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Single copy,
Ono montli, -One
1 rent
2a cents
VOL. 1. MO, 20.
13AIIHE, VT., TUFSDAT, MAY 3, 1898.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt.
Commencing May 2d and lasting
until August Gth, 181)8,
To tlie person guessing I lie nearest
Dumber of beans contained n the bot
tle now on exhibition at the Bine Store
windows :
$10 in gold to the first oearcst grosser
85 in gold to the second.
$5 in gold to the third.
All persons are entitled to one guess
on every 25 cents expended at our
stc.re. All are invited.
Contest closes Aug. Gth. Bring in
vour tickets on or before that date.
Men's and Boy's Fine Furnishings.
Women's and Children's Shoes.
Your satisfaction is our success.
' By your Suburban Tickets at the
Blue Store on Depot Square at 6 ets.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. riain St. Barre, Vt.
We have a good stock ordered, will
arrive this week.
We now have a good stock of
Muslin Flags.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
To Rent.
TO JiKXT. 1. II. Hooker bas n down
stairs tenement to rent with 7 rooms,
."prill;.' wiiter. C'lieup.
On reiisomiliie terms a good stone slieil
with traveling and boom derricks. Also come
verv desirable tenements : Inquire of
TO liKXT. liooms in pleasant location,
one very pleasant room, it .Short Street,
Alice Preston. ltf
0 KKXT A five room tenement on Pearl
St. It will l vacated May 1st.
J1HS. 10 1. LA J.AMH.
TO KKXT. Five larjre eonnei'tiiitf rooms,
suitable for ollice and tenement combined,
up one tliuht Avejall's Block, now occupied
liv Or. Sticknev, also single front office up
oiie flight. L. M. Averill.
For Sale.
Foil SA1.E.-2 Hollcd Top Desks, 7 Office
( hairs, one 3 1-3 foot Table, ull new. must
lie sold at once. Will he be sold for less thuii
wholesale priteit. Can he seen at rooms 0 and
10 Holster liloek. U. E. HANSON.
FOIt SAI.R A Top Hujtjrv nearly new.
Will sell cheap. Inquire of L. J. Mead,
Ull No. Main Street.
FOI! SAI.K One, House and Lot on Ilawes
Street, and six larjre .liuildiiiK Lots on
Perrin Hill, and one large Corner Huildins?
Lot at ths corner of Second and Main Sts. In-,
quire at T. (i. WhitehilPs, 517 No. Main St.
ANTKI) bv an experienced fflrl u po-
... . i i .1 II..lltn it-iit-L- 111.
MtiOll TO (lit iV llt'I HI lll'll-nv.n.
quire Ml iHiwwrr tv mcwui n
AN )dil Fellows charm. The owners may
have same bv calling at this ollice and
paviun for this advertisement.
p.rzzKi.E's l.uxcn boom.
A. II. Huy..ell, the new proprietor of
tin- lied Star Uunch Room, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every Sim
day ; beef stew, Monday ; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday : Hsh chowder,
Thursday; Hsh balls, Friday ; Hamburg
s;,',i,ii-,1iv Ovster stews, clam
..li.'.w.b.i-H. baked beans, coffee and oilier
rcfreslnneiils served at all hours.
Finest and most lasting finish manu
Piiveiift, Mendelslion & Co. Mfrs.
factured is the Diamond Wall Mnisn.
E. M. Averill sole ageiiL
The Weather.
Hokton, May 3. Lfcht Hain to-niht and
to-morrow, fair Wednesday ni),'ht, East winils
To Buy or Condemn
That Was the Decision Reached
on the Water Question at the
the City Meeting Last Eveing.
The adjourned city meeting was held
in Armory hall last evening iinil after a
long debate tWo much discussed water
question was disposed of, as was also
the school question.
The first matter to comii before the
meeting was to hour the report of the
school commissioners regarding the lo
cation of a new school house.
lVrlcy Chandler stated that the com
missioners, after a careful study and
observation, had come to the con
clusion that a four-room school house
was very much needed at the north end,
that they considered the best location
obtainable was on or near the junction
of Main and Bhickwell streets. Hi
thought that to lay a good foundation,
have the rooms heated, well ventilated
ami in first-class sanitary condition a
building could lie erected at a cost of
between 8000 and 510,000. If a
building was erected near the junction
of Klaekwell and Alain streets it would
accommodate children, who reside on
Berlin streect, l'ostervillc, and New
Ireland. This would do away with the
church vestries which are now used for
school purposes.
