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- A .
Barre Evening1 Enterprise
- Press
1 cent
2') cuts
Single ''"I'y
One month,
One year,
'OL.l. NO. IT.
BAKItE, VT., I UIDAY", AP1UL 29. 1808.
For 15 Days Only
Hundred Strong and Intelligent
" . ., ..... i.t.,l In mlfl
Moil HIM 10l'"
,, lilnr Store to carry off, one huu
,,,,,1 men ami young moir
The Weather.
Ttikuivivr A Tift) 00 iJ.iIn .i.,L
V ""111-Ml, iUll IU-
morrow, slightly warmer, Hhtftiug winds.
pring and Summer Suits.
lH,.c,l on a hp" '-
n?'n, n-.t 1 bought for less than
J7 00 to S.00 f"'1 elsewhere.
Suburban Tickets at the
Hv your
line Store
,, Depot Sipiarc at
(J cts.
Anniversary Program.
The followiii"- nrosruni will hn wn.
dered at the Odd Fellows anniversary
entertainment this eveninir, in the hall
of Hiawatha Lodge, No. 20, Gordon's
block :
1. Prayer. Key. Thoiims Mitchell.
Holla. MIsH JHxi Ml'(irH!ir.
3. Ueimtrks, Mayor John V, tiordou
4. Music, Mandolin Chili.
Heading, Miss llattie Holt.
Remarks, Past (irand V. A. Iiovve.
Singing, Maic Quartette.
JEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Juarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
For Sale Everywhere.
liiiicklion A Co. S'
L. Lewin, M'gr.
ISO No. Haiti St. Mrre-
n-.lnve a "nod stock ordered, will
Live this week.
We now have a good stock of
Muslin Flags.
Yn. AT :il ii St. Tel. dl-J
To Rent.
m IH'VT l
I i.!i.nii iit t.i rent with 7
i -.'.-'
Spring wiilrr. t heap.
Hunker has U down
rpiwinnlile terms -a good stone shed
m)Hrai-..lin,r :,n,l liootll lUTrlckS. A1S0 HOIIIB
m ilwnilili' ti'iieinents : Inquire of
il ltKST.-lionmx in pleasant location.
iiiipverv nleiiMint room, ! nori s"f
Alice 1'rolmi. 1011
TiiKKXT- A live moid tenement on Pearl
St. II will In vacated mh . im.
. ...7. ... i ............ lin.r rimm
T ( . 1' ve urge cunm.
". , , ., i ..,..,n.it..oni lined
I Mllllllilc inrolliccnini i i,i
.... j!.,.. i tir- mm' occupied
klir, Stickney, iiImi single front olllee up
(intflpt. 1,. M. Avenll.
For Sale.
,.,, ...... . ... D......V nriirlv new
r Win ...ii ,.i..i. l iinii re of L.J. Jie.ui,
JHXii. Main Mn-et.
Poll SAI.i: i me House and Lot on "aw-s
'mm inn .,,,.1 iMru-e Corner HuiliiinK
lot al lh ninii -r ..f Second anil Main Sts. In
prut T. (i, WliitehilPs, f17 No. Main M,.
On the Corner.
On United States Ship.
A Valuable Capture.
. 4
Portugal Will Be Neutral.
O f.
WANTEli ).v an experienced tfirl a PJJ
siiiun t , (ieneral House-work, in
quire t Duwers A Chessor s niaruei.
A. II. liiiy,.lt. the new proprietor of
tl"' hVdS'ur Lunch Hoom, puts out to
his customers u chicken pie every Snn
iliiy; lieef i.-w. Monday ; chicken stew,
TiU'wInv nii.l Wednesday: iish chowder,
Tlmr-div; Iish balls, Friday; hamhur-r
HMk Si'iiiirdav. Oyster stews, eliun
tlnavilers, linked heans, coffee and other
reIi'ilninMiis served at all hours.
