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Barre evening enterprise. (Barre, Vt.) 1898-1898, May 02, 1898, SPECIAL MORNING EDITION., Image 1

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Single copy,
Ono month,
Ono vear,
1 (Till
25 outs
VOL. 1. SO. 19.
J1AKKK, VT., MONDAY, MAY 2. 1898.
For 15 Days Only
100 Hundred Strong and Intelligent
Men Hiid loting Men wanted to join
in Blue Store to carry off, one hun
dred men and young men'
Spring and Summer Suits.
triared on a Special Sale at the Blue
.4 Store for $4.95 a unit. They possi-
ble can not be bought for less tlnin
"I $7.00 to $8.00 a suit elsewhere,
By your Suburban Tickets at the
,Blue Store on Depot Square at 6 cts.
; n't
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
, 1)E1'()T SQUARE. BAIUtE, VT.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
1 1 I 0.
If '
L. Lewin, M'gr.
189 No. main St. Barre, Vt
We have a good stock ordered, will
arrive this week.
We now have a ood stock of
Muslin Flags.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
To Rent.
TO HUNT. L. II. Hooker has a down
stairs tenement to rent with 7 rooms.
Spring water, (.'heap.
On reasonable terms a (rood stone shed
with traveling and boom derricks. Also some
very desirable tenements: Inquire of
TO UI'.NT. KooniK In pleasant location.
One yerv pleasant room, 0 Short street,
Alice 1'roHon. lOtf
M KKNT A five room tenement on I'carl
. It will he. vacated -May 1st.
Jilts. E1.I..V LAMB.
TO HUNT. Vive Ian:? connecting rooms,
suitable for nflire ami tew lnentcoinbined,
up one flight AveriU's lilork, now occupied
bv Dr. Sticknfv, alto single front oiliee up
oiie (light. 1.. M. Averill.
For Sale.
FOK SALE. A Top Buggy nearly new.
Will sell cheap. Inquire of L, I. Mead,
311 No. Main Street.
FOIt SA1.K One House and Lot on Ilawes
Street, and six large Building Lots on
Perrin Hill, and one large Corner Building
Lot at ths corner of Second and Main Sis. In
quire t T. (i. Whitehill's. fI 7 Xo. Main St.
WANTKD by an experienced Rirl a po
sition to di) (leneral House-work. In
quire at 1 lowers A L'hessor's mirket.
A. II. liuz.ell, t lie, new proprietor of
the Red Star Lunch Room, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every Sun
tiny ; liccf stew, Monday; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday; fish chowder,
Thursday; tish balls, Friday; hamburg
steak Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and other
refreshments served at all hours.
Xotk.'k! I nm prepared to do first
class work in house painting, paper
hanging and calsoniining. Orders
thivu;:li the mail promptly attended to.
All my employee are experienced work
men. No apprentices.
.1. (J. DoixiK, ICO Main St.
Kdwin Mayo, as 'l'udd'nliead Wil
son," from Mark Twain's story, assisted
by Minilei; Johnson. Kdwin Xalod,
Frank t'aiupeau. Augustus Balfour,
Maicey Harlan, Willard Curtis, W. H.
McKev, Donald Smedt, William Arthur.
David' Hirers. Charles Chacffer, Ada
Dwyer, lielle Stoddard, Frances Crahaiu
Mayo, Sadie Delmore and others mak
ing ii one of the largest dramatic organi
y, iti.nn on tim mail. Hhinehard Opera
House., April 111).
( lioiei st line of Chocolates in the city.
See our new linn of 00c. gnosis nt only
45 els. per III. I.. M- Averill.
Great Loss of Life on Both! Sides.
500 Americans and 1200 I
Spaniards Killed.
ttni. .l.v1a oAAo
. ' W UEC(. C(ViH
entered Manila
Spaniards Admit
Lisbox, May 1. Reliable news lias been received here
that the Spanish fleet was completely defeated.
Official Spanish Account.
