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Tl.i'il ll(iiiH'i uriimiu iw-ui vvmie
jii-itmnilius Hleli Kvntals.
ii wuimicr who has beeu looking
a , i mic lu st lnifiu ci)(in(,'h to uocom
:;,io rut (f town furniture remarked
i!,'v: "Wliut'H tlio matter with rents
s tmvu anyway? I fee thousands
l ii. its nu'l olliueH tcur.utlcBS, but as
.i hi t hull are beyond my means I'm
r' .', .'j, us tn know why the landlords
i ,',, ! fiiini' down a pt'g or two and give
I- i , iiv a cinimo iu luuiiu wiluju
r ti iirli of his business. " And
,. iiilms. A friend of niiiia up ill
, id urn) of three occupants of a
u-; Imilt fur ten. Tho seven upai't
- havi' lii i n empty a year, but the
I ., a.
I ; h'
I';,il I.
Hi. 1,1
ii.'H.t l !'
hi- i
rrliiMS to lower iuu reus wneu
i i t tin; threo threatens to change
it,,, nor will he scale down the
!y inre. in order to till the va-
a,nl jiniiitiefH ruoiiiH. xiuu iuia
.', P iiii;iry ciiho of this eort, by any
s .iioiher real ostate agent has
I; i, 1. 1 ins n row of lino flats for
v iline years because nobody feels
i;;ui:i rioS 61,000 ou any one of
' if in; had knocked oil $300, be
lave rented every one of them.
.. - i 1 11 A
t.-:i t
.In r v.
::V tile meirupuwiuu lamuuiu
to e,ain is one of the socrets
1" ''
1 ll:
. reul otiito busiueiis that outsid
, nly juMulo with mentally.
r I'iciiliiir teatnre ot tne Dual-
the way in .'lJien tlia tenants
i ),i.t up a good bluff manage to
;! i he comforts of au up to date
iihout paying scarcely anything
: J-
r V:
hili-Ku. I know one man hero
t pay over a00 a year for &
, -1 ii .i. no got behind iu his rent,
.,;,.! tiaa !ir jollied the janitor, who did
',!,' . ... iiKiinii. The janitor, in turn,
ih.wn tne laniuurn, nun as u
truant got iu deeper and deep
1, pays a moiAh's rent once
uinl puts up such a bold frout
's a receipt on bis prompts.
;nr housu is another tenant
a mouth, but be shuts up
i; ints for two months every
r..i..: te
c r
ii n
that 1."!
111 lae :
v,!m :iy
111:- isja'
uri.in r
1,1.- : la
in! t;oes seawuru. xio iiauj iu-
,av r.iit -Willie oomg uiegrauu.
l.a:(:lord hasn't as yet done a
i him. Still another high flier
!jT5 a mouth for tho pick of tho
;! lie's in about four months
ti.in In
jait.- i.i '
Jill ll.lM
Illllt, tll.t
vr i 1 1 1; U s
is yet cure Hasn't carvea any
mi his broad brow. All of
v.iiuli leads to the conclusion tnai reuis
ii hi re in order to cover losses of
the M.-rt cited. Kew
l!ilt:-!n:rj Dispatch.
York Letter iu
Word Ski-trh Which Si-oroil a Member cf
the IIoKiirtli tin!).
Tliero is in Loudon an institution
called the Hogarth club, tho member-i-hip
rf which is restricted to artists and
litt: u.ti ins. It is something on the liues
if the old liuhemiau club, and both
basilars mi -ii and American millionaires
are Mrictly interdicted. Whistler is a
iiunibir, atid, of course, shines by his
witticisms. Tho lilies being strictly
ilrawii there is always an effort being
inane by some outsider to foreo an eu
traiuv, mid in the case of Carou Grant
it inei with success. Grant was a treblo
inilJinniiire who bad mado his fortune
in Tiirl;it-!i contracts and had invested
in mi Italian titlo ou his way back to
Linileii. lie was a particularly notori
ous i l'Min and qnito the last man whom
tin- J Inearths should have admitted,
lii u i 'vi !', l y dint of buying pictures ho
pi in and proceeded to make his frieuds
one i;i;.! t a big dinner was organized
in his he nor and Whistler invited,
'ibtidi tin great artist had refused, ho
luil inii il ir.ln the club ou the important
iv' nln:,' and a deputation of his frieuds
l;n;.l!y .i I'Miiiili d bim into the supper
tn.iii. lie appeared, was wildly cheered
iiii.l was nt once a.-ked tuniuku a speech.
' (.intl-. ii-eii," he said, "it is on the
inl ju t i f titles I should like to speak.
Tie re urn ,-rvcral kinds of titles. Some
)ia n eve 1 in ii into them theso aro in
luiii. ii tiili;.-; others are conferred by
tin' i"',i!i j,.ii uinl havo beeu eaiuod by
r.is!iii.i:i:-li'.d service; a few nro attrib
ute f the government, of tho law or
if the church. All this you know,
n;i -t (.' yon. Hut a titlo which is not
iuiHriti-d, nor yet bestowed for merit,
tini'iun the sign of a position, is but a
l..iii;i grant." fcniu Francisco Wave.
