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Lei's Talk It Over.
John llivers is in Windsor.
L. ,1. Mead is on the lick list,
L. E. Dana lias tlio mumps.
Miss Kinina Stum; is in 15iirlinrlon.
liobert l.iiwly of Xorthlield was in the
city yesterday.
Miss Florence Kyilcr is'sponding tlx;
day in Montpclicr.
Messer & Jiimilnun c juit n tclcjdiono
in their olliec.
Three lot-ill Italians left vcslcrday for
Mitau Italy. ' .
.lolin W. McDonald is eonlincd to Ids
house willi illness.
I'oliert Johnson will
St. .Jolinsluirv.
spend .Sunday in
i 11
Mrs. W. II. lluelianan and two sons
are visiting in Walden.
The soeial at tlie Methodist ehureli
was a complete success,
II. 1'. dial field returned from
olph last evening.
C. E Walker and wife of I'crry, Iowa
are visiting 1'erley Chandler.
K. A, Xutt of Montpclicr was in Iho
city this afternoon.
A'- C. Metlean clerk at the St.
Johnsbury house was in the city yester
day afternoon.
Miss Fannie (Jale returned from
Montpclicr yesterday after a short stay
ill the eapilol oily,
1!. A. Kastnian and Mrs. M. S. Win
Ship went to West 1'airlce today where
they will spend Sunday.
Tho younjr child of William Stephens
fell down stairs yesterday but reek-veil
only slight injuries about the head.
Kiehard A. I tour and Dr. C. F. Camp
went to Waterljury this niornin;?, where
they lielil a (-onsultatton rejrardiii"- Mr.
lloiir's health. "
Mrs W. ;. Forsylhe of (iouldsville
died yesterday. Her husband is district
deputy of the sixth masonic district ami
is well known here.
The railroad company are lavinir
planks beside the track on Xorth Main
htreet. This will prevent carriage wheels
from being demolished.
Postmaster Frank McWhorlerrolurned
yesterday from I'.rooklicld where he
spent a few days hunting. He suc
ceeded in bagging one woodchuck.
Kdgar AV. Emerson of Winchester,
N.1I., will speak and give tests in (i.A.
it. null m Alontpelier next Sunday, May
lo. M. & W. I!. K. K. Will rim a spec
ial train iit noon ami return after Hie
evening exercises.
Among the Churches.
I'MVKKSAUST f'lll'Uf'Jl.
In tins I'niversalist church tomorrow
morning Hie pastor's theme will Iju
tenting Inward Sodom." Sunday
School at noon. Junior Union at four
o'clock. There will bo no meeting at
0 :;)0, as (he V. f. c. V. is to conduct
the evening service at 7 ;30.
Services at lledding M. E. church for
tomorrow will be as follows: At 10.45
a. in, sermon by tho nastor. subiocf.
The equipment, management and car
go of a sea voyage ;" at 12 m. Sunday
school ; at 4 p. m. meeting of the Jun
ior League ; at .5.15 meeting of the In
tcrniediale League, There will be no
devotional meeting of the Epworlh
League on account of their anniversary
exercises in tho church at 7 ..TO o'clock.
The program will embrace rcnorts bv
the several departments of work accom
plished during the past- year, graduat
ing exercises from the Junior grade
into tho intermediate grade mid from
the latter into the Senior department,
short addresses and singing. Tuesday
evening , it 7. .TO tlic class meeting will
Prindle & Arerill
Gasoline and Quick Meal Gaso
line Stoves, Refrigerators, lee
Cream Freezers, Window and
Screen Doors, Poultry -Netting
and Wire Screen also
For Sale.
Fdlt S VIJO (im I f mif iitnl Lot on IIiiwpk
Street, mid six liirjre lliiildiiw l'".'s ""
IViTiii Hill, .Mid one ninier lliiildlnsf
Lot lit Mis corner of Siriiml iiiidiliiui Ms. In-
i,H jj-f nt T. . Wlnlelini s, m i
Foli S.U.F.-A nice stvlMi Trap, nd
new, Will sell dii'iip.
Dii. V. W. kthi-xk, Hiirre, t.
W. K. wntrt I lq y ,
1)2 X. Mum Stifot, " " ,am VcniM.nt.
