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1 1
Let's Talk 11 Over.
irueo hay
a L. A
.Jaines Diirlin, Jr., lias the tmunps.
K. S, Currier in in M'ldte lliver .luni
tiou to day.
.A. ). J Ji-an lias returned from Wil
Ariluir Smith and Fred
joined ( 'oinjitny II.
Thi' ovular iii..'tiny (J the nldernii'
oeeui's this cveiiin;.
A" ili.iiil Casey of Wiiliam.-towii w;
in the eily yesterday.
Jo.-en Tuft, employed lv
Averiil, is taking his vacation.
.Mr. Teiiij'le of Tenijile llrolher
land, via- in thi! city yesterday.
I. rart tord .Jaeksim has returned from
alliii-fi.ird after u weeks stay.
-Mrs. ,Jee ( avluu; and Mrs. Jlcrt
Lay hue have ".one to Fort Ktlian Allen
i iiuiiiiis iJiaiiy, wiju ami elnlit liave
fc'one 10 uiii-iiii-toii lor a lew .lays' visit
with friends.
W. II .Martin anil dati-liier and Mrs
jiiuueii, oi .niutu uovaiton. are vis
iting at ,1. .M. JVrryV.
.Mrs. Iiiii. . nldeu lias ''one to I!ur-
Jni.'.rton, where -ho will remain until the
first regiment is ealleil to Chieamaua.
. O. I'an-on, ( has. Gonlliier, Win.
iiiist, i-.ii Smnli ot I'limiiauy K are vis.
in;; their l'eiatives and friends in the
city today. They will return to niht.
I. . Wales, I!. ,1. Kannev, and 1).
V. Stone kl'i la-t nijj-lit f,,r N. Allians
to attend the Crand i,udci; of Odd I'el
lcnvs. IJI.athan .Seott, who went to New York
City ahout a mouth ayo to woik, has
returned and -one to work for .Me.Mil
lan iy Su-jijieiis.
Ii. W. Hooker telejihoned to this city
yesterday and stated that the fishing
Jiarly eau-lit ol poumU of trout ye-rtfl"
day in ( ire'jiislioru roinl.
-Mrs. John .Mead, mother of Lyman J.
.Mead of this eily, lies very low with
nervous prostration at her home. Mrs.
Cieo. l'vder of Corinth is taking eare of
Con-talde athan Corliss has trailed
his hoiiM' and lot ou lVrrin street for a
farm in Kly. Jh; ej,eets to move there
sonic time in June. This will leave a
vacancy for corn-table.
Xeni Dow I.ode, I. ().(;. T.. will
"ive a social at their hall in (Juinleii
Oloek Wednesday evening, .May Is.
eit .uo aim eaiic will he served. All
are cordially invited. Admission lu
I The fi-hin- party consisting of I'.. W.
Hooker. I-'. W. Jackson, A. 1'. Abbott,
niid two friend.-, from Iihode Island, re
turned from Creensboro this noon.
i licy report havm-' caii"ht pounds
cf trout yesterday.
Mayor Cordon received a letter this
morning from superintendent Crandall
of l'.urhn:;ton, staling that the reason
lie did not conic to the city yesterday to
confer wilii the aldermen, was ou'ac
couut of a sprained ankle.
Clifford l'cakc, win has been for
' many years a barber in this c;ty, has
rented apartments of J. T. (.'allalian at
Kast J Jarre and will rim "a barber shop,
pool room and lunch counter' He took
posses.-iou this morning.
W. II. .Mel'cc, who has been a stu
dent at the Seminary the past year, has
left seiiool and started yes.-tcrday for
Wiitcrbury, Conn., where he has a po
sition witli the cw Kii-laud En-incer-in;;
Ii. I!. Smith, the former lunch cart
man, bopm work yesterday for Arthur
i.nzzeli at the lied Star lunch room.
Mr, liii.t:ll wails upon customers in
the daytime and Mr. Smith keeps the
room open all niiil.
The annual inapcclion of St. Alde
mar coiiimainlcry look .lace hist ni-hl
before Dr. Jesse K Thonipxin, (ioneral-
is.-imo. lucre was a lai'ce number
present amoii-- whom were olllccrs and
members of he .rand commandcry. The
inspector reported the work done by the
commandcry very satisfactory.
Charlie liaxlcr, a former student at
the Seminary is visiting in the city. He
was olhiecd to leave school last year on
account of his health and has since then
been in I'iiichursl, North Carolina, lie
is much improved in healili. Mr. Iia.
tcr says that people in the north can
have no idea of tin.' extent of patriotic
eiumisiasiu w inch prevails m the south.
