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A Typical Negro Camp Meeting,
Thcro is perhaps no more favorable
1'luco iu which to study negro character
mid maimers than the camp meeting.
This time honored institution is no less
social than relinioiiH in its nature. It is
usually held iu n partly cleared grove,
uurter the auspices of the local clergy.
Hither the colored population of the
surrounding region flocks, coming on
font, in carriages and wagons, in ox
carts and mule carts, on horseback and,
tuilo back in short, by every conceiv
able mode of locomotion. Its dress is
;ls varied as its vehicles. Indued tho
ui groes of tho south are of all peoplo
tliu most cosmopolitan in tho matter of
dress. Clothes, of every imaginable
stylo, color and "previous condition of
st'rvitudo" are pressed into use, so that
in this particular they present as great
a variety as the beggars in the nursery
As wo approach the grove what a
Dudley of sounds breaks upon our hear
ing the neighing of horses, the bellow
ing of cattlo, tho heehaw braying of
mules, tho laughter and screams of chil
dren, and joined with these a perfect
label of human voices, the wholo
funning n discordant din such as no hu
man nir ever heard elsewhere 1 Enter
ing the grounds, wo pass bauds of chil
dren, climbing, tumbling, romping, liko
so many troops of monkeys; gawky
your.! lellows awkwardly making love
to dusky beauties; groups of brawny
men discussing abstruse points of the-
ol"K' ,v'' ns 111UCU zoal uud more bar
mciiv, perhaps, than a body of learned
divinity doctors. Hero and thcro a gos
fijiiig company of old "uncles" and
"armus" may bo seen reviving tho
i!H uics of bygeno days. Chautau
qua!). Saffron.
f atTrnu would striko an ordinary ob
server as decidedly expensive at 00
shillings per pound until told that it is
composed of the central small portions
only ol the (lowers of a species of cro
cus, iO.uuo (i which it takes to yield
the maurial foi one pound. Tho won
der t lu ll becomes that it is so cheap;
that it can pay to grow and gather it
at the prioo. As a matter of fact, it has
failed to pay tho English grower by
this retaining, iu tho namo of his town
of .Stll'ron-Wuklcn, but a bint of former
importance in this particular direction,
French und Spanish soils being more
suitable to the full growtli of the flowers
ami foreign labor cheaper iu the work
of picking. Its use iu medicine has
practically died out, barring perhaps tho
popular belief that, steep(d in hot milk
or cider, it helps tho eruption of measles
to fully appear.
As a dye in creaming curtains and to
give a rich appearance to cako it is still,
however, in general demand, for which
purpose it is well suited in being both
harmless and strong, ouo grain, com
posed of the stylo and stigmas of nine
(lowers, being sufficient to givo a dis
tinct yellow tint to ten gallons of water.
Its high prico, by the way, has led t a
peculiar form of adulteration, for, apart
from tho crude and commonplace one of
dusting with a heavy powder, such as
gypsum, to give weight, tho similar
portions of other and commoner (lowers
have been specially dyed and wori:ed
thoroughly iu among tho genuiuo ones.
Chambers' Journal.
llo Was Not So Smart.
"No, " said tho man with tho largo
bead, "I can't say that I think very
much of tho fux iu tho old fablo of the
fox and tho grapes. It is recorded of
him that after trying to get the grapes
by every way that his ingenuity could
suggest ho finally turned up his uoso
and said, 'Oh, I don't care; they're
"Now, if that fox had had any com
mendable wisdom in his triangular skull
ho would have looked at tho grapes
blandly and theu announced to tho
world that they were sweet, but that
sweets didn't agreo with him; that,
owing to tho condition of his stomach,
lie considered it inadvisablo to eat any
thing containing saccharine matter, and
that, besides, a properly philosophical
fox believed in self denial and iu taking
things that were easily at his disposal
mm ml of trying t(o climb a trellis to
secure attractive but deleterious grapes.
"if ho had done that, instead of being
thi! laughing stock of succeeding gener
ations ho would have stood a good
chance of being appointed professor of
philosophy at tho varsity and of living
on yellow legged chickens tho rest of
his natural life." Strand Magazine
Cultured Tramps From Boston.
"Tramps ill Boston aro by far the
most intelligent and molest of their
kind," said a native of the baked beau
city, "maybe becauso of their culture
(?). My experieuce with ouo of these
'gentlemen of leisure' wasquito funny.
One came to our houso and asked for
soino eh 1 -. and while my mother
went to i , ' .;. I thought be lookod
hungry, sol, ,. i,t,ht him some breakfast.
He said to me, 'I am sorry to put you
to all this trouble.' Theu, mother ap
pearing vi ith the clothes iua bundle, he
said he did not like to carry clothes
through tho streets exposed to view,
and when I wrapped them in au old
newspaper he was indignant and said
gentlemen never carried packages done
up iu that style in Boston. "-New Or
leans Times-Democrat.