VII Order will Kecoivc My IYrfonnl Attention.
Night Calls will be rroni)tly Atlt-mlfd To,
Telephone call at Residence 141-0. At office 26-3
To Rent.
tulrs ti
Sonni; wiiter,
L. II. Hooker 1ms
incut l
I stairs tenement Id rent with
lloW II
The annual nioetinir of the T.n.lies
of tho church of the Good Shepherd was
held last evening and t)u following
omcers were elected, President, Mrs.
1). Y. Stone; A'iee l'resident, Mrs. V.
J. liossi secretary, Miss Xullio Ward;
treasurer, Mrs. Louis Hickert ;treasurer
of soap fund, Mrs. John Downers. The
report of the secretary and treasurer
was read ami accented. The total re.
ceplsfrom the three days sale was
.150.fit) which is considered a large
sum. Money received the past year
from various eiilcrlaininenls was $113.
O.j mid from tho soap fund $80. The
ladies aro very much ineouraged by the
work the past year.
Garden Rakes, Hoes,
Mowers, and
Spading Forks, Lawn
Garden Hose.
On reiisoniilile tt-rm-i n flood stune slied
u-itii t i-ii L-.-liiiir mill liniiin derricks. Alo some
very desirable tenements : Inquire of
Til IJKX'I'. Ifooins ill Dlctisinit leciitioii
I (Hie very plcasimt room, tt Short Street,
Alice rreston. iil
Still Another Victory.
'Miss l'earl 1C. Lewis, a member of the
Senior class at Hie High school, has been
quite ill with nervous prostration, is re
ported betlcrat present, and her friends
will be glad to know that she is in no
immediate danger.
Mens ( onieilians will bo at. Montpcl
icr all next week. A special train will
leave Montpclicr Tuesday evening, Mav
17, immediately after the" performance.
'The play for "'i'uesdav night will lie
"Back Among the Old 'Folks.
Miss C. M. Russell of Xcw Vork will
give a course of three demonslralion
lectures at Armory hall Mav 111. L'O and
21, at a.olj )i. m. each day. These lec
tures are under the auspfces of the Xew
Era cooking school of Worcester.Mass.,
which is one of the leading schools in
the country on dicletrics. iiO
The street commissioners and city en
gineer Currier went to the north end of
me ion n ins morning, as required of
the railroad company, and they were
given permission to" lay WOO feet f
rails near .Jones I'.rotho'rs at the "rade
directed ny the engineer and
Constable Y. H lluelianan sheriff
Smith and chief llowland made a raid
on a house on Itailroad street last even
ing occupied by .James Good. They
walked into the house, and as soon as
conoiaoie iniciianan showed C ood the
search and sieure warrant he made a
break for tho door but was run down
by chief llowland afler a short chase,
I hey then searched the house and found
a jug containing whiskey in the cup
board ami in the rear of the house a bar
ic, continuing ate. J he liquor was tak
en to the police head niinrler w ,.t!
Good was brought before Justice
Scott this morning and fined 12,60 which
he j iit id. The wliiskev was ordered re
Uirned but the ale was condemned.
Attorneys Fay and Hoar appeared for
"'c m ieiidant. Afler the trial Good
was rearrested for keeping liquor with
mlont to sell, 'The case will be tried
next week.
Peter Mclerniolt was arrested yester
day for the second lime within two weeks
for intoxication. He was found by Sheriff
Smith in front of the Baptist church. He
was brought before Judge Barney and
lined $Mianil costs or htteen days in jail,
lie could not settle and was" taken to
Montpclicr this noon.
After the school meeting last cvciiin"
the council went into executive session
and indulged in talking over the water
question again. Mayor Gordon has re
ceived a letter from Mr. Walker who
looked over the plant recently, but he
refused to give out any information as
to tho value, of the plant of the Barre
Wiiter company in the mind of Mr.
The Young Peoples Christrain Endeav
or society of the Cengregational church
held their annual meeting on Thursday
cuing aiiu elected mo tollowiii"- olli-
cers; President, Miss Lucy Wells; Vice
president, v-narles spear; secretary,
ncison Jallard; eorlesponding sec
reiary. jwrs .loe . .lackson ; treas
urer. Mrs. George Hall. The work
tlie past year was very satisfactory.