E. W. Cumiiigs stated that the com
missioners had looked over the ground
very thoroughly and had carefully con
sidered all available property and that
somewhere in the vicinity named above
was the best jilaee. Js'ot one of the
locations met with all the conditions re
quired. They looked at a site near
Miles Meadow and ono on Woodchuck
Knoll. They also looked at a site near
Smith. Whitconib & Cook's, and one on
Berlin street and none ot these met the
requirements. lie did not tluiiK it
would pay to erect a school house ol
two rooms as a tour-rooiu school was
absolutely necessary to accommodate
the pupils in that vicinity. I he Norm
Barre and Summer street schools arc
over-crowded anil some have had to lie
removed to schools near the center of
the city for that reason.
V. A. Bovce said he was not in favir
of a site near the junction of Main and
Blaekwell streets as it, was near the
electric cars and foundry and for this
i-onann it vvjia not suitable. He t lOUirht
- " --.- r-.v - . ..I... . . - -r-AHMi-LIIVU CtJgVjA.vu.
.1.. .vt.fr n Vta ... . 2fimu sulf. l nMt whnrA I 7
it would be perfectly quiet
perfectly quiet ami
children needed a play ground.
John Tierney moved the eoinissioners
report to bo accepted and the motion
was seconded and passed.
Mayor Cordon moved that it be a
four roomed school house and it was
seconded and passed, Mr. (iordon also
moved tnat the commissioners bo in
structed to select and buy a site near the
vicinity of Main and Blaekwell streets.
The motion was seconded and passed.
Article third of the warning was dis
missed. The council was authorized to
pledge the credit of the city for a school
As no person had anything to say
about a sewer on the west side, articles
five, six and seven were dismissed.
The next article in the warning was
to decide whet her the city would buy or
condemn the plant of the Barre ater
Company. W hen the article was read
Abraham Mann moved that the meeting
adjourn which was seconded. Ihe mo
tion was Hit and lost.
Mayor (iordon then told of what
happened a year ago when the city con
templated the purchase of Barre Water
Works. He said the committee who had
Ihe matter in charge, could not get any
figures on the. spring water companies,
and would not give out any information
concerning their plants.
W. A. lioyco then made a few re
marks and saiil that the mayor or com
mittee never came to Iqin with the idea
of purchasing the McFarland & Boyco
water plant.
E. W. Cuinings stated that he thought
tho city ought to deal fairly with ihe
Barre Water Company and buy the
plant if necessary.
S. 1). Allen said that the committee
called on Mr. Goodhue last year, and
he wanted $llO,000,for the plant which
lie considered an exorbitant price. He
said the water company could lake care
of themselves. He thought a new plant
would cost about jji'JU.OOO.
Geo. C. Mackie and Alex. Stephens
thought the East Barre water iiclier
than the present supply, as it was much
superior for manufacturing purposes,
there was more pressure. At present
they arc obligedto use pumps to get the
"liter into Uieir uoiiers.
John McDonald stated that it was a
bad policy to tear up the streets ail the
whole time to let these private compa
nies lav pipes and make connections.
lie was in favor of condemning the wa
ter of tho Barre Water Company and let
the city derive the benefit.
E. i.. Smith said he was in favor of
having better water and was in favor of
having new water works, provided the
city ei.iilu buy or condemn the isarre
Water Works.
John McDonald made a motion that
the cily buy or cendenm Ihe Barre Wa
ter Works and it passed. And articles
two, three, live and six were dismissed.
Mayor J. V. Gordon moved that they
bring the waicr of Marl in Brook into
the cily and it was carried.
The city council was authorized to
pledge the credit of tho' city temporarily
for what wili be necessary to carry on
ihe work, and it was carried. The meet,
ing adjourned.
Why sillier with Corns when
caulmxe tliein removed without
by Mits. S. M. Youk, 12 Kim St.
At 10 O'clock A. i M.
Great Battle Expected near Cuba.
Manila Will Not Surrender.
London, My .'t. A special from
Madrid says that the Spanish colonial
oflice received advices at the beginning
of the bombardment of Manila before
the cable was cut. These said that
the American sh'd's had r.ot yet reached
the town proper which is strongly pro
tected, and it was only the outlying ma
rine quartirs that suffered and these
were in flames. This section is consid
ered the unfortified portion of Manila.
A few shells had fallen into the Euro
pean town for some hours, several of
them striking and doing damage. The
batteries of acilidcl inflicted some dam
age upon the American fleet. It is an
nounced at Madrid that there is no idea
of surrender in ministerial circles, or
among the populace notwithstanding
the movement which is understood to he
on foot among some of the great pow
ers to advise Spain to sue for peace.