The first of the three Demonstrated
Lectures of the -New lira Cookiuc-School
'o be riven at Armory Hall, takes nine,,
lhursday afternoon at L':;i(). The. la
dies of Monlpclier are very enthusiastic
oyer the lectures that have already been
",'ivon there. Friday afternoon MUK
r.nssel wnl be complimentary to the
Federation of Women's Clubs." Subject
Chalindish and salads. General public
invited to all the lectures.
Golden Wedding.
One of the most notable anniversaries
ever occurring in Swanton, was ccle.
United .May nth in honor of the 60th
wedding :,iinivor-ary of Key. II. Web
s'.cr and wife.
The occasion was a triple anniversary,
bein not only of the Sotli year of wed
ded life, lint it was the fiOth year of Mr.
Webster's connection witli the lirst con
ference, in which he has done effectiv
work for 40' years. It is also within a
few days of Mr. Webster's 72d birth
day. Mr. Webster has not given up,
entirely, active work in the ministry.
He preached a sermon last Sunday on
"1 ersonalily
beyond the c
personal recognition
reception was a complete sur
prise to .Mr. and .Mrs. Webster, planned
by their daughter, Mrs. K. I" Brown.
with her husband. There were about
150 ruesls present,
llcfre.-lmieiit.s of wedding cake and
ice cream were served by Mrs. Homer
Drown, Mrs. Drayton, Mrs. K. E. Drown.
and Fannv Wend.
The house was decorated with yellow
roses, i vervw iercsii"-c-eslinci- the ,,hm
On tin; dining table intermingled with
yellow roses w as oyer $100 in gold, a
beautiful cold aird silver herrv snoon
md many other n-ifts of cold, silver nnH
looks, l'roiliineiit. anion"- them were n
old headed cane, a c-olil handled um
brella and a "old thimble.
Durin'' the day many teleirranis and
letters of eoiin'ratulatiiin were received
Mr. and Mr-. Webster have four ciiil.
lrcn I i vin.', Key. II. A. Webster of
(ileus Falls, FMward '. Welister L
rman of Miuiic:ti)olis. Dr. (Icorn-p O.
Webster of Derlin, (icriuauy, and Mrs.
K. K Drown of Swanton. 'it u-na m.
... .. i . i . i . . ....
creiien mai an tno children could not
be present to extend congratulation
ami greetings in person, but they were
bountifully remembered by the absent
ones. Two daughters, Kmma ,., wife
' waning oi t iietsca anil Daura
A. ebstcr tlied some years a,ro.
'i'i . i . . "
iuc hcms iroiii out oi town were
Lev. A. I.. Cooper of I'lainfield ; Key
l.s. .Nutter and Dev. J,. O. Slierburn,
psesnlmg eltler of St. Albans; Key. W
I . Stanley and wife of West Berkshire ;
r.. ii . .Morton ami wife of St. Albans
Mrs. C. II. Basset t. of liarre.
A jio.'in written for the occasion by
itev. .1. A. Slierburn was read by his
son, Key. D. O. Slierburn, the jiresitlina;
emei . I lie ioem contained the follow
ing good wi.-hes :
Prindle & Ayerill
Gasoline and Quick Meal Gaso
line Stoves, Refrigerators, lee
Cream Freezers, Window and
Screen Doors, Poultry Netting'
and Wire Screen also
Card of Thanks,
Wc wish In d.'ink dio-c who
li mi. I "i roiijdv hebied II.-
of trouble in my breaking my
especially we would thank Me
tinson and Johnson.
Ml!, and Mi;s. W. K.
in our tune
Garden Rakes, Hoes,
Mowers, and
Spading Forks, Lawn
Garden Hose,
The Goddards Win Again.
se on
a sinirle bv
in one. two.
(Written h.T reiiuot for the. -olilen wcddiii!
ot Key. and .Mrs. JI. Wch-ter,)
11 V UKV. J. A. siiKinu nx.
Jlv dear friend W clidcr, tried and true.
.ii'Hiiiirv Muncnt. wlimn 1 knew
A ciillra-uc j,, u. (iospc tield,
Sent fnrih the Spirit's .-word to wield
l'or many years a Conference brother,
And each has known and tracked the
Yoa kindly ask of nie to hritir
Some little somr for von to sing
1 f l'.rovidenee shall let vou see'
our (iolilen Anniversary.
We note the milestone bv the wav
J dh'vp reached the irolil'eu one to-dav;
I lie years have all so nuieklv ned '
t-niee you and wile were 'throthed and
wed ;
It hardly ecms that it can be
) ou'vesliamied one-hulf a centurv;
ltut wi ll-kept records plainly show,
N Mlioiit disunisc, 'tis even so.
In ci-hteeii forty eilit. in .May,
N a- jour delightful weildiiiir'dav.
l ne vows you look 1 y vour free will
ii ie in in you well, ami hold
I lie slIKcii cord, as we nr. tr.
