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. - Associated
nSCo Press
Single copy,
One inoiitli.
One year,
1 cent
25 AJits
VOL. 1. NO, 33.
BAliRE, VT., WEDNESDAY, MAY 18, 1898.
The Blue Store
By the Depot, Barre,Vt.
Men's, Boy's andlChildren's
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Shoes.
Men's, Women's and Child
ren's Furnishings
at Rock Bottom Prices.
Yur infection is invited. Satisfaction
l:lr:iiiteed or your money bac k.
' , lines of straw hats are coming in daily.
;iu. u a call.
V ,.ivn-stais tenement to rent. Inquire at
vmir suburban tickets here at Oca trip.
SEGEL & BRADY, Prop'rs.
,,..;!( )T syUAUK. BAKUK, VT.
h i milium
Quarry Boys,
Pure Leaf,
L L Ponies,
Royal Savage,
The Cigars to Smoke
For Sale Everywhere.
L. Lewin, M'gr.
ISO No. main St. Barre, Vt
Fine Kngraving of Admiral Dewey,
ltx-21), with Mats, ready for framing
25 Cents Each.
2S X.. Main St. Tel. 31-3
Into paving Drug Store Profits
on Cream ol Tartar or Soda. We
will sell yen
Strictly Pure Cream of T r
tar at 35c a pound, and
Strictly Pure Soda at
5c. a pound.
We will give $10 for proofs that the
above are not strictly pure. And fur
ther, any Snices we sell you arePL'RK.
We L'ive "you our guarantee of 27 years
lupines reputation that our foods are
as represented.
We Are on Guard
Km- your interests as well as ur own.
It means business for us. hvery
man, hoy and child needs a new
suit tor spring, and we carry the
best line in the City at the lowest
We have just received a fine line of
Men's! Hoys' and Children's
Whieh we w ill sell cheaper than any
store in Barre or vicinity ever
sold them.
We will oiler for the next 10 days 100
boys' suits with sailor collars,
sizes from 4 to 13 years, at 81.00
a suit ; sold elseweere for $2.00.
Bring your boy along and get one
at the
Standard Clothing Co.'s Store
Payette, HenMslioo k Co, IITrs
Why sutler with Corns when y"
cm have them removed without pain
by Miis. S. M. Yduk, I-' Kim St.
Null, i.! I am prepared to 1 lirst
'lav. wm-k in house painting, paper
liaiiin anil calsouiining. Orders
tlireu-h the mail promptly attended to.
All my employees are experienced work
men. No apprentices.
,1. C. Ddpok, U'.0 Main fct
The Weather.
Boston. May 18.:
Thursday ; warmer;
-Fair tonight and
southerly winds.
To The Public.
The Evening Enterprise Under
New Management.
Whitaker and Ross Succeed
Scott and Wife.
The most important change in
mont newspaper circles for some time
is the change of owners which wu an
nounce today. For 17 years W. F.
Scott and wife have toiled at the ease
in this city in the publication of the
Hahisk ExTKitritisK, and for the past
few weeks in the publication of the
Evkxixo Estem'Uise. Today they re-
limuish the work in this city, and the
new owners of both papers are Henry
C. Whitaker and George A. Ross. Mr.
Whitaker has been for some weeks one
of the owners of this paper, and piior
to that time was connected with the
other Uurre naner. Mr. Ross for eitrht
years has been employed at the Extek-
itisr. office as general workman, and
has filled various - positions in the me
chanical department. With Thursday's
issue of this paper the name of the
daily will be changed to the IUhuk
Evkxixo Tei.eokam. This announce
ment is made in order that those who
hear the boys calling "Evkxixo Tei.e-
ouam" vi 1 understand what paper is
for sale.
