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I Hi
V': 'S
Barre Evening Enterprise,
Printed daily (except Sunday) by
The Enterprise Publishing Co.,
IJAliliK, - - VT.
H. C. WHITAKER, Editor and Manager.
Kindle copy,
Out mouth,
Ono your,
1 unit
23 cents
Dntered in tlia Post (Mice lit Harm, Vt., n
Hfvoiid-cluss matter. '
ffi,wnI!t,,S n worM vv,1 ro no "'an renda
Tlio riddle of tlilniw Hint nru,
From n tiny fern In tlie vnlley' heart
To the Unlit of the Inrwfit star,
u "now mat tlio prewmro of life Is
And the silence of drain ix deep
As wo full und rise on tilci tunned way
That liada to the gate of Bleep.
We know that tlio problems of sin and pain
And tho ussions that load to crimo
Are tho mysteries locked from ago to ace
In the awful vault of Tiino.
Yet wo lift our weary feet and strive
TliniUKh tho mire and mist to grope
And And a IccIro on the mount of Faith
la the morning land of Hope.
Harper's Woelcly.
Caught rt J) I
rt-ixamisHimemK pt.
Circus rcoplo Are Trctty Cute Them,
selves, but This Story Shows How Ono
Tarty Was Cleverly Outwitted by the
Hustling Railroader.
' Jfood thin-' of tho war. savs Dr.
Talnia-o, is to .sue the (.rants and jA.t.g
figliliinr under tlH! same lla
I'U cheers fur (Jnihl.ml tl
emiinpii.iis ami from indieiilions the hold-
PI'S flf lli. i I. 1
" "l'i"vv i-ii j Kir niiotlier
' year
gray lent oneo more lo.
iiltie iind
getlior on tho battloliold of Cliicaiiiailgn
The southern question is settlled forever'
Let tiio call yo forth and
tho 1'iiion (I,,. c-Jionis will
tiro coniiny, Major Willi,,
sin;;, "W(
mi, J 00.000
N'l'i;ii. .Sonii! ileliniln i i f, ,,,,.;..
as lo the present whereabouts of the til
lejred Spanish' licet, which has been lost
i .. : i i
u .i nini-jfooso uli.i.,0 for several wet
-I ins lleut is wauled as
skilled American
a laryet hv sonic
sailors. Anv infor
mation will ,G o..y ,.()lls:,iLllv;, ,,y
AD.MIKAI. Sa.M1'S,,n.
o wo ha
lave no iiersonal iiii..i...jt.
in tlie selection of
ut (he eomin
ant the ollice
no present iiioiimln.ni
fTiven lli(! chanee. ( ,!
have been lnakinir slates in
l Scerelnrv of Slalc
September election, still
we are of tho opinion that if there are
other as worlhy uieu who w;.
as hail as dees (I
I hey should be
iki llilllor:
ui.soiuieior years to come, amllhey
have driven many yoim man out of the
Kopiiblican 1,arly or have placed the,,,
'..".. icnee, so to speak. This pa,,er
" nn policy to ui-u-e n-ardin the
'-iiidnhite for Neerolarv of State and
1ms no doubt but u hal Insurance ,
nn.ssioner and Secrctarv of Si.-,i ,.,
Luifil will be filled by l!roNV.,ell, for
perhaps a doz, 3,,,,., ,0 , ,
im-.il I. . . I , . . , ...
1 1 11 1 1 os u IS hlgf, ,,,
J "in was pic
jai'd and other fruit
dens of poliiies be
Weeds. If you waul
"' " IOI1NCII vim
lo keen (he vrnno-
01 1 eriiiont ,n IC pathf
Vl! give lliein at
beside crumbs from t
of '.'ft.slntc makers mid
1 ilieirfath-
'ii.t sonielhiii
banquet table
)oli lieal fence
fomo Jtig Fortunes That Have Come From
Little Inventiout,
It lias become almost an axiom with
tue majority tiiat larger fortunes are to
bo raised from some simple invention
than from difficult and expensive inven
tions that involve n great outlay of
money to manufacture. This is to a
I certain extent true. A ccrtaiu Ameri
can patent for fastening kid gloves has
yielded a fortune of several hundred
thousand dollars for its fortunntR
mid tho inventor of a collar clasp enjoys
$20,000 royalty a year as tho reward
for his endeavor. A now kind of sleeve
button has mado SJjO.OOO in flvfl Vnnva
for its patcuteo, and tho siinplo twisting
of safety pins in such it way that there
is 110 possible danger of tho point stick
nig in tho child promises to enrich its
owner beyond any of his early dreams
of wealth. A man one day turned a
piece or wire so as to hold a cork more
securely in abottlo and forthwith Enm.
body saw a brilliant idea and patented
tho modern wire stopper holder, which
is now used annually on soveral million
bottles. The uceirlent.nl l,n.i,i;
. , .
uuiiinu uy a woman to prevent it from
sliding out of her hair so easily produc
ed a fortune for her husband, who im
mediately saw tho possibilities of a
liiimwcii iiuirpin lor women.