Not i ii.;
I'ilHs W l,'
I urn prepared to do first
in house, piiintiiifr, lil'er
limiiie.' mid ealsoiiiinino;. Orilers
fcniijh li. e mail promptly attended to.
All inyniilnvees arc experienced work
Hen. No apprentices.
.1. J. l)oi;i-., 100 Mum
We have already sriven in detnil the
opinion of "On the Corner" and we do
not propose to entet into a Ion r discus
sion of the subject. Those, who read
the daily report of the Inspector will
understand that the "Under Do-' is al
ways championed "On the Corner" and
the writer of the abovo coinunieation
will find that, every member of the club
will vote ntrninsf. fiilimirmnont until ti
sewer has been voted fur the west side,
iiive inose lax payers inai to wuicn iney
:,ij :t ..T. i .'
iiu iriiiiuuu ji-'u iiiii iu im'ij j;ill,u
anion"; our i)eoi)le. Any other citizen
who has any Ueslions that they would
like discussed "On the Corner" will be
treated lo a report of the discussion if
they will communicate with the inspector.
Probable, some luriuber "On the Cor
ner will lake the position of mail car
rier between the church and postoiHce
'ombiiicd and the dc ots, when the es
teemed Mr. 15,-idger retires from the po
sition. One thing rt aped by (he rail
road Irom the. city hall lire was the mov
ing of the p istotH.ie to such iiuu'ters, as
the jtovernment is now obliged to trans
port the mail. Thus we can get a little
more iron) the cotters ot Lnele sain.
"On the Cerncr' is arranirinir for an
open air concert by their own bund some
evening this week. The band is com
posed of old loafers who have been on
the corner so long iney aimosiseemio
liuvr. n-rim-n there. There are no mod
ern instruments in the band, but it is un-
ilerstood that some of the new seleo-
timw to lie rendered are " hen the
Kers run up Main Street ;" "Shall we
live a modern elevated bridge irom
Seminary Hill to Hooker Hill'' and
"When Company K goes to Cuba." I he
Inspector heard the various selections
l.iui ov..ninr mid e:in assure those who
listen that it will be the treat of a life
time. A silver collection will be taken,
unythiuir from three cents to Hi will Uo
The house warming announced to
take place, drew a large crowd and the
de.ba;e between the representative of
the city government ami an auvocaie in
rhn lilnre Water Company proved an
exciting feature of the program. Per
gonal hits were allowed, ami oui col
ored friend Marshall who acted as judge
lecided that the war ot words was a
tie, ami would not award the leather
medal to either debater, auouh i in
hale wil be held this week between the
same parties regarding these limn ic
marshes" that so many talk auoui uui
know so little of. ,
liert Ciinilh made excellent iiiucuom
.i . ..i'H Iiwl niirht
my resilience to me v um . , "T
and I alighted from ins easy riiinijj
hist as a signal irom me jiomu i.s...
J ... .i. ;.... n-tia rim. ll.
announced tnai me " "i
The, proceedings were out of the usual
.. i..:. i vwtiint ivickrr anuouiie-
onii a 'I'" ' . i,
ed that in the absence ot me
ould act as "King .Master. ...e.,-.
at ure of the evening was a wire walk
i i.i iv i 1 known
in" exhiiniiou oi'iHi. i.
"Kickers" from the .M-rm aim ...
portions of tin city. The wire was the
'.Trolley,'' and each contestant was to
nd return to place of "
one who made .he trip ill Iho '
,i,c to be allowed the right ogn the
ew school house soon, perhaps, to be
bu It a name. The Italian band furn sh
o music. Atthetircingofasn.a boy
m thc tower of the Knpi
ad a scream from the ''Night wa -
the contest op neii wnu u.v --
side kicker on The wire, ' ; ,
Keith Avenue he lost n.s .... .-
"rnderlaMiig it ul"
..... The South side "hn. w It AH
ii;,xto the slippery wire, hui at
P ar streethe became t o bold and ncd
fo dame a jig on the op,.er cord a, d
,11 in o . be ui.lk cart of !" '1
T o I.!cs decided that the matter was
1 lie .ui'in " i;.,llv iidTced that
aarawand it was hu. . a? ;
the.nmungo the u
Mhould be leu "
ation. . ... ... .,( u. pro-
When this circuH ' , ,,,'
.ra.ne was over ll o i . c i m
,1,u ol,l """e' eon me c 1 to arrange
..() the Corner 101 nmt .n
for the boxing mate 1 A
,ake place be.ween . e ! fjV t
some man sent y - ; n .7.ho(.or.