Bow It Worked.
"It works this way," said tho agent.
"When a burglar tries to open thewin
dow, this bell begins ringing and wakes
you up. "
"Bell rings and wakes mo up!" said
I'opper. "And it will wako tho baby
too. Iflou't want it. Tako it away. I
guess you don't know that kid of mine."
Yellow Book.
"Wilkes and Liberty."
Wilkes boldly, offered himself ns a
candidate for the City, and on his rejec
tion for thu county of Middlesex. Tho
su lies of that election beggar descrip
tion and are too well known to need it.
One incident is too amusing to escape
repetition. Tho Austrian embassador,
tho Ural' von Soilcm, most solemn
und haughty of tho representatives of a
solemn court, was dragged from his car
riage by the mob and "4ii" chalked on
the soh s of his boots. His constantly
reiterated demands for reparation,
which it was impossible to satisfy, only
made him the more ridiculous. "Wilkes
and Liberty" was tho one topic of tho
day in hitters and conversation. His
head was even adopted as a sign for
public houses, and he himself told tho
story (;f tho old lady who said, "There
ho swings, cvu-ywluro but where ho
ought to bo." Coruhill Magazine.
Joy. of Suburban Life.
"Yes," sighed tho snburbau resident,
"I thought I had shaken off my hoodoo
until that last blow camo. Now I have
figured out that my wisost plan is to
just sit around tho house and protoct
such property as I have left.
"When I went out there, it was with
a longing to revive the pleasures of life
in a country home, such as had made
my boyhood so happy. But my experi
ences were as dismal as my anticipa
tions had been bright. Chicken thieves
raided my hennery until tho last of my
choico Cochin Chinas had disappeared.
All tho luscious fruit was plundered
from peach trees that I had watched
with jealous caro for years. Even the
pigs that served mo iu tho disposal of
garbage wero surreptitiously seized to
graco the feast of those who are without
the fear of tho law before their eyes.
Not content with despoiling me of my
live stock and farm products, tho night
marauders invaded my household. I
awakened ono morning to uoto tho ab
sence of my entire wardrobe, shirts, col
lars and cutis included. My watch, dia
monds, collar butt'-is and loose change
had gone with the rest of the stuff.
Then I put iu burglar alarms and slept
with ouo eye open.
"Just as I had becomo reconciled and
was feeling secure thoy induced me to
run for office. You know the rest. I
spent $3,000 and didn't get a place in
tho race. They double crossed me. Now
I'm an Islnnaelite. I will neither give
nor ask quarter. I've retired, and I
have the finest private collection of firo
arms in this or any other country."
Detroit Free Press.
The Apothegms of Gulcclardlni 1530.
Make as many friends as ever yon
can, for you never know in what con
tingency a man may bo able to servo
you. Hide displeasure. I have oftou
had to seek tho aid of people against
whom I was thoroughly ill disposed,
and they, believing the contrary or at
least not being aware of this, hav
served mo most readily.
Uiiperccived beginnings often open
tho way to great mischiefs or great suc
cess, therefore uoto everything and
weigh well even the most trifling cir
cumstance. On your doing or not do
ing what seems at tho moment a mere
trifle (,f ten hang things of first impor
tance, so bo sure to consider well.
Never hold a future thing so certain,
however positively certain it may seem.,
as not, if you can possibly do it without
upsetting your plan, to keep in reserve
tome course to follow if the contrary
should turn up. I have of ten seen really
long headed men, when they have to
make up their miuds about some weighty
business, set about it by considering two
or three cases that are most likely to
happen and come to a decision on the
assumption that ouo of these cases is
sure to come. This is dangerous, for of
ten and usually there arises somo third
or fourth case which had been over
looked and which your decision will
not lit. You had much better, thercfow,
keep your decision s rictly to what tho
actual necessity of tho matter compels.
John Morley in Nineteenth Century.
The Care of House Ferns.
Iu tho houso where ferns are kept in
duce by means' of evaporation, syring
ing or spraying as much moisture to the
air as possible, for they generally do
not successfully withstand a dry, parch
ing atmosphere. For the purpose of
retaining moist air about the plant
Wardiau cases or ferneries are often
used with good success or a glass bell
placed over tho ple.ut part of tho timo.
It is well to bear in mind also that
ferns, with tho exception of the hardy
upland sorts, grow in moist, shaded
places. It is therefore essential that
they never dry out and that they be
kept iu partial shade. It is not wise,
however, to soak tho plants daily,
whether needed or not. When new
fronds are unfurling, avoid placing tho
plant in a position whero it will bo ex
posed to tho full power of the sunlight,
as it will sometimes burn or L ast tho
tender young fronds. Woman's Homo
Rival Citizens.