Instances eould bo multiplied indefi
nitely of largo fortunes being mado from
small inventions, but fortunately for
tboso inventors who mako a life study
of intricate problems of mechanics and
disdain to waste their tnlonta
.... U1IUU
trivial, popular articles of tho day
Hinni in ff.,.. -.1 .... . J
vlu u,su ampie roward hold
iu storo for the products that takeyoars
Tl Tirnrltm.v .....1 .1 i . .. "
wuioa revolutionize ex
isting methods of industry and mo-
Edison bns reaped honors and riches
luiuceiy cnaracter from his discov
eries; McC'ormick has realized in his
l,lu inrcuncs of a uiillionairo ; tho
Uorliss engine brought honors and dec
H1..UOUH to its inventor and enabled
him to amass a great fortuno in a few
years; Professor Bell found in his tele
phone not only the consummation of his
early hopes and ambitious, but a sub-
steel armor has 1
with tho inventor's name, and it brin-s
au annual income of huge proportion's
tO Its rllspnv..rov. 171 jnn tt
...... ..lJ1, llu xowo, tne iu
,.- ---- uiximuous, nui a sub-
rouii in otirrrar- ";"", Pecuniary roward; harveyizod
ide old rotiiiiloi
I "There are people who think you
can't Leat a circus man, but I want to
tell j on that the hardest wan to do is a
live railroad man."
Tho old sawdust manager hud tried
it. Ho continued :
"Know where Purcell is in the I...
man .territory? Away down at the
jumping off placo on the Santa Fo road.
Tho show had boon at Purcell and we
wanted to get out iu tho night for a
long run. Wo wore going to make a
jump to Kansas City. Not fur from
Purcell is another 'town, Oklahoma
tuny. At that point a competing road
with the Santa Fortius in. We had GOO
peoplo, and of course the railroad men
were after s. It was a big haul. Somo
01 our peoplo bought through ticket?
irom Purcoll, and they didn't worry,
v aoouc kuu, niavbo morn, nf tl.n
crowd that always haggles over a 10
cent dicker concluded to take tho Santa
Fe from Purcell to Oklahoma City, pay
iuu suort uaui, ana tuen Cake tho com
poling lino at Oklahoma, the agents of
wuicu were active and full of nroinisnn
"Then tho Santa Fo man fixed it so
tho dickerers couldn't buy any tickets
iiuui t-urcou to Oklahoma, for tho train
wo were to go on was n snceini f 1,0
dickerers said that was all right; that
they would wait for tho regular. In
less than five minutes a bulletin wu"
slapped 011 tho board of tho station to
tlio I ff(P: f 1... 1-- c,
w, mu jt'b'uiur jsnuca j0 was
1.3 hours Into. That made the fellows
who were dickering for a cheaper rato
turn white around their gills.
"I11 another iivo minutos I saw n m.
on a track velocipede scudding down the
stretch. Every man to his business. So
1 thought the railroad people know
what they were doing, and they did.
Ihat chap on the velocinedo
down tho track to flag tho regular and
hold it indefinitely. Smart trick, wasn't
tv aic nil 1 tell you. Thern wns
smarter triok than that.
"When the special got ready to pull
out, tho dickerers asked the agent if
they could pay on tho train from Par
cell to Oklahoma, and ho ssid 'Oorf
fco they all boarded tbo train at Pur
coll, intending to get off at Oklahoma.
Just before tho train milled
..rtv-.ju iiHino uuwn m run nur.n.n
asks tho old iimn nft rim fi-i i
long he had been 011 tho road and about
tho capacity of his irm, ...r
forth. "uu BU
The Haitly KnvtvarrafMevl V;.T:f li
tuimthiiifir at ll.irU l'vv.
A modest Cleveland ji.uth, 1:11 Adcl
bert undcr;;ra(Hinto. bcurd'-.l a Kiiafb fido
car a few evcjini.-s 11,','n, an.! when bo
seated himself ciirclessly fcnpprcl in'-
email pripsatk on the liom- 1 1 hind ids
feet. Presently the car brm to j.II up.
ilost of thn new passeu,"i 1.,' v; re girl.J,
mid us they canio in one by mu tho
Adulbcrt mini crowded alona a ikiin ni?l
so got away from his .ripjsirk. 'i'h' ic
were at least half a dozen pirla at hi.;
left, and it was in that illation tiial
bis grip was located,
Pretty soon tho cav nearcd hi:; t.t-'p-ping
place, nod tho Advlkit man k-
thought hiniself of hisb:;.";.,:i He put
his band to tliu floor it ' ii. :i't t!ur' '
that in, the prip wasn't tin :e. Jri'ii!t;
little way to tbo kit; i.o r ..ubin'l;
reach it.
