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let's Talk It Ovfir
li.!it II.
Oili'lii Landry Wi III
yesterday al'leninon.
Cousin!,!,. Xii.hnls ,f
was ill u,e city yesterday
William Addie returned from New
Yor, lliis inoj'iiiji.
Airs Pllu Liiiil) is vi.iiin
V. P. llaydcn
now mm. wayon.
Slammer Nenrus of the Conibiiialion
cssli store was in town today.
jyion.o i rosn ami liis son have
virfitinir in iJi(. env ..nri,,,,- ,!, i, ,
Iluiiiphey was in Wnlcrliurv
!') .MillllJ clier
in Waits-
just purchased
iiIkmiI on a. trip
noun nnlil '1'uos-
J)r. Hanson will he
to Unslon from Friday
day noon.
Mrs. Charles J I n m phi-.-v of Water
bliry is visiiing her daughter .Mrs.W. II
Mrs .Sophia of Ka-st Moulpclior
who nas iicen M,-k itml who is w
known in the eily is improving.
Alien .Martin returned from William-
siown mis inornni",- after
shooliny; Woodchucks.
'J'lio (ilolni (.'lolhin Company have
furnished Adj. Arthur tl Kalo'u of tin:
liast ri-fi'inicut WH, !t sabre.
i He soils iir l!ie (ioddard bast
team came lins inoniinu;. 'I'll
dark ennison (i. S. in wiiiit
Contractor Cnyhue procur.
iioi.su yesterday altcrnuou
work moving iue building
.loll 11 Cehv
i nn
a iavs oiilniL
e suits arc
d anollier
an t went i,
.Vliowclh wiio has been keen.
i boarding house I1,. ,,i
lias moved to .Nj.auldiu;;- Slrecl,
Th(i new hymnals for the ( 'oii";iV"i
t'onal church arrived and will be "he
used Sunday i'ur ihe lirM time. "
Sonic loeal Mason's drove over to
Uilliamstowu last evening p, alien, I the I
installation of the Lodge in that eilv. j
A number of boys held another eele- '
uraiinu last nielli at Currier par
central allraclinn was the buniin
viimy hi ueu. v eyler.
A number of tin; members of ih
i.eercation (inn Club hcl,
shoot at. the (iimner lirool-terday.
Mr. Ko-ers of New y,k eilv is in
town on lui.-iii.--s today. Mr. lio mts
father is lir.,t otllcoroii ificsioainer Paris.
Charles Campbell has placed a line
now jn nmit ren.-icr in his iniii,. slme it
is coiibiUci e ij in spring.-ami wli
in;: it very en-y to handled.
Cady AveiiM eonimenees
the eily hotel .Monday a- el,
- er.ll lias oeeii in tae I
so ioiu'r:aii!iP it uioroi
'1'he eae of Mis
lh: W. I'. Mann Mr
fore Judge Harney
pi.uiii.il w.is-ivm jiidg.ueiiU'or sb-1.01.
(Icorgc Cayhue sav lie wishes il .strict
Jy Uliderstoo!! that he ha, kepi hi.-, a ere,..
inu.lvit!i the oily in regard to ui.Vyin
llKi l'uiiH! hmiso. "
I here will be eivcu under tlio ails
))iees of C K Society (It tho Jiaplist
( hiireh .Monday cvuniii'j; May 2 at 7 :30
the Lecture "Crayon in Cin-ieiiiinv." i.
rcMdeiil of the Montpelier V M CA
er Thorne. Tickets unw on c il..
by .Members of C. K. Sncioly.
Two yoiin j; ehildri'ti from East Mont
I ''l'T 'iiii-i' lo this city to sell dan
delion o-i-eeus. liefoiv they realizi'd the
time of day it was seven o'clock, and
they were afraid lo yo homo. Olliccr
i.rown lied up a place in one of the
ceils where they .stayed over night.
Frank Alhcrton of Duxbury a young
m in 17 years edd run away from hitl
hoiiu: 'J'uesilay mid has not been seen
since. He left tl MO ,;s i
lei -l't trim
saying lie was ironi'Mo war. Yi.i
his fat her was in this city looking after
Idiu us il was thought thai ho "might
liave enlisted in Company K, his name
was not on ij. is( oftlioso who have
ailisled. His father stated lo Captain
Ihidger mid ex Ca)tiiiu liisbeo that he
would give a reward of .")() for his re
turn. Ills lather was in
also looking after his son.
He is described as beimr fivn fee!
seieu luetics in height, blue eyes light
nan, round fair checks and light suit of
J-'K 1 )K V, ATI ( )X M K KT I X (j .
Tho Civja Federation of woman's
Clubs met yesterday afteroon. Tho re
port o the secretary mid treamirer was
read and accepted, Il showed il balance, of
over ifcjoii in Hi,. ireaMiry toward lix
in,' up the City l'ark. The ladies derid
ed to have a fountain in tho center of
tho park. They purpose to have n com
bination drinking and spray fountain
and have already raised over .U(I() to
ward the fund, if'Jo.OO of which has
been given by former residents of Ihe
eily who have a great interest in the
matter. Major Abbot of Washington',
l. C. sent them a plan as lo the lay-out
oi uie piii-K. it . im divided into live sec
tions and leaves spaco in the center of
about 20 feet for tho fountain. The
ladies drew up a petition asking that
the council remove this old hitching
posts along the side of the. park nod al
so the hand sland. They will reinvest
the mayor to enforce the laws about tho
street corners. This has horn of creat.
ri -
iimoyaneo to the ladies and thev desire
to have tho city ordinance strictly enforced.