''' ,:'hse of years has chamied logoid.
ial features except perhaps the fine
(ieldinir of Williams tlm r.m.,; i,
Burlington team.
Godtlard has now won both games
from Burlington, and are still leadino
the league. 'J'hey cross bats with St!
Albans High School team at that place
today. The remaining games which
Goddard will play after today include
two each with St. Johs'iury and Mont
pelier Seminary, and one with St. Al
bans, The double iinmirn system umi
used, Forbes giving perfect satisfaction
but Courtney made many errors on
balls and strikes as well as base decis
ions, itie story more in detail is as
follows: In the first inning no Burlino--ton
man reached third base. Goddard
amen ny a two bagger by Flagg and
mice nagger iy Jenney and a bit;
uaus given I'lerce. and
J.amb seoreil three runs.
m tne second went out
"iiifi-, wnno i lOdtlanls were given
a new lease of life in this wav: Chase
was hit by thi! ball and scored nn ti,
home run drive by Fla tr Ton iipv
Lamb and Aver also alsol-rossed the
plate in this inninc. Burlitiffton t
:uiother goose esrsr in the third wi,n
Goddard increased their load with
scores by Gale, Chase, Fkif.r, Pierce
leimey. Ju the fourth I ilirlin rytnn
scored three times on a single by Don
ald, and one by I.atour, aided by the
errors of Bush. God.bml (trow i lil.i ill-
m the fourth. In the fifil, it.i:,I,..
idded three more runs to their acnr i.
the singles of Fisher and Morgan, and
the errors of Flagg, Fierce amU'ennev.
Goddard was prevented from sooriii"- in
the fifth. In the sixth, sspvpnt h niwl
eighth, Burlington was not able 'o
score, while in the sixth, n
rocky fielding by Campbell and Allen
aim tne stickcwork of Tennev. l.amh
mill Ayer, increased their niimbpr nf
runs by three. They .lid not score in
if.i io innings and did not take their
last bat. The scorn is nc fr.iln... .
you still ;
W, II. Sprague was in Tuiibride la.-t
Geo. Webster of Kast Kanilolpii was
in town "Wednesday.
Mrs. Gilbert Lane of Washington, vis
ited in town last week.
Koad commissioner F. 1', I.ainson com
menced to repair the roads last week.
To Whom It Hay Concern:
I feel like .-peaking a few words in
behalf of Magnetic Treatment. I am
... . i i I i. I n ill
seventy years inn :
....i ,,V tiie lime ilni'iii'r the pa.-t year.
Mv worst trouble has been my liver,
indigestion and constipation. Thc-e
I a'.'c affeeleil mv " hole .system. I Inn c
i , i,',,o!,!,.il witli nuiiduic-s in mv
bauds and liiiilx for a long time, so
mnc'i so that I have ha I very littlefci 1
ing in in v ham's at limes. 1 commenced
taCing Jiagiiclic rrcatment from Prof, j
Ii. (iTwiikins two mouths ago and I I
fenl in v condition has improved much t
under Ins treatment.
I fetd that too much cannot be said to
encourage any sufferer to give this
treatment a trial. Il is with much
pleasi'rc that I submit this testimonial.
Jilts. JI. T. llATrll,
2b South .Main St..
liarre, t.
.Mrs. Viora Stone, lately of W illiam
stuwn. had an heir born .May 10 weigh
ing two pounds.
T L 1: "ATX5
linporiaiit mmv,
ive as .a rrsse
Al'ltlb 11 AM) ALOUST 1st
A Fine New BICYCL.
On the Corner.
Tonight's meeting was held in that
much litigated lot adioiniiiL' the Wash
A car full of Wonden
ter JIiai-F.atinj
, inclmTig
For Sale.
Fid! SAI.i: One House and Lot on Ilawes
street, iiinl six lari'i' liuildiiiL' Lots on
1'i rrin Hill, and one lari'e orner Huildiin;
hot at tlis conitrnf .Njcmnl ami .Main Sts. In
luire at T. (i. Wliitehili's, o!7 No. .Main St.
Fill! S.W,I. A nice shlish Trap, food as
new. Will .-ell cheap.
Dn. ('. W. Si r.r.i.i:, liarre. Vt.
To Rent.
Tin n, .-
were bright and smi'linn o'er
.ia.mks Goon.
ine case ot state vs. James Good
enaigeil with keimmg lirniors with in
Ini.l I,. ....II ...I. , ,
....u ,u ,-ui, u i.tivcu ociore a inn
vr.m.l.M. ..ti r .. .. J . .