A Hirifty Scotchman.
!1. .lames, how aro yon feeling
tml ay'.-" tai l tho minister to one of his
I;'.i'bhiuni rs, an old man suffering from
ihiniiir, rheumatism. "You are not
l'jii;i!ig as brisk as usual."
"Ma, sir," replied the old fellow sad-
l'vr I (n gey uufortiuit tho day."
Jh.w, .lames?"
Wei I, sir, I got a letter fra a Glas
.iwytr body this luoruin, tellin mo
nut cousin Jock was doid, an that
"a 1
l: ii-' 1 left mo tvva hunner poun'."
hundred pounds !" repeated tho
"And you call that bard luck?
in quito a fortuno for you,
tnitiistt i.
Why. it
.1.111.1 s. "
''Ay," said tho old mau sorrowfully,
"I'.t i ho stiiiid lawyer body dinua pit
iim-hUi i tamps on his letter, au I had a
:ile Misjii iieo to pey for extra postal
-hi wi.-tnn Journal.
I'roui 1 1 in Point of View.
i:ntiu confess, father," protested
I i aiitiful uirl. when the father
tli'.v d indications of a desire to with
Imlil his consent, "that you do not kninv
1 f a Miir.lt! solitary thing that is iu the
I' list ilriiipumy to his reputation."
"That's just it," replied the old geu
l1"" mi. "I don't liko the idea of briug
ii'.i; any nun into my family who is so
hit', iiiallv illy as all that." Chicago
-Many of ih0 fruits and vegetables
l ew eaten iii Kngland wero almost uu
''"wii l'i our forefathers. Not until
''my Ill's timo wero either raspber
'ies it si raw berries or cherries grown
111 Kii;:laiul, and we do not read of the
'''Mir, anliilower and quiuco being
'"invaie ', la turn the sixteenth century
' tin- i ai'i'ii before tho seventeenth cou
urv. Sii lie Could See.
Mr Harlow-Yes, 1 11 pet a bos and
take lhiiy to the pantomime.
Hilly iv ho lias never been to tho
llieatri , Vnu n rt mo look out of the
,nl' of the box, won t you, papa'? Har
per s I War.
A London fog absorbs 1 I per rent of
1111 H's from an ordinary gas lamp ana
V r i i nt of those from u lamp with
" iiieiiinle,ci ut mantle.
Shoes with hurls six inches
Tho Army Medical Library.
oth library and museum date tboir
ex. nee from the latecivil war, whose
horrors and sufferings prompted a pro
fouud study of military medicine and
surgery in Surgeon General Ham
moud directed all medical officers of
the army "to collect and forward to the
office of the surgeon general all speci
mens of morbid anatomy, surgioal or
medical, which may be regarded as
valuable, together with projectiles and
foreign bodies removed, and such other
matters as may prove of interest." The
office of the surgoon general possessed
about 850 books on medical subjects at
that time, when congress legislated to
appropriate $5,000 yearly for the pur
chase of reference books to be used in
the compilation of tho "Medical and
Surgical History of the War." In 1865,
Dr. John S. Billings, U. S. A., was
placed in charge of the embryo enter
prise and his wide, grasping mind in
stantly seized this opportunity to lay
the foundation of a national medical
library. The success of this scheme, un
der bis energetic administration as
curator for 80 years has been phenom
enal. Since April, 180", Dr. J. . Merrill
has been in charge ot tho library, which
at present contains on its shelves 120,
000 volumes of bound books, and more
than 200,000 pamphlets, besides a valu
able collection of atlases of plates and
engravings, and is acknowledged to be
"the most complete collection of medi
cal literature in the world." Godey's
New Zealand Mutton.
The story of a New Zealand sheep
designed for the London market may be
very briefly told. It is taken from the
run to the slaughter house, killed,
dressed and transferred to the cooling
room. The skin and superfluous fat are
retained; after ten hours' cooling the
carcass goes into the refrigerating room
for 86 hours. Thence it goes to the stor
ing room, and when it has been envel
oped in its cotton "shirt" and labeled
is ready for its journey over sea. The
steamers which bring the meat to us
through the tropics have, of course, to
be fitted with refrigerating appliances,
and our sheep takes its place among
thousands of others, some of the boats
being fitted to carry as many as 70,000
carcasses atone time.
There are 88 vossels engaged in the
trade, capable of transporting 6,700,000
sheep per annum. Arrived in the
Thames, the barges come alongside the
vessel, and tho sheep is transferred to a
cold storage station. Here it may lie for
weeks or for months if necessary, so
that au important commercial advan
tagethere is no necessity for immedi
ate sale on a depressed market. Good
The Fare and the Finn.