4 EJffythria
real mim
1 Nl 4
AH Ol.lr
ge to Mini:
Many Lives Lest. Grer.t Dr m
Ships Headed For Northeastern Cost
W. K. Writ A I Lb Y ,
M. in Street, - " ,i:,m'
will Keccivc My n r.-oiitu .aiu-mimju.
Xiht Calls will lie Irr mjt 1 y Attcipl .1 To.
e call atresia snce 141-0. At office 25-3
Kky Wkst, A)V. 27. Tlio Unitt'd .Stttte.s hlups Xew
York, 3111 itan and Cincinnati bombarded the foils atMatan-
y.aa voulortUv. Tlwv liixrnn ni 12.-1;) and closed at
j j n ;
As far as is now known there was no
on the
. The
' of an
( an r;. i
rent w.i :i
c:s inak-
ibors at
li. Mr.
There was a great deal of indigna.
lion from all sides today against tho lo
eal Salvation Army, for a dis"raeefnl
affair which occurred last evening. The
army was going throunh with its usual
t. .1111 r.f .... I . :.. - .
.-i .u.mu; oioeiuig near tne alley
that lends to the residence of Com or
Houghton. Il is saiil they were creat
ing' a great deal ot noise with their mu-
sieal instruments and voices, when Mr.
Iloiighlon came out and asked them in
j il polile maimer if they would not move
I to some more distant point as his daugh-
tcr Madio was very low and not expect
e.l to live, nnd also that the physicians
had advised the utmost quiet. lie says
That that they did not pay the slightest
allciilion lo his request, "if this is true
u must indeed have been a pitiful sight
o me lamer begging for the life of
nis daughter, and meet wilh no response
from those whose principles ccrlainly,
should have led them to do otherwise
than Ihey did. Alland (i. Kay came
along and liuding out what the dilli
etilty was, he brought: I lepu'v Sheriff
Smith to Ihe seeno. 'Tins laller pushed
ins way into llieir midst and told them
to move on a! once or he would arrest,
them. This had the desired effect. It
is said thai Ihey have been ordered sev
eral times to keep away from that cor-
...... .. I'. .
jiii. j-..m i.iii'iusi; nas tin; utmost
respect for religion in any form, but the
-o:'l of thing said to have occurred last
ni-hl, should meet wilh eonileiimalion
Iroin every humane citizen. Dr. Camp
Ihe allending physician, says that there
i- no liouhl but thai the ilisl urbanee on
ihe sireei tended to shorten Miss Hou"-h-lon's
The eighteen schools In town com
menced last Monday with the following
Grmiiiinir Jlury Jl. Smith of Wasliinutnn
Iiilmiiediute Mnry F. Stone of Itandoluh
J'riiiinry Nellie 10. Oriindv of Waitslield
(iriiininar-Oco. I', Hyder of Corinth
inieriiicdiiite I'rrsis M. ( use of XorthllcM
I'riinnr.y Ida M. Iloldon of llnrre
Or.iiiunar W. I!. Itmvland of Corintli
Internicdiitte Nellie ,f. Perrin of Hnrre
Second I'riinary Mary F. McAllister of Cabot
I'l-unary Marion E. Sanborn of Xorthtield
Oniinniar Vln I.. Fariiliaiii of Tuubridife
liiternicdiiite Nettie M. l'cinher of Uandolnh
i rnniiry Nellie Moody of Waterbury
Cobble Hill (Jporge A. Heed of Harre
( iirlctcin Dist. Jlisn (iritliin of Xorthtield
I.iiwson Dist. Ilcrtlia Durkeeof Harre City
Hcckley Jlill Fiumie Wlieiiton of Hurre
West Jlill Nellie Adams of liaree
American s'do, as far as the ships are concerned, although
American lives may have been lost, (treat damage is known
to have been done to Malanzas and many lives wcr.1 lost.
This is the first known engagfeinent thus faa.
Uostox, Apr. 28. The Minneapolis h.'.s gone to
port, Me.
Di'BLix, Apr. 27. A Spanish cruiser was sighted h
this afternoon, headed for Xortli America. It is
that it has gone to meet the Spanish licet sailing to
1 he same
is n i
Loxdox, Apr. 2li Advices have reached here
that the American squadron sailed for Manilla "Wednesday,
G ihkaltak, Apr. 28. A Spanish torpedo boat destroy-
Gibraltar, evidently
er is seen scouting about the s rait;
for American ships.
oily government berni'i this nmrn.
nig tho work of widening Ikklcy suvct
as was decided upon a! recent meelin-'
Engineer ( 'urricr surveyed the loc.ilion
this morning,
w. .Weril. began work Ihi
nig as clerK al the eily j J , ,i (. I o.
done-. .Mr, ,,,K,
oyuient of (icoiv
I 'os I will
of It. 15. Cr.nid:
A- K. Hall Saturday evening
al 7 o'clock sharn to attend
patriotic mooting in Miles
old soldiers ami sailor vi,-iil."
eeed Marshall
enter the eiuj
The case of
l'ullon soil for
ludgo Iianii
1 1 if) ii i -I
( 'omraiU
nieel al (1.
