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VOL. 1. MO. 21.
JiAlllU:, VT., WEDNESDAY, MAY 4, 1808.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt.
Commencing May 2d and lasting
until August" Gtl, 1HD8.
To t lie person guessing t lie nearest
number of beans contained in (lie bot
tle now on exhibition at the Blue Stor
windows :
$10 in gold to the first oearest guesser
. in gold to the second.
$5 in gold to the third.
All persons are entitled to one guess
on every z." cents expended at our
stcre. All are invited.
Contest closes Aug. bin. Unng in
your tickets on or before that date.
Wen's and Boy's Fine Furnishings.
Women's and Children's Shoes.
Your satisfaction is our success.
By your Suburban Tickets at the
Blue Store on Depot Square at 6 cts.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
f L L Ponies,
i Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
Payette, Mendelstaoa 4 Co. MTrs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. lain St. Barre, Vt.
We have a good stock ordered, will
arrive this week.
We now have a good stock of
Muslin Flags.
28 No. Main St. Tel
We Are on Guard
For your interests as well as "ur own.
It means business for us. Every
man, boy and child needs a new
suit for spring, and we curry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's, Boys' and Children's
Which we will fell cheaper than any
store in Burre or vicinity ever
foh I them.
We will offer' for the next 10 days 100
boys' si. its with sailor collars,
sizes from 4 to 15 years, at 81.00
a suit ; sold clsewcerc for 82.00.
Iliing your boy along and get one
at I lie "
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store'
Tim vault at Elmwood Cemetery will
be open the 3rd day of May and before
that time for the purpose of removing
the bodies from the tomb.
P. G. Camp, Sexton-
War in Cuba. Full act of Maine disas
ter, catch penny book are being pub
lished. See that t he book contain OiiO
pages fully illustrated Ihis is the only
complete history from 1808 to 18118 by
(lon.ulioiic Quesndu.
1). A. & O. W. Pkkkv.
8!l Washington St. Barre.
A. II. Bunzell, the new proprietor of
the It. d Slar Lunch Boom, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every Sun
day ; lieef stew, Monday ; chicken slew,
Tuesday and Wednesday: tisli chowder,
Thursday; linn balls, Friday ; haniburg
steak Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and oilier
refreshments served at ail hours.
linesl mid most lasting linish manu
factured is Ihc Diamond Wall Finish.
L. M. Avciill sole agent.
The Weather.
HoNTitN, May 4. Kitlr to-ui'lit uml Thur.
""v. ugui variable wind.
dipt. Hailgcr received orders last
night to the effect thai. Company E shall
leinu narre at nineo clock 1-nilay morn.
Ill'' for 1-cirt Lilian Allen. A snicial
train will convey the company to Mont
pelicr where they will join the other
companies of t lit; regiment from ttiis
side of the mountain. As a result of
these orders the farewell meeting will
lie held in the Universalis! church to
morrow evening. By request we re
print the program whu-h we announced
some days ago. It is as follows :
1. Orfan Voluntary.
2. Invocation.
3. Uesponsivc Heading.
Kev. II. W. it. Stafford and people.
4. Son;,', ' America"
The l'eonle.
5. Scripture Ueudiiu;.
Kev. Dr. S. . Jackson.
(i. Praver.
Itev. 1 M. Fuller.
7. Sou'', "The Star Simnirle JJanuer."
The I'eonie.
8. Address.
Mayor John W. (iordon.
!). Address.
Itev. .1, A.- Slierlaima.
10. Soiisr, "The Hed White uml Ifhie."
The People.
11. Address
Kev. Kllle If. M, Jones.
12. Son.'', "'t he liattle llvnni of the Uenuhlie"
The PfoDle.
13. Itenedietion.
Kev. T. II. Mitchell.
The May parly last night by the Civic
rederatlou of H omen s C hilis was a
grand success and the ladies of all the
clubs deserve much credit for the man
ner m which the affair was managed.
Tins program of the concert was carried
out as previously announced and a large
aud appreciative audience listened to
the rundcrin"; of the various selections.
