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Barre Eveiifng Eoterpri
Single copy,
One month,
Ono year,
1 cent
25 t ents .
VOL. 1. NO. 22.
BAllItE, VT., TlUHSDAY, MAY o, 1898.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt,
Men's and Boys' Fine
Women's and Children's
Your satisfaction is our success.
Buy your Suburban Tickets at the
Blue Store on Depot Square at 6 cts.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
ill l k
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. Haiti St. Barre, Vt.
We have a good stock ordered, will
arrive tin's week. -
We now have a good stock of
Muslin Flags.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
We Are on Guard
For your interests as well as "ur own.
It means business for us. Every
man, boy and child needs a new
suit tor spriii!!, and we carry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's, Boys' and Children's
Which we will sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will offer for the next 10 days 100
boys' suits with sailor collars,
sizes from 4 to li) years, at 81.00
a suit ; sold elseweere lor 82.00.
Briiiil your boy along and get one
at the
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store-
War in Cuba. Full act of Maine disas
ter, catch penny book arc being pub
lished. See that the bqok contain 050
pages fully illustrated this is the only
complete history from 18G8 to 1808 by
(ionznbodo Quesada.
I). A. & 0. W. I'kkkv,
811 Washington St. Barre.
A. II. ISuzzoll, the new proprietor of
the Red Siar Lunch Room, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every Sun
day ; beef stew, Monday ; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday; fish chowder,
Thursday; fish balls, Friday ; haniburg
steak Satnrdav. Ovstcr stews, clam
chowders, baked beans, coffee and other
refreshment served at all hours.
Finest and most lasting linish maun
faetured is the Diamond Wall Mmsli.
L. M. Averill sole agent.
Why sutler with Corim when yu
can have them removed without pain
by Mks. S. M. YoitK, 12 Kl' St.
Notick! I am prepared to do first
class work in house painting, paper
hanging and enWoininiug. Orders
Ihivugii the mail promptly attended to.
All my employees urn experienced work
men. No apprentices.
J. C. DoDiili, 100 Main St.
The Weather.
Ronton, Stay ft. The wnither remains un-
fvumi occosiuai rain prulmle to-nijjlit unU
Friday viirialilc winds.
A very delightful surprise parly took
place last evening in Odd Fellows' hall,
(he object of which was the celebration
of the 10th anniversary of the marriage
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank (I.IIowland. The
many friends of the couple have been li -boringfor
some lime to find out the
exact date of this anniversary, but
owing to the suspicion of Mr. and Mrs.
(lowland that such an affair might lake
pla;'c, they were unable to obtain the
exact information, consequently the
time had to be set approximately and
last night was decided upon, so after the
ineetinir of the New England Order of
Protection a jolly party of friends walk
ed into the room where Mr. and Mrs.
(lowland were and F. li. Mudgett intro
duced as spokesman V. A. lioyce.
The latter made a very eloquent speech
in which he called attention in a pleas
ing manner to the ocsasion which had
brought the company together and then
introduce Mr. mid Mrs. (lowland, and
in behalf of their many friends present
he told them that it had been thought a
lilting linn! to present them with some
tokens of the esteem, love and affection
in which they were held. He called at
tention to the interest which the recipi
ents had always taken in building up
the Order of Protection, and to the ap
preciation which their friends feel for
their labors. Jn commemoration of the
tenth anniversary of their married, life,
Mr. Boyce then presented them in be
half of their friends a beautiful mahog
any table and chair, and a costly parlor
lamp. Mr. 1 lowland then expressed
the gratitude of himself and wife in fit
ling terms ami (he remainder of the
evening was spent in a social manner.
Refreshments were served anil a veiy
enjoyable time was bad by all.
Al.DKliMKX sn'CEKl) IX I!i:i)l'CIX(i
The eily council met last evening
with Architect Adams and looked over
the revised plans of the new block.