April JiOth
the eilizens
Hall. All
out regard to Crnud Army aflilliiitions
are rcjuesicd t ,eet with the I'ost and
accompany Ihcni lo the meeting. Let
there lie a large altendance.
Ci:oii(iK T. CoxNKii, Commander.
id win Mavo,
rom Mark
'l"i'.i I'.-irsoas vs. C
II ilneo came mi icfm
. i
yesterday aftenioon Ti...
plaintiff was given jiidgmcnt for ..
(Sand eosls. The case was continued
until today.
Kx Captain linn 11. Wells has accei.t
the inviiatioii to he marshall of the foi
ees which will escort company K bo s
I.IHIO qepoi on tiieir deparliire. All
lodges or .societies who wish to join tlie
possession are re.i:e.,lod lo make Ihe
lact known to .Mr. W ells.
The regular ipiarlerlv election of ofii
eers of Neal Dow Lodge, I. ). ;. x.,
was held last evening' The following
oiucers were elected : C. T..II. V. Scott ;
V. 'P., Marion liuse; sccrclary, Kay
Jielknap; l S., MUs Delia Cheever;
marshal Burt Bussed; treasurer, U.S.
Willey. The installation will b'o held
W ednesday evening.
The giime which was to have been
played willi Norwich Cuivei'sity on Noin
'iuary Campus Saturday has been cau
eelled at the request of X. 1". Kfforls
are being made to get another team lo
tukethoirplaoe as otherwise there will bo
no practice game before the first lca-ue
game wilh Burliugloii High .School."
Jlie seven Spaniards who help lo
make up Ihe population of this eily are
gelling very uneasy doubtless because
Berniibc claims to.liave had such a dif.
lion 1 1 time in reaching Ihe Canadian
border. Those Spaniards il is said are
packing up their goods and will move
their household poriatcs to Canada be
fore this week is over.
The Punch cart of 11. Kdley on
Xortli Main Street had a narrow (csV......
from being destroyed yesterday after
noon. Some gasolene "caught "tire and
part of tho counter was burned as well
us badly damacing the coffee cooler
which was on the coiinler. The lire
was extinguished with some dilliculiy
and without much damage. '
The entertainment last evening in ihe
Presbyterian church was quite largely
aueiiiico, aim was llio last meeting of
the Young People's Association j Sep.
teniber. This society under the pres
idency of Alex, lianion has had an
an interesting anil pro-pcnnis season.
The present nienilier.-liip is til and the
average attendance has been about V.i
miring the winter Ihe n -social ion raised
in Bio-. Huighborliooir of .v.sii, and ihe
greater purl of the amount is being lut'u
ed over to the managers if. ihe clmrch.
nrai inn lie wol'ii will i,e la
again anil some new Jealurcs add
1 he Italians of this
arikjiit as ever lo form
as "Piidduhcad
Twain's story, as
I ", -Mamleo .Johnsnn, Kiiwin Xalod,
.n. rianiv I ampeaii. Augustus Halfour.
Mareey Harlan, Willard Curlis, W. I!.
1 II. I.I L.' . . . I. 11 ''I..
.m ""ii.ioi .-suicm, n imam Arthur
David Kivcrs, Charles Chacffer, Adi
i'wyer, l.elle Stoddard, Prances Craliain
Mayo, Sadie Did more and others mak
ing il one ol the large
zaliom on the road.
House, April ;!().
dramalie organi
lllanchard Opera
Why suller with Corns when
ran have them removed without
by Mits. S. Al. Yoiik, 12 Kim St.
number ot citizens got to"-ether
osicr.iay aiiciuoon aiu i mii n In lw.1,1
a patriotie mass meeting iu Armory
Hall Saiurday al 7 1'. M. A meeting of
this kind has been under
tor nearly a, week, and
are nearly completed.
Thecommilteeiii charge, dipt. Mudg
ell, X. ,1. Poberls, and K. A. Hoar have
arranged lo have the Italian Hand
present to render selections and it is
their intention, if Dossibb. in lim-,. ., fn
chorus. Patriotie songs will be sung
and a rousing meeting is looked for!
The hall will be draped wilh the stars
and stripes and it is possible licit mil
nowers and potted plants will be
on the platform.
Those who are requested to speak,
are Mayor John W. (iordnn. pv.
.Mayor lv. L. Smith, Dr. J. llemy Jack
son, Ceo. C. Maekie, ex-Capl. Burt II.
Wells, A. Boyce, W. V. Lapoint,
. r iorse .i.ienuid A Hoar, F 11 How
land, (). D. Malhewson, (;,.. T.Con
ner, Ceo. T. Swazev. .1 P M...... !;..