'"'""J .ineiouoil. .justice 11.
oeou was on me tjciieh and Geo. T
Dwnzoy prosecuted, l.'n-hard A. Hoar
appeared lor the respondent. The jury
,(l i--i-.;ii iioou, v . ii. Connor
i nomas II. lave dr., K. A. 1'rindle
.lvester Aleaker, and B. J'. While
Tim ,li . .... ......... w i. i i
. ..v. .., , li.iiucnanan.
uiMirge Muitli, barren llowland.
v 1 1 i . ..... i. i.. . , .
... iiiiiii,uii, o:is. uoou tne re.pon-
ticni itiis acii put on ine witness sttind
Tlw, , , , 1 .
'""i '' men given to the pity
ami alter iicmg out tin hour and a half,
met reiuincd ai h.Jill. forc.mir
reported that, they would not agree am!
that the jury stood 4 to 'J for anpiitlal.
'J he case was continued until next Tues-day.
New lot of Sweet Tea .seed just re
e 'ived to day at L. JI. Averill's-
Tried our finest Chocolates yet
tiro nice at I.. JI. Averill's.
There was a very short crop of
ford Corn last season, if you neei
f,... .....i i.,,,. I..
.... .,, .-,,, , ujerc will 0c none
for you, as it. is going fast a( I.,
An- tins broad world was all before vou.
I n-.liiy vou take a '.'rami review
if what you've done or tried tn do,
Itciiicinl-erimr w,. i,mv (;IK i,.ls vnUi
l'repareil your way, anil clothed and' fed
'I'lirou-h siinuner's heat and winter'!" cold,
I In croiied yourdays with good untold.
A iricstly family was vour dower;
Tin: world at lar-e lias felt its power;
I lily, one by one, have lived their ilav,
In liolv trust have passed awav;
Hie lirniicl) alone, is ail we see
(;' dial once sturdy family tree.
) on r work was chosen of the Lord :
ion heard the call, tio preach nn
For titty years, in storm and shine
1 oil'vc heeiled well the call divine.
As up and down the world you've L'oue,
n many a tield the seed have. own.
! ir-l came the blade, and then the ear.
I lien, nped sheaf your heart to cheer;
u i tearful eyes you sowed the train,
W ill ulad rejoiciii'.' came again;
"r. if the seed still fruitless lies.
There will be reaping bye and bye.
Xow, from our active ranks retired,
You still, w ith liolv zeal inspired,
Arc wont lo tell the old, old storv,
A liiiide to life and leads to alorv :
Xol'lliaV VOO l:i' tnnr tnil f.......
I ill Christ shall say, receive thy crown.
Hie episode you've hail in life
Which led you to the Held of strife;
i on sullered not ill this a loss
liiil raised the banner of the cross
Above the red and white and blue,
Hul said to men. to both be true.
1 iinose first the. Cross, or, love it rather.
-mo, nn mis, you ii love tue other.
Ami now, of home, what shall say ?
would its secrets ne'er lietrav.
i in-. , ne your tortress eharL'ed with life
.tlnl ni-r.. I........ il.n .i. . .. .. . '
.... ... ... ,.,,, LtIl: ,M,i, ,fi vyJ(i
lojuiuer nere .you've iilanned
Ami litre you've forged
And here you've thought, and fell
How it can be that two are one.
1 hcv more so grow us years go bv
And will, I trust, e'en till you die,
A liiller union then be idven.
-Ann snared through all the
Flitira, s.p.
itrce. '(.
Tennev. I.f.
J.anili, oil.
Ayt-r, c.
Hush, p.
Onlu, r.f.
Chune, r.f.
Ilulutt, lb
A .B. II. II.
5 4 2
3 1
4 3
0 3
1 2
0 0
2 1
3 0
0 0
1 12
Ciimjilicll, (i.b.
I' mimr, c. h.h
t'onald, 1l
Joiner, l.f.
William:!, 2b
Moruari, c.f.
I. "pour, r.f.
Allen, lib
Hand, p.
Score by Innings,
(ioddiu-ti Siiiuiriury,
a.b. a
5 0
,f 1
4 1
5 1
4 2
i 1
6 2
4 0
T.n. r.o. a. e.
5 2 2 1
13 0 3
S 1 0 1
! 0 2 0
2 111 o
0 14 1
1 0 0 0
0 0 0 1
0 10 0 0
10 27 9 7
T.n- ro, a. e.
'i 4 0
J 8 1 0
0 1 0 0
0 5 10
110 3
11 0 0 0
0 4 0 3
1 0 10
7 2i 7 iT
6 7 8 9 Total
0 0
0 0 2
.lome nui-Flnrn; three base hits-Touncy and
Litnil,; wo base ltit-KiaBtr; .truck out by '-n""h
0; by I and Sj Imhc on halls, bv lib, 3; by It ,"3'
; t double plays-Campbell, William. ,Ud lion Id
audey"." -"" np,rt,-Fo',t8
ii ml
your wisest
years of
Hear children come to grace vour
Ami each a welcome had tn
I hey came indeed to claim jour cure,
Hiey ciime the family name to li'-ar-
ou ne'er would wish their a her less-
I icy come your ripened years to liles-l
I liey most have left their uarenl nest
And two have gained their heavenly rest;
Our hirillmg keep., your home to-day
lo be your comfort and your stay;'
All others will, where'er 'they roam
be sine this day to think of dome;
ne w ish I'm siire-yu wish to he
One tanuly in t tcrnily.