Madrid, May 2. The Governor General of the Philli
pine islands has sent a cablegram to the Minister of War at
Madrid. The date of the message is April 30, and it reads
as follows: "The batteries of the Fort Cavite, near Manila
city, opened on the enemy's squadron at daybreak with a
slow fire. The enemy finally took possession of the fort and
arsenal. It was a brilliant combat,and on account of the
fact that they were so well protected by the fortification the
enemy were obliged to manouver skillfully to get out of the
way. They were repelled and took refuge among the mer
chant ships on the east side of the bay. Owing to the su
periority of numbers of the American ships, our fleet natur
ally met with a severe loss, but tine American loss was also
heavy. The cruiser Maria Christina was fired and was com
pletely burned and Capt. Cadarso, her commander, was
killed. The Spanish Admiral has transferred the flag to the
cruiser Isla do Cuba. Another ship, the Don Juan, was
blown up with a great loss of
also destroyed, being completely burned up. All the other
ships were obliged to retreat to avoid being taken by the
enemy and to keep from sinking."
The Second Battle.
Madkid, May 4. According to the Aurora printed this
morning there were two engagements. The seeond one was
lyx'tin after the Americans had landed. In the second battle
the Spanish cruisers Midando and Ulln both suffered
heavily. The authorities in Madrid treat it as a very serious
but honorable defeat.
(Special" to Gex. Peck Fkom War Department.)
WASHINGTON. May i. Commodore, Dewey i Hs
...... ... . ll ' T, , -'H -
lost two ships and about koo men. , The Spanish have;! st
:rm-..rm AAA , ., .
harbor and established a base
Complete Defeat.
life. The cruiser Astilla was
of supplies.
Three Cheers For
The Old Flag
That Waves in
Spanish Officers Captured,
MaiiHID, May Gen. Illation has
cabled to Madrid that an American
warship has ruptured a Spanish mer
chant vessel off the Cuban coast.
On the captured ship were a Span
ish colonel, a siirgeon, six offieers and
three non-commissioned officers. All
these were hold as prisoners of war,
but the passengers wh: were aboard
were liberated.
The vault at Elnivvood Cemetery will
be open tho 3rd day of May and before
that time for the purpose of removing
the bodies from the tomb.
P. G. Camp, Sexton-
War in Cuba. Fill I act of Maine disas
ter, catch penny book are being pub
lished. S(o that the book 'contain fiiiO
page;s fully illustrated this is the only
co' iplete history from 18(18 to 1S1I8 by
Conzabodc Qucsada.
D. A. & C. W. I'tciiiiV.
8:1 Washi.igtou St. Burnt.
The llrave Rolrlirr Died ns lie Had Always
Hoped IIu Would.
Moore was dying. Baird vas severely
wounded. The early winter night was
creeping over the field of battle, and
Hope, gallant soldier tliotif;h ho was,
jnriged it prudent to stay l is hand.
Soult had been roughly driven back.
The transports were crowding into the
barber. It was enough to havo ended a
long retreat with tho halo of victory
and to have secured an undisturbed em
barkation. Meanwhile Moore had been carried
into his quarters nt Cornnu. A mush
attached servant stood with tears run
ning down bis faco ns the dying man
was carried into tho bouse. "My
friend," raid Moore, "it is nothing!"
Then, turning to a member of bis staff,
Colonel Andersen, he paid: "Anderson,
you knew I have always wished to dio
iu this Way. I hope my country will do
nie justice." Only once bis lips quiver
ed and bis voice shook as be said, "Say
to my mother" and then stopped, while
ho draggled to regain composure.
"Stanhope," ho said as his eyes fell cn
his nid-de-canip's face, "remember me
to your sister" the famous Hester
Stanhope, 1'itt's niece, to whom Monro
was engaged. Life waa fast and visibly
sinking, but be mid, "I feel myself go
strong I fear I shall be long dying."
Cut ho was not. Death ramn swiftly
and almost painlessly. Wrapped iu a
soldier's clonk, he was carried by the
light of torches to a grave hastily dug
in the citadel at Cornna, and far off
to tho sown, as the sorrowing officers
stood round the grave of their dead
chief, could bo heard from time to time
the foui.fi of fc't'ult'p puns, yet in sullen
retreat. Thut scene in made immortal
in Wolfe's noble Hues:
Few and short were tho prayers wo said,
And wo spoke not a word of sorrow,
But we steaufristly gazed on the faco that woh
And we liitli rly thought of the mcrrow.