The young people of the I'niversalist
church have charge of the evening ser.
vioe Sunday and have arranged an in.
cresting program. 'J here will be spec
ial music by the choir. Tho prorain
is as follows :
Paper, "Our Ilarriman Church," bv
B. I. Staples. J
Paper, "Tho Atlantic Mission," by Miss
Grace Ingalls.
Paper, "'The Redox Ronefit of Mission
ary Labors," by Mrs. 1!. W. Braley.
Paper, "A General Review of the Mis
sionary Work of Our L'nion,"hy Miss
Florence Ryder.
The council and school commissioners
neid a joint ineelmglast, evening to con
sider the adviseability of buying or
having the old Bacon estate condemned
which is owned by Mrs. Ann E. Bannis
ter of Potsdam, N. Y. As exclusively
announced in the Extkkimmsk last even
ing the school commissioners have de
cided on the above named property, but
the price named. S4000. wa ,.ni,in...i
rather steep.
Mayor Gordon thought that it would
be cheaper in the end for tlie city to
purchase the property. If it was 'con
demned it would cost the city sev
eral hundred dollars to contest the
case, and the owner would be given
iniee montns to remove tho house that
is on Hie site as required by law. That
would mean that the work on the school
buildnrg could not be started until fu
September 1. The school would not be
unisiied until spring and the buildinc is
needed before that time. ,
After talking the matter over Alder
man Thurston made a motion, which
was seconded, that tho school commis-
l'mnnvu I... i.... ...1 x ..
- ,J" "uiicrai io ouy tlie prop
erty at the corner of Silver and Brook
uei.sior?;,oiio, and if it cannot lie
purchased for that price the council will
have it condemned and a commission
appointed to appraise it. Perlcy Chan
dler wrote Mrs. Bannister this nioriiincr
of the action taken and an answer will
be received in a collide of biva
Unless a man bo prejudiced against the
j.h'.m.v. jtATMii'msK" any intellin-ent
citizen who has watched the columns of
this paper for the past fpw weeks, will
mum una ior rename and prompt news
service The Eve xixiiJExrum-nisE stands
m tho lead in this city. Some time ao-o
a nvalpapcr published a slur nt, the
Associated Press, in which an attempt
....... m.mt; uj uraw liiierenee that -'bulletin
board specials" were morn
prompt and reliable than facts sent out
by tho Associated Press. Becent events
have proved the absurdity of any such
claim. The latest illustrated was the
V!I llm init.n.!.. .1 . , . .
" "!'. i.un uuspaicn contained in
our extra yesterday morning in which a
report was given of the bombardment
of San Juan by Sampsons fleet. For
eerai iiiivs t io neon o rf tl. .,.,.
have been watching Iho wires to learn of
the movements of the fleet, and it re
mained for the Evicxixr. Exteui-wse to
fc'ive the citizens of Barre the first re
port of the result of the bombardment.
J lns matter was received over the lonr
distance telephone at two o'clock in the
morning, and was at. once put into type
anil fii.',,l.l.,,.i .i... . .. "
. ""i " mo citizens oi isarre
No other paper published in Barre "avc
the public any information regardin" the
San Juan assault until many hours after
he Lvexixg ExTEKPiiisu had been read
by several hundred people. Does this
1 1 1 ir nvm-ii , .... A ,
i"-"" ""ii -ii.ssuciaieu iTess news
service can heat "plate service specials"
and "bulletin board extra'P" l,.i...,.c.
New York papers aro not putting out
iiuuiiignt uoards" and this mav bo the
reason why some other "extra's do not
naive ineir appearance.