P. II. McKenna, Ke'vs. Dr. S. X. Jack
son, W. I!. Davenport, K. M. Puller,
und H. W. 11. Slafford. Each speaker
is requested not to speak more than 10
minutes, so as not to prolong Ihe meet
ing any more than necessiuy. It will
be a rousing meeting and the citizens
xiioiuii iiirn out mid show their
A im. WSJ It .. 1 .. .1 1 1 I'H 1 1
, ii. a i le.u nni iii'n: uy way til riairi(l
tnat tlie Spanish ileet. sailed several days ago from (Jane
Verde, and it is expected that it svill soon put in at St. John,
N. 13., to get a supply of coal.
Uayoxxjs, France, Apr. 25. Advices from Madrid stale
that the Spanish i-qiiadron sailed Tuesday lor America to
bombard the northern forts.
We have 1). M. Porr,-
Sweet Pea Seed, last corn,
The vault at Klmwood Cemetery will
bo open the ISrd day of May and before
Ihat lime for tlie purpose of removing
the bodies from the tomb. "
P. (i. (.'ami, Sexton.
War in Cuba. Pull act of Maine disas-
ict, eatoli penny )0ok are bein"- pub
lished. See Unit the book contain 050
pages fully illustrated this is tlie only
complete history from 18(18 lo 181)8 by
(ionzabode Quosnda.
I). A. &V. W
8.'! AVashiiiglon St.
("o's Mixed
ie. per oz
P. M. Averill.
Finest and most lastimr (i,,iui, ,.
lacttired is the Diamond Wall VinU
P. M. Averill sole agent.
I wish to- inform tlie public that I
have no connection in anyway wilh (he
so-called Pniou Bakery, although I have'
if?! Pniou principles. My plaue is iu
i.umioi s oiock on Aorth Main
.None ot my goods are sold
reen cart. John T. (
Tte Princess Cliarlotto Spent fllauy llappy
nioutlia In America.
tyueeu Julio never joined her hus
band, Joseph Bonaparte, tho fugitive
king of Spain, in this country," writes
William Perriun iu Tho Ladies' Home
Journal, "but late iu 1821 their daugh
ter, the vivacious young Princess Char
lotte, determined to console her father
in his exile. She arrived at Philadel-
phia in the ship Ruth and Alary, com
mauded by Captain Mirldo, The ship's
wharf was covereft with a crowd anx
ious to see her. Only 1!) years old, of I
highly animated temperament and do-'
lighted at the ending "of tho 40 days'!
voyage, tho younj girl was in an ecstasy
of pleasure, tho waved her fur bonnet
at the persons cn tho wharf with such
careless delight that it fell from her '
hunds over tho ship's rail and into tho
river. Iu her transport of enthusiasm I
she snatched Cnptaiu Micklo's hat from !
ms ueati, gayly placed
By the Commander In Chief of Ui Head
ciuarlcrH. "Say, mister, have you .seen a mean
lookin little cuss with a blue suit an
brass buttons on haugin raoun here this
week?" said a tall woman to tho clerk
at a Lewistou hotel Friday.
"Don't know that I have. How u'Mn
does ho look:-" was tho reply.
"Ho portends to bo a vitrau, "con
tinued tho woman regarding tho clerk
over her glasses, "an giurally about j
Grand Army time he disappears fro-a
nis wile s lied an hoard nn cp
n"" u'J
iichs mo nun south. I want to sou him.
I want him to come homo. "
Up tho corridors camo tho sound of
A party of votorauswero tcllius tales
oi war.
A familiar voice smote upon tlio air.
The woman 's lips closed tightly.
"I tell you, comrades, I jes' cujoyed
own : T- . ",Jlllc-"eJlor.svilIo inoro'n
a uiu ino nun duriied muss from fin ta
This Iiif'iimialioii to Farmers Around
Uarre is W'mih More than the
Present Value of a Din Full
of (irain.
In l.':i-l i In rrc :t!iout live miles from li-me
l'o.-t nilii c, t iiorc lives n irond, honest, lninl
workiiu' tiller of the soil, ninneil Wnssmi I'..
Iinu , Like every other sensible farmer, .Mr.
'' MIII-ITIIICS lor Wilier Hill one .v(.nii.
us in-w:i iiiiiionu (iver lis urre week i- 1.1
eye rlianctV. ., c.ilcli renih'iiL' nolice u lii,.l',
I'P'vt'd ii honiuizii fhr hh ill hriL'htcncd up
his llin;-h-,,' spirits over the liny price of umn
1 l!ll "i prmhii-c. ami thchih price of cuin-
nindities winch iuv ncces:irv for fiinnei-'u
exisli'iicc. A farmer rcnsoiis in hi. r.
iilinr wiiv iiikI he cull, sn.-nle , u i
.Mr. I low mi vs i in i('t I v to himself "I i.-.,t
Ilcll 111 remedy us I Mini's Ki,m.v pilk. i,'it
carries out, l;nthrtiMy half what it claims, it
will cure my kunckid;. Ifeweyer much jrood
limy result lnnn one hex. littles or mi h.irn.