A good story is told of a certain
Scotch bailie who, on rising oue morn
ing, fouud that he had overslept him
self and bad but a few miuutes in which
to keep a most important appointment.
Making a hurried toilot, he rushed from
the house and hailed a passing jehu.
"Drive mo, " he said to the man, "to
tho courts of justice with all possible
speed. Ou no account delajr ou misat."
Faithful to his iustructious, the
driver urged his steed to its very ut
most. Faster and faster they went un
til, after au exciting drive, he deposit
ed his fare at his destiuatiou in time
for the appointment, but not before he
had damaged a passing vehicle in his
mad career Tho bailio, on alighting,
banded him his fare, with tho addition
of a substantial tip, and then, to the
mau 's astonishment, pressed 80 shillings
into his baud, at the same time saying:
"Here's 80 shillings, my man. You
will be brought before me tomorrow for
furious driviug, and I shall fine you
that amount. "
Don't Tot Things Off.
"1 cannot too strongly impress upon
you, Philip. ' said Mrs. Gratebar, "tho
fact that things in general aro not auto
maticthat is, they will not do them
selvesand tho longer you put off the
attack upon them tho harder they are
to tackle. Don't put things off. Philip.
To tbuigs that require deliberation you
will give sutlicieut thought; but, as to
the run of things that come up, acquire
the habit of disposing of them as they
come along; you will find it a great
help in many ways. Don't cord em up,
Fbilip The first thing you know you
will havo more stacked up than you can
... .! ti,pii. too. the pile is liable to
tall ou you at any time and hurt you.
"Two things to remember, 1 tulip
first things are not automatic; second,
the time to attend to things is now.
Mew York Sun.
An Arliona Rattler.
ii.n bin Ufa In
ui i..f. ho sloens on tho ground in
Thov say that a mau --
Arizona," said a young civil engineer
fhe o her day, "because there are so
many ukes 'there. But unfortunately
mm ot our profession cannot always
,oos "their sleeping place. I was work
U Ta t own there a little while ago with
another fellow, and oue nigh twe , were
obliged to lie down upon no better bed
than cur overcoats stretched on the
' We were too tired to be nerv
ous and lept soundly till after ni d
Kb when 'my companion sprang up
suddenly, wauiug
I asked sleep-
"Vvhat s tne nmiw
ily,''Tl'ere's a rattler hero."
ClSS9 a rattler o -re's
ad you'd better get up. I believe be
under my '' T luI1.t hear it if
" was qUee.Ltha Lt ousl v extended
r'b t we ..ItValways stop .to think.
W5 '' MeBim.
First Tramp-It never costs mo
i much
to feed. itlier. but what's
o 1 Trunin MU"1
your . atroizo those places
uur gainer
First Tramp
1 , . . f r nilv
houor to pay
......... thnv trust to your
Ncw York Couimer-
tho riijlic pni-
oial Advertiser.
Teach mo, O star of nleht,
With modest, Bleiidy li;.')it,
Obedient, rIikI, to no the wuy
From which (Joil lidn mi; not to ntrayl
Trmih mo, O Blur of niijht t
Teach mo, O fluwera ot niht,
To wait for summer bright
And in the midst of earth's deep woo
To Rpront beneath tho winloi 'B Know I
Tench mo, O lowers of night I
Teach mo, thou verdnnt wood,
To shelter if I could
Each being, friend or foe, whose face
1 come across in lifu's ureal rueel
Teach me, thou verdant woodl
Ye ocean waves bo fair,
Teach me my yoke to boar,
And, like you, when day'H voices rnaso
I.cflect a thought of heavenly peace I
Teach me, O waves so fair I
O sun at cool of oven,
Direct my thoughts to heaven
And teach me find in earth's dark night
Tho promise of eternal light 1
Teach mo, O Bun at even I
Translated From tho Dunisli of Kcv. Chris
tian liiehurdt.
They Aro Very Learned, but They Art
Also Very Ilumun.
The fact that tho German professors
a? a rule do not pay much attention to
their personal appoaranco does not by
any means indicate that they are in
sensible to their high social position.
Indeed, oue of thoir marked characteris
tics, which they sharo with their coun
trymen of all grades, is their keen sense
of rani; and station. Appointments to
tulversity positions aro eagerly sought,
and to obtain them often iuvolvosa hard
struggle and yoars of tedious waiting.
When a man has worked bis way up
gradually through tho various grades of
doctor, lehrer, oberlnlircr, privat do
ceut, ousserordcutlichor professor, or
dontlicher professor, geheimrat and ex
oelleuz, his conception of his own im
portance is not likely to decrease, espe
cially in a country where great defer
ence is paid to rank. IIo is likely to ro
seut anything, therefore, that ebows
apparent indifference or contempt for
his social importance. Au illustration
of this was au experience of an Ameri
can ladv of my acquaintance. She went
to call on a professor iu order to get his
signature to her university book. Kither
from thoughtlessness or ignorance sho
made no special toilet for the occa
sion, and, wcrst of all, appeared with
not only her gloves, but also a small
package in her bund. Tho h arued mau
was not only exceedingly cool, but posi
tively rude iu his manner, yet tho next
day, on meeting her under other cir
cumstances, he was almost overpower
iugly gracious and polite.