It is human nature when a rival beats
you at any game to say somelhin.r con
cerning cither that rival or the object of
the defeat, and so it is no wonder that
instantly some of these managers of
'Extras'' circulate the false yarn that
there is no truth in the statement and
that it is a "fake." To those wU d.i..i,
for themselves this shows the best proof
of a defeat. This paper has not won a
iiqnu.iuoii ior "lakes." It will not issue
"Anus on every wild rumor that floats
over the wires. Even those who aro
'" lu recognize the worth of the Evex
ixii Lxti: iipiiisE admit that it has already
gamed a reputation for .inHw..,iii.;.
equated by no rival paper. Our bul
letins received afler we goto press if
"'"' i..u.t are puniislied and if
"I a:, immic is welcome to inspect
u.em. jui tne news service of the
"LvExixii Kxteki'iuse" enables us to
"M,e icuanie j-.xtras more prorniitly
.. .... ...v ! t,.l)lu- m.ro ,,. aue ,0 (,0
Ihis has been proved in both the report
nf I in xillln ..f il.. II . . , , . . . 1
- ...ii uui me neei nut Dy Admiral
ycHi unii m mo bombardment of Sum
Juan by Sampson. AVe never issue
false rumors about Ships with 000000
m ii-nbl iinrl innn i. . .
" "i'.uiiimi noiuicrs Dein"
eai.tured sometime after the boat had
run tho Cuban blockade. We did not
issue an Extra with the rumor that Dew
ey was now in full possession of Manila
when in fiiet tin lmi t .. ..L. i
... .... .mi jciuiKuii posses
sion of the city. Last Sunday we did
not issue any Extra with tho statement
that "A great Naval Battle was now
on but promptly posted the bulletins
rather than ffivo them to the public for
money. Those, de.sn..if,.l,u
furnished by tho Associated Press, al-
ougl, sent to us by that Association,
still they would not vouch for their trutlil
luuness, uencc wo d i not,
Siuidav Extra ivili i!. i..,.it:.. ...
Naval Battle on," when nS Info
pure ice.
''AlltMOCXT ICE IS clfiftr nml nmv if
is cut from spring water less than 40 'rods
from where it rises, thus uvol.lin.r n ni
illation which must enter river ice. Th. ad
vice will he efficient in every respect. We so
icityour imlrona-e. Prices that suit. Our
team will he around regular. 04
E. E. SANDERS, Mag'r.
showed the Spanish fleet was not where
it could o-iye battle tn
and the shots heard wore those of a war
ship firing at a mark. When tho at
tack on San Juan was at last made, the
"EVENING EXTEKI'ItlSE" Was the n,.l,.
pajier on the streets with the news at an
early hour in the morning. The Asso
ciated 1 ress mves US the nnirc ,ll,.i
not through tho ret
1, . . , uuillill
h . or fnon,ls who telephone to
other Associated Press miwir. 1.,
...aucr tu local news also the "Evexinii
ESTKIil'KiSE while not niililiahln
article "Exclusive" yet for Iho past few
lays we have published our share of
"Exelusiyes." To show that another
Walter Granger has just improved
Ids pretty house by a new coat of paint.
Charles 11. Benedict is about to put a
granite-curbed sidewalk in front of his
Will Kibbee has had as guesls of late
his sister. Mrs. Dm- koo. Mini lwr litlln
Mrs. Herbert P. Martin is under Dr.
Watson's care for heart and dropsical
iroumes. sue lias been vcrv poorly for
some time.
Henry F. Erskino came home last
week from Pcnaeook, N. II., for a short
visit when he will return for further
treatment foi canoeix
Oliver Martin and wife will bo at the
farm of Messrs. George and Elbert
T.. ..1 . . T
o.icivsoii ior tne present since ho cannot
resume stone cutting for a time.
nov. ur. . G. PuddefoTt had a goodH
auitience here last 'Tuesday eve, and
some 820 was taken for the Congrega
tional Home Missionary society,
A sewer is to be put on the cast side
of our Main street, from Geo. Beckett "4
piacc to HOW tbroiloh the. slmnm lli..t
nows through the Gen. E. li iss nicndow
-no insurance agent, ,L A. Bond of
Burlington, seems to be doing a thriv
ing business. He was here again last
week, no "grass grows under his feet."
Mrs. P. P. Womer's failure to regain
ucr iieaiiu at ncr old home in north
western Pennsylaiiia may nocessialo
Mr. Womer's going there ere lone-.