Accept from me mv o-reetinn-s true
A wish indeed that both of vou
May much enjoy, with no disguise
I Ins golden jubiller surprise.
it i trustful tread, still walk together
And hand m hand go on forever.
Jlrs. JI. (;. JIcLe.od is seriously ill.
The excursionists report a very pleas
ant trip to Fort Ftliau Allen.
Jliss Kate Kellogg caught six fine
io.it tcsteniay afternoon, and A.
Iane caught 35.
w ill be held from his late residence on
imusiiuy. JUS S011 (.jmuot bo
on account of illness.
Seril Trail is improving the looks of
his house with a coat of paint,
Albert Day of Bethlehem V ir
ited his brother If. E. Day last wee'.- "
School commenced Afnv 9 .. ni, tr:
T , ,,, ,j - "mi .,iina
Helen laplm as teacher, and, 24 schol-
Air. Dexter ami wife nf V, wilsjnn cunt-. I
Sunday with her bmibev c.,n '..:.."
Il0 IS HOW at IIS old bnmn
lev. Mr. Fastmnn of linii.i.n --
n, , , ""1'iii.milll, v .
., preached horn ll'n,i,,.,i,.
lo preached his first sermon here !
ears ago.
South I.rndolph was
i'v;a:lvs i.rxcn itooji.
A. I
the lie
Bu..ell, the new proprietor of
star I. inch liooio. nui (
Ins eiisloniers a chicken pie every Nuii-
u.it . oeel slew. ' om .it-
I Tile.- d.'lf nuil M.r...l I.."..
il- " I lie OiiM .i r l.',.l.i:.. .... .. , '
from the World .MT-C, of i-? I tl..i. L' V 1 ;,HS' truUi!' ! -"'"hurg
,. , , """.j. wysier stews, clam
".inted j chowders, i.,kod 1)(,ails coffee and other
refreshnieiifs served at all hours.
Wilkins hus ri ceived
l'rof. I;. C.
8l al u agency f
B itii
cinnatti, Ohio. Sub agents arc
for town and counties at oneo.
3-77 "v-s s. .s . : - -.i. srtV..
frrrvtT Tprirrtt -.--r -
chicken stew,
lish cliowdcr,
d iyV ' ' 8l'r;'sut! W!s m J5arro Tl'tira-
Jlrs. ,T. II, Sprague has returned from
K. 1). Sweet of
in town recently.
, J. Jf. Seaver of Williamslown, was
in inn u 1 ticsuay.
K. A. Fitts and L. B. Kibby WCre in
Imrre the 11th on business.
Jlrs. A. I). Reed and Jlrs. W, F. Met
calf were in Biaintree last week.
A. A. hoed of Wiiliamstowii was j.,
low,Mi,e,2th. Also C. JI. Holden and
A. im hesler.
mgton street cemetery, coinonlv
tiie (.oldslierry lot. Why the club
should sre lit to ro tin there is not ex
plainable unless to meet somewhere nut
of range of any object 011 which the In
spector might view the meeting and re
port, the facts. But not to be outdone I
secured si-disguise and presented my
self for initiation into (heir ranks, "i
road the rocking horse and was prcmit-
leu to sign the role, under an assumed
name. Xow I expect 'that I shall be
unable to attend another ineetin"- io licit
disguise for there were only Two new
men added to list and they are trim blue
to the club. The first llllsillcs nt'l, ki-
thl! l'ecruitiiiir of new members, was the
uiawing up 01 tiie lollowmg petition to
the (Ire-tit and (,ood City Council.
"Jlost Adored City Fathers:''
The Kickers are now entrenched in
the famous lot of land dedicated bv the
Vermont Supreme court to the io'ds of
idleness. AVe want to find a place to
hold our meetings where we shall not
be abused bv "Cons" and will not b..
forever followed and abused by that
brute of an Inspector. We, desire lo
have the lot in which we are now gath
ered deeded to our boss. We not'onlv
petition it to be done, but in the name
of every kicker in the city, and there
are scores of litem, we demand that it
be done. Wo shall not preinil it to be
laid on the table until fall, but we shall
des'ire that our Boss be given a deed of
the lot by next Saturday" Xow the In.