(!l.rtain it.me '","" ,, imi,ators of
n,,vv wiii ,,t on i e . ,vyciy
Corl.iMt.SHliiNai'"l'"liill fl mit
""' Ml,nV , " ins lie by strangers
they willn..' Vft !isUieV(.r.
,v the local -uii l.
France Acts Suspiciously, Spain
Makes Her First Important Move.
Shenandoah Safe.
Livkkpooi., Apr. 27. The American
ship Shell indoah, about which there has
been so much concern arrived here
safely to-day.
Wolcott Calls Four
llosrox, Apr. 29. fiov. Wolcott de
cided yesterday lo call out the second,
sixth, eight and ninth regiments of in
fantry to answer the Presidents call.
The proclamation was issued last night.
The colonels are Clark, liogan, l'cw
and Woodward.
The Newport Captures Prize
Kf.v Wi.st, Apr. 29. The small
Spanish sloop, Kngraeia, which was
captured by the Xewporjt yesterday off
Cardenas, was brought here this morn
ing with the prize crew.
The ship was a sloop 'and the capture
is considered very important. She had
a crew of seven men who were, mem
bers of the Spanish naval reserve and
was bound for Havana with important
information concerning the position of
the American fleet. She had on board
a cargo of fish . The crew of the New
port has now assisted in? five captures.
Spanish Squadron Leaves
Cape Verde.
lHxxos Ayeks, Apr. 29. The, Span
ish gunboat Teinerario sailed yesterday
under sealed orders. The Spanish
squadron sailed south-westerly from
Cape Verde at 8 :30 this mominsi, des
tination unknown.
Spies Planning to Wreck
Atlanta, Ca., Apr. 29. ! v. Atkin
son received a letter yesterday Irom Dr.
Long at (ioodhope, !a.. announcing
thal"spanish spies are planning to wreck
bridges and blow up trains bearing
Matanzas Uninjured.
Maihu, Apr. 29. The official an
nouncement sent here says that the fortir
filiations at Matanzas were uninjured
by the bombardment and that not one
man was killed or wounded in the atlack.
800 Marines at Key West.
Key West, Apr. 29. The Iroop ship
Panther with 800 marines from the
Hampton Hoads. arrived here this morn
ing convoyed by the Montgomery.
We have iust received a new stock
all kinds
of Sponges
for different
Senate Adopts Conference
Washington Apr. 29 The Senate
has adopted the confercne. report on the
naval appropriation bill.
Expect the Battle Sunday.
. Madimd, Apr. 29. The I'nited States
Heel is not exqected to reach Manila
until Sunday. The Spanish fleet has
been divided into two divisions and has
been reinforced by a large Cruiser.
Spanish Squadron Sails.
Sr. Vincent, Apr. 29. The Spanish
squadron sailed this morning in a south
easterly direction, destination unknown.
Spain Afraid if Spies.
5000 Redy for Service.
Washington, Apr. 29. Representa
tive Meyer of Louisiana, told the Presi
dent this morning that, there were 5000
yellow fever iminunes now ready for
service from his state.
Manila, Apr. 29. The Spanish gov
ernment has forbidden the use of cypher
Michigan Naval Militia Move
Dbtkoit, Apr. 29. A detachment of
thu'Miehigan naval militia 225 strong
started for Norfolk this morning.
First Important Move.