The music was furnished by Barre's
popular singers Mrs. C. X. Field, Miss
irace Paige, Mrs. W. II. (iale, Mrs. B.
W. Bralev. Mrs. II. N. Buriiham.
Robert McKenzie and W. li. Pitkin
while the orchestra consisted of Messrs.
Grant, McKctizie, Gilbcrlson, Casson
and Freer.
Afler the concert closed at 0 o'clock
it was announced that strawberries and
ream would be served. The refresh
ment room was presided over very
raeefullv by Misses Wisharl, Gliddcn,
Darling and Boeker. Much credit is
done to the committee on refreshment
for the delicious cake and strawberries
which weri served to the guests. This
committee consisted of Mrs. G. I. Jack
son, Mrs George Mcl'arlam!, Mrs. Frank
Martin, Mrs. A. D. Morse and Mrs. F.
Soon after 9 o'clock the grand march
was started and led by l lvnn G. Austin
ml Miss Fannie E. Williamson. A
ery desirable dance order was ar
ranged and the floor was managed by
Misses Mina Brown, Maud L, Bush aud
Mrs. II. X. Buriiham. The committee
on introductions were -Miss ran me r..
Williamson and Miss (iraci Paige,
while the ushers were Misses Minnie
Wetmore, Edith Boyce. The other
committees to whom is due this success
ful affair arc Mrs. B. W. Bralev, Mrs.
A. D. (Jilley, Mrs. A. P. Abbott, Mrs.
T. Culler and ..Miss l-.dna Perry who
had charge of the whole arrangements.
The sub committees were Mrs. C. N.
icld who arranged for the music, Mrs.
.. 1). Gillev and Mrs. A. P. Abbott had
charge of the decorations and the re
freshment committee as given above.
All the ladies of the Federation took an
active part in the arrangements. The
furniture used was loaned by B. W.
Hooker, and the flowers by 1' red Clay
The deeoiations by Messrs. Scott and
Kenyon. 'Ihc proceeds of the evening
which will probably net after the ex
penses are paid about 30 will go for
tiie improvement of the city park. This
work is to be begun at once anil the
first thing to be done is to grade the
park and put a curbing around it.
The ladies already have sonic i.'30
in the treasury which has been obtained
by faithful work and the citizens of this
city cannot give too much praise to the
Federation for the energetic manner in
which they have labored in the interest
of the ei'y.
The, cily council held a meeting last
evening but adjourned after a short ses
sion in oilier that the aldermen and oth
ers might attend the May parly.
Those who were granted permits (o
build additions and make, repairs on
their buildings were Sheplce and Jones,
Israel Wood, Smith Brothers, Xelsou
llnmel, and II. Marion.
A resolution was passed, allowing the
Vermont Telephone & Telegraph Co. to
erect !1;" foot poles on Washington street
to Trow Avenue, instead of 40 foot
poles as heretofore ordered.
A large batch of cily warrants were
ordered paid which amounted to about
$11600. The meeting adjourned until
this evening.
While Ileber Thwing was out driving
yesterday afternoon he came within a
hairs breath of lossing his life an-' it is
almost, miraculous that he was not killed
lio was driving on Berlin street, and
when crossing the railroad track the
train struck his buggy squarely in th
middle and threw .Mr. Thwing several
fi ct. lie very fortunately landed away
from the hack so that he came out ol
the scrape much belter than might be
expected, lie struck on his face and
was badly cut up but no bones were
broken, The buggy was smashed into
kindlim' wood. Mr. Thwing says that
he did not hear Hie (rain whistle at Ihc
Preparation For Great
Battle. 1
Whole Spanish
United States
Fitz Hugh Lee
Naval Battle in Cuban
Atlanta, Gu, May 4. A speical
lispatch from Key West tells of a fight
between two Spanish gunboats and the
Marbleliead and Hornet, in which ('apt.