'hen he straightened tip.
"Pardon me," he mid, v.ilh a wire- '
what inthimcd countenauco, "I'M 1 li.-tvo
a grip sotne.wbere under here. " And bo
dovo down again. '
All ho eould feel was dainty Lwt
ueeis, two or tiieni badiy run do, mi. j in
reached n little farther, Anntmr loet
herd. Thu yivls bogau to v.ri:-;;!o cti
easily. Up came the yonnst man atafa.
His counteiiaiico was ftill j.icre i'l
flamed. This rima he r.r..: i; In hi.i j". t.
"It's here soniewlnre. " l:e l: n: :nvv-
ed. "Jf you don't oi,;ecr,
again." Down ho ui,t ;.ri
along still farther to the 1 ft.
"I've got it," J10 ninth',,.
Ho pulled, but it didi;'t cf':i
"One moment, " he mid. ,:k
"No, it isn't," piped a shrill
There was a briif i-fnv.''.',.
tho bashful youth r:;:; -. , th:;
hold of tlio rouna womi.ii's it t.
Ho stood up at this with a di
1 V ... I .
-urniips run ciris were ).
by his Jiopi.'h's-s look-; perhf.;
liko tho way tho othi r 1
pigglin!. Anyway fhtyVln
anil soon produci'd
And tho youth w jib ii r
scooted from the car. L'Je
m t-
el. iv, i
t 'riiey Own Twenty
JUCHim AertM I.erc.
How um h i-rope-rty.dii Dvhi -i "'
Jed.iov.-n ill Anieriea? Tbo MKrt;nt,
i i.u r.! Kidni'j f.:ct, in knuwn to I e
i t U :.i t t0,O00,0t'i) uercs, ii'itevis Tit-Jiil-.
'J Ih Jr.)-;-' 1 of all is I nil ably the Tex
r.s p').-;:ri,Mun rf the symiiiMtn wln'eh
!'c!i;iki i:i it;i meml rsliip the Dukes
i f j;eaof. rt r.nd JStitland, V. irl Odo-aii
l :d tho l-'iiioin'ss Jltiiiicft-CV-utU
The total amount of land held l y this
i!.:--.oeiiiton is !i. ;;(!, OtXl imtc.. It is. hh
u U'li ( M.'O Willi li o.-t r.l tlio J.exas laini,
l:il,.:. ;y ci-ie; o.-.ed f what U ealled
i eotmi ry that is, land that is
Mvf.'er :i j . c. cj for cattle lai.-in;; tba.'J
' a:. -thin-,' 1 l':-e.
1 C.'i.t tie n-.'d w licit ero v.-hat th.e I'l'it-i:-h
invci-ti r fcccunJ to think money
! 1 bcnJ.l be mado on in the United t-ta(es.
: That i.-.- why the f-.rn.'lieaHi n pri scnted I
1 by in,- I'ritiih capifalist N'inceut Kcully j
, owns ;.i,umi,liUU aei-L-srd J.init in XScUras
; ka, Iowa and Illinois. I bis property is
j ciimi'i d in tbo heart of the wheat frow
.' in,-j section.
Two American gills', win now wear,
by virluo of their iniirria'iO with L'ng-li.-h
peers, two of the k:,':ho; t Dritish
ti!!c- tho Duchess of Miirlborotif;li and
J.e.dy Kuiidolj.-li Churtbill are interesl-
i d with . fair Edward Peed in a symli
fate tk'l invns 2,(IOC,0:iO acres situate.
in (.'iileneh), Vv'j-emh:;' and New .Vex
ico. This id purely atattle country, 11111I
( it laijgd thouauidi of head of livi
V V,
i a1.
' t j -- 1 1 '.
A A-
V a H .'-
1 .
.; J '. . V . ,;. j. y ,
J. la
ventor of tho sewing machiuo, realized
Zi'lT'T0"1 his Mentions;
and Nikola Tesla, though still young
aud rich in promises, finds an abun-
Ethnlhert V,lu .17. 8"
u vussier siuagazine.
Wrlnklog , Medlaval Lnlver8ltle.
The relation which th .,..i.
inlities m which thev j
onus a larL'u chnutov in . ..
a Mate. livery person connected with it
even remotely, down to tho servants iu
the families of tbo m.,,f,.. , .
u-hn ...;. i ' " iiiiu mose
The siii.i , to, 11,0 academic court.
Jf 1", !ltw? th f amnion
b : '. ! ?vcrHi.a.loW0r
to l" Kingdom ho might
S ' Alemhers nf ti,., ..f.,.i..... .