London-, Apr. 29. The news is pub
liali...! l.i.re of 11 disoalch from St. Vin
cent which says that the Spanish cruis
ers Maria Teresa. Almirante Oquendo,
Vizcava and Christabel Colon, with the
torpedo boat destroyers Puten, Terror
and Furor sailed at 9 o'clock this morn-
in .r- in a westerly direction, presumably
for Cuba. Others of the squadron not
ocean going sailed for the Canary is
lands al the same time. This is Ihe first
real move on the part of Ihe Spaniards
since the outbreak of the war.
for the Bath
Carriage use
Polishing Mills
Fine Small
Largess Stock in Town.
25c. to $2.50
15c. to 1.00
15c. to 35c.
5c. to 15c,
205 X. Main Street.
Opposite Depots.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
6. J.
$34,000,000 More for the
Washington, Apr. 29. Seereta.y
Alger has submitted the deficiency esti
mates and finds that it will take !f:U,
000,000 more to cover the additional
army expenses up to July 1st.
Guns Sent to the Insurgents
Davenpokt. Iowa, Apr. 29. Two
thousand old guns in good condition
were shipped today from the Kock
Island arsenal fur the use of the Cuban
Cowboy Regiment.
Sons, Falls Apr. 29.-Four full
.....npauies of cowboys Cavalry volun
llTrs have been formed and turned over
to the enlistment officers.
Bank Steamer to Manila.
IloNii Kong, Apr. 29. The steamer
which has been chartered by the banks
has gone to Manila to bring away Ihe
specie there.
Gladstone Dying.
IIowahden. Apr .29. (Hailstone is
restin" easier and his condition const.
autly growing less favroable, .as
diminishing pain is a bad sign and
always marks the last stages of his
A Traitor on the Puritan,
Terrible Explosion.
San Fuanciso. Apr. 29. The news
has just rendu d here of a terrible ex
plosion of powder which was being
carried by a pack train into Mexico hav
ing left here Apr. 4th. The train con
sisted of 1 10 mules, 40 attendants and
200 boxes of powder. 20,000 caps ex
ploded killing 13 men and 00 mules.
New Yoke, Apr. 29 A special
from Key West today says that a sailor
on board the monitor Puritan has been
convicted of treason. The man is a
Spaniard with a family living at Malan-
zas. lie was eaugiu uiiug a i"i-
Ihe ship's magazine. He was found
guilty by a drumhead court martial and
was sentenced to be shot.
Cruisers to Sail at Once.
New Yoke, Apr. 29. Orders were
received al the navy yard today for the
Crtrsei's San Francisco and New Or
leans to sail immediately, They will
leave tomorrow. 12.) officers and men
of the Massachusetts naval ' reserves
went aboard the Cruiser Prairie this
Daily, for Suits, Overcoats and Trousers.
Xot a misfit this season and we do not expect one, as
great ea-c is taken in moasnreing, and the jrf.ods are rijiht.
Suits from $1 1,00 to $30.00.
Trousers from $3.00 to $9.00.
Gates, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
We can sell You a VICTOR BICYCLE '9b
Model tor $4U.UU.
IMwiii Mayo, as "Pudd'nhcad AN '1
s"u," fi.-in Mark Twain's story, assisted
''V Miiiiiee Johnson. lidwiii-N'"""'
Kr:n,L r Amnions P.alfour,
Jlaney Harlan. Willard Curtis, NY . 1.
McK,.v, )IMIaU smell, William Arthur.
"avi.1 li v.Ts, Charles Chai'fl'er. Ada
l!viM lti'llc Stoddard, Frances (ivahain
u. Sadie Del more "and others tntlK-'"-
il one ol t lit- largest dramatie organi-
Wii'iu o ti. load. lUancbard opei"
when no
did reiiderei
11 wcil'iiiiri " i. ,mist. nuss a
mmi . A (11,rrt TU13 Mu""
. 11 ill II V' - "
1 f 1 1 1 It r i '
r- . ..t as best man at
sudden do-
' on tin' road.