0:i the contrary the war will be pushed
...:.u . .1 ,-l-
Dewey to be Rear Admiral,
Washington, May r Secretary
Long said today that Commodore Dew
ey is to be made acting admiral for the
present and later will bo nominated
rear admiral. Secretary Long had re
ceived no ollicial advices at noon today,
One United Supreme Effort.
London. May 3. The Madrid dis
patches say that the Spanish authorities
intend to throw the whole naval strength
of Spain into one united and supreme
effort against the United Stat"s. An
extraordinary cabinet meeting was con
voked last night and there was a long
session which occasioned the most in
tense excitement among Ihe people as
this was regarded as a great crisis in
the government of Spain. The crisis
was avoided however and the govern
ment will continue as it is now consti
tuted. Pauncefort to Leave
London May, 8 It is reported here
to-day that the British Ambassador at
Washington Sir Julian Pauncefort is to
be succeeded by Sir Thomas II, S.
Anderson the Under Secretary of State
Foreign Affairs, The later is an exper
ien ed diplomat.
Another Bank Closes Doors.
Watektown, N. Y., May ;!. The
Kirst National bank of Carthage closed
its doors today. The president has ab
sconded and an investigation is being
Pursue the War to a Bitter
London, May !). The second Span
ish squadron at Cadiz, consisting of
three large warships and a number of
smaller ships, are nearly completed in
preparation for active service. It is
announced that Sagasla will inform the
Corlcs in behalf of the Queen ltegeut of
Spain's inlciiliini to pursue the war to
the bitter end.
Cut I
Queen Informs Pope of
Komi:, May L. A special dispatch from
Home says that the Queen Regent has
telegraphed to the Bone that Spain has
resolved to resist to the belter end.
Grout's Resolution.
Washington, May 3. Uepresenta
tive Grout has introduced a resolution
thanking Dewey and promoting him to
tli(! rank of Admiral.
No News From Manila.
IIoN; KoNii, May 3.
no news from Manila
ble is cut.
-There has been
today. 'The ea-
1fd0pl4i' '"l-'1 nil iiil m!
Another Prize,
Kf.v West, May 3. Ihe gunboat
Casein brought in this morning a prize
captured last niirlit. It is the schooner
To Censure Minister of
Madrid May. 3 In the session of the
Cortes today a vote of censorship on the
Minister of Marine will be proposed
as a result of the lack of foresight
which is supposed to have caused he
Spanish losses. The Cabinet Crisis is
considered to be jiostpeuod only a few-
Restoring the Cable.
Pahis, May 3, It is reported here
an American war-ship has cut the Man
ila cable and has taken it oif board to
restore the communication which has
been interrupted for several days. If
Ihis is done, the United States authori
ties at Washington will very soon be
informed of the real facts in the case of
the battle of Cavite. All reports thus
far received have been from Spanish
sources and these, no doubt, have been
far from correct.
Squadron Leaves Havana.
Mam-id, May 3. An official dispatch
from Havana says that the entire Amer
ican squadron has left Havana and has
sailed in the direction of Key West. No
cause can be conjectured fr this move
unless it has been caused by some unex
pected information in regard to the
movement.s or intentions of the Spanish
fleet. There is a possibility also that
the Oregon may be iu danger, or the
Spanish fleet is coming towards the
American coast.
Jews to Join Against Spain
Cleveland, May 3. There is a
movmenl on foot here among the weal
thy Jews to buy a large warship to pre
sent to the United States (loverment,
for uso against Spain. ' It is said that
the Jews all over the world have good
reason to hate Spain, and would gladly
ngnt against her and will give their
Wcallh to see her punished.
Spmiards Evacuate Bayonne
Kingston, Jamaica, May 3. The
Spaniards have evacuated Bayonne, one
of the important towns in Santiago do
Cuba. The town has a population of
7000 and is located at a very advantage
ous point The insurgents have taken
possession of the place.
Word from Manila
London. May 3.- The Eastern Tele
egrapli Company announces that it has
been impossible for :i 113' word to come
from Manila since 10 o'clack yesterday
morning, as the cables were cut tit that
The 1 ondon Times cable was cut oO
from Manila and it may take a week to
lix it, so that all reports of the surren
der of Manila after 10 o'clock yesterday
morning must have been fabrication.
It is known however, that lie we began
to bombard Manila yesterday morning,
before the cable was cut and it is prob
able that he has raptured the city by
this time although it is impossible to
establish such a report.