sjiector voted for that petition of course
to avoid any suspicion, ami when the
name of the Inspector was mentioned
111 the article you could have heard
many groans. I might have met the
fate of a Spanish spy had they discover
ed my identity. Xow in regard to that
petition, I have no doubt, the "City
Council" will send it like 01 !.,. i. ,1...
lire without any attention hem'.- paid to
i!'.. . i
Lather than pass that petition, the
City Council might witn a desire to rid
the city of this good foriiuthiu- band of
kickers found on every corner, order
that they be driven from the city if over
found holding a meeting. They arc a
uusiance to tins city. Xow th
great mistake 111 the minds of s
l" no cumpo.soti tins nail"- of
kickers, but. if citizens will lookon 7,,,v
Corner at any lime of day they w ill im
that it is not our hard working in,.i,
our nusiness men but a few old fo-ies I
who nave managed to save n fmv ,i..i
irs perhaps in some questionable wav
or a gang of men who never did work
but always kicked. Xow then l. ;.'
... "
mem; Mid US 1 (JO 1 ilm Sllt'c the
Council will be justified in drivin
enemies 10 our peace and local
perily from our midst, etei-
mem any use 01 any city property. The
(iouldsberry lot would make an excel
lent pnv, but not a' loafing place for
the gang. The next question n-iven
aiieuiion nisi: mglit was th
.Mr. u alker who was bi-on.i-lii 1,,,
H. ... . ., . '"-iv, n
ti n vy council to set a price on the
plant of the B-irre Water Company
I here was much indignation because
the Boss nor no other man is entitled lo
it for the City Council may have the
best of reasons for not makimr th!U
document public. The Inspector can
howeve-r state on reliable authority that
., .it' ll 1 u,",,'' eirclcs
that n alker set the price of the plant at
a higher figure than the city wili desir,,
to pay and that condemnation proceed- i
uiffs are morn Hum .-,ii,. ,1.1,. -i i
., iiieiioss
appointed one of the new members to
compose a poem entitled "When the
Trolly Goes Co Jlain Sti 1 " 0. 1. '
read at a future meeting, ami for fear I
might be the next place where ihe poetic
dart might strike, I secured pre.nissio,,
to leave, hut I missed no important act
ion for as I reached Fast Street I i,.i .,.1
up the hill, and saw that the Kicker
were following
Florida on Wheels !L
O ItK.Vr.-I.. If. Hooker has a down
stairs tenement to rent with 7 rooms.
spring water. Cheap.
011 reasonable terms a good stone shed
with traveling and boom derricks. Also some
very desirable tenements : Inquire of
W, A. '30YCE.
O l!K.T. 1'ooins iii. plea.-ant location.
line very plea.-ant room, !i Short Mreet,
A marvellous revelation of tropical
luxury, a Florida State Fair in a roll
ing palace from the land of Mowers,
gorgeous with golden decorations and
tropical exhibitions, imposin"; in mul
titude, wonderful in realislies, mar
vellous in variety and splendid with a
thousand tropical wonders, illustrating
to tourists, invalids and prospect ive
settlers, the advantages and resources
of that sunny land. Tropical fruits,
Florida wines, exquisite perfumed foun
tain, waving pa.ms, live alligtaors,
etc. Ili:.U IX MINI! THE AI.I.KlATllliS
AUK v'li.UNF.D."
This conservatory on wheels, a trop
ical wonderland, was built of Florida
wood at a cost of SL'O, (10(1. It is the
most remarkable car on cither conti
nent ; has been visited by more people
on the inside and yazi'd nt I,,- ,...
people Irom the outside than any car
ever built in the history of railroading.
The people flock to "it by mjrht ami
day, and papers have described it from
coast to coast as being the lirst of its
kind the world ever saw. To iIcI'imv
incidental expenses a nominal price of
10 cents, children II al under .I cents
will be charged. Wanton S. Webb,
Director (icncral Florida Sub-TropicJ
Imposition, and Florida Commis
sioner to Paris Imposition, thu World's
voiummati Exposition and ()i
l romoter ol Florida I'ublicii
This Oirieial State
Cb Wheel.
"T"o li'KN'T. Five large eoimeetin
I suitable furolliceanil tenement combined.
up one flight Averiir
nv lr. Stickuev. also
one High!. . Averiil.
Block, now occupied
ingle front ottlce im
WANTKII by an experienced girl a po
sition to do (ieneral I louse-work. In-
imre 111 1 lower- .V (.lie.1
lA A N 1 ''-" H'larder.
ir's market.
it N'o. fi Span Minn
air, " Floiid:
will exhibit in liaiTe.
