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Single copy,
(till! IllOtlth,
Ouo year,
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25 cents
VOL. 1. NO. 24.
JiAlUi;, VT., SATUHBAY, MAY 7, 1898.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt.
lien's and Boys' Fine
Women's and Children's
Your satisfaction is our success.
liny your Suburban Tickets at the
Blue Store on Depot Square at G cts.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
f, Welsh k Co. SITrs.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
180 No. flain St.
Barre, Vt.
Flag Pins,
Buttons and Novelties.
SoW your Patriolfsmr'r p
New lot
Just Received. All Prices.
Patriotic Music.
28 No. Main St. Tel. 31-3
We Are on Guar!
For your interests as well as "iir own.
It means business for us. Every
man, boy and child needs n new
suit for spring, and we carry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's, Boys' and Childreifs
Which we will sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will offer for the next 10..uays 100
boys' suits with sailor collars,
sizes from 4 to 15 years-, at 81.00
a suit ; sold elseweere lor 82.00.
Bring your boy along and get one
at the -
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store1
War in Cuba. Full net of Maine disas
ter, catch penny book are being pub
lished. See that the book contain GoO
pages fully illustrated this is the only
complete history from 1808 to 18!I8 by
(lon.abo de Quesada.
1). A. & C. W. 1'i.iatv,
8:! Washington SI. Harre.
A. II. Du.zell, the new proprietor of
the lied Star Lunch Doom, puts out to
his customers a chicken pie every sun
day ; beef stew, Monday ; chicken stew,
Tuesday and Wednesday: lish chowder,
Thuixlav; lish balls, Friday; hamburg
steak Saturday. Oyster stews, clam
eh.iwdcrs, baked beans, coffee-and oilier
iclivsluneiils served at all hours.
fad arc
l and most lasting finish iiianu
d is the Diamond Wall Finish.
L. M. Averill sole agent.
Whv sutler with Corns when you.
can have them removed without pain
by Mks. S. M. YoiiK, 12 Kim St.
Notice! I am prepared to
class work in house paint in
I ! , , r I l . . r UI..I .:llsiimtllillr.
do first
,-, paper
tlireugh the mail promptly
All my employees areexper.eu
eil woii-
men. No apprentices. . ...
I. C. DoixiE, 160 Mam St.
A Dastardly Act.
Calais flan Attempts Criminal
Aesauit on Young Girl.
One of the most oulrageous mid das
tardly criminal assaults which has been
committed in Hum; for some time was
perpetrated yesterday afternoon. The
victim is the live-year old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs, Clifford IVake." of 127
Washington street. The deed was
committed by Myron A. Hutchinson,
of Calais.
Hutchinson has been living in Calais
and worked for Eh Hollon of that place.
On Thursday he left his employ and
came to Harre to seek employment.
After lounging around the city part of
the day he went to Poake's huu.se where
he has been since 'then.
Yesterday afternoon Mrs. IVake went
out riding wit Ji a Monipclioryoung man
and left Hutchinson in charge of the
four children while she, was awav.
About 6::!0 she returned. When she
opened llie door her little daughter
Forest was crying, She asked her
what the matter was but could yet no
answer from her. She asked Hutchin
son, who was tip-stairs, what was the
matter with the, child and replied that
ho did not know. Later Mr. lVakcame,
home and after hearintr the slorv of his
wife, he examined the child. He im
mediately went and found - Sheriff
French and lhiteh'nion was arrested.
In speaking with a reporter this
morning. Mr. IV ike said that Hutchin
son told his wife thill he wis "iiiltv of
the alleged crime whiclHt is said he
committed ycstoiday afternoon. He
said llie little "irl was-resting comfort
ably this morning.
W hen Hutchinson was asked about
the matter by a reporter he denied all
charges that the Peak family accuse him
with. He says il is a put up job on the
par! of Mr. and Mrs. Peak and he will
light the case. Hutchinson is a man of
40 and has every appearance of being a
Irani)), lie has a short thick growth of
side whiskers, and his clothes are torn
in several places. His wife died a
short time ago and he has a number of
children living in Calais.
Hutchinson was brought before Judge
Harney in the city police court. llie
case is being heard this afternoon, and
Frank ,). Martin appeared for the re
spondent and (icorgc T. Swa.ey pros
Mayor Jonn W. Gordon received a
telephone message from Mayor John II.
Senter of Montpoiier this afternoon stat-
grand celebration on Monday evening
and that all Harre people, including all
societies and sexes arc cordially invited.
There will be a mass meeting in the
alternoon at Armory hall from the hours
of two to live and in the evening there
will be a grand ' disj 1 ly of fireworks
Barre people will eerlaii lyapprccia"
the cordial invitation which the genial
Mayor of Montpelier has extended to
tlu'in and a large delegation should al
tend. The Central Vermont Ilailroad will
be prepared to handle a large crowd
from llaldolph, Waterbury, Williams
town and all intermediate, stations on
that evening. Special trains will leave
Montpelier "it 11 o'clock on the return
Sheriff (ieorge W. Smith
unknown man yesterday
arrested an
on Granite
was taken
street for intoxication, lie
In the, headciuartcrs.