To Camp at South
Sl'itniriEl.D, May 3. Col. Clark with
the se;' 11 1 regiment and companies left
here this morning for South Framing
ham where they will go into camp to
day. The streets were crowded mid
the enthusiasm of the crow' was "Teat.
Many women fainted. There has not
been sueh patriotism shown since the
Civil War.
Waiting for Official Report.
Washington, May 3, Secretary
Long announces that us soon as the ofli
cial report from Dewey is received con
firming the press accounts of his victory,
a cablegram of congratulation will be
sent him. The President will await the
ollicial report before deciding to send
troops to Manila.
Golden Wedding.
MoNTl'l'.l.tr.i!, May 3. The 50th an
niversary of thi! wedding of Hon. and
Mrs. Chas, Dewey will be celebrated at
their home on State street this evening.
Mr. Dewey is a brother of the famous
Under American Proection.
Hong Kong, May 3. The insurgent
le ulcrs here hope to provisionally to
administer over the Phillipine islands
under the protection of the United Stat
Tho Old Sailor's Yarn.
"Yes," said the old fellow who pro
fessed to havo been a sailor and who
hitched bis uumeutiuintblcs and rolled
in his walk that he might look tho part,
"1 was marooned onot.
"It's a solemn fack, gouts. Fur ton
years I lived alone 011 a South sea is
land. I wasn't jest deserted there, bat
the ship blowed up an I was the only
one what ever reached laud ag'in. I
floated on a spar to that there deserlate
island. None of you gcuts knows what
it is to be louely, to have 110 feller beiu
to jaw with, to see nuthiu above hut
the heavens and nuthiu 'round you but
water. I would a died if I hadn't ketch
ed a sea gull and traiued him so he
would mind like a dog."
Here a sympathetic listener piped the
old fellow up to grog, and he seemed ta
lose his bearings. "Teu times I writ
home," he went on, "and half a dozen
times I cabled."
"Why, you old fraud," iuterruptad
a fresh water sailor who had been tak
ing iu the narration, "if you could seud
letters and cablegrams, you weren't
marooned. What kind of a game is ihn i
you're giviu us?"
But the old salt was equal to the oc
casion. Over he tumbled on the floor,
he went through the outward symptoms
of a fit, had to be supplied with another
dose of restorative and when be came
to, looked about him in a dazed way.
"What hov I been sayin, gents?" he
asked faintly. "Ever since I was maroon
ed I have these here spells and go to nu
wiudin novels. It wtrs fur ten years,
gonts, " and the last word floated back
as he uiado a dash through the front
door. Detroit Free Press.
Bears the
j ine Kind nou Have Aiwavs
ihe Kind You Have Always Bought
House Cleaning.
It is the time of the year for it. We have several things
which may assist you in making a good job of it.
Every room aired and disinfected, all cracks and crev
ices saturated with a good reliable Vermin Exterminator and
you will have done your best to make a healthy home.
50 cents a quart.
Vermin Exterminators,
25 cents a pint.
205 X. Main Street. Opposite Depots.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
We are Agents for the
Gates, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
Bicycles, Bicycles.
The Greatest Bargain on Wheels ever known are now
offered for the next 30 days.
The Keating Wheel is the Leader,
In all the liieyele races except one last year in ti e state of Maii:e the
prize whs won by a Keating. l-'"r years it has beeu considered 365 days
ahepd of all others.
We have wheels ranging in prize fnmJf'O dc w n, m:d for the next 30
days we will give a cyclometer, hell and a 20 conj fti ml i.rb'in ticket with aach
wheel sold, it will pay vou to fret ( nr prices mid (xsinit e thee fine high grade
wheels at our bicycle parlor. 17 FIRST AVE., MONTPEL1EK, VT.
C. W. POTTER, Agent.
Th.it it is getting too warm weather to be stewing over that
hot kitchen stove, baking cookies for the children, then come
to us and test our lint of COOKIES, fresh every week at
2 Iks io a quarter.
To be sowing your little garden plot if you expect to indulge
in green goods during the summer, then come and get your
SEEDS of all kinds at the old reliaMe.
That we have a full line of everything pertaining to the
(Jrocery Business, then come ami see us at Depot Square.
Rflesser & Burn ham,
10 Depot Square, The Best Grocers.
Ml tlx so holding checks for photos
arn rciucf led to sit for the same at once.
15i:ilTllEllMANS STUDIO.
S0. Main St. Barre, Vt.
One largest size Kerosene Oil Gas
Stove, with Oven, usual price $22.00.
Will sell tor cash to close at 817.00.
This stove caunot explode ami suits all
users. L. M. Averill.
'TiriVV"" VMM

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