. April oil.
(he bells
friend of
JiS n- the personal
re HI 1I,rrnE issrECTOIi.
. . .,,..nnd Cemetery will
ll. vault m lludbefori
i ..ooii the 'I'd day -be
I' " ..... .,,,.,,nse
,i, ,i time tor iu l""' .
0f removing
Boats Withdrawn From
New York.
Nl. w Yoiik. Apr. 29.-Owing to the
J.,0 number of submarine mines in
c. .1. ..... .;lt boats off Sandy
the nay, an r
! 0U were, withdrawn today, except the
steam pilot boat New lorw.
Portugal Neutral.
,,..,,s, Apr. 29.-l,rtug..l-s..cutral-i..Uvreewas
publis 1 bis morning.
" , , ' it is that they forbid
Til(. (.ubslance ot it i-
,., ,,f r valecrs in Poltu
,, ,.,pnpiucnl ol 1'"
,.vm wa'ers.
Steamer Cadet Wrecked.
Boston, Apr. 29. The steamer Ca
det was driven ashore at Shirley yester
day and was all cut to pieces. She is
completely broken up and isatolal loss.
Yellow Fever Immunes
Washington, Apr, 29 The military
nffairs committee has agreed to increase
the number of volunteers to bu raised
from tho United States at largo from
3000 to 13000 men. This allows the
enlistment of 10,000 yellow fever im
This may certify that Mr. C.eo. Cay
hue up to this time has done as agreed
in moving the l'aine house.
W. II. C.laiiing, Chairman of Com.
Bicycles, Bicycles.
The Greatest
Jiarc-ain on
Wheels ever known are now
offered for the next ,'JO days.
The Keating Wheel is the Leader.
In all Ihe bicycle races except one last year in the state of Maine the
prize whs won by a' Keating. Fr years it has been considered 36o days
tihepd of all others.
We have, wheels rans-ing in prize from $50 down, and ( the next 30
dvs we will iv a cyclometer, bell and a 20 coupon suburban ticket with each
C. W. POTTER, Agent.
France Preparations Sus
picious. Paris Apr. 29 Extraordinary naval
and military activity is displayed
throughout France. The ships which
have recently been mobilized are con
stantly kept in lighting trim and from
tho indications ono might think that
Franco herself was engaged in war in-
: stead of Spain.
IlnriiiK the winter of 1HM. V. M. Martin of
Lous Ueneh, West Va., contracted a severe
cold which left him with ft cough. In speak
ing of how he cured It he says: "I used sev
eral kinds of eoinrli svrup but found mi relief
until I lioufrlit.il Imttlent t nanineriiiiii n i irasu
Hemedv, which relieved me almost instantly,
tind in it short time brought about complete
eure." When troubled with a cough or cold
use this remedy mid vou will not lind it nec
essary to try several kinds before yon get re
ii..i. it h..aI...at i.i tl,p tnurlfpt for over twelltv
ven'rs mid constantly grown in favor and pop
ularity. For sale at 2.) and oOcetits a bottle by
E. A. Drown Co.
Bears tho
'jL' i.L .
Ihe Kind You Have Always Bougtit
Meat Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Goods. Specialty - of
Pork Products.
Ml those ho'd'mg checks for
are rciiueslcd lo
15F.lt I'll HUMAN'S STI'DIO.
S. Main St. Hiirre- Vt-
sil for ihe same al once.
Wo Deal in all soite ot Mil
linery and always carry a
Full Line of Goods
At Reasonable Prices.
7-1 No. Main St.
One largest size Kerosene Oil Ga
Stove, with Oven, usual price $22.00.
NVni fell for cash to close at $17.00.
This glove canuot explode and suits all
users. L. M. Avcrill.
Uminsl lino id Chocolates in Ihccily.
s ur new line of liOc. goods at only
i;nls. per lb. L. M. Ave. ill-

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