The new poles from which our new
i.ig is u no suspended Wero to be
raised last Saturday, The "real di
nttin.l 41.. " . .1. . . " .
iul ""S" ueiii)s me arrival 01 our
I!i.,t ll,il,l.t. 11. 1
our railroad, has taken a tenement in
me 0111 1 ooie House. A sister f ! ....
ji, ,r, , niutiuiH in (loi ( i i-i scr.i iimiv
Hill ifma tr ... .
...... yj i"iuc o.-inv on i ne r.'n.,
Our Welsh irranite cutter l;,,i.,i 11
uuues wnose lamily of four briHit
well-trained little daughters are So well
liked here, has just sent an orrim to
Utiea, N. Y., for tlie two oldest ones to
practice on while at school there.
Warren Groarson, son-in-law of Chas,
Staples, has been medically advised to'
give up granite cutting 011 account of
I II! effni.t r,n l,i 1 1,
,U"S . ne nas gone
oack to East Barre. bousrht out ., i,.,,.i.,.
aim win pursue tlie tonsorial art.
T . .
j.uwience iuuri'av. who conm i v....
l) 1 . . " . . "' "wv
uanc nisi year from St. (ieore X P.
to run a granite latho for the Grearson
Bros., has returned to his old home
He is a brother of Wai-erlv ,i 1 '
Murray, now of our village.
Luther M. Waldo is anmnirl,t 1
in his new home at Talbi
former citizen, who spent a part of last
.wmer in j auapoosa, says "if Mr
Waldo had his health, ill! Wrilllll .r..t
rich there." "
A sorrowful man was tho f.,11, c
the "irranite bovs" I'.'itri,.!.- 1.....
Rogers ( his onlv sons lu.t-iw -i.. '
M . t 1 ---- Cll-
.o.cli i.u mo ubiin war, nml (.ft fr
.juiiu,jr,on me bin inst. Patrick failed
to pass the examidation, but was to try
it again in his desire to bo accepted
I his father came from Australia not
log ago and a daughter who came from
.imiu aoout tne same time, is his
housekeeper. Fortius fiiilm- . 1 '
1 , , . -1 ui;-
.le,ih. uiiicn Kindly sympathy,
Angus'A. Mcfverof granite district,
who died last Wednesday from the efl
teets of the terrible. n,.,.t.it .. .
t ,v,iIt, ilL iju;
quarries, was a Canadian-bom Scolch-
i.mu. lie was a member of tho
i'teiiioiiisi cuurch of Granitoi-ill..
To IfLXT. Five lurjrp connect iim' room,
uiiiliililn fiirnllil'P mill tl'IICIIlClltcolllllilll'll,
lip one IliL'ht Averill's Hloi-k. now occupied
liv Ir. siickni'v, also siiurle front olllce up
oiie tliirht. L. il. Averill.
t A.VX'I'LI) hy an experienced frirl a po-
VV sition to do (iciieral Mouse-work,
quire at Dowers it Chcssor's market.
I A AXTKI). Hoarders at No. C Sjaul(lini,'
V Street.
vr House.
-A tabic irirl at the Coiiuuercial
The Commercial House
Chas, Johnson
h nil lie is prepared to meet the
ri wants of the public in an up to
date manner.
Will Give as a Prize
We Deal in nllsoitsof Mil
linery and always carry a
Full Line of Goods
At Reasonable Prices
74 No. Main Si.
Debt Collected,
Personal Demand 'made in nil r-i.su..
Condition of Claims renorted f,.
quently, Suits proseeuted vigorously,
Kapid, yet cautious handling of at-
laenmcnts and trustee proceedin
Art wni'L- ,1.1 1 1 1.
. "'!. a live active
"iieu. Aimu; 1 ree.
The bladder was creiited for one purpose,
namely, a iTecntiicle for the urine, and 11s
such it is not liable to any form of disease ex-
eept hy one or two ways. The first wav is
from iinuerlei't action of the kidneys. 'The
second way is from careless local treatment of
oilier ui.-eases.
