure to get l heir paper,
" Very Respectfu'ly,
Barre Mews Agency,
L. C. Rour.iNS. Mgr.
Tl. vault at Elniwood Cemetery will
be (.pen I he
!rd day of May and before
that lime for the purpose u in...-r,
the bodies from the tomb.
p. (i. ('AMI', Sexton.
War Declare
Torpedo Boat Foote the
to be Fired At.
V N G To Maintain Its
Governors Notified Today.
Washington. Apr. 25 The War De-
partment this afternoon will notify the
govenors of all the States of the exact
quota of troops they are expected to
furnish, and where their place of mobil
ization will be.
Sherman's Last Day as
Washington, Apr. 2". Secretary
Sherman carried his resignation to a
special Cabinet meeting this morning
and it took effect this noon. Secretary
Sherman is within a few days of being
76 years old and his health is complete
ly broken down. He carried his resig
nation in a simple note to the President
at a special Cabinet meeting this morn
ing. Assistant Secretary Day will, in
all probability, be his successor.
L.iTLU. Sherman's resignation has
TOcS accepted' and Day-appointed. The
latter will accept. 1
. Cruiser Columbia at
Block Island, Apr. 2o. The cruis
er Columbia passed here this morning
headed for Newport.
Spanish Boats Must Leave
English Waters.
Lonpox, Apr. 2o The British Ad
miral, at (iueenslown, yesterday ordered
the torpedo boat destroyer Andaz, to
quit the port before six o'clock this
morning, and in pursuance of these or
ders the Andaz left at 5.45 this morning
for Ferrol. The British admiralty of
fice orders nil bolligerant boats to leave
their ports in 24 hours. The foreign
office has been ollieially notified of the
.United Slates proclamation in regaid to
neutrals, and of the blockade of Cuban
New Bedford Strike Over.
New Bedi'oui), Apr. 25. The strike
here is practically over. A large num
ber of the strikers, who hitherto refused
to relusn to work, entered the mill this
morning and the employers have nil the
help they can use. '
Will Army Bill be Amended?
Washington, Apr. 25. The Senate
committee on Military Affairs met this
morning to decide whether the volun
teer army bill requires amendment or
U, S. Given Thirty Days to
Le;ive Cuba.
Mapiiiii, Apr. 25. Spain maintains
in her decree her right to haw recourse
to privateering and announces that for
the present only auxilliary cruisers tire
to be Idled out. ah ireaues wiin me
United Slides arc annulled and ill) Mays
will be given them to have all their
ships withdrawn from Spanish ports
and Spain claims the riglil to search all
fore inn privateers and treat them as
MB35BMCVV..vi;vr3 I.-,.-
Spanish Troops Devastating
Kingston, Apr. 24. Fugitives from
Santiago, Cuba, report that the Span
ish troops are fast devastating the inte
rior cities and towns, and it is thought
the devastation will be complete before
the United Slates troops arrive on Cu
ban soil Their cruelties are horrible
as ever and would surpass their former
methods if snch a thing were uossible.
To Protect Portsmonth
Concoi;i, Apr. 25. Gov. Rainsdell
wired Sec. Alger today saying that the
inhabitants of Portsmouth earnestly call
for reasonable protection, mid offering
10 scud a batlallion of infantry immedi
ately if ordered to do s6.
Declaration Drawn up by
Cabinet. ;
Washington, Apr. 25. At the spe
cial Cabinet meeting held this morning
a formal declaration of war was drawn
up. The war revenue bill will not be
brought, before Congress until tomor
row, and it is not expected that it will
pass before late in the week.
Massachustts Mobiliziug,
Sot rti FiiAMiNGtTAM Apr. 25 All
is ready here for the mobilization of
the slate troops some of them are ex
pected today.
Where is the Minneapolis?
Newpokt 'Apr. 25 The cruiser Col
lumbia arrived here this morning.
She left Hampton Roads Saturday night
with the, Minneapolis. The cap
tain says he left the latter Sunday and
doesn't know where she is. He will
await orders here. No one is allowed
fin board.
Torpedo Boat Foote
The First to be FireJ Upon.
Mantanzas. Ct'iiA. Apr. 25. The
torpedo boat Foote was fired upon Satur
day evening by the Spanish masked
battery on the shore of the harbor while
Siie was taking soundings 200 yards
from shore. This gives the Foote the
honor of having the first shot fired tit
the American Hag by the Spaniards.
No damage was done the shots all win
Spanish Fleet Sails Todr-y.
Lonimin, Apr. 25 A special from
the Cape Verde islands says it is be
lieved that the Spanish Meet sails today
for Cuban waters.
New York Protected.
Xf.w YotiK, Apr. 25. The War de
partment lias issued regulations that no
vessels shall be allowed to- enter New
York harbor between sunset and siu-riso
The 1st Regiment, V. N. G
To go 1200 Strong.