Johnny's face was smeared with dirt
and tears, there was a lump on his left
cheek, and ouo knee projected through
a iaeL'ed rent in his trousers leg.
"Johnny, Johnny," exclaimed his
mother, "haveyou been fighting again?"
"Yep," ho replied. "Me an that boy
from New York had a scrap. He looks
wors'u I do, too, you bet. "
"You'll break my heart, you willful
boy ! What wero you fighting about?' '
"About tho jography of Chicago. I
said it hadn't auy bluffs, an ho said it
was all bluff, an I chugged him."
Chicago Tribune.
Delicious Urollcd Oysters.
Drain large, fat oysters, lay them out
on a board aud dry with a soft cheese
cloth. Dust lightly with salt and cay
enne. Toast squares of bread. Arrange
them neatly on tho platter. Put the
oysters iu an oyster broilor and broil
quickly over a clear lire, broiling first
on one side about three minutes aud
theu turning them on tho other. Pour
just a little warm water around tho
edges of the toast, arrango throe oysters
neatly on each piece, put over a little
molted butter and serve at once. Mrs.
S. T. Borer iu Ladies' Home Journal.
Man at Ills Word.
"Have a care, oh, my daughters,"
anith n-isn woman, "how thou tak-
est im. at his word when he speaketh
concerning himself! He glories in his
strength aud vauutoth it before his fel
lows aud most of all before thee, btTt
ho would be handled as a fragile piece
of brio-a-brao. "Womankind.
Tho volunteer lifeboat service of Eng
land, established iu 1824, has more than
1100 lifeboats on the shores or tno king
dom and has bceii instrumental in sav
ing 0,000 liyea
Though Ist Kept Unsaid.
"John," said Mrs. Younglove, "do
you always tell mo all your thoughts?
"Well, nearly always," John rep led.
Hie drew back frightened and ex
claimed: "Nearly always! Oh, John,
then you have somo thoughts that jon
don't tell me?"
"Yes, .dear," said ho, attempting to
put an arm round her, "thero are some
that I think it best not to tell you.
"Oh, and I thought you were so lion-
""But, love," tho fond husband cried,
"you would not euro to hear the thoughts
1 "'Theu what aro thoy?" sho tragically
demanded. ' . . ,
"They are those," ho meekly said,
"that come to me when I am shaving.
Darkles of the Eastern Shore.
It is worth while to seo them drive
Into one of the villages, say on a Sat
urday when 'the country people are
gathering to do their shopping. 'na
will see many au old negro come driv
ing in at a snail's pace, clad in ill fit
ting garments too big or too little, of
auy color or no color, ragged and
patched. He slouches on tho seat of his
tumble down wagon as. if it wero too
much trouble to sit erect or as if he
were about to fall over into tho bottom
of tho vehicle and go to sleep. His steed
is a mule, small, bony, starved looking,
wabbling iu gait, a very caricature of
his kind. One expects him every mo
ment to stop aud go to feeding on the
grass that grows near tho gutter. Tho
wagon rattles from afar. Every bolt and
screw is loose, tha wheels seem about to
fall entirely off, tho sideboards sway
and tho seat moves from side to side,
apparently at the peril of tho occupant.
Tho harness is composed largely of rope
and twino. Tho lines uve innocent of all
accusation of being leather. One would
be willing to risk his life on a venture
that such a team would never get down
tho street to tho hitching placo by tho
pump, but the zigzag journey is safely
made, with no sign of anxiety ou tho
part of the driver, aud he hails his
lounging comrades on tho pavement
with a guffaw that can bo heard a mile.
The voicas of tho ill clad but happy
group sound mellow aud sweet und good
natured as they chaff each other. Theso
voices aro the very expression of tho
happy go lucky, idle, easy, careless lifo
of these peoplo, too indolent to sound
all the syllables of their words. Yet
they are happy. To seo and hear them
one would think thero was no tomor
row, nothing to bo done in tho world
and no such thing as care upon earth,
Calvin Dill Wilson in Lippiucott's.
The L'ho of the Superlative.
From Macaulny a very large assort
ment of bests, biggests and grcattsts
might bo culled; a few will milice.
"William Pitt was the greatest matter
of tho whole art of parliamentary gov
ernment that has ever existed and the
most powerful subject iu Europo be
fore ho was 25." " 'The Task,' incom
parably the best poem that any English
man then living had produced." "The
greatest work of Drydeu was tho last,
the 'Ode on St. Cecilia's Day.' "
In tho secoud series of "Ubitcr Dic
ta" we have two notable critical awards.
Iu tho first Matthew Arnold is quoted,
saying that Emerson's essays are tho
most valuable prose contribution to Eng
lish literature of tho century.