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy kidneys is
tiie chief cause of bladder troubles. So the
womb, like the bladder, was rreuted for one
purpose, and if not doctored too much is not
liable to weakness or disease, except in rare
11 is siiiiiiicii uacK or nun verv close to
the bladder, therefore any pain, disease or in
convenience manifested in the kidneys, back,
bladder or urinary uiissiiL'e is nl'ten.' I.v ml..
take, attributed to female weckness or 'womb
trouble of some sort. The prmr i euttili-
made and mav be us easilv avoided. Tn iin.'l
out correctly, set your urine aside for twenty
four hours; 11 sediment or settlin;; indicates
Kidney or bladder trouble. The mild iitnl thu
extraordinary etlect of ir. Kilmer's Swamp
boot, tlie vriat kidney, mid bladder remedy
t soon realized. If you need a medicine' vou
should bave the best. At.ilpmnri .. ...;..r..
and one dollar. 011 mav have u saniide but
tle and pamphlet, both sent free bv i..il
upon receipt of three two.cent stumps to cov
er co-t of nosti.L'e mi tho i.,.t.io m. ........
'I'm. li . ... .. i- " "-.u. titriuiUIl
j.i.. ...iiww. r-.MKUI'lilsI' ail. seili vnnr !.
Iress to Dr. Kilmer X- n.. ui,,.,i,..,t.... x-
r... " ' .".iullllllllll. i.y ,
the nrourietnm of tl w t,...,u.
Jhe -enuiheness of this o ' ' '
Central Vermont Railroad.
JOUUIiCTKD TO JA. 23. lsus.
Trains leuvo Barre dally, except Sundnv '
ows :
S.10 A. M.-MAIL, For Boston via. .
HtchbuiKjNew y0rk via. tiprimjii,),, .' .,,
all New ICtijrUnd pelnts. I'urlor cur it. I '
'on vta. Lowell, wilhout chaintf.
12.00 P- M.-FAHT KXl'KttSS. hor II,,,.,,,,,
Lowell i New Ynrlr vln Hnrl,.., .
L . New London. Buffet parlor cur to H,,
I 5-10 P.M.-LOOAL PABtSLXGEU. For s, rV
lii Id, Randolph, and Whit,. ;, .,.,
Junction, councctinir nub inu, 1
., train for Wn.lor. "n""s"1
11.00 P.M.-NiaUTEXfKKBH. Leavi-s ; lrr..
week days only, but leaves Montncli.r r iu
a.m. ,dally Including Sundays. In,,. u','.
Fltchburji, daily, 9.60 a. m, ; New Vork , ,
cept Sunday) 11.26 a.m. On ,rJ.
. -i-uuguu.u.oniy. nagnerslc i
to Boston via. Lowell and to Son
9.50 A. M.-LOCAL HXPKKSB. Fori!,,, 1,
ton, St. Albans. Rlcbford, and iZ!""
Connects at hssex Junctiuu with exi.r.-.."
. H points on Kutland K. U.
3.05 P.M.-MA1L. For Burlinxtou, l!uti,
cambndite dunctlon, St. Albui,,, m,.,,.,'
Norwood, OKdensburnh. Vaie,,vr , .
far to Montreal, ' 1
5.10 P. Miiil'KJSSS for nurllnirtoii, s, ;
Mnn.'n'o Uo"irL oilman SI..,,,,,,,, , .
Jlontpoller Junction io Chicago, , ,
chanKc. Due ; Chlcuott.Iu e.n.(1.xt ir
C onn,ctat Essex Junction tor New .
via. Hutlund and Trov.
The Williams Typewriter barber shop
ThebestMachine made, Strong.
est Man ifoltler, Visible Writing,
nu K1DDOH to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale bv
40 Washington St., 'City Aent
Liui pint see one or
the mail.
drop a card in
A tlleiliu.val Frast.
Tho Liiniim t wbieh was he
mo iiuiiTiiiKii i,r ijouut bhirh
isavnriiiu lrineesij ,Subii:.i im.
an its own. Kevin thin
wero jiresnit,
GraniteSavings Bank
hero i:t
with the,
in n iti.sti r
nismil I'Dest
and lor tb. ir
.no 1 iiuufif,ii;cst iiet.iilo that e,;uld bo
found in all tbe land wero brunit to
tho eastlo and continued in red ami vol.
low clotb and in tho I I colossal hitch
ens wero iscrvinH day and lib,!.
fcaino number of nmh '11, .. "1
auu xi ii sr.