NMin,,i i,..' .... Plu"t:u' woria were
service, ami in
municipal tax,
fwpt from niilitarv
jtoy cases from ..11
.night receive Ihbooks Smd
",u "no beer, freo of rim.
ivlLTZ'0' --vailed then,:
6 ives ot this urn- .
rmn n..,i ; , B nu er-'"i a ae-
Mto and imported in such imn.ciisn
qnantnies by private nrrangenien th
the ,n. licans that a law was nLcs a v
present M
Ball, receive without payment of tx
w th , ,t S ,eislat. animated
with a generous sense of tho privileges
fixed Z ,r y' , "r dno Ocliberat on
iixo I the proper drinking capacity of r.
C Uct,s,asofIf!a,,UU,SOf
nair casks of t,CCr, which ho could rn
ce.vefreeof nil tax.-Proi W W T
Hewett.n Harper's Alagazino
Saved by a Cat.
f'.ir Edward Osl
London in his time, bought an ancient
house in Yorkshire, and sent his chil
dren thither. Tbero wore two boys. Tho
older dutifully obeyed when summoned
o ono morning in a turret,
but the younger, loitering, "happed to
light upon a cat which he delighted to
play with and cre.nt nftno l,,
her under a table iu the room i,ii.
was covered over with a carpet hanging
down to tho floor." Thus ho disapX
on, and next instant a terrible rush of
wind overthrew the turret, in which
his brother and the tutor sat at work
crushing thorn to death. Supposing that
both nor sous wore there, the mother
-mu convulsions, and we imagine
hm0f tb Tanning;
- ...,.. ,ou 1JlulllJer Irom ro t
room caught sight of the small hor
DeetllllL' trnm ,ii.rl., ... .
tuo lauio, witli tho
. ... u,a u,H, snatcnod him np and
,u ecstasy to ins mother, ho
only crviiitf. "I r.i.,. i, t .' u
' 'How many miles on hnn. ,.i.
go at her best?' asked tho agent.
u goon track, (io miles.'
' 'Is it a good track thrnnnh ni-ii,
nin f !irv
!Yes' ?TCtty Rood.'
'All right. You'vn rnt r,,l i
stop there nor to Blowup, have you?'
Jot yet.'
" ' Well, when
Scoot through the town at a Co mile
gait, or more if you like, and don't
slow up until yon strike that strip of
desolation about 11 miles t'other side
and y ou smoke a box of the finest cigars
in Chicago. Is it u g0?'
sr 'IT 1 Zct " oers 'fore I
now.'-We11' yU ar Cve niinutes late
i:.-nTiii; ut rss l.i
Girls Would J;, w;
A very intercstiii'-'
school chihlreu we.s rut
prnij;ueiil, Muns. ,
juawson. lie pcrsnud.
nearly eipially divi:-!
write an ansvver to tin
had ?,,, nil yia.r ov.
do with n
(14 per centj a:i5vr red
J !. re is nncthev symlicato whir li in- I
eliiee;: among itsrmmlirs tho Karl r.f
JV.IJ:fR:-ip, r.s well as VisenuiitesM Cri:;-s,
l.-Vy 1 i.smiltmi (lunhiu, tho Xanjuis !
Cbii!r.-udfley and sevr nil cti'ers. j
Tin re it a lidding i:i n slill (li;-'. ri8 !
!'art i i the country, fer tho lands ef tho
'""I" eomjiriso 1,K)0, (-1)0' acre s in j
-'il'! '. includim; cotton jihinta-
acres ot sugar eauo ni;
li k iiio fo stock 1,000 farms.
Twcedihilo is a syndicate ia
i;:id owns 1, "00, (,'()0 actes.
't i'iiiiviilnal .md owm r.i v. ith
"'Mk-'1, bin propvrty inclmk;; n
eay wj.ieli, J;,:,) tkr.t r.t tho
?p. ke:i of, includes immeuso
"':'iiing Jamlfl, Nearly ail of
possession is devoted to
.X i.t.. V.'t,:
K 1 3 TAKE.
I 1 II-., t c ,
1 rc;.SM,c Lnip.
o ti;.l.t (leih had crmo
:;d c nili il his miistacbo
tittentiou was called fo
An I nworlliy Triek.
In a recent Pall Mall Gazette we find
esteH in .ii l ",ucn "wr
ested m a railway matter upon which
tne district w here h n Wiiu I.......,! i . .
Vntn Ho ..,......, . ""-" "Ml tO
i a "uult" " to vote affirinative
fnnHU,1 ! 1,6 lGt U b0 e'lf!r'"ly under
stood that every voter would become he
recipient of a liberal hamper of wint ,
iJiuvuieu tucro was no iio(nfin v . Li "J 10s' in ner-
be found in tho i Ti , , "Jv. voto t0 Vlesity- en she gave it UT): tho Tirnh.