Yet we remember that Archbishop
Whatcly could not sufficiently ridicule
Emersou, and what tho archbishop
(quoting from Bishop Coplestou) called
"the magio lauthorn school."
Tho other example, from Mr. Eirrcll,
touches Pope and Milton. "To say that
the 'Kape of tho Lock' is tho best mock
heroic poem in tho language is to say
nothing; to say that it is tho best in
tho world is to say mere than my read
ing warrants, but to say that it and
'Paradise Regained' aro the -only two
faultless poems of any length iu English
is to say enough."
Somo readers will surely Bay more
than euough.
The mention of Pope recalls his fa
mous lines on Bacou in the "Essay ou
If parts ulluro thec, think how Fanon fihin'd,
Tho wisest, brightest, meanest uf mankind.
Gentleman's Magazine.
Fishing For Frogs.
To fish for frogs a man needs u broad,
flat bottomed, steady punt, a cauo pole,
with 25 feet of good line, threo hooks
tied iu a bunch aud a companion. To
tho three books is tied a small piece of
bright red flannel. The cast is made, and
the luro is drawn slowly uloi1;; the wa
ter. Tho frog rises within a yard of it,
looks at it aud says "Aha!" He ap
proaches within fix inches and says
"Oho!" Then ho says " A-a-ah !" and
grabs it. Tho next instant ho swings in
air, hooked through the throat. Ho is
lifted into tho boat, grasped between tho
left thumb and forefinger, and tho point
of tho small blade of a knife is pri ssed
down just between his eyes. Sometimes
ho sheds tears. His struggles aro stilled
in au instant. His hind legs aro quickly
severed from his body and tossed into a
bucket filled with ico water. Thu re
mainder of him is thrown overboard,
where it fi ats ghastly w hite, bobbing
gently up and down, revolving slowly
in small circles and accusing tho fisher
man of murder. Chicago Times-Herald.
The Treating Habit.
It wr.s P( po Teles horus, who died
beforo tho year 150 A. D., who institut
ed Christmas as a festival, though for
some time it was irregularly held in
December, April and May. But for cen
turies before there had been a feast of
Yulo among tho northern nations, whoso
great enjoyment was in drinking tho
wassail bowl or cup. Nothing gave
them so much delight ns indulgence in
"carousing ale," especially at the sea
sou of short days, when fighting was
ended. It was likewise tho custom at all
their feasts "for the master of tho house
to fill a largo bowl or pitcher, to drink
out of it first himself and then givo to
him that sat next, and so it went
around." This may have been the origin
of that popular American custom known
as "treating." It is certain that upon
our Christian observance of this glorious
day have beeu ingrafted babits taken
from rudo and barbarous people. or.
Louis Republic.
A ConvimiliiB Example.
Tho other day a south side teacher
was discoursii y , . her pupils about tho
evils of becoming addicted to slang,
when she paused and asked them to
givo her an example of a slang phrase.
The school went into convulsions when a
youngster in knee pants yelled promptly :
"You're not so hot. Thero are other
babies ou the pile."
The teacher did not ca'.l for any more
examples. Indianapolis Sentinel.
Mrs. Siultlierleleli's Compensation.
"Wasn't it awfully hard for you to
give your daughter up, Mrs. Smither-
lei"'yes, it was hard to think of it, but
she's going to live iu the east, aud I
havo always wanted to spend a summer
Wown there so much. "Chicago News.
The Ilinvrence.
"1 doau' see no dilTuuce 'twix' do
man 'at wuoks an do man 'at loafers,"
said Deacon Johusnu.
"Dey hain't no diff mice speshul, re
plied Deacon Jackson, " 'ceptin dat dey
calls do louferiu feller 'kuuuel. ' "At
lanta Journal.
Plenty to Do.
"I thonpbt you told me, Witson, that
you intended to do business just tho
same after you had moved into the sub
urbs. I know you havo plenty, but I
always thought you one of those men
who iusist upon dying iu tho harness."
"You were right about it, my old
friend. I believe that it would be im
possible for me to avoid spending at
least two or three hours a day on
'change, but my time is completely tak
en tip, aud 1 haveu't looked at a market
report for a mouth. "
"Wouldn't believe it if any one else
told me. How do you exist?"
"I'm having young trees set out, get
ting a garden ready, superintending tho
building of a barn, watching them pave
the street and having a ooutiuued kick
with the assessors, who seem to think
that my property is worth all I paid for
"You'll soou have all that off your
hands. I was afraid you might have
left us permanently."
"Oh, I've only commenced. I have a
Jersey cow, a pointer pup, a tandem,
two Berkshire pigs and a kodak, be
sides" "Never mind. Tho cow, the pup and
tho kodak are enough. I'll just tell tho
boys that it's all off, so far as trade
with you is concerned. You have threo
fads that will keep you busier than a
coon in a bee tree." Detroit Ereo
The Undertaker's Chairs.