S3tiird3y& Monday, May 23 30
In the rear of my store will run
twice each week,
Central Vermont Railn
Train leave Barre dully, ext-ci.t s
ows :
8.10 A. M.-MAIL, For Mostun ,
Fltchbuiv ;Xew York via. , .
all New Kuttlimd fwiiita. I'r; .
tun via. Lowell, wlihout cli c
12.00 I'.M.-KAtiT K.Xl'KKi-.-. i'
Lowell; .Vew York via. iprh,.-,
New Louifon. Kufl'et pariur , ,,:
5.10 I'.M. -LOCAL I'AHShNOKIi. i
tlvld , Kandidph, and W ,
Junction, cotincci jut- u
train for Windsor.
11.00 P.M.-NlUHTEAl'HK.-sS. ,
week dayii only, but leaven M .
a.m. .daily iucluilinif -luuduts '
ton via. Lowell daily t.1,-, a. j',. ', '.
Filthhuri:, dailv, H.oO a. m ' V.'-u'
cept Sunilay) 11. ii A. . Vli, s... '
toxpringrleld.only. Warners .
to Bos.on via. r.owdl and lo i. . ,
OOlNd Nult J h. ' '
9.50 A. -M.-LOCAL vtXl'KLSM y .
tun, Mt. AllianB.Hlchfoid.a'id 1'
Conneeu ul hnt'x Juiii'iiou kh- -
all poiic.s on Uulland It. K
3.05.P-M MAIL. For Hurling,.,,
lyambridiie Junction, M. ah '
Norwood, Oifiifuaburvh. Wi .
Car to Montreal,
5.10 1J-M.-APKSe-S for Ilurilt-g...-ban-,
and Montreal, i'uliman .
.Montpvlier Junction .o C hie i
change. II uo Chicago . io e
Connect, at Evx Junction t'r ...
via, Kutland and Trov.
Suburban Service.
i.care Borre 8.10, 8.50
tt.uu p. m.
A. St., 12.U0,
Leave Monlpclier 6.30, 9.15,105,, . v
3.6uaud 6.ao e. m.
Williamstown Trains.
..vuve uarre 1.20 r m. 4 au p
town 1.55 p. m. 6 ;.o p. j,.
v-cave tt lliiatnslow n 7.30
oarrc a.uo a. Jl. 3.0U p.
U,.n s
H-K.SToLG.lTON.Sut.t.M I" W
A. M.
!.30 r
Oen J ,
in. to :i p. in.
From !) a.
One of Muller's Ancctlotei.
Froudo ami Kiugsloy were npeeial f-t.
jn to his recently pobld Ln?,l"
AiUKsIev s refnsM (.,,.. .
1.1 . .. . , w aw ram nr.
We Deal in alKsoitsof Mil
linery and always fairy a
Fuil Line of Goods
At Reasonable Prices.
Montpelierdi Wells River P,
On and after Monday, Nov. s 1,9- ,r. ..
run a9 follow.., undayY-Ud
tinic.or bt-ttfr Vrvict I Iri,i'"'
j ConnifUtttWellnUln-rti
cmnmoi atiun Train north
t N ai and LsprcH Train s
. I,1 '.""""I'sic liviion
pringilwd fo-New York
111 Hiniton 4.60 p i v
Vil, -"iv-c, isurliii
- "j ..t.n. i-toim at
iaiion bftwein e
Popular Restaurant!1230P
hi blmd owe i t, to tWrailn l,f:iQ1 1 k .
nl0..!.0 ; U.ukor oV; i 0 ' ,NO- .ain Street.
tno lirufessnr
fesiey tiy an Amer.
meiiiciiio man rtniimlu
story told tn Kin
Scau ;
bet er 1 We IlmUaRQ thM0 t!ifis
bUtur. A clersymaii in n villuu 011 tho
frontier butwou, two o our Stat s I
fd for ruin. The ruin enmo. n,.,nt S
report t,f -Jo fe'roiinii to such nu extent, t. V
"" Hi. ii-. . . ! w."
damCH to tbo P ZTjZ
I'i found at
-Meals Served at All II,.S.
We also carry a full line of
-Muand CICAf?S.
''Hid .see our I.,m,,
4 05 F, M
Ouo of ni, "Wltust J)W.
Bovolist's "wliu 'Vottlio
--'. iatig un.
As f t
Wliilnoy wns efiinin.r in H...
Wednesday evenum- liij'i,.,, ,
Kayovay and Iii.s horsn ran about two
i inus. io iiamairc was done
iuu wagon.
1 except
ThebestMachine made, 5tron
est ManifnMpr.