A call upon a professor, whatever
may bo the occasion, is a very formal
matter, and an examination is such a
solemn ceremony that tho prescribed
rules for dress aud couduct nro almost
as numerous and strict us those for a
presentation at tho court of tit. James,
No student would dare endanger his
success by not driving around to tho
professor's houso in n carriage of a cer
tain class, and arrayed iu full evening
dress, with high hat and whito gloves.
As an illustration of tho type of pro
foosnr who fnllv aiioreciates his own
" learning aud importance ta.io this in
stance : A certain learned man wuoso
name is familiar ou both continents was
recently lecturiug on the history of
philosophy. When ho came to consider
the state of philosophy at the present
day, be concluded his lecture with tbu
remark, "At present thero aro really
only two philosophers of any note iu
Germany tho other ouo lives iu Ber
lin." Now this same distinguished scholar
has received the titlo of excellent,
which is very ran ly conferred on a pro
fessor. Ho is connected with one cf tho
smaller universities, and r.uce received
a flattering invitation to go to Derlin,
but his own university and townspeople
made such strenuous efforts to retain
their celebrity that, in his own mind
at least, tbo question of his going or
staying had become one of national im
portance One day somo workmen wero
repairing the street near his home, aud
be was naturally much disturbed by tho
noise. Hastily throwing open the win
dow, ho called out angrily to tho work
men, "If don't go away and stop
that'noiso, I shall go to Berlin after all."
Tho fact that tho German professor is
not merely a pure intelligence, nor yet
always aschoene seelo (beautiful soul),
as his countrymen say, might ho illus
trated in numerous other ways. Among
liia nnuiv Human lraunes nouu m usu
ally more pronounced than his frequent
i. tn imlitrlH and discredit tho
nrk nf other men in his own partio-
ular "department. It is well known, for
instance, that of tho specialists in a cer
tain branch cf theological icaruiiiK
Germany no two are on speaking terms.
Vntmil envvas well as thu odium theo-
logicum may serve to enplaiu this stato
of affairs Roanoke t.cticgian.
The Circus In an Odtl Corner of Italy,
rri, .,,iYviuKinii fee) to anv t '.irt of tho
tent was only 8 cents, reserved scats ex
cepted, aud this did not at first teem an
exorbitant sum, but it was quite suffi
cient when ouo considers thu hardship
of sitting upon rough planks, hewn by
unskillful bauds from tho trunks of
trees, and tbo odors from tho closely
packed crowd.
One easily forgot these trifling dis
comforts iu witnessing the gcuuiuo de
light of tho spectators aud tbo bound
less enthusiasm with which they ap
plauded the young lady who did tho
baroback act and tho other who walked
tho tightrope and the sallies of Agosto.
When each artist had a benefit, and it
was the turn of cue or another of them
every performing night, the villagers
and children, who were not, any of
them, overblcssed with coin, contributed
Tho illuminations consisted or six
kerosene lamps, two of them fastened
to tho central tent pole, aud the per
formance bad to be interrupted often
at its most thrilling point, while tho
lamps wero being trimmed. No oiio
showed tho least impatience, aud the
reserved seats were regularly tolled by
tho aristocracy from the hotel, includ
ing tho reigning beauty, who never
missed an evening.-" Varallo and the
Val Bifia," by Fdwin
Harper's Magazine.
Lcrd Vevks, iu
Prldo of Ancestry.
Mbuiuih. tbo SniytbeKCs are claim
ino that thoy, too. aro d.sctuulcil from
UiiiKs aud are just as good as vvo.
Tho iiititillorable upstarts I Why,
thoy havo to go tack 7 centuries to
iiud tt kuiK iu their liueaRo, wtailo we
have to Kii buck a scnut S5 Tho very
ideal" Detroit Journal.
file Mad l: t.hli of the Ftnrtled Glanta
Throiifli the Dense Forest Follaeo A
Shot ami a Tumble Into a Swamp Bole
Jiifst In the Nick of Time.
Mr. Herbert Ward relates in Cassell's
Magazine eoiuo exciting experiences
that befell him in the course of an ele
phant bunt in the forests of Mobunga,
a district near the upper Kongo river.
This country, which is inhabited by
Mobunga cnBuibals, bad not been visit
ed by a white mau before. Having been
successful in reaching a favorite ground
for elephants, his guides left the hunter
at midnight, returning in their canoe.
"After floundering about for some
time," he says, "I at length found an
elephant path. The cane was trodden
into the sodden ground about four feet
in width, and the path led straight
across the middle of the bamboo patch.