"I see in the windows of undertak
ing shops," said Mr. Staybolt, "a pla
card which saya that cauipstools and
foldingchairs are to biro thero, deliver
ed by express wagou. I infer from this
that chairs must be hired out for other
than funeral purposes, for festive occa
sions, iu fact, as indeed I know of no
reasou why they should uot bo.
"But they must lead a varied life,
the chairs funeral one day aud wed
ding, it may be, the next. They know
when they start where they're going
that is, they know the uature of the oc
casion. They can tell that by the wag
on they go iu. If wheu they aro carried
out they find themselves put into the
black wagou of the undertaker, they
know it's a funeral they're going to. If
they are put into just a plain, ordinary
delivery waiion. thev know that they
are going to a wedding or a party or
some gathering of more or less gayety,
but they cauuot tell what will happen
"Well, I don't know that there's
anything so very remarkable about this
after all. Tho experience of the chairs
is liko that of the peoplo who sit ou
them. Thoy have their days of smiles
and their days of tears." New York
Sun. '
Her Impressions of Angels.
Tho wifo of a well known senator
took her little daughter, a 4-year-old
damsel, to a matinee once to see "Jack
and tho Beanstalk." A week or so aft
erward sho was discovered pirouuttiug
and lifting her petticoats before a che
val glass. Her father reproved her aud
told her it wasn't a pretty way to do.
"Why," said tho child, "I saw tho
augela do it. "
"Tho angels! ' exclaimed hor father.
"Why, where?"
" When mamma and I went to heaven
that day," eaid the child.
Tho father explained that the fancied
heaven was only the theater. The little
girl's face fell.
"Aud wasn't they angels?" she asked.
"No," said the father; "they were
just girls. "
Tho child put on an air of intense
"Well," she said, "I fink thoy ought
to be taked home and spanked, 'cause
they wasn't dressed any more thau an
gels. " Lewistnu Journal.
yuecn Victoria's Marked Poem.
Here, is a funny story fold of a hap
neiiim.' at tho English court : Sir Theo
dore Martin had been requested by Vic
toria to read aloud from "Tho Ring and
tho Book." Sir Theodore was courtier
enough to mako a cautious study before
hand of the poem, aud he placed mar
ginal notes as danger signals against
passages of doubtful propriety.
Tho marked copy chauced to come in
to the hands of a rather thoughtless
court lady. "I havo so enjoyed this
wonderful work," she said to a friend,
"and it has been such an advantage to
read it after the queen, for she has
placed marks against the most beautiful
parts, and, oh, what exquisite taste the
dear queen has!" sho added, pointing to
tho danger signals of Sir Theodore Mar
tin. Quiver.
Novel Mensuration.
One. of the difficulties iut tho way of
acquiring exact information in Georgia
courts is thus indicated by the Atlanta
Constitution :
"How far was it," asked the lawyer
of the witness, "from yoar house to the
road where tho difficulty occurred?"
" 'Bout a acre on a half, sub."
"I mean bow mauy yards?"
"Dey wiv.n't any yards dere at all,
suh, exceptin of my yard, en dat wuz
'bout a acre en a half fum do road!"
Wickwire Say, I have carrying
those 1 O U's of yours until they oro
almost worn out.
Mudgo Don't they make a miserable
quality of paper nowadays? Cincinnati
Always Worn.
Sprocket I'vo just joined the Be
ginners' Cycle club.
Hiindlohar What aro your colors?
Sprocket Black aud blue. Chicago
There aro about 2,000 persons in
France who are set dowu as iiuarchists
and are under the constant watch of the
police of the various European coun
tries. Pockets in ladies' dresses first appear
ed in ICiigluiid during tho reign of Ed
ward III.
Don't Tobacco Spit mid Smoke Your
Life Away.
1 1 v,m v,iii( (it unit, tnlmrcn llsill'T Pllsilv liml
forever, he made well, stronjr, tiinjrm'tie, full
of new life mill visjor. take N'n-'l-l!ni', the
wonder-worker that makes weak men strong.
Jlanv (fiiin ten pound In ten days. Over 4t.
000 cured. Unv No-To-Hac from your own
drmttilst, who will guarantee a cure. Booklet
liml sample mailed free. .Address iSterlin;,'
Itemed v Co., CblctiKO or New York.
Kczenia In unv part of the body Is instantly
relieved and permanently cured by Dean's
ointment, the sovereign remedy for all itchi
ness of the skin.
Cure that eoimb with Shlloli's Cure, The
best Cou;;!i Cure, . lielieves Croup promptly.