A few more changes were ordered and
the plans will will be returned about
next Wednesday. The aldermen re
port that there will probably be between
150,000 and 200,000 bricks and these
with the foundation and other material
will bo worth $2000, M.t. Adams read
the contract which he had prepared and
every thing was satisfactory with one
exception. When Mr. Adams read a
clause in the contract which stated that
he was to receive 5 pi;r cent and travel
ing expenses, it made some oflhe alder
men opeii their eyes and one even jumped
from his chair when he heard the last
end of the paragraph.
In "rder that Mr. Adams might over-
. .11 I L
see the. worK, lie wouiu nac iu cumu
to Barre a good many limes and each
time it would cost the city 10 or more
which would amount to 1U0 or .oOU
before the building was completed.
The Major and Aldermen knew very
well that tf the city would have to pay
that amount in addition to the l.jU()
to Mr. Adams there would be a big
kick by Abe Mann's agitation.
Mr. Adams explained that tlie circu
lar sent out by Dr. Camp ot (lie build
ing was to that effect and it was also
The, mayor told Air. Attains marine
committee had no authority to niaKe any
such statement and therefore thought
that the aldermen ought not to be held
to the. agreement. At about 10:150 they
came to an agreement, wnieu was inni
Mr. Adams is to receive 4 1-2 per cent ot
n . t .'it; 1 1. :
COSt OI II1C nillllllllg aim ins ;.MiiiMn.
The vouii'' ladies of the Congrega
tional church met at the home of Perley
Chandler the other evening and tormeii
a club which will be known as the
Ladies Mayflower Club. The
following otlicers were chosen : Presi
dent, Mae Chandler; vice-piesulent.
Nidlie Corskie: secretary, Kuili Iiatcli-
elder: treasurer, Lena Howes. It is a
social organization and the club will
meet at the homes oi the members.
Adam (iillespie and Miss Miss Fannie
Penney both of (iraniteville were, united
in marriage last evening at the home of
the groom's brother, Win. (iillespie, in
this city. Rev. .1. A. Sherburne lied
the briifal knot. A small number from
(iraniteville and friends in this city at
tended. A very pleasant time was en
joyed by all present, and iheir many
friends wish them many years of pros
perity A number of beautiful presents
were received. They will reside in
Time to btop. '
Among tho best stories recorded by a
well known angler is one about a Scot
tish laird who was ono day relating to
his frionds at the dinner table the story
of a fino fish bo bad caught "Donald,"
said ho to tho servant behind his chair
an old mail, but a new servant "how
heavy was tho fish I took yesterday?"
Donald uoitber spoko ncr moved. The
laird rupoated the question. "Wed,"
replied Donald, "it was twal' pund nt
breakfast, it bad gotten to iicbteen nt
dinner timo and it was sax aud twenty
when yo sat down to supper vi' tho
captain." Then, after a pause, bo udd
ort, "I've been t'jllin lues a' my life to
please the shooters, Lut I'll bedashed if
I'm Ktiiuy to tell le:'S noo iu my old aye
to please the f ushers."
Porto RiccjJVfay
Be Outs
In 48
Vermont Legislature Meets.
Martial Lav in Carthagena.
Mildred Brewster Acquitted.
No Word From Dewey.
London', May 5. Tho Eastern Tele
graph Company says "neither McKin
ley or any one else has received any
message from Dewey."
Washington, May 5. The rumor
was current here last night that the dis
patch boat McCulloch had communicat
ed an extensiyo cipher dispatch to Sec
retary Long and nearly everyone, con
gressmen included, believed the report
It has however been denied by every
ollicial who is in any position to know
anything about the matter, and it is al
most an assured fact that no word has
been received from Dewey as yet. The
boat which was reported to be in Mil's
bay is 40 miles front Hong Kong
and it would take some len days
by an overland route to convey
the ollicial despatches to the nearest
cable ofllec. There is a growing anx
iety here about tho position of Dewey
and arrangements are rapidly being
made for the conveyance of reinforce
ments from San Francisco to Manila.