'" (llsllc: U lan hi liiinv Mr Ii,.... ......l..
wine inquiries nt Kuton's drmr store Mi,n. a,.
lircnaniliuii iiinl wus iiiforincl that, scores of
people m hisritv anil the surroimdiiijr coun
try lillil (ilitiillici Innn's Ki,l,.o loi ...i
tl., ... .... i . . in.-, o-siiro
..,.,, ,, erc rccoiiniinir tiieir exnprience
1 Ills Wll C'llOllLT 1 I'lil Mr !,.... II.. i- .
i , . - .-v... . iik niirciui
VUt-c: "My Lt( Iicvs Iron ,h ... '
"ii tin i nn. r 'i 1 i:in' i i .fi.i.t - ii,.
hi without ohiain ,,;, ;,'
In the la is;,.; I y., " , " ''
mil -nil. r-c .1. " '
.,.. .i ; i ' . nuns across i v
liacli Wine were r t nu : I . l -.
would iipiily a mustard nhisoV ... ' ' . !',' .,'
laws only to vet relief for the ti :.
ililicss of the kidnev secrcth.ns '..,
' -I'lTiaiiy ai, infill, us it
mi u s,, j ne secrclinns wen
coiurci. i read of ):
It on her
and saluted her admirers nnew
Joseph was highly pleased with! ;as ' iousee, Clin'riil Jaoksou was off on
uarioito, wnom ho had not seen since' lu uur JUI -trair.pm like the very devil
Bho was 13, an tried to givo her aa to onfflub tho Union lines, That air
luuuu compensation as lio could for tho ;",UJ"" "y cap n uo sez to me, scz ho
pleasures of tho continental life she hud i Jake. J'on tiiko a detaehment o' livo
left behind. He took her tnl.oio. Hr.,..i, ; an ko aout
is it disturlied
also very hi.'h-
lll's K iilnev I ''ill. .,,,.1
IT WITH sn lii.rl.l, . " '
i , ,, I'liiiiieniie i i ot jl
;..x ire,,, li,.,V dnw s.re. After usins
, """ss was relieved the see-
reticns were liorma . I ,r,,t .. i i . :. .
vh-n( .ml linislied it i w- c e TCI
jot le.lt. t ie least symptoms of i.i v ftinwr W l!
am a w X ft'1" m " ht "
an . In ni ., "lad to rtTommend them persoimlly
to any one should they cull on me." Y
nmiii i cms lirp fnr sil ... .11 1
1 rice 30 cents. .Malle.l i. i.',.. J, '
Hiitraio, x. v.. soi mfi t '.:t.':
I's. I....I. i.. r
'' lake no siihsiii me. ",""e J'0:l" s
Central Vermont Railroad.
..(lltltKCTKU I'll JAV. 23.' thus.
I ruuii! leave Barre dally, incept Humluj ,, -,.
3.10 A. .VI. -MAIL, Kur Uoston vla. ,
KitclibuiK; New Vork via. dpriiiKlh-ie
all ,e buxluutl imiutt. Parlor curt.. ,: ..
.m .A"H w"' ! owt,1l- wnhoul change.
12.00 I'-M.-KAaT K-Vl'libes. rirHusl,,, .
J-owell; .eW Votk vl. rtprinnBeld ,t , ",
,,x , . Lol"tun- huffet parlor oar tu lw,-,
.W I .H.-UUAL l'Artili.uiiu. For . .
tl Id, Uaudulpii, and While ; -Jiiuciioii,
cuunccilng wnli ii.;,
train for Wiudnur.
11.00 I'.VI.-.NHillTK.Vl-lttSfl. Leaver Ii. ,
week .! only, but leaven Moutuolicr I '.i
A.M., daily iueludlDK ounday.. i,t. i'; " ...
ton via. Lowell daily t.Ui.i. ilostol,
H-ltc-bbu, daily, i 4. M, s J unl '
cept Sunday) U.2S . . V)n i-un, ,n , ',
o yiringileld, ouiy . w.,ner alee ,
to Bo.tu,i v.. ,oll and toBprl .,
Q K.n v . ,U("AO NdltiH.
9.50 A. JILuoai. hXl'Uti. Km liu, i,
ton, i. Ail,an8. Ulchtoi d. and lltl ;
cn,1Be. Hue CU.eagoU ,u K TnUTl ,"V
via, uutlauduud 1-ruv. "
Suburban Service.
- M
11 UU P. Jl
!' ilAl.Vci
L.e..ve Jl., i, i. ,. Ii..
Il.iiw auu li.2u p. ii.
3'U6, 6. In,
lO liAHKli.
K.1S, lo.du
Williamstown Trains.
uarre !. ! j..4.:J;1
hum ( 'o..
I'niteil .state,.
l.lu.. .
i..ij r. M, j p
Leave Wllinui.to,, 7.ao
Rarre .u6a. a.i.uu t: .
If. H
2.3o ...
J .
ueu. iSyot.
l OL,lii...,
len. I 'hhs . i ...
W. Ii. l.
and Saratoga, but
that her chief
lasio was lor iini,,il,.