We have no long story to tell of what
we nronosc to do. All we ask is the
Riimn wnerous Datronairo which has
I- J .
been given this paper both weekly and
daily in the past, and we will endeavor
to imnrove with aire, loung men are
rapidly entering tlio newspaper circle
on every hand and we shall exert every
effort to merit the support which we
expect to receive from the good people
of Barre and . viriniJr. .SswtniLjJew
features will bo added to the daily and
weekly papers at an early date, which
we feel sure will be cordially appreciat
ed by the public. If the "Lvexixg
Exteiiphise" nml "Hah he Weekly
Extekpkisk" lias ever merited support,
we ask you to watch the Hauke Evkx
ixo Tei.eckam and the Weekly Extkk-
pkise for additional evidence that we
arc not to be outdone in the publishing
of clean and fresh up-to-uate news.
The firm name of the publishers will be
The Harre Press Company. The entire
plant, goodwill and business of both the
"Evkxixo Extekpkisk" and Haiihe
Extekpkisk are owned by the Press
Company publishers and owners of the
Hvkku Evkxixo Tki.kokam and the
Bakke Weekly Extekpkisk. Buy a
Tki.kokam tomorrow if you want the
latest and most reliable war news and
local happenings. The "Evkxixo Ex-teupkise-'
says goodbye, and asks you
,n ,-r..et an old friend with a new and
mora up-to-date title the -Bakke Evex-
News From Camp Olympia.
The bovs all recognize the business
aspect things are now taking. Camp
life is now changed from the old ...us
er style We began to eat hardtack
today and "the powers that be" have
shutdown on giving us anv ...on,
luxuries as ...Ilk. butter and ugar.
Wo shall probably enjoy this kind of
board after
verv nine, n" ;
vt lJ . . , ....ili nir after one
fuvo b"e . very kind in sending boxes
vitl. articles from their home
Luchens so that atprescut we are living
'Safnuu... rejoicing in the
company tonight when the pract.cal to
fcS friendship arrived in the shape
of he new agate plates and cups, and
the very useful bugs to carry them ....
We thank y.m nil fro... ! bottom
. V assure you we uppre-
Z: .he Mndness and that we were m
wire need of the articles.
h Torn 1 unban, has a. last reached the
.i,rl of his youthful ambition, for he
heignt oi UK ) ,l0 Wlg
lakrm' today. .orderly for Captain
15U;Ulay I. lay ' tr.he
, forward with eager eyes foi the
A3 cents a day.
W'n.i-oner onco mi .
from each company was deluded to l.dl
'"fl! :.cd that Mrs.C. S. Meaker
V m' '('ico. Tilde, will accompany
Srhulwlicn the regiment moves
"f'sad accident occured here today
i;J ms .eg
out near
the nuMo.
To Cut Off Blanco.
Great Battleshib The
Battle Reported
Place-No News of Spnish
Fleet Since Sunday.
Philippines Must Change
Must Cut off Blanco.
Washington, May 18. The com
plete isolation of Blanco from the out
side world is the next most essential
move on the part of the United States
and it will be executed at the earliest
possible moment. It is known that there
has been a communication by cable with
Madrid and also with the Admiral of
the Spanish Squadron. It was all done
through three cables leaving Santiago.
Active steps to cut these cables are now
being taken, and if they succeed Spain
will receive the hardest blow yet strnek
in Cuba. Blanco will then be cut off
from the whole world and can be starv
ed iuto submission, and the first notice
he will have of the approaching Ameri
can licet will be a hurricane of shot and
shell that will drive him from Havana
into the greedy arms of the Cuban pa
triots. New Battleship.
Philadelphia, May 18. The battle
ship Alabama lias been completed and
was launched at the Cramps navy yard
at 1 o'clock today. She is larger than
the Oregon and it is expected she will
be fully as effective. She mounts four
13-inch guns, eight 8-inch guns and four
6-inch, The displacement is 11,000
tons. It will be remembered that the
const ruction of this huge battle-ship has
been delayed a whole year by the fail
ure of Congress to provide for the pur
chase of her armor.
Pennsylvania Regiment
to Philippines.