10,000 men could be sent at short notice
but by the nearest calculation it would
take more than a mouth for them to
reach their destination in which time
Commodore Drwey may be in sore
need of assistance.
Special Session of the
Montimci.iku, May 5. The extra ses
sion of the Vermont Legislature opened
at 10 this morning, (iov. ( ! rout's mes
sage was read and the vote for the
speaker was taken. Kitlridgo Ilaskins
received 13!) votes and (len. Powers 81,
Ilaskins being elected.
Resolutions congralulating Commo
dore Dewey, President McKiuley and
the Cabinet were passed.
Three different appr ipriation bills
were offered and were immediotely re
ferred to the ways and means commit
tee of which W. F. Morse of Bane is a
member. There will be a meeting of
the committee directly afler the session
this noon.
The ways and means committee re
ported this afternoon asking that the
Legislature adjourn before three o'clock
Friday .
A bill was introduced to stop the kill
ing of deer. This was referred to the
game committee.
A bill waa introduced prohibiting for
eign railroad corporations from buying
or controlling any railroad estate. The
bill was referred to the committee.
Mildred Brewster Acquitted
MoNTl'r.l.ncii, May o. 'Che jury in
the Mildred Brewster murder ease re
turn! d at !).40 this morning with a ver
dict of not guilty by reason of her in
sanitv. American Ship on Fire.
Kaiii, Japan. May 5. The American
four masted ship May Flint from Phila
delphia is on lire in sight of ben', The
cause of the lire is not known.
Porto Rico to be Captured.
Washington, May 5. Persons who
have been in conversation with the
President today assert that the is are
strong liklihood that Porto llico will be
in the bauds of the United Slates within
forty eight hoim.
Communication With
Kev West, May 5. The United
States despatch boat which wa sent to
Cuba larit week with Lcyden returned
here this morning with four of tho six
scouts who left here at that time with
her. The other two were landed in
Cuba aud have, established a lino of
communication with the insurgent
forces under (ion. Delgado. Lcyden
was lircd upon by Spanish cavalry in
ambush. The insurgents charged them
and the white sjim boat Wilmington
shelled them. The enemy was routed.
U. S. S. St. Paul Started.
Philadelphia, May 6. The big
auxiliary cruiser St. Paul in command
of Captain Sigsbee left this morning
for League Island, intense enthusiasm
and excitement along tho shore. Shi;
will take a full supply of coal and am
munition at League Island. All sailors
and otlicers are anxious and eager for
a brush with Ihe Spaniards.
Dudley Dean Joined Cavalry
Boston May, b. Dudley S. Dean
fonnely captain of Harvard foot ball
team left to-day for Washington lo join
Roosvells cavalry regiment.
An Alarmin? Outbreak.
MaDitiD, May 5. The provincial out
break here is assuming alarming pro
portions. The artillery has been or
dered out, and tho troops have been
obliged to lire upon the mob in self
defense. Several lives were lost and
the people are still rising in rebellion.
Spanish Dynasty Doomed.
London, May 5. A letter from Ma
drid says that the Spanish dynasty as
well as the Spanish government is
doomed on account of the internal com
plications in government affairs which
come just at the time when Spain
is fi"-htinr the most disnstious war that
that country has everknowu.
More Trouble for Spain.
Maduid, May 5. Disturbances have
broken out with renewed vigor in the
provinces, shooting and looting are
common occurrences and it takes the
combined force of Spanish authorities
to maintain control.
Soon to have Porto Rico.
WAsiiinglon, May, !. Senator Thor
row after an interview this morning
with President McKiuley said, -'What
we want is Porta Rico, we oujjht to have
it by tomorrow and probably will in a
day or two,
Alliance Between Great Bri
tain and United States,
Paws, May 5. It is said here that
negotiations are pending between the
United Stales and Croat Britain will
support the United States in case the
the other powers interfere in behalf of
U. S. S. Lehigh on Way
to Boston.