, , - - . w . , 1 I L 1 1 1 1
Direct Inker, nor Ribbon to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale by
40 Washitiijtiiti St., City Ajient.
i'"l a i iinl in
tire mihtalio whiel, ,i, .- , "",us at
PleuHnro orteetLit1 Artl?Cph0
club fu years unu ,' tho KL,for
era, Uiuoii whom Jamas Pav., P "y"
'sun to bo found eujoyTnV. I US CUr"
tbo game." UUJ0-1US tbo rigor of
",' is not imi.i,, ,,, ,.,. . , , I""', an, 1 H
in oy one or two ' , . " uisrase ex-
' V1 rf,,,,t '"'tio . of th' L'l rt w"-v is
"'eoinl tvav is from . ... , kllnevs. The
oilier ili,,,."01" ' "'' li'i'iil treatment of
mi like die lilnil,,;:; ' ' J'-', So' the
,.', "'' "'! .11 lint iloe orP,l . ,,r "110
"""j 10 Wfaknos oi- , 1 . " 11 1 1111 s I,,,!
...s 1,1,11 r . 1 , ,. "mi irn' i
niore an v ... - '"-f 10
it,.wt...i t.. '.,
all 1
N I.',,
""a, arriviii!- at Kal.v .
- .... vniinifis at r'a,. , .
I'-i'--ieiiivi. !,:;;"
- .... . t,v. nailwav to
J 0"C I brou-u It-t-iiiiiK ..
Nitnrday,. To t'. "
J.n,"" arrivi, i ..
, A'" wilh train fur w
UiicaHt ,.r, ' hit,.rtl!M , r.t .
Connui-t. at Wells liivi.ru
lehi-n s,;.; ''..uu"il-lllll'to.
lioo.. Ueni.
lake, iltlrtl . ' . I'':-IIW' is ofti.i. ' I. . . 1
eil llll' Wl-i'klrK
, I:! ',,TI '.'ror . " !
Case of Necossltv.
-Olll l,,n
dated mo a trre.,r necmm,'o-
Visible Writing, "triko you noiV K ""'i i
"Miter oi aliso lito nun.l t ' 1 a
fur tbe lack of ?10 SUfl''jriu8
-Wbat'S tbo iron W, r ,. !. H'"over)
1111IV lirn .... .
.. v " n I'liM v ..... . ,
- '"UM'II , t " ' ""Ht
"I'liiey O 1 11, , '" M'll 1 1 1 1 1 r
f'XlHI,,,..!!.... . ' " ' 'IOIII1I1. 'I'I,., . :,, ,""iil'"ie.s
iiiary e tl-t ,,f Iv.. .: r OKI
-.inn., inn .'i.
, .... wn- 1 v., ,
'I'o lilll'l
mid the
'"yollet'tof 11,: 1
rent ki.i ' 'V its Su-.,...
tie ., ;. ? iiihv h. 7nT""-'''"t
un, ' . I'otir w. ,, ;'''" Pie
1.; ..." I" "1 three i ..... . "'v y
. '"si ot n,..i '"lent St,,,,, ,
Call ;-tid
the mail.
see 0110 or
tlm... 1 . ' '" l l 1 1. .-f t I.
.1 . I'.l .-1f, ....... .
'II K I!
" tl
111:1 il-
to em--
.'"iir tn.
'HI 'll'l... . . . ' i'l -r! OllHt.... .
iiiiiii 'ins ii,,,,,;,. I. a.
tills 0'(. )-
War in '11I
1a. I- n
The Kind You Ham Always Bought
"el of Maim. .1:
till' 101, .. 1 ..
I'a-'es fnIK- !!l. , .' . 1 i.,0
.onztliiMle (Jnosada.. ''.V
81 Wasliingfoi! s,A- V" W ,, l1,!v'
a . y ip : b t
3 - s-J.aBl-SAiBfl
Trade Marks
Anvonn.oni . COPYRIGHTS Ac.
P"lcMy iisneri, .v., . . .h nncI 1osprlntt.ni n v
nvontion , 1 r, RnhiV ,'.l"',m 'ree w ioth,.r
'liinstrtctlTp,.. H5 'y.,ri.Ut'n'ahle. rutin , 1 .
' " -"-U'BiV.iII, U. V..
"id evui-v l'i'. '.? .'".'"'i'iIv In
- a 1 k s
is a t,,
Illii.l.. . " ""liHIlnnt . .
3 " wniine saro , e".itie. k
ji , " 1"aIc for s
L- TWo sizb """...-he.
permanently cured in 9 iivs
otneme. 'r pnrtii ul.ir. a,tjre,, ,n
Absolutely and 1
- ' ' . .
d 50,
V A j-it .
2t Street. New Vork City.
Wnd You Have Always Bought
Be the ' V
Sigaaturo of SMJ. ... .
I ;
. S If'.
"1 i,,-iffs arc
'T T- r- A . " "' !'- V i-n n- -.-- -- - VtBB-a-k-a-a-as-B-i- ." M - .-'.'''" I
1 . fr;" ... 1 ' "iv. 1 t. niinr ill ui vvi i
;Ft to u.w -' -

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