.... . ."....i.tit;
At tlie old gallery of the Academy of
Finn K mt-n i., Ill.il 1 . . . J
i-nuaueipnia were exhibit
ed several studios and landscapes from
hor tir'ish "
discovered 1 doi" ' Et 'm nuspcctif v
sez he 'that thero'i
er beatin aroun tlio
on suspct
from the
A. 11. Puzell, the new proprietor
Ihe Ucd Star Lunch Hooin, puts out
icKen pie everv
nis customers a
lay; Heel slew. AIoik hiv : idiieL-,... ci..,,,
Tuesday and Wednesday; fish chowder'
Thursday: lish balls. Prhhir li...,i,,...
s oak Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and oilier
refreshments served at all hours.
Blanchard Opera House
Saturday Kvenin"
AFRII, 30th. 1S9S.
I first appearence here of tho univer
t i sal success,
0 .
Sun- '"rK i wains Beautiful Plaw
r i
play is laid in
corner of Missouri, mid
-en up
eily arc still as
a coinnanv lor
t io, purpose of fighting ;niu Spanianls.
Soiiiii of the leaiUu-ff- Italians iieau Ihe
circulatieu a paper "la. t niTil and
several uaiiies were signed in a very
short, lime. The paper is circulaliu'.'
today iu Moiitpcliyr, Vesi Ilerlin, paq j
Uarre and liaire. Tliiiy have been told
that tho only chance for them to enli.st '
at preset would be lo r u, j)(.t !
as the ( oinpaiiy lliere is short of ihe
roiiuisite number, but thev are in,.;ii.
lili;- to tlo llial.
The online; oiioaement at Hlanchitrd
O.iera House Saturdav Apr. ;l() of Mark
Twins famous "Piidd'nhoad Wilson,"
uilhils Jiiif company of hili class
players, will no douht brincr out one of
tne most eu,'iiirc(l audiences of the
son. I lie scene of tin
II. e souiheasteni t
II III II S 11 ,.t II... t. I I
, which niiiKes up
Ii e most iniereslinir part 0f that state's
h story inlerestin because it deals
iin a people tree Ir Ihe heartless
laspmir of in. mey creed and uiihliohied
Lin; i ooi Kirinaiiiy mat lias
to our social svslwn, It js ;l
p ay wilh a beaiiliful love
u liich comedy and palho
uanii, wiiile lis theme is founded
a subject which of l o.. 1,.. I
asdrainitized by
Direct from lone- iiiiirNimn...,,!. !.. n....
, . . "n """a ill DOS-
ton, Uncno, Philadeipiiia, San
Praiicisco and Um
Herald (i.piare Thealre, XCv York
where it played over 100 nights, '
OI high class players, with
PDW1N MAYO iu the Title Role.
A play that has taken its place anioim
the classics. n
iii:aitii.i l staijk skttixos.
-V story ol love, coined v and mil li.iu
Pile leirill voters Af tli,cliu..r i
hereby notilied mid warned tn ,:..!, i i'"'
morv llnll in Miles l!l,,.-l.- ., v ,.V"
on the
I', in., to
ill vote lo Iniv
i. .in .... i. . .
Kiumivi.,,, .'" now
.h i . niiinn tue t uv, and
..... ... m.r, ii . i ..' I II ...... .
"i wie ..I
niiission tn
Ciiv with ,.., ,i, 'I. . -o'enniiriiie
new Hies ot pipes within the city. U
i limit. To see if the ilv v((. to ...
struct tuo CityCouncil loKi've p T ntsi ,
any water system or Work?,nv in I .
Strict in the City or Uarre. Veriaont, ,
2nd day of Jlav, lislKS, at T;.'10 o'clock o.
u.tiiirai-1, me loiiiiwiiifnnisiness:
1'TKST. To see if the ( 'il v w ill
or coiiiieinii any water svs
To see if the 'itv
instruct the citv council to L'ive per
any water system or works now sin
if so
on his lips. Thefmht
'VPS. A SI111S111 n:iw..,l
liat left it a sirl.-iv
a tour
you I.;1
i a-lorrjt (tin of vnei.
j ...
the right to iniike
new connections win, u,,;
s of
the ( itv uct'0I0,l"" 'f the resident
KW.JII II. To see If the ( itv will vote to
put in ,. water sysfan of lis o'w, , ,
I' II'TII. To see f the ( itv u-ili .
thorite the City ('ouShiV, 'te'a,
other iirranifeinents with iniv of thiu'vN i,
water eoimmn e ,.r i.-,.i,.. . .: i ',. . xl "nK
from .Martin Bniok lnu, ft l !r
n-.isi; ur .irnilleiiiiM.i..
SIXTH. To see if the (' v w l i. t
purchase or conde the works ,V I,, p,,. "
Sh.,Ml, Tosee it the ( it,-Wi ;,,. ,
borrow iiioiieyand issue its lands ' ,,1 , ,
other evidence of indebtedness .' . .'.."'
any kiuuo' sneak in
hush iMitii i,
Jfi lay low m, Pyhoot for tho Union
lines.' 'Well, sez p ' 1
thot!!"" i"'0,!l;"' " l fjr
mi "uiiwi nor nrm ia hi;,
j.uu words died
died out of his
over his countenance t
green, the color of the hidu cf
"Jahcz," said tho woman, "boyn.,
in? ' r ymi 1 ' u-'lriuk-
. wu U(.
coiiiniaiKlmi nt not to lie
these Bunthmen tbm S i;
I to war was to AuKiist i
not f i ?