On either side of the path the cane grew
so thickly that I fouud it almost impos
sible to penetrate. A storm was raging.
I distinctly heard elephants forcing
their way through tho forest iu order
evidently to reach some open space
where they might be safo from falling
"Iu the interm'tteiit flashes of light
ning I occasiouaily got a gnmpso oi
their great, ghostly forms approaching
the cane patch, aud as the storm in
creased in fury the sound of elephants'
stampeding iu all directions through the
thick mass of bamboos impressed me in
a most uncomfortablo manner. Each
moment I feared being trampled. The
floundering, heavy footsteps occasional
ly seemed to approach within a few
yards of me, aud I distinctly heard thu
frightened squeals of baby elephants as
they plunged aud stumbled in tho
"The storm ceased as suddenly as it
came, aud iu the subsequent lull there
was a constant dripping of wati r iu tho
forest and the sound of falling branches.
Tho elephants appeared to be standing
motionless, and the air was ouce again
filled with the eternal musio of mosqui
" With tho first indication cf dawn
my spirits rose, and I carefully wiped
the mud from my riflo with tho ragged
sleeve of my shirt. While it was still
too dark to distinguish the surround
ings, I could plainly bear elephants
stirring iu all directions. Crawling
somo little distauce along the sloppy
path, I suddenly distinguished tho out
line of au elephant s bead and bacu cut
ting sharp against the gray morning
sky. It was impossiblo in that light to
ostimato distance.
"Creeping cautiously forward, I was
startled two or three times by a low,
rumbling tord peculiar to elephants,
and which is iu somo way connected
with their digestion. The cSno patch
appeared to bo a perfect haven of ref og"
for elephants during the storm, for on
every side thero camo audiblo evidences
of their presence.
"When within what I judged to ho
20 paces of in y" elephant, 1 was just able
to discern bis ears, flapping spasmod
ically to bent off the mosquitoes and
suud flies that hovered around lnm, ami
his trunk swinging listlessly among tbo
trampled cano, as if in search of some
thing edible. Gradually luottced a cer
tain restiveuess, as though the auittii.il
was conscious of danger. Raising lii.i
trunk in tbo air, bo sniffed iu vaiio.i.i
directions until bis btad was tumid
straight toward me.
Realizing that my presenco was ois-
covered and that thero was not uu in
stant to lose, I took a steady aim at bis
left shoulder and fired. Tho recoil of
my eight boro riflo knocked mo back
ward, aud as I struggled iu tbo cano en
tangled slush, enveloped in smoke, I
was conscious of a deafening uproar. Tbo
riflo report echoed strangely through tho
forest, aud the startled elephants charg
ed madly forward iu every direction,
crashing through tho deuso foliage liko
giant locomotives.
"By tho time I repaired my feet ard
had run aside to be clear lrom ttio
smoke I fouud my elephant slowly ris
ing from the ground By this timo I
was within 15 paces of the beast and
fully realized the necessity of firing a
fatal shot. Trembling with excitement,
I fired poiui blank at the animal's fore
head, and, quickly stooping below tho
smoke, I caught sight of a jot cf blood
spurting from tho wouud, while the
ponderous Least slowly sauk to tbo
ground again dead.
"Reloading iu haste, I took two snap
shots at uu elopbaut rushing past me,
without other effect, however, than to
stop bis progress. He stood for u mo
ment gazing at me and twitching his
tail. Owing to wet or dirt I fouud diffi
culty in opening my rifle, and in spito
of frantic efforts I could not make tho
levcf act. I can well rocall tho feeling
of blank despair when the wounded
beast, with coiled trunk aud ears erect,
wished forward with a shrill scream.
"I darted aside and fortunately fel'
lost to view in a swamp holo, complet -ly
covered with a mass of vines n"d
branches. There I lay breathless . i-
1. - A- 1L- Al
some moments, listening m iuo ijouu
deriugs cf tho wounded elephant. At
length tho noise died away, and witn
daylight all was still again."
rtia Choice.
The Elderly C'olouel It seems so uu-
gallant to say. so, but women s ibkuious
wore much more cnarmiug wneu i ms
a young uiau.
The Flippant Girl 1 can readily be
lieve you, colonel. Those were the days
when tbo women wore their hair iu
corkscrews, were they uotr ludiauap-
olis Journal.
"Did the prisouer offer any excuse
for his biKnmy?"
"Yes. He said he was tetnptod to
keep on marrying uutil he K"t a wife
that could make a good cup of coffee. "
( :hi(iago Record
Don't Tobnceo Spit and Smoko Your
Lire Awny.
If von want to quit, tolitifco wing easily mid
forever, lie iniule well, strong, niiifnictif, full
of new life nntl viiror, take No-To-lSiic, the
wonder-worker that liuikes weak men Mtroni;.
Slnnv train ten pounds in tea tlnys. Over 400.