Call of the Marbleliead thinks he sank
one and perhaps both of the Spaniards.
he Minneapolis at Newport
Xkwpokt, May 4. The cruiser Min
neapolis arrived here this morning and
iinehored in the harbor
Cable Still Interrupted.
IIoni; ICono, May, 4. At noon the
ible communication with Manila is
still lntcrriiptud.
Spaniards Blew Up Powder
San 1''kancisc, May 4. Evidence
is rapidly accumulating to sluw the
recent explosion of the large powder
mills here was caused by Spanish spies.
Two Spaniards were seen in the vicinity
in disguise just previous to the explo
sion and one of them requested a pass
to look over the powder works.
Communication with Cuban
Jal'KSoxvn.i.k, Flu., May 4 A Cu.
ban expedition under government aus
pices left Key West yesterday, to estab
lish acoiiiniunicatioii wiih the Cuban
forces in (lie province of Havana.
Spain May be Annihilated,
Kingston Jamaica, May, 4 The
British consul at Santiago De. Cuba is
said to have been attaked by a mob. lie
killed a Spaniard in self defense and the
Spanish government has caused him to
be imprisoned. A British battleship
has been ordered io report there imme
diately and it is, thought Great Britain
will seek full leeunipense for the action
if it is us stated,
Massachusetts Companies
Hosr.iN, May, 4. Nine companies
slatted, this morning for South Framing
ham, or Camp Dewey us it is lo be call
ed, where they will nui-iter into the
United Slates Army. There is great
enthusiasm here,
Fleet To
Major General.
Dispatch Boat frpm Manila.
IIoNii Kon;, May A The United
Stales dispatch boat McCfillough has ar
rived in Mirs Bay. Sho left before the
Manila battle aud no information could
be given further than isAlready known.
It is not likely that r.ny vi&rd will be re
ceived from Dewey for several days as
ho would probably not hve sent a dis
patch boat until his whole mission has
been accomplished. On the other hand
it is probable that as soon as he gains
control of Manila that he would establish
the cable, communication which has been
cut probably by the Spaniards as soon
as the bombardment began. There is
a strange mystery about the whole af
fair and it may not be solved for several
days. Some fears for the safely of
Dewey have been expressed on account
of tin! fact of his Doing so far from a
base of ordnance supplies and the pos
sibility of a crippled condition of his
ships. There is little doubt that he has
already captured Manila but as he has
but .000 available landsmen there are
grave fears as to whether he will be, able
to maintain his position without rein
forcements. British Steamer Mobbed.
GnsitAi.TF.it, May 4. A British steam
yali'h arrived hire this morning coining
from Malaga. Spain, where she says she
was obliged to leave because she was
I mobbed aud stoned by the Spaniards.
To Join Flying Squadron.
Xl.wi'oliT. May 4. The Cruiser Xew
Orleans left this morning presumably
for Hampton roads to join the Flying
Squadron. Shu received her outfit
Vermont Troops Mobilize
MoNTl'F.l.lKlt, May 4. Col. Clark
has seni orders to ihe National Guard
of Vermont to mobilize at Fort Ethan
Allen and some of the companies arc to
report there today. The companies
St. Albans aud Burlington will report
today; St. Johnsbury and Newport to
morrow ; Barre, Braltleboro, Xorthlield,
Bradford, Montpclier and Bennington,
Friday, and But land and Brandon,
Major Generals Nominated.
Washington, May 4. The Presi
dent to-day sent to the senate nomina
tions for Major Generals as follows:
Fitz Hugh I ee, Representative Joe
Wheeler of Alabama, K. O. Wil.son o'
Delaware, and Senator Slewall of Xew
Dr, J. W. Jackson Surgeon
Dr. Joe W. Jackson of this city ha
been appointed second assistant surgeon
to Gen. Jenne by Governor Grout.
Celebrating Dewey Day.
Nl.w Yokk, May 4. This is Dewey
day and the. municipals are celebrating
Dewey's great victory. The whole city
is resplendent with stars and stripes unci
all business is suspended.
Weyler Still Remembered.