We thought 11s v. e ho!U wed his nnrrow bed
And smoothed down his lonely pillow
That the toei.nd tho Htrangcr would tread o'er
his bead,
Ami wo tar away on tho billow.
Cornbill Magazine.
Tlie Strange Illsease Which Attai Jii Loco
motive Engineers.
"Railway surgcous are learning many
new facts iu regard to the physical re
quirements of railway employees," said
J. K. Mot son of Chicago at the Southern.
"Recently the rai.' nay surgeons of
the United Statessbe a national con
vention, iu Chicago, audne nht I
teaiu'tiii Ifiterestiug ebat in "the lobby
of a hotel by some of them. Tho or4""
versal opinion uniouK tJiajhi-ilTai' 11
is. J Ut-S3--important that the ears of
railroad employees, and particularly
the ears of locomotive engineers, should
be scientifically tested for natural or ac
quired defects as that their eyes should
be tested for possible color blindness.
'Whistle deafness' is now a common
diseuso cn.oug railroad employees.
Many a railroad accident could be traced
to this peculiar 'wbistlo deafness' if
the truth were known. This disease
makes tho tar of a locomotive engineer
sensitive to the sounds by which bo is
immediately surrounded, but entirely
deaf to sounds of all other kinds.
"Tho same condition is often ob
eirvcd among boiler makers, who can
beer slight ntiisis when the air is ludeu
with tho clatter of hammers upon iron
plates, while they are insensible to the
same sounds in quiet surroundings. Lo
ccuiutivc engineers sometimes have de
fective ears that can detect slight sounds
indicating imperfect working of the ma
chinery, even while tho bell is ringing
cr the wbistlo blowing or both aro in
use. A locomotive, engineer thus afflict
ed should bo relieved of duty for awhile
until the ear has recovered its normal
condition, enabling it to discriminate
between sounds according to their exact
relative volume, pitch and intensity."
tit. Louis Globe-Demporat.
The Williams Typwrlter
The best Machine made, Strong
est Manifolded, Visible Writing,
Direct Index, no Ribbon to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale by
40 Washington St., City Agent.
Call .i ml see one or drop a card in
the mail.
Who's Got Wheels?
F W. Nichols
lias a line of
B- the most com-
ICyClvJSj plete of any in
the city, and lie will sell them at any
price you want. Prices ranging from
$20 to $125.
A large number of second hand
wheels alinonst g'ven away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
We have just received a new stock
of Sponges of all kinds for different
Spooges for the Bath
" " Carriage use
" " Polishing Mills
" Fine Small
Laruess Stock in
205 X. Main Street.
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Daily, for Suits, Overcoats and Trousers.
Xot a misfit this season and we do not expect one, as
great ea'e is taken in measureing, and the goods aro riht.
Suits from $1 1 .CO to $30.00.
Trousers from $3.00 to $9.00.
Gents Furnishings,
We can sell You a V13TOR BICYCLE '98
Mo el for $40.00.
Bicycles, Bicycles.
The Greatest Bargain on Wheels ever known are now.
offered for the next HQ days.
he Keating Wheel is the Leader.
In all the hicyi le rnees except one last year in the stale of Maine tha
prize was won b a' Keating. Fnr years it has been considered I6i day
ahepd of all others.
We have wheels ranging in prize from $50 down, and for the nut 30
days we will give a cvelmneter, bell and a 20 coupon snburban ticket, with aoh
wheel si. Id, it will pav vou t jret our prices and examine these fine high frtde
wheels at our bicycle parlor. 17 FIRST AVE., MONTTELIER, VT.
C. W. POTTER, Agent.
Meat Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Goods. Specialty of
Pork Products.
Ml those holding checks for photos
are reiiu'stcd to sit for the same at once.
S0. Maui St. Barre, Vt.
25c. lo $2.50
15c. to 1.00
15c. to 35c.
5c. to 15c. 9
Opposite Depoti.
Stand the Tes
Books end Stationery.
We Deal in allsoitsof Mil
linery and always c.nry a
Full L;ne of Goods
At Reasonable Prices.
71 No. Main St.
One 'arget Rize Kerosene Oil t!ti
Stove, with Oven, uMial price $25.00.
Will sell for co.ih b rluKf at $17.00.
This stove ci".not explode and tuiUall
users. L. M, Averill.

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