Sheriff Smith savs
that he left him with Oliiccr l'at Drown
while he went to llie post-oflice. Drown
stepped out for a minute for something
and the man made his escape. Mr.
Smith went, to Montpelier l i-t evening
but failed to liud him. He is employ
ed in one of the local granite sheds and
lires in Montpelier.
National Mixed Paint, Strictly Dure
White bead and oil, all kinds of Paints'
Varnishes, and kalsomines at low prices
L. M. Averill.
). M. Eerrvs (omlon Seeds only ;!
cents for o cent papers, cheapest as
well as best L. L. Averill.
Our English Dreakfast Tea can't be
matched try it. L. M. Averill.
Let's Talk it over
It has been suggested that the city so
called Couldsbury lot be made into a
public park.
A local granite dealer staled this
morniin' that in his opinion the State of
New Vork could along lick Spam.
l),.wev seems to be able to do it alone.
K. .11, lieeinan, represemiug im- o..u
,1-iv.l Oil Co., gave an exliimiion
it the
iv af-
store of 1'rimllo & Averill yester.
ternoou and evening, lb
v.-rv clearly the safely of
demoiisl rated
isolcuu as a
fuel and tiie safely and comforts ot a
vapor stove. He would, 'pour burning
,rasolene from one can to another, boil
o-asoleiio in a can, fill a gasolene slove
tank with the opening of the tank on
the lire and manv oilier simuiai ic.i.
He! illustrated plainly that a can ol
oasolinc should accidentally ignite, one
should not be alarmed and throw u oui
,i,.vs l. hi let it burn off the
oulside of
ltw frill !lll 1 confine the
flames to the
opening in the top of the can, whim it
may be easily extinguished by drawing
a piece of paper across the opening ol
the can excluding the air, and the name
...in i.,.....ilni,.U- cease. ( all at ihc
store of l'rindle & Averill and examine
a vapor slove. U is worth seeing.
HaviiK' located for a short time at
211 North Mam street 1 am prepared to
.rive lessons in I'"1 ll ' culling i,n"
liinishing. Call for information.
y LTTA S. lllt'llAltllSII.N,
Is In The Hands
Great Floods
Amerinan Missionaries Asassinatedl in Africa.
Another Spanish War Vessel Captured
by the Montgomery.
Washington', May 7. In brief Dewey states in his
despatch that he silenced the batteries completely. He cut
the cable himself and has the bay and everything else at his
mercy. He has, however, been unable- to take possession
of the town of Manila on account of lack of jm-n. The ves
sels he destroyed are the Islande Cuba, Rein a Christina, Cas
tillia, Don Antonio, Don Juan De Austria and Yelasco.
The cruisers taken are the Elcauo, General Laso, Marquis
Del Duero. The gut; boats captured are the Isle P"i Min
danso and an armed transport. - The - reports, logger . thqn
exnectiHtrjXwas thought to
arriving. There are now four sheets and the message con
tains several hundred words. The text of them will be given
out as translated.
Washington', May 7. Secretary Long read the fol
lowing to new
paper men as
The squadron arrived
We destroyed
squadron is uninjured and only a few men slightly wounded.
The only means of telegraphing is to the Amoric.i i co nsu
at Hong Kong. Shall communicate witn him.
(signed) Dewey."
Great Loss of Property.
Little Dock, Ark., May 7. The
Arkansas river is on the rampage and
the damage to property is uncaleulable.
The loss is unknown. The situation is
serious and is growing worse every
hour. Everything for miles around is
Hooded and several leves have been
broken .
And Still Another.
Kex West, May 7. The Spanish
vessel lirig Frasipiito has been captur
ed by t!ie Montgomery. It contained
a cargo of beef and was brought here
this morning.
Missionaries Asasinated.
SiEititA Leone, Africa May 7. Ad
ditional advises just received confirms
llie reports of asas'mation of four Ameri
can missionaries in a re.beUioiijhcrc.
The missionaries were seal hereby the
Cubed Drelhren ChrUtain Mission of
Davtoti, ( hio.
Confirms the Report.
Washington, May 7. Assistant Secretary-
Vamlerlip has just received a
.able from a friend on board llie MeCol
h ugh during the battle. He says that
i he Spanish fleet was totally destroyed
ind Ihi.t tl o best part of it all was that
no Ainerici n ships were lost or even
Of Secretary Long,
in Arkansas.
bo one sheet but others are
Dewey's report: "Manila
at Malina at daybreak 'this
the battery at Cavite. The
Denies Reports.
Dome, May 7. The Valican issues
an ollieial denial of the reporls that the
Dope advises Queen ltegent to meditate.