11110 week, und dnvi,,,,
wero eonsnnii.l 1 -m
l.fcdJO calves, CTO canonn. 1.51111 ,.i'-..i.'
JO tonsol lierruigfi, j an pounds of cloves
40 ,,om,d.s of satlroii, atio.ooo eJ'
8,000 sacks of a, mr and 1 , 7(10, 000 KiUloui
of win,, K.r eiKbt days and 4lits a
public 1 win,, fountain punred nni er
nil.tedly through eiKbt tubes re, l am
win tow .110 for nil that wished to drink
f , " ieu, m
timo tluro
Capital Stock, - $ 50,000.00
surplus and Profits, 27,500.00
deposits. - 640,000,00
To eoi,,y with the . flnoteI below, dc
Posltors are hereby notilied to brinffor Wd
llieir pass-books nt. ni. ... i,....,. ,
. " jiiinK jorex-
ii, Miiuon in i, i veriticiitioii.
I'li.WK K c.VVK, Treasurer.
Seetion 4iW.-., Vermont Stntntes-
mir to liuv
Ve have several building lot
, , , iW ,, upiviirds. l
house u-i i ii ...........i ' . 'M
i,,.," "" -...lY' ini, nearly uvw
,,,iuii;; iiiih iifiiiu.t i...
.. . .. . '.'""r." '"" street th line lt. . r . V ""'I'
II 1JI I; III Ml I Tl J I 1 1 1 I. II... I'... ....
" ' "i i III!
f-NlKlfl'insi.-" .t
eould not
did not, no
on till! VliVIVO I.'vr...,.
I'Kisk" for news, we point to tho report
of Iho arrest of two residents of this city
. .. . iMKBt anuitery. We stated
hat lawyer h. ('. .Shurtleff of Montpe
Imt !.j.)eared for one of the respondents.
Hler we had been KiVon that informa-
'r. Minnierf slated ho
i''iear nt the bearing ilmi
oiner local iiiu.er hud tin.
lU'f.llti' l
f. . ., , .",,1
'.i- i un.iisneii the fact thatS. V. Shurt
b'ff appeared for one of the respondents
He did not, tho ..Evri'i.M.ms. ,,,...i .,
iniMuke, but tbo next dav;u,other -'.Spec-nil
savs Shurtleff
i.uo rehablo or prompt news? Wbeii
llio fcxTKHPiHSE makes a mistake as we
..... .... uncord wo correct it.
ihe latter was not the fault of The Asso
ciated Press. -The KvKNixi; Extkii
ll.lM'. is here to slay and the t.eople I
are; p-ivmir us w...,.,,. i,.,iu ... .
, ' " i"i"..'ineiii aim
su es are Kniiiinnr fast. Watch ns for
"-.i.toiu anu early news on all battles.
services he attended Sunday niornii,'s
and he was a constant attendant at Key'
. un-s ountiay afternoon
services at tlie Solid Hoek chapel in the
quarry district. He leaves a if i
two children. He was buried in Ur
-emetery last Friday, Key. J. O. Sher-
."....u omeiaung at mo funeral, Jt U
said that he had an. accident policy tint
I" Hie rear of my store will run
twice t'iich week,
Popular Restaurant
Can bo found nt
311 No. Main Street.
Munis Served at All Hours.
Wo also carry a full line of
Drop i and see our Lunch Counter.
Suburban Service.
8.30, 9.15, 10.50 a. m ..
487 N. Main Street,
Girden Ha
Louve Moinpelier
3.5U und Q2U p. a.
Wiliiamstown Trains.
Leave Viliamstown-730
Barre 8.05 a. M.a.uo p
A. a. 2.3o r.
Montpelier& Wells River R. R.