Boston, May a. Monitor Lehigh
passed null in low tins iiliernoon.
Plans For Forward
Tamta, Flu., May 5. Col. Lawton of
Shaflic.'s staff has sailed for Key West.
It is believed he has gone to make a
map of Cuba and its surroundings in
preparation for an early movement
which is expected. There arc several
different plans possible as a movement
may be made upon Porto Rico when an
effort may be made to demolish Spain's
base of supplies in the vicinity of the
seat of war. A great deal depends on
whether Sampson's licet should meet
the Spanish squadron, for if Sampson
should destroy Ihe Spanish fleet the next
move would doubtless be into Cuba.
Eighth Regiment to Camp
Boston, May 5. Tho eighth regi
ment under Col. William Hew left to
day for South Franiingham Camp Dew
ey. There was a short parade here.
This sixth r.igimcnt goes into camp
The Lehigh in Boston Harbor
Boston, Mayo ,2 o'clock. Tlie Moni
tor Lehigh has arrived in the upper har
bor and is being named by tho Mass.
Naval Brigade.
No Americans Lost.
Kl.vWr.ST, May 5. ll is officially re
ported that none of the Americans in
the Lcyden expedition were killed or
wounded. The Spanish lost some.
Long has not Heard From
Washington. May 5. Secretary
Long says he does not expect any news
from Dewey until tonight at the earliest
an I he says he regards it as bis duty to
give out any news of the fleet as soon
as he knows it himself. He believes
that Ibis would be no more than just lo
the relatives and friends of the sailors
of Dewey's fleet. Nothing has come
Cuban Deputies Assemble.
IIiivana, May 6. The recently
elected Cuban deputies assembled yes
terday for the first time to effect an
Naval Battle Expected.
Kev West May, 5. Four Spanish
warships are reported to be off the Bar
badoesand prepared to eutercept the
Oreo-on. A great naVal battle is expect
when they meet, as tho Oregon is con
sidered to be ono of the best fighting
ships on the seas to-day, and her Com
mander Capt. Clark is ono of the best
naval officers. The Prize Court is sit
ting to-day on the case of the Panama
which it will bo remembered was one of
Ihe first Spanish ships to bo captured by
the Uuiled Stats.
Like the physician and all others who minister to human
ills, the druggist holds himself ready to serve the public at
all hours night or day.
At least we do.
It's handy to know beforehand that in case of sickness
in the night or out of regular hours there is a drug store
that is ready to serve you night
Our druff store is
205 X. Main Street. Opposite Depot.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
We are Agents
Victor bicycle.
ales, Austin & Co.
Gents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
Don't You Know
That it is getting too warm weather to be stewing over that
hot kitchen stove, baking cookies for the children, then come
to us and test our line of COOKIES, fresh every week at
2 lbs f o a quarter.
To be sowing your little garden plot if you expect to indulge
in green goods during the summer, then come and get yoiw-
SEEDS of all kinds at the old reliable.
That we have a full line of everything pertaining to the
Grocery Business, then come and see us at Depot Square.
esser &
16 Depot Square,
In Vermont.
Graduate of America n
School of Osteopathy, Kirks
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
OFKIOF. nouns.
8 a. m., to 12 m.
1 p. in. to 4 p. in.
. Ollice 04 State St.
The vault at Ktinwood Cemetery will
be (ip.cn the lird day of May ami before
that time for the purpose nf removing
the bodies from the tomb.
P. (1. Cam l, Sexton-
or day.
one of that kind
Stand the Test.
for the
Burn ham.
The Best Grocers.
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
ine most coni
CO plefe of any iu
the eily, and he will sell them at any
price you want, l'riees ranging from
20 to 125.
A largo number of second hand
wheels aluionst given away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
One largest size Kerosene Oil Gas
Stove, with Oven, usual price $22.00,
Will sell for cash fo clone at 817. 00!
This stove cannot explndo and suits all
"r. L. M, Averill.

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