One million bottles sold last year. 40 doses
for 2.VK Sold bv Keudrlek tv. Co.
"50 YEARS'
Published by the Xew-Yohk Ti.'il'lne.
Second - Edition.
32 Pages, 18 by 12 1-2 Inches.
A general review of Iho advances
and improvements- made in the leading
branches of farm industry during; the
last half eeiiluiT.
Special articles by the best agricul
tural writers, on topics which they have
made their life study.
Illustrations of old fashioned imple
ments. A vast amount of practical informa
tion. A valuable aid to farmers who do.
sire to sliimilme production and profit.
.Extremely interesting and ilsliiiclive
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The (leal Guide to the
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Intunhly tntf-rmt'iiK and nt rictly atitht-ntlc. Th
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thiM book hti tiui-n oaacfully prepared f rum the
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ing IhotiHaiidH to fortune, in thu
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with 3 foil pane photom'iiphn, tuki-n f specially
for thin oi k, im ii almi g puKi-a of ollliiiil niupn,
Ws uri tlM sole publishers f "The Offi
cial Guide to the Klondike Country;'
any other publications purporting to uo i
nro imitations.
Our URual liberal Comniiaftioim.
6 nd 60 cemts tit once for complete book, lo
gather wlih netiln' outfit.
y. H. Conkey Company,
341-35 Dearborn Street, Chicngo.
Ready for Agents
"Following tue Equator"
is (he title of
New Book of Travel.
The story of his
Around the world
through Hawaii, Austra
lia, Fiji Islands, India,
South Africa, etc. Beau
tifully illustrated by
Dan Beard, A. B. Frost,
B. W. Clinediust. The
Author's Masterpiece.
Another Innocent Abroad
A success from the start.
F.normous sale assured.
3000 Agents Wanted
Exclusive field. Send fof
circulars and terms. Mention paper. Address
ieneral Debility
ir js m l.
rjr?.i miss 0.1 riesii
.'en Ttas been the
sly L.' nearly a
v; . Physicians
;. h obtain re-
. ; c rnnot get
forming: food.
;;::., other prepara
irkct that pretend
o Co. VL.
bei- tt-jcy fail to perform it.
he r c I'Jorwcgfian Cod-liver Oil
.vie "''' J a folsgntful cream, skill
.i'.y tlcid with the Hypophos
cA Lime and Soda, which
p. are such valuable tonics,
' i"!-itrs this tVMVlffltlrm an
.f ) 'h ideal one and checks the
if -ff wasan tendency, ana tne
II ly commences to pot on
(J flesh and gain a strength
wnicn surprises mem.
rP s"rc vu get SCOTT'S Emulsion. See that the
m..n aud fish are on the wrapper.
Sue. and $i.oo, all druggists.
SCOTT St BOWNE, Chemists.. New York.
I'nited States Mail Steamships
Sail from New York every Saturday for
Glasgow via Londonderry.
ltates for Saloon Passage
CITY OK IIO.MK, 7. Other Steamers, ?i.-iO.
Second -Cabin
Koine,!?!'.'. ". Kuniessia.?:i7."ill. Other Slrs.li.")
Steerage Passage
Itnnic.fiViii Kurnessia..il l,."ieoih('rsts!S".:!.ri:i
Kor the illustrated I'ook of Tours and fur
ther Information, apply to II KNPKKSON
HliOTIIK.IiS. (icneral Auents, No. 7,
Howling (i recti, X. Y.
OrS. S. l!.M.l.Alii, Cordon liloc k, Itoom 5
Htirre, Yt. -"i;
Rev. L. I). KASS, 1. Malinger.
I'Mtshiifi'. I'll.." Toronto, Canada; New Or
leans, 'l.n. : New oik, X. Y ; Washing
ton, D. C; San Francis Cal.; Chi-
eauo, ilk; St. I.ouls, ,Mo., and
Denver, Colorado.
There are thousands of positions to be tilled
within the next few mouths.
Address all applications to I'MnN Ti:cii::i:h
AdKM'lKS, Saltsburi;, l'a. 8"
AV tinted on Snliiry of Conimlssion. To
sition permanent for men adapted to solict
inj!. Sprinir is the favorable time to com
mence. Write for pari icnlars.
TIMO It. O. (II ASK CO., Nursery men,
2i Maiden, Mass.
We are asserting in the courts our rar.iiT to
I, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hijannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "CASTORIA," tho same that
has borne and docs now bear on cv::-!
the faC" simile signature of Cajf-: v:rc:y .
This is the original "CASTORIA" which has been ilzc-J .'.t
the homes of the Mothers of America for over thirty ijcc.rc.
i rii ia rjcn n I v i jr.. 7 .,.; .-.
iwur wntruLLi uu uw
the kind you have always bought
and has the signature of
per. No one has authority from me to use my name tuv"'; ,
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. H. Fletcher is Prcsid-' i-.