HCl li.ahtaf VlT100 fr --NewVor,
th, . ... '"' :,uu on "8 day when
. . " na.l ue taken every one of Knew it All,
i nv r lfin i ii
t , ' t oi ho it may be said
that tho Dnke of Leeds nwn- ?,i
vim iu a eat. rail Ma 1 dn.nt
wi'Vr'.'"8 Prevarication. His
u, " Bl,:" 'i 'u8 ana constantly urged
la"rJ- Onemoriiing
.. ii you can't bo per
fectly truthful today. Don't tell a Ho
ow, promisol" Hopromised and went
away to work. When he came home to
dinner, sho said:
"Dear, did vou keen vnn. , j..,n
i did, bo replied soberly.
Then ho caught her in his arms.
Darlmr;," bo cried 'T ,;ii
to you. When I said I had kopt iny
P om.se to you, I did not tell the truth;
to da'X0''10' I
1 JJ1," Ul.iUUte' a,ld 1 calculate it was
less the circus special was under wav
moke 7rT!nd C"rVCS llka aeca
snako. Tt shot across straight lines liko
a gazello that had been
wh,r d the dust of that country' into c
mi timV.o '"-oasu it like tbo wom
an that s fibot froillthn nntnnnU
'"ore so. Ono of tho diclccrers who was
smUing to think tho rn,i,'
yet come round, asked a brakonia , a
What' toWa'iaf tllr,)"a ibM.
nnat town is ihii ti,.
said, 'Oklahatna city.''
cairn VT 8 Smi! meA as 1'
he says: 8 t0 tho keniun
'"Jezecriminil Stop her I flora's
whore we got off!'
-y, luU u miles on thissidn
deposit tlie mi,i
ceut would Lav r.lrl
would buy pomcthi;
cent would Lay try.
of aimisemeut, a. 1 p
jewelry and iinery, i.
cent would buy ijriia!
would spend it for tr
would spend it for tithe
would buv honks, etc
Tho disposition to e
many ol tho cliildrt
.I'r . Dm ml
ity io suGritlon Whifd
do not realize tlio full t
saving, tue idea bus been
on their minds and is bo;
influence. i:i mjtiur; (!:;'
those who would buy't l, r
do remember,:
tbo children v
something better
vohd for snmetlu'i
vested in (n,, .
s iniiee.l, s. 1,1
u li.'ie ii., lo-.,
Vou ea . ii;
i .'minimi lH.;v,
1 i 1 1 : ; illi,! eai
e.-1 eimi'.mli e
lh;ve n. VCI
men. Y;r
' in-'oiiH ; ;'; ,
W.it kneire
en. is.
t Crf
iivo rf ,..i"; : : " cw
IT W ill III! I irllnli 1 1 t. .
nanuht ,in,7 , , "ouiun c no
slow lire ti,., j. . H uigan to
noil will, ti, ,t weui, to tne lu sou, iresu Irom academin
per of winil! T lbat tb SrVCS' "l ua thinking the La"
Their d m.? . BS TA S iu 1,is cellar- ' Ver' alul 1 uav omo to the conX
to contain .07 affirm H "" bn better tak
in a sfrinf .
i... " .....f . """y wnero a crow can't
wouldn't bo
rn, , ,JU iu
J.H0 COlldnchtf c i ,
just the., and said: lmont;a
"Well, sav. thn . .
Then, that had 1'" " y B1ht:
then went to i.; n r." aud
tegan to kid: ' "".V" " ,llckert
nf ni-i i 7 11,0 ,ral" oh u t Eton
at Oklahoma, t int it ., """i-v
XhO COUdllrtni. .ou u
tad f,. - ::;. """auvm "er. Ha
a face on him lilie
t. -wmum i t.uu uebier take
attirmative tinnnro .j I business nnrl mn ii- .
negative. To tb ,.' L' IT ","u nmvi,,,, " " .:."' " u"uuot ueJP
l... .1. . ' - ...ou
tin mo lantrmiiTo i
must hi
their f , r language in which
heir feelings found expression when
hey nmve(, at tue wrt "eo
lauded proprietor had lauded thorn by
Kivmg that vote himself T
Too ClaH8lo For Them.
A resident in a small suburban town
quite a long dis.a.ieo from lioon had
a visit from a German friend who knew
very I rrtn ... i . . . ",JO K'iew
lin PJayed the
proving under tho evo of nn m W.
as yourself. "-Boston Transcript.
Small Tommy's Wish.
Small Tommy was very fond of candy
nd asked, "Mamma, can God make
uS no wants tor '
W,.n Seh,0.oan' "s the reply. :
,,; l. "olaiaied the little fellow,,1
I d just like to see him mako a stick!
of candy with only one end to it."
.Memphis Scimitar.
lievnr 1n,i , ' " wuo
him whore thov eonti ' . a
said tho lUl Aiia no
Until t 7n tl , w StP auy ,lloro
ujjlh got to Kau City tho lmv-t
7 An! "he8 1 WCd to Vut th n
Scorddb0teaCheduP caught t!je
khoraiimnH """' Ui .?nnw, under
hey 'r" f! more than
'' 1 'mm-, r. r. s and acres of sugar eauo iiml f J
! ,11,1,, V .,; ,.!,,., :,. t. , ..;: , Vj fi
. ... . , vu........ .. i, ii.u i siueii i.uou lanes.