00(1 tiircil. Unv Nb-To-liiie from your own
driirt, who will guarantee a eure. liooklet
nntl wimple mailed, free. Address Merlin;,'
Ueini ilv C o., Chien-Joor New York.
Kfzenui in itnv pajt of the body Is Instantly
relieved nntl perniir.ently cured by Domi s
ointment, the sovereign remedy for nil itelii
lies of the nklu. I
('me that couyh itli Sliiloli'n Cure, The
lieft Coiiiili Cur.i. fcclicvcn Croup promptly.
One million bottle old last year. 40 dorses
for 2flot9. Sold bv eudriek Co
"50 YEARS'
Published by the Nkw-Yohk Tkii lnk.
Second Edition.
32 Pages, 18 by 12 1-2 Inche s.
A general review of Iho advances
ami improvements made in the lending
branches of farm industry during the
last half century.
Special artiofes by the best agricul
tural writers, 011 topics which they havo
made their lift) study.
Illustrations of old fashioned implements.
A vast amount of practical informa
tion. A valuable ail to farmers who do.
sire to stimulate production and profit.
Extremely interesting 11 ml ilstruetive
OJiLY 15 OEMS A COPY, by mail.
St ud your order to
IJnrie, Vt.
Klondike Country.
And the Gold Fields of AlnsHn.
Retail Price, $1.00.
Intpnuly intirrst'nunnd strictly niitluntic. inn
ncluul exptrk-nces uf niini-rs mid ihi-lr marvelous
diHcuvrrk'B of u.dd. Thu Inlor.ii'ition coculnud In
thin book luw been oiuiefully irepiired from the
it.oki reliublu snurcua, and will be the means of lend
ing thoiiH.uida lo fortune In the
The book coutnlns 300 pngesund i Illustrated
with 34 full pnK pholoxniphs, taken fspccially
for ihii.;'ork, mid also 8 lw o! oil''''1! maps,
We are the sole publishers "t The Offi
cial Guide to the Klondike Country;'
euy Other publications purporting to ba I
are imitations.
Our usual llbeial Commlslors.
8 nd f0 cemts nt once for complete book, lo
gather with agents' outfit.
W. H. Conkey Company,
341-35 Dearborn Street, Chicngo,
Ready for Agents
Following tne Equator
is the title of
New Book of Travel.
The story of his
lirnttirh Hawaii. Austra
lia, Fiji Islands, India,
South Africa, etc. Beau
tifully illustrate d by
Dan Beard, A.'B" Frost,
B. W. Clinedinst. The
Author's Masterpiece.
Another Innocent, Abroad
A success from the start.
Enormous sale assured.
3000 Agents Wanted
Exclusive field. Send fot
circulars and termB. Mention paper. Address
General Debility
and Loss of Flesh
fc.fs E.-na?;.'-in hss been the
ctr.Vi... :,..-uiy nearly a
tji cl rv-.t-t.T. Physicians
,:.V-.'. i ..:
x- it isl
:;. ooiam re
.y cannot get
fiiiing food.
:ihcr prepara-
c.::x i
nv.;.'kct that pretend
c?ocSj. bet t'icy fail to perform it.
Ths pyre Norwegian Cod-liver Oil
nac;.: into a delightful cream, skill
fully blended with ths Hypophos
chiics of Lime and Soda, which
are sucti valuable tonics,
makes this preparation an
ideal one and checks the
wasting tendency, and the
patient almost immediate
ly commences to put on
flesh and gain a strength
which surprises them.
Be sure va pet SCOTT'S Emulsion. See that the
nmn and fish aie on the wrapper.
oc. and $i.oo, a'l druggists.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, New York.
I'liUcd Stales Mail Steamships
Sail from New York every .Siitiii'iiay for
Glasgow via Londonderry.
Hates for Saloon Passage
CITY OK liOMK, $70. Other Steamers, fiiO.
Second Cabin
i:oine,I,J..ritl. Kuriiessin,i5':!7."iO. Other Strs,t3ft
Steernjie I'assajrc
Kor the Illustrated Hook of Tours mid fil r
tlier information, apply to II KMH'KSON
IlltOTllKliS, (ienernl Agents, No. 7,
Howling (irrcn, N. Y.
OrS. S. It.u.l.Aitii, (ionlen lllock, Itooin ."
I'.alTc, Vt.
Uev. L
D.HASS, 1).
)., Manager.
PitlsliuiL', Ph.! Toronto, Cmiailii; New Or
leans, l.a. ; New ork, N. Y ; Washing
ton. 1. C.i S:in Francisco, ( al.; Chi
cago, IP.; St. Louis, Mo id
llenver, Colorado.
Thert are thousands of positions to be tilled
wuuin me ut'M ii-jjimiiuis.