March 24, 1S98.
Do Not Be Deceived,
Do not endanger the life of your child by .'xcrp: ;
a cheap substitute which some druggist may oficr y
(because he makes a few inore pennies 0:1 it).
gradients of which even lie doer, not know.
"The Kind Yon Have Always SczxCr
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Tailed Yon.
' tTyP What sort of start
' tj t to make money and bo successful business men? Or aro you
going to wear yourselves out in tho cheerless drudgery cl hard, labor ? Half ol this
depends on your parenie, tlio otlicr half oa
S1A Wer-l'to ar,ii hr-nors await you If yu
f JLJ IV y7 tVl rlJl vnvaTO yourself to talto them. Men
succeed WHO ARE READY. If you want
yourself worthy of it. There are thousands
and millions of S3 a week men brireinir for
wnn will ppt. it.np( Thn ht'St. r :')meiit
Ins own way in tho world is a comau iu
The most celebrated practical schnr-1 In
... ...!- u
hirher nlad und thus earn butler uav.
persons, mostly young men aiiu Boyi irom
" . - . .
A grana scnooi, wnose aipiomis nun rncuiuni'-mi'iuuuo .n c , ,,-j --" j - '
Situations promptly secured for ail worthy b'rjduatei) o its Business ana bhortftata
Send for f ree cataloguo a beautiful
, will be surprised to learn in bow siinrt a
may uo had. Address as uuove (weinmi inn pupti
CLEMENT C. CAIXEI'., l'rcsident, 1'ornilKEEPSiE, NEW YOBS.
As follows :
4 FIrrt Prizes, eaoh of $100 Cash - $ 400.00
20 Second" " " $100spPBcf&B;cycles2,000.G0
40 Third " " " $ 25 Gold Watclws -J-OOO-OO
Cash and Prizes givsn each manSh - - 3,400.00
Total given daring 12 nr,3. 1887, $40,800,00
Fomlietilors til mi i 111 mini v E-U .iurl
SOAP Wriiiipi-r.i n lliry.onn eolUi t. I.
Oil lll UP IMM'IMIII '.'
-rnplrr. Mint lioriion roHiMiii,
intc llii hemline '"StMLIO.hr
SOAP." Thoso (iiUi-tl "1:1111
noiin") nre to lie m-iii, iitttB"
till I V lniil, Fliclnsi-ii mill n
of a... ni-i. ..I i t In r f ' i.m net-
Ifnr'w lull inline niul miili'i-"-"
lVniiHVlviiiiiu, Drill ivaic, J!"i'v
liinil, We t TbKiaiu. mid
cl if-c of roliiinirii-
Tin- N.-si" l-.nInnil liii,'s.
TliBBU-yoldsii-o tli-M-.flclir I Pii-Wi'.inT;,"1.'
IW7 rmtern, m'f'n n-J ;l-. Pi-r-sxt ' ;"Yi"l,'l
fulo, Ii..lonmi.i i-irw Y uk. r itn-J. ril Ii ,H "
Tiri-H, First ClnsB Nii'li Lmi.t., N-w I'-nnr "'-
Boll, Stoudarii Cycloiuotor. uuil llu-.l. h '"'i"'
I tiiHto nooii. int ilium
a iiko cuniiy. xiiey re
2 move any bul tnsto
In t ho mouth, leaving
ff tilt; Iiroutli svvput ami
w perfumotl. it Is ti
Q ri'iil ptensuro to tuko
m thoni tnteuJof una
i seutiUht liquiUs oi cuuuou-ball piJia.
are purely vuKtttuble
I ami conuilti do tn-r-
i i:urlul or other tnln-
II cnii po'son. Tliuy
Jura ninile of the Itu
lost ronieilti'8 illtcv
i croii ii ml urn a spien-
tltlo co in b 1 III! Liu II
never before put together In unv form.
nr niitlsi-'i'tlL'. That
means Miry nto un
iiiuistii food from
snurlmr in tlio siout-
I noli, prevent for-
nicntntlon In' tlio
t bowels arid bill
' en wo eorins of any
kind that breed and feed Lu tho system.
tnno theatotutu li ami
IuiwoIh and stliiiulaio
the lazy Ilvor. mak
Intf It work, They
mrent'thiMi the bow
els and put them into
vlnomii h ca 1 th y
pondltlun, inakiug
went Sn, to J..-v.-r Bros.. I. l., Ll-Ir vl -'-"J 10 '..m"trt..rwlio.ndtl
New 1 orll, ninrkl-d nil ",rN'.Vi. Ml'iriM'll- N.-vt l.ni-KI-tt iimin T of coupon, from Mirda-
of I ho lllsl Hit I jjimlllorjnj ;; a 1.l,ij-a,irt.,lM,n'8 :.,!-! nn:h, rrij I8'J.