Washington. May 18. (t;ii. Miles
said today that the 10th Pennsylvania
regiment would be ordered to San Fran
cisco soon to be in readiness for the ex
pediton to the Philippines. This state
ment conflicts with the heretofore prev
alent belief that only the regiments
from the Pacific coast would have an
opportunity to be a part, of the expedi
tion. Volunteers on the Way.
Xkw Yoiik. May 18. The First reg
iment of New Hampshire volunteers
passed through Jersey City this morn
ing en route for Chicaniauga. One man
de'scrtcd by dropping from the car at
West Point. His absence was not dis
covered for some time so that he has
not been captured.
Battle off Santa Clara.
London, May 18. According to a
special despatch from Havana there has
been an engagement off the port of the
Carribean province of Suiita Clara, and
it is alleged that the American landing
..rtv was repulsed. Nothing definite
was "known at the timo of the despatch
n to tlio extent of the battle or Us mi
i l.i.t It is thought the inforiiia-
tion was correct.
to Have Taken
Must Keep Secret.
New Yoiik, May 18. The Commer
cial Cable Co. to-day sent out the fol
lowing notice : "The United States au
thorities declare all messages contain
ing any information of the prospective
movements of the current military
onerations as inimical to the United
States and is consequently forbidden
Newspaper correspondents are request
er! not to include such matter in their
messages, and if Jmi-h. is found it will
be stricken out by a censor."
Arsenal Shops Open.
PlTTSiit no, Pa., May 18. After an
idleness of 30 years the shops at the Al
eghany arsenal started today with a
large force of men to mane leather
goods for the volunteer army.
Off For Manila.
Vai.lk.io, Oil., May 18. The cruiser
Charleston will probably leave today
for the Philippines. The coal, ammu
nition and supplies are all aboard.
Otis Arrives.
San Fkancisoo, May 18. -Major
General Otis, second in command to
Mcnitt in the Phillipines, has arrived
with his staff.
Gladstone Nearer Death.
IIawahpkx, May 18. At 10 o'clock
this morning Gladstone was in a coma
tose condition bordering on the brink of
death. His family believe that it is
now only a question of hours. His
condition at noon was slightly weaker.
The Oregon is Safe.
Washington, May 18. The Ore
gon is believed to he safe and probably
now a part of Sampson's fleet.
Spain Must Leave Philippines
Victoiua, B. C, May 18 J.. Stu
art Jones the Mauila sugar king and
merchant priuee arrived here today en
route for Loudon on an alleged mission
of rcpresent'ng to the British Foreign
ollice the hopes and wishes of the Phil
ippine commercial community. He
says "that all business in the island
must remain at a standstill until assur
ances are given that some foreign
power will assume the destinies of the
island. Many of the successful resi
dents are in favor of throwing oft the
yoke of Spain as too iueompetaut and
tiustab'e for an effective self govern
ment. A strong party iu Japan is
said to be trymg to force the Premier
into the athWj He declines.
William Steele Indicted.
1 iiiladelphia, May 18. The grand
jury of the United States District Court
has found a true bill of indictment
against William Steele, formerly cash
ier of the Chestnut Street National
Bank, covering 122 counts. He was
charged with aiding and abetting W.
M. Sinjrerley in misapplying fu nils
embezzling and mailing false orders.
Alger Pike Wedding.
Wasiiin'GTox, May 18. Frances Al
ger, daughter of the secretary ot war,
an 1 Ciiarles Burrill Pike were married
today at the home of the secretary. The
President and Vice President and their
wives were present.
Second New York Leaves.
New Yop.k. May 18. The Second
New York provisioned regiment under
Col. Hardin left Canin Black today for
the south.
The Columbia at Delaware.
Delawake Bkeakwateii, May 18.
The cruiser Columbia arrived here at
noon today.
No News of Spanish Fleet.