Wiltdx X. II. May An effi-y (if
Weyler has been hung out on the street
to-day it is labelled "Weyler The
Butcher"' and "Do You Remember The
Maine." The elligy will be burned to
Senate Agrees.
Washington, May 4. The Senate
has agreed to the conference report of
of the fortification bill.
Company Q Wins Choice.
Xasiu a. X. II., May 4. Governor
Uamsdcll this morning drew marbles to
decide which of three, companies acre
should make up theijuotaof volunteers
There was great enthusiasm when Cotii'
pany C won.
Associated Press Charters
More Boats.
Key Wr.sT, May 4. The Associated
Press has chartered two more fast des
patch boats the Kate Spencer and an
ocean yacht Wanda the two fastest craft
of their kind in the country.
Congratulations Sent to
IIoxi; Konh, May 4. Hundreds of
cable dispatches eongratiilaticng Dewey
have been received here. They have
been forwarded today by the English
cruiser Inimortalile, The cable is still
interrupted, at two o'clock and no defi
nite news of the bombardment has been
Brewster Case Given to Jury
MiiNTFKi.iF.it, May 4. The arguments
in the Brewster trial were brought lo a
close at 2. 1!0 this afternoon and the ease
has been sen! to the jury.
Hugli Montgomery Dead.
Maimii.Kiieap. May 4. Rev. Hugh
Montgomery the famous temperance
advocate died here this morning.
Big Fight Expected.
Kev West, May 4. Hear Admiral
Sampson's fleet sailed at 11 o.cloek this
morning probably to meet the approach
ing Spanish fleet and an important en
gagement is expected in tho near future.
Combined Naval Force of
Spain to Strike,
Lisikin, May 4. News has been re
ceived here to the effect that the Span
ish Capo Verde squadron has returned
to join the squadron at Cadiz, which is
now almost ready for the sea. The
combined naval forces of Spain will
shortly be sent to American waters, and
Spain will then strike with one united
blow for the honor of tho country and
the satisfaction of the Queen. It is ex
peeled that within a few days the great
est battle ever fought will take place
somewhere in tho vicinity of Cuba. If
the I'liiled States demolishes the Span
ish navy, the next step will doubtless
be tho capture and occupation of Cuba
and Torto Uieo.
b.,. tiB ylh K'inl1 You Haw Always Bought
jflto Hind You Haw Always
House Cleaning.
It is the time of the year for it. We have several things
which may assist you in making a good job of it.
Every room aired and disinfected, all cracks and crev
ices saturated with a good reliable Vermin Exterminator and
you will have done your best
50 cents a quart
Vermin Exterminators,
25 cents a pint.
205 X. Main Street.
Is the Greatest
6. J.
We are Asreuts
Victor Bicycle.
ates, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings,
don't You Know
That it is getting too warm weather to be stewing over that
hot kitchen stove, baking cookies for the children, then come
to us and test our lint; of COOKIES, fresh every week at
2 lbs f o a quarter.
To be sowing your little garden plot if you expect to indulge
in green goods during the summer, then come and get your
SEEDS of till kinds at the old reliable.
That we have a full line
ery business, then come
esser 2&
10 Depot Square,
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School of Osteopathy, Kirks
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
8 a. m., to 12 in.
1 p. in. to 4 p. in.
Ollice (54 State St.
Ml those holding 'cheeks for photos
ire requested lo sit for ihe same at once.
Si. Main Si. ISiirre, Vt.
to make a healthy home.
Opposite Depot.
Imrjrovement in 98
Stand the Test.
for the
Books and Stationery.
of everything pertaining to the
and see us at Depot Square.
The Best Grocers.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
the most com-
, piete ot any in
the cily, and he will sell them at any
price you want. Trices ranging from
$20 to S12f.
A large number of second hand
wheels alliums! given away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
One largest size Kerosene Oil Ga
Stove, with Oven, usual price $22.00.
Will ndl (or cash to clow at $17.00.
This stove cannot explode and suits all
users. L. M, Avcrill.

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