Address all aiwlications to I'Md.v Ti:niKHS
Atil'.Nt.'11'..s. Siiltshurg, Pa. il"
AVmited on Snlnry or Coiiiinlssloii. Po
sitioii permanent, for men ailapteil to soiict
Iug. Spring is the favorable time to com
mence. Write for paiiicnlnrs.
THE If. . CI I. ASK CO., Niirseryintu,
-2 Maiden, MasM.
8J W
I, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hijannis, Massachusetts,
was the originator of "CASTORIA," tho samo thai
has borne and docs now bear yffy '7T" 0:1 r"
the fac-simile signature of (&ffl&lc6eA4 urc;:::;:
This is the original "CASTORIA" which has been use:: i:-.
the homes cf the Mothers of America for over thirty gear::.
LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that ii ;
the kind you have always bought c:: ' '
and has the signature of (acucti vrc:--per.
No one has authority from me to use my name c.rr-7''
The Centaur Company, of which Chas. II. Fletcher is Tresid'-h'.
March 24' jm-ox . ... .
Do Not Be Deceived.
Do not
endanger the life
a cheap
substitute which sonic druggist may
he makes a few more pennies 0:1 k
of which even he does not know.
"The Kind You Have Akrzrp
Insist on Having
The Kind That Never Failed
What sort of start
to malie'monov and
' going to wear yourselves out iu tho cheerless drudgery of bard labor f Half of tbis
depends on your parents, the other naif oa
jrl I f Sy J Wealth and honors await yon if yu
Y m( r IWIrlv prepare yoursulf to tako them. Men
succeed WHO ARE READY. If you want to bo paid a good salary you must make
rnnrself worthv of it. There are thousands of 830 a week places begging for good mn, ,
nn,, mi monir mrn iiecriTlncr for
von will ret it -sure. The best e.-'-mont
his own way U the world is a coumu la
The most celebrated practical school in.
Is to give young nuopie suca iraming
hirrher places ana tnus earn Better pay. i
nnr.ni moatiwnnnir munnud buv irom
A "grand'schoolVwhoso diplom-.s and recommendationB are recoprnlzed everywhere. X
Situatious promptly secured for uU worthy graJuatcii of its business and buonaaca
C0USend for free cataloguo-a beautiful book Riving much helpful Information. Yeu
will be surprised to lcaru in how short a timo uud at what small cost a good education A
may bo had. Address as above (wiewion tkU ;) A
CLEMENT C. GAINES, President, I'ornnKnEPsiE, NEW YonE. A
OiUUbUU prizes
As follows :
4 First Prizes, each of $100 Cash - . .$ 400.00
20 Second ' $10Qsi?rAEt8icyo!es2,0G0.G0
40 Third ' $ 25 GoLd Watches - 1,000.00
Cash and Prizas given each mor.ili
Total given during 12 mr,s. 1897, $40,800.00
f nmni'lilorN In khvo in niiuiy BNi.ll.n '
SOAP WrHiiuors if lliov ciiii filb et. "
oil the lop IKiriion ol nirli
SOAP." Tlicwi (rnlli d "
pntis") nro Ii) be (.put, poMugi'
fully paid, nii'lonMl tviilt 11
nliiM-t or paper slaiiiia ntiinet.
Iinr'a Cull nn mo iiiki itlli'('x
niiiiiuer hi
nt-lit III, to J.rvrr.UrOM., J.iii.t
ill nr lfl n oiilNido
,H.. j.lfl.,
VrmipiT ("'I' '''"'"''""' ' nil ii -'3 r .u
oil he IHJT IrtttV io-MPWilof liven " .
Ko. ot
ti A f.'i G0 fp l STR3CT.
NeW'ork ilv, HrooUlyn, 8.iK
nmlMiiti'n InIuimIs, Nl'iv Jnury.
NrwVork Mitts
(nulsi.lr I''V. 1. C.'ltf,
ni Sltltrit ..'II,'').
Uraoclun, I
l'rililsviv iiniii, fJi'lpvvurt
. illlll'V.
I ll ml, Vrl V.i-Kltil.l Ullil i'"
trict of 'oliiiKbir..
I The New 1.ii!.i:i: Mnwi..
Tim Hi.
...i,.u .. F , i,.,.,f,!r.l,r-,( IMi'i-re iiir'.'i , i.
1HW7 Puttorn. m'Prl py (li-'i. i-
fitlo, Huston ninl Ni'W i.rli
u ii will) !i.irtl"i,l
Tina, First t'ln Kickm l.''"i, 1X ';"' ' " , ,'"
Bell, SUndard Cyclometer. unU Hunt I'- b.uiuie.
I tnste yiiott. Kill them
L Hk candy. Thoy re
muvo any biil tnste
J In the mouth, leovlnsr
t the breutli swoet ftiul
f perrimien. it is n
rurtl (lensuro tn tnko
1 them tiiHteud ot uuu
BtuitiUK UqmUb or cuuiiou-ball pilis.