Haying loeiited for a
2;tl North JIain street I
lessons in lirst dress
iimisliinir. Call f. if
--- . nu. .nation
sbort time at
im prepared to
cuttinjr and
adv 30
Real Estate Agents
AVe have opened Itm.l i.-v.t .,,,.. ,
rooms 1) anil 10, Holster's HI k i 1
shoiiiil he plcase.1 to ser .1 1 llk ' .w
K. febite of any kind to Sell,r ihoV Z
Our English
for sale nt
, one
Kiist street.
ni, j.f ti... i
I....L.. ...... 1 ' "ll
urn. iiiMii.'K,
e shoul.l he plcnse.1 to see iinvonc' h.,v
houses or rooms to rent; , to u Zht th e
seeking lr teneinents. !(.ns i,mk ,, "M
i.n;l collections i,P .,,, ' T
Hy honornlile ilea iii.'s i....... ... ' ' .
vonr o,.tr..n,.u " i"" 'vceivc
TO 1 N
J!re.,iLf.,t.. 'P
'I- I..M. AV.H,, "
Suro an Safe Remedy
every caso and every kind
t bowel Complaint ij
1,0 1 e l
I . pia i
On and after Monday, Nov 8 ioot . .
run a. toUovl'sZ'
dCXtA 9-00' 10'3. S.0U. 1.05.
"rue, or better ervioe i, v"'0 l,ttin. qulVkt-r
ed. All train, win ,T0i r,! fee""y con.ld
netwoen MontpeitJr i.J i i.p " 8l(Snal at nv Dlacu
"d will 8top .?yr;!2tor&? p,ZDtn
vided the place u rSade k wnl .l"'' Pro
trains bast aSTSSS"
Connccta at Wella Klv. ..u' .
comroodailon T n .1 wllh Ao
Mall .ndTSreS T?inh,Bn? wllh
. I'l-ump! 7 .,' 0nD'7',5 over
m n . & Maine It It t i . ?.' ton
7.30 A.M. vice fTon, Well. h,Uh 'rai"
olh or "Vt 'ill luill'i Vi"' l''ym
iioston. and v a hJ Z Jl"'" to
P'lngfl5d1to NewYoVr8kF''il"and
I hrouuh service it,,,;. r-
jatiun. between VVells li?""01'""
Kativuna. "f'l 'ver and
Conn. ... L' .bv'4D" 4-oo
klver wnh lie M ' Tr.i"' kVl'"'
in.,., over PaHumuio I till A " oor,h
(Suec, Chicago and thT"'",1'
Vomt. Throuirh al.",T. 6 1 Ul:"lc
treal to Ob?3"; Mo,,.
s"tnrdny. To Pahh ec'"l't
onnect at ivn. ,..
4 modatlon train ."'.'."u" w"h Aceo.n
-, M. hetweei Well. n.V " ""tlo.m
WverJuncUo?. Slfff,Vtil"
train norm ,n, ii"?,with txpre.i.
leheia 8tr et i"r,!2i,Lntlu,on ""h--W;STANSf-
iiesi.cctfuliy yours.
C'hoiecst linoof t'hoeolatcs in Iheeilv
Seo our new lino of GOe. r0(s ni n.,u-
per lb. L. M. Averill. "
45 cts.
I). M. l'errys Carden Seeds onlv
... ,n V,.M papcrSi (.I,,,.
wen as nest I,. I,. Averill.
2f Thisl,""'?"
-9 i - .7 . "Element and
V 'twn'tbemadotoostron.
L ;lll Cttvi'tt 1 ,
ti-il v iUTt! 011 Con-
Ethan AI', ' 'VS Vwf
P.M. " t0 at 4.00
Trip Tickets Dnl
Xational Jlixed puintj
u'l.i... i i ;v "re
.... . ....... u,,,, on, aJ Kmds of ,, j
iirnishes, and fcalso.nincs i.t l,v ,,'0
, U M. AveriUs
op too emphaiEc.
It is a simple, safe
cure for
TV '
Tff0 "IwKc-aad coc.
K'eop it by 0ll D
0eau',nc-PerryDavls.. ,
001a rvervu.Jlfre.
Tradc Marks
Anvntia .. CODVDIAUve O -
U tlon of anJ'I",' .Lp1 eklT. La,., !,.
.V'jyr n,f,,h,'i ;;nra, Ter,a. ., ,
L0 36IBroadwa. Mm.. V.l,
mum &
"ranch 0
Absolutely and.
a new.'Iv cured in 9days
No cWi'i"0 mv8oraling trtat-
"straint. Can ul L-: no ,n)cctions - no
An be giv
(B-Yur Own
tctet vuntidenr
New York City.

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