Cadiz Police Make Arrest.
Cahiz. May 7. A niiin by llie name
of Hover has been arrested and imprison
ed lucre lor attempting to telegraph the
details and movements of the Spanish
China Pays Japan.
London, May 7. The representa
tives of China today paid tho represen
tatives of Japan, 11.000,000 which is
the balance of llie China-Japanese war
indemnity. Japanese troops will evac
uate Wei Wai Wei immediately.
Their Last Chance.
1Ieniayk, France, (near Spanish fron
tier,) May 7. Advices from Madrid say
that military dictatorship under Marshal
Campos is probable, as it
chance to save the dynasty.
the is last
Death of F. B. Randall,
Washington, May 7. It is iinnoue
ed here from Hong Kong that Frank H.
liandall, chief engineer of the dispatch
boat McCulldugh is dead. The cause is
N. II.
II vas born in Portsmouth,
' '
5.45 P. M.
Dewey Says Exact Spanish Loss
is Unknown But is Heavy.--Wiil
Protect Foreign Res
idents. Another Dispatch Received,
Washington, May 7. Another dis
patch from Dewey dated Cavite, May 4,
has just been received and says "Have
taken possession of the naval station at
Cavite and destroyed all fortifications.
Enlrace of the bay is being patrolled
and I can lake the city at any time. All
the men are in excellent health and
spirits. The Spanish loss is not fully
known but is very heavy. One hundred
and fifty were killed including the cap
tain of the Koala Christiana. I am as
sisting in protecting llie Spanish sick
and wounded. There are 250 sick and
wounded in the hospital within our
lines. There is great exciteuent in Ma
nila. Will project all foreign residents.
Signed Dewey.
Cable to Dewey.
W-nsiiijMiTox, May 7. By ilfrectton
this noon, from the President, Secretary-Long'-sent
W- lol1WHg' -bl to Con
modoro Dewey.
WVhington, May 7, 1898.
CoMMonoiiE Dewey, Manilla :
The President in the
name cf the American people Wish to
thank you, your officers and men for
your excellent achievement and over
whelming victory. In recognition of
this, he has appointed you acting admi
ral and will recommend a vofe of tlninks
to you by Congress.
(signed) LuNii.
More Troops for Dewey.
Washington, May 7. The (!ivern
nient decided this noon to send a trans
port with troops and supplies to Com
modore Dewey immediately. The city
of l'ekin will be used and will be es
corted by the cruiser Charlestown,
Washington is Wild.
Wasliv.tciN. May 7
excitciiieiil here over
Dewey's great victory,
wild and nothing is loo j
-There is great
the news of
Every one is
;ood for Dewey.
Rioting Continues.
Madhid, May 7. liioting still continues
here. There have been a good many
conflicts between the mobs and the po
lice in vaiious cities throughout the
MAi)iai, May 7. (noon) There is
great exiitenieiit here and a riot is an
ticipated at every moment, by the author
ities. Called on President.
Washington, May 7. Secretary
Long called on the President this morn
ing at 1 1 o'clock and ollicially announc
ed the vicloiy of Manila.
To Hampton Roads.
Xkwpokt, 11. I., May 7. The crui
ser New Orleans left here this noon for
j Hampton Roads, and will probably join
the Hying squadron.
Like the physician and all others who minister to human
ills, the druggist holds himself ready to serve the public at
all hours night or day.
At least we do.
It's handy to know beforehand that in case of sickness
in the night or out of regular hours there is a drug store
that is ready to serve you night or day.
Our drug store is one of that kind
205 X. Main Street. Opposite Depots.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
-. Ck J. REYNOLDS t M;
We are Agents for the
Gates, Austin & Co.
jents Furnishings, Books and Stationery.
don't You Know
That it is getting too warm weather to be stewing over that
hot kitchen stove, baking cookies for the children, then come
to us and test our lint of COOKIES, fresh every week at
2 lbs fo a quarter.
To be sowing your little garden plot if yon expect to indulge
in green goods during the summer, then come and get your
SEEDS of all kinds at the old reliable.
That Ave have a full line of everything pertaining to the
Grocery Business, then come and see us at Depot Square.
Cesser & Burnham,
10 Depot Square, The Best Grocr.
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School of Osteopathy, Kirks-
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
8 ii. in., to 12 m.
1 p. m. to 4 p. m.
Ollice (U State St.
The vault at Flmwood Cemetery will
he open I he iird day of May and before
that time for the purpose of removing
the bodies from the tomb.
P. (i. Cami Sexton-
Who's Got Wheels?
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
D the most eom
DICyd"0; plete of any in
the city, and he will sell them at any
price you want. Prices ranging from
820 to $125.
A large number of second hand
wheels almonst given away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
One largest size Kerosene Oil Ga
Stove, with Oven, usual price $22.00.
Will sell for cash to close at $17.00.
This slove cannot explode aud suits all
users. L. M, Averill.

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