Port At: PisixtE, May 18. Nothing
is known here of the report that the
Spanish Cape Verde fleet is now at San
Juan. The last news of them was Sun
day, when they left Curacoa.
Real Estate Agents
, . . - -
1 " Dan Beard, A. B. Frost.
We have opened a Heal Estate Oflice in
rooms i) and 10, Holster's Block, where we
should lie pleased to see all persons having
Heal Estate ot any kind to sell or those wish
ing to buy.
We have several building lots for sale ut
prices from tlOO and upwards. Also, one
house with barn connected, nearly new, on
Eastern avenue; one house on hast street,
just completed; one new house on Cunip
street with line lot. Any of the houses would
make tine homes.
Heal Estate investments arc always safe.
We should he pleased to see anyone having
houses or rooms to rent; nml to assist those
seeking for tenements, Hents looked after
and collections made on reasonable terms.
ISy honorable dealings we hope to receive
vou'r patronage.
Kespectfuliy yours.
F.URMOUXT ICE is clear and pure. It
is cut from sprint? water less than 40 rods
from where it rises, thus avoiding all contam
ination which must enter river ice. The ser
vile will he efficient In every respect. We so
licit your patronage. Prices that suit. Our
team will he around regular. "4
E. E. SANDERS, Mag'r.
The Commercial House
Chas. Johnson
And he is prepared to meet the
wants of the public in an up to
date manner.
In Comnkotion
487 N. Main Street,
Girden Hawes,
The Williams Typewriter
The best Machine made, Strong
est Manifolder, Visible Writing,
Direct Inker, no Ribbon to get
out of order, the greatest speed.
For sale by
4(i Washington St., City Agent
Call .Mid see oue or drop a card
the mail.
app HOUSE -
What to use to
polish. We have a lot of
method we find the best
cleansing water this takes
Ammonia, isc. a bottle.
and finally polish with a Chamois Skin.
205 X. Main Street.
Eclipse Automatic
Is the Greatest Improvement in 98
Stand the Test.
We are
Cates, Austin J& Co.
k ntCTliB lU'bUtr XllU, ' ' . J
I A , A..crandschopi?s(ltolosanl rnr-ornrtioranHonn n recnfrnlwa ever
Ask for Trading Stamp
With every Cash purchase that you
make with us. If the use of them has
not been explained to you call and
-we will gladly, do so.
We have just received a new line of
Jams in five pound pails and Jellies ot
all kinds that we can fully guarantee.
Do not forget our Telephone Call,
Xo. 128-4. Yours,
10 Depot Square,
62 No. Main Street, -
All Orders will Receive Mv Personal Attention.
Night Calls will be Promptly Attended lo
Telephone call at Residence 141-0. At office 26-3
In Vermont.
Graduate of American
School ot Osteopathy, Kirks
ville, Mo.
Montpelier, Vermont.
8 a. m., to 12 m.
p. in. to 4 p. in.
Office (54 State St.
Mea Market
Full line of Meats, Veg
etables and Canned
Snecialtv ox
in ;
Fork Products.
clean windows and give them a nice
glass to keep clean ; here is the
and easiest. Use ammonia in the
on" the grease and dirt. Strong
Use a Sponge and wash thoroughly,
Sponges all sizes and prices.
Opposite JJepots.
for the
urn ham,
The Best Grocers.
- arrc, ermoni.
Who's Got Wheels?
m '
F. W. Nichols
has a line of
the most com
plete of any in
the cily, and he will sell them at any
nrice vim want. Trices ranging from
s cily, and lie wilt
ce you want, l'rii
$20 to $125.
A large number of second hand
wheels al.nonst given away, in the
Basement of the Nichols
Block. Come and see
Debt Collected,
Personal Demand made in all cases,
Condition of Claims reported fre
quently, Suits prosecuted vigorously,
Rapid, yet cautions handling of at
tachments and trustee proceedings.
No work delayed. A live active
ollice. ADV1CK FKKK.

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