: , ; , 1 ',' l.i.. i.. , . ,. .
J.v.iv:uii am is mu irri n j'i .
t:d . Iiinirt U' t;:id owns l,:mo'c0 aeies. LF.wL'. Vl
1 ' - ''"''t i'ioiviihial hmd own, -1 ut,
I ., ,, i.. !,,,',;;. .... i.; . ... . , . ' A M ((;.:!. n
' " .in jnopvrry iiicJiidea n I )., . ' ! . ( ,
e:iy -iiiiieii, i;i:,i t!:;;t of tbo ,
-'I i i iJ II. .e: . ;.. .
:;!.t V...JS ur.il ' t lu"s- - i-iH.I' K
i.ii.i ..... v...vir v r.iUIMKL. I -
,:! : l',e i I,,...:
DV J 1. ill: t - 1
1. .:..;; ih,:,. ; ,;r' !
i i s t i , ::, to ti-r t
..:f v, (-latfe. l en i
vtalY-rbi m,, iiiMii-i,-;;...
lii.'t tk y wou'd .' "fr";;,-o l-'iup for 237, " rettuesinl
il a J '!.:: j . l-'-Hboy.
-ik:. k-.' i-r o::- .""?" :l:l!P-" echnrtl the clerk
' M i:.'.. r..:ij..r as i v.vjiled tbo re..iKter al.otit. "Let I
and ..ihri - l-1' ndly aud wife of Plunk, r- I
i' .!,tv.-..ui,!k.y JlhKn . 1 thought so. Kwtf bee., I
i;if.i.,.:!-,r 1 , ' 1:1 : t cla sh, fein,.f,.,,, ,.,,....,..
i.v p;r emi; "!;!lW,i;u I;' i-'-W to use tlmeleclrie light I "
vol. Hp.Tc.-mi ou.ur tiny didn't nemUora tallow i
s ,1 V, r; v r- , cai:i:ni, rt.d tlm ,.1,,l- ., i. ',. i"! ST f'-- r.v- r1 '
- i-1 v . im . . j -i ii,i iv f l.i t'li ( r j- r
..ie ro.-rioer loungers into liis contldcnte. jfjf
vc !: ,-,vu bv s-i , J-:-b' s-nys if tbi.t hotel ,-,.-, ir,..i B
i i.i a: i ! ii etcii i.,. t lamp to ami nr. .. , , ;
. . ..I i ,, . " "u" "mi uemi
-'.'V4.v" '-"I tho bellboy, who leul
t"v rhilrlrrn I mtldQ rcmid tr,n 1, r, '
mitlcanco of l-"-L- .-.iie a ts pri t!v hm " ift Munv-ra..,...,
c grafted u... ! J i,'-"' t'-hl, Itbould think, GuHskI ii inirVh";;";?,!:'',!,
to have its ' "7" .-prn the n.jl( r, F, ',. ;; ! m.x.
!.'-;ei';itago of !u-'', v.-a the v;ahr f:-,J i ! A'ic'-VP
im:i; ..!.t ' now to tt:tr. ot the ,!.,,-;.'.:,: U WKAHW52CI, P).
1. ha R.-.V.-.- t. 'J . Uii.L.,,' .i , -uuthi; VAKi.-sr;csi r;. i:
ro in ..,:, .f-. ; The ,a , .;.::;,'' , ut ' A f.u-y'k---'-''-,
h5 Wear! 'T!i..,' who f'-:- J,e:: Lu'.'ht'l ""v'V Sjbli "k
? years ef are. ., . .J he, ,, , n,- : V,1' 1,l'l:1k; i-t.Me. 'V;..l : i.nUy ,. .,
rofo ro j,,,,, tiu, r.n t, t - ,.,;u ,i:S:! .. , ' 1 ,.;V'" A S;-iV. : V:'A
own by the ky, , r . Ult ' jU
pressjonrf t!:.:!,,., ; Mil to tree, i , ' ' x' i M r.-i?-,. i. "kri.
iwakcns when tkv e jy ' tJl -Vr J. ;..ully l.'-'., 7. , " ' I H rS.-f n'l
of ,!C.v u j h..v , . "l u llnuia'J'H that: ' fc'J nlh' 0". '.,lu ,."':' ,.'
i, . ' , . ... "i' 1 imuse, w hi.ii K c-.r ... ..::
ef lamii;.:.. .:,-( v.c v.i. ; ,i, . ...' -ft curr.ri ,&...;::
cUMn n ,;.,v to ( ,;Ul , v !j.-ro it y i 1 , i V VZf' ""1'
"'".ttwiu, j;--'l 1.. warm s;,n: !1;t ! "ft - r Y 'k' .;;,J
" t!...s whin, Y'e.the jit.,1... ,t:;p: ; fy . '!::;;--;;--
J l V. (Um n " ' -l -'k f--lJ. -Lunik, N;.v : !Ci-y.i, .:.., .,
;,t !;:! i::n'y : ;.r;:;i:7 ?n r,? r,- -'7.'"