' : ll i.ll'l (IVn. l, .t
, ft.!,lllliyou! Did von
suwecd, where you ,Ja
t.omu JJmil0 julll,ztb
"io pigs need vou "
coal looklVi;'1" "M '. ' th.ue
withal ,i : ' .lu"", faea
The ,ad 1 1 . " . .
thorn was mi ,7,7, " Ul ' iu
"a 1UC10 bit of gl
aoer Monday, s c ,o- .
run., follow.. .''
oiJlJi li (A l l.is
llladlhr V;is i-i'n.ifii.l f... ... ..... ,.
iiiunelv, a iv,viii',,.i,. . Pnpse. , .:f.vr..u?rrB. '. '.10 JO,
....i..-;; . . i'i nin e, an, u. "i'u.iwp.
. " " '"" t' any form of di...,..,. ..... I . at Blw.ii m, ,.
'I wo ways. The lir.r. u-T.. L ! .u IvmT.'J ,b-ou
wiuvi' iUuriti...! u- u
"".oiuL'uirro.v.aupt. Jl.
Montpelier & VVeJls River R, H.
In and
a in. U.m, '..,,ii, .
ept by one
' ' ""t iiiipcrnvt action
secoiio way l- Ir
oilier (li.-ciiM
sense ex-
lir.-t win. in
ni the kidiu.vs "'i'i.
'uiu careless local tno
...Ml 111 Ul
you tell
r yoa got
nn tbu you
ti..1. "hu";.! m.:,;,i,,,,I,t",,,th-v k'-i-.vH u
I'nrcisc, and if' i, , IJ:, "'T ,'""'t"'.l for one
'MMiweal , s' " & " 'm'iS,,,,t
eases. It i, ,i, ' Vx,''Pt HI rare
the bladder, th ,,iV, "' ,V."-V to 1
i''hi'lch''i'(or nHiefi'i- . M''kh Inejs'' back"
lake, attributed . , f, , , i ' ,'""'" ''' "'is
"'"'"'I" "f , i . """" or womb
"ilca,liU ...' IT''"'' i easily 7,
"" "iTcciiv.'sei v ;,;, ' .. 1,1 Iu I
,,,"' hours , se,fi, , , , . ' ""' tW('"f'
ex I rn on I ina n imIci'i of r' , '" l the
"""'l'"n'atki,h niil i '."m " Sw"""-
'""''ii i'cnli,,1 i ..''"" ''"'"Ider remedy
"hoiild li;ie t(j(. ,,fA . I1'','' 11 V i.'hi-'yoi,
'""' ""nr. Vol in' , i ")' ''Ills
"" ' luunphl,. ', , ''.'"""'M'1'' l-'t-
i receipt ,f , , '"v ''' n.ail,
Tun I! i. '' :1..."" bottle. .Menu,,..
'iM'ss lo I,,' y I1' ' r: Ili.l j..r ad-
'''''' i'i-niiriei,-: ,;r ..,.:!"-rl""i"". x.
sremiiiieiies, f thU m ... 111 fuuriinlee
caaws and
n i.
erotioniL '17,? u ,,i ,Ms"" n Ind ,
.uiiv,. VI . . 1
I.U0, -6.M, .(.(,; 8.a) A. i..
tnm-.or b.uer .emee o l,'ui"". '
red. Ail trail,, win ., t'h"T'Ull ......
'ni uvj L. . ,, to t..e euimu. ,
Comieets at Vei8 lt(
j...Uo,at.oU I'raluaoru. ;.".'
'i and h,x,.re-, Irai,,,
I'.. 1'..sbUii.,,.. ll,.,
.''t!eWforNeWyur"k '
iu Uoston 4.;'si u - ?
V'n.MdOeutr.1 ,epul'; fV ,",
l.i..Ul, .orviee liurl n - ii
''""- "lop. at a,l ," ,
in. W '?." "'o ...r ....
..ner Hilh il. m..,i
i 'i-i.-i.,mi.,. I,...,
.fro kf:
p I stai
A On reai
Vith tnivt
lyerv .lesir
i 1L'
If I Onei
ma nee rres
v i.r..
M. I
Conueus ai .'
Toil,, 'i
I'.i. nl . , , ' V; '"II, an,.
v .'HBt M.V ti , ,
WHS L'one
to as ac nu end.
Le wi.it on
with Mark Twain's
crept in
mn oral
story, and in
M" nan. i in
I'm n-
isning tooil for th,, scientist, the theory
of the lliuuib marks which is now beino
used as a moans of personal indonti
cation in bringing; eriniinals lo justice.
I-1 win .May,,, j, younjrnud gifted actor
appears in tin; title; role
.Wn.i:! I am prcpar.! to do first
class work in house painlinir, paper
iiang ng :ml ealsomining. " Orders
threu .h the until nromnilu nit,.,i,i ,
i ... ...... i , .. . n .
" , line. iu to liirin A m.'Plmi nt',,,., i ... ,
this, company here and if nee,, i men. ' V, ZZ! WOJK"
J. C. Down:, 100 Alain Si.
j enlivened
! cisms.
Sale at Hide's liook Store.