NO. Ol HAME OF DSSTKICT. g. TlinCmiii.lili..nsil! Close the l.nst ny of
SLI!SL Ni-w York I'll, UrooMyn, Loiik ;; , '!h',! 'ZmViiu-m w.llW put inn, tk
T iindsiiiti-il Islands, M'v.l(iM-. ,? t, tl, i, i,,i,n mpfmr i !
Now Voi U sum-(-''- "'.v.'.'''j. ,.;,;!n,M;iT'i!'fk . willi.- d-wi-wiiil" !
3 IlrwikliH, L'tnii ctnd Shunt cil). ,,f ,,.v,.r ;tv. ,tlli i i, Ltd., aud tlioir linil'A ril
their action easy und natural,
only genuino.
uowiiru oi
Imitations t
ruri's TiilnuM-o
Btrung. .Sold
tneir action easy uuu iituii t
! oDon't judge CASCARETS by other medicines you have tried. They (
are new, unlike anything; else that's sold, and infinitely superior.
I 1 T.,r f rv V,nv tn-rlAv. if not cleased pet'
wruppui uuii uvu lain, h. i
? . - a: th
aro you going to mako la life f Are you going '
to bo ruid good salary yon mtat mako '
of SK a woclt places begginp for good men, ,
pn"r placen. If you ore worth S50 a week
ij. vouii;.' tu.in car Lavo who GXDeutti ta malniy
Ameriot. The special effort of the College-
.... i....ui.iocc ...j TV ill r-nrvh H them to till trie
lurlni: its 10 years of life, more than 46,000
i. . . fl,.,. Mil t h A n.tU
luucoumrj, ua,u uwu unc. ..
bor.lt giving much helpful information. tcu
tiiiio mid ai vhal small cost a good edueatlou
4 ,: ,S0A.
f . F.very month rlnnnir in uach of the 4 districts
pnns will tju Hwari.lnd 113 IdIIowj:
i 1 UO 1 . tllll" ...... .
TMI5 rnP POitTIOU I.nrKi'M Nuinlier ol cuun.ms from
tlic oVtriM in v tin !! ho or bu residua
.ff.lMIlM .-.-If.
.", i .miiHMtMr v sud '.tt t-li!
vr .'iv;: f.it Siiifjv-K 'A
- rr ii i r i-iMiKi. t. Al.a i,y
ilf'.i.ii !:H'i- I't-n'lvfl 1. wiiifwl'
. t.MT D.MBI
iptii'il a laily s iirgpiun-irnu rittffue
biirr.si tnim i'-'i'i't-"iir. .
l A i.rintisl list. of Wlnnw in a.mrH!ttnritrl
i'l'lmi .V.i.inl. it.. (Ji'iui.o.ilorsiu about 11 Wttt1M
Ciii-li i:. nipclii i..n olnHt'S.
rL J ,.Vnr Hr..lheis I.t'l., will cnt-n?i-r to award tne
priBt:iiHytiitlio l.f-l. .)i their o.,iiny iin.l j 1 1 if e iu f i . .,
1,1,1 it i- ii!i.i.-T-t..url Ili.tt nil wliii i'i,i li-nirn-n to lio-
copl. tlioiiwant ut l.uvi-r 15r. it I i.n'B, l.til., iiKtinal.
I.KVKll BUOS.i Ltd.. New York.
Inercasti Uie tlovy of
milk in ii" riltm moth
era. A toihiet eaten
lv the mother make
her milk mildly purn
nilro and Iiiih a mild
hut. frtiii ii (jflHet nn
sul'o laxative for the babu-lifurms,
nro likud bv tuerhil
dre.n. They taste
tfuod and do good,
KlUII Vr II IUM t MM" llll'l 11 i
Sm'ip.?ir worm". 2mi I THE CHILDREN
ait Kinus or pnra
boweU of the growing child
taken patli'iiily, per- J
tdstpntly.ti pet! mi run- (J
teed to en re any euo i
of constipation, Hon
matter how old and
ohsilnnte, or pur- 9
chase monev will be V
n.n..,-f,Olv rafiimliiil
hy your own druist.
nro mini uy au nniu
y.ta for 1 Oi, e."ic,
AOc a twx, aceord
ln to sire. A lOe
box will prove their
merit und put you on
tho riuht road to per-
mci, ii mi iifiMiiiiici'i
lieaiiH, uun i nM- uciiij
Aiy w " it I 3
your money backl Larger boxes, 25c or 50c. i
ana booklet mailed iree Aoaress i
Halilt -r niiiiu-y n-fiintloil. M:krs wenk tnen
and guaranteed by all druggists. Get booklet.

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