: . it i v,... V. "r- "'u"-''i-
f JliM 'd 1 -.n,ld,livr -,M-I:,,,:'.:: ;'
"e--,,::; m.i;.- :,"""',rL,,i;tl-' Probably to ntl'V '-'I-...-.'
tudit Mil : incit i. f.. -,if,i , 1L ''ii-njie. ,- -! -. :
r,:bal Cbr-ri J--'-' Ikh.v.n-n.. , .. : . ? W!i '"''1 "': --k,. , :k '. '
ipersfr,,,;, !.,. u. : ; , ,,. Vr'.ul l":'"n 11:0 1 ";. ' ' ' :" ' .
Con vi ml i ...... Jtrani; M '..: "cwiiicjjt to I".' ' . .
fin; t T - . ' ,: .:. '
'd in;-::, hi-;, , ""-''y I'Wouiio- ''r:il t. ;-:t, : ' '
thi;:i-c;;,,n I.:, ...7 "'''"""a detail of A k,.'. , .
-t- Onn;:,u!d i ,1-rhis
ban.! k!ail l!,ul n, .,,; " "l,s mat that rf- .
v.... Ulll,:;-,,,!...,!,.. ; i.'"-1-11' iS-l. -.ola Would I ! -..'
"' t Hit i n : . , -. euo i,o r-r. . kVi
bis .-!: ."L""s l.retctt h, H -
id l.rok;.;.,t.1.U.J: afUIm"' Patriot I k
'i'-'f. aud ; rr'WMil in- J
r. -i ..
.( n ii- . :.r'u .pcrieiieca lmv t'.:;V,-" '
f'-iVvi V
- t.:..; L001
ik.i i
!.;! ii r im;;
i - I
i 20. COO Cckfs rf -5fJV"
ScJd at 25 Coi.t3 ca
. "!; r;;.:n en.: :,,,, ,,,, ... ,
'- ki
el, tho Ji.;u
grow chh r t
world ii i
height at ale
arms is an i
fc'tinet that
or 13 y, t
'1KH to get Hold of boo).
adventure. Tho tendctici
increases skadily S(S 0,0
older. This class numbc-
as many gnls ,:s bovs. Tl
manifests a feelinl? rf
numbers mora gir!w"tbsn I ;
thut tho mater gencni'-i?
strikingly manilcf t even
ng Now York Post.
l.-.c W
'ill 1
sr. Mo.. ,r. fi
uu looking at a late m;
0110 will bud the name "X
ollico at the extreme '-c
Newton ,,.,ity and .d.ou
Boutliwent (..f ( rami i-'alls
ago Deputy knitcd f-Jta'tes
" ""um ieoerai eon
m tlmt direction, an, he
was given their posiafu,,. ,;.': ,
Ijo. As it wasm.t a familiar
his vicinity be wandered al , '
hills nntil in, ram., to tho cud of . ''.
, 1v-'lv-u"lig irom lie brv
concluded that it was t'm ,,n,.
110 us .-i rl r-,, , .... .
master, anrl . ' . . l lJ 1
was mo oihoial, and
nor name tho
111 '
......... mac u,,,
"pen iunuirv
rifll,.,,.. i.. 1. . " " .
sho i . V.. ",su 't!'rwi Uvt
vY 1 t.l ' " "
III l : ' 1-.- 1
Land. She was also asked why hei
was called Ley ,.,,,1 .....I ...7 . . 1
didn't kuowe.imt v ,.: n!:,t '
Doghouse," which th,. .,.,,,..7, k '
linrtnir... :.i i"---niiee , ,:.
. v u...-,H:reu too ic:
tail of
''Ota i,,r 1,1 j
perhaps that r ,,.,-
:!."mt ;:ola would
"tilU '"''"'t interest
5;iw 1-J1 houses !, ,
);; assumed, ,.fp:ittiut
"'-n-iejiuliceand in-
t.irt is 1, ,:,', . - ' "n roin,d.s
!(-; L -dl suitable fr ecu.
ver, that I.;, " ' . " " '''k1'-'1. liow-
cm c(...tpv- ,k V ; 'M'crieiiecu have
'i'ii'.v "ne.d Cf Jlasil!rtl-.au
'Vtekiv. 11,0I"yiiarpcr's
Pal ir they had
lin wpII 1 tnevio-
u, mis resident's neieli
bors gave a "musical evening Sf"
mum uia visirnr uuro i. ,
nlr 1 r, ..i.u.. . I r, .1 . 0
.u wneu "I , M Vl culna that you bavn
Not l'ed to Frasrlle Pl..
fII.CSew.ife-Britl80t. ta' i the
icy Would hauo
bought tickotsatPur ;ud1'
A .
ccorani;, io tho latest statistics the
Tho TarcH Too Smalt.