I are purely veyetnMe
niul contain no nier
furial or other min
eral po'son. They
nro mti do of the lat
est remedies discov
ered nntl are a txten-
title putn httiuilua
1 never before put toKoUier in anv form.
hirenntlseutle. That
A nienns tiiey plop mi
I dinemed food from
H pouring in the siom
Jf neh, prevent fer
( meutntlon In the
howuls and ht!I dis
fr ease cerms v ouy
kind that breed and teed tn the system.
tone the stomal h and
the liuy liver, muk
I nir tt work. They
ATHjiii hit 9 ptrennthpn the bow
STImULAH I ft els nml put them Into
A vlirorons healthy
! condition, tuakiug
their action cany and imturui.
--J.-.-A.noMAii "', :;;!
. r14sr.tRF.TH I nnn irrTfi . n i
, JDon't ixiisc CASCARETS by other medicines yoo have tried. They (
1 ?:tr -,,rtinrr fkc that's sold, and mtimtely superior.
are. i.w, """"5.
only genuine.
Beware of
Imitations I
: S.5tnnle
NO"TO"BAG rtrons Suld
of your child by
ofier ;.
aro you going to mako in life ? Are you going
bo successful business men? Or aro you.
nnnr placen. If vou are worth S50 a week .
a youus tuao car liavo wko xptit lBittka
America. The spociale ort oi t l .g
i i " "' ,if. mora than 48,000
- m tun .- : fiu , bett ,
the country, have been ttltea to mi vauuui
Kvnry rnnnth during 1:'T In each of the i districts
will ho awarik'd as follows: ,
Tlie I Cumpetiior wimp ni. i
T.nrKi'Kt .Nmiilier ofeuupum frum
tlii district in wliu-h ho or sto lemiioa
mllrc.i.molMOOCntll. ..
f.ftl'fl'Mt N H.KliiW wt-'
l',ini.li!"i ,,i smuuiu'.v
it, Ml
.1 A
oittn.n a liiily'H (irKintliJinitB ITliirco
lirrilll l,i.-ycli'..rii!lM,M.
Nrxt l.nrKristNiinitirrBor coupon flora """'
ti ict in which limy rusi.te will l aS;'iy''""".r'
option lady's nr KiMitlunnn'B (.old '.ncli, pnni-.
2. The Compel iti"i' will C'lolio tho l.rtxt Jny
l'iii'li:!ontliduiiiiKl-'.'T, C'..npon T-,.T '
(,r ouo month''! competition wiillio poMnto Ike if
,'. I!-. -iip.il itorl who I'htiiin wr.np.iiTB (rnm MS'-
no , oir, ,li,:r'sloi'k will M ilis.'..-ii,li;-il. ,,.r-"""t
of l,.'v-r lirnlli.-i-i.,.l.td.. and tlii-ir fraiheNii
b.irrml Hum c.i'iir.iitintr. , ...
,J A p-ii,ti,illi-tiirVinM'rrlir-ninpiilitor!c4lltrl
it h'hn f 'hvipVi! t Com90.it or iu ulioat il lr
0,;, C ni-tit'1,11 1-loFI'H. , .
--, 1 , v.T llrotlvs Ltd.. will fn.lfmor toWinJ til"
iAl'.irlr.Mho l-.U,iiti"-ir r.:,Mi.v::.i-l ju.lenwi..
I . -. : 1 i.t.... nll ,. low, .i-.tot.lt riirioo to flu-
' no III l cm uu iii'in
-ol. tlio 11
,nn1 01 ,,ivi,r oroint-i. i,"' ,
1. Fruit
I. lit.. New ttra.
Incn;nso tie How of I
era. A tnhlet enten
by the nithermake
her milk mildly pui'tf
nilve nnd has a nil Id
hutcerhilu effect on
tlie lmhv. the enlv
bufo loxutlvo for the bubclii-ttruia.
nro uuen ny inecmi-
rtren. They lusteA
pood nnd do good, IL
stop wlnd-collo and
crnmps, and hill nnd V
drive off worms, nnd
till kinds of piirn-t
sitna ih -it, live In the
bowels of U10 Krowlti child,
... fASCA RET.
tnken patiently, per
sistently. 11 reKunrnn
teed toeure nnyense
of constipalien, no
matter how old find
obstinate, or inir
rtiiisn nionev will tte
cheerfully refunded
by your own urni-'tfisi.
nio sold by all drus
Ists for lOe. S6fltt
Ae ft box, accord
hiK to sire. A lc
box will prove their
merltnnd put you on
the rtht rond to per
font, nml nerninnent
health. Ion't rlik Ucloy.
,t . , . - . ,
mn free
1 ry a vC DOX T.o-aayt " m-v gtv
vnur monev back I Lareer boxes, 25c or 50c. i
and booklet mailed free- Address i
. .
nai.it or money ri'funilecl. Makes woirtc men
and gimnimeud by all drugglsls. Get booklet
were worn at the court of Louis XI V

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