Various reports have been given out
as to the probable manner in which the
various companies of the Vermont at
ional Guard willbe made use of in the
eusueiug troubles. The prevalent be
lief has been that not more than 000
men would be sent to do duty. (Jen
Peck returned Saturday night from
Washington and assured Col. Clark
that his regiment would maintain its
organization and that when called into
service it will go as it is at present
officered and with 1200 men. Col
Clark expects that the first call will
come soon and that the regiment will
bo mobilized at Fo.t Ethen Allen where
each man will besubjeeted ton physical
Roosevelt to Command
Washington. Apr. 25. Theodore
Roosevelt will be appointed Lieut. Col.
of tliM cowboy regiment which ho is now
raising, Dr. Wood formerly physician
to the President will be the Colonel.
No Volunteers at Present.
Washington, Apr. 25. It is positive
ly staled upon the best authority here
that Uw President does not contemplate
the calling of additional volunteers at
Shenandoah not Captured.
Livkim'ool Apr. 24. Agents of the
Shenandoah here declare, that there is
not the slightest evidence to justify the
report that the Shenandoah has been
captured by Spain.
Declaration of War.
Washington. Apr. 25. The Presi
dent sent a message to Congress recom
mending a formal declaration of war
against the Kingil"m of Spain. The
substance of the declaration is as fol
lows: "After reviewing the corrcspon.
deuce betv. ecu I his government audits
ministers, after the joint resolution of
Congress, recognizing the independence
of Cuba and after tin powers in it con
ferred upon the executive, the President
announces that a blockade is establish
ed in all the Cuban ports, following a
severance of diplomatic relations by
Spain, who refused Ihe demands of the
United Stales: The President hereby
announces a call for volunteers and says
ihat in view of the measures taken he
recommends the adoption of a joint res
olution declaring tljat a slate of war is
existing between Ihii United Stales of
America and the Kingdom of Spain, so
that the iiitcriiaiional sialus of the coun
try may bo known thus assuming its
right course of duly." The message
was rei'errcd tothe Foreign Affairs com
mittee of the House at once, This re
port was favorable, and it took just one
mimic! and 41 see. aids to pass a dec
laration of war. The vole was unani
111 11H and there was little excitement.
The galleries applauded. War has
been pramically declared since April 21.
Lateu. The Foreign Affairs com
mitiee inn agreed to rep hm a declara
tion of war which pa-sred the House as
follows? 11c it enacted, First That war
be and has been declared u exist and
has existed s nce April 21. including
said day, between the Um'.el Slates and
Spain. Second I'nal the I'rcsi lent . be
and Hereby is davcte 1 and empowered
to use the lul l 11 ival f lives of Ihe Unit
ed Stall's and call into the active service
of the UiGTod Sin e-, (he militia of the
several Mates to such nil exieiil as may
be nccessnrv to carry this act inioeffect
Tlic Ilriili-'s rrrpluxlty.
jfay WliLit frowning on your wed
ding day?
Fay I'm in a quandary. If I go to
tbo altar smiling people will say I'm
simply crazy to p't Charlie and if I
look solemu they'll say I already re
gret the step. What shall I do? Phila
delphia Record.
Politically Hungary is divided into
GIJ counties, containing from 50.000 to
136,000 inhabitants. There are 2(1 cities
eudowed with self Koverumcut. Buda
pest, tbo metropolis, contains abont
000,000 inhabitants. Tbo population of
Hungary is about 1,j,U00,OOO.
The French capital furnishes a market
for iati.ut.0 gallons of milk daily.
We have just received a new stock
of Sponges of all kinds for different
Sponges for
tbe Bath
" Carriage
" Polishing
Fine Small
Largess Stock in Town.
205 X. Main Street.
Is the Greatest
Stand the Test;
Daily, for Suits, Overcoats and Trousers.
Not a misfit this season and we do not expect one, as
great ca-u is taken in mcasureing, and the ronls are right.
Suits from $1 1,00 to $30.00.
Trousers from $3.00 to $9.00,
afes, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
We can sell You. a VICTOR BICYCLE '98
Model for $40.00.
Bicycles, Bicycles.
The Greatest .Bargain on Wheels ever known are now
offered for the next .'50 days.
The Keating Wheel is the Leader.
In nil the bicycle races except one last year in the state o( Maine the
prize was won by a Keating. Vnr years it has been considered 3(55 days'
ahepd of all others. '
We have wheels mucins: in prize from $50 down, and lor the next 30
days we will ci've a cvchinietei', hell und a 21) coupon suburban ticket with each
w heel sold, it will pay von to yet our prices and examine these fine high grade
wheels at our bicycle parlor. 17 FIRST AVK., MUXTI'KLI Ell, VT.
C W. POTTER, Agent.
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
GooHs. Specialty of
Pork P?oducts.
1 II tin.--- he i-J:r t ie cU for ii'-iit'.
.ire rc;nc,-!il fi '! !'i-L die same al cnn-.
;;;;i; i'ii;-.!LMAN's stcdio.
.o. Ma;n St. HatTe, Vt,
25c. to $2.50
15c. to 1.00
15c. to 35c.
5c. to 15c.
Opposite Depots.
Improvement in 98
We Deal in all noils of Mil
linery and always carry a
Full Line of Goods
At Reasonable Prices.
74 No. Mtiitv St.
One bii'i.'eft si.
Stove, with I ) ven ,
Kercene Ot' ( ;
sua! price !$' (
' sell tor cali t-i cbi-e at 817.00
j'l'liis stme cannot explode and suitsall
users. L. M, Averill.

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