Wrs. JactrsTf 1 ..,.. ...... .
.i ti V in iuioxir-utf.,1 .,
00, I'd gj off srmim.,1 ' J
uulu ,tml tiJ00 j.
s'O t.
The German took his violin
People were stil, iookig itly"
the German, who. lni,.i . ' ac
i'lnally tbo hostess, quito red in n L
pered8"'' 60t ,)iui she whis-
"What do you mean?" 1
lrtW,-"W hat io's'eottunod nA
,sn he 6in8 to play something?''-
vor. Somorviiie (Mass.) Journal.
il Aw10 U0W iu tho Possession of
trio iorty-sixth recimont ,.f nr.......
ciiarity!riS &D8 PerSn in 18 liv0H ou
I'latiuun, auj uui,!.
A package of wire that weighs "5
pounds and resembles ordinary fine nol-
praisets department of tho custom
bouse so.no time ago and valued at
800. This is almost as mnl, . n
weight of gold would be z :rzT r.
it was pla.iiim, wire, ami f, ti,, ....
son worth iu wemhr. i .,m T"'u"
...... U1U muimm, crude aud manu-
ac ured, was coming through the cm- I
loin house uow.-Duluth News-Trih-
H?7f-Uy hic) wouldn't 11,'
;"; "yon wash (bio) bafsb as 'i -id
m I an. you couldn't l i, -L:;-'hide
of barnChicago News 1
A 1,.1 Jlt-avy,,Blt,
es. bbo tells me lsl,0 ,.,,..
Willi, '1
position seems
which be rec
tiinilurd uu.
stuad tf and
A correspourlent n,lls
'"U Illlll llrrf 1. I 1: .
. . "is
lu uu correct, and tho us.
ouimends should prevail
thonties, iio says, uro "0
In favor of y, and j
anil 3rd. "
In tho caso of "(ir-t "
seems to be fir This','.4t
hure 1, and tbo abbrev
1st. In the case of "n.-
"gute , giving Us a,
the word Ktcm js Uiir.V
ou mr tuo other form
1 "! I'm irat.i..
V-hcro did vmi .... . .
" Whist "aid vT lll"'ther.
. "LWn talc, inn:', ,
(1-'w:i tin, .,.), , ' I; far cm r
. ml i'af. Ja cur
l"-H I.ir f in,,.
"w-ty-fiv.. v
Cl'liVtUU-. lii .
:.a fctmuca Lj
If Vu
'k'l.U'II o
'.e.i ;
" 1 : . I
:"'s -t .-i : !-. ; .
' :i -' ' v. e. u ;
': .'-.'Is V. Ml. . 1
' ! . -in '
U.l.l v
n'-i ;.. ,ek ' i'';,.l'Ili-: ,, 1
' " iki.wi. ' V ; A,ll!''" rtti.i.i
-:n,i -j ,., ;." -u-. :,::is.., ,N
'"!' I'T put.,. !jM
it. . . L .
I !. hl'lllo I).
4."i is a
in.. .
J-'lO f.Vll fr; (.J. ,j
...... i 1. nil n r : 1
L-nn.l ....... ""111(1.
n ii:h..
10 pa
near llm ,..i.
1 r ' '
u,v win Wnl: ,
,;:lJw buried
Ith" word stem
t'hl-lied by Ul0
"etl fun,, is
1"'. " the wnri
I'pl ifd by ih,)
Jo "Ihti-tt,- I
HCll Klve.K no
'ii. u m,t. , f,.
... ..... ii, r l. . ,., . n ,
lam --""J ui a car.
Jth- kd, ,M:,., ''"i " ""tcli aseut
fcottio was bnrioS ' ,' wli the
l-Otura-il In fi. luu tVO l-irr
.... v u, J' 1 ,f
I M I'll f,, , .. J-'!',t
' . ' " v.'i nt.
('nd t!io oil,,- J UJ0 c;'r to skii
And I,,
' vVk
'I c;;i
ami mov.
1 f.-,
.t 1 1
1 F.H.-
'"l-he t; .... .
I A nrn 1
liiit-, n. .., -
'r..ur .,,.. '".;.. , , ,' .- ' '
P-1 - "' .'!.! kj' :'--
i mmft- ;Mus' ' at
! opium, mM'ih r -r: :v':" -;,;v::.1:,;iM:;i,
's. Ak.,,,- '..'k', ;r,: : ' "iiki' i
'"ii I Pat.
buried tbo
tho but-
Wool, pr...'.;..,
mtccr!n, kk:,c
c-t.-,.. j
'kir.t it
Lfv'n8 Church! '
-"to .lour,,.,,. ' hul
"uu nicthi
R. A

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