Special 'Prain will return to Uarre at
close of interlaiiinieiil over Jl. & W.UH
The Commercial House
Chas. Johnson
of the iiiirnoses .,.. i "' mi.v
tides ,i .hi-. . :. " '-ui.
... ..... ... .,,,,., j,iii. ii it voles I,, i
Its bonds nr t,,f-,. .... ; '""sin i
I,.-.,. .... I " ''MKIIIlie nu
' ami pjnee of
.ii.- mini III minus, w ii.l .,.
tered, il will issue.
2lt dav of April. ls!s l,'""'''' t, this
"'HX W. iOKM,.v.MAVoIi
rale of jn.
I'ayiiniit iin,i
'"Upon nr reiris-
lie is nrenared to mont I. ..
wnntsof-tlie public in an up to
date manner.
In Cosmxtion
487 N. ain Street
Girdcu linwes,
Ben tho The Kind Vou Have Always Bought
Without A RiT
sarositivcctireforsprains !,,.
am pains of nil it , llJlns'bl"so8,
Gmtiot Av i,1 M,i 518
n(l can s'iv 11 i Inmi y
-I-umcit, my ankle a i , 1
iUlfl si'"'e then I I,,, ' nl tuictl "10
f'"'ay Pains a,,,, '. 1 !Va Used it
OiliSBold,or0you mUon
Ill, ni'
i ii in
"n, ilv.
I I'llw ('
mum. 1
VI I i ., .. .. - l'.'H IN I". ,. .
,.. " fon ,i i',' ,,s
vl111 i'lir,.f .1, n,,m'
lav," "''f , '' ''Pia.r
w" r"'"' ..iiv.;,!,?;. ,l'"
C UHKt Tl B" "UU I'll-
in in I.. Chicago cv......
-Uorduy. To I ,. ,; J , '
i.'iU ir' lbuuil"y- A Is,,
'.ri,u r.lviK n.,
ii m, . '""'ici.i, .leu,
uuuvct t H ells in,-..- .
train .mrihV'v ' U(r
'r".i,lt.oll. 'ViVow ,;; , :l
' imiti, ..ver tn ,
"I'Sr"1 '
P. u- ' Afi'in.
4 05 P,
I.IIM,liv I'.. . XK
livst rf,.r
"I'll"'" vl
I rii c ,
'nni'l Ihe
'"!". 'Ji.i.iii... T
"M'.v if it la
lie .V 1 1 1
'"' ' 'roiin.
hi tl;;,,.
Ir.nu le.
uv II ,(
"l,l I'- fl.il.
hoiiie v,
'il.e nnd
- 'ouH- ,
I'V Ir II...I
I in . ""'
I I'anr.. A
A dose
.'"I inacli
I u . ... ,
MM lie
' ''n In Ihe:
'un, wi.....
"lu-li ( nn, ... .V
nit to I
Kin- I
Trade Murks
Anran....... COPYRIGHTS Ac.
QUIoliiy " "keM. nnd d.crlp.io.i ,.
"mention Ik DKihnl.i. . '. "'" ,rt' "tii'tl.
I I le
. foarr , , ... .
''"HI (in , '"'llluli i '.,f , . ' "f'tTI
l.y K ,,.1 ; ':'"!"" -u,'l i 1 !,,"'''y. I
' SWC(
'Inr rnv.
law " Hi I M
,l"8 MrlAl J E"!Sl1,!r P'.itentnhlp.
p'i' tree, o'l, .J '','l-,Illl''','ok on I'm, , ,
' 'O'l.ta l, i ,?, ?KPnc'' f"r'cuniiK iwei.i-
NoflrJ, w,rn .u't"? ' """ l'-
i$JI!,fic Ifficrbi;.
- - yy ilHIHUij'ltlll, U. C
1 "St Ir0M A0W V0rk' I J. C. Down:. 100 Main S. 1 "1 ' PU01, ,n ttD UP
' V. 1 , 1 i n.alH-r W - mi Jmr- , A . . . . I
" "V I l ' .W-W;.,.,. : . .,.... ' 11 1 -L.
!" ""I LAf r-L .
Pn3&E?tive -Pcnunrnt euro
No-TSit Absolutely hamifc.
tlon nZ,"? uu - process -No stibstitn-
To ii i-:
! I Miittib
:ii) one Hi-.
I I'V Ir. stii
gone flight.
I pon sa
H Will scl
PUXo. Mai
I C0't XAI
if I .Street,
I J'errin Mill
;l Lot at ths c.
3 quire it T. (
Wire ut 1 lov
a. II. p,,
'e Pel Shi
'ns eiistoiiu
lay; l.ecfi
Tuesday .,
J'liurs.lav ;
8tPiik Sat,,,
I'liowders, I
eiass Kl,r
lii'lij;itiir j,
iireiiji, ihe
All iiivemp
toen. Xo a
K.lwiti m
""'.' froin ?
'O' Minilee
5trill'k Cam
fJl'J-. I ton
vi, iivt,
' wJ-r.Bp,
. h,yo, Sadie
il one of
f;"loiis oU th
'iioieesl Ii
our new
i East 2itt Street. IW i
j ets.
Street, New York City.
per U
or PArtirnlnni k,j,lnu in

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